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A;N: So, hello! This is kind of different for me, I’m well aware of that, but I had the idea in my head and I couldn’t let it go! This is an AU as Stiles is not in BH, he’s in his senior year of college! Please let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy xo Lau

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: .10, 810

Listen to me.

One week to Kirstie’s wedding.  

You groaned as you slid into the pleather booth at the local diner, glancing at your phone. Ten till two and he said he’d be here at two. Guess I better get a coffee then. You flagged the waitress, ordering a latte as you sat and scrolled through your phone, looking at the date your bridesmaid dress was supposed to arrive. Why did you leave getting your dress until so late, you always leave everything until it’s so late. You sighed to yourself as the waitress brought your coffee, a wide grin on her face. You smiled back as you looked out the window, watching as Mike walked past the window.

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I wouldn't mind reading more of your plance analysis tbh. So good!!

pidge is… one of my favorite characters, in anything. let’s just get that out of the way. and her interactions with lance are the best. look at this little shoulder touch:

this is in the first episode. lance asks shiro if they should go through the wormhole, and shiro says it’s up to the team. where does lance look? right at pidge! it kind of sets a precedent for their whole relationship. lance really respects her and pidge really cares about him, but they’re stil both kids and have so much fun together: (a lot more under the cut. i got really carried away.)

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Animefest 2017 Top YoI Moments #1: Yamamoto Sayo’s otaku laugh

So, I believe that we’re not to post the content or pictures of the three panels that Yamamoto Sayo, Kubo Mitsuro, and Hiramatsu Tadashi were in - which is too bad, because they were amazing! But I think it would be okay to share this bit.

So, director Saya Yamamoto does not, in fact, have a poodle head, as Kubo’s portrait of her would lead you to believe. In fact, she looks rather glamourous! Kind of an Angelina Jolie vibe! She has beautiful long dark hair, wore shades, has a calm deeper-toned voice, mostly sat there looking like a model all long and thin, and generally had a quiet, cool mystique about her. Therefore, when Kubo san mentioned the first day that Yamamoto san had a “trustworthy otaku chuckle” and Hiramatsu san said that she was generally serious, but smiled a lot more when talking about skating, it was hard to imagine. But that all changed during the third panel.

In that panel (the Q&A one with the English voice actors), while talking about struggles directing anime, Yamamoto san said she what she really liked was figure skating, and she laughed about it. Oh my goodness. How she laughed. It was this almost creepy fangirl giggle, the one where you’re thinking about something you love beyond all reason and just can’t hold in your feelings about it anymore, and it all just bubbles out, without any conscious thought of how it sounds to innocent bystanders. You know? Maybe it’s just me? But I found it endearing. Yamamoto san’s one of us, y’all. 

(And just as good was Hiramatsu san’s face during her giggle fest - he was grinning at the audience from ear to ear, a “See, what did I tell you?” look plastered all over.) 

About the picture - this is from the Friday YoI cosplay photo shoot, but the three creators brought their own Makka-box to two of the panels too! 

You know, I really wonder what’s going on here (if it’s a legit scene from TLJ). Like, why does Rey perform this specific ready for a battle kind of movement inside - what really looks like one of Luke’s huts? Why does she even have her hood/cape on? Why does she turn on her lightsaber inside of a hut unless she needs some light to see something….. or unless, someone she doesn’t trust is inside of it….

Snape's Patronus

Okay, maybe I’m looking into deep about this, but I’m getting a little salty about how everyone is saying that since Snape’s patronus is a doe, its like saying he was more obsessed with her than in love with her.

Now, hold up! ✋ Where in these books does a patronus reflect what someone’s obsession and love is?

Nowhere. A patronus is not a symbol and representation of love. It can be depending on the person, but not always. A patronus is a representation of someone’s happiness.

When Albus asked Snape the iconic “After all this time?” It wasn’t just asking Snape if he still loved Lily. It was practically asking “After all this time, Lily is still your happiest memory?”.

Snape’s patronus didn’t just reflect as a doe because he was in love or obsessed with Lily, it was because the time he had spent with her was still the happiest in his life.

Thats why some patronuses can change, like Tonks did when she fell in love with Remus Lupin. That became her new happiness and her new patronus reflected it.

Harry was happiest protecting the ones he loved and remembering his parents, who protected him, which is probably why his was a Stag like his fathers, and probably won’t change because he will want to continually protect people.

While most peoples patronuses are probably produced from memories of love, we have to remember some wizards are incapable of love, like Voldemort, Grindelwald, and even young Dumbledore. And their happiest memories were probably of success rather than love.

The point is, Snape’s patronus is a doe because Lily was his happiest memory, not just simply because he loved her.
  • Toffee: Star Butterfly.
  • Marco: You know her?
  • Toffee: You're with Star Butterfly of fucking Mewni?
  • Marco: Well I'm not with her, but I see the way she looks at me.
  • Toffee: How does she look at you? Like she wants to carve you up and eat your liver?
  • Marco: So you do know her.

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pls pls pls talk more about angels wings compared with birds because that was 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 and i wanna read everything you have to say about it

Rule 1: angels don’t like to display their wings on flat surfaces.  This is because they’re dicks and they personally want me to suffer.

… okay fine; the show has a habit of displaying certain angel’s wings on uneven surfaces, they just happen to be the ones I care about the most.  But, we have gotten some beautiful long shots of angel deaths.

These are not the same kind of bird.  Uriel is actually a perfect example of a larger stylistic choice SPN has made where angels are concerned.  If you look at him, his wings start out huge towards the tip and then get thinner and skinnier where they come into the body.  This is an art trope where depicting angels is concerned.  There are no real life birds with wings that get smaller towards their body.

Uriel has the characteristics of a bird of prey (his wingspan, the thickness of his wings out at the tip); he has very prominent alulas, which is something I’ve seen more in eagles than other subtypes of bird.  But he’s so much more stylized than Castiel was (from that same season) that I have a hard time saying “no he’s this bird and only this bird.”

Rachael is a bit more of a normal bird; she’s less stylized.  Her wingspan is smaller than Uriel’s, and her alulas are less obvious.   She seems to fit into the falcon or kite category; smooth upper edge, very pointed wingtips, but a bit thicker near the body than Uriel.

Zach here is a perfect example of the “we don’t die on flat ground we die like men”… thing, that SPN does.  His wings are actually longer and thinner than Uriel, Castiel, and Rachael, and they’re very pointy.  They don’t appear to be as thick towards the tips as Uriel’s wings were, so for him, I would be looking at a bird like a swallow-tailed kite.

Now if you’ll join me for one particular piece of mass agony:

These birds all match Rachael fairly well.  Again, I’ll stress that they’re stylized; if I were to draw a real bird’s wingspan over any of these, the feathers near the body would reach down to the feet.  But, they seem to be falcons/kites.

I’m going to do a separate post for the archangels because this… got long fast.

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Sooo does Ren like big tiddies and big asses like his brother? And does he maybe like miqo'te? Tanned ones with dark hair.

Nuala scrawls a return letter:

‘I like my midlander women with small tits and narrow hips and-’

Rencyth: “Nuala, what are you doing..?”

Nuala looks up from the midst of her passionate writing, lips pursed together tightly, “Answering your mail.” And right back she goes, angrily flicking the pen across the parchment.

Rencyth: “Mail..? From who?”

Nuala huffs, “WHY DON’T YOU TELL ME WHO!” She stands up, waggling the letter around. “WHO IS THIS MIQO'TE WITH TAN SKIN, DARK HAIR, BIG BOOBS AND A BOOTY FOR DAYS?!” The drama was real.

Rencyth: “Uh…” Nervous laughter. “I actually have no idea.”

“Nuala’s mouth drops open, crunching the paper in her fist, “I’m going to go find her.” She states loudly, throwing him aside as she makes for the door.

Rencyth blinked before his eyes started to dilate with interest; a grin now flashing upon his features. “Ooh. This might be interesting. I’ll go, too.”

(( This is just for good humor. Not actually IC… Maybe… Heh heh. ))

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Wait do u like book Christine?? I thought everyone in the book except squip was really bitchy and gross. (Maybe not Brooke either) but I hated book Christine so much. (Don't get me started on book Michael..)

No, I didn’t like book Christine. But you know, I guess everyone’s behavior in the book is actually more realistic? At the first scene where Jeremy talked to Christine I was like “why the hell does he like her?? She sounds so rude at every sentence she says!” but then I thought that I have that bitchy way to joke too… So uhm… oops
Overall all the characters in the book have that bitchy behavor that real people have, it made me relate a lot with Jeremy (those scenes with Jenna Rolan, god, poor Jeremy).
I don’t know why you don’t like Michael, he looked pretty normal to me.
The one I didn’t really like  is a actually the squip, pretty boring compared to his musical counterpart. His comments were fun to read but he didn’t really have that much weight on Jeremy’s decisions. Even if the musical squip is the cliché bad guy, he is a lot more entertaining in my opinion.

But I guess at the end of the day, everything depends on your personal taste. 
I am a sucker for stupid jokes and sexual innuendos (I’m still laughing at the phone call scenes between Jeremy and Michael, forgiveme) so I loved the book -minus the non existent climax but whatever

Petals and Ink  Part five

Summary: Michael and Jeremy struggle to find the right words when texting each other. Jena spills Rich’s secret.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Mild swearing

Word count: 1510

Michael lay off the side of his bed staring at his phone. Jeremy’s contact was pulled up, but he had no idea what to say. What do people even say in this kind of situation. “ Does this mean he likes me back? Is this a real number? What if this is fake? Why would he give me his number? What do I say?” he thought. He looked across the room at Daisy in her tank. “ You got any ideas girl?” Michael asked. The room was silent. “ Nothing? That’s what I thought.” he sighed. He continued to sit and stare at his phone.

Jeremy sat at his office trying to draw. He kept checking his phone every minute. He couldn’t focus. “Why hasn’t he texted or called yet. This was a bad idea I should never have taken this stupid risk. Why did I give him my number? Uggg I’m such an idiot. He probably thinks I’m a creep. God why am I like this. He definitely thinks I’m a creep.” Jeremy though. He chewed on his pencil trying to clear his mind. His phone buzzed. Jeremy’s face lit up, he grabbed his phone and looked at the screen. “ Jakey_D liked you photo.”  
“ God dammit! Why did I do this?” Jeremy yelled tossing his phone onto the table. He sunk back into his chair.
“ What’th the matter now?” Rich sighed walking in. He saw Jeremy sulking in his chair. “ Are waiting for flower power to text you.” Jeremy grew bright red. “ Oooo Jeremy'th got a boyfriend.” Rich teased.
“ S-shut up man. He’s not my boyfriend. He hasn’t even texted me yet. Ugg why did i give him my number?”
“ Yeah bad move dude you gotta let them come to you.” Rich said smugly. Jena appeared in the doorway.
“ Oh so is that why you refused to talk to Jake for so long and just decided to stalk his social media instead of talking to him?” She smirked.
“ W-what?” Rich stuttered trying to act smooth.
“ Drop the act Rich. Jake isn’t here your tough guy stick won’t be ruined.” Jena said.
“ What no, I don’t have a thing for Jake. He’s my bro. Where would you get that idea?” Rich said.
“ Wait you like Jake?” Jeremy asked confused.
“ Yep. Maybe if your head wasn’t in Michael land twenty four seven you would see the obvious.” Jena smirked.
“ What no, g-groth man. I don’t have a crush on Jake.” Rich defended.
“ Hey Jake what’s up man?” Jena smiled as she waved to the space behind Rich. The color drained from Rich’s face and he mad an inhuman squeal. He whipped around only to see Jake wasn’t there. Jena burst into laughter.
“ Don’t do that. Thtop looking at me that way, thith doesn’t prove anything.” Rich stammered.
“ You know, a wise man once said to me. If you don’t like him then why are you being so defensive.” Jeremy smirked. Rich went red in the face.
“ Thut the fuck up. At least I’m not the one checking my phone every thirty theconds.”
Jeremy rolled his eyes. Rich and Jena left to work on there own stuff. Jeremy grabbed his phone and flicked it on. Nothing.

Michael groaned. Why was this so hard for him. It’s just a text. He stared at the little blue cursor blinking waiting for him to type. “ He probably doesn’t even care. Why did he give me his number. Why can’t I think of anything? Why am I like this?” He thought. Cathy walked into his room.
“ I’m ordering food, you want something?” She asked. She looked down at her brother. “ What’s wrong.”
“ Nothing.” Michael pouted.
“ Michael you laying upside down on your bed staring at your phone you’re not fine.”
“ I’m fine really ok.” he bluffed. Cathy sat down on the bed next to him.
“ Whats wrong. Did Doddie miss a veda?” Michael rolled his eyes.
“ Those are in August not June.”
“ Ok then why are you pouting?” Cathy asked.
“ I am not pouting.” Michael scoffed. Cathy glanced at his phone.
“ Who’s Jeremy?” She asked. Michael turned red and shut his phone off.
“ No one. He’s a customer. I’m just trying to figure out how to word what the boquete I’m sorting for him looks like.” He bluffed. Cathy sat and looked at him for a second she smiled.
“ You are the worst liar I have ever met.” she laughed. Michael sighed and sat up. He buried his face in a pillow. “ You wanna tell me the truth?” She asked rubbing her brothers back.  
Michael took a deep breath and told her everything. The tattoo shop what it was like talking to Jeremy. The electricity he felt those few times there hands brushed. How he felt inside when Jeremy smiled or laughed. He told her every little detail. With every word he told her Michael felt his face grow hotter. Cathy smiled at her brother’s confession. “ Well from what I’ve heard about him he sounds amazing.” Cathy said.
“ He really is.” Michael smiled. “ What do I say to him? You’ve had boyfriends and girlfriends, how do I do this?” asked Michael.
“ Start simple. Say hi.” Michael picked his phone up and opened messages. He looked down at the screen, Jeremy’s contact was pulled up. His hands shook as he typed, “ Hi.” and hit send.

Jeremy sat in his chair sketching a dog. Then his phone buzzed. He grabbed his phone and looked at the screen. “ New message from an unknown number.” “ Hi.” just as he was about to text back another message. “ Oh this is Michael by the way.” A smile spread across Jeremy’s face. Another message, “ Michael from Pastel Petals that is.” Jeremy laughed as he texted back.

J - “ Hey. What’s up?”
M- “ Nothing much. Just chilling with my sis.”
J- “ Katie right?”
M- “ Cathy. Close though. Lol.” Michael sent a selfie of him and Cathy. Cathy held up peace signs and stuck her tongue out well Michael smiled.
M- “ What’s up with you?”
J- “ Still at work.”  Jeremy sent a picture of the dog he was drawing.
J- “ What do you think?”
M- “ Cute!”
J- “ Thanks.”

Michael looked up at his sister. “ Now what?”
“ Be honest. Say what you feel.” Cathy smiled as she ruffled Michaels hair. Michael began to type. “ Hey I wondering if you wanted…” He quickly deleted it. He started to type again, “ I think I..” He deleted it again. “ I think you really..” Nope. “ When I saw you I..” No. “ Do you like..” No.
“ I was wondering if you think I’m…” absolutely not.
“ Uggggg I can’t do this.” Michael groaned as he set his phone down.

Jeremy watched his phone. The eclipses appeared and disappeared. “ What is he typing?” Jeremy thought. The eclipses showed up on his screen for a while. Then they were gone. Jeremy felt panic grow in his chest. “ What was he gonna say? Why did he delete it? Did I say something wrong. I did. I definitely did. God what is wrong with me?” Jeremy thought his thoughts racing. His phone buzzed. Jeremy looked down at the message.

M-  “Hey hanging out today was really nice. You wanna hang out again tomorrow or something?”

Jeremy felt his face grow red butterflies built up in his stomach and a grin plastered across his face. There was a knock, he looked up to see Chloe standing in the doorway.
“ Hey can you cover Jake tomorrow, he’s got some family shit he has to deal with and he can’t make it so can you run an all day shift tomorrow..”
“ B-but I-” Jeremy started.
“ Thanks so much, your an angel Jeremy.” And just like that Chloe was gone.
“ Dammit.” Jeremy muttered.
“ I heard that.” Chloe said from the hall.

Michael stared down at his phone. It has been five minutes since he asked Jeremy if he wanted to hang out again. And he was starting to regret it. “ I shouldn’t have said that. I shouldn’t have said that. Oh god why did I do that. What is wrong with me? I pushed it too far.” He thought. Then his phone buzzed.

J-  “Sorry. I can’t. Work stuff.”

Michael’s heart sunk in his chest. He felt the tears well up in his eyes. Cathy looked at Michael’s phone. “ Psh typical excuse.” She scoffed as she wrapped her arms around Michael. Michael typed a response his fingers shaking.

M- “Oh it’s fine. I understand.”

Michael sighed as he leaned in to Cathy. “ You ok bud?” She said rubbing small circles on his back. “ Kinda.” Michael’s phone buzzed. He quickly read it. His face lit up.
“ What does it say?” Cathy asked. Michael read the text out loud.
“ Sorry my manager is making cover someone so I have an all day shift. But I’m totally down for Saturday if you’re free?”  Michael beamed. He hugged the phone close to his heart.
“ So, you gonna take up his offer?” Cathy smirked.
“ Oh right.” Michael said as he went to text Jeremy.

M- “Absolutely Saturday is perfect.”
J- “Saturday ,awesome. It’s a date.”
M- “It’s a date.”

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@ taako anon. I don't have any advice but I sympathize with your situation. Once I showed a drawing of mine of a character with long hair to someone and they said they didn't see how he could possibly be a guy. That sorted deflated the pride I had in my drawing and in showing that drawing to them.

Aw dude I actually had this a few days ago when I showed my mum Luca. She was kinda quiet when I kept saying “he” and then she mentioned how he looked far more like a girl. I was like “…..yeah he does. I designed him to be pretty genderless. So anyway…” I think she’s from the generation that aren’t used to seeing that kind of breakage of gender norms and it made her… uncomfortable, maybe? I don’t blame people for this, but it is weird when you show someone something like that that you are so used to seeing, and they are confused by it - and get hung up on one thing.

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KYD where the daddies partner suddenly dies part of their hair some bright color and their reactions???

I just read ‘dies’ and was like please no! Sadness lol But, okay! Here we go.

Newt-I don’t think he’d notice right away. He’d wake up as usual, kiss her cheek and move on to his creatures. She’d have to catch his attention, and when he finally notices he would observe it carefully with a smile. He’d love the interesting look.

Stephen-Probably do a double take, and would have a harder time finding it perfect on her. But, she’s beautiful in his eyes regardless, he’d simply kiss her and say he likes it.

Marius-Would find it attractive in a way. He loves that she does something just a bit different than most. And he’d admire it all the time.

Jack-He has a good eye for detail, and would notice right away. Really loves the color, whatever it may be. As someone with striking hair, he would definitely adore her new look, and run his hands through it.

Eddie-Wouldn’t give two fucks what she did with her hair. Doesn’t think it’s a big deal, and would just stare, shrug and move on. “Nice hair, sweetheart.”

Balem-He’s very particular with style, but he loves the color on her. He’d saunter up after she just dyed it, and curl the colored strand around his finger and smirk. Because, in his eyes she looks damn fine.

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Hey Evan, what's your opinion on your little revival powers? Hate them? Love them? Other?

E: Alana is a private detective. She comes to the flower shop fairly often now that shes figured out what I can do and u-uhm…I don’t know I uh…I like her but I don’t like what she wants. I j-just want a calm life you know? And I know having the ability a-and Connor around won’t let things be normal but…but for once…I feel happy? And things like ‘hey bring this dead person back for questioning’ kinda ruins it because I know theres a chance I could kill another person in that area if I’m not careful.

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Headcanons for things hakagure would do with her best friend? Like, how they would hangout.

Hagakure Tooru:

  • She loves watching movies and TV shows together. She wants to hear your opinions on characters and moments in a show, and she’s very vocal; she’d watch things like Grey’s Anatomy just for the drama of it all.
  • She does like to go clothes shopping when you both have a bit of cash in your pocket, and would drag you around to thrift stores where you could find materials to make your own dresses. She likes looking for bright clothing and patterns to make her stand out.
  • Along with her shopping spree, she likes to make clothes, too. Thrift stores know her quite well from her constantly perusing their wares, and she has so much cloth in her room at home, she doesn’t know what to do with it. She likes having you model her newest clothes.

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"It still doesn’t make sense why Maddie has such a drastic tan." Well I mean did you see her and kenzie after their aruba trip? Those girls get majorly dark when they tan. So even if she has a fake tan, why that means she's playing a poc? The logical explanation is that she's playing a tan white girl. Or they could have had her get a fake tan b/c they're going to be filming in the sun a lot and didn't want her to change skin tone so drastically while filming. The poc idea makes the least sense

It really does make sense tho. Considering Maddie is the little sister to a drug dealer, and we have seen her doing multiple scenes with a black male. If she was playing a “really tan white girl” then you think it would at least look like a real tan. Either way I think the movie is gonna be really bad and create a lot of negative media simply because of the fact that Maddie is playing a person with autism. It doesn’t seem like this movie is gonna see a good ending. -Kelly

Supergirl: Her 16 Best (And Worst) Costumes, RANKED
Supergirl has had many looks to make her distinct from Superman. Here are 16 of Supergirl's best -- and worst -- costumes over the years.

So, this lists promises best and worst costumes but forgot to mark either as such nor does it say whenever the list is supposed to go from the best to the worst or vice-verse, making it look like a completely random order….and half of these outfits have only most superficial differences. Top 4 seems to be crappiest ones, with infamous Red Diaper of New 52 at 3rd place. And first place is freaking fan redesigns.

CBR continues being bad at this…whatever they’re even trying to do now.

- Admin

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Bens strategy for his pr relationship is wonky. In almost three years we've seen him acting as if he can't stand her, doesn't respect her. He's often looked silent/bored in many photos of them together unlike the way he is with other people. ex: Malibu, CBE's at the palace, all the setup papwalks where she's smirky and he's pissy. Now and then he does a turnaround, acting loving for the camera. Looks like a toxic relationship to me. Meanwhile the cumberkiddos are nowhere in sight.

It’s almost as if they’re trying everything out of sheer desperation Nonny…

Too bad this has looked so very bad for so very long, there’s really not much they can do to rescue the situation.  Not for people who don’t have the attention span of goldfish anyway.

The only thing they haven’t tried (yet) is to give her a speaking part in this showmance.  Intern, don’t take this as a challenge please.  Ben has enough problems trying to make this look realistic as it is…