but it didn't work out too well


          all of it there and then gone. he was drowning in the harbor. her limbs were a corpse’s limbs. her eyes were dead and staring disgust and longing roiled in his gut.
          he lurched backward, and pain shot through his bad leg. his mouth was on fire. the room swayed. he braced himself against the wall, trying to breathe. inej was on her feet, moving toward him, her face concerned. he held up a hand to stop her.  
↳ crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo, chapter 26


Not sure about the book, but hot diggity I love the organic + mechanic body horror of Twisted Fredbear and Bonnie.


Inktober Day 16

“For the glory of Merlin, daylight is mine to command!”

Jim Lake, Jr. from Trollhunters, inked on metallic card stock.

Shawn Jackson and Hasse Bernfield, better known as Whit and Slug.  These two are Nana’s adopted grandsons, and certified little shits– ESPECIALLY Whit.  Both of them have spent most of their lives on the planet too.

Whit came to the planet with their (rich) family to live in one of the colony.  They got their nickname because of the old Whitworth rifle they carried around: it’s a family heirloom and they would always brag that they would inherit it and use it one day.  They’re kind of annoying, 110% sass, and a joker.  It was them who told Nana all that dumb shit that she totally believes.

Slug’s parents died in a mining accident and he became a bit of an outcast in the community.  He wouldn’t let anyone near him and ended up bullying kids out of food and money.  When he tried to steal from Whit, an outcast in their own right, they became fast friends.  He got his name from his weapon of choice: the shotgun.

Also Whit is totally pining for Slug.


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prompt: set in the evening of june 13th's clip, the balloon boys are filming a hei briskeby video and yousef takes his phone out mid-video to check his notifications since he didn't have the time to during work and he had it on silent as well, and sees sana's text and forgets how to breathe and doesn't know how to react but is trying to act chill anyways because they're filming but is too shocked to answer back etc etc


I wrote this pretty quick and I don’t know if it’s what you wanted but I really hope you like it :D ♥


“You know what we should do?” Mikael said as Elias let the boys into his house

“What? asked Elias

“A live video!!” Mikael answered excited “I’ve seen lots of youtubers doing that, I bet people would watch that!”

“But do we have to do that today?” Yousef asked not really excited about it “Today is being a hard day at work, I haven’t had a break”

“Come Yousef, stop complaining! Mikael’s idea is great” Adam said

“Of course you’re on his side…” Yousef muted.

“Huh?” Adam asked


“Okay what do you guys think?” Mikael asked Mutta and Elias

“I think it’d be cool” Mutta said “People could ask us questions”

“I’m sorry Yousef but I’m with them, I think it’d be cool. It’d be like the last Hei Briskeby video before you go, it has to be special” Elias said

“Okaaaay, fine. Let’s do it” Yousef said walking to the living room “By the way Elias can you lend me a charger? My phone is dead”



Sana checked her phone once again, he still hadn’t seen it. She sighed and as she laid on Noora’s bed.

After deciding that they were ditching school, which they were already doing without even noticing, they went to the Kollektiv and they had been there during the whole afternoon. Noora had told Sana everything that had been going on with William while Sana told Noora about her conversation with Yousef, even the throwing grass leaves part.

“Still no answer?” Noora, who was lying by her side asked

“Nope” Sana said “At least he hasn’t seen it yet, that’s good right? That means he’s not just ignoring me…I guess”

“Sana he would never ignore you, believe me the boy is so gone for you”

“He wasn’t really warm towards me on Sunday…he was nice but…you know, not like other times”

“He thinks you don’t like him, the boy is probably just trying not to get his hopes up”

“Ugh, why is everything so complicated?” Sana sighed covering her face with her hands

“Love is complicated but it’s worth the pain” Noora said with a soft voice

“Seriously Noora, you’re starting to get on my nerves with all this positivity” Sana said making her friend laugh

“Ah, Sana life is beautiful”

Sana shook her head but laughed. That’s when her phone beeped. Her heart started to pound fast on her chest as she grabbed her phone with trembling hands, only to be disappointed when she realized that the notification didn’t belonged to facebook but to youtube.

“Is it him?” Noora asked

“Uh…yes and no”


“It’s a notification from Youtube, apparently Elias and the boys are making a live video right now”

“And what are you waiting for?” Noora said sitting on the bed “Go watch it! Yousef will be there”

“So what? It won’t make him answer”

“I know, but aren’t you curious? I mean you’re subscribed to their channel for a reason”

“Okay, you have a point” Sana said rolling her eyes

She opened the youtube app and pressed play.

The boys were at her house, as always. Elias was in the middle with Adam and Mikael on one side and Mutta and Yousef in the other one.

“Okay, okay, okay we’ve waited a few minutes so everyone gets settled but I think it’s time to start” Elias said looking at the camera “Hei Briskeby! We’re here today with a live video, we want you to ask us questions and we’ll answer them”

Sana rolled her eyes, did they think they were famous or something?

“Sana, look at Yousef” Noora said pointing at him in the corner of the image


“He has his phone in his hands and it’s plugged, maybe he didn’t have battery?”

“Uh…could be” Sana said checking her phone once again “he still hasn’t seen it though”


Elias was answering some question he had received from a viewer when he finally turned on his phone. Yousef had been without his phone the whole day, and only now he was able to check it, not like he would usually receive many texts anyway. He waited a few seconds for it to be completely loaded to unlock it. Meanwhile he tried to act as if he was interested in the video but being honest, he really wasn’t, he didn’t feel like filming that video. Lost in his thoughts, he felt his phone buzz in his hands. He looked down and saw a notification from facebook.

Sana Bakkoush has sent you a friend request

He widened his eyes and before he could tap on the request a message bubble appeared.

Do you want to hang out with me?”

His heart skipped a beat after reading that simple question, because it wasn’t simple, not at all, not when it came from not other than Sana, the girl he was so gone for. His hands were shaking and before he could do anything about it his phone fell to the floor startling everyone in the room

“Yousef bro, what are you doing?” Elias asked him


“Oh my god have you seen that?!!?” Noora asked excited “Check your phone, see if he has read your text, come on!!”

Sana opened the facebook app once more and clicked in her conversation with Yousef

“He has, Noora, he has, he has!! What does that mean?”

“It means that the boy completely freaked out when he saw your text and dropped his phone. Oh my god that boy is so in love!!”

“Maybe he just didn’t expect it” Sana said

“Are you kidding? Look at him! He’s blushing”

“Because Elias is yelling at him”

And he was, as Sana and Noora talked the video kept playing

“Yousef bro, what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, I just dropped my phone” Yousef said blushing

“Well, leave your phone now, we’re making a video” Elias said

“But I need to…”

“You can answer later, just leave it”

Elias stood up and took the phone away from Yousef.

“Are you being serious Elias?”

“Yes, our public is waiting for us”

All Yousef could do was roll his eyes. The girl of his dreams had finally texted him and her brother had taken away his phone from him as if he was 12 years old. A thought suddenly hit Yousef. He had opened the message, he had seen it. Now Sana would think that he was ignoring her


“Look at him! He’s panicking!” Noora said laughing “Oh poor boy”

“He’s not…”

“Sana Bakkoush can you stop pretending like you’re not over the moon right now because you’re seeing the boy you like completely freaking out because you asked him out?” Noora said

“Okay, fine, it’s kind of funny” Sana said biting her lip

“He’s probably so worried because he left you on seen”

Sana looked at the screen and laughed, he definitely looked worried

“Ah, poor boy we have to find a way to contact him” Noora said thinking “I got it!!”


“Okay next question” Mikael said as he read the chat they had added to the live video so people could ask their questions “It’s from SB and it says: ‘Yousef are you going to answer me or what?’ dude what the hell?”

Mikael looked at his friend confused, actually all of the boys turned to him confused. But the most confused of all of them? That was definitely Yousef.

“What does that mean?” Elias asked

“Another message!” Adam said taking the phone from Mikael “It’s also from SB and it says ‘it’s not cool to leave a girl on seen, Acar’ Yousef who is that girl?”

“I can’t believe this” Yousef chuckled, then he looked at the camera and added “Elias took my phone, I can’t answer you”

“Who are you talking to?” Mutta asked

“Another message from SB: ‘Then answer me now, look at the camera and answer’” Mikael read.

“Okay, you asked for it” Yousef said laughing and getting a little closer to the camera “Yes, Sana Bakkoush, I’d love to hang out with you”

“Wait, Sana Bakkoush? As in my sister Sana Bakkoush?” Elias asked “What is going on?”

“Well, it seems like our video is over now” Yousef said still looking at the camera “We’ll see you in the next Hei Briskeby video, goodbye!!”

He then stood up and stopped the filming. He had an explanation to give to his friend and a girl to set a date with.


Ahh I’m sorry if this is bad and short. Also I hope it’s not confusing with the texts and everything

And also I’m sorry I didn’t put a screenshot of the fb messages but my phone is dead now and I use the app there so…basically I’m sorry if this is a mess haha

I hope you’ve liked it though

Thanks for the prompt and thank you all for reading!!♥

Narnia characters as John Mulaney Quotes
  • Aslan: He looked out over a sea of drunk toddlers yelling "fuck the police" in his face, and he was almost impressed.
  • Eustace: You remember being 12, when you’re like ‘No one look at me or I’ll kill myself’?
  • Edmund: Nobody cared about my opinion when I was a little kid. Sometimes, people would say "What do you think you're doing?" But that just meant "Stop."
  • Tumnus: My vibe is more like "hey, you could pour soup in my lap and I’ll probably apologize to you!"
  • Jadis: Then she shows me a side room covered wall to wall in stolen antique photos from different people's parties.
  • Reepicheep: You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.
  • Professor Diggory: Ah! One feels like a duck splashing around in all this wet! And when one feels like a duck, one is happy!
  • Caspian: You know those days when you're like, this might as well happen? Adult life is already so goddamn weird.
  • Peter: They're like, "does that work?" and I'm like, "it didn't NOT work..."
  • Susan: Here's a story I once heard about me.
  • Jill: Everyone get out of my way! i just want to sit here and feed my birds.
  • Lucy: You’re never too young to learn our national no-snitching policy.

I trust Jack with a lot of things, but technology is definitely not one of them. This was a worse-case scenario.

That is the smile of a worried-but-still-kinda-hopeful-it’ll work-out-in-the-end man.


When you almost lose your best friend again.

Before Barry got knocked out, he saw Hal getting wounded. So in his coma dreams Hal was dead again (with Barry feeling responsible for it). Hal never left his bedside and he talked to him a lot, trying to get through to him. It worked but probably not the way Hal imagined. 

screamingwind281  asked:

Can you do a headcannon of the daily struggles BH would have if he were suddenly turned human?

So this accidentally turned into a somewhat fic. I don’t know what to call this haha. Some pieces of dialogue came to me so I wrote them. I hope that’s okay!  I’m so sorry if you’re on the app this is going to be a long scroll.

Keep reading

I didn’t forget to update you forgot to update. Don’t judge me. Nyeh. 

But look! I bring flowers! And some trees, I guess. But the flowers are the important part. When I was I thinking over the idea for this map, I though “Man that’s going to look terrible, I can’t do flowers at all.” But! I dunno, I think they turned out better than I would expect. I would’ve gotten an in-game screenshot, but it wouldn’t have been able to get everything without looking weird.

On a mostly unrelated to DE note, I made a dude as a short exercise in larger sprites. He looks all:

I’m trying to give him a walk cycle too, but, uh…

Well, it’s a work in progress. 

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I have been thinking of this ask for some time now, I found out a week ago that I have a small heart murmur and I started wondering what the paladins +Coran would think. Like say there s/o worked to hard and had to sit down to calm down and the others didn't understand what was happening and there s/o had to explain what was happening to them? Just curious! ^-^

Now, I don’t wanna bore you all TOO much with my life story, but I, in fact, had a heart murmur as well. It’s long since been fixed (since it was life-threatening), but I still carry the fatigue of a weak heart, so I know this all too well. 

I’m excited to write this request. I hope you take care of yourself, my dear!

– Ryan


• He’d bust your chops a bit at the start, calling you lazy or something, just really playful banter
• But the more you do it, and the more strained you look, he stops
• He’s worried about your health, especially being so far away from Earth medicine, and Earth doctors that know more about this Earth medical stuff than he does
• He’s concerned, that’s for sure
• But when you begin to explain what a heart murmur is, he gets really concerned
• “Wait, there’s a hole in your heart??”
• “Not literally, jackass. A heart murmur is a condition of the heart where the valve isn’t functioning properly, and the blood–”
• “That’s enough outta you, Pidge–”
• “Guys, I’m fine.”
• After this incident, Lance keeps an eye on you, but mostly uses it as an excuse to show off in front of you
• Like “excuse me miss, that box looks heavy, let me take care of it”
• And expecting you to be all like “Oh, Lance, you’re so strong and capable, and I’m so lucky to have you as a boyfriend”
• But it’s more accurately like “Oh fuck this is heavy” and he’s sorta half-dragging the box while pretending he’s got everything under control
• You still give him a kiss for effort


• He’s very observant, so he’s probably the first to notice your fatigue, and he directs you to sit down
• You insist that you can help just a little bit more, but you can feel the pounding in your chest so hard that the veins in your head are beginning to throb
• He makes you sit down, and he asks you then what’s up
• You’re backed into a corner, and you have no choice but to tell him
• Besides, something like a heart murmur in a career such as this was a bit difficult to hide
• So you explain yourself, and Keith begins to relax from understanding
• But the relief is far from gone
• He’s a bit peeved you didn’t tell him sooner, and that he’s put you under a lot of stress, but he takes it well in the end
• He’ll just admit that he should have seen the signs sooner, and tell you to rest
• He’ll stay beside you until you’ve calmed down enough, then he’ll easily carry the heavier burdens for you
• But from then on, he’s ultra aware of you and is not afraid to call you out when you’re going too far
• Has zero tolerance for your attempts at pushing yourself
• He’s just really protective of you and doesn’t want to see you suffer in any way, shape, or form


• He’s by your side in an instant, asking you what’s wrong, or if something hurts
• It may be a bit overkill, but you’re comforted by his presence and his compassion
• “I’ll be fine Hunk, I just gotta lower my blood pressure a bit.”
• Hearing that statement alone was just cause for worry
• He has you elaborate a bit on what you mean, and you tell him about your heart murmur
• I feel like Hunk had some medical background, so I’m sure he knew what it meant, but just didn’t understand it
• Not until he saw what it did to you
• He treats it like an injury more than an impediment, and that’s what you love the most about him
• He doesn’t tell you to stay out of the way or to let him take care of it
• He tells you that “you should take only what you can handle, and take breaks as frequently as you need them”
• Is by far the most understanding boyfriend
• Makes sure to give you plenty of water and give you the most protein-packed meal he can
• He takes care of you without babying you and by god if that’s not the best feeling in the world then idk what is


• Pidge probably already knows what it is
• By looking at your stress, she knows that you’re uncomfortable
• She’ll have you down in a chair, no ifs, ands, or buts, and she’ll have you explaining to her what it is that’s hurting you
• She thinks you’re sick at first since you’re sweating so much and your breathing is labored
• But as you explain your condition, she pieces it together a bit more
• She comes up with ways to work around your heart murmur
• Coming up with ways to strengthen yourself without hurting you
• Though sometimes she’ll tell you the best medicine is rest
• She might not be able to take care of heavy objects for you or help you in an athletic manner, but she will help you to feel more confident in your abilities to do things


• He’s a bit easy to read, like a book
• You can tell that he’s noticed your frequent breaks and your quick loss of breath
• The next time you sit to take a break, Shiro approaches you, not wanting to make a big deal of it
• He asks if you hurt yourself, or if you feel ill, and you gently assure him that everything is alright
• You tell him of your heart condition, and he nods, taking in everything you say
• He’ll be very protective over you, and he’ll want to keep his eye on you as you work out, or take on any strenuous activity, reminding you to drink water and take a break here and there
• He won’t look at it like a handicap, nor will he treat you differently
• He still sees the same strong, independent individual he’d fallen in love with at the start of this journey
• He’ll be by your side a lot more, offering you help, but never forcing it on you
• He wants you to feel capable, but he also wants to keep you safe


• I feel like he would be sensitive to this kinda thing from the beginning, as an Altean
• Like maybe when he was running a health diagnostic on you, he’d picked up the irregularity of your heartbeat
• But he never brought it up because he didn’t know if that was a trait that some humans had
• In his defense, he thought everyone already knew about it, so even more reason he didn’t bring it up
• But as he sees you struggling to keep up, he’ll definitely step in
• He’ll ask about it then, your irregular heartbeat, and even you’re shocked like ‘how did you know’
• From there he’s probably a bit more strict about what should do
• Not, like, telling you what to do, but giving you alternative ways to helping the Paladins and around the castle
• Instead of more physical tasks, he’ll have you doing things like intel, mechanical maintenance, or act as a diplomatic ambassador
• He doesn’t want to chain you down, so if you choose to continue to fight, he’ll let you, but knowing that you might fall in battle makes him worry
• He’ll express his concern, but he’ll respect your decision
• In confidence, he’d probably go to Shiro and ask him to keep an eye on you for him


Did I show you guys the famiclone/bootleg I got a while ago? It cost about $55

It had darkwing duck and chip and dale and tiny tunes and mario and contra and double dragon and adventure island and a bunch of throwaway games.

Also it takes cartridges, but I don’t own any others to test if they work but if they’re famicom they should.