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Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Imagine: You had just been transformed into a vampire and commited your first kill, which induced you to turn off your emotions in order to help you cope. Yet, being so close to the Mikaelson family, they would not allow you to stay that way for long. However, despite how hard they try, the only one who manages to break down your walls is Kol Mikaelson.

Warnings: lights descriptions of torture, mostly fluff and swearing. no biggie. 

Word Count: 2503

I fell onto the cold, hard ground, finally realising what I had done. Blood was spilt across my face and my body, proving it was not just some twisted dream fabricated by my mind to punish me for becoming a vampire; no, I had actually killed all those people. Their limp forms were scattered throughout the dark room, their necks broken due to my brutally. A growing pain took over me, leading to a strangled, loud gasp to crawl out of my lips. The guilt was too much for me to overcome it so easily.

“Y/N?” A deep, somehow soft too, male voice cut through the devastating silence. “What happened here?”

“I murdered them.” I managed to blurt out, tears already streaming down my warm, red cheeks. “I was angry, scared, hungry. I-I couldn’t control myself, Kol. I just couldn’t.”

“Oh baby.” He whispered in a soothing tone, one I did not deserve. “I hate to see you like that! It was a mistake. You’re new, it happens.”

“No, no, no. I ripped these people from their lives. I shouldn't… I can’t!”

“Y/N, listen to me!” My eyes were screwed shut, yet, the salty teardrops kept descending, reaching my bottom lip. “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

“Turn it off.” Someone else said, coming from behind Kol. “You don’t have to suffer because of this. Just turn it off.”

“Are you insane, mate?” The tall, brown haired man yelled, obviously mad at the proposition. “She’s not going to do this!”

Damon smirked, tilting his head slightly, whilst graciously leaning against a covered with scarlet blood wall. Although it was a entirely crazy idea, my Salvatore friend had a point. Turning my emotions off could be really helpful, for it would rule out of the game all distractions. It would help me develop as a vampire. Plus, if I experience even one more ounce of this crushing pain I have inside now, I would surely break.  

For one second I felt everything rushing through me, every bit of feeling, like pure energy was flowing inside my veins, and then it was over. I did not feel a thing. Not guilt, not sadness. Absolutely nothing. Solely void was left behind.

“Y/N, please tell me you didn't…”

A bright, wide smile curled my lips, revealing there was nothing that the mighty Mikaelson could do, except enjoy this new side of me.

“I did, honey bunch.” I winked at him, getting back on my own feet. “Now, if you excuse me, I have a few business to solve.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” Kol stated, grasping my wrist and forcing me to stay where I was. “And Damon, you better disappear before I have the chance to rip your heart out.”

Those words said, it took less than a split  second for the plain white room to get suddenly crowded. Stefan and Elena went to Damon’s side, gently clutching his arms, assuring he would stay in place; yet, they did not come alone, for Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah rapidly approached their reckless sibling as well. I sighed, starting to get utterly bored from this whole situation.

Klaus cleared his throat, moving one step ahead and shooting a fierce look towards the Salvatores. He was obviously not happy to be seeing this horrific scene.

“Alright, who is going to explain what has happened here​?”

“Why was Kol threatening Damon?” The brown haired doppelgänger quizzed, quirking an eyebrow. “I thought we had decided to call a truce. For Y/N’s sake.”

“He pushed Y/N into turning off her emotions.” The younger Mikaelson brother said, narrowing his eyes and still keeping me under his tight grip. However, even though this dialogue was annoying as hell, I could not care less about what was on the verge of happening. “Is it enough or you fellas need me to find another reason to be mad at the glorious Damon Salvatore?”

“You mean she…” Rebekah’s voice died out before she finished her sentence and her sibling replied with a weak nod. Man, those people were simply pathetic! “Let’s go home, then. We need to get Y/N back as soon as possible.”

Ultimately, I pushed Kol’s hand away from my upper arm and went to the centre of the room, staring each person standing in there. They had quickly formed a circle around me, perhaps thinking they could avoid my escape. Fools.

I chuckled, sustaining their strong glances at me and crossing my arms on my chest.

“Uh, if I may have a say on my own life, I don’t want to turn back on. I’m actually feeling pretty good the way I am.”

“I’m sorry, love, but you have no idea what you want right now.”

“Out of everyone, Klaus, I really thought you would appreciate this new version of me.” Licking my lips, I walked smoothly to where the Hybrid was whilst hearing everyone’s breathing hitch on their respective throats. “I was obviously wrong.”

“No, darling, you were wrong to get closer enough for me to this.”

Then Klaus, piecing his blue eyes on my own, got hold of my neck, his hands soft on the skin he grasped; sharing one last look, he swiftly twisted it, killing me where I stood. Yet, even though darkness engulfed me pretty quickly, I still formed one last thought: the blond Hybrid was totally right.

The room I woke up to was bright. And amazingly beautiful. Like it belong to a king. Or a queen. Its walls had a miscellaneous set of colours while the expensive furniture was perfectly positioned, like it had been made to that exact spot. The whole thing was simply perfect. However, whatever amazingness I should have been caught into, it was broken the second I realised I was chained up. Urgh, why couldn’t they just let me go? This is so boring!

“She’s awake.” Rebekah muttered, swinging the tall white doors open. “Hello, Y/N.”

“Oh, hello, munchkin.” An ironic smirk lied carelessly on my lips. “Such a nice day, isn’t it?”

“I definitely hate turned off Y/N.” She rolled her eyes, annoyed, yet, I could still see sadness playing on her gorgeous traits. “Come on. I want to try it first.”

“Poor Rebekah, always trying to save the ones she loves.” I said, staring at her emotionlessly. It was odd, though, for the memories of our friendship were still fresh in my mind.  I was not able to care, though. “Don’t you get tired?”

The blonde soaked a small blade in a transparent, thin liquid, right before she dug it into me. I could sense the stinging pain, yet, it was not enough. I smiled faintly at her failed attempt to flip the switch back on.

“Try harder, Bekah!” It was teasing. Oldest trick in the world to get people mad. The ones who cared, anyway. “Come on! Fight for me.”

“God, you are such a spoilt brat!” The original snarled, burying the knife deep within my flesh. “Why don’t you obey, for once, the elders?”

“Enough, sister.” Klaus put his hand on her shoulder, stopping her to go any further. “Let me handle it. I might have a better chance.”

“Uh, I feel so especial! The mighty Hybrid caring for me.” A maniac smile changed my traits, giving it a crazy gleam, as he took his sister’s place, removing the blade afterwards. “Well, I should, shouldn’t I? I don’t. I feel nothing. Or does boredom count?”

“Look at me, Y/N.” I raised my chin, defying him by fixating my eyesight on his. “Now pay attention: you are loved. By everyone in this family. We would risk everything for you. Do anything. You’re a Mikaelson just as much as I am. Why don’t you try for us? Me, Rebekah, Elijah, Kol…”

“Really, Niklaus? That’s the trick you are using? Trying to make me feel like I belong?”

“You do belong, Y/N.” He stroke my cheek, his slim fingers tracing my cheekbones. “You are family. Come back to your family.”

“Nah, I don’t think that’ll break me.”

Klaus allowed a tired exhale to slip, shaking his head. I could bet he thought this was going to be easy: just appeal to her loyalty towards her family and she’ll be right back on track. Not exactly, Nik. I bit my bottom lip to avoid a sneer laugh. .

“Don’t make it so difficult, sweetheart.”

“I wouldn’t if you just let me go.”

“You see, darling, that’s not happening. You either flip back on or flip back on. There’s no other possibility.”

“Now what is it? Rage? Or is it pity? Doesn’t matter. It won’t do the trick, Niklaus.”

My last remark had done it for the Hybrid, because the anger within his irises announced what he was going to do next: snap my neck. For the second time. It must be my lucky day.

Simply marvellous!

“Are you awake now, love?” Someone questioned, tenderly massaging my arms, bringing me to a rather spinning reality. I blinked quickly, adjusting to the new found darkness. “Are you okay?”

“I am fine. Perfectly fine.” My voice sounded hoarse, probably due to the hours I spent “asleep”.”I imagined you would be their last resource. The reckless Mikaelson. My boyfriend, or is it ex? I don’t quite know.”

“Oh dear, it’s going to take a lot more than a humanity switch off for you to get rid of me.” He chuckled, bitterly. “I didn’t come here to convince you that this is wrong. I’m afraid you already are aware of it.”

“Then what?” I whispered, fighting against the tiredness. It was getting harder and harder to not feel anything. The emotions were scraping the walls of my head, crawling back to where they belonged. Nevertheless, I would not allow them to surface it. No. Never. “What do you want, mighty Mikaelson? Torture me some more? See if you, out of everyone, can make me flip back on?”  

“Nah, I just want to talk to you.”

“Care to be more specific, sweetheart?”

“I want to tell you a story.” He clarified in a smooth tone, his lips dangerously close to mine. His mint scented breath fanning all over my face, making me want to kiss him, to taste that mouth. Urgh. “About a relationship I had in the past.”

“Oh, I see. You do want to bore to death.”

“Quit being a brat and listen!”

“Fine.” A soft sigh escaped as I nodded, agreeing. “Go on.”

“Before I met you, I was madly in love with this girl called Davina Claire. Damn,  she was perfect! In every way.” Kol paused, swallowing thickly; perhaps he was struggling with the memories of his old ex girlfriend. “However, when she brought me back to life, it came with a price. I was cursed with an unbearable thirst. I tried to resist! It was worthless, for in the end, she died by my hand. And, God, it hurt like hell! I mean, I had lost the only thing that had ever made me feel something. I killed the only person that had ever touched my soul.”

“Is this supposed to be touching?”

“Oh come on, I’m not finished.”

“Proceed, then. At least it keeps me distracted from this knife buried in my skin.”

“I beg your pardon.” The brown haired Mikaelson smiled, gently, and pulled the blade off, winning a relieved gasp from me. Klaus must have put in back on to keep my blood flowing. “Now, as I was saying, I had lost everything. My magic. My Davina. Then I was bitten by Marcel and put into a slumber.”

“Didn’t you ever live? All your stories end with you in boxes.” The statement slipped and I widened my eyes, surprised. I did not care, why should I be asking stuff?

“I blame Nik for that, but you are right. My life kind of sucked and with Davina gone, it all became pointless again. That was when you, my tiny witty human, showed up.”

“I’m not tiny. Nor witty. Not even human.”

He laughed, clearly amused.  

“Yes, you’re still tiny and witty. For me anyway. And I love you. So much.”

“Can’t do anything about it.” I shrugged clumsily, still restrained by the chains soaked in vervain. “This is ridiculous, don’t you see? All of you? I won’t get my feelings back.”

Kol, suddenly, cupped my cheeks, his eyes filled with everything mine lacked. It was hard to sustain the intimate exchange of looks, for tears began to well up on that chocolate sea. If I kept staring, I knew I was not going to be able to resist any longer.

“I don’t want to lose you too, Y/N. You’re the only good thing in my life right now and I can’t afford it. I won’t let you destroy yourself because of a reckless mistake. Because I wasn’t around to teach you.”

I chewed my bottom lip, finally caving in and feeling the energy of my emotions flooding back in. All of it. Pain, guilt, rage, love. Love! I had hurt so many people I loved! How dared I say so many hurtful things to them?

Salty teardrops fell down my cheeks with the realisation of the evil I had performed in the time I spent off. No one should forgive me for what I did or said. I was not worthy of it. A cry rumbled in my chest as I absorbed, bit by bit, the enormous acheness from my previous actions.


“I’m so s-sorry, my love.” Those words came out mingled, stuttered, strangled. I closed my eyes, avoiding the silky, reassuring look I got from my boyfriend when I voiced a coward apology. What good have I done to have someone so sweet to look after me like him? “The pain… It took over me. Made me do things. I thought I was going to break!”

“Hush, sweetheart.” His warm digits silenced me, resting against my mouth delicately. “First let me get you out of these chains.”

“How can you trust me, Kol?”

“We’ve been together for a while now and I got to know your eyes, those sweet Y/E/C eyes, very well. I know when you’re lying.” He broke the iron that held me up, which lead to a clumsily stumble, for I was unable to stand on my feet properly. The brown eyed Mikaelson picked me up, carefully placing me on his toned arms as if I weighed nothing. “Thank you for coming back to me. I don’t what I’d do without you.”

“Oh, Kol.” A goofy sigh slipped. “I will always come back to you.”



Afterwards, a smirk still enlightening his traits, he stole a kiss from my lips. It was just a peck, yet, it made me feel warmer. Of course my guilt, self loathing, hate, the whole package, remained, nonetheless Kol managed to shake it all off, forcing me to concentrate on the present and, for now, that was all I needed.

Why her...? - Bruce Wayne x Batmom!Reader

Anon - I have a request. Bare with me this is my first time asking a request.. Batman x Reader. Can you make it sad and have us in tears?? Don’t really care what you write about just make it sad. Please and thank you.

So this consists of a lot of flashbacks, so flashbacks will be in italics, lyrics will be in bold and now time is normal. hopefully this isn’t confusing. I don’t know if this is capable of making anyone cry but please give feedback if I should do more like this! :)

Song this is based off of is old but its the best one that fits well I think - SONG

Warnings - Death, Cancer victim, crying, flashbacks, sadness.

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Operation Soulmate | Five

Pairings: Steve x Reader || Steve x Bucky || Bucky x Nat

Summary: A visit to your sister’s house leads to an astonishing discovery

Warnings: None.

Notes: For @marvelous-fvcks‘ writing challenge, with the prompt ‘Heart’. 

Also, I couldn’t come up with any other name for the stone that I liked, but the name I chose is NOT a reference to the Infinity Stone of the same name (you’ll get what this means when you read the chapter).

Operation Soulmate Masterlist

It’s been three days since your run in with Natasha. So far, you’ve been successful at keeping Steve out of Bucky’s business, though it pains you to have to lie to him. You’ve claimed that he needs to switch things up for a bit and play hard to get.

“I just think that maybe we’re trying too hard, Stevie,” you’d told him, as you lay sprawled out on your couch with your feet in his lap. “Maybe we should back off for a while, see if he comes to you,”.

“But what if he doesn’t?” Steve asked, idly tracing patterns on your calf with his fingers. “What if he doesn’t get the message?”.

“Well, we won’t know until we try, Steve,” you pointed out. “Just give it a week, see what happens. If he doesn’t do anything, well—then we’ll go back to what we were doing before,”.

“If that’s what you think is best,”, he sighed, shrugging nonchalantly.

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anonymous asked:

Heya! Hope you're having a good day. Onwards with trenchcoat discourse, 'cos that seems to be a hot topic about now. I always thought the coat was a cute quirk. Let me explain: When Cas is ready to possess him Jimmy goes and puts on a suit. The angels all wear suits so maybe this is standard procedure. But it's cold out so Jimmy puts this trenchcoat on top, perhaps expecting Cas to take it off after. But no. Cas leaves it on. Maybe he didn't notice. Or maybe he chose to keep it. And I like that.

Hey! Thanks I hope you are too!

See the thing with the trench coat is that it has become a symbol of Castiels ‘angel uniform’. I don’t think there is anything in canon that specifies that angels have to wear a suit, just that visually for symbolic purposes angels are made to look formal. The same way that demons generally wear suits in later seasons but their suits are much darker colours than the angels outfits. The ongoing dress code of business attire seems to run through both heaven and hell.

Clothing generally is chosen very carefully and specifically in Supernatural (you have probably heard meta writers go on about Dean’s red shirt of bad decisions, or his bisexual plaid (though that is kind of a joke as well as being sort of serious)). With Cas, his outfit also reflects his state throughout the series. 

The original trench coat did start off as Jimmy’s, and whilst we have no real way of knowing if it was Cas who encouraged Jimmy to put on a suit and trench coat, or if it was just a regular outfit for Jimmy, Cas seemed to like it enough to keep it. I always loved the original trench coat as well. Especially after Dean carried it around for so long making it a symbol of Cas’s return and proof that Dean never really let him go: “I always thought you’d come back” he said when he finally returned the coat.

The fact that Cas cleaned the coat and got himself a new suit in season 8 after purgatory proved how much he had grown attached to it. It is only in season 9 once he was human and broke that he had to get rid of it, thus symbolically shedding himself of every part of his angelic being, with nothing left but his humanity. 

When Cas does steal some grace and “angel up” again, the first thing he does is find himself another trench coat. This time one HE chose. But it also became a symbol of the broken angel, the angel with the stolen grace, the angel who went through so much pain at the hands of his brothers and sisters, the angel with the burnt and broken wings. The angel who was lost. This trench coat became the symbol of Cas’s ‘decay’ period. A period of time in the show where he drastically deteriorated in both mental and physical state to the point where, by the end of season 12, even though he was finally starting to realise that he had a home and a family who loved him, and who he loved in return, it still wasn’t enough to stop another creature coming along, and looking inside his vulnerable mind. The fact that he was so desperate for a win, to do something GOOD, that he was manipulated again. “sock puppetted” as Dean said, and whilst Jack may have meant well (just like Ephraim meant well in 9x06) Cas still ended up loosing his life.

The later trench coat therefore from a symbolic perspective, MUST go. All signs point to season 13 as Cas’s “transformation” period. I desperately hope that the later trench coat will be burned in 13x01. Because I want Cas to rise from the ashes anew. So that when he DOES return to the human world, he will find himself something NEW to wear, because then we will KNOW that his transformation arc is something the creators are really thinking about. If they take costume design so seriously, (like the previous costume choices on the show prove they do) there is no excuse to keep Cas in that awful ill fitting trench coat that is a symbol of his mental and physical decay since season 9. 

Having said that though, if Cas really is just waking up in some other realm *cough*the empty*cough*. Then chances are he will imagine himself in that bloody trench coat and for the first few episodes he is in, he will be wearing the coat anyway. 

Here’s hoping that when he does find himself back in the real world, he will wake up naked, in a hunky body rebuilt for him (because the original body burned) and have to wear something else ( preferably a black leather trench coat right out of the matrix movies.) Imagine the look on Dean’s face if he showed up dressed like that though? So because of all of those reasons, I am team ‘burn the coat. Even though I loved the original and wouldn’t mind seeing that again.

anonymous asked:

just wondering but does jeremy have a tattoo in the tattoo au?

Oooh! That post was from pre-Jeremy (or at least pre-Jeremy in the main room and thus his fabulous self was not yet in my writing) so i hadn’t considered it but of course he would! Hmm. Jeremy might actually be the only one to have a set colour scheme rather than a set symbol (and i’m sure you can guess what that filthy colour combo is). 

Following a close call where Jeremy came to his rescue in the most obnoxiously improbable way Geoff gets a lurid monster-truck ramping off his shoulder blade. And with that the final unspoken barrier was breached, undeniable evidence of the truth they’d all long since embraced, that Jeremy was as permanently entrenched in the crew as anybody else.

It would be a joyous event except, well. The tattoo tradition is well and truely in place at this point so it turns out to be more of a problem than anything, considering not a single other member of the crew was even remotely prepared to ink that travesty of a vehicle onto their bodies.

Geoff cops a lot of shit for his choice, and for the longest time nothing is done, but eventually it is, as usual, Jack who comes up with a solution. She turns up one morning, after a long drunken night on the town with Jeremy, inexplicably bearing a neat little row of shots across the inside of her bicep. The glasses, holding varying levels of liquid, are two-toned; the same eyesore colours as Geoff’s truck, the unmistakable mark of Rimmy Tim.

From there all bets are off and within the next month or two the rest of the crew adds to their collection. After the pair utterly destroy a rival gang with little more than their fists Michael gets the most cartoony looking knuckle dusters printed on his ribs. When Jeremy spends a week going out of his way to keep Gavin occupied after a particularly nasty job got him down Gavin comes home with a fluffly little purple and orange tabby cat cheerfully etched into his skin.

Ryan’s takes a while, waits so long that Geoff’s gleefully insisting that the only thing left for him to do is to immortalise the godforsaken cowboy hat the whole crew thinks Jeremy wears just to spite them. In the end though, after Ryan and Jeremy get paired together for jobs more and more often the image comes easily. Crossed weapons, Jeremy’s favourite ridiculous custom coloured semi-automatic over Ryan’s sleek and sensible matte black, like crossbones over the fiery glow of an explosion.

(Original post / Michael and Jack

Welcome to the Vague Thought Corner~

In which, before we go any further, we’re just going to quickly touch base with my thoughts on each character at this precise moment in time. For fun. 

But also mostly for the sake of comparison, so that you can compare this to my earlier (and later) thoughts. 

Behind a cut though, because when I said “quickly” I was absolutely lying. 

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Elven Fashion

So in my time away from the internet I began reflecting upon elven fashion. I’ve already said that city elven and Dalish fashion as it’s been seen in Origins and DA:II is far too similar.

They’d have a shared culture during the time while the kingdom of the Dales still stood (I’m calling that old Dalish from now on), but after being defeated and splitting into city elves and Dalish clans they’d start developing differently. Traits they seem to share are as follows:
- Covered necks.
- Lots of layers
- Possibly that little geometric leaf-like pattern they have on their belts.
- Embroidery practices. Elven needlework is noted for being fine and delicate, yet durable.
- Long bits of cloth tied around the waist. Easier made than belts.
- A sash a little like the japanese obi in appearance, a thick piece of cloth or leather that wraps around the waist. Another belt is worn over it.

(Case in point)

Now then.

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@lunardeerspirit‘s request

i sketched both of these and couldn’t choose so i did both

reminder that requests are open, especially since i’m on winter break right now!!

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Novel - Chapter 7

Cuddlogue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Afterword

This is actually the final chapter of the novel (the afterword just has some comments by the author etc). Hope you enjoyed - still can’t believe this translation actually happened!

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Editing Tutorial

This is just a simple editing tutorial that anon and sim-finity requested a few weeks/months ago :3 Honestly I don’t have a set way of editing and I improvise and edit my screenshots quite randomly sometimes. But yeah, here’s what I do to my pictures [Warning: HUGE picture spam]

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Armin x Candy Shipping Meme ^^

Armin x Candy! : D

  • Who was the one to propose: It was Armin. One day, randomly out of nowhere, a very NOT amused Castiel was somehow forced to stop lounging around for two seconds (GASPS. HOW DARE THEY.) and play the guitar notes to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHCq20hGhOY . Yup The Mario Kart Love song. While Castiel was playing his guitar, Armin began singing the song to her. Finding the song dorkie, yet absolutely adorable, when he pulled out a wedding ring how could Candy say no? She thought it was rather odd that it was only half a ring though! WHAT?…Oh! The only way to get a whole ring was to hold hands! Or rather, place his hand over hers when portable gaming. Either way, d'awww. Cute move, Armin! 
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: It was Armin! They of course had a gaming wedding! Every detail had to be perfect and on spot. They only had one chance at this. But some disasters happened before the wedding, causing him to become stressed. “WHO SENT US THIS DISGRACEFUL PINK LINK HAT?, THOSE COLOUR BLIND IDIOTS” He would yell to the far corners of the universe. “AND FOR THE LOVE OF HECK, PRINCESS PEACH’S CROWN IS BLUE SAPPHIRE, RED RUBY, BLUE SAPPHIRE! IDIOTS!” Ended up in him having a gaming emotional break down about three times, but they still had an amazing wedding. And Armin ate like half the cake.
  • Who decorated the house: They both did. They have cute gaming and fandom things from hot topic and their house is epic. "Darlin’, Where can we put the Pokemon Posters?“ Armin will say, as sophisticated as he possibly can be, trying to make fun of the fact that the type of decorating they are doing was certainly not posh! Candy will suggest they scatter them in different rooms! Charmander in the Kitchen- Fire representing the flame to cook. Pikachu in the garage- representing the electricity charge when working on cars. Squirtle in the bathroom- for obvious water fun time. Maybe a snorlax for the bedroom.  
  •  Who does the cooking: Armin is not trusted to cook anymore. On a cold Decembers evening, after he had received, what he believed to be the "best present ever.” It was a plastic Charizard pokemon toy that breathes fire. Obviously, he thought the best use of the toy was to cook with its abilities. OF COURSE HE DID. Loud screams could be heard from Candy as she walked in the kitchen. "WHY IS THE CURTAIN ON FIRE?“ She would screech in fear. "I'TS NOT MY FAULT! I TOLD CHARIZARD TO KEEP AWAY FROM THE DELICATES! NAUGHTY! NO CREAM PUFF FOR YOU!" 
  • Who is more organized: Has to be Candy. At least she organizes her games slightly! In Armin’s Pokemon case you will find a copy of sims. In Armins Sims case you will find a copy of: The Walking Dead” The list goes on. Never expect to find a game n the right place"
  • Who suggested kids first: Armin! On a warm summers afternoon, when neither of them had anything to do. They decided to play sims. “Awe come on, don’t kill off the sim" Candy said. As she saw Armin build another pool, leaving the sim to their natural doom. "Awe but it’s more fun this way!” he said, playfully. Rolling her eyes, Candy spoke her mind. "But if you keep killing people off, you will have no one left.“ Smirking, Armin spoke. "I don’t plan to kill everyone you know, I plan to repopulate the earth a little too." He said, mischievously. "And suddenly, we are no longer talking about Sims anymore, are we?” Candy said, her right eyebrow rising. "NOPE.“ Said Armin, looking suggestively at her. AND THE REST IS HISTORY. They had lovely children soon after ; D 
  • Who’s the cuddler: It’s Candy. When Armin is stuck in one of his games, she will go up to him like a kitten that needs attention. Laying on his shoulder, grabbing his arm, the whole nine yards. Lounging 
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:Armin is the big spoon. Loving to wrap himself around her.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Obviously, gaming. They will often play as a team now-a-days- on such thing as League of Legends, and other team games. “You got them baby?” He will say, knowing full well that Candy can take down a player/character all by herself. “Yeah i’m making sure they don’t escape now” She will reply. When they win, he makes celebration pancakes, and shares them with Candy. :3
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Both do, but the funniest story is of Armin. No matter what he says, once a week  he secretly plays dungeons and dragons with a group in town when night falls. He comes home drunk, rambling. “THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CHEATERS CANDY. I had the magic stick they took cards from me CARDS FROM ME I know that they gave me a dud dice that only GIVES ME TWOS Don't test me Candy they are a bunch of no good wizards who secretly work in the BLACK MARKET TRADING MAGIC FOR INFORMATION.” Candy, not having a clue about what in the hay he is talking about, smiles politely and simply says “Come on, lets get you into bed”.
  • Who kills the spiders: Armin. Candy will scream and he comes running in. He enjoys the time when he can actually act like his heroes and save the girl. Just like the video games! He sways his arms about all martial arts style and says in a deep voice: “Not today Spider.” Before he does an air kick, spins around, and gets a cup and  a piece of cardboard and takes the spider outside.
  •  A head canon: When Armin gets his driving license, every Friday at around 12 midnight, they will decide to go to “Drive in McDonalds.” They will pull up, with sun glasses on, and act all cool like they are from the film “The X Men.”  “I need a cheese burger” Armin will say. “Any fries?” the man will ask. Armin will shake his head in a disapproving way. Candy will join him and say “Sir thats on a need to know basis.” and the guy at the window always looks so confused. Finally, when they have their order right, they speed of and say: “You didn't see anything. As you were.” Leaving everyone at the drive through wondering if they are okay.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: (I believe this fan art is from the manga okita and kagura. However I cannot find the original artist for this, if anyone can tell me, I’m be very glad to link it!) I like to believe Candy isnt annoyed with him at the end though. But i guess if your candy is the type to get annoyed at losing, it could happen o3o:

You Should Be Here

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 2,808
Warnings: Swearing and use of alcohol
Request: (From Anon) prompt: bucky and the reader are best friends for a long time, they had a crush on each other but not at the same time. they never shared their feelings about each other but at one point the reader had to let him know, even tho he’s already out with someone else

Your name: submit What is this?

Her light brunette locks falls in soft curls over her slim shoulders. Her chiseled face appears as if it’s glowing even in the flashing lighting. Her perfectly buxom figure is shown off through the tight dress she wears. She looks up at him with pure sensuality, her brown eyes reflecting the many colours of the lights. Bucky stares down at her, mesmerized, dazed, perhaps.

You try not to stare in your seat at the barstool, but you find it’s distracting. This entire shindig is distracting, really. You pry your eyes off from the couple that made your chest ache and turn to Natasha, who is evidently fixing you the other round you had almost forgotten you’d just ordered.

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anonymous asked:

What are your domestic Larry fic favs?

all the diamonds you have here, it hits louis now, how fucking close to the precipice they’re standing. or, an au feat. investment banking and children.

all the lights are full of colour, So, fast-forwarding eight years from the day Harry met Louis, he is now a twenty-seven year old owner of one of the most up-and-coming eating establishments on the London restaurant scene, father of two wonderful boys and… separated from his husband. Now, that last part definitely was never a part of the original plan. Or, Harry and Louis are separated, but for the sake of their two sons, they choose to spend Christmas together. It may just lead to a Christmas miracle.

I need home (our tangled bones), Louis runs a record label and Harry is his daughter’s new nanny. Over the course of a year, Harry helps Louis learn what it really is to be a father and somehow they find an unexpected home in each other. Or, the kid fic where Louis wants to make Harry a star, Zayn just needs everyone to stop being stupid, Niall laughs his arse off at everything, Liam attempts to keep things in order and Harry takes a chance.

Just Breathe, It’s a portrait worthy of hanging over the fireplace: two incredibly handsome young men and their equally adorable children, all shined up and polished, politely posed and smiling, a split second perfectly captured for eternity. As a photographer, 18-year-old Harry loves a good snapshot, a well-preserved moment in time. He also likes kids an awful lot, has always wanted to raise a family with a loving and supportive partner of his own. Meeting Louis, a 25-year-old father of two, after a night out seems like the perfect realization of all of Harry’s dreams really. Louis, however, knows that one photograph can’t begin to tell an accurate story of parenthood, of the joys and challenges of constantly living with wonderful, yet sometimes incredibly odd and frustrating, little humans. He’s already had a partner who couldn’t handle the pressures, one who left Louis with a mountain of doubt that anyone else will ever want to join his cracked family. Falling in love is as easy as releasing the shutter. Developing the entire picture may take a little more time and effort than either of them expected.

Marking Up The Atmosphere, At the age of twenty, Harry deals with things expected to occur at his age: student loans, instant meals, electricity bills, and the constant, incessant presence of never ending coursework. That, and the job of raising his six year old daughter and avoiding the charm of a young, successful, and very off-limits Louis Tomlinson.

nothing else but us right here, Louis sighs and gives himself a mental pep talk as he smooths his jumper down over his hips. He can do this. He can resist the draw of Harry Styles, because he is a responsible, mature adult, and as much as he wants to tangle his fingers in that mess of hair and map those ridiculous tattoos with his tongue, he does not want to get his daughter’s favorite teacher fired.

Standing on the Edge of Forever, “So let me get this straight. You took Mr. Squiggles from the classroom habitat, took him with you on your fieldtrip to the zoo, and released him in the aviary?” Harry Styles is a single father, just trying to keep his life organized after losing his husband four years earlier. Between his daughter, Liam’s hellion twins, and Sophia throwing him into any romantic tangle she can think of, life gets a little crazy. Of course, everything changes the moment Lo and the twins get interested in their school musical, The Wizard of Oz. Because the new director, Louis Tomlinson, is just about the most attractive man that Harry has ever seen. Featuring adorable Dad Harry, hotshot actor Louis, three sassy kids, a badass Sophia Smith, and a Liam who just wants all their kids to be well behaved.

tenderness flooded his voice, AU. things collapse in on louis, but harry’s there. harry’s always there.

we are honey and the bee, It isn’t his fault though, it is entirely the fault of whichever gods thought it would be a good idea to taunt Louis by dangling a curly haired boy in front of him with a mouth that can’t possibly be as soft as it looks, a mouth that requires further inspection with Louis’ own mouth. Unfortunately, Louis absolutely cannot do that, because it would go against all rules and guidelines in the Golden Handbook of Nanny and Employee Etiquette that he’s pretty sure exists. au where harry plays rugby at uni, louis needs to hire a nanny, and life is one big cliche.

we took the slow way, liam and louis teach kindergarten and harry styles has a kid and zayn is a dj and it’s all very complicated for various reasons.

anonymous asked:

You seem to have cool opinions on the Zayn thing for what I have seen. What I'm confused with is your take on this situation with people calling Zayn on his negative feelings vs. people not calling remaining 1D on their negative feelings - I don't get how you made it about racism? Maybe I missed something. I have watched same to happen to a Jpop group and of course people see it as the leaving person's fault. He chose it (the positive and the negative); the others' didn't have a choice.

at first i wrote a REALLY REALLY long response to this that involved a lot of personal anecdotes & stuff and then i was like “bro, who wants to know any of this stuff about ur personal life” so here’s a slightly shorter version:

to start, im a person who tends to make everything about race, or more accurately, i believe that p much every situation can/should be read with a racial lens. when i look at situations involving any of the five, i look at it with a racial lens, bcos to me, talking about race only when people of colour are involved implies that poc are the only ones affected by race and that it’s “our”/”their” problem. it’s not! so when i talk about race im not just talking about a “marked” race (nonwhiteness), im talking very much about invisible/”unmarked” dynamics, namely whiteness and the ways ive seen whiteness function in fan responses to zayn’s solo career and in fan responses to the ways that the other boys behave (and also, forget fan behaviour, whiteness just as a function of the ways the other boys feel entitled to behave period).

i do actually agree with u that people see it as the leaving persons fault and that that’s legitimate. part of the reason i havent made an actual original post about zayn leaving (instead of responding to an anon question or putting it in some salty tags) is cos i feel very conflicted about policing people’s legitimate reactions to zayn leaving. my first reaction when he signed w rca was literally “no, no, no, no, no” cos i was so angry that he went about it like that. i dont think he did it in a good way! i didnt wanna sit around and tell people “u shouldnt be angry about this” cos, like, they had a right to be angry! i was angry! so for a while, esp over the summer, i kinda let it slide.

my response to that anon, though, was based mainly on the interviews and reactions to the interviews, and more generally on stuff that happened after the solo career was announced. this is where it gets tricky, cos i don’t actually have an answer for u that’s set in stone. what i said was based on a lot of stuff that i felt but couldnt necessarily put a finger on: it’s in the phrasing of statements like “he’s not the person i knew”/”he’s not the same person he was in the band”/”he’s changed”/”he’s selfish now”/”how dare he talk about the boys like this”/”he’s a fuckboy”/”he doesn’t respect women.” to me, those statements aren’t…necessarily… bad or wrong. it’s the context, tone and phrasing that make me worried and uncomfortable. 

zayn is the same person that he was in the band–if anything, he’s more himself, and has said so multiple times in interviews. he presumably thinks the same sexist things about women that he thought when he was in the band, he’s just stupid enough to voice them at this specific moment*. stuff like “selfish,” “changed,” “not the person i knew”–those are statements that carry discomforting connotations. why has he changed? why is he not the person you (not u, but a general you) knew? where did he, in your opinion, “go wrong”? did he go wrong when he left 1d to hang out with shahid, a fat, brown man? (the demonisation of shahid is sth i initially participated in and now feel fucking horrible about, i reread that guardian article every so often and feel like trash) did he go wrong when he left 1d to pursue music that’s more racially marked because he felt it reflected him better? did he go wrong when he said he left 1d cos he had no creative stake in the music? 

i know a lot of the people who make those statements balk at the implication of those questions (the implication being that their dislike is racially tinged), but i think (and this is notable cos it’s true of 1d too!) the motivations we assign ourselves are not necessarily the motivations we actually have. what i mean by that is that even if u (again, not u specifically, a general u) tell urself “this is why i feel this way” and u think its not a racial reason and u feel very strongly about that, its impossible for u to separate that from the ways we r all raised to think about muslims and about brown people more generally: “sneaky”/”liar”/”terrorist”/”criminal” etc etc etc. to me, the way people talk about zayn on this site has a lot of the tinges of the way people speak about muslims and brown people where i live! the volume and scope of the negative sentiment is also incredibly terrifying to me at a time when muslim, south asian and arab people, especially young men, r being physically attacked and abused for being brown! 

i know this sounds really OTT, like, c’mon saying something mean about zayn is not the same thing as shooting up a gurdwara or detaining a 12 year old with a heart condition for three days without informing his parents but there’s something significant about the way white people talk about brown people when they don’t like us that is what stands out to me there. it’s like disliking us gives them free reign to say whatever. there r plenty of legitimate reasons to dislike zayn. it’s more the way people do it that bothers me. 

i think it also makes more sense if u see my original tags that the anon was responding to, & ill talk about them more here. in plainest terms, zayn is only interesting, relatable, lovable, and vulnerable to white fans when he is in the band and behaving in ways that dont make them uncomfortable. as soon as he left and started doing things they didnt approve of, he was fair game for all sorts of outrageous criticism. it’s as if every ounce of humanity they’d ascribed him disappeared as soon as he was no longer associated with the cracker quartet (read: whiteness). people are denying him agency and humanity in a way they have denied none of the other boys. liam hasn’t received nearly as much flack for his homophobic comments, and tbqh, if any of these white women had wasted nearly as much time being outraged about louis using a racial slur as they are about zayn saying something dumb about women, there wouldn’t be a single louis stan left in the fandom. and yet there are! so…here we are. 

tl; dr it’s not what people are saying, it’s how they’re saying it. also, though, i think it’s all v relative and people have diff opinions and blah blah blah. this is just my personal read on the situation.