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illucomics  asked:

Hi, your Patrik tumblr is looking great. I have to say that I didn't think much about reading comics on Tumblr as the format didn't seem right. But I might change my mind as your seems really cool and well put together. Do you mind if I ask what theme are you using or how you put it together? Other authors that moved away from Tapastic might need a hand in making it work here.

Yeah! People don’t realize there are themes for webcomics on tumblr.

 The theme I’m currently using for Patrik is Simple Webcomic (V4). You can customize the background, header, navigation buttons, the width of the pages, add Disqus comment section, and bunch of other stuff.

  • Draco: This dress robe is really nice.
  • Blaise: I agree, I love the color! The dark shade of green contrasts perfectly with the shoes you picked.
  • Theo: But the best part is the material. It's really sturdy so you can do practically anything in it and not worry. *walks around the robe* However, the size looks a little weird.
  • Draco: It doesn't fit your frame correctly. *tries to adjust the sleeves*
  • Theo: You could look better, it doesn't look right around the waist because it's badly proportioned. *snaps and conjures another normal dress robe and compares it*
  • Pansy: Guys, I didn't need a pros a cons list, I just wanted to know if I looked good in this or not!!
  • Draco: You obviously don't appreciate our help then. The Thriving Three, out!
  • Theo, Blaise, and Draco: *Snap and walk out in a Mean Girls formation, epic theme music playing*

Dragon’s Crown – The Game

As you, the dragon Lord of a once thriving Kingdom, finally come back home after a long journey, the only things you can see are death and destruction. Someone or something seems to have taken over your lands, your people, and your crown. Will you manage to take back control, and find your missing beloved ones?

Explore areas and solve mysteries in your human form – switch to your dragon form and use your powers to blow your enemies up! But beware: mighty creatures may be hiding in the shadow… waiting for you.

  • Louis: Harry, I'm home!
  • Harry: I made dinner :)
  • Louis: oh thank god. I'm so tired. Just as long as it's not kale I'll be happy
  • Harry: what no of course not
  • Louis: ...
  • Louis: harry you made kale lasagna again didn't you
  • Harry, pulling breadsticks out of his purse: what haha no of course not your dinner is right here
  • Louis: harry I can literally see the dinner table from here
  • Harry, whacking louis in the head with a bread stick: eat your kale it's healthy

Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge Day 3: A Character You See as Grey-Ace or Demisexual

Sansa Stark

“Mom, Dad, I need to tell you something.”

Ned and Catelyn looked politely attentive.

Sansa took a deep breath. “I’m not straight.”

“Oh, honey, we know,” Catelyn said kindly.

Sansa’s eyes widened. “What do you mean, you know?”

“We know you and Jeyne have been fooling around for years,” Catelyn said in a voice that was alarmingly casual. When Sansa’s mouth fell open, she added, “I suspected for a while, but when I saw the hickey she left on you after that one sleepover I knew.”

“We’re very proud of you,” Ned said in an encouraging sort of voice. “We know it’s not easy coming out as bisexual. Or do you prefer the term pansexual?” He looked helplessly at Cat. “Was there another one?”

“I’m not–I mean, I’m panromantic, but that’s not, that’s not what I was coming out to you as!” Sansa fretted. “I only mean, I’m demisexual!”

“Oh, all right,” Catelyn said rather cheerfully.

“Yes.” Sansa took a calming breath. “Just so you know. I’m panromantic demisexual.”

“Hi, panromantic demisexual, I’m Dad,” Ned said, clearly thinking he was hilarious.