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Chimeria’s Dream Address has been released!!

  • ..like after a year haha oops ;;
  • do pick up all the items to the left of the town tree! feel free to dress up, as there are outfits to the right of the town tree! (there are also some items on the beach beside the cafe)
  • please visit all 3 characters and their houses! you should chat with them as well. c: it will give you a slightly better insight to my town~
  • the Southern Forest is forbidden, but you can through it anyway. you just might have some trouble getting through heh. 
  • Chimeria’s beaches are not quite done yet, but there are some things on it that you might want to see.
  • there will be another update in a few months.

you may interpret the story of my town however you want to, because i will not explain it. ʅ( ˇ ᴗ ˇ )ʃ
most importantly, please enjoy and have fun!

*please tag your screenshots of my town with #chimeria 
questions? comments? please send me an ask! i would love to hear any feedback.

AFD!Weiss, humming to herself as she chops vegetables on the apartment’s kitchen counter: Hmmm~~

AFD!Ruby, sitting down in a dining chair, sprawled over the table, watching Weiss with a smile: I love you.

AFD!Weiss, continues chopping away and looks over her shoulder, her face a bit red as she laughs: Oh? What’s brought that on all of a sud-OW.

AFD!Ruby, springs up as Weiss drops hold of the knife and grips hold of her finger: Weiss? What happened?

AFD!Weiss, stifling down a groan: Ah damn it. That stings.

AFD!Ruby, taking up Weiss’s hands in her’s, opening them up: Oh hun did you cut yourse-

AFD!Ruby, the color from her face draining instantly as she sees Weiss’s hand dyed red with blood, shrieking: YAAAAAAAAANNNG.

AFD!Weiss, now in a panic as a loud crash and a disgruntled shout from Yang and Blake’s room sounds out, trying her best to calm Ruby down, slowly lowering the both of them down to the ground: R-Ruby, hunny, it’s just a little cut. I’m okay. I’m okay I promise.

AFD!Ruby, visibly shaking as she struggles to speak, a cold sweat already breaking out on her face: Y-Y-you’re gonna have to g-go to the hospital and and and-

AFD!Yang, rushing into the kitchen, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear, a panic on her face that slowly drifts away as she sees the situation, her voice soft as she kneels down behind the panicked Ruby, wrapping her younger sister in a hug: Weiss, I’ve got it.

AFD!Weiss, nodding, slowly standing up to head to the bathroom, calmly reassures Ruby as the latter desperately goes to rush to Weiss’s side: Ruby. No. I’m fine, I promise. Stay with Yang.

AFD!Yang, slowly rocking Ruby back and forth, singing: Long ago, before we met. I dreamed about you. The peace you’d bring. The songs we’d sing. The way you’d make things new.

AFD!Ruby, her breathing slowly returning to normal, rubbing her teary eyes and sniffles:

AFD!Yang, ushering for Blake, who has appeared in the archway to the kitchen, to grab a pillow from the living room’s couch, continuing to sing: Then one day, you arrived. I heard your angel cry. Helpless, small, and perfect. Welcome to your life.

AFD!Blake, bringing the pillow in in a hurry and helps Yang gently lean a motionless Ruby down onto it, steps back as Yang carefully stands up, whispering: She okay?

AFD!Yang, nodding taking Blake’s hand and walks them to the bathroom, hushing Weiss before she protests them coming in: She should be okay. Sorry for the scare.

AFD!Blake, rubbing Yang’s back: Just…try not to throw me off the bed again, please.

AFD!Yang, with a bit of an embarrassed laugh: I-…I know…Sorry.

AFD!Weiss, having cleaned her hands off, examining the cut before she puts a bandaid on: Can you explain just what exactly /that/ was??

AFD!Yang, frowns: Oh yeah, you probably never saw her get like this before. Ruby was real young, she stumbled into the bathroom in the middle of the night on time, Summ-…mom was…coughing up a lot of blood and didn’t notice Ruby was there.

AFD!Blake: Oh no…

AFD!Weiss, shocked: So she…

AFD!Yang, nodding: Yeah. She panics at the sight of blood, hospitals, anything that reminds her of Mom’s condition really. I should have told you, I should have known she wouldn’t.

AFD!Weiss, shaking her head: N…no no, it’s okay.

AFD!Blake: And the song?

AFD!Yang: That’s what mom would sing to her, it always calms her down. Always.

AFD!Weiss, wrapping her finger up: And she’s-?

AFD!Yang, ushering her head in the direction of the kitchen: Laying down. I’ll finish dinner, you wanna just lay with her for a bit? Keep her calm?

AFD!Weiss, nodding, still sort of speechless from it all: Yeah, yeah. Yeah I’ll do that.

AFD!Blake, gently: Do you want help moving her to the couch or your bed or something?

AFD!Weiss, with a weak smile: Please, I’d appreciate that.

Talent Show Blues

Peter Parker x Reader

Plot: Y/N has stage fright, and Peter Parker knows how to comfort someone.

Type: Request.

Warnings: Panic Attack. @nxrsarah

Originally posted by hollands-gf

You were standing backstage, right in the left wing, counting down the minutes until you were set to go on. Right now you were listening to Becky Linetti sing her heart out, or try to sing her heart out to Whitney Houston’s ’I Will Always Love You’. Sure she had a good voice, but not good enough to tackle that power ballad, her faltering voice and inability to reach the high notes were more than enough proof of the fact.

Midtown was hosting its annual school Talent show, which they always put on at the end of term. The cool thing was, the school gave a prize, it was always different, but good enough that every year every student wanted to take part, no matter how horrible or useless their talents were.

This year they were giving the winner and 3 of their selected friends an all expenses paid trip to the Coney Island fair, which sure wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was a New Yorkers equivalent of DisneyLand in a sense. A dirtier, not that magical Disneyland.

You had never entered the contest before, and you never thought you would, due to you’re stage fright. But you had been encouraged by your friends to try, to face your fear and try to get over it, but as you stood here now you noticed it was easier said than done. You weren’t going to do something so out there, like Becky’s singing or Mario’s breakdancing. You would be playing piano, the sound of the small composition written by you would soon fill up the Midtown high auditorium and everyone present would hear.

It was too soon when the student helping backstage came to fetch you telling you it was you’re turn to go on. You took a deep breath before stepping out onto the stage, the bright lights blinding you so much you could barely make out everyone that was present, which in a way helped calm your nerves, but not so much.

You walked to the piano that had been set out for you and sat down quickly, your gaze going down to its ivory and black keys and not to the crowded seats of the auditorium.

You took another deep breath before you started playing, the first few notes familiar in your ears, but soon the melodic sounds of the keys turned into light buzzing, your nerves getting the best of you, not allowing you to hear what you were playing.

You only performed for two minutes, but it had felt like an eternity. As soon as you had finished you stood up, gave a light bow and rushed of the stage.

You started to feel as if you couldn’t breath and spots started to appear in your vision. You managed to make it to one of the unoccupied dressing rooms situated backstage, before you fell down against the wall, letting out quick breaths, tears staining your vision.

You didn’t know how long it had been when you felt a pair of soft hands on your cheeks, lifting your head up, making your E/C eyes meet deep, chocolate brown ones.

Peter was speaking, but you couldn’t hear him, just the very distant echo of his voice, but through his actions you managed to understand that he was telling you to regulate your breath so you did. It took a couple of minutes but you were back to normal. Tearwere still cascading down your face but you could now breath normally and hear Peter.

“Hey, every things alright. It’s all over now. You did it, you managed to perform. And you were amazing.” He reassured.

You were now leaning against him, your forehead resting on his shoulder, his hands softly caressing your back in a calming manner.

“As I was coming back here I heard someone say that you had played beautifully, and that the composition was amazing as well.” He continued, “Also May told me to tell you that she thought you looked amazing, she thinks your hair looks nice when you wear it like you did tonight, and that you should do it more often. Oh and also that she thought your dress was nice, she thinks the color really compliments your skin.”

You closed your eyes, the sound of Peter’s rambling voice helped to tranquilize you, the heat radiating of his body making you inch slightly closer to him, making you become intoxicated with the musky scent of his cologne.

“-and then I told Ned that he shouldn’t pressure you when he saw you ‘cause I know you get nervous and worked up. I told him that even if you didn’t win you would do amazing and plus we could go to Coney Island whenever we want. But Michelle shut us up and told us you were going to win, which I’m sure you are, you’ve been the best so far, don’t understand how half the people that perform are even accepted to perform, some of them aren’t even talents, like the guy that flipped the bottle, I mean sure it’s cool but that was so last year, and don’t get me started on-”

“Peter,” you cut him off, “I really like listening to you speak…but can you just be quiet for a minute, please.”

He didn’t say anything after that, just continued caressing your back, his other hand lay limply on your waist as you now found yourself situated between his legs, your head still hidden in the nook were shoulder met neck, and his leaning against yours.

The room became silent, the only noise coming from the distant sound of the music that was playing and the occasional roar of cheering and clapping from the public. As every minute passed your senses became more intoxicated with what was the essence of Peter Parker.

The sound of his breathing and heartbeat combined and created a soft little melody in your ears. Your nose kept taking in his scent, which was something you absolutely adored. The soft patterns he created on your back made you shiver in the best way possible. And to feel his muscles trough his thin shirt made you feel safe, which was a feeling you cherished more now than ever.

After a few more minutes passed, you removed your head from his shoulder and turned to look at him. “Thank you Peter, I really needed that.”

Peter just smiled at you, his hand coming to push back a stray hair away from your face and behind your ear. “You know I’m here for you always.”

“I know.”

“What do you say we go out to dinner after this s over, you, me, Ned, MJ and May. We can go down to that pizza place in little Italy, y'know that one you really like.”

You nodded, “I’d really like that Peter.”

“Then its settled.”

It wasn’t that long after that the show was over. Sadly, you didn’t win, McKenna Rochester, a freshman, was declared a winner after delivering an amazing ballet performance. But all was good for you. You beat your fright, had a nice intimate moment with Peter and got to go out to dinner with the best people to the best place.

So, in reality, you had never felt more like a winner than you did that night.

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Challenging The Brave

Title: Challenging The Brave
Character(s) Featured: Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Pietro Maximoff, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff
Words: 1,570
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Genre: Humor
Rating: G (General)
Author’s Note: Hello my kitties and gentle-cats! I’m back, hooray! Did you guys miss me? So my semester is finally done and now I’m free to work on my stories. Another hooray! I actually got a request after sometime. Technically speaking, requests are close, but I will on occasionally answer some because I’m random that way. So here is the request of 2017! I think. I don’t really remember if I’ve done one for this year. Anonymous asked: Can I Ask for A Bruce Banner x Reader where the reader is extremely calm, like nothing can startle, scare, or make her mad. And because of this Tony and everyone else on the team try to get a reaction, aside from Steve and Bruce, of course. And something goes wrong when Tony tried to scare her and Bruce hulk’s out and Hulk gets protective of the reader who has a secretive smile on her face cause they learn she and Bruce have been secretly dating for a while now??? Plz and thank you!!
Summary: You’ve always been a calm person. Since a young age, you’ve been taught that things lose their power if you don’t let them take over your emotions. You don’t get scared, or get mad so quickly. The team, however, don’t believe that someone could be that reserved. They take it upon themselves to see if they can find a weakness. They just didn’t expect someone big and green to protect you from their idiocy. 

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Sippy Cups and Action Figures [Single Father!Eren Jaeger x Reader]

“Jesus! Evan, could you pretty please do daddy a favor and not kick around so much? Please?”

“Sorry, daddy. I’m just happy that I get to walk around now!” The five year old exclaimed, bouncing next to his father. To say that Eren was stressed out was an understatement. Normally, when it came to grocery shopping, Eren would have Mikasa watch Evan and Gabbie for an hour or two. Unfortunately, Mikasa had to run to the station to help Levi with a case, leaving Eren stuck with no babysitter and two needy kids.

“Alright, Evan. Here’s the deal. You have to watch your sister if I run off to grab something. Okay? If you’re good, I’ll get you a surprise.” Eren looked down at his blonde son who eagerly nodded up at him with matching turquoise hues. Pulling out a cart, he picked up his daughter from the seat, placing her in the front of the cart, slipping her sippy cup in her chubby hand. She cooed at her father who, in return, ruffled her chocolate tresses. Pulling out a slip from his pocket, with a sigh, he began his journey.

Eren didn’t hate being a single father. He loved his kids with all of his heart. Even if they were as rowdy as him when he was younger. He just wished he could give them a better life. Like a mother figure. Mikasa was an amazing aunt but that’s all Evan and Gabbie knew her as. Auntie Mika. And he was grateful for the people who watched them, Hange and Nanaba. But he wished he could leave the station and spend more time with them. Nonetheless, they never wanted anything or caused a ruckus. Until they were in public.

Gabbie had dropped her sippy cup about five times now and Eren had to pull countless items from the cart that Evan had gotten his sticky fingers onto. Eren slowly felt himself losing his mind. They were almost done. Just a few more items.

“Daddy, look! They have another titan action figure!”

Eren felt Evan’s smaller hand release from his own and heard the small patter of feet run in the other direction. Eren took a moment to run a hand over his face before taking his leave.

“Fuuu– Evan, don’t run off! Get back here!"  Eren turned to run after his son, who was close to rounding the corner to another aisle. Meanwhile, the young Gabbie had dropped her sippy cup, sniffs leaving her small nose at the sight of her father gone. The cup rolled down the aisle, hitting the boot of a humming woman who stood, reading through her own list. Picking her head up, the [h/c] female looked to the cup then to the soft crying child. Her [e/c] eyes softened with sadness as she picked the cup up, abandoning her own cart to give back the cup. Smiling at the child, she sat the plastic bottle in the chubby fist, giggling as she watched her eyelids flutter to reveal bright blue eyes.

"Hello there, precious. Who would leave you in the open like this?” The young woman held out her finger, Gabbie’s chubby fist grabbing it immediately. At this, a pair of boots, a giggling child and a slur of low curses came into the aisle.

“Evan, if you ever do that again, I will not hesitate to put you in t–uh…excuse me?” Eren raised an eyebrow at the figure standing by his cart, calming down Gabbie. Said figure turned and gave the man a gentle smile, snickering as held Evan up off the ground by the back of his shirt, almost like a cat carrying it’s baby.

“I’m not really educated on parenting but…I’m not sure that someone should leave their baby, alone, while they’re in a different aisle.” The woman let out a giggle, causing Eren’s face to errupt in a fury of red. He coughed in his fist, setting Evan down.

“I…Uh…Sorry. I’m not really used to this…parenting either.” Eren scratched the back of his neck, Evan looking up to her in awe. She gave a small wave.

“Left with the kids?”

“Try single parent.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean–”

“No, no! It’s fine! You didn’t know!” Eren shook his head to calm her down. He then looked to the tiny fist that clamped on her finger. He gave a small smile, gesturing to it. “She likes you.”

“She’s absolutely adorable! So is little man too.” She nodded towards the younger boy who stared up at her. Sticking out her free hand, she gave the turquoised eyed man a smile. “I’m [Name] [Last Name]. I just moved here yesterday.”

“Eren Jaeger. This is Evan and she’s Gabbie. It’s nice to meet you.” Eren shook her hand as [Name] leaned down to ruffle Evan’s hair. Evan’s face lit a fire, sheepishly grinning.

“You’re pretty.”

[Name] laughed, standing back to her full height. Her eyes met Eren’s who was just awestruck. Evan didn’t even know her and already loved her. And Gabbie seemed to be the same way. “Well, it was very nice to meet you three. I’ll head on my way then.” She waved, turning to go back to her cart. Evan kicked his father’s shin, making Eren jump. But just as he was about to cry out, Evan gestured to [Name].

“A-Ah, [Name] wait!” Eren shouted, the [h/c] haired female turned, a smile gracing her lips and an eyebrow cocked. Eren readied his phone, praying that her name would appear in his contacts. “W-Would you like to get coffee sometime?”

“I, in fact, would love that.”

[A/N: The request for that anon. I actually like this one. Papa Eren just seems like a cute idea. I also imagined Annie as Gabbie and Evan’s mom, hence why Evan has blonde hair and Gabbie has blue eyes. Hope you enjoy!]

Woah--Your Cloaca Opens Up! That’s Awesome!

 DenNor MPreg

This is scientifically sound MPreg ! Every time you see an * scroll to the bottom of the page and read the scientific fact in this universe!

This is my AU, but you can use it w/ permission and credit! :D

Or ignore the science and read the babies !!

On AO3. On FFn.

“Wait, are you pregnant?”

Lukas took a sip of water. “No.”

Emil pointed. “You literally just took a pregnancy vitamin.”

Lukas looked at the bottle of pills in his hand. “Heard it’s good for your hair.”

“Is it also good for fetuses, because you take those when you’re pregnant and you just took one, so I’m pretty sure you’re pregnant.” Emil’s toast was going cold on his plate. “Are you pregnant?”

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the truth untold [end 3]

「𝒷𝓊𝓉 𝒾 𝓈𝓉𝒾𝓁𝓁 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊」

pairing → jjk x reader/pjm x reader

↳ warnings → hanahaki au, angst

↳ flowers mentioned and their meanings → yellow rose: decrease of love, red carnation: my heart aches for you

ending 1 | ending 2

(i recommend listening to the truth untold while reading)

the rain poured onto jimin’s head as he ran to the hospital, his tears mixing in with the rain. “please.. please be okay..” he whispered as he nearly slipped from the water. he ran in the hospital and his eyes immediately met wifh jungkook’s who was enraged at the sight of him.

jungkook stood up and began walking up to him, his teeth grinding together and tears filling his big brown eyes. “you.” he said as he stopped in front of jimin, his normally cute bunny teeth baring like a lion. jimin didn’t react, he deserved this. he left jae eun to die in their house after all.

yoongi had quickly got up and tugged jungkook’s arm, forcefully bringing him back into the waiting room so they don’t cause a fight. “how dare you come here when you’re the reason why noona’s like this!” jungkook said as his tears fall. jimin’s tears mixed with the rain water on his face. “i know.” he whispers.

“you know?” jungkook growled. “park jimin do you know how bad you sound right now?” yoongi asked as he held jungkook in place. “its my fault…” jimin whispered. “it is your fault!” jungkook said. “i should have never gotten you two together but y/n noona wanted me to because she liked you so much!” he said as he cried.

“you don’t deserve her.” jungkook spat out and jimin crumpled down at the insult. no. its the truth untold. jieun had pulled jimin up and to one of the seats of the waiting room. “why?” she asked as jimin sat with tears in his eyes and a blank stare on his face. “she was so perfect… i didn’t deserve her…” he said as his tears fell.

“i couldn’t show my weaknesses…” he whispered and yoongi looked up at him with wide eyes. a doctor had walked towards the four and jimin and jungkook wiped their eyes. “are you here for miss y/n?” he asked. “yes we are.” jieun answered. “how is she?” jungkook asked as he clenched and unclenched his hand.

“we have her on life support at the moment. if she were to have been brought in a minute later, the stems would have pierced through her lungs and wrapped around her esophogus, restricting her from breathing any longer.” the doctor said. “c-can we see her?” jimin asked, fumbling with his ringed fingers. the doctor nodded and the four had followed the doctor upstairs to jae eun’s room.

walking inside the hospital room, jimin’s heart stopped at the sight of y/n laying in the hospital bed; tubes connecting to her arms, an oxygen mask on her face, the heart monitor beeping steadily. jungkook pushed past him and walked towards her. “noona…” he whispered, a sad look on his face. “my y/n..” jimin said, tears filling his eyes as he walked closer to her.

his hands shook as he approached jae eun’s bed. he didn’t know what to do, his mind and body froze. jimin kneeled down and slowly took y/n’s cold hand into his. the tears he held in fell from his chocolate colored eyes as he stared at y/n, her mouth open, showing the yellow carnations she had thrown up and coughed out months prior covered in blood.

he brought y/n’s hand to his lips and kissed it lightly as he cried. jungkook was still angry at jimin, but he could not do anything. “i’m sorry..” jimin whispered as he held y/n’s hand with both of his. “i’m so sorry… i couldn’t show you my weaknesses… i always put a mask when i saw you… you were so perfect in my eyes…” he said, his voice cracking. the other three standing in the room had different emotions of what they had just heard.

but i still want you.. i was so afraid.. will you leave me too? like everyone else? and in the end, i was the one who left you.” he said. “maybe back then, if i just had a little more courage and stood before you… would everything be different now?” jimin asked again. he cried as he held y/n’s hand tighter. “please… come back to me… i love you… and i still want you…” he said as he cried harder. jungkook stared, wide eyed at the confession he had heard.

the heard monitor beside y/n had beeped spontaneously as y/n’s chest had convulsed rapidly. yoongi had ripped jimin away from y/n and jieun had pulled jungkook as doctors and nurses flooded the room. “y/n! y/n please! please live! i love you! i always have!” jimin yelled while crying as the nurses had pushed the four of them out and told them to wait in the waiting room.

jimin sat down in one of the chairs and placed his face in his hands as he sobbed. “my y/n… please be okay… live so i can love you again….” he said quietly. he felt gentle rubs onto his back, and when he looked up, he saw jungkook. he brought jimin into an embrace. “noona’s going to be okay… i know she will..” jungkook reassured as jimin cried into his shoulder.

the same doctor from before had appeared again and jimin immediately asked if y/n was okay. “miss y/n is alright. the stems wrapping around her lungs and esophogus had turned into dust and we finished clearing it from her respiratory system. her body went into shock after the confession.” he said and turned to jimin. “you, young man are lucky to have confessed at the right time.” he said with a wink.

“can we see her?” jungkook asked after clearing his throat from an itch at the back of it. the doctor nodded and brought the four back to y/n’s hospital room. walking inside, jimin’s heart beated faster as he saw y/n, no oxygen mask, no tubes attatched, no heart monitor, staring through the window at the rain. she looked towards the door and immediately her eyes locked with jimin’s.

he ran inside and brought his lips onto hers, tears streaming down his face. “i love you! i love you i love you i love you!” jimin said as he leaned his forehead onto y/n’s. “i love you too.” jae eun said, smiling softly.

from behind, jungkook had coughed hard. on instict he brought his hand up to his mouth and a single red carnation petal landed on it. he looked up at jimin and y/n smiling at each other and telling each other they love each other.

but i still want you….” jungkook whispered to himself as tears glazed his brown eyes.

ending 3 [✔️]

setsailstothewind  asked:

Hi there! So I read your first chapter of Ordinary People and let me tell you, it's everything that I didn't know I needed. I absolutely loved it and I hope there's more to come c:

Hello, darling. Thank you, so much, it means a whole lot, it really does. 

Here’s more! I used your ask to post the second chapter, hope you don’t mind. 

To everybody that liked and reblogged and showed me love in the tags: I love you, you guys are awesome ♥

Now, about this one: whenever Jon plays someone giving orders (Shane and Braxton and the dude from The Escape, hi boys) I get the feelings. One scene was shamelessly inspired by the short movie he did for BMW. Kudos if you recognize it.

Here’s Chapter 1, if you need a recap.

As always, love is my fuel.

Ordinary People, Chapter 2

He watches as his team bring the asshole down, all wrapped in his fancy hotel robe, and put him inside the van.

“Miss Allegra was apprehended by the Bravo Team, sir”, one of them men tell him. “I was just notified.”

“Excellent. Was there any trouble upstairs?”

“No, sir. He was not expecting us. The device was on the desk, the safe was empty.”

“Alright, then. Take him in and get ready to go back to home base. Let’s wrap this up.”

The men move to follow his orders and Frank wishes every mission was easy as this one.

Of course, you should never speak too soon.

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anonymous asked:

Yo I'm not sure if you got the ask I sent (Either you didn't get it at all or you got like 3 of them probably) because my internet just like died on me for a second there, but because it's back to normal (?) this is what I was GOING to say: The boys (Jacks egos) come home to the reader (who is part dragon) preparing the living room for a group hibernation. So far she's stacked the kitchen with canned foods for the end of winter, and built a HUGE pillow fort for everyone to sleep in.

Welp, I got it now~! ^^ (Also hell yea I McFreaking LOVE dragons!!!) Hope you enjoy the story.

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BTS Reaction To Them Walking In On Their Roommate ( You ) In The Shower.

A/N : Like my last reaction, ill be doing it like little drabbles! Also did it as if they all had a crush on you, because wouldn't that be fun? All of BTS crushing on you lol!  Enjoy! P.S The shower is a clear glass door so when they walk in, they see it all lol….! 


The steam of the shower relaxes your tense muscles as you stand there letting the water flow. living with 7 boys can be very stressful, especially if they all go to you for anything that went wrong in the house. 

leaning forward you let your hair fall into the flow of the water, it was nice. The shower blocked out all the sounds the boys could be making and it helped calm your nerves. reaching over you grab your shampoo bottle and squeeze a glob into your hand. Just when you are about to apply the shampoo the sound of the door slamming open and jin’s voice fills your ears. 

“I have to pee hold on Jungkook!!” 

The voice shocks you and a scream leaves your lips. Hearing the sudden gasp Jin turns around and gasps back, but doesn’t move to close the door. Instead, he stands there slightly covering his eyes but leaving just a tiny bit of a gap.

“ Y/N! I’m sorry! I didn't know you were here… Why are you using this shower and not yours… why didn’t you lock the door???” embarrassment was coating his words as you move your hands to cover your body. 

“ Remeber my shower is broken, and I THOUGH KNOCKING WAS A NORMAL THING PEOPLE DO WHEN THE LIGHT IS ON IN THE BATHROOM” You yell back at the blurred figure on the other side of the glass. 

Jin continues to stand there still frozen until you speak up again. 

“ JIN LEAVE” You shout shaking him out of his staring trance. shuffling on his feet and gulping, a small sorry leaves his lips before he finally closes the door. 

your cheeks tint red just thinking about how long jin stood there looking at you. 


Originally posted by hugtae

Rinsing the  bit of suds off your skin you sigh to yourself as the heat of the shower makes you forget all your troubles. Your mind wraps around the fact that most of your problems come from the 7 boys you live with and all their problems. Reaching over to let the water clear off the last of the bubbles a sudden knock interrupts you. 

“ I’m in here!” You respond back.

“Hyung? I need to get something real quick” The familiar voice of jungkook responds. 

“ I'm not your Hyung, Its Y/N!” you try to reply back but the sound of the shower muffled your voice 

“Hyung, I can’t hear you, I’m coming in,..” he says as he opens the door 

His actions were to fast for you to reply back and you were met with Jungkook’s wide eyes. 

“ I.. I thought Tae was in here… I’m sorry..” He replies eyes not leaving your body, but a very bright innocent blush very visible within the fog of the shower. 

“ i-its okay Jungkook. Just go.,” you say embarrassed.

“ Well, I kinda need my face wash in there..” Jungkooks voice drifts as he realises he needs to get closer to you to receive what he needed. 

Looking around you find his face wash and hold it high enough over the glass door, Jungkook shuffles quickly and takes the product before glancing at you one last time and slamming the door. his back rests against the closed door as a small smirk pulls at his lips and the blush deepens. 

 Rap Monster:

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You turn the knob of the shower to off and you finish your very relaxing shower. stepping out you release a cloud of steam that fogs up the bathroom. grabbing a towel you pat your hair try and fold the towel into your hair. reaching over, you grab another towel to dry your drenched body. upon tossing your let=g up on the closed toilet seat to dry it, Namjoon’s voice is heard from behind the closed door. 

“Yeah hold on let me brush my teeth!” He shouts at an unknown person. Looking at the door to make sure it’s locked, you eyes widen seeing the door wasn’t locked. rushing over to the door you try to make it and lock it before Namjoon opens it, but thanks to your terrible luck, the door opens as soon as you naked form reaches it. 

You both stand there with red stained cheeks and speechless. 

“ You should really learn how to lock the door,” Namjoon says breaking the silence. 

“ You should learn to knock!” You respond back completely forgetting the fact that you are still standing there, ass naked 

“ Yeah yeah, do you need help? Is that why you’re still in front of me drenched with a towel?” He coos playfully look at you now wide eyes. 

“I DONT NEED YOUR HELP!” you shout back at him turning on your heels to cover your front. 

“ I mean this view of your backside is still very wet,” Namjoon adds running a finger down your back. Shivering, you gasp and slam the door in his face. a low chuckle was the last thing you heard before he walks away. 


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Turning the shower knob as far into the hot zone as you can without melting your skin you bask in the relaxing streams. after a few seconds of letting your body relax and letting you mind run blank you reach over for your loofa and your body wash. just as you are about to pour a generous amount of soap the bathroom door swings open without warning. 

your head swiftly turns towards the door as Yoongi walks in nonchalantly and turns towards the sink. you sit in shock and silence as Yoongi examines his face in the mirror. 

“Um..” You barely let out, still shocked. 

“hmm?” Yoongi replies to you soft sound. 

“ I- Yoongi. If you can’t tell right now, the bathroom is currently occupied.” You say back, with annoyance in your tone. 

“ Well yeah, but I need to brush my teeth.” He replies back picking up his tooth brush and tooth paste.

“C-cant you do that after I’m done?!” your voice reaches a bit over normal talking voice as you watch the blonde proceed as if you standing there very visibly naked wasn’t a problem for either of you. 

You continue to watch him like a hawk as he rinses his mouth and spits it into the sink. after wiping any leftover water off his chin he slyly turns towards you looking directly into your eyes.

“It’s not like you have anything I haven’t seen before.” He lets out with an obvious blush on his cheeks. 

before you can reply Yoongi turns away and closes the bathroom door.


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“God damn it..” You say under your breath as you reach over again to scrub your back. Ever since had to throw out you back scrubber you haven’t had a chance to buy a new one, thus making it 500 times harder to clean your back. as you lean on the shower wall to give yourself a bit more leverage the bathroom door swings open. stuck in your position the familiar figure of Taehyung steps into your vision. 

“OH! MY GOSH! I’m sorry Y/N” he shouts with no action of moving. 

“ uhh.. yeah its okay.. just what do you need..” You reply back thankful that you back side is all he can see. 

“Ahhh I jut need to get something..” His voice drifts as he walks towards the medicine cabinet with his head down. 

“Aish. it’s not here..” He almost whispers as he frantically looks for this unknown object. 

“Hey, how bout you look for it when it did? yeah? please?” You break the silence. 

“um yeah..” He replies rubbing his neck before he turns away to walk out. just when you thought he was going to leave, Taehyung turns around again.

“ Um.. do you need help with your back? I’m an expert back scrubber! I’m sure if there was a competition for it I-” 

“NO, GO!” You interrupt the bashful Tae as he nods and wishes you luck on reaching the part of your back that basically impossible by yourself. 


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The shower water was the best feeling ever, at least today it was. you sigh contently as you roll your neck to loosen the tense muscles. as relaxation takes over you body tense up again when a scream fills your ears. Jumping you turn towards the door to see it slightly ajar and a figure behind it. 

“Y/N! IM SORRY… I DIDNT THINK” Hoseok’s voice helps you identify the figure. 

Screaming back was the only response your body let out as you go to cover your body even though he was looking into the bathroom anymore. 

silence fills the bathroom once more as Hoseok speaks up.

“ Jin Hyung needed something in here and asked me to get it..” 

“ Well, can it wait! I’m kinda… in here..” You reply back embarrassed.

“ He said it was urgent..” He says back nervousness drenching his tone.

sighing, you shove your body in the corner of the shower and let him know its okay to come in, just make it fast. 

Nodding as if trying to prepare himself, Hobie takes a deep breath before letting out a stream of screams as he rushes in eye clenched shut. the screams continue until he find the object jin so happen to need and he was out the bathroom. a smile forms on your face as the door slams shut and you couldn’t hold back the small laugh. 

“ Was the screaming necessary?” you laugh to yourself as you try to relax one more time. 


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sighing with content, you turn the shower off and let the steam warm you up. sliding the shower door open to step out, the bathroom door opens up. the shock of the door opening glues you in your spot. your very revealing spot as Jimin steps in not even noticing you. silence fills the bathroom as he looks at himself in the mirror before turning on the faucet, still unaware of you being there. it wasn’t till he turned towards the shower that he saw your body still glued in the same spot. 

with just the same amount of shock, jimin pauses and stares into your eyes before his vision soon drifts lower to take in the fact that yes, you are naked. after gathering all the info he needs, Jimin shoots his eyes back up into yours and rubs his head. 

“Well, this is awkward.” was all he said before he turns back towards the mirror to rush fix himself up and walk out. once he closes the door, you relax once more and step out fully. grabbing the towel that hung next to the shower, you start to dry your self. once you are about to wrap the towel around yourself, the door opens once again revealing Jimin who’s eyes stay glued to the flor as he rushes over to the sink and grab the hair brush.

“Excse me..” was all he got out before closing the door now a vibrant shade of pink.