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EXO Reaction to their girlfriend understanding a dirty joke faster than them

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Am I the only one here that has a dirty mind… sometimes? xD Admin A~

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“Did you just… and I thought you were already perfect” *You are his definition of keeper*


“Oh girl… that’s just… too sexy” *Someone’s very very naughty*


*Still trying to understand the joke* “What’s going on??” *He’s an innocent boi*


*Can’t believe his ears* “This girl really… what will they think I’m teaching you?!”


*You’re definitely a turn on*


“Ohhhhh so you understood?! Want to share where you learned to think like that?” *Someone’s intrigued* 


“So tell me… do you understand what this means??? ;))))))”


*Probably not feeling very manly atm*


“How … what… you… did… dirty… understand…. jagi?” *Probably a lot of xxx images are forming inside his head* 


*This argument is invalid now*


“this all sounds very nice but… what are we talking about? Dirty clothes or what?”


“We need a family meeting here…. this is all your fault guys… now…it’s forbidden to speak in such terms while my girl is here… don’t corrupt her!”

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I feel like we've gotten so little info from JK about Sirius' tattoos and what they were, so in relation to that and your (and TT's) absolutely brilliant thread Twelve, I was wondering: Where did you find inspiration for the tattoos, and would you mind sharing what all (or some) of them are, and their meaning in relation to Sirius? xx

(( OOC: Thank you so much! And thank for the interesting question, I love discussing questions like these. I did blab on for way too long about Twelve and some of my head canons behind the tattoos here and here.

In terms of inspiration for the tattoos - the majority of them were lifted directly from the movie and copied directly on to myself. It took me way longer to do than I care to admit. However, I did add two tattoos of my own…. the first, a pair of antlers.

And the second, which appears at the end of part 1 as the twelfth tattoo Sirius receives… a moon.

As I discussed previously, I feel the tattoos were not only a reminder for Sirius of the years that were passing, but also the people she had left behind. So it was obvious to me that she would have one for Prongs and Moony.

I imagine the antlers were one of the first tattoos to appear, and probably one of the most painful to bear, as Jamie’s death is the most stark loss for Sirius. I made the moon tattoo the twelfth and final tattoo to show how close to freedom she was, and to represent the person still waiting on the other side of that prison wall. ))

So, I just realized something about Tiger Philanthropist

Steven spends 3/4′s of the episode trying to finagle Lars’ affections. He works to his feelings, to his schedule, to what he feels Lars wants. Steven’s stuck in a rut- he did this to spend time with Amethyst, but Amethyst is gone, but he still feels unfinished. He feels like he needs this, but it’s hollow without his ma there to share it with, so he fixates on Lars in hopes he can power through it.

He never once considers giving it up on his own.

He never once thinks to bring it up to Amethyst, despite them being pretty close, enough so that Amethyst is cool with shelling out her personal damage whenever.

Steven, on the other hand, has to be verbally prodded with a “I don’t feel like that anymore. Do you?”

That’s such a season one Amethyst thing.

It’s not that Steven doesn’t talk about his emotions (that would be the most blatant lie to ever lie) he just doesn’t really like to talk about his less cheerful ones. It’s not that he won’t- he did to connect with Amethyst in the first place- but he won’t if it doesn’t help someone else

It’s all about everyone else, as we all know, but it’s to the point he actively ignores himself, his own feelings, and defers to the nearest person who he can latch onto rather than just moving on from something ultimately pointless. He can’t do it without help.

In the slightly changed words of Steven himself, in Reformed: “He doesn’t want to think about himself!”

Steven’s got a lot of Season One Ame in him.

BTS: Reaction to kissing you for the first time

Hey y'all! So I love reading reactions and scenarios lately. They give me butterflies 🦋 I write fan fiction elsewhere (which I may share some on here eventually) but for now I wanna write some reactions 🙏🏼 I hope you all like it!

•Kim Seokjin: He would move in hesitantly, afraid of messing up. This was the first kiss you’d be sharing together and he had to make it perfect. His soft lips pressed against yours, perfectly fitting your needs. Suddenly you started to laugh against his lips, making him panic. He pulled away just enough so he could look into your eyes without going cross eyed.“Did I mess up?” His voice was filled with fear.“No, I just can’t believe I’m doing this with you…” you whispered while cupping his cheeks.“Well get used to it because it won’t be the last time.”

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•Min Yoongi: He was quick and smooth. While you were blabbing on about how nervous you were about kissing him, he swooped right in. His lips fit yours perfectly. You hesitated at first but it didn’t take very long to melt right into it. You put a hand on his cheek and moved your lips against his. Right as he pulled away, you grabbed his jaw.“Not yet…” you whispered before kissing him once more. He smirked against your lips and slowly kissed back.“I knew you’d be asking for more.” He teased, earning a slap on the arm.

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•Kim Namjoon: He was very caring and sensitive. He didn’t want to mess up what he already had with his beautiful princess.“We can wait.” He said while rubbing his thumb over your knuckles in a soothing motion. Only a few seconds later, you pecked his lips. You looked into his eyes with your own, caring eyes.“I’m impatient.” You said with the cutest smile he’s ever seen. He chuckled and sighed in relief.“Come on, that was barely a kiss. Let me show you how it’s done baby girl.”

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•Jung Hoseok: He was very excited. He just knew that the second his lips touched yours, you’d be his forever. He was pretty cocky about his ways. He had his elbows up on the table, and his head resting in his hands as he watched you sip away at your milkshake.“Ahh my baby is so cute.” He would say the most random, cute compliments to make you blush. “When does Oppa get his kiss?” He tilted his head in a cute way, puckering his lips and closing his eyes tight. But he got what he didn’t at all expect. When your lips touched his he jumped, letting his back hit the seat. He held a hand over his heart and looked at you in shock as you laughed.“You can’t move away if you want a kiss, you’ll hurt my feelings.” You took another sip of your milkshake. You felt a strong hand on your jaw, and suddenly a kiss to be remembered was planted on your lips.

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•Park Jimin: He was kinda shy all day. When he looked at you his cheeks would turn pink, and his squishy smile was squishier than normal.“Jiminie?” You stood in front of him with pouty lips and lightly stomping your feet. “Why are you so weird today?” You hugged the stuffed animal he won for you close to your chest. He looked into your eyes momentarily before softly chuckling and rubbing the back of his neck.“How could I not be when all I can think about is kissing the prettiest girl in the world?” He rhetorically asked. You slowly smiled and batted your eyelashes.“Then what’s the holdup?” You spoke innocently. He looked in your eyes, searching for sincerity; and when he was sure, he leaned in to kiss you. You both started to laugh, and he brought you into a bear hug.“Your lips are soft.” He mumbled with a smile on his face.

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•Kim Taehyung: He was humming as he held your hand, and swinging your arms back and forth. Taehyung was always a happy guy but something had him really goin today.“What is it Tae? Did something good happen to you today?” You squeezed his hand and looked up at him questionably.“Yeah… but something better is about to happen.” He squeezed back.“Better?” You were completely oblivious. You took your hand away from his and wrapped it around his torso, letting his arm wrap around your shoulders.He didn’t answer with words. Instead he leaned down and kissed you, tightening his grip around you. He only got your top lip, making you giggle.“Ahh, sorry I’ll do better this time.” He said against your lip before moving back slightly, then moving right back in to puzzle your lips together. Perfection.

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•Jeon Jungkook: He kept touching his hair and tilting his head. He avoided eye contact as much as possible. You started to think that maybe he was losing interest in you and it scared you.“Kookie am I that ugly..?” You gave him the saddest look you could manage. He looked at you with a shocked expression.“Who told you that?” He was ready to stand up for you. You sighed and looked down, fiddling your fingers together.“You won’t look at me…” you chewed on the inside of your cheek. He lifted your chin up and bumped his nose against yours, gulping nervously.“I’ve just been thinking about kissing you.” He mumbled. You hesitated, but you pressed your lips against his before he could pull away. Neither of you wanted to part. But you needed air. “I found a new addiction.” He whispered with the cutest bunny smile.

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BTS Reaction to You Accidentally Kissing Them

Request: can I request u sharing an accidental kiss with bangtan?

Namjoon: Would stare at you with bewildered eyes quickly pulling away,”Did w-we just?”

Taehyung: Would pull away quickly with flushed cheeks not making eye contact with you. “I-I have to go.”

Hoseok: Would act like it didn’t happen unless you say something about it.

Jin: Would laugh it off, saying something random in case you’re feeling awkward or embarrassed.

Jungkook: Would become very clumsy and speak jibberish once you pulled away because he was not expecting that at all.

Yoongi: Wouldn’t know what to say so he acts like nothing happened but fails because he’s just staring at you like “what just happened???!?”

Jimin: Would be cheeky about it even though on the inside he’s like !!!!!

3 Billion Dollars [Part 8] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: HEAVY angsty at one part, fluff in another

Warnings: Suicide, graphic imagery, swearing

If any mention or thought of suicide offends you please know that I did this for pure fiction and I don’t mean any offense or harm to you. Thank you

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8}

A/N: So this one gets pretty dark, not gonna lie. I am super pumped to share this one though! This one has a lot of GDxReader action going on! NOT SEXUAL. not yet at least. Anyways I hope you enjoy, as always my inbox is always open!

~ Admin Brooklyn


The car ride was filled with tension. You didn’t know where he was taking you. You didn’t know why he was taking you. All you know is that you’re in a car with Ji Yong because he wanted to take you somewhere. Honestly, the tension was killing you but you knew you still weren’t exactly happy with him.

“So, you must have a lot of questions.” Ji Yong started. You scoffed in your seat and looked out the window. You were in Ji Yong’s personal car, a white Lamborghini. Ji Yong speed through the streets and you didn’t know if it was the car or if he didn’t care for the speed limit.

“No, I’m more than okay with the vague and rude answers that you gave me weeks ago.” Sarcasm was laced in every word. You heard Ji Yong sigh, but you weren’t gonna pay attention to it. It was silent for another few minutes, the hum of the car acting as much needed background noise.

“I was worried when I didn’t see you in your room,” Ji Yong said. You looked at him, catching him stealing a glance at you.

“I can’t exactly leave your house, so why would you be worried?” You asked. He thought about it for a minute.

“One thing you need to know now is that your friends can betray you in a minute. And the first thing I will ever do is protect my family.” You watched him, a stern expression on his face.

“We aren’t family though,”

“Not yet,” Ji Yong quietly muttered.

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can you share abt your experience with hzd? how far are you in the main quest? which level are you? did you freak out when first dicovering the 1st creatures (i just noped the fuck out of there at first lol)? i just love the game so much (sure there are some things that need improvement but for a 1st game it's rly good).

IF YOU CAN TELL I rather enjoyed this game.  Just a little. 

Hi there!

(( Since you said you’re rather shy, I had actually planned to write you back privately, but you raised some really good points about the latest chapter, so I changed my mind and decided to share it publicly! I did hide your username though, hope it’s okay! :D ))

Thank you very much for taking the time to send me this lovely message! It really made me happy and motivated me to keep working on my blog! And also, now that you created your own blog on tumblr, I hope you’ll have even more fun in the future than before!<3

I totally agree with what you said about Kuro and the new chapter! I wasn’t really a fan of the first two anime seasons either, simply because they were too different from the manga, but like you, I really like the “Book of ~” series! They are quite faithful to the original work and thus much more manga-fans-friendly imo xD

And about the new chapter, yeah I’m still shocked because I really thought Yana would never kill a regular character, especially not someone like Agni we already know for a decade, but I’m slowly starting to accept his death since Yana said that it was something she has planned since his first appearance (i.e. it’s not something she came up with suddenly). Protecting Soma at all costs was Agni’s utmost wish and mission, and he fulfilled it. Imo it was the most beautiful and touching death scene of this whole series, and I really liked his monologue about Soma. The chapter was rather short but I’m actually grateful that Yana dedicated a whole chapter for him and didn’t immediately continue with the “who’s the murderer” drama, that would have ruined the whole emotional, tragic atmosphere, at least for me :/ 

There might be some people who blame Yana for her decision, but as you said, it’s her story, so it’s not our place to tell her whom to kill or not to kill. Agni’s death came off rather abrupt imho, nevertheless I believe Yana made this decision for a good reason and that his death will have a significant impact on the story :) So yeah, I still love Yana and Kuroshitsuji, and have great respect for her, just like you <3

Again, thanks a lot for your feedback!

Have a wonderful weekend, too and lots of greetings & love back to you from rainy Europe~♡

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help how do you get writer friends that you can talk with about writing and share ideas and stuff with?!? am lost

Hello anon!!

So, I did a bit of a census here - I asked @frenchibi and she said, and I quote, “Just yell. That’s how I make all my friends!”

In all honesty though - I have never met a writer in this fandom who does not welcome asks in their askbox. Throw a message to someone, strike up a conversation on something they’re writing, or something you’re writing - really just yelling about each other’s work is, I think, a good foundation of any writer friendship! (That, and sharing ideas/headcanons. If you’re ever unsure to say, a good start is “So I have this idea I’m thinking about writing…”)

If you want to come off anon, I’d love to chat with you about your stuff! (Apparently I have a very intimidating aura lol) but like I said, all the writers I’ve talked to have been really kind, and have loved striking up friendships!!

Celebration asks (ask me questions/send me anything!)


#favorite character meme – 7 scenes
5. the fairy godparents job

i’m not very good at being honest. not even with my friends.

[caption: ten gifs of sophie talking to widmark, the son of a mark. “did you know i was an actress?” she tells him. “no. are you good?” “well, others don’t seem to think so.” “maybe they just can’t see you for who you are.” “you know what they say about acting? they say it’s about telling the truth. about sharing a little part of yourself that people don’t normally see. but– if you don’t really know yourself then they think you’re lying and– i think that’s my problem. i’ve been lying for so long, i don’t even know what the truth is anymore.”]

ceruleanorchid12 replied to your post “So I have just read the latest chapter of FMM over on Imagine Claire…”

This brought me to tears. Here’s why: that, right there, was my Father in 1962. After fighting to save his country from tyranny and ensure freedom, only to fail miserably. He left land, titles, family, and future behind. He was whisked away in the middle of the night by priests so that he would not be imprisoned and executed. He came to the US. The first thing they did was put him in the military. He served for seven years before he became an American citizen.

OH MY GOD this has me and the others mods flailing around like crazy. This is what we live for–these little moments of connection with real experience. 

Thank you so so much for sharing this—what a heart wrenching/infuriating/amazing story! If it were a book i would LOVE to read it! Wishing all the best for you and your family. 


Their Little Girl: Part 6

Hey, guys, I’m back again! Thank-you for all the support for my last chapter, and  just by way of an announcement, I’ve posted all the chapters on A03 per the requests of a couple of people.

@agentmarymargaretskitz​: Yes, that was Raily you saw in there! It was a last minute decision but I’m glad I did it!

@badassyang21​: I’m not sure how much more angst I can write in this story, but, here goes!

@hayliemyers-agentofshield​: Yeah, I thought this was very much needed. Hope i kept everyone in character!

@amberphoenix22​: The story is now on ao3 so you can share it with your friend now if you still want to!

@thecrooktomyassasin​: Mission accomplished! Nice to know my chapter had that affect on someone!

Here are the previous chapters if you’re just coming in on the story:

Part 1:         Part 2:       Part 3:        Part 4:         Part 5:

                                 I know you,

                           Who are you now?

                Look into my eyes if you can’t remember.

                             Do you remember?


                           Red: Never Be The Same

Zayna woke up from her restless night to the sun shining in her eyes. She groaned and stuck her head under her pillow. She felt exhausted and her eyes were strained from her long night of crying.

Her digital alarm went off and Zayna stuck her hand out and slammed it on top of the black time keeper until she hit the right button.

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lol so i was looking for this disk playing usb to put into my laptop which doesnt have a disk player. i really want to play the sims 4, ever since i got it 2 christmasses ago but downloading origin didnt work then and now ive gone and close the usb disk player. so looking for it, i found all of these drawings I did summer before last. the main thing i drew was eremin. it was so funny so see, i forgot i drew this weird stuff or even had it anymore. im sharing these weird drawings with you all. drawings from 8.8.15 to 8.13.15? (part 1)

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whats infodumping??

i’d be happy to infodump about infodumping again but i’m Tired™ so i’m just gonna copy paste from when i was asked the first time

ok ok so infodumping is basically how an autistic person or someone with an autism cousin (autism cousins are disorders that while not autism have a lot of overlap in the symptoms like down’s or adhd) shares information they’re excited about knowing and a lot of the time that comes in huge bursts like I babysit a kid with ADHD and she can go on about wolves and their mating habits for hours it’s really interesting (ok so from what she’s told me male wolves basically choose a female wolf n go “wow she’s pretty and healthy and strong…. fight me for her.”) and also did you know the creeper in minecraft was only created bc the creator of minecraft was trying to make a pig

and i used to infodump in essays by incorporating my SI in but infodumping doesn’t always have to be about SI’s it’s basically just that particular group of nd ppl people sharing info they’re excited about knowing and being excited to share it with others!! it’s so cute we’re so cute thank you for asking

Editing takes me forever, but at the very least I’ve worked out a system that helps me out a lot so I figured I’d share it with you guys! :D

By changing colors, it helps me see what hasn’t been changed since the first draft (and often if I’m on my third edit, it means I was really happy with it & nailed it the first time around), and it gives me a good picture on what I did on each read-through.

Though I did forget to mention that after I publish something, I strip all the revision colors out save for purple. :D

The background of my writing page is also green because it’s easier on the eyes (and it works).