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1 Mar 2017

So. We meet again.

I wish I had good news– it’s the beginning of a new month… a fresh start… a chance to change my ways and not do anything embarrassing, perverted or cat-like…

…but INSTEAD, I’ve decided to be an overachiever and do ALL THREE in one day.

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Hi Sam! I donated! I have no idea if you're all wiped out politics-wise, but I'd love another Steve Rogers, Vice President snippet. I firmly believe this universe splintered from that one and I got stuck in the bad one where Trump won. Any window I can open to that brighter future is one I'd love to Break in Case of Emergency & crawl through!

I just got a ton of new followers because @seananmcguire reblogged the Steve Vs. Trump story – thank you, and hi new followers! So now is a good time to link to Leader Of The Free World, where the below story is set, in which Clint Barton was elected president in 2016 and Steve is his VP.

Also I love how Steve slowly became the fan favorite of this story. I blame the Vice Presidential Snowball Fight. 

“Okay, explain this to me,” Clint said with a sigh. 

“I don’t think it’s that complicated,” Steve said, glancing sidelong at Bucky. “There’s a running bet between the Secret Service and the President’s personal secretary.”

“That’s me,” Bucky said. Clint gave him a dry look. 

“Every time Bucky gets the best of the Secret Service, the agent he defeated has to learn a song,” Steve said. “Of my choosing. I mean, he is my best pal, Clint. He’s got an interest in my safety too.”

The four Secret Service agents also clustered in the room looked embarrassed.

“And what you chose to do with this,” Clint said, “was to teach these gentlemen each a different part of some four-part harmony union songs?” 

“You’ve been a very union-friendly president,” Steve said. 

“Which is why when I went running this morning, running along behind me was a barbershop quartet singing I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night?”

The agents looked sheepish. 

“Could’a been worse,” Steve said. “Coulda been Waist Deep in the Big Muddy.”

“Steve, can’t you teach them My Country Tis Of Thee or something?” Clint asked. “I got enough problem keeping Congress in line without you teaching my personal security force anti-authority ballads.” 

“They already know My Country Tis of Thee,” Steve pointed out. One of the agents hummed, and on his key note the others burst into song. Clint let his head fall onto his desk.

“I am exercising my presidential veto power,” he said. “Steve, you are now restricted to showtunes.” 

Steve set his jaw. “Fine. I’ll teach them I Know Where I’ve Been. Come on fellas,” he said, gesturing to the quartet, who left still singing. Bucky patted the back of Clint’s head.

“I’ll go easy on them for a while,” he said. Clint groaned again, and decided to stay there for a while, at least until he couldn’t hear the singing anymore. 

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Okay, so I'm just gonna be blunt: your sarcasm is damn hilarious Bendy, and never fails to make me laugh. Good day to you, and I hope no one glues you too another Bendy's ass.

Bendy: I try. And Yeah that would be nice, it coulda been worse, though, I’m just glad it’s over.

listen, i hope kevin is written better later. but as of right now, he is bad representation for me. i am gay and get to have a say in this. the pilot episode didnt have a lot of input from outside writers. it was only tweaked moderately from the leaked script. it coulda been worse. like when in the pilot script, he talked about grindr and xfranternity, a fake gay porn site. maybe in future episodes he’s written more dimensionally. 


almost everything with moose. the liaison in a school bathroom. no kissing, “im not gay” “lol sure”, i love a good closet case, idk was this anyones REAL experience in high school as a gay person? 

 IS THE GAY BEST FRIEND A THING then they don’t anything to subvert it. he’s still the gay best friend! he’s treated as exactly that in other scenes. him coaching betty on boys, him being able to be in the same room as betty when she’s in her undies cuz “he’s gay, it’s fine”. idc if i hope veronica is bi too and her going “GAY- THANK GOD” is another lgbt person seeking out people like her, as of right now - it’s reflecting the straight girl culture of idolizing and wishing they had a best gay friend. 

the “hes a straight millennial who needs to be told what he wants” is a shitty mentality for a gay character to promote. 

but i’m just TIRED. 

i’m tired of non-gay individuals talking at me and saying kevin is the gay representation we need/get. i’m tired of people latching onto kevin like it isnt feeding into a larger part of whats bad about present day cis white gay representation. i hope yall who like him realize there’s something flawed in his characterization as of right now. we can like his scenes and him, i dont mind it. but we need to be critical of it too. 

i think it could be an interesting more dynamic change from the comics where he isn’t just 100% perfect, 100% straight-laced, 100% stay in his lane because in 2010 they wanted to give us representation but were too afraid to DO anything with him because they didnt wanna step on toes or offend people.

im dissatisfied with riverdale in SO MANY ways and hope more from it in the coming weeks but. the queerbaiting, the pedophilia, the implied incest, the wreck of representation. its driving me nuts. we deserve BETTER. 

i need people to stop looking at me like im fucking crazy for wanting more out of the things that represent me. 

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At least the butters soft so it doesn't hurt when you get hit. Could be worse, coulda been cheese sticks.

“Frozen butter, love. That hurts like a bitch.”

He rubbed a corner of his jaw, the memory of a solid dairy product colliding with his pale skin and bouncing away, pain blooming like a rose across the muscles in his cheek.

He smiled softly, attempting to reassure the figure before him.

“I’m fine, kiddo, don’t worry.”

Coming Clean

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: John x Reader, Sam x Friend!Reader, Dean x Friend!Reader
Word count: 2,474
Warnings: Swearing, violence, angst

Part 6 of Time Changes Things

Time seemed to move slowly between Sam leaving the room and John walking back in, he looked tired and you wished you could make him feel better. You loved him, had done for so long, the realisation that he felt the same way, that he reciprocated those feelings still felt foreign to you.

He put his hand on yours “Did Sammy tell you your folks are here?” You nod your head, nerves beginning to set in.

“I know…but I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to tell them though…about everything!” You licked your lips nervously as you watched too many different emotions pass over John’s face. “Is that…not okay?” Your heart clenched.

“What do we plan to tell them?” He asked, looking up at you.

You sighed. “Well, that’s why I asked to see you first. I wanted to know what you thought, and what we planned to do from here on out.”

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So my best friend is a die hard Slytherin and I’m a die hard Gryffindor and our friendship is so funny because like we’d kill for each other but as soon as house pride comes up we’re both slamming the other house and being loud and obnoxious especially when we drink and idk that’s why Gryffindor/Slytherin friendships are my favorite.

Kurt X Reader Oneshots/Shorts #2


These one-chapter spinoffs are requests/prompts from other people and are not part of the Winter in Graymalkin Lane storyline.

((PART ONE >> http://bamf-brainfreeze.tumblr.com/post/145492222852/kurt-x-reader-oneshots ))

#2– Pregnancy Part 2 of 2

Kurt had been gone for a few days longer than intended, and you were a little worried. He called twice every day, but it stopped after the fifth day. It had now been a week and you could feel the stress building inside you. Jean kept trying to reassure you that they would be fine, and that stress wasn’t good for the baby.
You understood, but could not change how it was making you feel.
You heard a sound from overhead and hurried to the window, seeing the X-Jet heading for the mansion. You clench your teeth and make your way to the elevator to go downstairs, and head for the hangar.

You watch the jet land agonizingly slowly, and the ramp lowers. Scott comes out, looking worse for wear. He stops cold when he sees you, you don’t need to see his eyes to see the fear in his expression. You clench your hands.
“Where is he?” you ask in a low, cold voice. Scott stammers and scrambles for words, but before he can make any sense you see movement behind him. Peter is limping down the ramp, leaning on Kurt. Both of them are a mess, but the bandages wrapped around Kurt’s face draws your immediate attention. You take a slow step forward.
He looks up, one of his eyes obscured by the bandages. He smiles weakly.
“I will be with you soon, liebling…. I must help Peter to the medical room.”
You nod and head there yourself, calling for Jean and the Professor as you gather medical supplies. The guys file in slowly, Kurt and Scott lift Peter onto one of the beds carefully, and then Kurt is by your side in moments.
You feel his arms circle around you from behind, his face burying itself in your hair. He inhales your perfume before exhaling slowly, you can tell he’s exhausted.

“Verzeihung…… we ran into trouble…..” his voice is so soft, so weak. You lean into him.
“Kurt…. let me look at your injuries…. let me clean you up then we can go back to our room and rest…..”
He doesn’t argue, letting you go and sitting on a chair so you can remove his bandages carefully. Tears flood your eyes when you see the damage, it looks as if some clawed creature was trying to rip his face open.
“It is not as bad as it looks, it is just messy because we had nothing to clean it…..” he mumbles. Your hands shake as your get the disinfectant and swabs, beginning to slowly and carefully clean the blood and dirt from his face.
“Who or… what… did this to you….?” you ask quietly. Kurt is watching Scott try to clean his own wounds, poorly.
“A mutant….. the Professor said he went by the alias of Sabretooth…”
“He must have been…. beastly. This is like the work of an animal.” You reply, making sure to thoroughly clean the scratches. You move his hair gently, these would very likely scar. Your pregnant belly is pressed to Kurt’s leg, and he places a hand on it gently.
“ ……. I fought tooth and tail to get us back here alive….. I was saving Peter when this happened…. a child deserves to have a loving father….”
You hear Peter scoff over behind Kurt and sigh.
“Peter if you had actually said something when you had the chance maybe things would have been a little different….” You say softly. Peter shrugs, despite the pain of his damaged leg.
“Ehh. It coulda be better, coulda been worse. Nothing gonna change now. He knows, and we’re getting along alright.”

You finish cleaning Kurt’s wounds and think. They’re not bad enough to need stitching, but you don’t want them getting inf—- you go dead still. The baby within you just made a very strong movement, stronger than it should be able to at that age. Kurt felt it too, he looks up at you with worry.
“Are you alright? What is happening…? Jean! Something is happening!” he says, getting off the bed to kneel by your side. Jean hurries over, has you sit and begins a quick examination.
You wince with pain, feeling what could only be contractions begin to ripple through your body. Jean looks up at you with a knowing look.
“This baby is coming now…. you need to get undressed.” she says quickly, gathering tools. You stand there stunned, Kurt likewise frozen on his knees.
“B-but… there’s still meant to be…” you begin, but another wave of pain crashes over you and makes you scream.
“Oh no please get me out of here I can’t watch…” Peter groans. You nod to Kurt, who goes off to teleport him and Scott out as fast as possible. He then returns to help you out of your clothes and into a medical gown before lying you on the bed.
“Ich liebe dich…. it is alright my love….” he says, trying to keep his voice calm.
Jean is in her element, getting everything prepared before moving to the end of the bed.
“You water has broken, this is happening now…” she says. You nod and grip Kurt’s hand tightly in your own, breathing slowly.


It was a long four hours, but when your heard the child’s first cry, you felt nothing but relief. Jean checks the child before wrapping them in a warm blanket.
“Is… is e-everything alright?” you ask breathlessly, almost too weak to move. Jean turns to you with a tearful smile, nodding.
“Your son is perfect, and healthy….”
You had a son! You looked to Kurt and he was staring at the bundle, his emotions boiling in his eyes. You reach over and touch Kurt’s uninjured cheek.
“H-hold our baby….. let him meet his father…” you say softly. Kurt hesitates before standing, and accepting the wriggling bundle of blankets. He goes very still, looking down into the face of his son. It is a few quiet minutes before he sits, and shows him to you.
He is just like his father, but the blue of his skin is a few shades lighter. He has a little wisp of dark hair, but his eyes are yours. Unlike Kurt however, he has five fingers and toes just like you do, but has a small spaded tail. You smile and touch his cheek gently, so soft and warm.
“He looks just like you…. he’s perfect…” you whisper, leaning against Kurt’s shoulder. Kurt wipes a tear from his eye before handing the baby down to you carefully.
“I want to name him after you….” you add, looking back up to your husband. Kurt blinks in surprise.
“You want…. to name him Kurt Wagner also?”
“Yes….. my little Kurt….” you kiss your son’s forehead gently, everything in this moment being perfect.



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Its not a big deal true but its unecessary bs for them to go overboard like that for no apparent reason. Like they could have shaved off an hour of repeating the episode to let super/jack have their timeslot, or at least let people stream samurai jack/super or promise two episodes of each next week

I’ll give ya that, they definitely coulda done something cause most people were looking forward to that, but to them it was just an April Fools prank it coulda been worse honestly they coulda run R/M all night

All He Keeps Inside Isn’t On the Label - Adoribull

lilsoutherncuss answered your question “I want to write modern au. Does anyone have any prompts?  ”

Pro sports guy Bull meets major politician’s kid Dorian and both are relieved the other has never heard of them because they have playboy reputations and this time they wanna play for keeps.

I have no experience with either of these things! So this happened! FOR NARNIAAAAAA!


Krem wakes up around 5:27 AM on Sunday morning to the sound of Nicki Minaj chanting, “I’m a boss ass bitch!” in starts and stops, over and over and over. 

The text tone was a short one, which means that Bull is texting him near incessantly, and the last time this happened, he’d hooked up with a pair of twin redheads who’d convinced him to go skinny dipping in a fountain in the middle of a tourist area and Krem had to bail them all out of jail. 

Coach had nearly gone apopleptic, even if Josie had thought it was sort of funny. 

Krem physically drags himself away from the pillows to check the lock screen. The most recent message draws his eye with all of the magnetism of a train wreck. 

i think i’m in love 

Oh shit. 

He hurries to unlock the phone, scrolling frantically to get to the earliest message, coming in around midnight, shortly after he’d begged off to get some sleep like a normal human being.  

you’re going to regret shitting out on us krem

dalish and skinner are taking us to a gay bar

it’s going to be fucking magical and you’re missing it

There’s a twenty minute interval, then…

holy shit everything is covered in edible body glitter and strobe lights

krem i’m gonna lick EVERYTHING

Another fifteen minutes…

especially this guy

Then there’s a selfie of Bull and a man who looks eerily familiar. The first thing Krem notices is the ridiculous moustache that somehow works on his face, followed by the stupidly smitten look he’s leveling at Bull, and then the fact that, despite glowing with sweat and the aforementioned body glitter, he still looks immaculately kept. 

Probably some sort of demon pact or…oh. Well, fuck. 

Bull managed to land himself cheek to cheek and reputation to reputation with none other than Dorian fucking Pavus. This is going to be magical. The kind of magical that ends with everything in flames. 

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Laugh It Up (Wade Wilson x Reader)

Wade Wilson proves to need his muzzle outside of the bedroom when a night out with your friends goes awry…

Warnings: Language (I mean, it’s Wade Wilson.)

Word Count:1205

“This should go without saying, but since you’re actually eight years old,” I said before turning to look him straight in the eye, “please be on your best behavior.”

“Oooh, I love it when you play mommy. If I’m not does this mean I get a spanking?” He bent a little to poke his butt at me. Couldn’t say that I was very surprised; telling Wade Wilson to behave was like telling water not to be wet.

I rolled my eyes. “By best behavior I mean I’d like to still have friends by the end of this dinner. I think you can handle that.”

“Ugh, sounds boring. C’mon, mommy, make me wanna be a good boy.”

“Fine. If you behave tonight I’ll let you do that thing you’ve been wanting to try in bed.” I looked at him with a raised brow.

He gasped. “You mean…”

I nodded. “Yup.”

“You swear?”

“Are you gonna go easy on ‘em?” I held out my pinky for him to pinky promise.

“I will go easier than me in a whorehouse.” He hooked his pinky with mine, and on that agreement, we headed into the restaurant for what would hopefully be a nice night of dinner and drinks with my friends.

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