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BTS Reaction - Pulling away


Jin’s practically shaking with laughter as he tells you his anecdote, wiping tears from the corners of his eyes, but really, you’re only half-listening.

“And then Kookie, he said-”  Jin cuts himself short when he looks at you from across the table, his eyebrows starting to pull downward into a frown as he realises how little you’re actually paying attention.  Usually you’d be laughing along with him - you’ve got the same lame sense of humour he does, and he loves you for it - but tonight you’re just staring at your plate, poking at your food, and it’s starting to unsettle him.  “Jagi, is everything ok?”  

“Hm?” you ask distractedly, only glancing up at him for a moment before your eyes drop once more.  

“Don’t you like it?”  

“It’s fine, Jin, I’m just… I’ve just gone off fish a little lately,” you tell him.  It’s a lame excuse, but you’d rather tell him that than tell him the truth - tell him that the reason you can’t eat is because you feel so nauseous with anxiety that you might throw up if you eat anymore.  

“Ah, it’s a good job I made your favourite dessert then!” he says enthusiastically, getting up from the table and whisking your still-full plate out from in front of you to take it to the kitchen.  “Can’t have you going hungry.”  

God, why does he have to be so sweet all the time?  So god damn perfect?  It’ll only make it feel so much worse when it eventually falls apart - and you know it will, because when you’re involved everything always does.  It’s inevitable.  

“You know what, I think I might just go home,” you say quickly, before he’s even managed to pull on his gloves to take out the apple pie you can smell cooking in the oven.  He falters, coming to a standstill between the kitchen counters, and when you finally bring yourself to look at him it makes your heart thud painfully.  “I don’t feel too good.”  

“Ok, let me drive you-”

“It’s fine, I’ll get a cab.”  If you say ‘it’s fine’ one more time this evening you think you might punch yourself in the face.  It’s not fine, nothing is, but you know it’s best you pull away a little now, before you both get in too deep. At least it might help to soften the blow.  

“Ok….” you hear him mumble as he turns off the oven and you pull on your coat.  He walks you to the door, and now it’s him that can’t look at you.  “Hope you feel better soon.”  


“See you soon?”

“See you soon,” you reply, and it feels like a goodbye.   

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“So I was thinking; there’s a new Mexican place that’s opened,” Yoongi tells you, his voice sounding even lower than usual over the phone after he’s clearly just woken up.  “You wanna go check it out sometime?”

“Hm… I dunno,” you mumble, rolling over in bed, your cell smushed between your ear and the pillow.  

“C’mon, their churros are supposed to be the shit.”  Despite yourself, you end up smiling at Yoongi’s words.  You wish you hadn’t though.  That momentary flicker of happiness now just makes you feel all the more miserable as you stare at the picture of Yoongi and you you’ve got pinned to your bedside cabinet.  

“I don’t really like Mexican food…”  You’re trying so hard to find an excuse not to make plans, to avoid seeing him for a little while.  It’s not that you don’t care about Yoongi.  Jesus, you most definitely do - but therein lies the problem.  It’s starting to feel scary now, how close you’re becoming.  You’re seeing each other too often, he’s texting you every day, and it feels wrong now if you go to sleep without hearing him say goodnight.  This growing dependency on him, this vulnerability; it’s terrifying.  

“Since when?” he scoffs, and all you can do in reply is sigh.  There’s a silence on the other end of the line, and in the end you have to roll away from that picture of the two of you that you love so much.  His eyes are too penetrating, too perceptive, even in a frozen image.  “What about chinese then?  You love chinese.”   He’s right, you do, and there’s no way you can deny that - not when the last time you went you ended up stuffing your face so much that he had to nurse you with a bad belly for the rest of the night.  

“Can I maybe just take a raincheck?  I’ve got so much work to do, Yoongi, and I’m sure you’re busy too.”  

There’s silence again but this time it feels uncomfortable, and it’s making you fidget even without being able to see the frosty expression you know he’ll be wearing right now.  

“You think I don’t know what you’re doing, Noona?  I’ve done it enough times myself to know when someone’s holding back.”  You swallow hard, staring at the wall and starting to chew your thumbnail nervously.  What are you supposed to say when he’s called you out like that; made you feel like the idiot you know you are?

He gives you an adequate amount of time to reply, to turn back from this road you’re travelling down, but when no response comes you hear him sigh, even his voice turning cold when his next words travel into your ears.  

“Either call me when you’re ready to get real, or don’t bother calling me at all.”  

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“Ah, babygirl, that was amazing.”  Hobi’s still panting from exertion as he lies next to you, staring at the ceiling with the goofiest of grins on his faces.  He’s always like this after you’ve had sex, always deliriously happy, like every time you do it is his first time, and you know what’s coming next.  

He rolls onto his side, grabbing the sheet and pulling it up to cover your naked, sticky bodies and then snuggling closer, slinging his arm over his hip and pulling you close, sweat be damned.  He always gets so affectionate too, so tactile when he’s dosed up on oxytocin, and though at first you loved it, lately it’s become nothing but a source of anxiety to you.  It’d be fine if cuddling was all it was, but it’s not just that.  No, Hobi insists on lying there staring at you like you’re his everything, his entire world, his eyes taking in every little of your face until you end up laughing and batting him away, telling him to stop being such a freak.  

You don’t want him to look at you like that and nor do you want to be placed on his pedestal; not when you know it’ll make your inevitable fall from grace so much higher and more painful.   You don’t deserve all these loving looks and touches, not when you’re going to break his heart.  Though you don’t yet know how it’ll happen yet you know it will, because it’s just what you do.  

“I wish we could do this all day, every day,” he says wistfully, reaching up to thumb your cheek, staring back into your eyes.  You try to diffuse things with humour, rolling your eyes and pushing his hand away from your face, trying to ignore the way hurt flickers across his face.  

“That’s ‘cus you’re a horny bastard, Hobi.”  You sit up to put some distance between you, running your fingers through your hair to try and put it right.  Of course, he then sits up too, smoothing out the part of your hair at the back you can’t see to fix with his gentle hands.   

“Not just for that,” he persists, smiling cheekily, “I just like having you here, sex or no sex.  C’mon, wouldn’t you love to wake up to this face every morning?”   

“I guess,” you answer non-committedly, trying not to let your mind even hope to dream of your life ever being so wonderful.  You need to get out of here, before he starts dangling more perfect happy-ever-afters in front of your face, lies that you know will never come true.  Finding your underwear you start to get dressed, avoiding the questioning look in Hobi’s eyes.

“I thought you didn’t have to work today?”

“Yeah…” You pull your sweater on, glad that it hides your face, even for just a second.  “But I’ve got a lot I need to get done so…”  

“I’d kind of… I mean I’d planned on us having the whole day together…” he says quietly, unable to hide the disappointment and confusion on his face.  “If I’d known you were gonna go so soon I wouldn’t have-”

“Don’t worry, Hobi, it was fun.” You slip your feet into your shoes, practically running to his bedroom door as soon as they’re on, forcing a false smile on your face.  “I had fun.”  Fun, that’s all it is… it’s all it was ever supposed to be.  You weren’t supposed to end up liking him, needing him, lovin- “Let me know next time you wanna hook up.”  

“Hook up,” he repeats, his voice breaking.  Hobi looks like you’ve just plunged a knife straight into his heart, and though it breaks your own to see him in so much pain, you know it’s for the best.  Better now, rather than later.  “Right… sure.”  

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“So… what do you think?”  

What do you think?  You think the song you just heard was amazing; one of the best Namjoon’s ever written, and that’s saying a lot when he’s so ridiculously talented to begin with.  You’re stunned, dumbstruck by the fact he’d write such beautiful lyrics about you, for you, and if you were a better person you’d probably start to cry with joy that your boyfriend wants to tell the world just how much you mean to him.  

But you’re not a good person, not like him, not even close, so instead of telling Namjoon how proud you are of him, how much you’ve come to love him, you say anything you can think of to drive a wedge between you.

“I don’t think you should put it on the album,” you say blankly, trying to keep your face impassive as you look back into his hopeful eyes.  “I don’t think the executives would be happy with it.”  His face falls, eyebrows knitting together as he tries to fathom you’re unexpected response.  You see his jaw clench, and you know he’s trying so hard to brace himself for whatever constructive criticism he thinks is coming.  It’s taken a long time for him to learn to do that so graciously; yet another skill he’s mastered.

“You don’t like it?  I know the bridge needs some work, but I can fix-”

“The song’s fine, Joonie,” you interrupt, making him pause mid-swivel in his chair to turn back to you rather than his desk.  “I just don’t think it’s a good idea.  ARMY won’t like you shoving your love-life in their faces - they want you guys permanently single so they can keep all their little fantasies about you.” Namjoon seems stunned into silence for a moment, and honestly, you’re a little impressed at just how reasonable your argument sounds too.  Cold, yes, but logical.  Surely with his big brain Namjoon should be happy enough accept your reasoning and let it lie?  

He’s quiet for a long while, face pensive until he finally get up out of his chair and comes to sit beside you, taking your hand.

“I don’t care.  We’ve always been able to write write the music we want… how we want it.  And the fans want us to be happy.”  Well… how do you argue with that?  He sits stroking the back of your hand with his thumb while he waits for you to say something, and now your mind has gone blank, unable to think of anything to say that won’t just sound harsh or cruel.  

“You might be happy to tell the world about us, Joonie but… I’m not.”  Harsh it is then.  You take your hand back, clamping both of them between your legs as you look to the floor, avoiding the hurt in his eyes.  “We never said this was going to be anything serious.”

“I see.”  His voice is tight, controlled as he speaks, suddenly sitting up straighter. He waits for a second, perhaps to see if you’ll sat any more, take it all back, but when you don’t he simply returns to his desk, facing the screen like you’re not even there.  “You may as well go home… I’m gonna be up all night trying to re-write this.”  

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Your phone goes off for what feels like the hundredth time today, an unpleasantly harsh trill that shrieks through your otherwise quiet apartment, and once again you have to fight the urge to look, to read the text you know is waiting for you there.  If you look you’re more likely to reply, and you’re trying so, so hard to give yourself some space, to put some distance between you and the man you’re getting far too close to.  

You know what it’ll say anyway, more or less.  It’ll be Jimin being his usual sweet self, asking if you’re ok, asking you to please, please get back to him.  Why aren’t you replying?  Are you sure you’re ok?  Do you need him to come over?  Why are you so quiet?  It’s killing you. Every time your phone goes off it feels like a punch to the gut, because you do so desperately want to reply.  But you can’t, you mustn’t.  You’ve gotten too attached to him, too attached to this perfect boy whom all the girls want to touch.

You’re not stupid.  You’ve seen his fan-pages, you’ve seen the things they say about him.  And it’s not like you can blame them, but you’re too insecure to deal with having a boyfriend who’s wanted by so many.  You’ve been cheated on once before, and it’ll only be a matter of time before Jimin realises he’s too good for you and does the same; finds another girl who’s prettier and thinner and more interesting than you.  It’s better for you to protect yourself now, to pull away while you still can, before it’s too late.  

So you ignore his messages even as tears roll down your cheeks, lying on the sofa and holding yourself, just waiting for it to stop hurting so much.  Time passes, although you don’t keep track of how much; all you know is that eventually it goes dark outside, and your tired eyes are just starting to droop when all of a sudden your doorbell rings, jolting you awake again.  

You shuffle your way over to the door, half-asleep and wrapped in your blanket, pulling it open before you think to look through the spy-hole to check who it is.  Of course it would be Jimin standing there to see you looking like this, like the mess that you are, his eyes widening as he takes in your bloodshot eyes.

“Oh baby… baby, what’s wrong?” He steps inside before you can stop him, wrapping you up in his arms over the top of your blanket, pulling your head into the crook of his neck.  

You don’t want this, or at least for second you try to tell yourself that you don’t… but it’s just no use.  Relenting, you let yourself be held by him, inhaling the scent of his aftershave that’s become synonymous with happiness and giving yourself over to it all, at least for now.  You let him kiss you with your face in his hands, let him promise you that he’ll make it all ok, and you let yourself believe in this lie, just for a little while longer.  

“You know I love you… Whatever it is, baby, we’ll fix it… I love you,” he tells you over and over, his face pressed into your hair and all you can do is cry because you know you love him too, and you know it’ll never be enough.  

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“Tae, Tae, stop it!” you giggle, trying your best to throw him off whilst ensuring you’re clenching your pelvic floor as hard as you possibly can; he’s be tickling you for what feels like forever now, and you’ll be damned if you give him the satisfaction of peeing yourself for him to tease you about that too.  

“Not until you call me Oppa!” he shouts back, sat on your stomach, his bony fingers digging into your ribs as he grins down at you.  He’s such a masochist - you know he’s getting off on this really, watching you squirm and struggle.

“You’re like one month older than me, weirdo!”

“Op-pa!” he persists, accentuating every syllable, his eyes narrowing when you shake your head.  His fingertips start to creep towards your armpits, your weakest spot, and no matter how hard you try to push his hands away he’s just too strong.  You barely make it ten seconds before you’re shouting ‘oppa’ over and over again, tears streaming from your eyes, just wanting it to end.  Finally, he relents, sitting up with a satisfied smirk on his face.

That’s when you chose your moment to strike.  You reach out to twist his nipples through his shirt, grinning wickedly, but before you can do anything Taehyung’s grabbed both your wrists and pinning them above your head, growling like an animal.  A beat passes where you just look at each other, both out of breath, and then you’re laughing again, in hysterics as you so often are when you’re together, only stopping when Taehyung eagerly crashes his lips against yours.

You expect the kiss to become more passionate, if anything, so you’re surprised when it gets softer, Tae letting go of your wrists to stroke his hands gently through your hair and down onto your face.  When he pulls away, still rubbing his thumbs along your cheeks, there’s something shining in his eyes that you’ve never seen from him before, some emotion that until now has been unknown.  You know exactly what it is though, you know because it’s exactly the same thing you can feel swelling in your own chest.  

He opens his mouth to speak, and that’s when you panic.  You’re not ready to hear those words again, and you’re certainly not ready to say them again.  Not after last time, not after what happened when-

You sit up abruptly, pushing him off you and hurrying to stand, grabbing your jacket from the sofa to leave before Taehyung snatches it back from your hand after having stood up almost as quickly as you.  He look so confused, his mouth hanging open, head tilted to the side as he tries to make sense of your sudden and unexpected change in behaviour.


“Just don’t say it, Tae,” you snap, snatching your jacket back but just holding it there by your side, fist clenched, “I don’t want to hear it, ok?  Don’t say it, because you can’t take it back.”  

“Jagiya…” he whispers softly, his eyes starting to mist over with moisture, chin practically trembling as you flinch away from the touch of his hand.  

“Just… just leave it, please?”  You sound like you’re begging, on the verge of tears now too, and before he can try to reach out to you again you run from his apartment, leaving Taehyung to dissolve into tears, wondering how on earth it all suddenly went so wrong.  

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He’s been getting possessive lately - it’s all too obvious for anyone who looks to see.  Every time you hang out with the rest of the group he keeps getting all… handsy.  Not in an inappropriate way or anything, but any time you’re talking to another guy he’ll just casually wrap his arm around your waist or lay it across your shoulder, like he’s subtly marking his territory.

You’re sure other girls wouldn’t mind.  They’d probably love to have someone like Jungkook lay his claim on them, thrilled to be considered such a prize worth protecting, but when he does it to you all you can think about is your ex-boyfriend and how he used to be exactly the same. Jealous, possessive, irrational, constantly accusing you of cheating even though he was the one that was fucking your best friend behind your back.  Ex-best friend, should you say.  

There’s a lot of ex’s in your past, for one reason or another, and that’s why after a few dates you’re still resisting Jungkook’s attempts to make the two of you into something more.  You can do without another ex to add to your list, thank you very much, no matter how much you can feel him getting under your skin with each and every day that passes.  That’s just another reason why you want to keep him at arm’s length - you can’t afford to let yourself be vulnerable.  Not again.  You’re not letting anyone hurt you like that ever again.  

Jungkook seems to be feeling particularly threatened today, though you’re not entirely sure why.  Perhaps it’s because of the skirt you’re wearing, or maybe it’s the way Yoongi keeps looking at you from across the room, but either way it’s starting to get your back up.  He doesn’t own you, and it’s the desire to show Jungkook exactly that that eventually drives you across to the other side of the studio to sit down next to Yoongi, smiling like a cheshire cat.  

You can feel his eyes on you the moment you strike up a conversation, eyes that you pointedly ignore, choosing instead to act like everything Yoongi says is the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.  You lean your body into his, leaning your head on his shoulder as you laugh, placing your hand on his thigh and leaving it to linger there far longer than necessary.  Yoongi’s loving every second of it, lapping it up until Jungkook finally snaps and comes striding over, trying to look casual and failing miserably at doing so.

“Namjoon wants you,” he tells Yoongi, not even looking at his elder as he says it.  No, his eyes are fixed on you, full of both anger and hurt, and the moment Yoongi gets up with a groan Jungkook is taking his spot, flopping down at your side.  You see him tick his head to the side, clenching his jaw in the silence that follows, and find yourself smiling before you can help it at his adorable habit.  

God damn it, you really need to put a stop to this now, before you get even more attached than you already are.  

“Why were you acting like that?” he asks after a moment, once he’s sure the rest of his friends are sufficiently preoccupied.

“Acting like what?” you reply, sounding as innocent as possible, and you know it’s pissing him off because his jaw clenches again, his hands balling into fists and relaxing again where they hang over his knees.

“Flirting with Yoongi like that.  You were all over him.”  

“So?” you blurt out, only realising after you’ve already said it just how cold and callous you sound.  Jungkook actually looks taken aback when you turn your head to the side to look at him, his usually soft, doe eyes widened in confusion, no anger left to see.  

“So…?” he repeats quietly.  You stare him out, trying not to flinch at the sharp feeling of guilt that stabs through you when he falters first, turning his head with a shake and looking to the ground, swallowing against the lump you can guess that’s forming in his throat.  “I thought…”

“We’ve been on like… what… four dates, Jungkook?”  You sound condescending and cruel, and you hate yourself for it.  What a heartless bitch those exs have turned you into, huh?  “You can’t tell me you thought it was serious?”  

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TEW Dating Headcanons

Dating Sebastian would involve:

  • Falling asleep alone but waking up with him. He doesn’t like staying out late for work, but definitely makes up for it with warm cuddles
  • This man cannot cook but will try his very best to impress you with plenty of home cooked meals and other little labors of love
  • Sometimes when he’s drunk he really can’t keep all the horrible things he’s seen, and all his fears from spilling out. He’s always afraid you’ll leave because of he’s such a unreliable wreck. Just hold him tight. He’s a sensitive guy and needs love and support.
  • Big on PDA, no mater the time or the place if he gets the urge to kiss and cling to you it’s going to happen
  • Acts really confident and serious during lewd acts but will fall apart if you give him attention
  • Seb’s a detective. He almost always a pair of handcuffs on hand. No need to say anything else.

Dating Joseph would involve:

  • He is such a dork and will try to be really formal and polite the first few months you are dating. A bit old fashioned and always a gentleman.
  • Working at the KPD is overwhelming but with your support he feels like he can do anything
  • So passionate it’s rather infectious. Seeing him get excited about a movie/book/whatever seems to rub off on you even if you have zero knowledge/investment in what he’s obsessing over
  • Loves receiving PDA. Hoh boy its wild how reactive he is to every little touch. He’s a bit loud though, so maybe save it for home and not at the station.
  • He’s so soft spoken and gentle but he is fucking strong. It’s almost frightening when you see him work with an axe to cut wood. Wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that.
  • Soft cinnamon roll in the streets, total freak in the sheets

Dating Ruvik would involve:

  • First and foremost is his work. If you really are serious about being with him, be ready to lend a helping hand in the lab
  • PDA is a no go at first. He’s not too self conscious about his burns but still doesn’t like being touched or exposed for prolonged periods of times. Over time he’ll come to enjoy holding hands and hugs, but it’ll take some trust.
  • Ruvik is petty as fuck and will hold grudges. Expect small acts of revenge (nothing lethal or really harmful) in the strangest of places.
  • His version of ‘talking dirty’ is using very detached and scientific observations to describe the situation he has you in and what he plans to do you. Don’t expect your actual name to be used. You are just another subject after all.
  • While he doesn’t seem to care and appears cold at times, he is trying so hard to be a better man. While they are few and far between, he will make grand gestures to try and show how he really feels.

Dating Laura would involve:

  • Sneeking out in the middle of the night to see her at the Victoriano mansion
  • She is so soft and beautiful but she is such a fighter. She has a strong spirit and will do anything to protect what she believes in and you are constantly amazed by her sheer resolve
  • She will always blush really hard if you compliment her, without fail. She says she doesn’t like all the flattery but really she holds everything you say close to her heart
  • She will sing until you fall asleep, and loves writing small songs about you
  • She isn’t super confident with PDA, so you’ll have to make the first move. With some reasurement that you love being seen with her she’ll get much more daring with handholding/kissing in public
  • The last gift you receive before the fire from her is a small locket with a picture of the both of you inside.

Dating Stefano would involve:

  • Art. 24/7. You’ll never not be hearing about his art or other artists that he admires.
  • Stefano is rather private about how his art is made and doesn’t divulge many details, but loves the fact that you constantly ask how he does it.
  • Will never ask you to model for him. Don’t take it personally. He just wants to keep you all to himself. The world doesn’t deserve to see the true face of his muse.
  • Not super into PDA but he does leave plenty of marks in the bedroom. No public displays are needed for other people to know that you’re taken.
  • Stefano might take a few pictures now and then when you don’t realize he’s watching.
  • Despite his smug and superior attitude, he does have a good heart (most of the time) and always is someone you can depend on
  • Might like having you depend on him just a little too much…

Dating Tatiana would involve:

  • Team mom will do everything in her power to make you feel safe and loved
  • Not the best at expressing affection out loud and usually comes off as sarcastic but man is she a sap for writing poetry for you
  • She tries to maintain a small ‘garden’ in her office so she can give you bouquets when pretty flowers are in season
  • Middle of the road when it comes to PDA. Either no physical contact whatsoever or she goes full force.
  • She’s a dom. Sorry I don’t get to make the rules
  • She loves spoiling you with gifts

(Bonus: Monsters)

Dating Reborn Laura would involve:

  • General disclaimer, watch out for those nails
  • You were sure the thing was going to maul you the first time you encountered it, but soon the resemblance between the creature and your deceased lover makes sense
  • It’s hard to tell if this Laura remembers you or not, but you aren’t dead yet so that’s got to count for something
  • No need to fear the other creatures of STEM when your significant other is top of the food chain

Dating Haunted Joseph would involve:

  • It’s never clear if he wants to kiss you or eat you
  • So many bite and scratch marks.
  • Despite his aggressive nature, Joseph seems to have brief moments of lucidity in which he frantically apologizes for what he’s done to you.
  • Possessive and nasty as fuck. It’s not beneath him to openly take out his aggression on other Haunted so the other monsters will keep away from you and him.
  • Returning his affections will calm him… temporarily

Dating The Keeper would involve:

  • B i g boy
  • Expect to be carried in his arms or over his shoulder everywhere
  • Honestly the best at hugs and cuddles
  • The tentacles that sprout from the inside of his safe are a bit frightening but they seem to help The Keeper sense his surroundings and gradually become less scary.
  • Cant really kiss but will bend down to softly press his head against yours to show affection
  • Look you will probably die if you attempt lewds. If you are so determined to bang the Keeper just take it slow for your own sake

Dating Obscura would involve:

  • Loves cuddles but she doesn’t really realize that the size difference might be a bit hard on her human
  • Touching her ‘face’ makes her purr, just avoid smudging her lens!
  • Loves bringing back gifts and random things she finds in STEM. Some of these things are more pleasant than others…
  • Stefano is protective of his sweet Obscura. Don’t piss him off.
  • Obscura especially loves ‘surprise hugs’. Try not to have a heart attack when she drops from the ceiling to engage in some PDA

One of the many things I’ve learned, is that no matter what you do, somebody is around the next corner with a better version of it. And if that person is a man it might not even be better, it just might get more attention. And sometimes that person is you. The you that’s never satisfied with what you just did, because you’re obsessed with whatever is next. The one constant is this. It’s you. It’s us. The project gets us to the people. Because it’s people that got me where I am. People like Diane Gould. People like my husband, and my first partner, Gordon Clark. People like my last and best partner, Cameron Howe. And for all the rest of you, I hope that tonight can be the beginning of something. Something so that even if we see each other across the corporate battle lines one day, that you will know that I am rooting for you. I can’t help but not. Because I am a partner by trade, and a mother and a sister by design. And I am - I am so proud to be on this journey with you.

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Are you fucking serious about raw food? Dogs and cats are not designed to eat kibble. Raw food is what is best for them. Raw companies go through HPP, or similar processes, to disinfect their food. The bacteria in a dogs stomach is capable of breaking down anything that is left. Fuck you. I feel sorry for all the patients that you have recommended science diet to.

Ok, breathe. There’s no need to get so angry about this. We can disagree and have a discussion without name calling and being rude.

It seems like you misunderstood my original post. My points where that raw food is a serious public health concern, there is no peer-reviewed evidence proving the benefits of feeding raw, people should consult with their veterinarian to avoid malnutrition and learn proper sanitation techniques, and it is impossible for a person that is not a professional and has not evaluated your animal in person to make a recommendation about what food is best for your pet. I didn’t even say that no one should feed raw ever, I said that if you’re going to you should work with your vet. I acknowledged in my original post and I will acknowledge it now that are are situations when raw may be beneficial. However, there are also situations where kibble is beneficial. There are situations where canned food is beneficial. There are situations where homemade cooked diets (a much preferred alternative to raw) are beneficial. To say there is one kind of food that is best for every animal in every situation is irresponsible and inaccurate.

What is your background in animal physiology? Because it sounds like you have some fundamental misconceptions about how canine and feline digestion work. It is ruminants (cows, sheep, goats, etc) that do the bulk of their digestion via microbial fermentation. Microbes do a play a role in digestive health in cats and dogs (and humans!) but it is gastric secretions that are responsible for the inactivation of pathogens, including bacteria. Dogs are certainly capable of eating things that would make humans sick, but this doesn’t make them immune to infectious enteric diseases, primarily in young or immunocompromised individuals. You should also note my concerns about public health were directed primarily at human health concerns.

Also, “dogs and cats are not designed to eat kibble.” I know I can argue with people about this until I’m blue in the face and it won’t make a difference. Whether or not dogs and cats are “designed” to eat it, many of the available kibble diets have gone through clinical trials to prove that they actually do what they say they do. There is data that proves that they are safe, effective, and balanced for whatever stage of life they’re intended for. Again, we like science. We like repeatable evidence that something is safe and actually works like it’s supposed to before we as a profession are going to endorse it. There is data we can look back on not only for a brand, but for specific diets so we can see how that food actually performs. No such trials exist for raw, there is only anecdotal evidence that raw is any better for cats and dogs.

I honestly have no idea what you mean by HPP. High pressure processing? I don’t know where you got the idea that raw pet food routinely goes through that process or any other kind of decontamination process. Unless you’re outside the US, in which case I am not familiar with meat processing regulations. But here in the US, there is a thing called the Guidance for Industry on the Manufacture and Labeling of Raw Meat Foods for Companion and Captive Noncompanion Carnivores and Omnivores that is a voluntary guideline published by the FDA. But there is no routine decontamination of meat designed for pet food. Ideally, raw food processors would follow the same regulations that processed foods are required to adhere to, but there is little to no oversight from state or federal officials when it comes to raw pet food production. If you are buying human grade food for your pet, certainly the hygiene standards are significantly higher, but as I mentioned previously, you need to work with your vet to formulate a correct diet and avoid dangerous nutrient deficiencies.

I never specifically mentioned or recommended any particular brand of kibble, or really recommended one kind of diet in particular. I was asked my opinion on feeding raw diets, so I laid out the facts. I’m gonna sound like a broken record, but the fact is there is no evidence that feeding raw has any of the benefits proponents claim. OP if you, or anyone else, wants to feed raw, you can, as long as you’ve consulted with your veterinarian to ensure your diet is balanced and you are following sufficient sanitation protocols. I also want to point out this isn’t just my opinion. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians (NASPHV), and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) have all published or endorsed statements showing the lack of evidence of the benefits of feeding raw and warned about the associated public health concerns.

I’m going to end with one of my previous statements that sums of my feelings about ALL pet food: To say there is one kind of food that is best for every animal in every situation is irresponsible and inaccurate.

A message to the BSD fandom:
You have an idea for an ability user? Just do it.

Self-insert or OC? Please, just do it.
You have a favorite author you want to include into BSD? Arthur Conan Doyle or Stephen King? Go ahead.

You got really into Japanese literature and found an author BSD hasn’t included? Pop them in, they’re yours now.

You’re from a foreign country and have a Brazilian or Romanian or Turkish author from wherever you know they’ll never include? Make them yourself.

You have a modern author you want to include, J.K. Rowling with a Harry Potter ability, or Rick Riordan with Percy Jackson? Yes, please!

Stephenie Meyer is an actual vampire like Lovecraft is literally Cthulhu, ability “Twilight” ? I don’t care if it’s cringey I love it!

Have an OC that’s not an author? Just somebody that you made up? Perfect, that’s fine too.

Want a character from a franchise that doesn’t make sense showing up in a crazy crossover? I can’t wait to see it.

A self-insert, it’s literally just you? Absolutely - you’re an author, even if it was a twenty page fanfic you never finished or a five hundred word essay you did in grade school, you wrote. You’re more than welcome.

And even if they have some unforgivable quality like they have two abilities or want to smooch Atsushi or Akutagawa or even Mori they’re more than welcome to do so! Please be super powerful, kick both the Mafia and the Guild’s ass, and kiss everybody you like. 

Draw. Write. Roleplay. Just create.

I’ve had so many people message me with “You know [x author] would make a great character!” or “Wouldn’t [x ability] be super cool to see?” And yet I NEVER see any material regarding them! It’s all the same type of content and I’m desperate for original ideas in a world so open for so many cool things to happen.

I once had a very lengthy conversation about Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto and how she’s the perfect woman for Kaiji Motojirou because she loves bananas as much as he loves lemons and I’d pay all of my money to see fanart of her but nobody treats her like an actual OC! Just an idea we toy around with but not one willing to leave our private messages.

There is so much hate in this fandom but if BSD taught me one thing, is the people who can create characters out of nothing are the most powerful people around. People who can be inspired by those who came before them are the most interesting people to look at.

Put your original characters into the universe. Put yourself into the universe. It’s fun. It’s interesting.

And if ANYBODY gives you any sort of crap for it just send whatever you made to me so I can praise the heck out of it and cuss whoever insulted you out. I love them I want to see them send them to me these things are FANTASTIC and I hoard them like a dragon, give me all the BSD characters I can get, ability users or nah!

Responsible for my Death - Zach Werenski #14

Originally posted by detroitundeadwings

about/request: Reader is minority injured and player freaks the fuck out and tries to baby them but is put in their place by reader AND hiii. sorry if you got like three of these because my internet is messed, but can you do a zach werenski imagine where French is your first language? You can do whatever you with the idea!

warnings: my awful take on french and a concussion and some bilingual cursing

authors note: i know someone will give me shit for the french im sorry in advance, hope you like it!!

word count: 1122

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"You love me, right?" for that prompt thingy :')

Arin hauls a very woozy and sleepy Dan through their door. Dan had recently gotten out of a dentist appointment, and there was no doubts that he was…high…with whatever medicine he was given.

Arin lays his husband down on the bed, resting his head (which Dan did not have the ability to support) and gently pulls the blankets over him. He laughs when he hears Dan softly complain about him having to leave.

“I gotta get work done, Danny. I’ll be in the living room, I’m right here. Okay? Now go to sleep,” Arin says as he starts to walk out of the room. Dan’s soft voice breaks through the silence that had resided again.

“You love me, right?”

Dan’s voice sounds odd, high pitched, like he’s holding his nose, almost.

“Obviously not,” Arin starts, sarcasm edging his sentence. He stops short when he sees Dan’s face fall and he mentally kicks himself. He didn’t know what the hell they gave to Dan but it sure was strong enough to deplete his awareness of knowing wether someone was joking or not. He sits on the corner of the bed and turns to face Dan.

“Hey, I was just kidding. Of course I love you, Danny. I love you very much.”

Dan’s face disappeared into the covers and Arin actually thinks he might’ve suffocated himself until he hears Dan’s muffled voice again.

“Can’t hear you, baby,” Arin lifts the covers. Dan is adorably snuggled to his heart’s content and just seeing Dan like that makes Arin feel all gushy inside, he thanks the heavens and how could he not be the luckiest man in the world?


Arin reaches to give Dan’s forehead a sweet kiss while contemplating, but the giggle he gets in return from his husband makes the decision for him.

Whatever, he thinks to himself, I can finish the work tomorrow.

He climbs into bed next to Dan and holds as much of his husband as physically possible. He feels Dan nuzzle into his chest and scoot closer, and Arin has to bite back a laugh.

“I love you too,” Dan yawns. “Forever…and ever, and….ever…and-”

“Okay, kitten, I think I understand,” Arin chuckles. He presses one last kiss to Dan’s forehead before they both drift off to sleep.

We’ll Figure This Out Together -- Jason Todd x Reader

 And here’s part four!

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting on a regular basis, but I went ahead and finished writing and editing this last night. I couldn’t help it, I finished part three and just wanted to go ahead and write the next part. Also, I wanted some fluff in my life so I wrote some.

Now here’s the dealio, I can end this story here with it a bit open ended. Or, I can keep it going. I want to hear what y’all think before I decide whether to write more of it or not.

Anywho! Enjoy my loves!!

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WARNING! Fluff ahead. Fluff and cuteness ahead. Prepare your heart dears!

Part One   Part Two   Part Three

Word Count: 1093

You tapped your foot impatiently as you cast your (E/C) eyes to the door once more.

You and Jason had agreed to talk things through that evening and to be honest, you were terrified. It was only a few hours ago that you had realized your feelings for the vigilante, albeit begrudgingly. Thanks to the support of Roy, you had finally worked up the courage to contact your soulmate. The conversation had gone about as well as you’d expected, what with his sarcastic remarks and sharp tongue. If not for his brothers’ interference, you’d have probably hung up on Jason and forgotten about the whole thing.

Without thinking, you sipped your glass of sweet tea.

“I still don’t see the appeal of sweet tea.”

You choked on your drink. Turning, you glared at the man behind you. Jason’s blue eyes glimmered with amusement at your reaction. You felt your glare soften at the sight of him. It wasn’t too obvious, but you could tell that the dark-haired man was just as nervous as you.

You gestured for Jason to take the seat across from you.

“So, uh…” Jason trailed off as he situated himself in his seat. He coughed awkwardly and looked anywhere but in your eyes. “What exactly did you want to discuss?”

“I’m pretty sure you know already.”

“You want to discuss this soulmate thing.”

“Yeah, that thing.”

The two of you fell silent, an awkward air between you. You nervously pushed some of your (H/C) hair behind your ear. Jason shifted uncomfortably in his seat once more. You two glanced at each other then quickly looked away.

This was getting you no where.

“So…about us?”

“Right!” You squeaked, a little too loudly. You noticed Jason winced at your tone. You cleared your throat before continuing. “Us. Well, we are soulmates, so we need to figure out this…whatever this is.”

The vigilante nodded. “We need to decide if we want to try and be a…couple.”

A bright blush flooded across your cheeks at that word.

You would be lying if you said you hadn’t thought of you two as a couple. After realizing your feelings, you had spent the past few hours thinking over the different scenarios of how this evening would end. You two could decide to not pursue a romantic relationship. There were cases of soulmates who were simply close friends and never had any feelings other than platonic love for one another. You two could decide to ignore each other and forget everything that had happened. Some soulmates liked to live in denial for the rest of their lives. You two could decide to try and see how a romantic relationship would go for you two.

You just had to ask what Jason thought on the matter.

“W-What do you think of us as a couple?”

Jason pondered your question. He cast his blue eyes to the side as he thought through his response. The vigilante turned his burning gaze back to you. Your heart fluttered at the intense gaze he was giving you.

“I want to give us a chance.” He whispered, almost scared of saying these words aloud. “I want this to work, but I don’t want to do this if you aren’t going to give me a chance. I’m more than the man you think I am. I know you hate me-!”

You chuckled softly. “That’s the thing, I don’t hate you. I don’t think I’ve ever actually hated you.”

You two stared at each other before bursting into laughter. You liked the way Jason’s face looked when he laughed. He looked…younger. More carefree. Less like a man that had seen the worst of the world and more like the man who had just found the one person he was meant to be with.

That’s when you knew for sure that you loved this annoying, gorgeous skunk head.

The two of you talked for several more hours, discussing exactly what each of you wanted out of the relationship. You knew about his “nightly” activities, so you both knew that there were going to be missed dates, forgotten anniversaries, and other things to come. You’d both seen what superhero life could do to a relationship, but you weren’t afraid. You were more than willing to work through these problems as they arise.

The staff had to kick you out of the restaurant so they could close for the night. Your hand was clasped gently in Jason’s as you two walked to your apartment. The conversation jumped from topic to topic, just the two of you enjoying the sound of each other’s voice.

“Thanks for walking me home.” You smiled shyly at your soulmate. “You didn’t have to, but I appreciate it.”

Jason gave you a crooked grin. “Of course I did. Gotham isn’t exactly a safe place for anybody.”

“So, when can I see you again?”

“Soon, I hope.” He replied. Jason squeezed your hand comfortingly. “I can’t make any promises though. You know how unpredictable hero life is.”

“I know, but that doesn’t matter. Whatever happens, we’ll figure it out together.”

“Together…I like the sound of that.”

Jason glanced down at your lips. You felt yourself blush again as he leaned down closer to your face. Your heartbeat increased as his lips inched closer and closer to yours. Just as his lips were about to make contact with yours, his phone began to ring.

“God damn it!” He growled, thoroughly pissed. Jason pulled away and dug in his jacket pocket to fish out the device. “This better be good Dick, or so help me Kori will have to find a new soulmate!”

You giggled softly at his words. Jason sent you a quick wink before focusing in on what his brother was saying. His playful expression soon morphed into a serious one. He mumbled his acknowledgement to Dick’s words. Hanging up the phone, he slid it back into his pocket and dragged a hand down his face. You smiled ruefully at him.

“Duty calls?”

“And just as things were about to get good!” Jason laughed at the punch you gave his arm. He gave you a bashful smile. “I’m sorry (Y/N). I’d love to spend more time with you, but…”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me. I understand. Just…don’t do anything stupid.”

“I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try.” Jason leaned in and placed a soft kiss to your cheek. “I’ll talk to you soon.”

You smiled back at him. “Go get ‘em skunk head.”

“Stay safe hill billy.”

A wee Modern Student AU just for @thenutofroyalty​ because she deserves nice things.

The Best Kind

Sansa had known that it was going to be colder than Winterfell ever was here at Hardhome University, but this was ridiculous, she thought as the thousandth shiver raced down her spine.

“Coffee helps” Jon, one of her new flatmates said with an apologetic smile as he handed over a steaming mug and sat beside her on the couch. She’d met him only an hour ago when he’d helped her out of her cab with the bazillion bags of belongings she’d brought with her. “The heating has been on the blink for a little while” he paused to take a gulp of coffee “the landlord’s been promising to send someone over to take a look at the boiler before it starts to get really cold though.”

Sansa chokes and splutters on her hot drink. “This isn’t ‘really cold’?! It get’s worse?!” she squawks, eyes a little wide and half contemplating re-packing her bags she’d only just emptied into her tiny little student bedroom.

Jon shrugs. “Yeah, It does…a little bit” he chuckles, the sound doing something warm to her stomach - Sansa puts it down to the hot coffee she was slurping.

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“Did you miss me?”

“More than you know.”

WIP - Drowning my S4 Angst in whatever this is. I originally had their eyes closed but thought this might be more fun. 

It’s funny how I can stare at something in my art program and not be able to point out what I want to fix but now that I am posting it, I can see exactly what I need to tweak tomorrow night. 

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Hi there! I love your stories. Since you're accepting prompts, how about 218? Thanks!

Thank you, Anon. I hope you enjoy this little story I wrote for you.

Amy was relieved when Sheldon told her he was working late. It gave her time to prepare his favorite meal and gather her thoughts. She had some news and was worried about his reaction. When he walked in the door, she pulled the casserole dish out of the oven.

He sidled up next to her as she set it on the table. “Mmm… Spaghetti with cut up hotdogs. What’s the occasion?”

“No occasion. I just wanted to make your favorite meal. And that’s not all.” She pulled a carafe of Strawberry Quik from the fridge and set it down with a flourish.

“If I didn’t know better, I would think you’re trying to butter me up. You’re the best.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek.

Amy gulped but said nothing, as she took her seat. Sheldon dumped a huge scoopful of pasta onto his plate and dug in. He didn’t even notice that his fiancée took a much smaller portion than normal. She chewed each biteful of food slowly, as she was prone to do when she was nervous.

When the dishes were cleared, Amy led Sheldon to the couch. She opened her mouth to speak but quickly shut it. He appeared to be in a good mood, but she wasn’t ready to spring the news on him quite yet. She hadn’t even come to terms with it herself.

“You’re awfully quiet today. Is everything alright?”

She turned toward him and held his hands. “I… I don’t know.”


"I have some news that’s going to affect our wedding plans.”

He gripped her hands tighter. “Are you going back to Princeton? Because I can see how that would be a problem. There are some details we can work out online, like searching for the perfect invitations, but inspecting the local bakeries for cleanliness and trying cake samples will prove to be difficult.”

“I’m not going to Princeton… or anywhere.”

He loosened his tight grip on her and ran his thumbs along the backs of her hands. “Then whatever it is can’t be that bad.”

She looked down at her lap. “It’s worse.”

He released her left hand and lifted her chin with his fingers. “Whatever it is, you can tell me.” She lowered her lashes. “Amy, you’re scaring me. Are you sick?”

She shook her head no. “Sheldon,” she looked him straight in the eyes, “I’m pregnant.”

His jaw dropped. “How… how did this happen? We’re always so careful. Are you sure? Those home pregnancy test results can be ambiguous.”

“I’m positive. I went to the doctor’s office over my lunch break to confirm.” She watched the myriad of emotions cross his features – shock, disbelief, worry. ”I’m sorry, Sheldon. I know it wasn’t supposed to happen like that.”

“Why are you sorry? I’m just as much to blame as you are.”

“But it’s because of my body that we’ll have to rearrange everything. I’m due in June, so we’ll have to find another date, but it can’t be in April or May because I’ll be as big as a house,” she sobbed. “And I don’t want to wait until after the baby is born.”

He enveloped her in his arms, stroking her hair as her tears soaked the back of his shirt. “I know you wanted a June wedding, but we can make this work. We live in a warm climate, so we can even get married in January or February and still have an outdoor wedding.”

She sniffled. “And it’s not just the wedding planning. What about our two-year plan? We were supposed to get married and enjoy our time alone as a couple while preparing ourselves before we started trying. We haven’t even looked into daycare options or read any parenting books. Aren’t you upset?”

“Surprised, yes, but upset, no.

She disentangled herself from his hold and sat back, studying his face. “I think I’m more surprised that you seem okay with this than I am that we got ourselves into this predicament.”

“Well, it’s not like I’ve invented a time machine so we can go back and undo it.”

“But aren’t you scared?”

“I am, but look at it this way. Halley is thriving with Wolowitz as her father, and our child will be in better hands.”

“I don’t mean that; I know you’ll make a great father. It’s all the changes I’m worried about.“

“I know I don’t always deal well with change, but some of the greatest joys in my life have come as the result of it.”

“Such as?”

He looked at her tenderly. “The best change of all was when I welcomed you into my life.”

She leaned forward and planted her lips on his briefly then drew back slightly. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, and I will love our baby.” He rested one hand on her thigh and the other on her flat belly.

"Of course you will. I don’t doubt that. I just wish the timing…”

“We’ll be fine.” Before she could protest, he cut her off with a passionate kiss. She melted into him and pushed her worries aside. This wonderful man had surprised her once again, and she couldn’t wait to see what else the future held for them.

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Oh my god, that ask about Author seeing you naked got me thinking of like how your just like "You have no shame do you?" "Can't say I do sweetcheeks." Because lets all be honest Author would say whatever is on his mind he won't worry about the consequences.

Yes. That is EXACTLY how he would react

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yo fam i read ur grifnut/rvbnut tags,,like just make a post, i want to reblog this

OOH u mean my tags on this post yea? i’ll just make it THIS POST 8))) i was just gonna screencap all them juicy tags but since rvbnut [best term ever thank u for that] is otp, i will retype for better readability + i thought of some extra things to throw in, so here we go:

  • as mentioned already, there’s donut’s super secret diary where donut describes"gazing silently into each other’s visors” and feeling a connection, as well has having sat in grif’s lap”. i very much believe donut had a crush on grif at some point
  • there’s some PSA or something that for the life of me I can’t remember the name of, and it might just be a dvd extra cause I found it on youtube not through the rvb channel, where the reds are getting on motorcycles to go somewhere and grif has to share w/donut, and hes Very Hesitant and i dont remember what exactly donut was saying but it was Very Suggestive how he was telling grif to get behind him and hold on tight or w/e, and when grif didnt wanna get on it with him he was like 
    “whats wrong ;(?? dont be shy~”
  • ive pulled out my book now and donut describes the play they put on for tucker as being about “the band of handsome male survivors braving the elements together” so, donut thinks he + the other BGC members are handsome
  • “The first thing the doctor did when we got him back over to our base was pin Sarge against the wall with the Warthog. I always thought if anyone was going to ram Sarge up to the wall, it would be me, seeing as how I’ve been angling for a promotion lately” -another entry in donut’s diary. i honest to god have no idea how this could be taken as an innuendo, bc it straight up sounds like donut wants to fuck his way to the top
  • also in the book, simmons’ self insert fanfiction “Hero In Maroon” has… a special scene with “Donut the Enchanter,” who is “spreading his temptation magic through scandalous dancing.” This is SIMMONS writing this, and simmons has himself say “Tell me what you know about Sarge, else I will have to run you through with my long sword” and, sure, he has donut speak in innuendos and reply to that line with “I like where this is gong. Maybe I’ll keep you here… FOREVER!” but like, simmons literally wrote himself throwing an innuendo to donut. then you have the next few lines “DONUT USES OFFICER HOT PANTS HANDCUFF ATTACK” “”Oh no!” Simmons exclaims. A bed appears behind him. His hands are cuffed to it.” And while the next line is just donut laughing and saying “Now you must watch my rendition of the musical CATS” so while donut wasnt gonna do anything creepy, this really sounds like simmons writing a self insert fic that includes a provocative donut flirting with him while talking about musicals…. simmons dont repress ur crush on donut
  • ^not to mention the officer hot pants comes from donut having dressed up and jumped out of a cake for sarge’s birthday……..
  • at the finale scene of s13, donut says “I love you, too, Lopez”
  • Donut lived offscreen with Doc in valhalla, and then was dropped back off there to continue living in valhalla with doc (and lopez’s head) (i could talk for 60 years about them but anyone who’s followed me long enough has heard it all before and i’m tryin to keep the points b r i e f lol)
  • church has said “I like donut. He’s pretty harmless, man. I-I don’t think he’d hurt a fly.” and upon finding out donut got crushed by a spaceship, he paused his snarking to say “Oh, wait, the pink guy? Oh, I actually liked him!” to which grif replies “Seriously, what’s with all these feelings for donut?” 
  • tucker, thinking donut was a girl bc pink armor, asked donut if he “wanted to date one of us” and then called donut a “tease” when he said he wasn’t a girl
  • donut polished tucker’s codpiece 3 times when he and caboose were helping tucker get the black gunk off his armor, saying something along the lines of “a 3-coat waxing is just my way of saying I Care :)”
  • epsilon!tucker, while not canon to actual tucker, is implied to have jacked off to donut bc he thought he was a girl 
  • seems to be implied that tucker and donut were both assigned to the same desert location when everyone got split up, and donut passed out from thirst/exhaustion trying to get tucker’s distress call to the others
  • in The Best Red vs Blue DVD Ever of All Time, there’s a scene where tucker and donut are introducing “best couple.” Donut goes on about romance, while tucker says couple doesn’t necessarily mean romance, and  that “you[donut] think everything is romance! last week you called it romance when i accidentally took a bite of your sandwich” “was it really an accident tucker? was it?” “YES!” “time will tell” “ugh, whatever-” dudes, donut totally had a crush on tucker at least once
  • i dont have a good source but i remember seeing in a post a while back that there was a scrapped plotline that was gonna be a love triangle between donut, a “confused caboose”, and an unknown third party
  • i’m willing to bet the confused caboose bit is because caboose seems to have thought (and maybe still does? who knows) that donut was a girl, likely because of the armor. in caboose’s mind, donut’s a girl who says things like “I love caboose, and yet, I’m still afraid of him, he’s so scary :)” [cause he seems to think of himself as intimidating to the red team lol], and then in Head Canon, caboose!donut says something like “i like [something] almost as i like to paint my nails and not talk to boys. i would never talk to boys, especially not caboose for some reason!” which… is hard to make sense of tbh lol, but since everyone in caboose’s mind is how caboose perceives them, it maybe seems like caboose doesnt get as much of donut’s attention as he’d like?? lmfao, it sounds like “not caboose for some reason” means caboose doesn’t really understand either. 
  • donut tearily said to caboose way back in KITBFF: “ Mister Caboose, I just want you to know that even though we are on different teams, and we may never see each other again, whatever happens out there today, I’ll always remember the moments we shared together. You are now, and forever will be… my friend.” very emotional if i do say so myself
  • there’s this reconstruction deleted scene where i guess donut had gotten transferred to doing special agent stuff w/wash’s division or something (wash calls him Special Agent Donut so, i guess lol). Wash speaks in donut innuendos the whole time he’s talkin about donut [”He’s a back door expert” “if there’s an unsecured rear entrance, he’s your man” “legend has it he can get through even the tightest cracks-” lmfao and they address each other by name, so i like to think they’ve worked together and donut’s… mannerisms… have been Rubbing Off on wash ;p
  • ^also in that deleted scene caboose goes “DONUT! :D” when donut appears and talks, so he’s clearly excited to see him!!!!!!!!! 

ahem. point being: the bgc needs to embrace the donut love and i firmly believe that if someone didnt have a crush on donut, donut had a crush on one of them at some point in time

3k party!!

In honour of hitting 3k i’m hosting a sleepover party type deal!!! you can ask or talk to me about whatever u want!!! some ideas:

  • tell me about your day!
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I just found out the worst news of my life tonight. 

Some things came up tonight about some issues and it turns out I will be 100% free this weekend. 

That being said, I can push the first murder up to this Thursday instead of next thursday. I know this is super late notice but that is our option.

OR I can keep the schedule (almost) the same and we can have the first murder be next week. 

So, if you are in the cast PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS ASAP either through this post, in a message, or whatever. I just need to make a decision like now about what we are going to do! 

I’m going to tag you all in this so you see it! Thanks, fam! 

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Can you stupid stim blogs just PLEASE block people who you don’t want reblogging your shit instead of that is making those bulky, ugly footers? See an “aphobe” reblogging your shit? Block them. See a d//dl/g reblogging your shit? Block them. Do you need to get your life together? Do it. Move to Philly. Buy a loft. Start a noise band. Get six or seven roommates. Eat hummus with them. Book some gigs. Burn down an Applebee’s. Listen to Animal Collective. Start some kind of salsa company.

anonymous asked:

Hey, when you go to see tweek, I don't really see any meth around? I mean I can easily be wrong but what if TweakBros cleaned up their act, no meth in the coffee because idk, their business took off and like FDA is right behind the corner? (partial reason tweek doesn't shake so much) like?? Idk??? Good??

i like this idea whatever gets my bab away from literal drugs…………im on board

I’m off to bed ~ as always, thank you so much for your sweet comments and messages.╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ (yes, I read them all! Even if I don’t always reply </3 sorry!)

Anyway, I opened one of those little poll thing on my IG that will (probably) decide my next drawing. We’ll see! (I do hope the halloween one wins, ahah…XD). I hope it won’t take forever though…I really want to draw, but I’m so exhausted lately…the fact is, that my university is pretty far away from here (like, in another town. …And another region) and so I usually come back home very late (trains here don’t help) and I’m too tired to do anything. (ノ_<。) Oh well…I’ll do what I can!

You can still leave me some gafou/gastanfou/batb/whatever halloween prompts if you want! I haven’t made up my mind yet! ヽ(´ー` )┌ 

That’s all folks, goodnight!

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Music Tag!

Thanks for the tag!! @taehvo

Rules: Give a list of 10 songs you’ve been listening to lately and tag 10 people.


2) You Are by Got7 (you guys can clearly see I loved Got7′s new album, i’ll stop with their songs now)

3) Forever by Exo (FAV SONG OFF THE WAR)

4) Moon Like U by Got7 (Ok now i’ll stop with the got7 I promise just go buy their new album 7for7 and support them pls it’s amazing I promise)

5) Cherry Bomb by Nct 127 (I literally have been listening to Cherry Bomb since it came out and am still not sick of it I love kings)

6) Mic Drop by Bts (A BOP, BEST SONG OFF OF HER)

7) Sweet Lies by Exo (Baekhyun in the beginning hoooooomygosh)


9) Serendipity by Bts/Jimin (I love Jimin with all my heart and this song is so precious)

10) Baby Don’t Like it by Nct 127 (I have no idea why but I’ve been really into this song lately even tho it’s kinda old!!)

Ok that’s it! Sorry i’m annoying and had to babble after ever single song I put but hey whatever!! I’ll tag @hellohaechan @dong-hyucks @hyucksrose @cuteyongs @trashforyugyeom @dest-writes @chenlays and whoever else would like to do it!!