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Holiday season is upon us, so I thought it would be fun to do something nice. Besides, who said you can only play secret santa in real life?

H O W  T H I S  W O R K S 

  • you will be assigned a url by december 1st, and throughout the month of december you’ll be sending that person nice messages
  • you will be receiving messages as well from your secret santa
  • on christmas day (december 25th) if you want you can reveal yourself to the person you were assigned to. you can also make something for them (gifset / edit / moodboard / playlist / fanfiction etc) if you like.


  • the messages should be sent anonymously and you should put something like “your secret santa” at the end of each message
  • they can be jokes, trivia about you, questions, inspiring quotes, movie/book/tv recommendations, christmas puns. basically anything nice
  • you don’t have to send messages every day but do it at least 2-3 times a week

T O  E N T E R

  • reblog this post before november 24th (likes are for bookmarks only) 
  • send me an ‘i want a secret santa’ so that i could pair you up with another blog
  • enable your anon asks (if not already) and keep them on till christmas
  • this is totally optional but you can follow me for updates
  • if you change your url or decide you do not want to participate after reblogging the post, please send me a message.

you will receive a message with the url of your secret santa between 23rd-30th of november

please, do not cheat.  the point of the whole event is to spread positivity and love, so it won’t be fair if you only receive and not give something back. if you have any questions, you can always hit me up

Good luck and enjoy your secret santa month!


08/02/2017 - probably the worst photos ever, but i don’t really care.

today i attended the book launch of ‘The Female Lead: Women who shape Our World’. it was a very inspirational and influencial event, and the stories that the panelists told us were super interesting! the book tells the stories of 60 inspirational women, all with different occupations and stories. the photography in the book is extremely capturing, and each and every story is influential and very beautiful. also the book has amazing quotes and is aesthetically pleasing lol. definitely recommend this book to all feminists or people who would just like a good read or some inspo! you can get it here!

also i got an a++++ on my dance assessment yesterday! it was extremely nice to hear that as i did work very hard on the choreos haha

about 4 more days till the ynwa comeback! anyone else hyped for bangtan?

🎧 issues // julia michaels

“POISON” - Nagito Komaeda’s Testimony

For those of you who don’t know. “Poison” is Komaeda’s character’s song. It’s a bonus track for the Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Progressive Album. It was also used for the Island Mode in Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. It can be found on YT with english subtitles.
I believe “Poison” is Komaeda’s song directly dedicated to Hinata. It also explains Komaeda’s feelings about what has to be done. There are subtle hints which showing he knew everything about Hinata’s “true identity”. It’s extraordinary how analazying it can lead to DR3/SDR2.5 hints! I wrote an interpretation after watching SDR2.5. That means all hints from OVA are included. For those of you who are interested, rest of the post is under “read more”.

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I realized the fandom didn’t have one of these yet, and decided to fix that very serious problem.

(Guys I know I go off on the themes of this show a lot but I just love them so much)

Also seriously if I tried to add anything about character interaction into this thing it would be wayyyyy too long woah but just trust me ok the characters are GREAT

Other posts relevant to these interests: NinthFeather’s, Envy-Loves-You’s

Feel free to add anything I might have missed, guys!

we will revive this fandom if it kills us all

@ninthfeather @sapphireswimming @draconiform-algeeee @ anyone else who can spread the love and/or WATCH THIS SHOW

Question - Possible Livestream

Hello! Nerd of the Nerdom here! (aka anoka) 

Me and cupcake were wondering if you guys were interested in watching a livestream of us answering YOUR questions! we’ll open up the floor to anyone who has questions regarding the comic, what to expect, what you want to see, and any ideas/ thoughts on what you guys have seen so far. 

it’s EXTREMELY preliminary and we can tell you LITTLE details (such as how big blake gets or who the characters are etc.) or anything else you wanna know! we can also discuss our personal lives (like how we came up with this and blah blah) 

reblog or LIKE this post if you’d want to see us! 

NOTE: it would probably be held on saturday night 7 or 8 EST, if you all want to join in! :D 


Introducing #ATShipWeek 2015!

What is AT Ship Week?

It’s a whole week dedicated to your favorite Adventure Time pairings! Join in to spread some love around.

Anyone is free to contribute their art, writing, edits, or just thoughts!

Idea by finniscometglob | Contributing Founders : kinikxluna, cosmicowly, flamescrubs, aw-nutts and yours truly.

More information under the cut if you’re interested!

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Liz is open for writing commissions!

So many of you may know that I’m unable to hold a job down at the moment thanks to my mental health, also due to the difficulties of finding a job in a country where I don’t speak the language well enough. The one thing that I am able to reliably do is write, even when everything else is bad I can write.

I like to think that I’m at least reasonably good at it so I’d like to let you know that I’m open for commissions for anyone who is interested. That way you get writing and I get to earn money instead of not being useful at all and stop feeling like a waste of space to everyone around me!

So! If you’re interested in me writing the things that you want to see then click the read more for details (I don’t wanna stretch out people’s dash)

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I KNOW we’re all feeling v confused, hurt and offended aboutthe whole Lexa arc, but idk how to tell you people that on a narrative/trope level, as WELL as a character level, that was AWESOME


  • In femslash relationships, more than any other type, the love interest is usually so in love with their person that they would do anything for them; this is due to both stereotypes about women (“they love so passionately”/”without your head”) and femslash relationships (“TWO WOMEN = TOO EMOTIONAL” etc). This show didn’t even acknowledge them; yes Lexa has a crush on Clarke, but Lexa is also the head of an army, and she already sacrificed a lover for the sake of her own people. What makes you think she wouldn’t sacrifice a potential lover for the sake of them?!?!?!?!??!
  • Lexa’s mantra this whole season has been: Don’t trust anyone. This implicitly loudly included the addendum “DONT TRUST ME” which Clarke violated from the very beginning. JUST BECAUSE LEXA TRUSTS CLARKE DOESN’T MEAN SHE THINKS SHE DESERVES CLARKE TRUST. Never, not ONCE, did she say “u can trust me about this Clarke”
  • Essentially, I think that anyone who claims that this “””betrayal””” is inconsistent with lexa’s character has been interacting too much with the fanon interpretation where she’s a ‘lil racoon’ who only makes heart eyes at Clarke. This is an element of her character, but ultimately she is a military commander and a canon killer who was able to look her mentor figure in the eye while she stabbed him. Lexa is not scared of making difficult choices, even if it does hurt her.
  • LEXA ALSO VERY STRONGLY BELIEVES THAT NO LIFE IS WORTH MORE THAN ANOTHER: no special treatment from the grounders (making them an interesting parallel to the Arc ppls). When she and Clarke are being attacked, she tells Clarke “leave me here”; essentially, save yourself. Lexa literally looks at a situation, looks at who can be saved more easily, and saves that person. Even if that person isn’t even her.
  • Which brings me to my penultimate point: this was meant to be A RESCUE MISSION. It was successful. People were RESCUED. And you know that if the mountain men had said “u can have 70% of ur people but we keep 30%” lexa would have also agreed 2 that
  • Ultimately, THIS was a bad plan. IT DEPENDED ON A LOT OF SINGLE PEOPLE DOING SPECIFIC THINGS at the EXACT right time. By doing this trade off, Lexa may be “”””losing””” a battle against the mountain men, so that she can ULTIMATELY win the war. Once those MM’s come up, u can BET UR TINY LIL ASS that they will be slaughtered, picked off, one by one, without any substantial damage to Grounder troops. Dante said “peace w the savages”; what he means is a temporary truce until the Grounders are in a position of power. Then: BOOM.
  • ALSO ALSO remember when Jason Rothenberg said this show wasn’t about ships, but characters and survival?!?!? Yeah, I do too. If u want fanservice and putting ships above anything else, watch Lost Girl.

If you still didn’t like the ep, here r some reasons to actually be annoyed about this ep:

  • It was more racist than usual, which is saying something
  • Children make terrible military commanders

Okay, guys, I understand that it would be about 1000x times better if they just stopped asking the boys about Zayn, because it’s clear that it’s an uncomfortable topic and that Louis, more than anyone else, would rather eat rotten cheese than be asked the same question over and over again. I understand and I agree wholeheartedly.

However, from a “business” perspective, aka as someone who is being taught to think in terms of “What will make the readers interested? What will convince the public to tune in? What would make as many people as possible watch my interview?”, I also understand that all these interviewers can’t avoid asking. The ideal interview would be the interviewer asking them about their creative process, about their interest, about what they seem to be passionate about, which is what we want to hear. But they are not thinking in terms of what interest us, because they know we’ll likely tune in anyway: they want something that will make the public interested, and, sadly, that’s rarely the music—it’s the scandals, the gossip, the “hot” topics. In this case,

  • babygate
  • Zayn
  • h*ylor (unfortunately)

Babygate is blacklisted already, and you understand that it’s a giant elephant in the room to blacklist. They couldn’t blacklist all of other things. I wish they could, and I wish that they avoided a certain 3-year-old PR relationship altogether, but I understand that the boys’ team probably had to compromise. Wht they could do, is asking the middle-aged interviewers to stop treating Harry as a piece of meat. That, they could do. But in regards to the rest of it, their team and all these talk shows probably compromised; the boys needed promo for MITAM, and in order to get that they needed TV appearances and a broad public, and in order to get the latter they needed to make those appearances interesting enough for the general public to watch. It’s a mutual service. Talk shows get audiences, 1DHQ gets promo. It sucks, but it’s business.

I’ve noticed a trend on here lately.

I’ve been on Tumblr over six years, and there have been hundreds of trends that have come and go - but this is one of the worst ones yet.

It has become a trend to literally drag anyone who doesn’t fit your cliche standards and everyone just goes along with each other no questions asked, no research done, just one thing said by some person and everyone just goes along with it.

There’s also the trend that has lasted ever since Tumblr was started - That sticking to the social paradigm is bad and harmful to everyone around you. Whether that be gender, or sexual orientation, race, or ideas. That you should think and not discriminate, not to harm. That is the biggest and most powerful trend on here, that is why many of us joined Tumblr. To not follow the social norms and do what everyone else is doing. To have a safe space we can rely on surrounded by people of similar ideas and fandoms and interests.

But because of both of these trends and people trying to perpetuate both of these things at the same time,and by perpetuating the dragging of others for no reason with little fact or source is continuing the stigma to follow social norms, not to break them.

By dragging people because someone else is, without doing your own research is to perpetuate mob mentality that “if everyone thinks it’s right then it must be right”. That if the people around you say something, regardless of the research they have individually done or not, that they are right.

By continually dragging and making fun of and attacking people either for wanting to create social justice reform, or for graffiti, or education, or anything without your own research. Then you are “the sheep" you all hate.

Without doing your own research and instead going along with what everyone else says, then you are perpetuating the social norm you hate,

Do your own research, be your own person, crush the social norms, and just think about yourself for once.

Looking for Sponsors!

Several people have expressed to us their desire to sponsor some of our clothing, to help us decide who to sponsor, if you are interested please fill out this form at any time so you can be considered! Also, reblog this post to help get the word around to anyone else who would like to sponsor something from Flying Start Apparel! 

Hey I’m making a Kimchi Cuddles book, AND YOU CAN HELP! I’ve joined forces with Thorntree Press to publish a “best of” Kimchi collection, with existing comics helpfully organized by topic, and there will also be NEW content.

Soon, we plan on launching an indiegogo campaign similar to what Thorntree Press did to create the wonderfully helpful book “More Than Two” and I’m currently looking for people who can:

  • Help promote the campaign at launch time, spreading the word all over the internet and/or:
  • Blog about Kimchi Cuddles at launch time, and mention the campaign, and/or:
  • Provide some of the campaign rewards (donate or sell to us), and/or:
  • Be one of the larger-amount campaign backers right at the beginning of the campaign to get us started with a bang!

If you would be excited about contributing in one (or two, or all!) of those ways, let me know. If you can think of anyone else who would be interested, let me (and/or them) know! I really want to make this book a reality and share it with the world!

Tikva Wolf