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GoChi Awards 2017 - Fic Reward for Fav Son Family

Congrats to @cozymochi for winning Favorite Son Family in the 2017 GoChi Awards!!!!!! Isn’t her pic just beautiful???

http://cozymochi.tumblr.com/post/154523893078/chichi-is-underappreciated - and here’s a link to her original post so you can spread it around and give her love ;D

Your winning fic reward is under the cut so i don’t take up too much dash space, lol. :) I sure hope you like. I love this pic so much :) The Chi-Chi appreciation is real in the Son Family.

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Food For Thought for those who have LGBT+ muses:

What were their feelings when they realized they aren’t straight?

This is a very important question for character development. Some girl could look at a television, see a woman on TV whose attractive, and just realize that they would marry a woman that pretty. And they just know from childhood like that. Some are terrified of coming out because they might disappoint someone extremely close to them. Some aren’t in a safe area at that time in their lives to come out and are scared because of that.

And still, some might look at other gay people and consider them okay. This muse isn’t homophobic or biphobic at all— towards others. But because of the way the media shoves the idea of a nuclear family (wife, husband, two kids) down our throats in everything we see, they could see themselves as abnormal. The few gay characters they are exposed to are extremely stereotypical and this muse isn’t in that stereotype and they feel alone. They feel like THEY are the problem, that THEY aren’t normal, that there’s something wrong with THEM— even if they’re okay with other LGBT+ people.

Maybe they just internalize it and don’t realize. Maybe they just don’t care what others think. And still, maybe they just take things one step at a time and accept that about themselves.

This moment in their lives is pivotal no matter how small it may seem. Some people take a few minutes to come to terms, others can take YEARS, and still others force themselves to stay closeted for personal reasons. Take a moment to stop and think about what your muse did. What they felt. Think of how they felt during that specific time in their lives. Everyone is different and there’s no WRONG way to deal with it or accept it. But think about it.

What was YOUR muse’s experience?

anonymous asked:

the negativity is about the sidelining of finn into like... the subplot of the b plot. For me at least . Really feels like Rian forgot (on purpose) that Finn is the Lead Male Protagonist™️ of the sequel trilogy

okay i went in knowing that people were worried ab finn’s role in the movie but it honestly didnt feel like sidelining to me because everyone had less screentime in this movie because there was so much going on!!! and i felt like everyones stories worked together in to form a bigger story. like even rey had a lot less screentime in this one… i know people were worried/are mad (??) about more time going to kylo ren but i did not feel like it was excessive because like first of all he is the main villain and like conflict is good for drama and second of all i dont think that they portrayed him as sympathetic?? to my memory (which could be wrong it was a long movie guys) there were only like 1 or 2 scenes that were solely from kylos pov where we were supposed to be understanding where he was coming from. his scenes with rey i felt werent really about him but more about establishing rey as a character who will choose good and try to help others be good as well. like it was about Light vs Dark (a v star wars thing) not making kylo look good.. cause in the end like the movie Clearly decides he is A Bag of Dicks… like listen i would have LOVED more finn and more poe and more finn and poe interacting but i think their stories have to be in service of the greater plot, and this movie prioritized creating a cohesive story over giving more moments to characters which i think was the right choice…. also might i add that in the empire strikes back han gets frozen part way thru the movie and doesnt return till the next movie fjfjfjjfjfjf 

say that you’ll stay all night
bathe in my touch, all right
tell me all the things you like
but you gotta stay all night

all night, all night, all night, all night, oh
all the nights, all the nights, all of the night
all my life

for you // a one-shot, coming soon


SERENITYKRP; home base

Welcome aboard, passengers. Neomun Kat here again, to give you all a message.

  I have to be honest and say that I haven’t been this happy to be in a group in a very long time, nor have I had nearly this much fun. I’ve been here for what I’d consider a pretty damn short time, and even still I’m just head over heels. The community, (that means all of you), are so friendly and welcoming that I just absolutely fell in love with this place in my first few days. I know I really run it into the ground when I say this, (but it’s only cause I mean it) you are all such fantastic, warmhearted individuals, and you all make writing fun for me again. (!!!) Also shout out to the two best admins in the ‘Verse, Luna and Solar (heart eyes emoji) who have made this experience so CRAAAZZZYYYY phenomenal, you guys are doin’ a great job with this place and I’d actually die for you. Not even an exaggeration, come to my house and I’ll just hop in front of a bullet, y’all are too good.

  And with that, I must end with the most accurate Serenity quote to date;

“   We’re not gonna die. We can’t die, Bendis. You know why? Because we are so very pretty. We are just too pretty for God to let us die.   


my lil mechanic gorl

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is there anything we can do to let the writers know how much we want jr season four besides buying the dvds? I guess I'm saying how can we be activeeee??

The thing is other than buying dvds there isn’t much we can do because profit is everything in the anime industry. Stuff that sells well are the things that get new seasons.

Here is a link where an anime producer explains how the industry works.

But here are the important parts of the article:

“Manga gets adapted into an anime → anime becomes popular → manga sales rise → anime Blu-ray discs does not sell.

That is the pain experienced by companies that shell out 200 million yen to make an anime that does not sell well while the manga, that did not pay a single yen, does. It makes us think, “did we sign up for this?””

He also explains how manga sells do not guaranteed another season.

“If a manga is selling by the truckloads, then it has it made! Naturally, people will start expecting a second season. Even if the manga sells, but not a even 1 yen goes back to the anime company → the Blu-ray discs do not sell → there is no way a second season will be made.” 

Its pretty harsh but whats the point of making something if you don’t generate profit?

it’s important to remember that every person is capable of committing sexual assault. just because men are the ones who are mostly caught for it does not mean a woman can’t commit the same crimes. it’s important to remember that women enjoy sex and want sex just as much as men do. they may statistically handle these desires better, but that does not mean a woman can’t rape another person. please respect all sexual assault/rape survivors and do not belittle them because the person who committed the crime doesn’t necessarily fit society’s idea of the part.