but it broke me


I haven’t finished all the dad’s arcs yet, but Robert has definitely been the most fun so far.

All his dialogue just had me laughing so hard (except for when shit got real), and then I would start laughing even harder because I would realise that I was romancing badass robert as a skinny, pretty dad with a kitten shirt and long turquoise hair. 

What must the neighbours think?


(from talkRADIO interview with Bob Mills, Tom Holland, and Dominic Holland on 23/7/17)

-filming will begin in Montreal in 3 weeks
-script is still in the writing process
-Dominic Holland said that they were still in the casting process
-director Doug Liman asked Tom Holland if he was comfortable riding a motorcycle for an action sequence
-according to Tom, Doug is using CW as a blueprint and plans on going as unique as possible
-Doug asked Tom if he is able to grow facial hair
-Tom has not read the books yet

What sucks is to watch yourself slowly fall back into old habits that you’ve tried a million times to break. It’s like every time I find myself climbing out of this deep hole, I slip right back in. Why am I such a failure?
I know I have friends but I feel like I have no one to talk to about the shit that goes on in my head
—  (via @sturzpoesie-blog)
we’re just suicidal kids telling other suicidal kids that suicide isn’t the answer.
—  (via @sturzpoesie)

I’m going to push you away,

I need you to stay,

but I wouldn’t blame you if you dont

—  God help me//kayla