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Relationships: Ezra Bridger/Sabine Wren, Kanan Jarrus/Hera Syndulla
Characters: Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios, Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo, CT-7567 | Rex, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, C1-10P | Chopper, Chopper (Star Wars), Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Bail Organa, Kallus | ISB-021, Ketsu Onyo, Wedge Antilles, Mon Mothma
Additional Tags: not really a crossover, an au actually, Ezra is younger than sabine (in human age thingy..?), but like he’s the devil so…, sabine is totally badass, or she will be, eventually, idk this is all over the place, chopper is a dog, ha, he’s still a jerk, hera and kanan are dating, they live together, but like, Thing - Freeform, whatever, I’m thinking of tags, i had like fifty in my head, now i can think of negative 25134125513, ketsu is like mayze, or whatever her name is, wedge and sabine are exes, you know, Bleh, because why not, Why Did I Write This?, actually, no, I WASN’T Drunk When I Wrote This, I Blame Tumblr, I have no regrets
Series: Part 1 of SWR Lucifer Au

Ezra got himself a day job. He got a partner, the perfect one to keep him busy. Sabine Wren is everything he’s never wanted. He can’t seem to understand it. Why he has no effect on her. She confuses, intrigues him. He wants to know more about her, hear her voice, see her; he wants-needs-something he has not since his fall to Hell. More.
Sabine and Ezra get into an argument over a case, and Zeb visits Ketsu to convince her to help him get Ezra back to Hell.
She heard a click and prepared to move, and prepared to shoot if needed be.
Sabine saw movement and the next thing she knew, a figure in a familiar orange jacket was tackling the man. There was a flash of blue hair. The pair wrestled in the snow, multiple shots went off, and Sabine cried out as a stinging pain spread through her leg and shoulder. Her knees buckled and she fell to the ground, wincing. The bullets had just grazed her, but they still killed.
She wasn’t sure exactly what happened next but somehow the man managed to wrestle himself to his feet, and running off, pausing to kick the already dead teen in the side. Sabine raised her gun and let a bullet fly, nailing him in the leg.

@kimbachan I did the thing. 

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I keep forgetting to do this, good grief. But while I’m able to pay attention long enough, I’ll be listing my triggers, so y’all know what to tag for ya boi Zack.

My catchall phrase is “zack dont look”, but individual trigger tags are also fine so long as they follow the ____ tw format for blacklist to pick up on.

Misgendering. Including genderbends. Especially genderbends.
Any and all forms of sexual abuse. Including incest and pedophilia. This also includes blackmailing others or trying to extort someone into sex.
Forced starvation. As well as any and all mentions of bulimia or anorexia.
–Unreality, though this only applies to very graphic images or gifs. Like, optical illusion ones, you know those ones. Can’t handle it.
I am obviously okay with themes of child abuse, but only when I initiate it or say its alright. I write these sort of things as a coping mechanism from time to time. Otherwise, no thanks, keep it tagged for ya boi Zack. Unless we’re going to have Apath fuck a shitty parent up. In which case, let Apath murder all of the abusive parents and adopt all the babies for themself.
IRL butterflies. Please don’t ask. Moths are okay, though. I love moths.

I’ll likely remember others as time goes on, but I’ll be updating my rules with a little link to this post here in a bit.


I don’t really want to meet a disappointing end, with someone burning my bones without even knowing who they belong to…

modern au SNK aesthetics –> Jean Kirschstein [model: Chase Bash]

How about we go ahead and kill vegetarian shaming this year

This is something that is simply not talked about enough, so here I am, starting the convo because it’s getting really really old. And this all applies to any specialized eating habits (gluten free, vegan, pescetarian, lacto-vegetarian, ovo vegetarian, anything…)

Reasons why it’s okay to be vegetarian…

  • religion
  • closely regulated diets
  • you ate a hot dog one time as a kid and puked it up and it grosses you out now
  • meat tastes bad to you
  • you watched this really graphic video on YouTube about how KFC makes their chicken and it has scarred you for life
  • allergies
  • animal protection beliefs
  • you watched a documentary that changed your perspective
  • any other belief you have
  • literally any other reason you have

You want to know how many times we’ve heard “It’s the circle of life. Humans were put on the planet to eat meat. It’s healthy.”? A LOT. You know what’s not okay? Feeling embarrassed to tell you loved ones or people you are eating with that you are vegetarian in anticipation for the eye rolls/lectures. Being vegetarian does not make someone pretentious/pompous/picky. It means someone has developed a certain preference for what they shove in their body and tHAT IS OKAY. 

We get it. Eating meat is natural and healthy. Okay. But there are so many ways to live a healthy lifestyle otherwise - seriously. It’s definitely a thing.

So can we agree to stop assuming all vegetarians are people who spend their rainy days walking along the sidewalk, crying over the squished worms or all in all, overly sympathetic hippies? If you think for one second that it’s acceptable to say that the meal I want to order looks like someone swept the floor of a rain forest onto a plate (or “what is that, a scoop of compost on a bun?”), then you need to go ahead and zip that darling little mouth shut. It is a personal preference (get it? personal? so nothing to do with anyone but the individual?). It’s not cute. It’s not funny.

I understand there are vegetarians who choose to rub their lifestyles in peoples’ faces, acting like they are the wisest at the table or are better than everyone. This is not okay either. I am not supporting this. Fact of the matter is, it really is no one’s business what you decide to put in your body. This applies to those with meat-only diets also or whatever the fuck you may be ~ IT DOESN’T MATTER. And it shouldn’t matter to anyone else. No one is better than anyone else because of what they order. 

When my sister came out as vegan to the rest of my family, I should not have been the only one she felt comfortable turning to asking for advice (I have been pescetarian and flexitarian for 2 years). She should not have felt ashamed for not feeling comfortable eating an animal. People should not have gotten ANGRY or called her IGNORANT or NAIVE or made her CRY and feel STUPID for even two seconds. And this happens to so many others, which is why I am writing this. Changing something like your eating habits is not an easy feat and they deserve all the advice and support someone can offer.

If you skimmed through this post, please just take this little snippet before you go…..

You can eat whatever the motherfucking fuck you want. Whether that be the raw carcass of a lion you hunted yourself or the grass from your front lawn. And no one has the authority to make you feel silly or ashamed of what your eating habits or beliefs are.

Side note - I know what I said, but please do not only eat the grass from your front lawn. Whatever you decide to do, it is always important to research it first and transition in to it so you can keep your body as healthy as possible (knowing what supplements, vitamins or substitutes to have, etc.).

Okay, end of PSA… But seriously. Let’s change this shit.

Well, it’s that time again! We’re putting on the third ever Petruo Week! We have some really great prompts this year, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what all of you guys come up with featuring our favorite battle couple! 

When: August 17-24
What: Fic, Art, Graphics, Playlists, etc!

August 17 - Anticipation
August 18 - Secret
August 19 - Rain
August 20 - Regret
August 21 - Home
August 22 - Touch
August 23 - Safe
August 24 (Bonus) - Stars

Standard rules apply: Be sure to tag your fabulous works as #petruoweek so we can reblog them here! Nsfw is more than okay, but please make sure to tag nsfw and triggers appropriately. It doesn’t matter what day you post your entries, but in order to be considered for the End of Week Giveaway, all of your entries must be posted by August 25th. 

Banner art credit to the amazing misslupotter!

a week dedicated to celebrating and creating fanworks of Tanaka Ryuunosuke from Haikyuu!!, including his birthday on the 3rd. any type of media and skill level is welcome!

submissions should all feature tanaka prominently, but absolutely can include other characters, relationships, etc!!

For each day, there are two prompts! One of them is geared more toward visual media (fanart, gifsets, graphics, and so on), and the other is geared more toward content (fanfiction, fanmixes, meta, and so on). However, you may apply either prompt to any type of fanfare you like, or even mix the two! It’s perfectly okay to write a fanfic based on the visual prompt for that day, or vice versa!

DAY 1 - 1st of March

visual prompt: clothes (e.g. costumes, changing or swapping uniforms, fashion, different outfits, etc)
content prompt: senpai

DAY 2 - 2nd of March

visual prompt: AU/crossover (e.g. other sports, girl AU, magical girl AU, high fantasy, dystopia, soulmates, etc… this is a very rich area)
content prompt: childhood

DAY 3 - 3rd of March

visual prompt: flowers (flower crowns, floral print, floral motifs, bouquets, all of this at once, etc)
content prompt: family (born, found, current family, potential future family, or just Saeko in general)

: it’s my boy’s birthday today, so add a festive spin to your entry for extra awesomeness!

DAY 4 - 4th of March

visual prompt: expressions
content prompt: intimidation techniques

DAY 5 - 5th of March

visual prompt: screencap/panel redraw
content prompt: ace

DAY 6 - 6th of March

visual prompt: OTP (or shipping; you know, the romantic kind)
content prompt: team

DAY 7 - 7th of March

visual prompt: wings
content prompt: graduation (or post-graduation; e.g. college, travel, career, future)

tag all your works with #tanaka week and i will add them to this blog’s queue! (also remember to tag your NSFW content and anything sensitive or potentially triggery!)

(artwork in the banner is done by your mod)

Fivesosource is a blog dedicated to the australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer. Our goal is to provide the lastest news, pictures, videos and anything related to them. Updating takes a lot of responsability so it can get really stressful. Before you apply, please, think about this twice to avoid issues.


  • You have to post at least 5 times per week.
  • If you’re able to make gifs/edits/graphics/etc it would be amazing but if you don’t, it’s okay.



Location/Time Zone:

Links to edits/gifs/grapics/etc:


Why would you like to join? -optional-:

If you have any question feel free to ask me 
Don’t send the application multiple times. One will be enough.


this idea originally came from seeing the oikawa/seijou defense squad! since a lot of people have been hurting our precious sunshine cinnamon roll lately, I thought I’d make this!! it’s very needed trust me. the graphic is eh b ut I tried. (I made this in like five minutes I did not try at all)


  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • fill out this survey
  • track the tag #hinataprotectionsquad (it’s long I know :/)
  • NO ANGST!! which is a given but [side eyes] just in case

I’ll accept after the first twenty apply! from then on, I’ll gradually accept others so don’t worry! you’ll get to join c”:


  • friendships!! what’s better than making friends? nothing (except hinata himself)
  • honestly no one will ever be able to hurt hinata again okay that’s pretty great, right?
  • squealing with friends over hinata shouyou and his unlimited cuteness