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Never Mess With The Bellas!!! CLICK TO SEE PITCH PERFECT 2(2015)

Movie Info:

Release Date : 2015-05-22
Casts : Katey Sagal, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin, Hana Mae Lee, Alexis Knapp, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Camp, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner, Rebel Wilson, Ester Dean, Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Kendrick
Duration : 115 minutes runtime
Rating : 9.2

♩ ♪ ♭ ♮ ♯ ø  ♩ ♪ ♮  P.I.T.C.H - P.E.R.F.E.C.T  2 ♩ ♪ ♭ ♮ ♯ ø  ♩ ♪

Collegiate acapella group the Barden Bellas enter into an international competition that no American team has ever won.




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Here’s a little thing I wrote after being utterly inspired by this sweet little gifset that welovesherlolly had made for me. Thanks for cheering me up, darling. I hadn’t had the mood to write in ages. Your gifset did the trick. Thank you. x


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Sherlock glanced at his watch from where he stood in the corner of a room. He was nicely tucked behind some shelves, granting him maximum concealment but affording him an almost perfect view of the room.

Four minutes. And a half, maybe.

The detective counted down silently, a little curious at the slight elevation in his heart rate.

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Girl On Fire

                             a fanmix for Ahsoka Tano [listen here]

01. Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys 02. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield 03. One Step At a Time - Jordin Sparks 04. Girl Power - The Cheetah Girls 05. Because I’m Awesome - The Dollyrots 06. Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde 07. Titanium - Sia  08. Shooting Star - Owl City 09. Alice - Avril Lavigne 10. Perfect - P!nk 11. Warrior - Ke$ha 12. Bulletproof - La Roux 13. Elastic Heart - Sia 14. Big Girls Don’t Cry - Fergie 15. Miss Movin’ On - Fifth Harmony 16. Hall Of Fame - The Script feat. Will.I.Am 17. Scream My Name - Tove Lo

I tried to make this equally silly and serious. Tell me what you guys think! Also send song suggestions for future mixes!

there was a Gish article posted on Facebook and look… WHY? WHY? WHY? no matter what, they always have to go there. we are talking about Gish, a motherfucking masterpiece of a motherfucking perfect band and all this bitch can think of is how D’arcy doesn’t look the same after 24 years. because all D’arcy is and was is her appearance (which -of course- has to be the way you want it to be). and apparently it’s also the whole point of the Pumpkins. I’m so done with these people. she’s DEVASTATED by D’arcy’s current look…she MISSES her old look. well I’m devastated by you being a disgusting piece of shit but who cares about our feelings

G-BT03 Divine Dragon Knights Kagero

かげろう「いでよ、神龍騎士!」 / Kagero “Sally Forth, Divine Dragon Knights”!

Kagero gets even stronger with cards from “Sovereign Star Dragon”!
Their new Grade 0 Critical Trigger, if you have a “Dragonic Blademaster” Vanguard, lets you draw 1 card and have that Vanguard gain 5000 Power. Keep in mind that any G Unit that Strides over “Blademaster” carries over Blademaster’s name, so you can use this ability with them, no problem. Also, the Grade 3 “Heroic Saga Dragon” is no less powerful than “Blademaster”. It has a Guardian smashing ability which is rare for Kagero. Also, their latest G Unit, “Divine Dragon Knight, Mustafa”, can retire a Rearguard, and your Units can gain a “Counter Charge when their attack hits” ability. It’s a perfect G Unit for Kagero, who require a ton of Counter Blasts in order to Retire the opponent’s Rearguards.

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not everyone understands the fact that your politics growing up are always going to be influenced by your growing up and this includes everything from who you surround yourself with and your background. let’s be honest, no one has perfect politics at 15. A lot of people still believe what the media tells them etc.
also everyone is different to the point where, especially as a younger person, they’re not either smart enough to understand the world around them (or possibly they could just be apathetic) or they’re not emotionally capable of handling such intense subjects. this doesn’t excuse them for supporting vile institutions etc but it’s ridiculous to hold someone to such high standards for something they did when they were young and didn’t understand at the time. if they don’t understand, educate them perhaps.

And you know what, you can complain all you want about her not being strong or confident enough from the get go, but guess what. This is a young woman who just isn‘t very confident yet, who isn’t used to being a hero yet. She’s used to helping people, but she’s never been in the spotlight, and she has to get used to how she loves being a hero.

And if a lot of young women and girls decide to watch this and take her as an example, then good! Great! Learn to love being a hero, and being in the spotlight, learn to love doing what you’re excellent at! You don’t have to be perfect and be where you belong right now - you just have to be brave enough to get there.

Also, can we just acknowledge how this show features SO MUCH female conversation on different levels and different types of female characters? I’m not saying that Supergirl the show is flawless, I’m sure that the pacing was just a bit too fast and that there are some things that people will pick at and they’ll be absolutely right.

But it also includes so many positive things, and as cliche as that sounds with anything from the “S” family - it made me hopeful in so many ways. I for one am really looking forward to November. I’m looking forward to seeing a hero on screen that I can finally actually identify with in many different ways.

If it’s not enough for you, then good. Go and strive for more, that’s how we get progress. That’s how we got this show, after all. But please don’t put Supergirl down. It’s such a good start.

Don’t complain about how she’s presented as too much of a “girly girl”. They aren’t implying that this is the only kind of show that people who identify as female watch. They just assume that there are some people on this planet who do like this kind of character in this kind of show, and it’s nothing that we’ve had before. We’ve had so many “fighting fucktoys” who don’t get their own stories, female friends, bosses, relatives. Now we have someone who gets her own story, from the start. Thanks.

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Hi! I have a question. Today my spanish teacher said to my friend '¿Donde has comprado esta chaqueta?' and i'm wondering why did she use preterito perfecto instead of preterito indefinido? Sorry for bothering you, but i just totally adore your blog and I have to figure it out.

It’s very common to do that when you don’t know the time frame.

It’s like…

compraste would be preterite, and that implies that it was fully completed at a specific time.

You don’t actually know what time it was, but it did get completed so it’s not imperfect comprabas… Because comprabas would be more like… “Where were you buying that jacket?”

That’s why you would use has comprado.

It’s saying “Where did you buy that jacket (at some interval that I don’t know)?”

A lot of people also find using the perfect tenses easier than deciding between preterite and imperfect in general.

The amazing rise and immortal life of Sherlock Holmes

When I think of Sherlock Holmes, I think of Benedict Cumberbatch.

He’s the Sherlock for my generation.

He has a sense of perfect instability about him. He describes himself as a “high functioning sociopath.” He’s a walking TED talk, selfish and cocky, and yet alluring.

“You can see what the 1980s was interested in through Brett’s portrayal, just as in Rathobone’s portrayal you see what the 1940s were interested in,” says Dundas.

And now, we have Cumberbatch.

But along with his cheekbones, we also have an entirely different genre of Sherlock being produced almost by the minute — one created entirely by fans.

“Fan fiction is fascinating because it’s being written in almost every language,” says Dundas. “There’s this incredible, sort of prismatic view of character provided by fan fiction that is something that we’ve never really seen before and I think is an intriguing new direction for how a character could evolve through popular culture.”

But whoever or whatever the new Sherlock Holmes will be, it will certainly be hard to top Cumberbatch.


@ TD Garden, Boston | 07/03/2012

please remember this before you rip into dirk over his relationship with jake. he knows he was shitty so please give the kid a break.

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So I know you're against Seaworld but honestly it's not that as bad as people make it seem. In fact they do some awesome things. I live in SD and I think Seaworld is great; however, I know they're not perfects. It helps educate children about conservation and sea creatures. Also with the oil spill in Santa Barbara Seaworld has helped rescue many animals who have been affected and without Seaworld's help these creatures wouldn't have this chance of survival

Do your research and you’ll find the secrets of Sea World and by reading all the shit things they stand for your opinion should certainly change. 

Here I will even link you to some articles you should read. These are from freedomforwhales Follow her instantly. <3

Useful Articles/other Sources about Captivity


Hey guys!

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Adidas Tubular Runner “White/Black” by SneakerBarDetroit 

Being that the all white color-way is now a “thing” for this summer and after adding the all white look to their most current popular sneaker the “Ultra Boost”, Adidas has decided to also give the Adidas Tubular the same treatment with hints of black perfect for the summer for people trying to keep with the current trend, but especially for the peeps ballin’ on a budget and not able to pay the $180 price tag on the Ultra Boosts. You can cop a pair now at Titolo

Let’s look at the four key measures of an economy’s health: per capita GDP, labor productivity, the number of jobs, and median household income. When we studied the U.S. data on all those metrics, we turned up an intriguing story: For more than three decades after World War II, all four went up steadily and in almost perfect lockstep. Job growth and wage growth, in other words, kept pace with gains in output and productivity. American workers not only created more wealth but also captured a proportional share of the gains.  In the 1980s, however, the growth in median income began to sputter. In the past 15 years it’s turned negative; once you adjust for inflation, an American household at the 50th percentile of income distribution earns less today than it did in 1998, even after accounting for changes in household size. Job growth in the private sector has also slowed—and not just because of the 2008 recession. Job gains were anemic throughout the 2000s, even when the economy was expanding. This phenomenon is what we call the Great Decoupling. The two halves of the cycle of prosperity are no longer married: Economic abundance, as exemplified by GDP and productivity, has remained on an upward trajectory, but the income and job prospects for typical workers have faltered.
the signs according to me

aries: v cool !! some of the coolest ppl anyone knows, ur very protective of ur friends and won’t let anyone get away w hurting them

taurus: chill. so much chill. u can also fall asleep anywhere. i envy u. i encourage u 2 continue being awesome

gemini: ur so cooperative and friendly ! u can keep the peace between others which is a valuable skill and ur so cool, keep it up

cancer: you guys are always portrayed as clingy in a bad way but ur not !! u love ur friends and ppl that r important to u, which is never a bad thing!

leo: ur so cute holy shit and everyone has a crush on u ahh ur so adorable and really cool personality too !! great job being u keep it up

virgo: u r. so perfect. how?? i do not understand??? ur face and ur voice and i know u get really stressed sometimes but !! ur so great !! u deserve to be happy all the time u beautiful cinnamon roll

libra: i love u. so much. ur so cool all the time, unfailingly, and ur funny and cute and u deserve so much better than u get, pls treat urself well u r so amazing

scorpio: meme lord. unicorn child. everyone’s unproblematic fave ur so great and adorable holy shit and ahhh you’re so cool ily

sagittarius: ur smile is so cute! and ur hella cool B) b kind to urself !!! ur face is my aesthetic tbh

capricorn: okay, I know u don’t like urself all the time but ur so cool!! there are so many ppl who love and care abt u, pls eat and sleep and treat urself regularly 2 sweet things

aquarius: ur so honest and sweet !! also v accepting to ppl u haven’t met, ur so nice, ur fab the way u r and I’ll support u through any changes u need to make 2 make urself happy!

pisces: ahhh, u r a perfect smoll pumpkin child, take deep breaths and keep trying 2 love urself, I promise you’ll get there one day

Here is Me(David on the right) and my boyfriend(Christian on the left), When we attended his prom. I had the chance to meet alot of his friends who all accepted me with open arms. Alot of them had said they had pictured me to be alot taller that what I am.(I`m only 5`2) I was a little nervous at first because I was around alot of people I didn`t know seeing how we don’t go to the same school (which caused me to dance like a stiff pigeon) but as the night continued I realized no one even cared and I overall had a very VERY good time. I didn`t receive any awkward stares or disrespectful comments from anyone. The only comments I received were really nice ones like (You guys are so perfect, cute, made for each other) This experience has made us even stronger and I`m glad I forced him to go to his own prom. I’m also glad to say that we have spent almost a year and 1 month together, and even though it hasn’t been a perfect year, (As if any relationship is) I cant wait to see what the future has in store for us. I expect our future to be bright together and I want to keep him forever or as long as the world allows me to.


2Shy by Shura

On Friday we put out our collaborative Summer Playlist, and I was inspired to add something to it – Shura’s 2Shy – not even realizing it was on our Summer Mixtape already! Clearly, this is a song that’s captured Tuneage’s collective ear. I originally heard it when it came out at the beginning of April and started writing a review. But then I forgot about it until Friday. I’m glad I remembered as it is a perfect breezy summer tune that you should definitely play during your Memorial Day festivities.

The music of 2Shy has an 80’s synth vibe to it. It floats. And Shura, a British singer, has a voice that is unique while also being easy on the ears. The lyrics are all about taking a relationship from friends to lovers and the shyness involved in that. Summer really should be about love. Or at least the hope of it.

Buy it on iTunes or Amazon.

Neuroqueer Nidoqueen: “Even if you could identify fakers with 100% accuracy, we real disabled people would rather not have to constantly prove that we’re really disabled.”

Actions have consequences, not only on the individuals they’re directed against, but also on the culture at large. Kind of basic sociology there. If there’s a test that proves who’s really disabled, suddenly every disabled person has to take that test. Even if the test is perfect, which it never is, there’s still a cost.


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I don't know what it was about Garnet in Jail Break but she was just drawn and animated perfectly in it. Perhaps her new outfit helped but she just seemed more fluid and less ridged. Her proportions were on point. Sometimes i find that they draw her with oversized hips, obviously her design has those but sometimes they're just crazy spread apart. But in Jail Break they were perfect, her facial and body language were so emotive, i'm also glad that she smiles more now, especially during her song.

The “Stronger Than You” sequence was really brilliantly boarded and animated, its really amazing. They did seem to take extra care in drawing Garnet for that episode, since there’s a lot of focus on her and they needed it to be just right to convey what they wanted. Characters always seem to be the best drawn in the episodes that really focus on them, for the same reason I think. Not that they’re slacking otherwise, of course.