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Akashi as a father, pretty please? Thanks, and great job on the blog 😘

Omg YES! Thank you so much~ ^_^ Please keep on supporting me! Also, since ‘Akashi as a father’ is quite a vast topic, I’ve only managed to write the pre-father phase this time. If you want more, or if want his reaction as a father to a specific even of his child’s life, please do tell me through a request! 

Also, I’m very sorry for being so inactive for the past two days. T^T Work has been treacherous for me. Please bear with me for a few days until my workload lightens. Thank you very much for all the love and support~ 

When Akashi found out you were pregnant, his first instinct was worry. Will I be a good father? He thought immediately. His own father was, in some ways, the absolute parent; the perfect herder for a child brought up in an all-excellency environment. But in doing so he had stamped out - or at least, inhibited - a lot of necessary human emotions out of his son, and ultimately had left him deprived of a lot of experiences. Akashi did not want his son to have as harsh a childhood as he did.

He kept his anxious musings hidden from you throughout most of your pregnancy, feeling as if you had enough on your plate without his problems mounting on the pile. He always treated you with gentle care, making sure that no harm came your way. If you felt even slightly sick, he would call up the best specialist in the country just to make sure you were okay. “I will not let anything or anybody harm you.” He would tell you firmly.

This insistence was sweet and endearing, even romantic, at first, but then matters started getting out of hand. Four months into the pregnancy, you caught a slight cold. Akashi immediately forced you into bedrest until you were completely better, and buried you under ten different custom-made quilts. A week later you nicked your index finger with a knife while you were preparing a snack, and he berated you for hours about being careless, going so far as to hire a personal chef purely to prepare your snacks for you. You went by with all of this patiently, but when he started talking about expensively padding the bathroom floor just in case you slipped and fell, you had to put your foot down. You gently convinced him to stop overthinking and tried to get him to relax. You even slyly suggested that Akashi himself should come monitor your showers if he was so worried about you slipping and falling (This was probably a bad idea, because he did do exactly that. Not that you minded, of course; showers with Akashi were always far from unenenjoyable).

But it wasn’t about seven months into your pregnancy that he woke you up late one night, voice filled with anxiety.

”[], do you believe that I have the capacity to be a good father?”

Your eyes fluttered open when he said this, to meet red and yellow depths that shimmered unnaturally with worry. You did not miss a beat as you reassured him that he would be perfect.

"The fact that you are worrying now means that you care. And if you care about something, I know you’ll be able to make it happen your way."

Then he said something so unlike Akashi that it left you stunned and speechless for a moment. “But what if my way is the incorrect way?”

The anxiety in his eyes broke your heart. “I can’t believe that your way would be incorrect.” You state firmly, slipping your hand into his and giving it a soft squeeze, “You’ll be perfect. I’m sure of it.”

He remained silent for a few seconds before moving closer to you in order to caress your now swollen belly with one hand.

"I love you, flower." He said, his eyes trained on your round stomach. You laughed lightly and kissed him softly on the forehead before asking him why he had assumed the baby was a girl. His eyes lifted to yours before he smiled and told you that he had been talking about you.

His hands were gentle on your bloated skin. “This,” he caressed your tummy, “is my precious jewel. And you,” he connected your lips briefly, “are my beloved empress. Forever and always.”

Akashi was slightly reassured, but all throughout the remainder of the pregnancy, he still harbored his worry of not being able to be a good father. But when the time came for delivery, he found himself so neurotic with worry about something else that he might have snapped a few times unnecessarily at Tetsuya and the others, who had come to give him some moral support. What if something went wrong? What if they lost the baby? What if it had all been just a delusion? His friends were patient and understanding with him, and later he did apologize for being harsh with them, but he couldn’t help it. You and the baby were what mattered most to him, and he was not going to be able to live with himself if something bad happened.

When the doctors called for him and he finally stepped into the room with a racing heart and unusually shaky footsteps, he thought he might explode from the anticipation. But when he walked up to your exhausted but gratefully smiling form and gently retrieved the squirming bundle from your arms, all his worries flew out the window. The world seemed to stop as he finally held his child in his arms. At that surreal, overwhelming moment, there was nothing, nothing, that mattered to him besides you, and the red-faced bundle in his arms.

Everything was going to be alright. He was sure of it.

James Mason being even more brooding and swoony than usual in The Night Has Eyes [d: Leslie Arliss, 1942]

This is a wee corker of a film, all modern-day Gothic romance and suspense, with a surprising (to me, anyway) ending and a glorious (totally studio-bound) setting on the dark and mysterious North Yorkshire Moors. Cinematography by the veteran German cameraman Günter Krampf (Nosferatu, Hands of Orlac, Pandora’s Box). 

I have a theory (stick with it) that every decade/generation has its should-have-been-Rochester* and dear god you know how much I adore Orson but James would have been the PERFECT Rochester. (Also probably Heathcliff, although I think WH is much more unfilmable. Also not as good as JE. Proper Yorkshire accent option available tho). Cf: this film, The Seventh Veil, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea - swoony misanthropes all. (Plus - at the camper end of the scale - The Man in Grey and The Wicked Lady). 

*This generation’s is of course Richard Armitage. I haven’t actually thought about any others. Except Ciaran Hinds for the 90s. Feel free to contribute ideas. 

" This is my second binder from @gc2b and let me just say, this thing is just perfect. I have a very curvy figure so I was initially afraid this binder would ride up on me but it just doesn’t. I’m also a DD cup but this thing makes me flatter than I have ever been in my life. It really helps with my dysphoria. Love it, definitely recommend it. #gc2b #chestbinder #review #transman #selfmademan #lgbt #genderdysphoria #educator #activist " @jessieknouse

Another happy second time customer ♡
Jessie has an article on Huffington Post where he answers questions about being a trans man! Check it out here
http:///www.huffingtonpost.com/jamie-davis-smith/everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-being-a-trans-man-but-were-afraid-to-ask_b_6708606.html #transgender #family #friends #selfmademan #transman #huffingtonpost #news #famous #ftm #testosterone #jamiesmith #love #lgbt #lesbian #gay #bisexual #acceptance #motivation #beastmode #effectchange #activist #education #educator #Lycomingcollege#gc2b #chestbinding #bindhappier #bindbetter #vitaminT #trans #transgender #transman #transmasculine #transpride #f2m #ftmsofig #vitaminT #tboy #translivesmatter

welcome meeting...

forgive me I’ve seemed to have lost the reply button but I’m going to chuck this here so hopefully it can work. I’m Bec, one of your newest Australian friends, Hello, hows it going? 

You are on point about olicity, as ‘painful’ as it was to watch them get together we need to remember that our baby girl has needs, oliver is no where in any shape or form to be emotionally stable and ray isn’t a terrible choice. I’m all about the strong female and jesus was Arrow on point tonight :D

this-istheworldwelivein: Hey, Bec!!! I’m doing pretty awesome today, how are you?

Thank you! I remembered that quote and I was like yes, that is perfect. And we knew from 3x05, that Felicity was no innocent virgin. 

Also, around this same time last season was when we had the Canarrow affair, which ended with the big Olicity “I love you” scene (and even the Sara/Oliver relationship was informed by Oliver struggling with his feeling for Felicity).

So we’re good, just a bit of angstyness.

How did Harrison Wells put it . .  ”an emotion that’s been suppressed for so long is bound to explode”

I want a girl whose beauty engulfs the lust of others but is also deeper than the eye. I want a girl who is as smart as she is beautiful, not just text book smart but intellectual. I want to be silly, laugh and have a good time but I also want to be able to sit down and have intellectual talks about everything and nothing. I want a girl with a story, and you may say “everyone has a story”. I don’t disagree with you at all but I want a story that takes me longer to read then a coffee date. I want to be puzzled and misplaced by your story. Unable to finish it for ages only to find out it’s being continued with me. No she doesn’t have to be perfect or anywhere near close. I understand we are human beings and we are designed to be flawed. I want to be able to know what you are thinking and for you to know what I am going to say next, because I am you and you are me. Together we are whole. You will be mine and I will be yours, and nothing will bring us apart.

Matthew Lee Espinosa

Can we just take a moment and realize how perfect my husband, (Matthew Lee Espinosa, obviously) is. I mean come on. Who has that high pitched adorable laugh like Matt?? Let me answer that for you, NO ONE. Who is so chill and down to earth and everytime you look at them you fall in love with him all over again and fall harder faster?? That would also be Matt. Who has the cutest smile known to mankind?? That again would also be Matt. Who has saved so many lives I lost count in the triple digits?? Well all of them but Matt is in that mix. Matt has done so much and a lot of people overlook him and go straight for Jack G., or Cam, or Nash, or Taylor, or Jacob, or Shawn, or Carter, or Aaron because they are cute or hot or have nice abs. Matt is literally so perfect I am so proud of all of his accomplishments and I am so glad I found out who he was back in October 2013 because I can’t imagine what my life would be like without him.

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I think that it's disrespectful for someone with a profile of samcedes85, be involved in a rp that isn't a Samcedes endgame. That also has a Sam that disrespects Mercedes, I don't see how you can be a hypocrite.

How am I a hypocrite? It’s a rp. Things happen. Mercedes never told Sam how she felt until he got back with Quinn. Was he supposed to dump Quinn? That would have been disrespectful to the Quinn roper who is very nice. I’m a Samcedes fan through and through. Sam didn’t cheat, or beat Mercedes, or verbally emotionally abuse her. He broke her heart and he is an indecisive dumbass, but he didn’t disrespect her. He isnt perfect.

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re: Desert Bluffs Steve: I relistened to the episodes today, and I don't think DB citizens are copies of NV--Cecil mentions two Danas, while Kevin has two Vanessas. One Vanessa (seems to) remain in DB, and one Dana we know is in NV. (also, most of the pairs have the same name, except Kevin/Cecil, as far as I am aware). Maybe they are parallel worlds on the same ruined plane instead of an upside-down mirror of each other? and Kevin/Cecil are the pivot point? (did that make any sense at all?)

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Exo k&m ship please? Im chinese but people say I look korean. I hve dark eyes& long hair,Im slim &only 5'.I love being in small groups bc I can express myself easier &I love singing &dancing but I get a little shy in front of others. Im competitive to no end &I like reading and sleeping(a lot!) School stresses me out so I listen to r&b. Ppl say I'm funny, smart,dramatic& kind of overwhelming bc when I get excited about something I talk about it forever. I'm not self conscious& I dnt like an ego.


I’d ship you with Suho. Suho likes girls who read, he has this perfect picture of a girl tucking her hair behind her ear while reading. He would also like that you are usually shy but have an explosive side. Another thing he would appreciate or admire about you is your competitiveness, as Suho himself is known to give more than 100% in anything he does.

Suho is obviously rich and famous, and ridiculously handsome but he always seems down to earth. He definitely doesn’t have a huge ego. As the leader of the group he has more responsibilities and has to take care of the other members, even though they are not always very respectful towards him. Nevertheless, he is appreciated and loved and that’s enough for him. Suho would definitely take good care of you and be there whenever you need him.

Problems that might occur: For Suho, EXO comes first!


Here I would ship you with Luhan. Luhan likes small, pretty girls with long hair. He has often stated that he likes quiet girls. The two of you have quite a few things in common, such as your interests in singing and dancing, as well as the tendency to come across as shy in public but be rather playful and overwhelming when amongst friends. Like you, Luhan is also smart and can be dramatic in given situations. Xiumin has stated a few times that Luhan sleeps the longest, so there you have another thing in common. When it comes to an ego, I’m pretty sure Luhan is aware of his good looks but given that he often has many obscure facial expressions and cannot really control them, he does not have an overwhelming ego. Also, when it comes to his skills (singing, dancing and acting), he is modest and rather shy about it.

Problems that might occur: This guy has never heard of personal space!

Pictures and edits are not mine! I hope you like your ships and if you don’t, then get off my blog this instant because these two are gorgeous and you should be grateful that I ship you with them!! Just joking, but no, seriously, just look at them! Okay, bye, xoxo

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Who do you ship Elsa with?

In the show, I really shipped Elsa && Mordrake. But also Elsa && Massimo.
And on here ;;

♛  mxrdrake - Because Marsdrake has always been my ( OUR! ) OTP and it’s just working so well between them.

tiamoelsa - Who wasn’t touched by the story of Elsa && Massimo? Although we didn’t get to see a lot of Massimo, this lovely mun portays him perfectly.

potionsalways - This … accidentally happened. But they’re perfect. We haven’t written that much yet, but all our threads are amazing. Prepare yourself for feels.

♛ axemxn - It’s quite fascinating to watch them, tbh. I don’t know yet, but I guess if he continues to act like this, she’ll get hella interested. Who would blame her? -shrugs-

&& kind of ;; headmistressgoode. That’s actually the mun’s fault, because I adore her and we’ve got another ship going. They’re just so cute together, there’s something I can’t define yet. Maybe we should try it with Young Elsa instead. We’ll see!


@ TD Garden, Boston | 07/03/2012


Favorite characters → Emily Thorne (Revenge)
❞I’m not destroying lives. I’m righting wrongs.❞

Yooooo let’s talk about Big Hero 6 and why you should watch it. This post should be (mostly) spoiler-free. Also it’s specifically about the movie, which does differ from the comics in some pretty big ways.


The two brothers in this are Hiro and Tadashi Hamada. They’re half-Japanese, they’re both big dorks, and they live in San Fransokyo.

Normally when you’re finding voice actors to play characters of color, you try to find someone of the same ethnicity. Just kidding, normally you just pick a white dude.


Here are the dudes who voice Hiro and Tadashi:

Ryan Potter is half Japanese and lived in Tokyo until he was 7. Daniel Henney’s mother is Korean. Whaaaat. Also he’s super hot.

But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s talk about some of the other nerds in this show.

First, there’s Fred. Fred’s a white dude voiced by a white dude. He’s pretty cool though.

Next is Wasabi. A black dude voiced by… a black dude.

Now we’ve got the feisty asian chick with purple streaks in her hair. Voiced by…. the gorgeous Jamie Chung.

And finally, the adorable blonde (trilingual?) Honey Lemon. It would be easy to give this to a white actress, and Disney chose Génesis Rodríguez. American-Venezuelan-Cuban actress. My heart can’t take this.

So yeah. If you want to support a bunch of people of color, voicing characters of color, in a movie about dorks, go and watch Big Hero 6.


Idiots, The Lot of Them: JYJ Talks the Deep Stuff

Goodbye Parks and Recreation, I've Always Loved You

Last night, after 7 seasons, the final episode of Parks and Recreation aired and it hasn’t quite hit me yet that it’s all over and I’ll never play Jean-Ralphio again. It has been such an amazing, love-filled ride. I wanted to say thank you to that perfect cast, legendary writers room, brilliant creator Mike Schur, the producers, directors, wardrobe, hair, make-up, crew, everyone who helped me out in the land of Pawnee over the past six years. I also wanted to say thank you to all of the fans. Even though Parks never had an enormous audience, the people who did watch were so amazing and creative. I have saved so many of your drawings, memes, gifs, tumblr posts, tweets and instagrams photos. I am floored that people dressed up as Jean-Ralphio for Halloween and somehow the words Jean-Ralphio were a worldwide trending topic on twitter for the second week in a row last night. This will be the last time ever the words “Jean-Ralphio” will be a trending topic on anything…ever.  I’m trying my best not to spoil anything from the finale (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FINAL EPISODE) but if you want to relive how Jean-Ralphio’s story ended, watch the clip below.

And as a special treat, Parks creator Mike Schur hid a Jean-Ralphio easter egg within the finale and somehow you guys and girls found it within minutes of the episode ending. Here’s a screen shot of that easter egg showing a piece of what Jean-Ralphio might be up to in the future. The gif below that is Jean-Ralphio’s final frame. Thank you so much. Truly. I love my Parks crew with everything I got. We miss you, Harris.



Melinda May | Favorite Relationships { Eyewear }


Dashboard Theme: Blue Hydrangeas in the Garbage Pile of Tumblr

this is the new-and-improved version of my original dashboard theme. the original is still available, but it has a few bugs because tumblr won’t stop updating. @staff literally fight me

this is a tumblr dashboard theme that implements the Stylish extension. you must have Stylish installed in order to use this. also, it’s important to note that this theme isn’t perfect, but I’m going to try my best to update the code to fix any errors I come across. let me know if you need any help!!

list of things that light yagami had

  • a death note
  • a stellar pair of khakis
  • inner turmoil caused by the monstrosity and violence present in the world and the impotence of the individual against such things

list of things that light yagami did not have

  • an abusive childhood