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Shadowhunters Season 1 | Season 2


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Looks like they’ll be starting fresh on Viktor and Yurio’s home turf to begin preparing for the new challenges that will lie ahead.

And while they don’t know what may happen along the way, they’re love for each other will most likely continue to serve as their guiding light.


> What lies ahead of us, I wonder?

> It really doesn’t matter.

The Musketeers (19 January 2014 – 1 August 2016)


Niall’s snap from yesterday had me feeling some type of way, so here’s some smut for y’all. Enjoy!

Italics= your texts
Bold italics= Niall’s texts

You had gone with Niall to the Modest!Golf offices that day because you couldn’t bear to be away from him that day. You had walked out of the bathroom, dressed and ready, to see Niall shrugging on his coat. You stopped in your tracks, mouth slightly open. He looked positively amazing. His new haircut, which you already loved, was styled in his usual quiff. His hair was now a gorgeous dark brown, with loads of natural highlights that were gleaming in the light of the room. He was wearing a cream-colored collared shirt with buttons, dark skinny jeans, and lace-up shoes. The coat completed everything. You knew that minute that you weren’t letting him out of your sight for the rest of the day. He noticed you staring at him and smirked. “Like what you see?” he asked. You snapped out of your stare and went about finding your coat and shoes. “Yeah, babe. You look good,” you responded, downplaying the fluttering in your stomach that he had caused. “Not so bad yerself there, love.” he told you, and you could feel his blue eyes raking up and down your body. You had opted for gray Vans, leggings, a white henley that was actually Niall’s, and you’d thrown a button up over top of everything. He walked up behind you and helped you into your jacket, placing gentle kisses on your neck as he did so. You moaned lightly, letting your head fall to the side. His lips coasted up your neck, by your ear, and on your jaw. You spun around, ready to lay one on him. “We gotta go love,” he said quietly. You pouted and rested your hands on his face, feeling the tickle of his stubble under the pads of your fingers. He smiled at you and placed what he thought was going to be a quick kiss on your lips, but you pressed yourself against him, deepening the kiss. Your hands ran down his body to rest on his chest. His resolve crumbled instantly, and his arms wrapped around your waist. His hands rested just above your ass, one slipping down to squeeze your bum. You smiled against his lips and slipped your tongue into his mouth, tasting his toothpaste and something distinctly Niall. He pulled himself away from you, trying to regain his bearings, and rested his forehead on yours. “Yer killing me, darlin’” “Sorry. You just look so good. I want you so bad, baby,” you told him. “I know, and God I want you too, but we’ve gotta go to the office.” “Fine,” you sighed dramatically, exaggerating the injustice of not being able to jump your boyfriend’s bones.

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It’s 1.30am and I just got in. Publishing people are WILDE. We took a lot of group shots, all of them were terribly dark, this is the best and I think it perfectly encapsulates the tone. If you haven’t already pre ordered #WildeLikeMe, why? It will make your life at least 18% better than it already is. Look at this team of people making it amazing! I love you ❤️ Always drink responsibly ❤️ http://ift.tt/2jJ5NI9


A small selection of some of my fave pics with my old fursona TheKarelia. The suit is almost 5 years old now 😊

I still plan on remaking this character in the near future. It will always be my main fursona.

I already have tons og amazing memories with this character and l look forward to make many more ❤

- Let’s make it fluffy!

Sorry for another submission of pics u already posted in that (amazing) response but look in the left corner 👀👀👀


shot one: Lance asks Keith to come unchain him, Keith teases Lance

shot two: camera pans out while Lance complains, showing Shiro, Hunk, and Pidge’s lion still circled around the ship, but Keith’s is gone, implying he left to go unchain Lance. also the scene includes purple tones (the color red and blue makes) in the background as well as a fucking rainbow 

tonight at 10/9c go and watch eyewitness.

do anything you can, watch it on tv, dvr it, buying it on amazon, and watching it on usa network will ALL count as views.


this already looking beautiful amazing scene is happening tonight.

which is the watch gif that james posted!


i highly prefer if you enjoy gay couples, strong women, mystery, fear, and just everything honestly.


as kermit the frog never said, “thats none of my business.”