but istg it's hard to find

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OMGGG PLS RECCOMEND ME SOME GOOD KDRAMAS PLS! I loved cheese in the trap though I haven't been able to finish if cause finding the final ep on web is hard, but yeah. (:


Strong woman Do bong soon (complete + everyone is having melt downs cause its done lol )
The liar and his lover (8 episodes out but still ongoing+ JOY from red velvet is the main character )
Hwarang ( complete + taehyung played in that drama)
Kill me heal me (complete + ISTG THIS DRAMA NEEDS TO WIN AN OSCAR LOL)
W (completed + the main guy is the sexiest actor ever lol)
Scarlet heart Ryo ( complete+ tbh who needs subs when you got so many hawt eye candies to look at for 1 hour every episode 😂)
City Hunter (complete )
K2 (complete)
Healer( complete)
The legend of the blue sea ? ( complete + I’m not sure if it’s the right title but it had lee Minho in there )
My love from the stars (complete)
Playful kiss ( complete)
Itazura na kiss ( complete +japanese drama , but damn it’s cute af lol)
What happens to my family (complete)
Five children (complete)
The heirs ( complete)
Descendants of the sun (complete + IT GAVE ME ALL SORTS OF FEELS FHDJDK)
Moorim school (complete)
High school !Love on ! (Complete)
School 2015 : WHO are you (complete + one of the best teen dramas I watched in a while )

Tell me what are your favorites :) ❤❤❤ I need me more suggestions as well ~~~~♡♡♡

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When did they even find the time for him to film this show??? Its crazy

I KNOWWWWW BIGHIT ISTG. Rumors says that he filmed this after the Ulsan Summer Festival for Music Core last time. Our jungkookie worked hard ;_;

Now anything is really possible and I’m scared. ;_;