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Kissed by the Evening’s Breath

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Percival Graves, Reader, Newt Scamander, Tina Goldstein, Theseus Scamander

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader, Queenie x Jacob (mentioned), Tina x Newt

Notes/Warnings: The Epilogue of my multi fic ‘This is no Fairy Tale’. Short, but I couldn’t resist it. I MAY do some snippets of characters if requested (any of the kids, no-maj!reader x Percival fic prompts etc.) Also note, I’m not saying the reader is white based on the gif. Just wanted to do a kissing gif. Small song is the Italian lullaby ‘Bella ciao’. Papa Graves is Papa Graves :D

Chapter 1: This is no Fairy Tale

Chapter 2: The Voices of Ghosts

Chapter 3: Whispers of Your Touch

Word count: 1301

Tags: @aislinsekhem, @dylpicklesprays, @dibeediboop (used her version of Percival Graves Post-Grindelwald. Check out her artwork! It’s awesome!), @aethelar (for the Graves family part… Check the Graves family headcanons and her writing’s. They’re awesome!), and @elenawrit

“You know, out of everyone who I would think would have broken the rules and gotten together with a muggle…you were the farthest from my mind.”

Percival Graves glanced over at Theseus Scamander, glaring. The oldest Scamander shrugged.

“I’m just saying…”

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