but isnt it awesome

It kills me when people think I’m rich and spoiled just because I have a horse… like no. I could only buy Lily because my grandma died and left me money in her will. Without that I couldn’t have afforded to buy her. I work my ass off to be able to pay for her care, and thanks to some well saved money in my younger years I was able to afford Lily’s mountainous vet bills. 

I haven’t bought clothes or things for myself in ages, pretty much everything I own is second hand or hand me downs. I live off the cheapest version of everything I can find so that Lily can live in luxury. 

I work for what I have, I work for what Lily has. I’m not some spoiled brat whose parents got her the horse she wanted with a click of her fingers. 

You: Sana is a good character because she’s a Muslim and WOC

Me, an intellectual: Sana is a Muslim and WOC, but that’s not why she’s a good character….. she’s just an AMAZING CHARACTER AND THE FACT THAT SUCH AN AWESOME CHARACTER IS A MUSLIM POC IS WELL-NEEDED REP


Hey I’m starting up commissions bc I finally have time! So here’s my super simple commission sheet, if you want to see any of my other arts, check out my art tag #tm art

If interested, shoot me an email at phsfgcommissions@gmail.com or pm me, only accepting payment through PayPal atm


  • Humans
  • Furries
  • OCs (please have ref)
  • Mild/Light gore


  • Hate art
  • Mechas
  • Explicit NSFW 

someone: i’ve had this hyperfixation for years!! i know everything about it !! i love it and i’ll never get tired of it

me, replacing each hyperfixation with another after a month of being interested: cant relate 

yknow, obviously there’s nothing wrong with someone who doesn’t wanna put a label to their sexuality, cause yknow people like different things and theres nothing bad abt someone not liking labels

but, the fact that almost every single character thats into multiple genders says that they just “dont like labels” or something along those lines is blatant biphobia

like, if it was one or two characters, then i wouldnt bat an eye, but considering its a trend for people to make their bi-coded character just “not like labels” is super fucking transparent

bisexual is not a bad thing, bisexual is not a dirty word, and it fucking sucks that 9/10 bisexual characters never actually call themselves bisexual

like, the only times i can think of characters who outright call themselves bisexual, is Darryl from Crazy Ex Girlfriend and like… there probably is more characters… but its pretty obvious that popular media thinks that bisexuality is a bad word, a taboo thing that must never, ever be stated

and i dunno about yall, but im fucking sick of my sexuality never being portrayed in a good light, im sick of seeing so few characters actually calling themselves bisexual, im sick of having so many bi woman characters just being hypersexualized and used to please men (i.e. having a bi girl whos bisexuality is only there for the male gaze), and im just sick of how people constantly portray ny sexuality

Bisexuality isnt bad and being bisexual is awesome, even if the media constantly tries to erase us or show us as awful

i need wynonna and nicole to get drunk together

like wynonna and nicole go out and get drunk together because they are bffs now (i dont make the rules thats just how it is) and theyre three sheets to the wind and like ofc theyre just bonding over how great they think waverly is again. because when they get drunk theyre just like such saps. nicole is always a sap, but she brings out that side of drunk wynonna. so theyre like in the corner of shorty’s (bob finally gave it back) watching waverly work (shes pointedly ignoring them because they are a problem for later. and because nicole is wearing a shirt that shows off her arms and waverly has to Work goddammit) and like just saying shit like “she is literal sunshine what did i do to deserve her” and “how does she keep her hair so soft?” and “one time waverly earp punched me in the face. it was awesome.” (nicole isnt entirely sure that this didnt actually happen to wynonna. mean girls reference aside wynonna rubs her jaw when she says it in a way that suggests more to that story)

and then wynonna just like turns to nicole and says “man if anyone here had to date waverly i wish it could be you. you two are such close friends like i know i could trust you two if you were dating” and nicole is torn between touched and vaguely bewildered because she thought wynonna Knew? but nicole is also Very Drunk and a confused puppy because instead of anything else she goes “wait im not dating waverly?????” and after a minute shes like “i gotta fix that” (shes already dating waverly but shes gotta be Sure now) so she staggers over to the bar while wynonna wolf whistles and encourages her loudly

and she leans right over to waverly and says the shittiest pick up line ever. like “you know im a cop, right?” “um. yes?” “so you better have a license.” “a license??” “yeah for those guns. wait, no. because youre driving me crazy. no wait yeah the guns thing. you better have a guns license cause im a police.” and like waverly is definitely humoring her. like so much. and eventually once she manages to stop giggling she asks nicole what shes doing and nicole is like “i was trying to get you to date me because wynonna said-” “we’re already dating, nicole” “damn im smooth they dont call me haught for nothing” “they call you haught because its your last name. now go back to your seat ive got to work” and then nicole pouts at the bar until waverly kisses her on the cheek and shoos her away (wynonna gives her a high-five when she gets back)

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Kau is my favorite person so see going through the art nook not only do they leave kind replies on other peoples art, their own art is fan-fucking-tastic!

ok but does anyone ever reminisce on the old brendon? everyone talks about the split and the earlier music and ryan. i mean i know we still have brendon, he’s in the band (he IS the band) and we get new content of him pretty often, but just celebrating fever era brendon? pretty odd? vices? 

during afycso, brendon was so new to everything, and pretty inexperienced. idk if anyone else feels like this, but the effort he put in was so visible back then (not saying it isnt anymore). 

and then during p.o. era, he was just so happy and smiley, like a little flower boy, especially live shows. i don’t wanna bring up ryden but he seemed really happy around ryan. brendon just seemed really happy during pretty. odd. era. 

and then vices, well the bow ties and vests were so awesome, there isnt much else to say besides that he seemed salty and bitter

too weird was its own thing altogether, prime forehead era. like that pic of him in the blue suit with the cigarette? his forehead was so big.

and then bachelor era. well, i’ll probably have more to say looking back, but just, i feel like it’s so cool seeing people progress like this, yes, there are preferences, but it’s just so awesome to see how far brendon has come.

that being said, I would sell my soul to be a fan back in the afycso or pretty. odd. era. what if ryan and jon had never left or what if brendon becomes emo again next album era or what if there’s a reunion and ryan, spencer, and jon come back or what if-

Ok but think about Ahsoka picking up a snake on a certain planet, knowing that it was harmless and she shows it to Cody like, ‘Look at this lil cutie!’ and Cody just, ‘That is very fascinating, Commander Tano.’ and smirks under his helmet because Ahsoka is a cute lil scamp and the snake is pretty cute too just chillin on her arm like :3 

Then Rex comes up behind Ahsoka, preoccupied with something, Ahsoka turns around and it basically goes like this:

“Commander, General SkywalkaaaAAAAAAHHH WHAT IS THAT??!?!” 

and Ahsoka absolutely doesn’t get why Rex is so freaked and Cody is very thankful that their helmets are soundproof with the comms turned off because hes just laughing as he watches Rex beat a hasty retreat and Ahsoka chase him like, ‘Rex, come back , you hurt its feelings!’