but isn't he hot as hell in these

How to Piss off a Fandom
  • Fairy Tail: It sounds so gay and stupid.
  • Attack on Titans: Levi isn't hot.(Fangirls screaming in the distance)
  • Noragami: Yato's eyes are ugly.
  • Hetalia: History is boring as hell.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: It's not that sad.
  • Death Note: L is such a gross character, he's so weird.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: What happened to Nina Tucker was not sad.
  • Ouran: I hate it, it is so stupid and not funny at all.

Heyyyy quick note that while Jay Z should be dragged to hell and back for this shit, let’s not talk about how physically ugly he is, especially in reference to his BLACK facial features… don’t make me have to defend James S’s ass especially rn

His girlfriend getting hit on
  • Erwin: Given that he is deathly afraid of losing face or class, he would wait until the entire thing is over and try to sit the person down for a serious, one-on-one talk. He would express how he understands that they didn't know that the woman was in a relationship, and how he feels that they should be more careful and sensitive in the future in order to avoid it happening again. The same goes for his girlfriend– he'd sit her down and let her know what he thinks and how he felt, and that he hopes that it would be the first and last time it happens.
  • Levi: As much as he would try his best to hold back from creating a scene, his patience and temper will run out. He would admit that his attempt to keep the relationship low-key was wrong, as there's no use denying it, before yanking his girlfriend away from the flirt and give a scathing, hurtful one-liner. He would then gently scold his girlfriend for being so foolish and falling into the hands of a malicious person, and practically beg her to be more careful next time. While the situation isn't her fault, he would jokingly tell her that her beauty is simply irresistible.
  • Jean: He claims that the only time he'd get jealous is when hell freezes over, but once he sees that someone is hitting on his girlfriend, he will start to feel small and insecure. However, he would be quick to mask it with confidence. Sauntering over to the flirt, he'd then brag about his beautiful girlfriend and their happy relationship. This would then put the flirt in their place, and Jean would triumphantly leave with his hand tightly clasped around hers.
  • Eren: His hot head and quick temper will get the best of him, so he wouldn't think twice to just charge the person flirting/seducing her and tell them what he thinks. He may be a bit quick to use his fists whilst he reiterates how she and him are in a very happy and healthy relationship in case they weren't informed. He would end it by leaving with his arm wrapped around his lady.

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AJ Styles isn't hot and lemme tell u why. u can't consider someone who is annoying, with a fake accent, bc nobody talks like that.... with an awful hair, fake tan, a guy who cheats in life, who is a fake Christian and an asshole. he isn't hot bc his teeth is ugly af, have you seen It? he's ugly as hell...

PART 2.  …you could have a blog for so many toher guys, who are actually hot like Dean Ambrose and Roman., AJ shouldn’t have as many girlfans that he has, like you and a bunch of other girls who are just wasting their times, having blog and doing things for this awful person, he just don’t deserve it. now, i don’t wanna be a bad person here, you blog is amazing, i love your themes, but for the wrong guy, who is not even a good wrestler. think about it.

I don’t usually answer asks, but herw we go… well, first of all, thank you for this life advice, I guess, this changed my life and my love for AJ, in such a strong way, you have no idea.     I hate being rude with people and I try my best not to, but you can’t come into my blog, that is a 100% AJ blog, to talk shit about him and don’t expect me to be rude with you, darling. if you don’t think he’s hot enough or good enough, why are you here, anyway? AJ has so many haters and you don’t see them here, talking shit like you’re doing right now, and I will not go into your blog to talk shit about Dean and Roman, and don’t like neither of them, but you’ll never see me talking shit about them to someone who likes them. so I think you should move on with your life and just be quiet for a little while, because your thoughts don’t mean SHIT to me, honestly, so you can keep your hate, but far away from my blog. (;

and I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop laughing at the “fake accent and fake christian” thing, lmao, like, what the actual fuck you’re talking about? this is ridiculous. LMAO.

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May I ask you an unusual request? In your fics ,that I adore especially personality wise,Feli is always portrayed with beautifully tanned skin and exotic eyes etc... well many italians coming back from summer holidays get the 'ugh you look like mozzarella' treatment and since I'm tired of going abroad and getting the'but you don't look italian!!'one too,may I ask a short in which Feli isn't the usual Mediterranean beauty?

Summary: Pretty much Italy needs to invest in a tanning bed


“It’s hot as hell here,” was Ludwig’s first words as he exited the plane. Feliciano just rolled his eyes and tried to keep his kids wrangled up, Louise (6) being held on his hip and Dominick (9) holding his hand, but he was having better ideas and wanted to see something else.

Like every year, Feliciano would pack his family up and ship them to Milan, Italy, his home town. This way they could see Grandpa without Skype.

Before Dominick could run after a woman with a wild hat, Ludwig scooped the little boy up to keep him from running away, “this is why we should get those leashes,” he said to Feliciano who rolled his eyes and sent him off with a hand wave.

Ludwig was off keeping Dominick occupied in a gift shop, while Feliciano waited with Louise asleep on his shoulder, for his suitcase. It wasn’t until he was approached by a woman wearing the airport’s logo on the breast.

In her hands were little brochures, “hello,” she said a whisper and pointed to Louise, at least she was polite, “is this your first time in Italy?” She asked in English.

Feliciano let out a bark of laughter, “no! I was born here, I come here every summer,” he sneered in Italian,

Of course she was embarrassed, and scuttled away, but it left a bad taste in his mouth. Did he really not look like he was born here? When he reached for the suitcase he almost sighed, it was he was white. Well he is white, but when he lived in Italy he was dark. Lovino was the only twin living the dark life, because he lived in Barcelona and was a professional life guard, he was always in the sun.

Feliciano, not that much. He loved being in the sun, but with the bakery, his kids, even Ludwig, he never got out to actually lay outside. He didn’t even have a garden in the back! He was mozzarella white!

“Are you okay, did you find the bags?” Ludwig asked, coming up with Dominick. He had a little bag so Ludwig probably bought him something.

Breathing heavily, Feliciano whined, “I don’t look Italian!”

“I don’t know, but I think you look Italian? What are you talking about?” He grabbed his duffle and Feliciano’s suitcase, they started heading out of the airport, Feliciano’s hand was a death grip on his arm.

“I am mozzarella white, that lady thought I was a tourist! She spoke to me in English! ENGLISH!”

“Good thing you speak English.”

“Ludwig you aren’t helping!”

“I think you look Italian, Babbo,” Dominick’s little voice chimed as he switched parents.

Ludwig smiled roughly messing up his son’s curls, “see, even Nicki knows your Italian.”

Damn, he had really cute kids. Feliciano smiled pressing a kiss to the little boy’s head and picking him up, having both kids in his arms. Louise was light, but a dead weight, and Dominick was heavy and liked to sink his nails in skin, but they were his kids.


“Grandpa!” The two kids went barreling into Feliciano’s grandparents. It was odd for his kids to call his grandpa, grandpa, but it’s better than telling them to call the man Great Grandpa. For now, they can just call him Grandpa.

“Nono,” Feliciano smiled hugging the man, who looked well for his age.

“My little cherub,” the man laughed picking Feliciano up, just to show his strength for his great grandkids, “I remember when your Babbo was just a little squirt, he would run around my house babbling Italian! Now look at him!”

“Nono!” He whined, finally being put down. He stood next to Ludwig who got a hearty shake from him and a pat on the back. His family still didn’t really like Ludwig, they thought he was going to ditch Feliciano when the next plane calls, but he got out of the spotlight when Lovino came home with a tattoo covered Spaniard he met in a bathroom.

The kids were sent to unpack in Feliciano and Lovino’s old room, while the grown ups talk, which pretty much Nono made them try some wine he was making in the garage. He poured them a glass of the dark maroon liquid and they were instructed to drink it.

Of course Ludwig’s nose scrunched up and he muttered, “bitter,” he didn’t really like wine, but Feliciano was all over it. “It’s great Nono! Don’t listen to Ludwig, he’s a beer person.”

“I don’t know why you married a beer person,” Nono joked, the blond possessively wrapping his arm around Feliciano and handing him the glass of unfinished wine.

“You should of heard him at the airport, thought he wasn’t tan enough for Italy,” Ludwig added and narrowed his eyes at his husband who eyes widen.

Nono took a sip of his wine and hummed, “you are a bit white, Feliciano.”

“I know,” Feliciano whispered back scandalously, “I’m mozzarella white.”

“Bingo,” the old man laughed, “just go lay out in the back, get as tan as Lovino.”

With a laugh, Feliciano crossed his arms, “nobody is as tan as Lovino, Nono.”

  • Vax: .. If you had to get away with murder, how would you do it?
  • Percy: .. /What/?!
  • Vax: Like, if you killed someone, how would you cover it up?
  • Percy: Why the fuck are you asking that?
  • Vax: What? It's just a question.
  • Percy: NO IT'S ISN'T!
  • Vax: What?!
  • Percy: That's like asking 'Hey, if you were gonna rob someone, how would you do it?!'
  • Vax: With clown masks, and a hot air balloon.
  • Percy: That's super suspicious!
  • (The sound of a body thudding against the ground is heard)
  • Percy: ... Wait. Clown masks, and a hot air balloon?
  • Vax: Uh, /yeah/.
  • Percy: JUST to rob one guy? I'm not talking about a big bank heist here, Vax, it's just one guy.
  • Vax: I know. I understand the question.
  • Percy: ... WHY THE HELL WOULD YO--
  • Vax: Guy walks into a police station, and says he was robbed. The cop asks 'by who'? The guy says, 'by a guy wearing a clown mask, and escaped in a hot air balloon!'
  • Vax: No one's gonna believe that shit! It's the perfect crime!
  • Percy:
  • Percy: That is the stupidest shit I've ever heard.
  • Vax: I just don't think you're seeing the big picture here, Percy.
  • Percy: Exactly how is one robbery going to cover the cost of one hot air balloon?
  • Vax: Oh, dude, hot balloons are dirt cheap these days! We got space ships, and shit! You think anyone's going to ask for an arm and a leg, for some warm air and a basket?!
  • Vax: Now CLOWN MASKS, on the other hand, are pricey. You GOTTA buy high quality!
  • Percy: So, then, uh..how do you pay for the FUCKING CLOWN MASK?!
  • Vax: YOU DON'T! YOU STEAL IT! YOU'RE A FUCKING MASTER THIEF IN THIS SCENARIO! Have you not been paying attention to ANYTHING I've been saying?!!
  • Percy: Oh that's it. I'm done. I am DONE with this conversation. It's stupid. YOU'RE STUPID. It's a waste of my precious time.
  • Vax: What?! You got a better idea?!
  • Percy: You get it a gun! You point it at someone! And tell them to give you their fucking wallet!!!
  • Vax:
  • Percy: .. What?
  • Vax: Nothin'.
  • Percy: Whaaat?!
  • Vax: I'm just saying. That seemed awfully rehearsed, man. That's pretty suspicious.
  • Percy: .. What?! What the fuck are you talking about, me?! I wouldn't!!
  • Vax: Whoa, dude, no need to shout here! I don't want any trouble!
  • Percy: But I'm not--!
  • Vax: Let's just agree to let this go, and I won't tell Sarge.
  • Percy: But..! (Groans).
  • (A minute long silence).
  • Vax: .. If I was gonna murder someone, I'd dissolve them in acid.

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hello! can i please have a semi and s/o fluffy scenario? sadly there isn't enough semi reader inserts around here T-T

i honestly love semi so much, seeing him in s3 gets me pumped. i’m not all too proud of this scenario @~@ hope it’s tolerable!! - admin kimchi

fandom(s): haikyuu!!

pairing(s): semi eita/reader

warning(s): none!!

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lines from my terrible old rps roleplay starters pt 2
  • " Are you stupid? "
  • " Oh my god, she's hot! "
  • " 2 questions. 1. do u have a bf. 2. can i be your bf. "
  • " People want me dead. "
  • " Listen jackass, jackass isn't that bad a word. "
  • " I use mature words for my age. "
  • " Take him back. I don't want him. "
  • " Don't you want your revenge on MOI?? "
  • " I drew that and it scares me. "
  • " I'm hoping for a romantic coming back from the dead moment. Any minute now. "
  • " I got that back from him when he went to hell. "
  • " I feel like a mop. "
  • " Don't worry, you're a pretty mop. "
  • " I just feel so perfect, you should feel perfect too! "
  • " I wish I was dead! "
  • " No, I'm the pumpkin man. YES OF COURSE I'M A DEMON. "
  • " I'm the ghost counselor. I need to tell you something. "
  • " Maybe if I pretend to drown, someone will save me. "
  • " Surprise! You're going to die. "
  • " Don't be afraid, it's okay. "
  • -turns into a t-rex-
  • -smashes building-
  • -punches you-

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I think it was definitely Nick's idea but he gave Robbie credit for it cuz Robbie arranged it all (with all his connections). Also I think it's really bizarre that Nick is the one who came into Jess's room to give her hot cocoa? Like, that's something a love interest does. There was no reason Robbie couldn't do it. Or any of her other friends who isn't Nick. But he's the one who did it. And he made Reagan go up on the roof to do the snow (lmao). His own girlfriend who's a guest! Nick/Jess lives.

He went into her room in SECRET. Why the hell would he do that for??????? HE wanted to surprise, HE arranged it for her, HE wanted to see her face, like if that isn’t love then what the hell?? He HAS a girlfriend that he could do all that for!!! WHY JESS??


He said it was Robby cuz Reagan was like right freakin’ there!! Come on now! Nick is still in love with Jess. I don’t care he’s still with Reagan. Nick and Jess are GONNA HAPPEN!!!

Ok Taron is everything, yes, but can we talk about the dog for a minute? Is that JB? WHY IS HE A PUPPY?

I’ve had this feeling, and it’s probably been talked about elsewhere I’m sure, that the reason Harry and Charlie are around is that there are flashbacks or some kind of before story in this film. That Harry isn’t actually alive (tear). I mean, Charlie’s head should have honestly been blown clean off guys….

Ugh, if Tan wasn’t so fucking hot in this picture it would be giving me anxiety.

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For the hot dad au, what if Lovino goes to a party and continues to get completely drunk and stuff, so he leaves the party and walks all the way to Antonio's house in the dead of night. Antonio and the kids are asleep, but Lovino bangs on the door anyway and sleepy Antonio wakes up and opens the door to very drunk Lovino. He starts scolding Lovino and stuff, and gets ready to just walk him to his house (which isn't very far away) but Lovino just KISSES him before anything else can happen


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Marlene is kind of annoyed because the guy living next to her isn't exactly the quiet or tidy type and one time she just storms over there in her sexy pjs to demand that he turn off the damn music and when he opens the door she realizes he's sexy as hell and he realizes the crazy lady next door is actually pretty hot xD (non-magical drabble?)

Growing up with seven siblings made Marlene McKinnon cherish silence. When her new landlord told her the apartment building was a quiet and peaceful place, Marlene was thrilled. No loud music, no noisy sounds, and no screaming or yelling. It sounded like heaven to Marlene. Living with James Potter for a year and a half didn’t give her a break from the loudness of her family. Instead of the twins, Mason and Mandi, running through the garden yelling, she had James throwing parties that would last the whole weekend. Marlene wasn’t the type to shy away from a party. In fact, she was often the life of the party, but she needed peace and quiet to study if she wanted to get her degree in medicine. The apartment wasn’t too far from the university she attended or the pub she worked at, but the promised silence was the thing that sealed the deal on the apartment.

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  • My friends: And have you seen the guy in (some class). The tall one with brown curly hair. He's so cute! Oh, look. That's him! Look! Isn't he hot?
  • Me: Yeah, but have you seen Gerard Way/Brendon Urie/Pete Wentz/Josh Dun/...? He's so cute, hot as hell,... (a long monologue about him).
  • "Friends": BRUCE Jenner isn't brave for transitioning! What did he have to lose? Soldiers are brave!
  • Me: Yeah, about that. CAITLYN Jenner is a woman. I'm a former special forces operator with a combat infantry badge and a bronze star and transitioning has been a hell of a lot scarier than combat. You DO remember that I'm trans, right?
  • "Friends": .... So anyway, I don't know why people are calling him hot, he's like a 4.5 out of 10 at best....
  • Me: WHAT. THE. FUCK.
Lost and Alone -Open-

>Sit in the forest and mope.

Man, you just can’t find anyone to join your revolution, actually, ever since last night you haven’t even been able to find your way back to your hive! So here you are, stuck in the forest bruised and sore to high hell, and you have nothing to do but wait for your Lusus, or your hivemate, to come looking for you. Well, you could try and find your way back home, but the though of moving makes the pain around your knees flare up, and you decide to just sit there and wait for whatever comes next.

You’re just lucky the trees block out the sun…

How I came to love Flaurel
  • Me, watching season 1 for the first time: Wow, that guy IS a misogynistic ass! She's smart and knows what she does, give her some credit!
  • Ok, she's "Frank's girl". That's kinda bad..
  • Helloooo, who's that hottie?! Oh, Frank saw them together.. he looks... sad. Now I kinda feel sorry for him.
  • She hooked up with Kan, great! He's so handsome. Even hotter than Frank.
  • Nooo Laurel, Kan is much better for you!
  • Ok, maybe Frank and Laurel are super hot together. And cute. But, come on. He's a bit of a bad guy.
  • Oh, he really cares about her. Like, a lot...
  • Right, Kan is a thing. Almost forgot about him. After all that stuff happened.
  • Starting season 2: Frank and Laurel are still so hot for each other, omg. And he's shirtless. Damn, he is hot. How didn't I see that in season 1???
  • They're gonna fuck. Please have sex.
  • Ok, he's kinda right. Using him only for sex is not a nice thing.. and he has feelings for her! That's so amazing.
  • I miss scenes between them. Come on, I need more..
  • OH MY GOD HOT SEX IN AK'S BASEMENT. I live for this. Let's watch that scene again.
  • Uuuuh.. I'm in love with Charlie Weber.
  • DOMESTIC FRANK AND LAUREL. His family. I can't breathe anymore..
  • Just seeing them kiss makes me swoon. Basically any interaction.
  • Ok, they have a little fight, no problem. They can get through this.
  • And now they're insulting each other. MAP. Oh..
  • THEY JUST HELD HANDS. Or did I imagine this? *rewinds* NOPE, it's real! They're so cute.
  • Uhm.. I'm a huge Flaurel shipper. Yep.
  • More domestic Flaurel! Awwww!!
  • He's wearing an apron and looks hot af. Send help.
  • He wants to save their relationship from Annalise. I could actually cry.
  • "You taste like my sauce" I'm drowning in feels and happiness.
  • They are so hot. This isn't fair. I never meant to ship them this hard!!
  • Also, Karla calls Frank "bae" on Twitter, so I'm just so happy all the time.
  • Rewatching season 1 before the winter finale: But he's YOUR misogynistic ass!
  • "Frank's girl", hell yeah she is! But still, she's smart and really good at her job.
  • Oh, Kan. Yeah. I used to be really into you. Now you annoy me.
  • Seriously, Laurel, Frank is so much hotter.
  • He loves her so much, I wanna die.
  • Now: I have to read all the fanfiction. Right now. And then I'm gonna rewatch all the Flaurel moments until HTGAWM returns. And reblog everything on tumblr. Perfect.