but is still a baby

Today is a very important day!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Today, I sat by the pool with my notebook and pen and finally wrote the ending to Finding Marley.

*moment of silence*

yes folks, the ending is set in stone!! (unless I change my mind of course, heheh) I thought I’d let you all know, simply because it was such a big moment for me- it probably sounds silly, but Finding Marley and it’s characters have become very important to me. The majority of my followers began following me because of Finding Marley, without it I wouldn’t be where I am today- with you all!! 😊 and to think that it’s nearly over… makes me a little sad!! But also very, very proud 😊

I decided to write the ending now because I’d sort of run into a bit of a wall. Basically, I’d reached a point in the story where I couldn’t really continue without knowing what the ‘end goal’ of the story was supposed to be. So, now that it’s all figured out, I’m hoping I’ll be able to write and get story posts out quicker 😊

I don’t want to give away any spoilers for the ending, but I will say, that I love it ❤️

Although the ending is all drafted up, I’d say there was still another month or two left of Finding Marley, then I’ll be moving on to my next story- Seventh Heaven!! Which I’ve also spent a little time working on whilst I’ve been on vacation 😊


Grant Gustin trying to make you laugh.

“Stop, Grant! You’re going to make me choke.” Your laugh echoed through out the apartment. “Grant!!” He continued making silly faces on the computer screen, and after a minute, he finally stopped. Grant chuckled at the sight of your face.

“I wish I was there with you to hear your laugh in person, baby.” You held your sides still overcome with the effects of your laughter.

“I know, but you’ll be coming home tomorrow.” Grant nodded, glancing at his watch.

“Well, I’ve got to go. Dinner with the cast.” You smiled sadly but you understood. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Grant.” 

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AMBW dating Got7💕🍫- Yugyeom
Dating Yugyeom would be rlly fun. U two would always be doing something whether it’s going out to eat, or just taking walks at night. You both love dancing and love it even more when u practice dancing together. Even though he seems like a giant next to u, u still treat him like the custest innocent baby tht he is (until he starts dancing to some Chris brown)


| F O U R T H     B I R T H D A Y     &     N E W     F A M I L Y     M E M B E R |

This post is scheduled cause I can give birth anytime. Also excuse any weird mistakes (pregnancy brain). 

So it happened. Our baby girl is four years old. I still can’t believe it. We started our morning with pancakes, kisses and cuddles. Then both me and Steph took her to school. After that I went home and hang out with my mom cause she already came (she will take care of Florence when we will go to hospital). I picked her up from school cause Stephen was at work and we just went on a little walk. We ate some ice cream and wait for him to come back home from work. And then the madness begin. When we started to get ready Florence suddenly decided that she doesn’t like the clothes we picked the day before. So there was some drama before we left. She had birthday party with all her school friends so that was a lot of fun. When we came home it was present time (and pizza time) which is the next part of this post.

Whenever we asked Florence what she wants for birthday she always said “sister”. And well luckily it’s happening finally. So one wish almost down. 

But her other one was dog. We were so excited to do it and started to plan it. Our plan was to get puppy so he can grow with Flo. We started our research cause neither me nor Stephen knew that much about having puppy. We both had dogs but never this little. At least we don’t remember it. 

Then we suddenly found out that I am pregnant which made us not so excited about having puppy. Cause we knew that my due date is close to Florence birthday. 

But after we done so much research it only made sense to just do it. Especially after we found out that one of our friends will be having puppies.

His name is Piri and I am pretty sure he is spaniel maybe mixed with something other. I’m not really sure. Sorry I don’t really remember (let’s blame pregnancy brain). He is three months old. And he is so sweet and we already so in love with him. 

Steph got new camera and sadly all the photos of Florence and Piri werent the greatest but oh well. 

It was such a fun day. We are obsessed with our new addition. 

Now hopefully the first dream will came true soon cause my due date is this sunday. 

Till next time, Laurel

2 of 3 sewing projects are done. A double guaze swaddle blanket with cute little bees that I just hemmed, and a little throw of wonky looking kangaroos with a mint minky underside for tummy time activities.

Still working on my quilt top, silk bound baby blanket. I ran out of the thread and have to get back to the store, but after a few mishaps I think I’ve got this sewing thing down.

Making stuff for baby is something my mom did that I’ve always pictured myselfndoing. So glad I can make it a reality 😍

I’m 31 weeks tomorrow and 174lbs 😵 starting to see a little swelling in my legs and some new extra squishiness all over, and somehow my boobs are continuing to get bigger. I have to hold my breath to tie my shoes, so I’ve started wearing my zoots with the lace locks so I can just slip them on (plus they are so so comfortable)

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I think a little part of me wanted to cry, since the look in your human Ratchet's eyes reminded me of my deceased grandpas tired eyes. He was forced by the nazis as a young man to build for him, and saw a lot of innocent people die. He died some years ago but I still think of him and Granny. When I was just a baby I almost died; so he ended up to be a bit protective of me. Even when he was bedridden at his last days he tried to do so. I miss him and Granny a lot, but not like my mom do...

….Gosh, anon. *hugs*


like! this is far from perfect, but look at it! look at it!

  • straps
  • goofy bondage arm straps, but straps
  • finally her costume has a reason for staying up and the reason is that she has. fucking. straps. keeping it up.
  • pants! she has pants! look at her wearing the fuck out of those pants. they’re more like tights than pants because she doesn’t seem to be wearing… any shoes… but that’s cool too!
  • a leather jacket, because she’s cool. the collar’s turned up and that’s cool because it’s not supposed to go that way.
  • little spurs on her feet for some reason?? don’t know why. still love her though. let my 23-year-old baby wear those spurs. you go, diana. i aspire to wear goofy spurs when i’m 23.

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What if Amelia knows she's pregnant and she doesn't tell Owen before being sure the baby is healthy? Because OK, writers are dragging all the storylines, but it's pretty weird and unlikely that she's not talking to him at all! I mean, in 13x19 they talk as if nothing happened! I understand Amelia's pain, I really do, I love her so so much, but I believe there's more...if she's actually pregnant (and I was sure of it from the beginning) I hope she's acting this way to make sure her baby's fine!

I think so too. I still think Amelia is pregnant and I think she knows. And withdrawing is her way of not dealing with it because she is afraid of what she might find out, but Amelia can’t avoid it forever. I am not sure Amelia would have the serenity to go find out by herself if the baby is okay and is waiting for that to go tell Owen; I think she would be overall scared to find out :/ and that would explain why she is freaking out and acting the way she’s been acting