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Protect You- A Peter Parker Imagine

Anonymous Requested: One where a couple guys catcall you while ur on a date with Peter and he defends u?

Protect You

You had been waiting for this day for a very long time. You finally had a night off from work, since you were saving up for your dream college, and Peter was completely free, so you could finally have date night. You had been dating for six months, and your last date was almost two months ago. You were incredibly excited to not stock shelves and actually relax with your boyfriend. Nothing could ruin this night. Well…

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TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "Sing me a song"

An imagine about the 7th episode of season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (for 7x02)
part 4 is about 7x03 “The Cell”
part 5 is about 7x04 “Service”
part 6 is about 7x05 “Go Getters”
(7x06 had to be left out because of the small timeframe between the visit in Alexandria and this episode)

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You sat on the corner of your bed in your room, looking outside. 

Well “your room” was not your favorite description, since it was in the sanctuary where you had to live since Negan had taken you with him after the line-up.

But this place wasn’t only the place where you had to live, it was also the place where Negan tortured your brother Daryl and turned him into a mess with an empty glance leaving you the hope that deep inside was still the real Daryl. Negan hadn’t turned you into one of his wives, he said he had other plans with you, whatever that meant.

You stood up and turned around to Negan who stood smirking just a few meters away. 
“See that? A fucking brand new day after one fantastic night”, he said chuckling earning a hateful glare of you. 

Negan hadn’t forced you to sleep with him since you where here, but that didn’t change that you had the constant feeling that your decisions could effect your brother and your group. 

You didn’t want him to hurt another one and you didn’t know what he was else capable of doing.
“You seem a little angry…what about if we go outside and catch some fresh air”, he said chuckling before he took you out with him.

As you stood outside the Sanctuary, you saw the trucks coming from Hilltop. They stopped before you and Negans men began going through the stuff they had taken from Hilltop.
You desperately tried to find Daryl behind the fence where they held the walkers, you knew he was there, but the trucks covered your sight.
”We’re gonna find something damn nice for you for sure between all this stuff”, whispered Negan smirking in your ear.
Suddenly you heard shots that lead your eyes to one open truck where someone you knew pretty good stand.
A maschine gun in his hand and a dead savior next to him, yelling he only wanted Negan.
How did he even get into the truck?!
Negan began to whistle and pulled you with him behind one of his men
And that was the moment Carl noticed you and Negan.
“You took that gun ‘cause it looked cool right? Yeah, you did”, said Negan chuckling staring at Carl.
“I have to be honest, you scared the shit outta me”, added Negan loud yelling.
“First let her go”, yelled Carl nodding at you and pointing the gun at Negan.
“Youre not making the rules here Kid”, laughed Negan, before Carl immediately began to shoot again at the men before him until Dwight pushed him to he ground.
Hell, how much you wished Dwight would finally fuck off.
The tense in your body increased as Dwight pointed his gun at Carls head before Negan raised his voice at Dwight and went over to Carl while you were eying his actions warily.
“Don’t have to glare like that Sweetheart. Not gonna kill this badass kid”, he said chuckling in your direction before he offered Carl his hand.
“C’mon I’ll show you around”, said Negan looking down at Carl who made no actions to take Negans hand.
“You really not gonna take my hand? You can be glad that you even have a hand left!”, said Negan chuckling.
“Same as your boy Daryl over there!”, continued Negan turning to the fence.
You finally saw Daryl, he was eying the scene but he seemed like they didn’t beat him again, which gave you some release.
“Your job hot enough for you? Would be fucking hard with one arm”, chuckled Negan, while your glance didn’t leave Daryl. 
You could only see him for a pretty short while when you could and you just finally wanted to hear his voice again.
Carl finally took Negans hand and got pushed again on his feet while you saw how Dwight dragged you brother out of the cage.
“Dwight boy, get Daryl to the kitchen and prepare something nice for us”, said Negan to Dwight who got a strong grip on your brother.
Daryls glance didn’t leave you and finally you saw some emotions back in his eyes not that emptiness you had seen the last days when you saw him.
Negan laughed and took you and Carl over to a door. 
“What are you gonna do with me?“, asked Carl with an angry undertone.
“Listen Kid. Number one. You’re a fucking badass. Don’t shatter that image I have of you by being scared. Number two. You wanna ruin the surprise? Screw you kid, seriously screw you”, he said chuckling before he his arm around your waist was back again and the other one was resting on Carls back.

Walking inside you suddenly stumbled and immediately felt a strong grip on your arm. “Got ya. You’re alright Sweetheart?”, you heard Negans chuckling voice say as you turned to him.
“Yeah,…I’m fine”, you muttered eying him warily before he opened a door and went inside with you.
You were standing on a platform inside the hall, hearing the voices of the people coming from its middle.
“Watch this”, said Negan grinning and walked over the railing.
Negans voice sounded through the hall announcing that everybody would get vegetables to dinner no matter how many points they had.as you and Carl stood next to him.
The saviors clapped in their hands as they heard what Negan had said while he turned around to you.
“See that? Respect..cool huh? they’re still on their knees”, he said grinning to Carl while he leaned with his back against the railing.
“As you were!”, yelled Negan walking away.
You began to walk as you saw how Carl was still looking down to the people.
“Carl?”, you asked. He directly looked up to you, ripped out of his thoughts before he came over to you.
You saw Negan turning around as he saw that Carl and you weren’t directly behind him and turned around walking back to you slinging his arm around your waist once again.
“And within a second walking is a lot fucking more enjoyable”, he muttered grinning in your ear while he squeezed your waist slightly making you huff.
Then you walked again through the corridors not knowing where Negan would take you.

There you stood, before the couches that were filled with women in dresses and dessous.
You felt the same feeling in your stomach and throat area as you had when you were short before throwing up.
That was just disgusting.
Of course you knew that he had wives. But seeing them, and seeing how many of them he had was just something complete different.
All eyes were on you and Carl for a short moment until some of the women began to talk again.
“Is she a new-”, asked one of the women sitting on the smaller couch.
“No she’s not”, growled Negan before he looked around in the room.
You caught two of the women looking over to you, anger in their eyes. 
Before you could think more about the two wives you heard a loud voice.
“Do not fucking look at her like that”, growled Negan loud the women jolting up in shock.
Trying to blend out that you were in this room you sunk in your thoughts for a short moment.
You had no idea if he stayed the nights after he had slept with his wives like he did with you or if he just left after it was done.
Well, to be honest, you didn’t really want to know. 
Your glance landed on two other women.
The blonde one was crying and the other one talking to her.
You knew about the talking one that she had been Dwights wife Sherry.
Negan looked at the both women and waved Sherry over to him and went with her to a bar that stood in one corner of the room.
“What a fucking dumbass…”, you growled muted to yourself crossing your arms looking at all these women while Carl just swallowed hard.
You saw Negan talking to sherry while he nipped on a glass with some scotch.
He was either threatening or manipulating her.
Well, probably rather both.
But, you just heard pieces of sentences.
The things you heard were that he was talking about one of his wives having something with a “Mark”, it seemed like he wanted to threaten Sherry to tell him what she knew.
And from the way he walked over to Amber you could assume she did.
“Amber, baby. You know I don’t want anyone here that doesn’t want to be here, right?”, Negan said with a slight grin on his lips.
“So if you want to leave and go back to Mark you can. But what can’t you do?”, asked Negan looking down on the blonde women.
“Cheat on you”, she directly said her lips trembling.
Negan grinned as he told her that there were others loving to have her place and she could go back to Mark and her Mom if she wanted to.
“No…. I’ll stay. I’m…I’m sorry”, she assured.
You swallowed, you knew that this meant something bad for Mark.
Something pretty bad.
“You know what that means, right?”, asked Negan before he repeated it again.
“Yes…I love you, Negan”, she said looking at him.
Did she really just say that she loved him after what he had said?!
“Oh, of course you do, darlin’. I don’t know why you’re crying. It’s all gonna work out aces for you”, Negan said before he chuckling pressed a kiss on her forehead.
Yeah alright, you could understand that she was done and scared, you really could but she just accepted that Negan would fucking burn her guys face while she admitted her love to him, the one who would torture her man for a mistake they both did?
Gave him the permission to do so with no resistance?!
What the fuck?!
Negan stood up and walked back over to Sherry, a grin on his face.
You were pretty sure that this shit was all just about might, showing who’s the boss and keeping everyone in the lane he wanted them to be and not out of jealously caused by emotions.
That has been already pretty clear to you since he had offered Dwight to sleep with one of them as reward.
He had no emotional connection to them, when he had emotions at all, they were just there to satisfy his sexual drive with the “advantage” to not have to work for points.
The deal was crappy but that still didnt let you pity amber that much, you pitied Mark.
He had no choice.
You looked at Carl who seemed also shocked.
Just that he didn’t know what Mark would await.
As you looked up you saw Negan talking to Sherry.
You overheard her say that Negan was an asshole wheron he answered that he knew he was one, wow at least he knew that, but that the messed-up thing was that she liked him anyway.
You first thought that she would oppose herself somehow, not talking back, no, but maybe a glare.
But she just accepted it as he bowed down and began to kiss her, she even joined him doing so.
You huffed annoyed.
He was just such a fucking douchebag.
He opened his eyes looking at you and let go of Sherry.
Your eyes were filled with hatred and disgust and he seemed to notice that. “Looks like my number one is fucking jealous”, he said walking chuckling over to you.
The room was suddenly way more silent than before.
You saw that the most women had stopped talking and watched how Negan walked towards you.
“Not really”, you growled as he stood close before you making him chuckle.
He moved his face closely before yours, so close that your lips almost touched. He was short before kissing you.
“Don’t”, you growled at him glaring in his eyes.
You wouldnt kiss him here, now, in the middle of his damn harem.
You saw Negan backing a little bit back, chuckling before you heard how the door opened and Daryl and Dwight stood before you.
Daryl carried a plate with fruits and else on it and Negan ordered Carl to take it.
“Why you got him here”, you heard Daryl suddenly ask and it seemed like forever that you had heard his voice. 
“Whoa Daryl! Careful! Dwight get him a mop and lighten up the fireplace, we three gonna talk a little bit in the meantime”, said Negan chuckling walking out of the door.

A short time later you walked into Negans apartment, it wasn’t like the other ones, it was pretty fancy.
“Are these women-”,tried Carl to ask but couldn’t finish
“Yeah they are all my wives”, he said grinning
“Asking yourself why I didn’t make her one?”, asked Negan Carl who was looking at you.
“Gonna tell you why. I’m not gonna let her fucking deprave between them. You know what, she’s somehow one-of-a-kind, I’d be so fucking dumb if I wanted her only to screw her”, Negan said smirking.
“But…are you sleeping with all-”, Carl started again.
“Always wanted to screw a whole bunch of women. Why taking the old rules serious and screw just one… I mean, even if I could consider that with the Sweetheart because damn its good with her”, he pointed at you enjoying your hateful glare before he continued.
He seemed to enjoy teasing you a lot.
“You have to know that fucking her is really great. You’re getting addicted to it!”, he called grinning now earning an upset growl from you.
Couldnt he just shut up for a moment?
“What Sweetheart? That was a fucking compliment!”, he said grinning stroking his beard.
He looked back at Carl who looked the same way at him as you did right now. “Let’s talk. Sit”, he ordernd pointing at one of the benches facing the Black Leather Couch Negan took you with him on.
“I wanna get to know you a little bit better”, Negan said leaning his elbows on his knees.
“Why?”, asked Carl.
Negan chuckled staring at Carl and began to tell him why he thought that he was smart and that because of that he should know that he’s not gonna let his actions slide.
“I can’t….You know it’s like talking to a birthday present. I wanna know what Grandma got me! Take that shit of!”, he said chuckling amused.
He wanted what?!
“No”, said Carl calm.
“Two fucking men! Two!”, yelled Negan staring at Carl.
“You really wanna piss me of?”, he asked Carl threatening while you felt your heart beating faster.
You swallowed as Carl began to lose the bandage.
You hadn’t seen him without his eye and you were pretty sure that he didn’t either. It was easy to see how much it bothered him to take the bandage of while Negan chuckled.
As Carl finally pushed his hair to the side you could see the wound that was once his eye and all what Negan did was fucking laughing.
You could see Carl breathing heavier his glance becoming hurted as you looked concerned at him.
You wouldn’t let Negan hurt him.
“Crap! That is fucking disgusting no wonder you’re covering that up!”, Negan said laughing while you saw Carls lips trembling.
“Have you seen it? I mean that is gross as hell!”, Negan said while you felt the anger your stomach becoming more and more. 
You hated seeing him doing that to Carl.
Negan kept talking as you saw how tears began to roll down Carl’s cheek making your heart cramp. 
“Negan stop! Don’t you see that he’s crying?!”, blustered out of you almost yelling.
As he heard your voice Negan suddenly stopped. His glance turned from amused to actually kinda concerned and the grin from his lips disappeared.
“Holy hell, kid…”, within a blink Negan turned concerned.
Truly concerned, not played.
“Look I just…It’s easy to forget that you’re just a kid…And I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything….I…I was just screwing around…” He continued and it was hearable that it was difficult for him, that he was actually sorry.
That was probably the first time you saw Negan being completely humane for some time.
And you didn’t know why but it changed your view on him a little bit in that moment. You still despised him but you hadn’t thought before that seeing Carl cry in front of him would let him show some true emotions.
There was actually something humane in him left.

It suddenly knocked on the door and a stout man came into the room, Lucille in his hands.
You hadn’t noticed that he had left the bat outside.
“Seriously? I never do that”, he said before he looked grinning at Carl. “I guess a kid firing a machine gun is a little bit of a distraction. All jokes aside, you look rad as hell. I wouldn’t cover that shit up. It may not be a hit with the ladies, but I swear to you, no one is gonna screw with you looking like that”, he said somehow encouraging on his very own way to Carl.
You looked at Carl who had still tears in his eyes while Negan screw around with the man that was standing before the couches.
Asking him serious if he had treated Lucille like a lady and so on until the man just stood bewildered before him.
“I’m just kidding! Bats have no pussies!”, Negan said suddenly chuckling again.
“Fat Joseph”, the name Negan called him, laughed nervous but relieved.
“Out”, ordered Negan and the man immediately rushed out of the room.
“See that? Thats what I meant. Men cracking each others balls. Thats some shit your dad should have taught you”, said Negan standing up and walking a little bit around before he stopped before the couches again and looked from you to Carl.
“You know what? Why don’t we talk a little bit about her”, he said pointing at you chuckling. “You know whats interesting? She can control herself when she has to, which is pretty fucking impressing, when you see her glaring and growling at me! There’s some assload of hate in it!“, he said chuckling before he continued.
“But the moment she saw you cry…POW! It fucking bursted out of her”, he chuckled looking from Carl to you. “Really interesting”, he said grinning stocking his beard trying to hold your glance.
He went silent for a few moments until his voice raised again.
“So Carl, you like music or so?”, Negan asked.
“Well, uhm…yeah”, answered Carl quielty.
“Sing me a song”, said Negan.
“Uhm…What?”, asked Carl and spoke out what you thought too.
“You mowed over two of my men with a fucking machine gun. I want something in return for that”, Negan said. 
And that was a song?
“I..I can’t think of any”, stuttered Carl, his glance going down to the floor.
He seemed insecure and helpless, something you hadn’t seen Carl in huge while and you definitely hated to see him this way.
“Bullshit! Think of a song your mom sung to you or your dad had on in the car! Start singing!”, ordered Negan
Then Carl began singing.
Slowly, his voice cracking and silently sniffling he sang “My only sunshine”. 
You looked concerned to him and glanced over to Negan who was swinging his bat as if he would train bashing heads. 
You looked slightly annoyed by his actions to him as he winked at you while Lucille swung around him.
As Carl had finished Negan walked over to the couches again, complimented Carl grinning and told him that “Lucille” loved music, but not as much as bashing heads.
He sat down next to Carl and asked him if his mother sang that to him.
You swallowed hard, that theme was complicated for Carl.
He had to shoot his own mother. 
Even if it was necessary, no one could get over that.
“That was some example for breaking balls by the way”, said Negan and got smirking up.
Even if you despised what he let Carl do, it was nothing against that what he usually did against people who had done things like Carl.
Maybe he had a bad coincidence or even something else?
“Kid, Sweetheart? Come up, the irons ready”

You found yourself in the big hall, surrounded by Negan, Dwight, Sherry and Amber, even Daryl and tons of other saviors, after Negan had held a speech about how important rules are.
That you were standing here again got you back to reality.
From the man who felt truly sorry about making a “kid” cry he changed again to the man who was about to burn someones face.
Before you sat the guy, named Mark, tied on a chair sobbing and completely done.
No wonder, the iron was already waiting for him in the fireplace, you pitied him.
Negan had shown Amber some options, they were for sure all not great, but at least she had one and she took the one where only he got punished.
You saw how Dwight fished the iron out of the fire, Negan taking it after he had slid a thicker glove over his hand.
You swallowed as you saw how Negan took the iron in his hand.
”You can look away If you want to”, Negan said grinning to you before he took the iron in his hands and earned a glare of you.
“Mark, I’m sorry. But it is what it is”, said Negan slightly grinning.
You searched for your brothers glance that seemed as bewildered as yours.
Then you heard a scream that let your blood freeze.
You immediately stared in the direction of the young man who got an iron pushed into half of his face.
His screams sounded cruelly through the hall.
You gasped for air, seeing Carls and Daryls glance.
All rules aside, that was just insane and disgusting.
Negan finally pulled back leaving the man unconscious as you saw how a puddle created under his chair.
“Now that wasnt that bad, was it?” asked Negan.
No of course not, he had just a fucking iron in his face, laid unconscious there embarrassed in front of everyone he knew.
“Jesus, he fucking pissed himself”, spatted Negan annoyed going over to Daryl as your heart made a step.
“Clean that shit up”, he ordered.
You glared at Negan who looked chuckling over to you and slung his arm around your waist.
You felt your body tremble in disgust and anger as Negan waved his doctor over to Mark.
”Let Marks face be a daily reminder to Mark and to you that rules are fucking important!,”, yelled Negan before he went over to Carl with you.
“That was some fucking  sick shit right? You probably think that I’m a lunatic. Come on lets find out what to do with you”, he muttered to Carl leaving the great hall and your brother behind.

You felt more anger building up in you while you were walking back to Negans appartment. You could control yourself, especially to protect Daryl and the others, but all what happened had build up in you finally wanted out.  
That punishment had been the last drop.
“Whats wrong Sweetheart?”, you heard Negan chuckle.
You had to say something and satisfied this urge as you began to speak calm but with a trembling anger filled voice.
“Whats wrong? You just fucking burned a mans face and humiliated him in front of everyone”, you said but you hadn’t finished yet.
“Rules Sweetheart. He did not follow them. Yeah and I burned his fucking face. Ain’t my fault if he is a fucking pussy and fucking pissed himself. Amber had the fucking choice”, he said serious but still grinning.
“Of course he pissed himself, you burned his damn face…I wouldn’t have let you do that”, you growled.
“Oh really?”, his eyes glowed in curiosity.
“I would rather have to live out there again having to kill and fight against tons of walkers every fucking day. I wouldn’t have let you hurt and humiliate someone I love especially if it was my fault too and if I had another choice. I wouldn’t just let you do that without any resistance”, you growled.
It was out, finally.
Negan looked at you smirking before he began to chuckle.
“Woah Sweetheart! Is that the fucking anger you build up while you glared at me controlling yourself? But damn. You wouldn’t let me do this because you’re one brave fucking thing! Some fighter like Carl over here! I like that! But they’re not like that Sweetheart, they’re not”, he chuckled.

”Can I put the bandage back on?” asked Carl as you were sitting again on the couch, Negan looking something up in a notebook.
”No”, he said while he put one of his arms behind you on the edge of the couch, his fingers slightly placed on your shoulder.
“Why the hell not?!”, Carl suddenly stood up and glared angry at Negan.
“Look at this badass! because I am not fucking done with you”, answered Negan.
Carl let himself fall back onto the bench and glared at Negan.
“What?”, Negan asked grinning.
“Why haven’t you killed me? Daryl? My Dad?…or (Y/N)”, Carl asked.
Negan looked grinning at Carl.
“First of all kid, leave her out of that game, got that?”, Negan said slightly smirking but still serious.
Carl looked over to you and nodded. 
His glance was a little relieved, even if it was still concerned and upset.
“Good”, Negan said before he told Carl that your brother would make a good soldier, Rick bought him good stuff and he, Carl, would be more productive and fun to break.
Carl huffed.
“What I think is, that if you would know how dangerous we are you would kill Daryl, my father and me… but you just can't”, he said.
Negan glanced grinning up to Carl.
“Yeah, maybe you’re right”, Negan answered smirking.
“Lets take you to Alexandria!”, said Negan finally after a pause and got up.

You were sitting in the truck while it was driving over the empty roads, almost on Negans lap because there was so little space.
You watched out of the window thinking about that Daryl would be in the Cell again because he had rioted somehow when you were about to drive away.
On the one side you were glad that they hadnt stole everything of his character when they tortured him, on the other side…he would get punished for that again.
You felt Negans breath against your neck as you watched how you drove past the mattresses the saviors had burned and you felt how a shiver run through your body.
Negan chuckled seeing your reaction before you felt how his lips were placing themselves on your neck.
You slightly shifted away from him hearing him chuckle more.
You didn’t need him even closer than you already were by sitting half on his lap. 
Especially when Carl was sitting right next to you.

And then you finally stood in Alexandria again, before the door of Ricks house as you saw how Olivia opened it.
Negan walked straight inside pulling you with him.
“Wheres Rick?” he asked.
Olivia stuttered, you could see the fear in her eyes as she assured that Rick was outside searching for stuff and wouldn’t be back soon.
“We are practically starving”, she said, you could see her lips tremble.
“Starving?”, Negan asked smirking. “You?”, he pointed at Olivias body.
He was just such an ass.
“By practically you meant “not really”, he asked while you saw how Olivia tried to not cry.
But then it overwhelmed her and you heard a loud sob as she turned around sniffing.
“Really?”, asked Negan as he turned around to you and Carl while you glared hatefully at him.
That comment had just been unneccessary.
Negan eyed you before he turned back to Olivia who tried to control her tears.
“Excuse me”, he said before he asked her after her name.
“Sorry for being that rude. We have to get along because I guess we’ll have to spend some time here until your leader returns…”, he said before you thought you’d didn’t hear right what the heck he was saying to her.

A loud slap noise sounded.
She had slapped him.
Olivia had fucking slapped Negan!
You couldn’t prevent a grin forming on your lips and a giggle traveling up your throat leaving your mouth.
God how much he deserved that.
You saw Negan turning around to you looking grinning at you.
“Oh, that’s what’s making you laugh? Gleeful huh?”, he said smirking looking in your eyes. “You should laugh more often, Sweetheart, I like that”, he said before he turned back to Olivia who looked stills shocked.
“What if you make us some lemonade Olivia?”, he asked before he ordered Carl to show him the house.

Negan seemed like a big kid exploring the house.
He took his shoes of, tested the carpet.
Threw darts and seemed to have a hell of fun.
He seemed to really enjoy that.
You went from room to room and saw how Carls glance changed as you came near a certain room.
Judiths room.
But then you were standing right before it and you swallowed as he opened the door.
Negans eyes got big, his grin mixed with a smile.
“Look at that angel”, he said going to Judith and actually taking her on his arm, teetering her slightly.
You were eying his every move and so did Carl.
Negan looked smirking over to you, his tongue between his lips.
”What Sweetheart? Wanna have one of those precious little humans too? Making one would be sooo much fun!”, he said chuckling earning a glare of you. 
”No seriously, isn’t she precious”, he said looking at Judith, his eyes somehow softened. 

There were you sitting.
In rockers on the porch Negan next to you with Judith on his lap almost sleeping.
He looked somehow different since you sat here.
Yes he still had something of his weird glance in his eyes left but there was also some kind of softness.
He had his hand placed on your thigh after a while, but not on that lewd kind of way you expected him to, no, he was even stroking softly with his thumb over your knee. It seemed, actually, as weird as it sounded to you, like some kind of loving gesture.
You looked how a man from Alexandria walked past the porch you were sitting on. “Hi neighbor, why don’t you come by later? We’re maybe grilling out”, Negan said somehow chuckling happily to the man who looked confused at Negan as he heard his words.
Negan chuckled then leaned back again into the rocking chair.
You felt how he took your hand into his and lead it to his face.
You felt how he brushed his lips against your knuckles as you felt how some fuzzy feeling made its way into your body.
God no.
Not that feeling again.
That was Negan, you shouldn’t feel that.
And also, who knew why he did that?
It wasnt definitely all played. You could see it in his eyes.
They probably kinda backstabbed him if he wanted no one to see the difference in his glance.
His consternation when he made Carl cry had been real, the way he acted, he hadn’t planed this.
But how far did this humane in him go?
You just didn’t know and that made you warily.
You turned to him looking slightly confused into his eyes. You also didn’t expect him to do such a gesture the soft hand on your knee had already surprised you.
“Got fucking red cheeks Sweetheart, you like that, right?”, said Negan chuckling placing a light kiss on your knuckles, his signature grin was mixed with the softness that surprised you every time again when you saw it
Now you first noticed the blush that had created on your cheeks and you realized that you couldn’t hide it now he had seen it.
“You do-o-o”, sang Negan chuckling.
“Hell…"you sighed huffing trying to get rid of your blush and that feeling in your stomach while you leaned back in your rocker.
You couldnt really estimate Negan.
And that bothered you.
Especially since that whole thing started it was so important to be able to interpret the actions of others to prevent yourself from bad surprises.
But Negan was something different, which didn’t mean that this was something good.
He was the giant asshole on one side who bashed heads, had a damn harem, threatened, manipulated people and burned peoples faces and on the other side someone who couldt get along with a “kid” crying because of him, who couldnt even stand when someone was glaring at you and who was sitting in a rocker with a baby on his lap while he softly kissed your hand.
“Carl, I thought about what you said, maybe killing you, Daryl and your Dad wouldn’t be such a bad idea, maybe I’ll consider it”, he said suddenly.
There it was showing up again, the asshole part of Negan.
All you hoped was that it was just one of his sick jokes…

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Light’s Out

I couldn’t stop thinking about this post by @wings-and-pies so I had to write it. Hey, write what you want to read, right?  It’s a little fluffy. Let me know what you think.

I keep rereading and tweaking.  But I think I’m done now.

I’m new to the whole fic writing game.  So I’m not sure what all i need to include here.  But it’s about 2200 words. 

It happened for the first time in the bunker library.  Mary had come back a few weeks before.  Things had been tense between the Winchesters, with Mary and Dean especially.  Dean knew that Mary hadn’t meant to hurt them.  But man, had it hurt.  He’d been so scared to hope she’d actually come back.  But she WAS back, and that was the most important thing.  So they’d been working on it.  Working on being a family again and slowly, slowly the rift was healing.  

Dean must have been sitting at that stupid table staring at that stupid computer screen for hours searching for leads  It seemed like every time they turned around those British bastards were screwing things up.  He heaved a heavy sigh, rubbing his hand over his face and pressing his palm into his forehead right between the brows to relieve the headache that was building there. His eyes burned.  But hey, no rest for the wicked, right? 

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anonymous asked:

Please don't be mad: I have the feeling you are constantly annoyed and that you're angry and mad.. like I wouldn't ask you anything off-anon, bc I would be scared that you would get angry at me .-. But on the other hand you seem like the sweetest little puff and you could save the world with your cuteness and happiness and I would want to hug you but then again I'm scared you would be annoyed :( so basically: you are both, Hobi and Yoongi, in one person ._. Pls don't hate me! I LOVE YOU ♡♡

Everyone tells me I’m intimidating or come off that way in person and it makes me sad to be honest.

I can see how people think I’m angry. it’s mostly because after constantly being screwed over by people so my tolerance is very low. I let people walk over me for too long.

But please know that I’m just a ball of fluff who wants to be loved. I would never get mad at someone for talking to me. It might take me a while to respond, but it doesn’t mean I’m angry.

I wanted more - Part 2

Luke Hemmings

Part 1


Part 2

Luke’s POV

“What are you doing here?” I cursed myself for sounding so harsh, though the coldness of my voice was only appropriate to what I felt. But not to her.

“I wanted to make sure you were ok.” I watched her silently for a minute, her hair slightly messy where she had obviously been running a hand through it. Or he had. She chewed on her lip as she watched me back, anxiously waiting for a reply as her fingers drummed on her leg.

“I’m fine.” I said shortly after a while, pushing past her gently to shove my key in my door and swing it open, walking straight in without looking back.

“What was earlier about?” I sighed loudly as I spun to face her again, not thinking she’d follow me in.

“How was your date?” I smirked at her as raised an eyebrow.

“I didn’t go. I wanted to make sure you were ok, hence being here.” She frowned as I laughed sarcastically, my own attitude scaring me as well.

“After what I said earlier? Ha, nice one. You really are easy to screw over aren’t you?” She flinched at my words, looking lost in the middle of my living room.

“I don’t care what you say, Luke. You can tell me I’m just a hook up or whatever but I know you care, so stop it. Tell me what’s wrong.” I walked briskly towards her as she stood, stone still as she glared back.

“That’s what’s wrong. Booty call. Hook up. That’s all this is supposed to be. The cute neighbour. Fuck buddies, without the buddy. But it’s not. It’s a fucking mess instead.” My voice had risen higher and higher as I spilled out some of my anger, and it was my turn to flinch as she lifted her hand and softly pressed it on my shoulder, making me look back to her instead of the floor.

“Why is it a mess?”

“You missed your date for me, because I left like a fucking asshole.” I mumbled as I suddenly flushed red, ashamed of my tone earlier.

“I didn’t want to go that badly. Just have to get yourself out there sometimes, you know?” She said softly as her hand slid off my shoulder.

“What if you don’t have to get out there?” Her brows knitted in confusion as I continued to ramble. “What if exactly what you need is right in front of you, all messy and rude?”

“Luke?” Her head cocked to the side as my hand grabbed hers and rubbed circles in her palm whilst I watched.

“What if I just get too jealous? What if I can’t stand the thought of you with someone else? What if I know I’m the only person that can make you feel this good? What if I don’t just want to call you princess in bed, what if I want to call you it all the time because you are my princess? What if I wanted more?” she pulled her hand out of mine as they went to cup each side of my face.

“Then I would say you’ve had me since day one.”

Girls POV

His lips crashed onto mine with such ferocity that it would have hurt, had we not both been so caught up in the moment. It was messy and delicious and a low growl slipped out of his throat as he backed me roughly against one of the wooden pillars in the room.

My hands roamed through his hair, pulling him closer every time he gasped for air, his tongue sliding down my neck and sucking softly, his lip ring cool against my skin that made me whine. His hands roamed all over my body, worshipping it as he tugged at the hem of my dress to pull it off.

The cool air hit my nipples, hardening them immediately as his hands went to work on them, pinching slightly whilst his head was still situated on my neck, licking at the sore skin. My fingers fumbled with his hoodie whilst his fingers tapped my thighs, making me jump up as he kissed me again, heading to the place we had been so many times before.

But this time it was much, much different.

By the time I had successfully manoeuvred his jacket off, he had thrown me on the bed and climbed on top of me, pausing for a minute to look down on me in nothing but panties as he licked his lips.

“You’re so good to me princess.” He moaned as he kissed up my body, coming to meet my lips as his hips pressed into mine, making sure I felt every part of his erection. As his lips had worked up, his hands had run down and were now tracing a line above my black lace, causing me to ache as I whimpered.

“Luke, please. Don’t be a tease, not right now.” He paused everything he was doing to look down on me with darkened eyes.

“Say it, princess.” He smirked, but differently from earlier as I moaned loudly as he slipped his hand underneath the fabric.

“I need you.”

That was all he needed to rip them off, reaching down to kick his own pants and boxers off and placing a chaste kiss at my core as he face back to face me.

“All for me?” He grinned at the wetness as I rolled my eyes, finding it hard to tear them from his swollen red tip, now slapping on his stomach and begging for attention.

He shoved my legs open, still a little rough as he knew that I liked that and making me gasp as the cool air hit my arousal.

He swiftly climbed in between them, lining himself up as I continued to whine.

“Lu-uke.” He sighed at his name leaving my lips, kissing my cheek softly as one of his hands reached up to intertwine with mine.

“You sure you want it like this? You know it’s different, I can feel it too.” He whispered as my other arm went behind his back to pull him closer.

“I always wanted it like this.” I murmured back as he slowly thrusted into me.

My back arched at the immediate pleasure as his other arm also went behind me, cradling me as I he let me adjust for a minute, nodding as he gently rocked his hips back and forth, and his scruff on his neck tickled my nose as I pushed my face into him. He whimpered into my shoulder, the sound causing satisfying vibrations to run throughout my body. He peppered my face with kisses as he went faster, resting his forehead on mine as we gasped into each other.

A pressure in my lower stomach was quickly building as my legs started to feel weak, Luke realising this and pulling me down a little in the bed so he could get even deeper.

“You feel so good kitten.” He panted as his hand went to my clit to rub slow and sloppy circles, sending me satisfaction in huge waves.

“I-I’m close.” I stuttered out as my nails raked down his back, both hands now residing there since his other had gone to the shaking headboard.

“Me too princess. Come on, I know you can do this.” My small screams of delight were getting a little louder as he pressed his lips to mine, hair matted to his forehead as he growled deeply into my mouth. His thrusts were getting sloppy as my eyes rolled back into my head.

“Cum for me princess.” He whispered into my ear as I yelped, pleasure filling every part of me as I clenched uncontrollably around him.

He thrusted a few more times, quickly following me as we gasped for air, stilling at our highs. My eyes were half closed sleepily as he kissed my nose.

“You look so beautiful,” He murmured as he looked at me again, pulling out of me and collapsing on my chest as I stroked the stark and sore looking red lines tracking down his toned back.

“And you’re mine. All mine.”

I hope you enjoyed!

Request a part three if you like :)

You can request any type of writing here!

shehasamind replied to your post: kinda-love-music asked:How do you…

but isn’t it a bad thing if you specify a character is a trans but don’t do the same with cis characters? (unless you have a specific context for this)

Look, I know you mean well but I’m getting a little pissed off at the rush of ‘you are WRONG, trans person, let me a cis person tell you what to think’  that happened over the course of… five seconds? Give or take? 

The short answer is no. The long answer is that being trans is part of my identity, it’s a part of a lot of peoples’ identity, and that is not going to change. I don’t need to know if your character is cis. To be honest, I don’t fucking care. I need to know if there are trans characters in books. I need to know if there’s a chance people like me can actually find examples of themselves in what they read. That’s really fucking important.

I am tired of trans women being revealed by humiliating torn clothing scenes that reduce them to their genitals. I’m tired of seeing narratives of well-meaning cis people looking for signs that somewhere, somehow, the person they’re looking at might have different junk under layers of clothing because that’s all that matters and intersex people don’t exist or something. I’m tired of being able the count the number of fictional trans men on one hand. I’m tired of non-binary folks getting screwed, yet again. Just fucking say we’re trans. It’s not a dirty word, you don’t have to be scared of it. It’s literally the least you can do.

I’m sorry, I know you’re trying to figure out the best way to do things, but this isn’t helping. It’s distracting from the issue, it’s steamrolling over actually acknowledging trans people, and it sounds a bit insulting.

Now if you’re excuse me, I’m going to go punch babies–I mean, not punch babies. That. 

Agent Black

Paul is an hypocritical, egotistical asshole who obsessed over how much he hated Natalie, constantly talking about how much he hated her behind her back, continued to shit talk her even after she was evicted, called Michelle a c**t, evicted Da’vonne for no good reason other than “she tries too hard”, constantly criticized Natalie for campaigning against James, only the following week to campaign against Victor, and was an overall annoying person to watch this summer. 

Nicole was a massive disappointment to her fans from bb16, by simply lying in bed with a showmance for an entire summer, targeting all the women, being “scared” of Zakiyah and Da’vonne, defending Paulie’s actions and laughing with the guys about the jokes towards Natalie and her breasts. Production pushed for her and Corey to go far, as mentioned by Natalie during her HOH that during DR’s she was encouraged to side with Nicorey, as well as the strong possibility that she had a pre-game alliance with James.

James was a player who literally came onto the game to win AFP again, constantly “voted with the house”, screwed over Da’vonne, threw the HOH comp to Nicole, who in turn evicted Michelle, isolating Natalie, ignored Natalie’s insistence to evict Corey and evicted Victor instead, was convinced that the only reason Natalie won a care package was because she was in a relationship with him, and spun to the other houseguests that Natalie was mainly using him for his “popularity”, prompting Nicorey, Paul and Victor to alienate her, and make fun of her behind her back. His only big game move was evicting Frank, only because all the other women in the house begged him to.

So, uh………. who do we want to win y’all?

So I wrote an AU Destiel fan fiction

I don’t know where this came from or if it’s any good but I tried so here you go.

Thank you to thechosennerf for being my beta :)

Can also be found on ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1836208


Nice to see you, Darling

Dean’s as nervous as a virgin groom on his wedding night.

He’s going into surgery in a couple of hours – the last stage in a long road of treatment.  He’s excited, he’s scared and even now - with the end in sight and everyone positive and ready to celebrate - he doesn’t quite dare hope that everything’s going to work out.

But when everything’s over – Dean going to be able to see. Light and colours, patterns and shapes, he’ll be able to put faces to voices and objects to smells and tastes and screw being pessimistic he can’t wait!

He’ll get to look at his family again.

There’s his mom: smells like cinnamon and had never treated him differently - except that maybe hugs got a little longer, a little tighter after his eyes finally gave up the good fight.

There’s his dad who, in the space of merely 2 weeks, had gone from loving but quiet and restrained, to exuberant, tactile and loud when he realised that since his eldest son could no longer see he was loved, he had to be shown.

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solarrift reblogged your post and added:

In my opinion:
I think Scott didn’t know about all that’s happened with Derek when he was a teenager. He did what he thought was right; he went on to do everything by himself where his plan was concerned in calling Gerard out on his plan to become a werewolf himself. I don’t think Scott did it to hurt Derek, but I do think that Scott wasn’t really trustful of Derek (and with good reason from his point of view). Scott knew that if he’d told anyone about what his plan was, especially Derek, Derek would have just raced in and tried to Kill Gerard, possibly getting someone hurt.

I think for Derek, while there was a betrayal part to this in a way, it was more of an eye opener for Derek. When he realized Scott’s plan I believe he also realized his own faults in how he’s treated Scott in the past. I think that this is the scene where Derek begins changing for the better, especially in his relationships and truthfulness with Scott.

In conclusion, Scott did a crap thing, but with his limited knowledge of Derek’s past he saw nothing wrong with how he handled it until Derek looked at him and asked that vulnerable question of “Why didn’t you tell me?”; Scott did say sorry. Helping Derek up, touching him and even directing him in Scott’s train of thought, however vague, was his way of apologizing. Derek I believe learned in this moment that he needs to better himself; he wasn’t told about this because Scott didn’t trust him. This was a very pivital moment for them.

Hey sweetheart, I’m actually very confused by your last paragraph here. Scott didn’t apologize. The scene went:

Derek: Why didn’t you tell me?
Scott: Because you might be an Alpha, but you’re not mine.

*Derek stares up with the expression shown in the gif earlier in the post*
*All hell breaks loose with the kanima, Scott and Derek don’t address each other again.*

Like I said, my issue with Scott is not his not telling Derek ahead of time. He and Deaton had hatched a super-secret “master plan,” and it’s understandable that they would have wanted as few people to know as possible (which I think is more the reason than Scott not trusting Derek, since Stiles wasn’t let in on the plan either). It’s the lack of apology afterward, the lack of any kind of remorse or consideration for what he’d just put Derek through, that really upsets me and a lot of other viewers.

I also respectfully disagree with the idea that Scott hurting Derek was a good way to motivate him to become a better person. Like… “see, you’re a bad Alpha so I scared you and threatened to kill you. Now if you turn your attitude around, I won’t have to pull something like that again.” No, that’s not ok. Derek screwing up doesn’t justify Scott, our hero, screwing him over. Abuse or mistreatment shouldn’t be a “learning experience.”

The show portrays Scott as being pretty much flawless, which is why this scene is so problematic. Derek makes mistakes, but he gets vilified for them. Stiles or Allison make mistakes, they get scolded or confronted about them. When most characters make mistakes it’s in some way addressed. The show never addresses any of Scott’s bad behavior, and pretend he’s this basically perfect being, more noble and pure than anyone else, and that’s why a lot of people get frustrated with his character.

Again, I don’t hate Scott. I hate the fact that he’s portrayed as being “happy pure sunshine and perfection” when he is very clearly not. No one is. And he should have apologized for what he did here, or been called out for it the way any of the other characters would have been.

OUAT 4x21 Reaction post


Regina complaining about the Zelena baby keeping her and Robin apart 

I mean Robin just found out that Marian died - again- and he was basically raped by Zelena 

I just really hate this pregnancy plot, ok?

Mal getting to finally see Lily 

Regina and Zelena together 

Regina taking the quill from Rumple 

“Of all the characters I’ve written for, you really do get screwed over the most." 

Lily being a jerk to Mal 

I knew Cora was a liar 

Homeboy just related weak and feminine 

Lily turning into a dragon 

I think Regina is actually scaring Zelena with this happy ending talk 

Captain Swan heart to heart 

Emma forgiving Snow 

Lily and Mal making up 

Zelena pulling the Cora- card 

Regina drinking the potion so she can never have children 

Regina realizing she can find her happy ending without the author AND smacking down haters who think happy endings equate to finding a man 

The author showing up to help Gold

Wanted. - Chapter 4 (DeanxReader)




The beginning is just dialogue. BOLD is the demon, normal font is the reader. ENJOY!


“So, what now? You gonna kill me or what?”

“I’m not going to kill you, (Y/N). You’re my little secret weapon.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“I’m going to use you to get the Winchesters and everyone who works with them.”

“You had the Winchesters tied up right here, and you let them go, why would you need me?”

“The Winchesters aren’t for me, they’re for someone else. I wasn’t allowed to harm them and I need them all, they’re a part of a plan and I’m going to use you to get what I need.”

“It still doesn’t make any sense. Whoever it is you’re working for, if they need the Winchesters so badly, you could of kept them and used your little demon cell or something to call him over. I’m not gonna be a part of this, I’d rather you kill me right now.”

“I guess you could say it’s a test…for you.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“You’d do anything for the ones you love, for those closest to you. I and some others want to see how strong you are and how far you’re willing to go. When you were 7 years old, your mother died, or so you thought. What if I told you she was still alive?”

“You shut your fucking mouth. My mother’s dead!”

“Oh, but (Y/N), she isn’t. She was a hunter like you, and you thought she died on a hunt. She’s very much alive and we have her, she remembers you, she wants to see you.”


“This is what’s going to happen, you’re going to do as I say. You will deliver information to me about the Winchesters, what cases they do, you will keep track of their little angel boy and that hillbilly Bobby. You will get close with them, make them care for you and want to protect you. I want them to care so much about you, that they’ll happily take a bullet for you, I want them to feel both physical and mental pain, and we’ve got plans for them all. When I give you the orders, you will bring them to whatever location I tell you. Otherwise, I will torture your mother until she’s just a pile of scraps, and then Sam and then Dean, while you watch. You want to see your mother don’t you?”

“You sick fuck. I won’t do that…I can’t do that.”

“You can and you will, otherwise you’ll be watching the people who helped and cared for you die in front of your very eyes. How about this, if you’re a very good little girl, I’ll bring your sister back and I’ll give you 15 years. Very generous offer.”

“…Ok, I’ll do it.”

“I knew you wouldn’t disappoint. Now, let’s make this look believable.”


You woke up in a phone booth, your head was pounding against your skull, your ribs cracked as you moved your body to stand.

You caught your reflection in the window. Your face was bloody and bruised. You lifted your blue t-shirt that was now painted in blood; your ribs were black and blue. You knew what the demon meant by, ‘Let’s make this look believable.’

You rummaged around in your pockets, only to find a few cents, assuming it was for the phone booth that you awoke in. The sky was a dark purple, a gradient red rising in the sky, the slight chill and humidity made you think it was early in the morning, maybe around 4am.

You pushed the coins into the slot and dialled Dean’s number. He answered after 3 rings.

“H-Hello?” A groggy voice answered.

“Dean? It’s me, (Y/N).” Your mouth was dry, your words scraping at your throat.

The sound of springs and blankets being kicked away could be heard before Dean spoke again. “(Y/N), are you okay? What did he do to you? Where are you?”

“Easy with the questions there, big boy. I can’t remember anything; I look like shit, that’s about as much as I know. I think I know where I am, it looks like the motel we stopped at, on the way to the bunker a few weeks back.” Your voice was confident, slightly croaky but confident. Although, you were freaking out inside, wanting to breakdown.

“Ok ok. I’ll come get you, stay right there, and don’t move. Don’t want anyone seeing you, you might scare them.” He laughed dryly.

“Absolutely hilarious, Mr Winchester. Well done.” Sarcasm ran thick before you hung up. You slid down on the window, bringing your knees to your chest and began to sob quietly.

“What…am I…going…to….do.” You whispered in between sobs. You didn’t want to do this; you didn’t want to betray the brothers. They had been so kind to you, making you feel wanted for once in your life. Sam felt like a brother to you and Dean made you laugh and feel pretty.

Screw it; you had a crush on him. Like being in high school all over again. Who wouldn’t like him? But you found it easy to talk to him, and you could be yourself around him. You stayed there until you saw the impala pull up; you promptly wiped your damp cheeks, gaining your composure. You crept out of the booth, making sure no one was around to see your bashed face.

You slid into the passenger’s seat, suddenly startled by Deans grasp on your cheeks.

“Holy shit, what the hell did he do to you?” His eyes were wide with concern, scanning my face and body for any serious injuries.

You slapped his hands away, “It’s not that bad, and I’m fine. Can we just go? I’m tired and I want to sleep in a bed.” You switched your gaze to the road, watching the motel fade into the distance. You were silent the whole ride, you just wanted to be alone, so when you got to the bunker you jumped out of the car, desperate to fall asleep and forget everything.

“(Y/N)” You heard Dean shout, but you ignored any contact the brothers would make with you. Sam was awake now and sat at the table. He opened his mouth to speak and you lifted your hand, signalling for him to keep his mouth shut.

You slammed down onto the bed, not caring about the blood that covered you and almost instantaneously you were asleep.


“You lying, manipulative bitch!” Dean spat at me.

“This whole time you had been working with demons behind our back?” Sam appeared from behind Dean, his eyes burning with indignation.

I tried to move, but my wrists and ankles were bound to chains, holding me up in the air.

I tried to speak; nothing would come out of my mouth apart from a screeching scream.

“You’re no better than the demon that killed your sister!” Dean screamed, holding his arm back. The only source of light bouncing off the silver blade in his hand and with one sweep, he attacked your stomach.

The metallic taste of blood overwhelmed your taste buds and you began to sob uncontrollably.

Bobby and Castiel appeared, each holding a different weapon.

“How could you, (Y/N)? I looked after you like you were one of my own, and you turned your back on me?” Bobby spoke, cutting into my arm.

“You deserve nothing more than to be in hell.” Castiels voice was gruff, his face red with rage and he slashed at your throat.

“The funniest thing about this is, you like me. It’s a shame really, you’re actually pretty hot, but I’m gonna have so much fun watching you die, you fucking bitch!” Dean swung his fist at your face with such force that made your jaw crack and your nose break.

“C’mon (Y/N)!! Got nothing to say?! (Y/N)? …(Y/N)?”


Your eyes shot open, sitting up, your chest was heaving and your forehead was wet with sweat. You heard Dean’s voice whisper in your ear as he pulled you close to him.

“It’s okay, it was just a dream. You’re awake now…shhh, calm down, it’s okay.” He continued to repeat these words in your ear, teaching you this mantra. You silently sobbed onto his chest, grateful for the comfort, although knowing it was Dean made you sob harder. He was calming you and caring for you after a nightmare, and you were expected to back stab them and hand them over to some fucked up demons.