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just a little practice video i’ve been working on to get myself better acquainted with my new editor! it’s pretty random, so, i’m not sure if i’ll ever finish it properly, though

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You know what I love the most in this chapter? Mikoshiba's reaction on the last page. Not reacting about what Hori said but only when he said it. Understandable why there's only small progress, they're all too dense when it's come about love and romantic feeling.

ikr, at this rate I’m going to have to photoshop more GSNK character faces onto blocks of wood to show their denseness1!!!

anyways as the one guy who isn’t shipped with anyone within the primary cast, I really love seeing Mikoshiba’s reactions and how much grief all three couples cause him

Something I love about SU that ton of people don’t comment enough is the amazing color palette and far-views.
I’ve heard Rebecca took a ton of inspiration from My Life as a Teenage Robot in the visual designs and I believe it, both shows have a GREAT use of the color palette and the technique used on the far-views is the same.

Ofc, MLAATR uses the theory of popping colors while SU uses more mixed enviroments but you can find the similarities if you notice both well enough, I sure love this cartoon omg