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remember in 3x08 how even kept referring to isak as beautiful and you could see isak didn't really believe him but nodded along with it like yeah alright ok whatever get this attention off me and then even spends the next 6 months filming isak, his face and his hands and how he cleans and walks and works out and their fingers laced together as they walk and lay in bed together and his mission was to show exactly how beautiful isak is to him, how beautiful their life is

(why must you hurt me like thisssss)

Even thinks Isak is the most beautiful person in the world. He thinks he’s the prettiest thing and he can’t help but smile whenever he looks at him because ugh, he’s the cutest. Even thinks Isak is the most beautiful thing in the universe, but he knows that Isak doesn’t know it, doesn’t agree with it. He knows that Isak is hard on himself and that he brushes it off as a joke when Even says it. He knows this. He knows him like the back of his hand at this point. So Even makes it his life mission to remind him every day. 

He starts by breaking their kisses and making Isak chase his lips and whine a bit before telling him that he’s beautiful. He then watches him melt and look away and feel embarrassed before brushing it off. So Even becomes more persistent and tells him he’s beautiful whenever he feels like it, whenever it feels right, which is all the time. He tells him when Isak’s brushing his teeth or eating pizza and making a mess or struggling to wake up in the morning or lying on top of his chest at night or studying in their apartment or playing Fifa (this one is great because Isak is usually winning and it catches him off guard and puts him at a disadvantage). He tells him when Isak is rolling his eyes at something Sara said, when he gives him shit for not doing laundry properly, when he ditches driving lessons for 3949834th time, when he gets pissed because someone gave them a look while they were holding hands in public. Even just tells him until Isak no longer brushes it off or looks away, until it becomes a little bit annoying, until Isak has to sigh loudly and say, “Gosh, fine! I get it. I’m beautiful. I’m hot. I’m great. Whatever. Okay!” And Even smiles to himself because yes. you are. 

Even then watches as Isak becomes more confident, more comfortable in his skin and less hard on himself. He watches as Isak just smiles right back when Even compliments him and no longer undermines himself and puts himself down. He watches as Isak’s self-esteem goes up and it makes his heart burst because yes, yes. 

Isak has a black eye now and Even presses kisses to his face and tells him he’s beautiful to which Isak rolls his eyes because really? really, now? Even gets serious because yes, really and Isak doesn’t even have it in him to argue with that. So they walk to school hand in hand until Even picks up a dandelion and tucks it behind his ear and tells him he’s pretty and smiles. Isak doesn’t even flinch, doesn’t look away, doesn’t brush it off. He smiles right back and laces their fingers together and it feels so good. Even looks at their hands and melts and makes a mental note to record their intertwined fingers for the video now. 

Isak doesn’t put himself down anymore now. He’s confident. He’s the ‘Genius at Nissen’. He thinks Even might have named a movie about him ‘The God’, and to be honest Even might have gone a little bit too far there. But yeah, no regrets. It was so worth it getting here. So so worth it. 

Even sits down at the park surrounded by their friends on Isak’s birthday and he wonders if he has seen the video yet. He wonders if Isak has found it yet, if he ever will. His eyes never leave him but he doesn’t sit too close. He wants to give Isak some time with his friends. He has him all to himself for the rest of the time after all. So Even sits and wonders. He wonders if Isak will get it. If he will get how much Even adores him. How much he loves him and thinks he’s the most beautiful thing in the world. He watches anxiously until he decides to distract himself by talking to Magnus. He waits and he waits and he waits, and the time shows 21:20 and, oh, haha, wouldn’t it be funny if-

Fy faen. Jeg elsker deg.

(goodbye. i’m sorry for this. i played myself)

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Hi, can you recommend any more slow builds set in the canonverse(or really anything canonverse)? I've read all the fics under your canonverse tag and on AO3 and I need more!

Hi anon! So these are all on AO3, but they’re not actually tagged with ‘canon’ so there’s a chance you haven’t read them! They also aren’t in our canon tag, so fingers crossed.

words are trivial
Summary: “Alright.”
     The word spins around in Eren’s head, back and forth, over and over, and though it is only two syllables, he can’t seem to make any sense of it. Corporal Levi’s face remains as calm as it’s been since the moment he’d been approached, and Eren is tempted to ask him to repeat himself.

Perfect Freedom
Summary: Trust is not something that can come automatically; it has to be learned. Before Eren can expect to be trusted by his teammates, he has to learn to trust himself - and Levi is determined to help him.

Let Me Help
Summary: Levi, vulnerable. It’s like watching the rain fall up instead of down.