but is a completely valid combination of both

The only thing ‘I get it’ about Manuel and Kara been together is because he covers her “physical” needs since she can not hurt him (like breaking him nose when they kiss …) as supergirl, the identity she use when she’s with him (Kara tells him that with Supergirl and having him is enough for her) and Lena covers her emotional needs like supporting, validating, respecting her… as Kara Danvers, that’s why i thinks she feel “complete” with both because they combinate make the perfect couple, someone who support, listen, respect her (Lena) and she does not fear to hurt physically with her powers (Manuel)

So I think there will come a point where Kara will realize that Lena is with whom she really is in love with because they really care, support and respect each other and that’s is the most important in a relationship.  

A^3′s MBTI Analysis of Suyin and Kuvira

lokgifsandmusings: The wickedly talented A^3 has completed another MBTI analysis, this time a requested one on Suyin and Kuvira. This is a great read, and it really goes along so well with scottpaladin‘s essay  Kuvira and the Great Rejection. The Suyin section also unpacks the Lin/Suyin relationship in a very engaging way. Seriously, a must-read!

Suyin: ENFJ (Fe-Ni-Se-Ti)

Fe-doms are warm, devoted, and persuasive people. They excel at maintaining the delicate balance between individual and collective needs. Because of Ni, they tend to focus on people’s personal or spiritual growth. This makes them drawn to adopting ideals or theories that help people live more fulfilling, authentic and harmonious lives. Suyin obviously held strong utopian ideals and used them to build Zaofu culture; she believed that everyone possesses unique talents which should be used to contribute to the community. Her driving goal was to create a space where people were free to explore their potential, and this meant that she was suspicious of authoritarian structures (see: conflict with Lin).

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Truly, Truly Outraged

I’ve never seen a full episode of Jem and the Holograms, but let’s see if I can’t puzzle out why people don’t like the new live action trailer.

My understanding is that original Jem works on superhero rules in the mold of the magical girl. She has magic jewelry that transforms her from Jerrica to Jem. This is combined with western-style super heroics in the Spider-Man tradition: Jerrica is quiet, shy, timid, while Jem is truly outrageous. The Jem identity is a place of power, a place where Jerrica can be confident and never need to question herself. Jem is powerful because Jerrica believes in and relies on Jem.

The conflict, then, arises from Jerrica wishing she could be more like Jem. She doesn’t see Jem as a curse, but instead as a sort of pillar she stands in the shadow of. She wishes she could have the confidence and power of Jem all the time, in her normal life as Jerrica.

In the trailer for the movie, it looks like the Jem identity is assigned, a corporate act Jerrica must perform. Jem is a curse Jerrica is burdened with, a heavy crown she must wear in order to be the queen she secretly wishes to be. To be Jem, she has to sacrifice, she has to betray her family. This is almost a total inversion of the Jem mythology, completely missing the point. Jem should be a secret identity donned willingly and excitedly; instead it is a cage one is locked into.

This sucks! It robs Jerrica and Jem both of agency and self-identity (which is a valid point to make; this is a story of what happens to pop-stars and, by extension, women, when they attempt success). That’s a fine story to tell; but it is not the story of Jem. Jem is the story of Sailor Moon and Spider-Man combined, the story of a woman trying to figure out who she is.

Also why is there One Direction music in the trailer, they already got a movie.