but internet brought me this

  • Sungwoon: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do?
  • Jihoon: Punch him in the stomach. Then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
  • Jinyoung: Tackle him.
  • Daehwi: Dump him
  • Guanlin: Kick him in the shin.
Isak was the one to nose bleed - is he also the one to get hit in the face by the internet?

Okay so an anon brought this up with me and now I am dying because it all makes sense 

so remember how in the trailer Even got hit in the face with a selfie stick?

well we all interpreted this as someone getting hurt because of the internet…and because it’s Even getting hit we thought he was the one involved in this buuuuut


Isak was the one to bleed not Even right?

So what if Isak is the one involved in this “hitting someone in the face with internet” thing

and then of course we had this clip

Which showed Noora giving Sana her password and was also released on a time that means some kind of code for hackering

which made us all think “oh my god Sara is gonna hack Noora or Sana is gonna hack Noora oh no ahhhh” (literally that was me no joke) 

But now i’m thinking


in this clip Isak lets us know that Sara is two faced

He uses the word online and talks about how she sent him all these messages about Vilde and all her ‘friends’ 

He knows all about the russbuss gossip and every little thing Sara has said behind all her friends backs. he has the messages that could expose what Sara is really like and maybe help Sana in….i don’t know revenge? getting the russ from Sara? showing her true colours? maybe

But yeah what if Isak gives Sana those screenshots?

or what if Sana hits Isak in the face with the selfie stick and hacks him

(but seriously if Isak does get hacked can they do him a favour and change his profile pic while they are at it oh my god pls) 


Isak was the one who said you can’t run from the internet girl…..hmmm

Castiel & Sunflowers

This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy! <3 <3

Word Count: 265

Warnings: fluff

(gif is not mine)

It was Castiel’s idea to come to the park.  You weren’t sure why he insisted on going to the park.  After a rough week, you weren’t going to argue with the angel.  You just wanted to spend time with him.  If he wanted to go to the park, then so be it.

Castiel pulled you along, walking faster than usual.  “This way [Y/N],” Castiel spoke, flashing you a smile as he glanced over his shoulder at you.  “I want to show you something.  I saw these for the first time the other day.”

“You don’t have to walk so fast,” you mumbled, trying not to stumble as the angel dragged you along.

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narnianvalkyrieofberk  asked:

I was at a used bookstore with some friends the other day. I can't remember the name of the book, but there was a book about vampires and it looked to be about as close to porn as you could get it and still put it in the children/young adults section. Anyways, I saw it and was just like "If I were here with Tumblr mom, I would get this and beg her to read it with me. Can't be worse than vampire nail nipples. ... Can it?"

Literally nothing, and I mean nothing was worse than that era of my life.

Which I inadvertently brought back and can now never escape thanks to the internet. 


I wanted to thank you all for everything.  Since my last little issue with that “professional animator”, I read all of your messages, took time to read them all and reply (3 days ^^). then I rested a bit and now I’m ready to animate again !

Thank you all for the love you sent me! I could feel it through your messages, all your hopes and your kindness, Knowing that my animations helped you with your anxiety and other issues brought me to tears! On the internet, there are lots of things that help us forget our problems,  but knowing that I too can help means a lot to me, and I will continue to do my very best to bring fun with my animations ! I was a bit surprised that most of you preferred the Flipnote version to the colored one, it means a lot.

 Merci beaucoup !!


It was a chance encounter while ambling about the internet that brought me to Camille Jansen, who from what I can gather, is an Instagram star and social media personality from Paris. She also has a stunning voice, as can be heard on “i wrote my first song and this is it”, which is apparently her very first foray into the music scene, as hard as it is to believe. The stripped down piano ballad is simple yet powerful. It reminds me of Grace Mitchell and Florence Welch, with a little Rachel Yamagata. Despite its acoustic sparseness and classy elegance, there’s a sensual allure to Camille Jensen’s beautiful ballad. I can’t wait to hear more of Camille’s voice. Let’s hope this first song won’t be the last.

The Collector

I’m a collector. Some might call me a hoarder and I can’t say they’d be wrong! I have many different things I like to collect: crystals, TY beanies, fairy ornaments, coins, stamps… you get the idea. Nothing brings me greater joy than adding new things to each collection, nothing gives me more of a rush than looking through my collections; all those years of hard work, saving money and hunting through pawn shops, yard sales and the internet to find the objects I most coveted. It brought me immense pride to look upon my work. It’s a hobby that has made my life what it is, and I wouldn’t be without it.

It seems twice or three times a year for the past four or so years, I’ve started collecting something new. Bottle caps and records, I have a fondness for deer and so started collecting knick-knacks of them.  I’m a big fan of numerous magical girl series and every time I find a new one to watch, I start adding merchandise for it to my collection.

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Disclaimer: This is going to be very long and I don’t expect anyone to actually read this…I just feel like after so many years with Once Upon a Time being so prominent in my life, it will help me obtain a sense of closure by sharing how/why/when a few of these characters in particular changed me. It won’t make a lick of sense to most of you…but here goes…

First let me start by saying that I have always been drawn to shows with strong female leads. As someone who didn’t really have a strong female role model while I was growing up, I always looked to TV to provide the examples of how women’s abilities were limitless. Buffy, Alias; both of those shows displayed the qualities of strong female leads that proved we could be strong and endearing, so that has always been an outlet for me. So much of my youth was spent escaping into a world where anything was possible.

Three years ago, I had just turned 28 and found myself moving to Connecticut for a job I had just accepted, where I didn’t know anyone, and life was a little…well…lonely. Thankfully, one day a co-worker and I were walking to lunch and were were talking about TV shows. And then she asked: “Have you ever seen Once Upon a Time? The one main guy is shady and oddly attractive.”

I was in.

So one cold winter night in New England, I settled into bed, turned on Netflix, and began season one.

I’m not going to lie, I had done a little research before I started it, and I was so convinced that there was one ship in particular I was going to fall in love with based on the sheer passion of that fandom. Because I’m a total sucker for a good romance. Note that.

But I had to get to the part where those two characters meet. So there I was, half-assing my way through the plot, skipping over episodes, just to get to what I thought was going to be the good part. I made it into season two…and I then it happened…and it was…okay. Just okay. I can’t put my finger on why exactly these two characters just didn’t resonate with me, but alas, they did not. Maybe because I just didn’t quite identify with Emma, the strong female lead, as much as I had hoped. But I was already invested in the plot, so I kept chugging along.

Thank goodness I did, because nothing could prepare me for what came next.

There I was, not a ton of context for the story line, because I was still waiting for that other romance. And then came an episode called “The Miller’s Daughter” and it happened.

Mr. Gold…what the hell…who is this person he is on the phone with? Belle? Where did she come from?? HOW DID I MISS THIS??

And then came the speech that knocked the wind out of me.

“…You make me want to go back to the best version of me…”

What …the…fuck… REWIND.

In my asshole attempts to fast forward, I had completely missed this epic romance that was playing out already. More trusty internet searches brought me to the episode that changed me…Skin Deep. I was in this for the long haul now.

Search results: Rumbelle. And I never looked back.

I can’t say exactly what it is that draws me to this couple. Maybe because I sort of see a little bit of myself in both of them? Cunning, bookish, cold and insecure, but yet warm and selfless. Maybe because they seem to have this yin and yang balance that just creates this epic level of pure love…and it just makes sense. Skin Deep taught me that love is possible for anyone…no matter if you think you’re deserving of it or not.

Let me just offer this olive branch…ships are a tricky thing. These characters speak to us for different reasons, and it always bothered me that there was such strong dialogue going on against one ship or another. These characters’ struggles are uniquely their own, and trying to compare which villain is worse always seemed like these fans were somehow missing the point of the show.

But whatever you think of what has transpired these past few seasons…all the OOC nonsense, all the drama for the sake of Adam and Eddy trying to justify their jobs…Skin Deep was a work of art, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. And let me add that I’ve basically been watching this past season via gifs, so thank you to the kind souls who keep making gifs of their scenes so I can follow along. I couldn’t quite stomach just how much Adam and Eddy butchered this pair, so now I live in fanfiction…and I’ll admit, y’all understand these characters better than those two idiots and their minions ever could. I salute you….and please don’t ever stop writing.

I needed this couple. They pulled me out of my desolate funk in cold Connecticut and told me love is possible. All things are possible. That’s what I’d been looking for. 

I could go on and on about what this couple meant to me, but I won’t…because even I’m getting tired of this monologue of mine. :) 

Once Upon a Time won’t be the same without Rumbelle, and lord knows I won’t be watching next season unless they bring Emilie on as recurring, but it sure has been an interesting ride.

I’d invite everyone and anyone to share the story of what/how/why this show or this couple (or any couple) impacted you…but I doubt you’ve made it this far in my story. :) In the meantime, I’ll keep on chilling in the background, reading all your fan-fiction and tearing up when I re-watch Skin Deep.

I was wondering why I was so happy about the Captain Underpants movie coming out. Like, it was definitely one of my favorite book series as a kid, but that couldn’t just be it right? they did the same thing with “Where the Wild things are” and I wasn’t as hyped.

Then I remembered that Captain Underpants actually encouraged me to make my own books. When I was a kid I made up my own characters and made books based off those characters as well as any kid could. I used some of the characters from the comics, and I remember I had KIrby in there as well.

And then the internet was brought to me…

That led to writing fanfiction online….

Captain underpants is the reason I am here today….

I love captain underpants….

It doesn't end here (Sequel to The 38th Floor)

Summary: “When faith brought me Dan Howell’s text that night, his life was supposed to end within a few minutes. When faith brought me the internet when I was a child, I was doomed to never go to bed early. How could I ever imagine such things would be connected? And that both of them combined would save our lives?”

Word count: 2929

Genre: Fluff, i mean a little bit of angst (almost nothing)

Warnings: Dan is depressed but nothing too graphic and he only has a few breakdowns. Implied smut.

A/N: This fanfic would be even more amazing if you could listen to Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes, listen to it in repeat. Hope you guys like it <3

Read part one by clicking here

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anonymous asked:

Get ready for me to break the internet .... from the anon the brought you ot3 of monty x Jeff x alex .... I give you a new ot3 crackship monty x clay x jeff!!!!!

Two rays of sunshine and Monty. The best part is Monty is still the little one, but he acts all tough and shit, but the whole school knows he’s whipped af. He’d be an absolute sucker for Clay’s sad eyes, and whenever Jeff would start to lecture him he’d feel so guilty. Monty would just be weak between those two. Clay would have such a sense of protection, and I feel like Jeff likes to enjoy everything in life, so having polar opposite boyfriends would be amazing to him