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IV. Betrayal

Sleep doesn’t come easy tonight and Ryder only manages to rest for minutes at a time. There are too many thoughts circling his mind so when the clock on his phone reads ‘7:34′ he decides it easier to just get up. There’s a notification waiting for him that peaks his interest and he finds his exhaustion evaporating quickly. It’s a text message from a number he doesn’t recognize, but he knows exactly who its from nonetheless. 

‘Meet me at the Boneyard Saturday.’ 

It’s short and sweet and doesn’t give Ryder any insight into Evan in the slightest (and to be honest at this point, he isn’t sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.) And he’s not even sure if he should reply. There’s no doubt in his mind that he wants to see this man again, but he can’t keep Scout from lingering in his thoughts. There’s a part of him that wants to confess what happened, to try and rid himself of his bad conscience, but he knows better. Telling Scout he cheated would destroy her and Ryder isn’t sure he wants to shoulder that. It would also mean giving up his spot at MGH because there’s absolutely no way Chief Laurent would keep Ryder in his hospital after hurting his daughter in such a way. So Ryder won’t say anything, at least not for the time being. 

Ryder sighs, locking his phone and decides to head downstairs to try and distract himself. He finds Julien sitting at the kitchen island enjoying some coffee. His friend looks eerily joyous this morning and its just downright strange considering how bitter Julien usually is at these hours. 

“Since when are you in such a good mood this early?” 

“Since I found out I finally have a one up on your shitty girlfriend.” Ryder goes rigid. ‘Oh god, he knows’. Julien must notice his expression and he elaborates. 

“Ran into him on my way in.” ‘Ahh well, that explains that.’ Julien seems to also catch onto his guilt and he’s quick to scold him. “Don’t tell me you’re gonna be a little bitch about this and tell her. The last thing I need is you sucking up to her again after you were doing so well.” 

“Jesus, Julien no. It’s just… God, what if she finds out? Hell, what if the Chief finds out?! He’ll kill me, what the fuck was I thinking?!” Okay, so maybe he felt really guilty about the whole thing. But the problem is, as much as he wants to regret what happened last night, he can’t. It’s the first time Ryder’s felt so… free and he wasn’t willing to give up the ecstasy that came with that just yet even if it meant that he’d be hurting someone else because of it. 

“Nobody will find out as long as you keep your mouth shut. Just chill, alright?” After leaving his mug in the dishwasher, Julien moves to leave the kitchen, but before he does, he puts a reassuring hand on his friend’s shoulder. “But if you plan on keeping this fling up, watch your back. The last thing I need is getting stuck in that hellhole by myself.” ‘Oh haha, very funny’. Except it isn’t funny. Nothing about this whole thing is humorous in the slightest. Ryder’s career is on the line, the career he’s dedicated almost half of his life to, and he has to play his cards right if he wants to keep it. 

“Fuck off, Julien.” Julien’s laughter rings through the hallway and Ryder’s left alone with his thoughts. Maybe Julien was right and he was just overreacting about the whole thing. It was just a fling, right? Plenty of people have flings. Hell, Julien himself has them all the time. This won’t amount to anything serious as long as Ryder sets the record straight with this guy. 

So he trudges into the living room, dropping onto the couch where he finally returns Evan’s text without any more thought. 

‘See you there.’ 

And with that, Ryder fits in a quick nap before his pager goes off. 

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Hope u enjoy the following prompts -1. Doctor!Ren Patientt!Rey - Rey get's into an accident and is treated by the gloomy Dr. Ren. With Poe as a nurse and Finn as another doctor who are trying to make those two happen :D

“I’m telling you Finn, there is definitely something there.”

 Finn looked over a patient’s chart as he said, “I’m not doubting that. The two of them are always giving each other bedroom eyes, but I don’t understand what you expect we can do about it.” Finn turned to the elderly woman in the hospital bed, “You seem to be in good shape. If you start to feel any abdomen pain again, let me know immediately, okay?”

 The woman nodded and added, “I hate to intrude in your conversation, but you wouldn’t happen to be talking about the tall, brooding doctor with the dark hair and the girl with the broken leg, are you?”

 Finn and Poe looked at each other in surprise. Slowly, Poe said, “Yes, that’s exactly who we’re talking about. How did you know?”

 The woman smiled softly, “They’re right across the hall, I see them talking all the time. They clearly like each other from what I can see.”

 Poe gave Finn a look that practically screamed, ‘I told you so.’

 “They’re both adults,” Finn said firmly, “if they’re interested in each other, I’m sure they’ll make it work on their own.”

 “I think you’re forgetting just how awkward the two of them are.”

 “What do you mean?”

 “Just watch,” Poe said, pointing to Rey’s hospital room as Dr. Ren strode in.


“Good afternoon.”

 Rey looked up from the book she was reading and felt her mouth go dry. She knew she shouldn’t be so surprised to see Dr. Ren as he was her doctor and it was literally his job to check up on her, but nonetheless, she always found herself flustered just from being in his presence. “Hello, Dr. Ren.”

 Dr. Ren flipped open her medical chart, “How are you feeling, Rey?” Rey loved the way her name sounded in his rich baritone.

 “Um, for the most part, pretty good,” Rey said, her hands played with the edge of her blanket. “My ribs aren’t hurting as much.” Rey had recently been in a semi-serious car accident, resulting in several broken ribs, a broken leg, and more than a few stitches.

 “That’s good.” Dr. Ren looked up at her, his piercing eyes gazing intently into hers. “At this rate, you’ll probably be able to leave the hospital in a couple days.”

 Rey dropped her eyes to her lap. She knew she should be happy about that, but she just felt disappointed. “Oh. That’s great.”

 Suddenly, she felt the bed beside her dip a bit. To her surprise, Dr. Ren had sat down beside her on the hospital bed. “Rey,” he said softly, “Are you alright?” Rey saw genuine concern shining in his eyes, but she was fairly certain that this wasn’t a doctor being concerned about a patient. There was something else there.

 She swallowed a lump in her throat and smiled. “Yes, I’m fine.”

 “Are you sure?”

 Before she could respond, he reached over and brushed a strand of hair out of her face. As his fingers skimmed across her skin, Rey felt her face become warm. From what she could tell, he hadn’t even realized what he had been doing until after the fact because he abruptly stood up. The faintest tinge of pink blossomed in his cheeks. He stiffly said, “Well, if you’re okay, then I’ll just be going.”

 “Goodbye,” Rey said with an amused smile.

 She almost laughed as he rigidly walked out of the room.


“Oh god,” Finn said as he watched the encounter. While he hadn’t heard most of what they had said to each other, simply watching them was enough to show that Poe was right when he said the two needed a nudge in the right direction. “How can we help them though?”

 “I have just the plan.” Poe and Finn turned towards the old woman.

 “You have a plan?” Poe said in disbelief. “What is it?”

The elderly woman smiled knowingly. “It’s quite simple actually…”


Dr. Ren ran down the hospital hallway as quickly as he could. While he had been at home reading a book, he had been paged to come to the hospital immediately. His patient, Rey’s, condition had suddenly worsened.

 He knew something had been wrong when he had seen her earlier. He should’ve insisted that she tell him what it was. He should’ve double checked her medical charts. He should’ve – He should’ve done a lot of things. Now was not the time to worry about what he should’ve done. He had to get to Rey as quickly as possible and see just what the hell had gone wrong.

 When he reached her room, he violently wrenched the door open to find…

 …a perfectly fine, blindfolded Rey resting in bed with a candle-lit dinner set up in front of her on the bed’s tray table.  

 Dr. Ren was very confused.

 “Poe? Can I take off the blindfold now?”

 Poe? Poe had been the one to page him in the first place about Rey. What exactly was going on?

 Out of the corner of his eye, Dr. Ren noticed a post-it stuck on the door. He picked it up and read it. Dear Dr. Ren, I hope you enjoy dinner! ;) (yes, a winky face was actually written out on the note) Yours, Finn and Poe.

 “Poe? It is you right?”

 Dr. Ren sighed. Part of him was furious at Finn and Poe for making him worry like that, but another part of him was thankful for what they had done. He never would have had the courage to ask out Rey by himself.

 He walked over to her and gently removed the blindfold from her eyes. She gasped in surprise when she saw that it was him. “Dr. Ren? What are you doing here?”

 “It appears that Poe and Dr. Finn have set us up on a date.”

 Dr. Ren watched as Rey looked from him to the dinner set up in front of them. Seemingly stunned, it took her a couple moments to say, “Then… what do we do now.”

 Dr. Ren sat down on a seat beside her bed. “Well, I’m actually very hungry, the dinner looks delicious, and you look quite lovely this evening. I see no reason why not to simply do what they intended of us.”

 Rey seemed at first surprised, then embarrassed, and then she gave him a somewhat flirtatious smile. “I look lovely? I’m wearing a hospital gown.”

 “Perhaps, but that beautiful shade of highlighter blue really brings out your eyes.”

 Rey laughed, and the sound filled Dr. Ren’s heart with joy.


Rey never thought that she would actually get an opportunity to go on a date with Dr. Ren, so she was more than a little surprised to find herself on a honest to God, real life, candlelit dinner with him. It was a dream come true.

 “So tell me Dr. Ren –”

 “Please, call me Ben.”

 “Alright, Ben,” she liked the way the name tasted in her mouth. “When did you – Wait a minute. Your first name is Ben? Meaning, your full name is Dr. Ben Ren?”

 “Well, no, not exactly. My legal name is Ben Solo.”

 She raised an eyebrow, “But your professional name is Ben Ren?”

 “No, it’s Kylo Ren.”

 “Oh,” Rey said, “then why did you ask me to call you Ben?”

 “Because,” Ben said, twisting a strand of his hair between his fingers, something Rey had begun to notice as a sign of embarrassment, “I only go by Kylo Ren in a professional setting. This is a more… personal situation.”

 Rey took a bite out of her lasagna, hoping to hide the smile threatening to take over her face. It was when the cold pasta hit her tongue that she realized that the two of them had been talking for nearly an hour now. The candles looked like they might flicker out at any second.

 “I have a question for you, Rey.”

 “Fire away.”

 He stood up and sat down beside her on the hospital bed. Rey felt her heart start to pound excitedly. He reached up a hand and gently caressed the side of her face. “What would you say if I said that the first time I met you, I thought you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen?”

 Rey felt her breath catch in her throat. “I would ask if you had noticed the ugly bruises and cuts from the accident.”

He chuckled lightly and leaned in close to her. “Tell me one more thing.”

 “Yes?” Her voice came out in a whisper.

 “If I tried to kiss you, would you let me?” His voice was a tad husky, and even though his voice was carefully blank, she could sense a bit of nervous tension, as though he were afraid she would say no.

 “I don’t know,” she said coyly, “I guess you’ll have to try and find out.”

 A small smile formed on his face right before he brought his lips down onto hers in a soft kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. Rey didn’t think anyone had ever kissed her so tenderly in her life. It made her heart sing a melody she had never heard before, but wanted to replay over and over again.


“Mission accomplished.”

 The three co-conspirators grinned at one another as they watched the new couple kiss each other. Everything had gone exactly according to plan. Poe just hoped that Dr. Ren would be too happy about his date with Rey to chew out him and Finn for tricking him into thinking Rey was in trouble. But knowing his temper, the chances were slim.

 Worth it, Poe thought to himself as Rey and Dr. Ren went in for a second kiss. Poe’s eyes darted up at the doctor standing beside him. Now if I could only come up with a plan to get him on a date with me…

Differences in Recharging

A lone man was standing in front of three meters tall bronze statue of some meditating nun that was sitting in lotus pose. She was humanoid in her appearence, but she also had obvious fox-like features. Namely - her ears, and nine long fluffy tails. 

“Huh. Well, this is… Interesting, I suppose.” - his quiet voice had tone of mild irritation - “The locals had good fantasy, I admit that, but what the heck was this thing?”

He took few steps closer, looking at a small marble tablet at the base of statue.

“I can’t read a bloody word from this sign.” - he continued to grumble - “What was the point of this whole place?”

As the man in grey was thinking aloud, he probably didn’t notice someone else lurking around in the ruined fox shrine. Since it was late evening, he couldn’t probably see the intruder before it’s a bit too late. Nonetheless, he was armed - on his back he had a fancy looking riffle-like weapon glowing with green dim light on its barrel.