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Some asks from today + a sketchy WIP.

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so


Aw shit, look who did another one!


“Regarded as the world authority on magical creatures, Newt Scamander is the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which has been an approved textbook at Hogwarts since its publication in 1927 and can be found in most wizarding households.”


The Revelation™

  • Hohenheim: Envy is your half-brother.
  • Edward Elric: I heard that. I'm still processing.
  • Hohenheim: Yes, I'm a little behind on the times, but I believe the term you're searching for is "OMG."

heres this for those that want a happy ending for these two

idk what their daughter is named but oh well

also she has heathers scrunchie on her wrist cause she found it and veronica was like “no no put that back- where did you find that anyways??? give it to mommy pls” but she was rlly hesitant to and v just gave up

smol child wants to reach the stars 

o and instead of a tag on jds chain its a locket 

probably with a picture of him, veronica, and their child all together being a happy fam like he never had 



(i keep imagining unnecessary subtext from every rival encounter and this is the only way to vent them orz)

omega hux au where he’s unknowingly pregnant when alpha kylo turns back to the light and leaves him and he gives birth to their baby boy and raises him on his own

four years later and hux & his son are captured by the resistance, and ben senses something is off as soon as hux disembarks the shuttle with a small boy held in his arms whilst the surrounding resistance fighters point their blasters at them

ben gets permission from his mother to sit and talk to hux, who refuses to acknowledge ben’s relation to the boy, arguing that kylo ren is his father and was killed by ben and that’s what he’s been telling his son

but the boy, in ben’s presence, tells his mother than ‘that man looks like papa’ and hux just hugs him tightly and tells ben to get out

ben doesn’t know what to do; it’s the first time he’s been conflicted since he forced himself to forget hux when he broke their bond when he left the dark side behind

even leia doesn’t know which path to take, because the boy, bless his innocence, looks so much like ben did when he was younger, with his messy brown hair and big wonder-filled eyes, but hux is a war criminal

so, take the boy, give him to ben to raise and lock hux up for his crimes? or allow ben to take hux and his child somewhere safe where no one will ever find them and let them live in peace but potentially lose ben too?

but one night, when hux takes ill and passes out and ben feels his son calling out to him for help through the Force, and ben holds his son for the first time whilst watching vigilantly over hux in the medbay, he knows what he wants; he wants his family back, he wants hux, and he’ll do anything to revive kylo ren

here is my shitty ass cupdemon fusion i hATE IT,,,,,,,,,,,,,


yes this shit is from an au named babtqftim by @blogthegreatrouge but unfortunately my phone got shit and didn’t tag them so i’ll tag its official au blog instead which is @thebbros so um


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I realized the fandom didn’t have one of these yet, and decided to fix that very serious problem.

(Guys I know I go off on the themes of this show a lot but I just love them so much)

Also seriously if I tried to add anything about character interaction into this thing it would be wayyyyy too long woah but just trust me ok the characters are GREAT

Other posts relevant to these interests: NinthFeather’s, Envy-Loves-You’s

Feel free to add anything I might have missed, guys!

we will revive this fandom if it kills us all

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OTP Idea #908

Imagine Person A is a Kitsune who is known in Person B’s village as a spirit of trickery and mischief. No one knows who exactly Person A is, until B ventures out to discover the motives behind A’s mischief. Once Person B finds Person A, A attempts to woo B into being their spouse with promises of power and freedom.