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*all i want for christmas is you playing muffled in the distance*
gabe is really festive guy pass it on

for your own peace of mind, maybe dont pay too close attention to the lyrics of some christmas songs.

this is the christmas card im sending out. steve didnt know what text i was gonna put behind it when he drew the picture.

(You can get this on redbubble!)

and it turns out that clint, who has been humming christmas carols for weeks now, doesnt actually know any of the real lyrics, and has just been making them up as he goes along. this is his latest masterpiece:

Winter Soldier’s Gunnin’ You Down (To the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s got a hit list, he’s starting a fight

He’s clenching his fist, it’s shiny and bright

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down!

He sees you when you’re sleeping

He knows when you’re awake

His aim is really fucking good and he’s gonna assassinate

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s yanking out wheels and firing guns

If you were smart you’d probably run

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so


The Revelation™

McHanzo Week 2016, day 6 - Ultimate Swap.

Hanzo had been searching for some time, before he found McCree slumped against a cargo container, looking worse for the wear. His hat was a foot away, revealing the nasty gash on the right side of his forehead, blood running down his face. His arms were in no better shape, the mechanical one was damaged, while the sleeve of his right arm was soaked with blood.

The archer knelt down, reaching forward to press his fingers against the cowboy’s throat. Before he could find a pulse, McCree’s hand mechanical hand came up, wrapping gently around his wrist. The damage seemed to lock his index and middle fingers into pointing forward. “Hey, babe,” he croaked.

McCree finally cracked his left eye open, smiling at Hanzo. “Y’lookin’ pretty fine, I gotta say.”

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Food, art class, and FE:Heroes is making me broke so I’m opening commissions again.

Reblogs are very much appreciated, thank you!

Can we celebrate November 20th as the airdate anniversary of the greatest webseries episode ever (or at least ONE OF the greatest ever, even if you don’t love AoJE)? Personally, if I ever had to pick a “Webseries Appreciation Day”, it would be then. Not because there weren’t more significant dates prior and not because it’s the most dramatic and not because nothing since has had any significance. But because I legitimately believe that “Kidnapped” marked the new ways in which webseries could go. They could go outside. They could go “off plot”. They could realistic without sacrificing interest. They could introduce music in a way that was significant to the story and significant to the viewer. They could show off a specific landscape/cityscape (not simply through transmedia).

Basically, “Kidnapped” was and remains revolutionary in the field and I just want to remember it always.