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i just need to get it off my chest
yeah, more than you know (/\)

Hot Things Guys Do

Aries: Grab the top of the door while talking to you, baring their stomach

Taurus: Look at you lovingly even when you’re not looking at him

Gemini: Clutching their chest as they laugh

Cancer: Concentrating really hard on something, their eyes furrowing as they focus on a particular object

Leo: Running their nice hands through their hair

Virgo: Picking up your pencil when you’ve dropped it

Libra: Playing with puppies, or babies

Scorpio: Wearing glasses, reading a book, and sipping coffee in an aesthetic cafe

Sagittarius: Knocking on the door when they take you on a date instead of simply texting, “im here”

Capricorn: Writing you long notes on why they love you

Aquarius: Getting giddy and child like when they talk/see something they love

Pisces: Acting respectful towards their mother, and others in general


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What you don’t know can’t hurt ya, Roy

i’m only human, i make mistakes
i’m only human, that’s all it takes
to put the blame on me
                                                   don’t put the blame on me

↳ For @extrakyloren


thank you so much for all the love & support u guys have been giving my sos character!!! (⸝⸝⍢⸝⸝) ෆ i know im not the best when it comes to showing my appreciation to all of ya (sorry…) but really thank you! i really love drawing her and nadi so seeing others like them as well it seriously makes my heart swell w/ happiness! (。・//ε//・。)

Being an hero isn’t half as glamorous as they make it sound, really