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10 Fictional Characters Tag

Rules: List your favorite characters from 10 fictional works (shows, movies, novels, etc…) and tag 10 people

Whoops, I didn’t pay attention to the rules (I just looked at the tag title and went from there) lol so this is not necessarily a list of top 10 fictional characters, instead it’d be more accurate to say that this is a list of ten fictional characters that I find most compelling right now or am currently in the yeah-ok-I-like-them mood

  1. Yoh Komiyama from High School Debut
  2. Melinda Sordino from Speak
  3. Sita from Fire
  4. Lars Barriga from Steven Universe
  5. Hase from Utsusemi Ni Akari
  6. Tully from Mr. Seeley
  7. Eungi from Fools
  8. Night Tenjo from Absolute Boyfriend
  9. Haruto from Lonely to Organdy
  10. Noah Czerny from The Raven Cycle

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A series of story that I’ve always wanted to work on —- a story between Hanji (falconer) and Levi (Falcon). I came up with this idea because I am actually a super falconer lover and I think it’ll be cool to have falcon in AOT lol

P1:cover page

P2-4:comic part

P5:A close-up of lovely Hanji and her cute bird <3

You can have a look of some works that I’ve done before with the #falconlevihan tag. I finally decided to turn Levi to a “black falcon” instead of a brown one to make it look more special.:P)

In the coming future, I’ll try my best to update this story maybe in the form of short comic of around 1-2 pages each time. And most probably funny content.(Ya~falconry is fun~) Hope you’ll like them><


Lastly, I would like to spend few sentences to talk about my recent work. You may notice that my updates became less frequent. I’ve changed to a job with a totally different nature from my previous one. I really want to try my best to learn more in this new field as this’s a precious experience, but I also don’t want to give up in drawing. And I’m still striking a balance between these two important things in my life! Hope you can understand>< And thanks for all the likes,reblogs and follows during these days. I am so happy about that as I know that I’m not alone on the ship of levihan :DDDD
Thank you!


So I wanted to create an eah paper doll for a while now but couldn’t decide which character first. In the end, I ended up drawing teddybearbones ‘ character Lita Lindorm, because teddybearbones is such a nice person and I am glad she is participating in the eah fandom so actively!

Instructions: As lazy and inaccurate as I am, not all the clothes fit the doll perfectly, so you probably need to cut something here and there. Also if you plan to print and cut her I recommend printing the doll on glossy card board and applying double sided tape on the clothes instead of using the tags I have drawn.

I am considering doing more paper dolls but I still do not know which character next so I am open for suggestions. My candidates are Lizzie, Maddie or Darling but I am also open for other suggestions ;)

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing these things, and it honestly seems like fun! Just like or reblog this, and I will make an edit that comes to mind when I see your URL. I’m not gonna put those captions with your link in it because everyone ends up deleting them anyway. Instead, I’ll tag your URL. That’s it! Pretty please do it because I am bored and it takes like two seconds.

Breaking down the TWC Wall. An interview with Nelson, aka @alive-inside-ink.

Sarah: First, thank you for agreeing to do this interview. I know I’m excited about it and others are as well.

Let’s get started. What made you start writing? Was there an event that triggered it, or has it always been something you’ve done?

Nelson: I had a difficult childhood. From an extreme amount of physical and mental abuse, to being deaf as a child. Initially, reading became my escape. I would devour books, reading the same ones over and over again. I think I wore out the bindings of “The Time Machine” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Eventually reading words turned into writing my own. I started writing about my “one” and running away with her at ten years old. It took years for me to write about anything else.

S: Writing can definitely be therapy. I know it’s helped me over the years. Wow, writing about one person pretty much your whole life, that’s pretty intense.

What do you write about now? Are there certain things that inspire you to write?

N: Life. I think there is no greater inspiration than that. I write about the things I see, feel, and experience. It is a great way to release. I don’t think people realize how honest I am in my writing. I usually add a line or a few words containing something really personal to, or about me. That is why if you read my work, you have the chance to know me on a level that few do. i think that’s the beauty of writing about life. Most see an arrangement of words, yet there are a small number that dig deep to see who I really am, and how my experiences have shaped me.

S: Life is a good place to draw inspiration from and I admire honesty in writing very much.

How long have you been writing on Tumblr? When you started writing here did you feel any boundaries?

N: I’ve been on Tumblr for about a year and a half. I was in a bad place, going through a divorce, renting out a small room in someone else’s house. I wanted to get my words out there. I wanted someone to hear all of the things that I kept inside for so long. While I was married I stopped writing so once my marriage was over I wanted to come back to it. 10 years of not writing is a long time. I never cared for social media at all, then I was introduced to Tumblr through a girl I dated twice. Anyway, through discovery I noticed there were actually writers on Tumblr, so I created an account, and started sharing my work. I remember first starting out and being blown away that people were liking my writing. I remember the goal was ten notes. Ten and I would be absolutely thrilled. It took a while actually, but it eventually happened, and that was the first time I hit a milestone with my writing. Before then I really never shared my work with anyone because most of my friends wouldn’t understand it and I was left explaining every line. So to go from that to 10 strangers hitting the heart button was more than I could have ever asked for.

As far as boundaries go I honestly didn’t feel any in the beginning. As the days and months passed on Tumblr I could see the beauty that was the TWC. I think there were certainly hills back then, but they were more milestones than boundaries. For instance getting reblogged and having some of these bigger, more established writers taking notice of you. Then of course everyone wanted to be “blue tagged” which looking back on it I believe the idea was there and I could see why it was created in the first place, but the execution was mediocre at best. Things were great back then.  I miss the old Tumblr. It is a shame that these new up and coming writers didn’t get the chance to be a part of, or even see the TWC before it died out.

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Operation Levity

For those who have been seeing those two little words pop in the Caryl tag for the past two days, lemme ‘splain…No, it is too much…Let me sum up.

I, along with many outspoken others, have gotten tired of seeing wank in the Caryl tag. I’m not talking about critical discussion or civilized disagreements, because those can be wonderful and constructive things. Nay, I am alluding to the negativity for the sake of negativity, the hurtful and unnecessary unpleasantness posted by some members of every party involved. It tends to come in waves, like the worst kind of flash mob, and all we can do is huddle below deck in our ship and wait for it blow over, right?

Wrong! Instead of enduring the storm, let’s fight it! Not with more wank or angry finger-pointing, but instead with love and warmth and everything that makes us love Caryl in the first place and that keeps us coming back. Let’s not go into other shipping tags to try to do some peacekeeping; from what I understand, those attempts have not been well-received or appreciated. Let’s instead focus on our space, and let the good vibes and love spread from a healthy epicenter!

A group of Carylers and I have been plunking around with this Operation Levity idea for the past two days, and it has been hysterical and fun and just wonderful.

Sound like a party yet? Because Hell yeah!

If you want to join the fun, just strap on your arm floaties and dive right in; the water’s great! Just post something happy about Caryl. It can be goofy, sweet, fluffy, flirty, sexy, whatever you like, but always in keeping with the loving atmosphere! Headcanons, theories, meta, jokes, fic, gifs, fanart, fanvids, you name it! I welcome it all!

All you have to do is post or reblog the happy thing and tag it as “Caryl” and “Operation Levity.” That’s all there is to it!

Or, as I’m revealing now for the first time, I have set up a submission feature on my blog specifically for Operation Levity posts! Submit it here.

The only rules to Operation Levity are:

  • The same as the first rule of the USS Caryl - Be excellent to one another.
  • If you post art or videos or things that aren’t yours, be sure to source the original creators properly.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, reference, perpetuate, tag, or mention, aggressively or passive aggressively, hate against ships, Caryl or otherwise, characters, or other bloggers. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • Affection, however, is welcome and encouraged.
  • What you post on your blog is your business, but if you use the “Operation Levity” tag, I ask that you keep it loving and happy :)
  • Have fun with it. This is intended to be a safe zone for all things silly and ridiculous for the love of Caryl.

Now go forth, turtledoves, and Caryl on!