but instead for who they are inside


The more room you give yourself to express your true thoughts and feelings, the more room there is for your wisdom to emerge. - Marianne Williamson ✨

I’ve been having so many issues with expressing my true feelings and it’s been eating me up inside. My mood would change and even affect other people. I hate it so much. My past has made me this way. I was always around people who would tell me I’m too emotional and didn’t care about my feelings at all. I’m learning to understand that now I’m finally friends with people who actually are sensitive to my emotions and care about how I feel. Im learning to express how I feel instead of bottling up inside because I never want to hurt the people who actually care about me. Everyday is a new step. Just believe in yourself and everything will be fine. I promise ❤

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Cary Loudermilk

Bless that lovely man so much. Out of all the new people David has met at Summer land, he’s the only one of them who didn’t try to go after David with a weapon this last episode. Instead he’s building a device to try to isolate David from the yellow eyed devil/Lenny. I just find it interesting because out of all of them Cary has probably had the least amount of personal interaction with David. Melanie and Ptonomy have been inside his head, quite literally, and they’ve at least had a small glimpse of the demons lurking in David’s mind(figurative and literal). By contrast, Cary’s interaction has been much more clinical and removed, studying his biology and monitoring his brain waves and sciency stuff like that. Yet he’s the only one(aside from Syd) who is still trying to find a way to peaceably resolve things(I’m still not sure why they went after him with lethal force in the first place?). Also Cary was the one who realized that they were dealing with some sort of psychic parasite, despite, to my knowledge, never having been inside David’s memories like the rest of them. Cary Loudermilk is a wonderful person and should be protected.

TalesFromRetail: The Segway and the Security Guard

Hi everyone from the land of soaps, options, and candles. For the past two months I’ve been working in a temporary location while waiting for my new store to open. It’s now open and holy cow it looks beautiful. Brand new fixtures, shelves, props, and spotless floors.

I’ve only been here for about ten days but we’re all super crazed about keeping everything clean and tidy.

Three days ago I opened. They were predicting snow for the next day so Security was walking around giving out letters that had what numbers to call if the mall closed. Well almost all of them were walking. The guy who delivers ours is on his little Segway. Instead of parking outside he drives it inside of our store to deliver the paper. I don’t know how but the tires left black marks on our brand new floors….

I’m not even paying attention to this paper he just handed me, my jaw has dropped and I’m staring at the black marks. A mark doesn’t really describe it, I mean a good 4-5 feet of skid marks.

I ask him why did he drive it in the store.

He replies “Whatever, I drive it where I want.”

We have no customers at this time. My SM and DM are going to blow gaskets if they see this before I tell them. I leave a message for the SM but catch the DM before she heads into a meeting. She hears from me and about faces from her meeting (she was only 20 min from my store’s location) and heads over to see what happened.

DM’s mouth is open before she fully walks in. You can see the black marks from the entrance of the store. I have cleaning supplies ready but haven’t started yet because she wanted to look at it. She doesn’t even say anything to me. She whips out her cell phone and starts making calls.

First she looks up and calls a floor cleaning service. Then she calls the security office of my mall and asks that the mall manager and head security guard come to our store ASAP.

They come down after ten minutes and see it. My DM is livid. (Frankly it was nice not having her livid at me.) She demands that Guard be written up for driving in the store and that the mall take charge of costs of cleaning the floor.

She walks back to the mall office with both guys to have it out. I was going to start cleaning it but was told to wait for the floor guys. They got there two hours late and it didn’t take long to clean it. I probably could’ve done it myself.

My DM came back to grab her coat and bag and told me she’d talk to me later… An hour after she left the first security guard returns. He apologizes to me for marking up the floors. Since they’re clean now I tell him it’s fine but maybe walking is better for his health than the Segway.

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LazyTown characters as stuff I've done

Stephanie: colored a labeled map in 14 different shades of pink to turn in for history

Robbie Rotten: took a nap at 2:30 pm and didn’t wake up until 2:30 am

Sportacus: ran up 17 flights of stairs while staying a hotel instead of waiting in line for the elevators

Stingy: got dinner with friends from a place with no place to sit inside, didn’t let friends eat in the car out of fear of getting the inside dirty, instead forced them to eat their food outside in the snow

Ziggy: found Mommy’s stash of Hershey bars for making s'mores and ate them all in one sitting

Pixel: set up dual monitors and keyboards to watch Netflix and do schoolwork at the same time

Trixie: drank a glass of dirt water to show up some boys at camp who were too chicken to do it

so in golion their names were metals and I kinda wish they would’ve kept them

i don’t mind eyewitness being an anthology if we get a second season with tyler and james still playing boyfriends but in a different situation with different names like if there’s a show about willip snea and his bf pukas faldenbeck who saw their cat kill a bird and leave it on the carpet and it’s 10 episodes of them teaching their cat to eat fancy feast instead of killing animals in the yard and dragging them inside the house


I dig the Mythal version of Flemeth, because her outsides are as terrifying as her insides. She’s such a badass, and honestly the scariest thing was watching my Hawke flirt with her cuz he wanted to make dragon babies. I 100% appreciate how hardcore Morrigan had to be to live with Flemeth for all those years.

Requested by @stardustlings and that anon who accidentally requested Flemeth for the naked series instead, lol.

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Find someone who makes your heart race, and not only in the bed room.

Find someone who remembers the small things about you, like why you’re afraid of the ocean or why your anxiety gets so bad at night.

Find someone who gets the ways you work and doesn’t leave when you start acting like a little shit.

Find someone who talks to you and doesn’t just leave you in the dark when you’re feeling down.

Find someone who takes pictures of you all the time because they need something to look at when you’re gone.

Find someone who holds you while you sleep, even when they stay awake for hours.

Find someone who admires the smallest things about you, like your freckles or the way your voice changes with your mood.

Find someone who doesn’t let go, who is always there, who loves you for you, who doesn’t try to change the person you are deep down inside, but instead tries to bring it out more.

Find them, and please promise me you’ll never let them go.

—  Find them.
I’m the girl you would barely look at on the street. The one whose eyes are always fixated on the book that she always carry inside her bag. The girl whose face is too common. The girl who prefers to have a pot of flowers instead of a dozen wrapped in fancy paper. The girl who would rather spend Friday nights curled up in your arms watching movies and eating pizza rather than partying with strangers far away from home. I’m that girl who wouldn’t make you wait for three hours on our first date but the girl who would always try her best to meet you halfway. I’m the girl who would share secrets with you under a starry sky or as we take a stroll by the beach. The girl who wouldn’t let you hold things but would hold your hand instead. The girl who would write you poems and letters because she’s too shy to say it out loud. The girl who would sing you songs while running her fingers through your hair until you fall asleep. The girl who will love you the way you deserved to be loved. I’m that girl who doesn’t have anything to brag about, I only have the courage to love every bit of your flaws and weakness, to hold you at your weakest and be with you, until forever itself tires.
Silly little headcanon I thought of yesterday

On International Women’s Day Alya writes a post on Instagram about the woman who inspires her the most, and everyone expects her to write about Ladybug, but instead she’s writes about Marinette. About her creativity, her kindness, her drive, etc. Mari is so touched that she chose her ‘normal’ self and not the superhero that she has a bit of a cheeky cry. Then Adrien liked the post and she dies a little inside. (Alya still posted about LB on the Ladyblog though obvs).

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DM: … I will permit you do spin kick the plant golem, but only if flavor wise you do it as a dance move since you’re a Bard

Bard: Then can I roll perform instead of acrobatics

DM, not knowing the bard put expertise into perform and has like +8 to it: Sure why the hell not.

*Later, while MOST of the table is howling from laughter*

DM: You successfully perform a terminal velocity ballet spin kick through every plant golem down the stairs while travelling inside the slipstream. I expected you guys to get through this section quickly but this was just something else, well done!

Fighter, who was looking forward to this because DM told him it was gonna be a combat gauntlet: Yeah it was kinda cool I guess…


Abandoned Bowling Alley Turns Into An Immersive Public Art Experience 

What a time to be alive. The former Silva Lanes Bowling Alley in Santa Fe is now the “House of Eternal Return” - a trippy Victorian house built to scale inside the bowling alley by pioneering art collective, Meow Wolf.


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The New Lars alternate ending

I really wanted The New Lars to end like this:

  • Steven (in Lars’s body) comes home, barges in, and sees Pearl perched on Steven’s bed, shaking his body, screaming, freaking out bc he’s not responding, etc.
  • Steven (in Lars’s body) runs up to his bed and pushes Pearl out of the way, like “PEARL MOVE I NEED TO GET BACK INTO MY BODY”, starts shaking his body instead
  • Pearl, who doesn’t know that Steven is inside Lars’s mind, instead sees it as some random human teenager busting into her house and assaulting her ailing son, and as a result full on tackles Lars (who is still controlled by Steven) to the ground and starts slapping him
  • All the other people (Buck, Lars’s parents, Sadie, etc.) start flipping shit and screaming, everyone is screaming and crying and freaking out
  • Getting slapped makes Steven’s mind return to his body, so Lars wakes up to everyone screaming and crying and Pearl pinning him to the ground and slapping the shit out of him
  • Lars starts screaming like, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, PLEASE STOP HITTING ME
  • Steven comes to break it up and explain the situation and the episode ends the same way from there

Someone Pls draw 


“Looks like you’re gonna have a bad time. And you don’t stand a ghost of a chance.”

And finally, Sans is here!

Those who went to my livestream, got see me finish designing him. ^^ (although I animated him when I stopped streaming). Sans probably breaks design convention the most, if only because his ribs are on the inside of his jack instead of on the outside. And mush like his brother, he has the upside-down heart as well.

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If you aren’t a part of someone’s priorities and always feel unappreciated then whats the point? Just because you like a person, it doesn’t mean you should ever just “put up” with how they treat you or make you feel. Your self happiness is so important. I mean they could well be a decent person, maybe even the nicest person ever but maybe they just aren’t right for you and you need to realise this before its too late, take yourself out of that situation (I know its hard, heck I know but you’re stronger than you think) and find someone that treats you exactly how you need to be. Theres so many people out there that will make you feel like theres fucking galaxies inside of you and who will help flowers grow from your wounds instead of damaging them even more. You are worth good things and good people, you just need to push yourself a little more and they will come to you. Some people come into your life because they’re a lesson to be learnt, while others are there to help build you up and care for you.

On November 19th 1869 a riot broke out at Surgeons Hall Edinburgh.

Sophia Jex-Blake, Isabel Thorne, Edith Pechey, Matilda Chaplin, Helen Evans, Mary Anderson, and Emily Bovell were studying medicine at Edinburgh University, at a time when most of the establishment considered the idea of women undergraduates, let alone doctors, preposterous. 

Several hundred male students pelted the women with mud and rubbish as they arrived. The women struggled through the crowd until a supporter unbolted a door to hurry them inside. The rioters shoved a live sheep, used by the medical faculty, into the exam hall, causing further chaos. Jex-Blake was later sued by a student, Mr Craig, who she claimed was at the root of the riot, but she defended his claim. The court awarded him one farthing instead of the £1,000 he sought in damages and the case was seen as a victory for the Edinburgh Seven. Public support for the women started to grow with a report in The Scotsman urging “all…men…to come forward and express… their detestation of the proceedings which have characterised and dishonoured the opposition to ladies pursuing the study of medicine in Edinburgh.”

The decision to allow them to study was later overturned on an appeal by Claud Muirhead, Senior Assistant Physician at the Royal Infirmary, supported by around 200 students. Unable to graduate, the battle moved to London. Jex-Blake was instrumental is setting up the London School of Medicine for Women. In 1876, the Enabling Bill gave medical examining bodies the right to admit women. Jex-Blake and Pechey did their MD in Berne, Switzerland, then sat the Irish exams with the College of Physicians in Dublin, finally becoming registered doctors in Britain. In 1877, Jex-Blake opened Edinburgh School of Medicine for Women and Edinburgh Hospital and Dispensary for Women the following year.

A plaque marking the work of the Edinburgh Seven was unveiled last year and now hangs in Surgeon’s Hall. The date differs on sources. 

I can not express how important Inside Out is.

Because it’s a movie aimed primarily as kids that has awesomely diverse female representation when it comes to personalities, as well as beautiful animation, explains minds and emotions and memories and all that stuff in a way children can easily understand, passes the Bechdel test in like the first ten minutes, and stresses the importance of your own personal mental and emotional health.

This is a movie with a female protagonist (who enjoys both rainbow unicorns and hockey) that tells kids that if they’re feeling out of sorts, if they’re feeling sad or angry or afraid or disgusted, that’s okay. That’s normal. And it’s telling them to speak up, to tell someone, to express what they feel, because bottling up your emotions - putting on a brave face when you really need to cry - only leads to more pain.

Inside Out teaches kids that it’s okay to feel and that is so, so, so important.

The way I grieve for you is not loud. 

It is not a cry in the dark, 
a wail to those who love me, 
a breakdown made of tears and apologies 
and ‘why is this happening to me’s. 

Instead, my grief is a silent killer. 
It suffocates me in the night.
I feel it poison my lungs 
every time I draw in breath. 

I feel it wrap its cold dark hands 
around my barely beating heart, 
squeeze until it needs to gasp to restart
and yet it does not speak. 

My grief is silent, 
so others think it doesn’t exist. 
They look at the unbreakable mask I wear 
on my face without realising my insides scream.

They wonder if I ever loved you 
the way you needed. 
Sometimes they think I am 
a heartless thing that never loved you at all. 

They think I never deserved you
and refuse to understand the truth of the way I grieve.

They refuse to look at me, the same way Icarus’ father 
refused to look at the sun ever again because 
a part of him blamed Apollo for never understanding 
that Icarus loved him, that he let him plummet and die in the water.

No one ever told him either, that when Icarus fell, 
Apollo went insane with grief.

I know, because every night I see the sun God 
drown himself in the horizon, 
to learn the painful process 
of destroying and resurrecting himself 
in the myth we naively call Night and Day
that we take for granted as the sun setting and rising

All this so that one day he can defy Olympus’ rule 
of never resurrecting a mortal for Icarus, 
the only mortal who ever dared to loved him enough
to fly close to him but drowned instead, in the ocean’s deep.

[If he ever learns to resurrect mortals 
the way he resurrects himself
Apollo’s favourite sight would always be Icarus rising 
the way he does every morning, whole again from the sea.

And my favourite memory seared in my mind by
my aching, ever destroying, never ending grief
the kind of grief that Apollo and I know intimately
will be your sleep warm body softly breathing next to me.]

—  Nikita Gill, Why the Sun Rises and Sets: A Mythological Retelling/ Truths about Grief

I think I’ll never be over the twist, just imagine Viktor Nikiforov absolutely confused over Yuri’s behaviour after he arrived in Japan, just remember him crying and how happy he was when he found out Yuri was single because maybe he took too long and Yuri found another person. 

We all thought he was a player, but in truth he was a reckless romantic who dropped everything because of one fucking night - it’s fairy tale material, with a little bit of pole dancing, but still… Imagine if instead of locked inside a castle his loved one just had a very shitty memory problem.