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Do you think J would support H while she's giving birth like holding her hand, talking her through it and stuff like?

Of course :)

His form of encouraging words would probably not be “normal”, but Harley would know J isn’t going to respond to the situation like your average person lol

Harley is his Queen and if she’s in the process of giving birth to his future heir, I would think J would definitely be assisting her :)

A little something cause I was getting bored atta my mind so I needed some entertainment to keep me going and I gotta say I love this reference scene from Disney Movie Hercules so this was perfect to demonstrate some of my frustration =) 

Aaaand also this happened O-o 

(Im confused & shocked and akfjnskrjngsg) holy hotdogs omg I thank ye 1,000,000,000,000 overdrive of stars turning confetti ;-;

(One thing that was a drag is that I couldn’t shake the screen at the end since I don’t have the program for it so this was all I can do though I hope ya like it anyhow c: )

Nightmare!Sans & Art /c/ the awesome gal @jokublog Original Post / Movie Scene

It’s raining. Is this person crazy? I can’t believe he’s walking under the droplets like they’re rays of sunlight shining down on his shoulders.

I contemplate whether to lend him my umbrella or not. I’m already running late to university. Just one block left and I’ll be there, but this man is altering my whole plan. It’s Monday. I’m late. I really don’t need him to stall time. I fight my feet as they lead me to him anyway.

“Excuse me,” I attempt to grasp his attention. He has earphones in for God sake. “Excuse me!” I wave.

He keeps his head low so rain doesn’t get in his eyes. His glance is heart-throbbing. Pulling one earphone out, he questions, “Me?” He points to himself and I nod. “Is something wrong?” His question throws me off. How does he not know he’s getting drenched from the crying clouds? Of course, something is wrong…with him!

“Next time wear a jacket with a hood or bring an umbrella,” Frustratingly, I let my comment flow. I’m not angry at him. He’s a complete stranger. I’m just angry that my guts talked me into helping him which will now make me extra late to class. I force my umbrella into his grip and throw on my rain-resistant hood and clutch onto my backpack. “The weather’s changing, so don’t get sick. You hear?” I leave him with my last words and jog down the block.

I suddenly feel bad for lashing out on him. I roll my eyes to myself and stop my sprint. I turn back to see he’s still standing there watching me. “Hey! I’m sorry for that! It’s Monday!” I raise my voice a little to transfer my words over the distance.

“Nice to meet you, Monday! I’m Jaebum!” He hollers and I see him wear a smile. He must think he’s humorous for his introduction.

Not going to lie, it did make me crack a smile. Goof. I shake my head lightly and proceed my way to the university. I whisper his name to myself, “Jaebum.”