but in to lazy to get it off the camera


I finished the extra stories of the Saiki 3DS game about two weeks ago,surprisingly there’s not much information(or game review)about the game on tumblr?so here’s a short game review:D !(With no spoilers)
I really like the stories!
so much fun to use telepathy!the dialogs are funny but I (still)can’t get used to the fact that Saiki talked(a lot?)in the game , like in the manga he NEVER or merely speaks 😂😂😂
and I love the saiki customization (?)too
but sometimes the game&camera controls is pretty annoying😓I got really pissed off when I kept failing one of the missions (cuz the damn camera controls asdffhghk)that one was so harddddd
I’m planning to play the game again as I think I missed a lot of the dialogs (because most of the time I was too lazy to look up dictionary lmao)
feel free to ask me more about the game~(and u r gonna bear my terrible English hahahahahaha )


august skies
august 2016

guys i’ve been hard at work experimenting with a whole new way of shooting. it’s been arduous and time consuming when time is short so I haven’t posted in a while. thing is, for me, after the big road trip I came home with a whole whack of beautifully broken panoramas of scenes i won’t likely get back to in this life. that really pissed me off. my laziness. my willingness to keep doing something I know i shouldn’t (letting in-camera stitching handle my panos) because it was easier than doing it right ended up costing me a lot of really great pictures. I hate when we give in to our desire for easy. 

so, after looking through them I decided there’s work to be done on two fronts. first, my storm photos aren’t often enough conveying the power and scope of what i’m seeing with my eyes and second my ability to work with wide scenes and understand what makes a good one or bad one is being deferred by trying to get my camera to produce reasonably well stitched photos. the victory there being when it does, not when i learn something about wide scene composition. 

I decided that had to be dealt with and i sat down and spent the time researching how to better accomplish those goals and now I’m working on multi-frame images that are just ridiculous in size. it’s broken my workflow and brought posting to a standstill but the good news is I’m learning how to compose a scene and i’m getting the odd shot that conveys the beauty i see. 

that’s all that really matters to me in the end. that i can show you what i experienced and hopefully we’re both a bit better for it somehow. the world is magical and in constant motion and change. the only way to react to that is to emulate it. try to grow, try to change, try to become. 

it could get a bit rocky here while I experiment and try to learn. steps backwards leading hopefully to steps forwards. be patient with me. 

Had a nice break from shooting, working out not gonna lie being lazy wasn’t so bad 🙊 it’s what I needed to get me excited again to get back my drive to the few things that I love to do the most showing off my ink for the camera and lifting heavy shit💪it was hard to give myself a break But I needed to remind myself what’s most important is making sure I’m happy first with whatever I do. #imback #backatit #dressingroomselfie #photoprep #photoshoot #tattoo #tattoos #tattooed #tattoochick #tattoogirls #tattoowomen #tattooedgirls #ink #inked #inkedup #inkedgirls #selfie #mirrorpic #fitfam #iifym by simplyxexotic https://instagram.com/p/1ZkQc3sc0P/