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Hey! I saw that PBS is doing a rebroadcast of Hamilton's America. I just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to notify people 😊

[break from oscars content for timeliness]

Hamilton’s America DVR ALERT

So I did a little googling and it looks like many PBS stations are rebroadcasting it at 9PM ET this Friday, March 3rd. This’ll vary based on your local starion. I saw one starting it a half hour earlier, and found out my own station is not showing it until Friday March 10th.

Thanks! Heads up, everyone!

The Boy Next Door

Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by @natasha-baggins - “Hello! Could you write this au with Jason please? “You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yardwork” and Jason has a thing for the reader? Please and thank you!“

A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind hun, sorry it took so long!! I really hope you like it!

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You had lived in Gotham all your life. It was dirty and crime-ridden and teeming with social problems, but it was familar and comforting and beautiful in the way only home could be. That was why when you finished school and offers came from Metropolis and Bludhaven and Jump City, you turned them all down in favour of Gotham University.

People called you crazy, but you didn’t care. It was a little too far from your neighbourhood to commute everyday so you’d still had to move, but it’s proximity to home meant that you could visit your mom as often as you liked. Which, admittedly, was often. Growing up it had just been you and your mom, and now that you were in college she was living on her own. You knew that she didn’t mind too much, but she had always been your number one confident and best friend, and you missed her company more than you would admit.

It was during one of your routine nightly phonecalls that she told you about her new neighbour. You were sitting at your new kitchen table (student standard, nothing to brag about) drinking hot cocoa in your pajamas.

“We have a new neighbour by the way,” “Oh yeah? Have you met them yet?” You drummed your fingers on the tabletop absently. It wasn’t an unusual statement, people were moving in and out of the house next door all the time. Apparently the roof leaked, and the landlord was a pain. The news didn’t exactly surprise you. “Mmhmm. I met him just this morning, even though he says he’s been living there for almost two weeks now I’ve never seen him before. He’s a very nice young man.. and handsome too,” You could hear the teasing tone in your mom’s voice, and groaned exaggeratedly.

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AU PROMPT #45:  “Okay, so every time we go out drinking, there is a designated driver. I know that you’re immediately thinking that that’s ‘so responsible,’ but that’s totally not the case - the general rule is that the youngest had to drive. My group of friends hasn’t added anyone in four years. Do you know how long I’ve been sober. Too long.” 

word count: 1200

― bartender!taehyung x reader

Originally posted by kimstaehyungs

     “HELL TO THE NO,” you said immediately after picking up the phone. “I’m not going this tonight. Absolutely not. Don’t even think about it. I’m hanging up now. Bye.”

“Y/N!” Your best friend (unfortunately), Yerim, whined. “Pleaaase? It’s a Friday night!”

“Yes, it’s a Friday night for you guys. It’s the night of hell for me. I’m not in the mood to wrestle your drunk asses in the car only to have you vomit all over my leather seats. Besides, I have an exam,” you snapped.

“Joohyun said she was sorry!” Yerim defended. “She even paid the tab for the cleaners.”

“Yes, because that makes the trauma disappear,” you replied sarcastically. “Also did you miss the part where I said I had an exam? Not happening, Yeri.”

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Journal - Yuta x Reader - College!AU


Word Count: 5432

Trigger Warnings: Some offensive language, Hints at anxiety and depression

Genre: College!AU, Angst, More angst, Seriously it’s a lot of angst

Hey, Yuta.

Wednesday, March 29th. That’s the day we first started talking. Now, yeah, you’re probably wondering what’s up with all this weird sappy crap. I also bet you’re reading this in my voice, aren’t you?

Anyways, I started writing this a little while after I found out I was eventually leaving. I hope I have another semester left, but in case not, I’m leaving you this.

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Hermione crossed her arms over her chest with a sigh, watching an awfully slow queue in front of her. She stole another glance at a big watch on the wall. Half an hour until her first lecture. Fuck. This was so not the morning she wished. Why so many people? Did all coffeeshops in a mile close? 

When she only had three people before her (two middle aged men and a girl in a green dress with a very sharp profile), Hermione wanted to kill. No matter who, just kill. She started to doubt that coffee was worth such torture, but she couldn’t function properly without her morning dose of caffeine. Maybe Ginny was right when she banned caffeine from her life. Maybe it wasn’t because of her obsess with health, but because of the queues.

Hermione sighed exasperatedly. The girl in the green dress standing right before Hermione was rummaging in her bag and already nudged Hermione twice, not bothering to apologize. She finally pulled out a phone with a victorious smirk on her face and another poke in Hermione’s arm. Hermione clenched her teeth tightly. She was too annoyed and this girl only added fuel to the fire.

“Problems?” the girl scoffed, examining Hermione’s tight expression. She didn’t wait for the answer and turned around, her short black hair almost touching Hermione’s face. Damn, she was gorgeous. But gorgeous is not enough to forget her rudeness.

And apparently she had the cutest lock screen Hermione had seen in months? A cute pug with a bow tie looked weird in the phone of someone so brash and totally didn’t match its “Fuck off” case. Hermione giggled quietly.

“Anything funny?” the girl snapped at her immediately. If possible,  Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at her indignant expression.

“Okay,” she rolled her eyes, “I get it. It was my friend’s idea and I’m too lazy to change it.”

“Looks cute,” Hermione smiled. She was actually quite excited now. The picture took away her irritation and she enjoyed her sudden acquaintance’s low voice. “But seriously, would you mind sending it to me?”

The girl looked at her suspiciously. “Fine,” she finally gave in and grinned. “You’re lucky I like your face, otherwise I’d think it was creepy.”

“Aren’t I glad to know,” Hermione scoffed.

“WhatsApp?” the girl asked, raising her eyebrows and ignoring Hermione’s comment.

This is creepy. But okay, I should hope you’re not a serial killer.”

“I am not, thank you very much,” she murmured as she typed in Hermione’s number and chose the picture to send. The man standing in front of her walked away and the girl quickly turned to the barista, giving Hermione a playful wink, “Not gonna stalk you, don’t worry. Unless you’d prefer I do.”

Hermione felt her cheeks burning. Was she flirting or what? When her brain turned back on, the girl already was walking away. Hermione stuttered on her order.

She tried not to think of it in the evening. She really did. She just wanted to relax from her crazy day in college and Harry and Ron’s attempt to drag her to the club. Hermione didn’t actually know how she found herself texting the number she got the pug’s picture from.

“Will you at least tell me your name? Or I’ll call you The Pug Lover.”

She got the answer almost instantly.

“Pansy Parkinson. You can call me The Queen of the World. What about you, princess?”

“That was awful. Hermione Granger, and I’m free on Friday in case if you might want to learn to flirt better.”

“My flirting is very advanced and elegant, just so you know. But I really want to hear your suggestions on improving it, maybe we can practice ;) Friday sounds perfect.”

Hermione smiled. Mysterious Pansy Parkinson was an enough reason to look forward to Friday.

“And this, kids, is the story of how I met your mother,” Pansy finished with a wink, carelessly throwing her arm around Hermione’s shoulders.

“First of all,” Draco rolled his eyes, “I would really appreciate if you stopped calling me and my boyfriend kids,” Harry nodded in agreement beside him.

“Aww, you wound me,” Pansy interrupted with a sad face.

“And secondly,” Draco continued, ignoring her, “Our story is better.”

“Lies,” Pansy snorted. “Your story is shit.”

“At least we didn’t start dating because of a pug,” Harry chimed in.

Hermione let out a quiet laugh, blushing slightly when Pansy kissed her knuckles with a big grin.

“Yeah, you started dating because of the poor lighting in cinema. That’s much better, right.”

Pansy laughed at the sight of her friends’ pouting faces and let her fingers tangle in Hermione’s hair. That pug did her a good favor.

Jorvik Warmblood Party

Since we’ve all had to pull them out recently, why not do this right? Ruby may be a grumpy mare but even she likes meet ups XD

When: This Friday, April 21 (idk if anyone has already planned for Friday since I’ve been gone, but worst case I can try either Thursday or Saturday)

Where: This will stay non star friendly, so we meet at Fort Pinta stables.

What to bring: Your Jorvik warmblood! We can all ride awkward old models together XD

I’ll try to come up with some games, if you know one you want to include message me. We’ll also do a little climb I do with my non star friends to get on top of the mine.

Listen Up Incoming Freshmen.

I hated freshmen year, but I made it out in the top ten percent and with a 5 on my AP exam. I learned a lot of school tips that I wished someone had told me, so I’m going to share them with you.

Use a planner.

Whether it’s a store bought one that actually says the date and tells you when it’s an obsure holiday, or it’s a blank journal that you write down to-do lists and important dates in, you’ll need it. As smart or as punk as you may be, don’t challenge yourself to remember every assignment, you’ll end up doing so many things last minute if you do. (Not so fun story, my AP Human Geo teacher would sometimes get the first period class to go around and tell everyone else that an assignment was due, when in reality we still had another day. You want to know if kids like that are joking, or if you really need to turn something in).

Get involved.

You’re sick of hearing this. I sympathize with all the introverts reading this, but when my mom encouraged me to hang out with friends after school or talk to the sophomore in my orchestra section until I actually did, I was so thankful. In high school, it’s super easy to feel alone, especially if you go to a large school. Maybe going out for sports isn’t you’re thing, but make friends with the people interested in the same activities as you. When you need someone to quiz you or sit with at lunch, you’ll be happy you know more than just your middle school best friends.

Hang out with yourself.

I spent my Friday nights reading a fourth of what reading was assigned for the weekend so I felt productive, but after that I put on my favorite pajamas and turned on The Office. Don’t treat yourself the Tuesday night before a test, but it’s okay to have a Friday night in.

Befriend your teachers.

Easier said than done in some cases, but I learned this the easy and hard ways. When I had an 89.44% in my Geometry class, I really wished that my teacher had known me more. If your teacher knows you, your 69% could be moved up to a 70% if the teacher knows your work ethic and that you care. Also, recommendation letters for outside events, and eventually college, are important. Making peace with a teacher will have its rewards.

Study groups!

I’ve heard they work for some people. If you want to know if they’re for you, don’t form one the day before the test. My friends and I did that, and we listened to techno songs and took dumb photos. Be responsible with your time management.

Don’t suffer alone.

I made friends by talking to the girl next to me in Spanish. We had a few similar interests, but I could’ve cared less that she also liked Twenty One Pilots. She hated the class, and so did I. I never looked forward to that hour of the day, but I didn’t hate it because we could complain when the teacher was at her desk. Also, there can be an instant friendship when you’re cramming at lunch and some person has the same textbook out and is just as worried as you.

Do your assigned readings!!!

I cannot stress this enough! Bookmark the chapters in class, then go home and read them as soon as possible! They may or may not be boring, but reading check quizzes come faster than you’d think.


If you’re not religious, this may not be the tip for you, but speaking as a believer, I think this is important for everyone. In between your loads of math and history homework, you’re going to get stressed. Any sort of quick study break will help, but if you can, pull out your Bible, Torah, Qur’an, or other text of your religion. A short prayer and Holy words can really give you peace in a stressful time.

Stay healthy.

Carry a water bottle with you from class to class, but remember to stay healthy at home. That A on your biology quiz isn’t as important, nor lasting, as your mental health. If you need a break, take one until you feel well enough to study again.

Accept failure.

You’re not going to ace everything. This year will be harder and you will struggle at one point or another. If you need a tutor, don’t be ashamed, and get one that can help you. Once you fail that math test, look at your mistakes, and make a point to learn from them, so you can do better on the next test. This isn’t the most important year of your life, and everything is supposed to be a learning experience.

friendly reminder that thursday is thanksgiving which means friday is black friday. while most of you will be at home eating and spending time with your family, those who work in retail will be at work. on thanksgiving. we won’t get to eat (nor have we for a few years, in some of our cases). we will be working long shifts, we will be up early and staying late. some have long commutes to and from work and will only sleep for 1hr between shifts (this is my life this year). we will be working our butts off to ensure our customers get what they need for their christmas lists this year.

so please, PLEASE be kind to all the retail workers you come across this holiday season, not just on thanksgiving & black friday. we try to smile and stay pleasant during our 9+hr shifts but sometimes it’s hard when you have customers screaming at you over things you cant control. or when someone just stole $100 worth of merchandise because they think they’re too good to pay for it. or when any other numerous things could be going on in their lives at any given moment. 

please say “please” & “thank you.” when talking to us. please be patient when you ask us for something. please understand when we explain why something is against our policy. think about what you say because sometimes you make us cry even though we hate to admit it. shoplifters, you make us cry. rude customers, you make us cry. impatient people make us impatient as well. your attitude affects ours. 

a smile will go a long way, especially to us who are tired and missing our families during the holiday season. thank you. 

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if you're still accepting prompts, could you write an AU where So is Soo's fake boyfriend to make her cheating ex jealous, but they end up getting together for real?

Oh my gosh, I am such trash for these kind of scenarios. Also I changed it a bit where instead of her trying to make her ex jealous, shes actually trying to get away from him, enjoy~

Hae Soo was waiting by her favorite BBQ tent for her sunbae-nim. The night was chilly and she didn’t bring a jacket. She wanted to go inside but she hadn’t seen Oh sunbae since she moved to the states for her degree. Soo missed her almost every day and wished that this time she could’ve stayed in Seoul just a bit longer.

She heard her phone ring from her pocket and saw that the caller ID was from sunbae.


“Hae Soo-ah, I’m so sorry something came up. One of my colleagues asked me to help her son something and I’m already on my way to the university to meet her. So I can’t have dinner with you today, can we do it some other time?”

Her face drooped, “do you really have to help your friend? You just got off the plane. Aren’t you tired?”

“I know, and I really am sorry. I’ll make it up to you, okay?”

“I understand. We’ll talk later.”

She hung up. Her shoulders slumped in disappointment, and looked at the tent longingly. She didn’t particularly like eating alone but she was starving, and the grilled pork belly smell was overwhelming.

Get over yourself Hae Soo, you can easily finish three portions of food, she chided herself. She straightened her back and walked through the doors, determined to eat as much food as she could stomach.


The place was packed but since she was alone, she walked in and found a small table in the back. It was a bit tight as it was in the corner and there was even a draft coming from under a spot in the enclosure. She didn’t mind though, she liked the bit of privacy that it provided.

She was scanning her menu when she heard someone call her name.

“Hae Soo?” said a voice loudly. She looked up, and saw the face of the last person she had ever wanted to see in her life. Her first boyfriend was smiling at her, as if they were longtime friends, and not scorned lovers.

“Myung Soo oppa,” she acknowledged.

“Are you here by yourself?” he asked smugly.          

“I’m just—”

“You’re still single aren’t you? Darling if you hadn’t broken up with me, we might even be married by now. What a thought huh?”

She cringed, “Yeah, what a thought.”

“I’m actually meeting a friend here, but I don’t think he’ll mind much when I tell him that I’m rekindling an old flame, am I right?” Before she could protest Myung Soo was already pulling a chair from the other table and sat across from her.

“I’m actually waiting for someone. So please if you could just leave, I’d greatly appreciate it.”

“Come on now, I remember the way you looked every time I disappointed you. Someone obviously stood you up. I’ll even pay for the meal,” he waved for service.

“Ahjumma! Could you bring some soju over to this table?”

“Oppa, I—” she began to protest.

“Excuse me,” a man in an olive sweater with auburn tousled hair, hovered over their table, his eyes intent and deadpan on Myung Soo.

“Who are you?” Myung Soo eyed him warily.

“I’m her boyfriend, and you’re in my seat,” the man was practically growling at that point.

Myung Soo turned to look at her, “Soo, who is this?”

“My boyfriend,” she felt her face burning but she didn’t care. It was time to say goodbye to her ex. “So if you don’t mind, I would like to have meal with him,” she looked at him firmly in the eyes until he mumbled a halfhearted goodbye and left.

Soo sat down and sighed in relief. She hadn’t even noticed that the man was still standing there until he cleared his throat, “I just go now.”

“No wait,” she quickly grabbed onto him by the sleeve. “Please, can you just sit and have this meal with me? My ex, he’s…persistent to say the least, and he might come back.”

“I uh—”

“Please, I know you probably have other things to do, but since you helped me already, can’t you continue to help me?” she gave him her most flattering smile, hoping her charms would come in handy.

“I was actually by myself as well. I guess I wouldn’t mind,” he sat in the plastic chair that her ex had just occupied only moments before.

“Should I order the food now? It’s my treat. What do you like to eat…”

“My name is Wang So.”

Wang So…sshi?”

“Before you wonder, yes my parents are old fashioned.”

“Ah. Well, my name is Hae Soo.”      

“Nice to meet you Hae Soo-sshi.”

The ahjumma came with the soju and she offered to pour him a cup. He obliged by taking a sip and placed the shot glass back down.

Sh began to grill some meats but they both were silent. It was even made more awkward when she realized that she had just invited a stranger to eat with her on impulse. She felt her cheeks redden again.

That was also the moment he chose to start a conversation, for which she was only grateful for, “about that man, do you usually prefer jerks or do they just latch on to you like leeches?”

“Its that obvious huh?”

“Kind f, yeah.”

“I don’t know what Im doing wrong though. It sounds like such a sob story but I deserve at least one decent guy right?”

“I haven’t had the best of luck with women either.”

“Liar. You look like the type to be to attractive for their own good.” Did she just say that out loud?

He choked on his drink.

“I’m so sorry, I kind of speak my mind to liberally sometimes—”

“Its alright. I appreciate the honesty, I just wished I had more people like you in my life.”

She watched him carefully. There was a certain sadness about him that she couldn’t exactly pinpoint. She liked the way he paused just a bit before he spoke, as if choosing his words carefully. He was pensive and spoke with an air of frankness much like her own. She smiled.

“Well, I’m glad someone appreciates me, only because all of my past boyfriends have blatantly told me that that was a quality that they couldn’t stand about me,” she tried to laugh it off, but she was pretty sure that he noticed that it bothered her. She cleared her throat and quickly added, “So what type of boyfriend are you?”

He chuckled.

“Did I say something funny?”

“No, you just dropped the honorifics.”

She hadn’t even realized she had done that. It was rare for her to feel comfortable; with someone to fall into a false sense of security. She was usually quite alert.

“As for me, well I just found that people always wanted something from me. After a while, I just kind of…isolated myself. Even when I go out I’m usually here by myself. That’s why I couldn’t help but overhearing your conversation with that man. I’m sorry that I intervened, I just couldn’t stand the attitude he was giving you.”

Soo was stunned. She couldn’t help but understand just what it was she was talking about. Maybe they didn’t have the same circumstance, but it felt similar enough. In her life, she had been taken advantage of far too many times. It was only when it was too late that she finally saw the real people that hid behind their forced smiles and flowery promises.

Maybe something good did come out of the whole incident with her ex.

“Please don’t apologize. I’m so grateful that you did. I usually hate eating by myself but my sunbae couldn’t make it. Then he showed up and just made things worse. Anyways, let’s toast,” she raised her shot glass.

“To what?” he asked, raising his own drink.

“To serendipity.”


“You ate a whole bag of bananas, by yourself?” his eyes were wide in disbelief.

“It was my mom’s fault for leaving them out and going to take a nap. I was eight. Kids did things like that,” she countered.

“Eight-year-olds did not gorge themselves on produce out of spite.”

“It was either win that bet, or I would be laughing stick to the whole school.”

“But how were you going to prove to your classmates that you had finished the whole bag?”

“I hadn’t thought that far to be honest with you.” They both busted out laughing and she had to hold her stomach because it hurt so much.

They stopped only when the ahjumma came to tell them that they were closing up.”

Wang So looked at his watch. “Hae Soo-sshi, its 3:00 am.”

She pulled out her phone to verify the time, “you’re right, oh my gosh.”

They frantically apologized to the ahjumma. She offered to pay the tab but Wang So didn’t let her. She insisted on paying and that went on for a while before they both agreed to split the bill. They took turns to thank the ahjumma-nim and went out into the night.

They stood by a stop sign and the snow was falling down much softer than it had when she had first gotten there. “Thank you again for helping me earlier. I really should get going now.” She turned to leave but he called her back.

“Hae Soo-sshi. I just wanted to tell you that I actually frequent this place a lot on Fridays, and I don’t know—if you happen to eat here again maybe we’ll see each other again? I mean in case your ex comes back and I wouldn’t want to leave you to fend for yourself, even though you obviously could without me—”

She smiled, “I like to come here on Friday nights too. I’m probably not going to see my ex again, but just in case…I’d like if you were there to eat with me again.”

He gave her the warmest smile yet, and she felt her heart skip a beat.

X-Files Fic: Between Sorrow and Bliss, Chapter Five

Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Post-Memento Mori through Unrequited
Summary: Scully gets a more manageable treatment plan from her doctor and a pep talk from Mulder… but there are still fears she’s not ready to talk about.

Previous chapters: one | two | three | four

Scully is back at work the following Monday, her hair and makeup impeccable, her armor of tailored suits and three-inch heels in place, looking a thousand miles removed from the sick and shaking version of herself Mulder had escorted home less than a week ago.  

“I’ve met with my doctor, and we’ve formulated a new treatment plan,” she informs Mulder first thing in the morning on Monday.  "We’ll be alternating chemotherapy and radiation each week.  I’ve asked that my treatments always be on Friday afternoons, so that I’ll have the weekend to recover.“

"Good idea,” says Mulder.  He promises himself, immediately, that no matter what case they’re on, he will have her back in D.C. every Friday by noon, and he will not bother her with work on the weekends.  "Did your doctor say… will all your chemo treatments be like that first one?“

"You mean, will I be that sick every time?”  He nods.  "Probably not.  It’s still going to be aggressive, but my doctor promised me that it will be far less intense than what Scanlon did to me.“  Mulder sighs in relief.  Seeing Scully like that… he hadn’t been prepared for it, not at all.

The analysis of both her blood and Penny Northern’s have come back from the lab, and as Scully had suspected, her own blood showed nothing but the expected chemotherapy drugs, albeit in far higher concentrations than even the most aggressive standard treatments would call for.  Penny Northern’s blood, in addition to a similarly high level of drugs, had shown an additional chemical compound that was not readily identifiable.  Scully believes- and Mulder agrees with her- that Scanlon has likely been simultaneously poisoning his patients, bit by bit, and continuing the experiments on them that they’d been subjected to during their abductions.

Mulder is profoundly grateful, even more than before, that Scanlon had been unmasked before he’d truly gotten his claws into Scully.

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Concert Blues

Title: Concert Blues
Author: Peg
Rating: K+
Imagine: based off this. Reid takes you to a concert even though it’s not really his “thing.”
Notes: It’s kinda long but really cute. I tried keeping the musician of said concert pretty vague so you can imagine your own fav. Also, there was an episode rerun the other day in which Emily commented about Reid having more dairy than he should, and I thought it’d be cute to throw in there! Fluff to the max. Cuteness ensues.
Warnings: Just a couple tiny mild swears, bummed out Y/N, and lactose-intolerant Reid.
Word Count: 1127
Multishot: No

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Tutoring (Calum Hood Smut)

Sorry it’s so long and shitty - Mikenna

Requested: No.

Smut: Yes.

Word count: 4000+

Tutoring (Calum Hood Smut)

“And so than I’d put that number there right?” Calum asked as he brought his finger down to the worksheet lying in front of us.

 “What?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows. “No that’s not where it goes. How’d you get that?”

 “Does it even fucking matter? I’m going to bomb this final anyways.” The tall brown-eyed boy groaned as he brought his head to the tabletop frustrated.

 “Calum. Don’t say that. You’re going to do fine.” I tried encouragingly even though I wasn’t sure he would. I had been tutoring him for around a month now, and he’d been struggling the whole time. It wasn’t that he wasn’t smart because he was; he was very smart. He just had troubles remembering formulas and methods, which wasn’t very helpful for the either of us.

 “I’m an idiot.” Calum mumbled into the tabletop and I gave out a small laugh looking down at the back of his head.

 “No you’re not. Calum don’t say that.” I tried as I watched his back rise and fall with every breath he took.

 “Easy for you to say! Y/N you’re like a fucking genius. AP everything right? You’re a parents dream child, works hard, good grades, and listens! I’m surprised you’re allowed to have me over when there’s no parents home!” Calum snapped sitting upwards staring at me.

 I was a bit taken aback and I tried to find words to say but couldn’t. Looking back up towards Calum I watched his cheeks flush bright red with embarrassment.

 “Oh my god. I can’t believe I just said that. Y/N I’m sorry… I didn’t mean that. It’s just that… It’s just that you’re so smart and-”

 “Calum. Don’t apologize it’s fine.” I grinned at him reassuringly. “But I’ve got an idea, let’s take a break. I think we could both use it huh?” I asked searching his eyes.

 “Yeah. Yeah, definitely I agree.” He nodded quickly, his cheeks still flushed.

 “Good.” I smiled at him nodding. “What do you wanna do?” I asked as I shut the open books in front of us.

 “You pick. I was a total ass. So it’s only fair you pick.” He gave a shy half smile.

 “You were not being an ass. Calum, you’re frustrated. It happens. Believe me I’ve seen some pretty intense meltdowns.” I laughed and stood from my seat at the dining table. “I’m thinking a movie… Want to go downstairs and see what’s on Netflix?” I asked looking down at him –literally the only time I ever looked down to him due to his abnormal tallness was when he was sitting and I was not, and even at that he didn’t seem much shorter than I did at all- raising my eyebrows questioningly.

 “Yeah sure, any preferences?” He asked as he stood up, now looking down at me.

 “Just no horror.” I said squinting my eyes and nodding, earning a giggle from him.

 “Got it.” He grinned fully this time and turned on his heel, his long black skinny jean clad legs leading him towards the living room. That boy wore some tight pants. Not that I was complaining in the least bit, it looked good. Him and his three best friends all typically wore tight black jeans with a rip or two in the knees and towered over the majority of people at school. I didn’t know them well due to only meeting them briefly at school or on my way out after tutoring but they seemed nice enough.

 Trying to remember what I stayed behind for I placed my hand on my hip and glanced around. Drinks. That’s what I had wanted to get. Walking towards the kitchen I shoved my phone into my pocket, before reaching the fridge. Pulling it open I searched the fridge with my eyes for anything that seemed somewhat satisfying. Unsure of coke or lemonade I reached for the coke, and then stopped noticing the box at the back of the fridge. Sitting perched and untouched hidden behind multiple items was a 12-pack of beer. It was my brother’s beer to be exact. He definitely owed me for multiple things lately, and his beer would suffice. Smirking I moved the few items in the way and pulled the box onto the floor. I nodded approvingly to myself and shut the fridge picking up the case. 

 When I finally made it to the living room I could see the back of Calum’s backwards snapback, neck and shoulders as I made my way up behind the couch.

 “Find anything you like?” I asked walking around the couch with the case of beer in one hand.

 “Yeah I was thinking The Breakfast Club.” He grinned before bringing his eyes to the box in my hand. “Y/N when I said you were a perfect kid I didn’t mean you need to rebel and drink your dad’s beer. I know you’re not a goody two shoes.” He taunted as I sat down next to him.

 “Oh shut it would you, it’s a Friday and we’re both stuck here.”

 “What else would you be doing?”



 “Anyways, what I meant is that it’s a Friday night and we definitely both do not want to be doing any work, so we might as well have a little fun.” I grinned as I opened the box.

 “Right, with your Dad’s beer. He’ll probably murder me and then murder you with my dead body.” Calum stared at me unimpressed. I gave out a soft chuckle and rolled my eyes.

 “It’s my brothers beer ya goof. He owes me anyways.” I said matter-of-factly.

 “Oh. Well in that case what are you waiting for? Pass one over.” Calum grinned smugly as he held out his hand impatiently. Shaking my head I pulled out two beers and handed one to Calum while keeping one for myself. After we had both opened them and gotten comfy, Calum pressed the play button and we were welcomed to the familiar intro of the famous 80’s movie I’d seen only a hundred times.


“Always, always cry at the end of this movie.” Calum’s giggly tone was sarcastic as he sniffled.

 “Oh I know, me too.” I nodded before finishing off my last beer. Somehow over the duration of the film we had managed to down all twelve of the beers. I wasn’t sure if I was drunk or not due to sitting on the couch and not moving for the past hour and a half.

 “I’m so feeling it.” Calum grinned again sarcastically before standing up. I laughed and shucked the blanket off of my lap before standing up as well. I felt fine at first but as I took another step forward I felt the vibe hit me quickly and I lost balance, stumbling sideways into Calum’s tall frame.

 “Whoa, easy there tiger.” Calum laughed as he steadied me with his hands.

 “I’m sorry, I guess it just hadn’t really hit me till now.” I blushed out as I stepped back from him.

 “Lightweight.” Calum grinned entertained as he picked up the empties tossing them back into the box.

 “I am not.” I tried confident but found myself falling into a giggle of laughter.

 “Sure thing Y/N, sure thing.” He winked as he laughed along with me.

 “Hey, I’ve got an idea.” I flashed a grin, the alcohol humming through my veins making my body warm.

 “Yeah? And what’s that lightweight?” Calum teased raising an eyebrow.

 “Come with me!” I giggled as I made my way out of the living room and back towards the kitchen.

 “What are we doing?” Calum asked as he followed after me coming to stop when we reached the kitchen. I ignored him and made my ways towards the cabinet crouching to look for the item in mind. “Hello, Y/N?” He questioned again.

 “This.” I grinned as I pulled out the tall glass bottle of clear liquid and stood up. “This is what we’re doing.”

 “What’s that?” He asked squinting as I made my way towards the table.

 “Vodka.” I grinned as I walked back into the kitchen reaching for two shot glasses out of the glass cupboard.

 “I guess I really did underestimate you… Sorry about that.” Calum teased as he joined me at the table eyeing the bottle.

 “Sure you are.” I smirked and watched him roll his eyes.

 “Are you sure we’re allowed to drink this?” Calum questioned, although I knew he really didn’t care what the answer was.

 “Yup. My parents don’t touch this stuff.” I nodded as I unscrewed the cap and poured two even shots. I picked them up steadily, handing one to Calum and keeping one for myself. “Cheers.” I grinned as I brought the shot to Calum’s.

 “Cheers.” He smiled clinking his with mine. We both nodded and threw our heads back, the hot liquid coating our throats quickly.

 “Wow.” I beamed as I put the now empty glass down.

 “Shit that was strong.” Calum shivered as he brought his sleeved arm to his mouth.

 “Have another.” I giggled pouring another full shot for him.

 “What about you?” He raised his eyebrow as he picked up the glass.

 “I’m feeling it already.” I said flatly and honestly looking up at him.

 “Ahhh, I see.” He nodded before throwing his head back again and swallowing the bitter liquid.

 “I’ll be right back.” I said turning away from him and down towards the living room. Once in there I found the docking station and put my phone on, music suddenly filling the house. “So.” I said sauntering back into the kitchen, finding Calum standing where I had left him before. My eyes reached the bottle and I noticed that he had taken a few more shots, it visibly affecting him in his face leaving his cheeks rosy.

 “I like vodka.” He grinned goofily and I laughed, my eyes falling on him. He was wearing tight black skinny jeans with a dark grey hoodie, and his snapback placed on his head perfectly; small blonde streaks peaking out in the front. He was extremely attractive; there was no question about it. But due to being his tutor, I hadn’t spent much time appreciating his genes.

 “Tell me something about yourself.” I smiled as I walked towards the table leaning against it and looking up to him.

 “What do you mean?” He asked looking down at me, his eyes searching my face.

 “Something no one knows. It doesn’t have to be super interesting or anything. Just first thing that pops into your head.” I bit down on my lip as I finished my sentence. I watched as Calum squinted, clearly trying to think of something.

 “I’ve got it.” He grinned. “I get really horny when I’m drunk.” He laughed and shrugged.

 “Really?” I raised my eyebrows questioningly.

 “I couldn’t think of anything else. It was the first thing that popped into my head.” He smirked as he looked down at me.

 “Well I guess it’s something.” I said in a pretend annoyed tone.

 “And you? What’s something about you?” He asked now seeming to be standing closer to me than he had been before. His eyes were darker and larger than they had been before, studying my features. I felt the corner of my lips quirk up as I looked into his eyes.

 “I also get really horny when I drink.” I breathed casually, licking my lips softly after finishing speaking. I wanted to grab him right then and there, and pull him into a kiss that would lead to things we’d possibly regret, or maybe we wouldn’t but I refused the urge and continued to look up at him innocently.

 “Isn’t that interesting.” He took a step closer. “I have a feeling maybe we could help each other out.” He breathed pressing his body against mine, now fully eliminating the space between us. I swallowed nervously still not breaking the eye contact between us.

 “Calum…” I breathed. “I’m your tutor… This isn’t right, it could become so awkward.” I said regretfully.

 “We’re in the same grade, we go to the same school.” He nearly growled and I felt the hairs on my neck stand.

 “That doesn’t make it less awkward a week from now while I’m trying to help you with your homework.” I shut my eyes slightly with frustration; I was fully leaving this up to him to make the move.

 “Listen.” He purred into my ear, his breath hot against my cheek. “I think I’ve got something to say that would convince you.” He grinned, his lips barely brushing against my ear.

 “Oh yeah?” I practically whispered, my head fuzzy from the alcohol still running through my body.

 “Yeah.” He grinned cockily.

 “Let’s hear it.” I looked at him with wondering eyes. I watched him wink and grin, bringing his lips down to my ear again.

 “I wish I was your calculus homework because then I’d be hard and you’d be doing me on a desk.” He breathed against my ear, not even slightly cracking a smile. I met his eyes with flushed cheeks and began to laugh uncontrollably.

 “You’re such a tool.” I shook my head as I hit his arm playfully.

 “But convincing right?” He asked his playful smile returning back to his face.

 “Calum, how in the hell you made that sound hot is beyond me. But yes, it was actually quite convincing.” I grinned as I met his eyes with mine.

 “Quite convincing? Cause if it wasn’t convincing enough I have tons more where that came from.” He stated, his hands gripping either side of the table as his body remained pressed against mine. I looked down and found that somewhere over the last few moments the worry of regret had left me standing fully prepared to kiss the gorgeous boy in front of me. The cologne he was wearing was intoxicating and his body pressed against mine had me frustrated with need beyond belief.

 “For fucks sake quit being a tease.” I smiled slightly biting down on my lip. “And fucking kiss me Hood.” I managed out somewhat keeping the confidence in my voice.

 “With pleasure.” He grinned pushing his lips to mine. The minute our lips touched I moaned in appreciation, hooking my fingers in his front belt loops. Before I knew it our passionate kiss turned into a rough messy make out session. His hands had faltered from the side of the table to the small of my back and travelled downwards finding their way to my ass. “Jump.” He groaned and I did, wrapping my legs tightly around his waist as he carried me towards my bedroom. Still kissing I felt him kick open the door before walking in and slamming me against it roughly. A gasp passed my lips as the sting spread through my back and Calum helped me to my feet, still pinning me to the wall as he unbuttoned my jeans.

 “You look great when you moan my name.” Calum smirked.

 “But I didn’t-” I started but was cut off by Calum expertly slipping two fingers into my underwear and rubbing them hard against my clit. “Fuck Calum.” I moaned my eyes fluttering shut as I bit down on my lip. The fingers were removed and I opened my eyes whimpering at the loss of contact.

 “Told you.” He growled before taking my hand and pushing me down onto the bed. “Now be a good girl and take off everything but your panties for me, yeah?” He whispered into my ear and I nodded meeting his dark eyes with mine. I hadn’t ever seen Calum so demanding and cocky before and it was driving me absolutely crazy.

 Standing up I reached for the hem of my sweater and pulled it off discarding it on the floor. Calum stood towering over me as he watched me intently, his eyes following my hands as they made their way to my bra clasp. I unclasped it and shrugged it off letting it fall to the floor, dragging on Calum’s clear wants due to the bulge in his skintight jeans, by pulling down my jeans agonizingly slow. Once they were fully off I stood in front of him exposed and waiting for my next instructions. Calum’s eyes raked down my body fully and he licked his lips bringing his eyes to meet mine.

 “Bed. Now.” He demanded and I did so, sitting on the bed and looked up at him innocently. I watched him pull off his shirt quickly and throw it somewhere across the room before coming to stand at the edge of the bed eyeing me closely. My eyes fluttered across his muscular body and broad shoulders with want and the dark ink in which I’d never seen before danced along his skin pulling his whole being together into the most entrancing person I’d ever seen. His jeans and snapback still remained on, as he stared down at my practically naked body. Something in his eyes when he looked at me made me shiver, but I didn’t break eye contact, not wanting to give him the upper hand.

 “Now are you just gonna stare or are you going to fuck me?” I smirked up at him, raising one eyebrow. That’s all it took and he pounced on me, hovering over me as he pinned his body to mine pressing me back against the bed. I looked up to him our foreheads touching as he looked into my eyes.

 “Are you sure you’re okay with this, cause if you’re not, we should probably stop now. I don’t know if I’d be able to stop myself, you’re so beautiful.” He mumbled, his tone serious but friendly as he smiled slightly.

 “Yes I’m fine with it, I promise.” I blushed at his kind comment and bit my lip. And there were no more words shared, Calum’s lips connected with mine as he slipped his hands up to pinch and tweak my nipples earning a small moan from my lips.

 “Alright baby girl, time to have some fun.” Calum breathed against my ear pulling away from my lips. He got off of me and down to the end of the bed and grabbed my ankles pulling me down to the edge of the bed, hard. I was beyond turned on by his rough movements and wanted nothing more than to fuck him, but from the smirk tugging at his lips as he got down on his knees in-between my legs I could tell he had other interests to get us started.

 “Not a word or sound from you unless I say so, alright beautiful?” He looked at me with questioning eyes. I nodded nervously chewing on my lip. I was always loud; keeping quiet was going to be a challenge.

 “Good girl.” He purred before placing light pressured kisses to my inner thighs, I wanted him to do something but knew better than to shout out so I bit back my words and closed my eyes. I felt him place his lips everywhere else than where I needed him, and I knew he knew he was driving me crazy. I felt him hook his long fingers in the waistband of my underwear and lightly slide them down my legs taking his time to drag on the torture he knew he was putting me through. Once they were fully off he took a finger and ran it up my slit collecting my arousal. I shuddered grabbing fistfuls of the covers underneath me.

 “Oh you’re so wet and I’ve hardly even touched you baby girl, is this all for me?” His voice sounded raspy and hot as he pressed a finger to my clit. Knowing I’d moan out if I looked at him perched between my legs I kept my eyes shut and nodded frantically. “Good.” He said with a low chuckle.

 Finally he brought his lips down onto my clit sucking hard at the bundle of nerves. I inhaled sharply as he continued his way swirling his tongue and sucking everywhere I reacted to. I knew he was enjoying this, me squirming and biting down on my lip, my hands gripping the sheets as he worked wonders with his mouth. I could feel his eyes on me but I kept me eyes shut trying to keep quiet. My mouth parted when he slipped two of his fingers in me, working their way to my g-spot. I bucked my hips hard against his mouth and he used his free arm to lock them down in place. I could feel myself getting close to releasing and I brought my teeth back down onto my lip hard to suppress any noises that could escape my mouth. Between Calum’s skilled fingers, mouth and tongue I came undone shuddering hard and shaking as he licked me up through my high. I felt him lick up his fingers and all of my juices before placing a gentle kiss to my tummy. Opening my eyes I let go of the sheets and sat up slightly still trying to catch my breath.

 “Fuck baby that was so hot.” He grinned and stood up out of his position on the floor. My eyes followed his long legs and came to the prominent bulge in his jeans that seemed to have gotten bigger since the last time I saw it. Seeing my look of wanting he smirked and nodded. “You can talk now baby, you were such a good girl keeping quiet for me.” He smiled.

 “Oh my god Calum, that was fucking amazing.” I beamed now finally finding my breath and words again. “But I need to do something with that.” I nodded towards his jeans. I watched him carelessly peel off his jeans and boxers his large length slapping up against his stomach.

 “It’s all yours princess.” He said smiling as he walked towards me. “Oh almost forgot.” He stopped and reached for the hat on his head.

 “No. Keep it on. It’s hot as fuck.” I admitted looking down slightly.

 “Anything for you.” He smirked bringing his hands down and now standing in front of me. I got onto my knees now somewhat meeting his height and pressed my lips to his, our tongues dancing with each other’s. Letting my hands trail down his toned stomach I removed my lips from his and began to place kisses down his jawline and onto his neck. I could hear his breathing become unsteady as I trailed my kisses down his shoulder and down to his chest. “Cal, lie down.” I ordered and he did. Once he was lying down, I straddled him with my legs on either side of him and continued my slow kisses down his body. I finally reached where he wanted my mouth and smirked pressing light kisses around his hips and pubic bone.

 “Y/N please no teasing.” He whimpered and I nodded. I placed my hand on his length and gripped it beginning to tug on it slightly before running my thumb over his slit a few times, earning a groan from his lips. I took him into my mouth fully and swallowed around his size, his hands flew to my hair. “Fuck you’re mouth feels amazing.” He moaned as I began to bob my head up and down with hollowed cheeks.

 “Wait, Y/N stop.” His voice cracked and I pulled away from him with raised eyebrows.

 “Is something wrong?” I asked nervously.

 “No, not at all. It’s just that I’ve wanted this for a really long time, and I’ve pictured it for so long. I-I don’t know how long I’ll last and I want to make sure you get the fucking you deserve.” He gave me a half smile. I swallowed and nodded sitting up off of him.

 “Yeah, I agree.” I said switching spots with him so I was lying underneath him. Within seconds he was overtop of me again and our lips were connected as his hand ghosted over my stomach before reaching my legs. Gently he pushed my legs apart and brought himself up to my entrance, his tip teasing my clit softly. I moaned and he grinned into the kiss before pushing himself into me fully, stopping to allow me to adjust to his size.

 “Move.” I said pushing my lips to his collarbone. I felt him pull almost all the way out before ramming into me again repeatedly. “Fuck faster.” I moaned against his chest. Calum picked up the pace and thrust into me faster and harder than he was before, curses and moans passing our lips with each thrust.

 “Fuck you’re so tight.” He moaned through gritted teeth before crashing his lips to mine, grabbing at my hips as he thrust deeper. The kissing had become hungry as we attacked each other’s tongues, my hands trailing all over his body in needy movements.

 “Holy fuck Calum.” I moaned against his lips.

 “That’s right baby, scream out my name.” He attached his lips to my neck as he thrust harder and faster, his thrust finding my g-spot. Noting this, he pounded into me harder, hitting my sweet spot every time.

 “FUCK CALUM!” I screamed as I felt myself getting closer to my second orgasm of the night. “God I’m so close.” I moaned as his soft lips trailed wet open mouth kisses against my skin.

 “Me too Y/N, me too.” He cooed as he reached his hand in-between us, pressing circles into my clit. I moaned as he continuously thrust into me, hard, deep and fast making sure that he was reaching my g-spot every time. “Alright baby girl, come for me.” He groaned and that was all I needed to send me over the edge. I came hard and shuddering on him profanities spilling out of my as I clenched around him. Within the next few thrusts he came undone as well, thrusting us through our highs as we moaned and cursed together. Calum breathed heavily as he fell on top of me trying to catch his breath. He pulled out of me and rolled off of me lying next to me with one hand propped up and resting on his cheek.

 “I actually think I’m speechless.” I said still in shock from the effects of my orgasm.

 “Well I’m glad we found something I’m good at.” Calum laughed softly as he reached up and pushed the hair out of my face.

 “Hey, you’re good at other things to. You just happen to be the best fuck I’ve ever had.” I said flashing him a grin.

 “Well thank god, I was worried.” He winked at me. “But I definitely think we should’ve done this a long time ago.”

 “I agree, but hey it’s whatever.” I sighed looking up tiredly.

 “I’ve got an idea, if we go get my homework done and it’s right, could we do round two after?” He asked, his eyes searching my face.

 “I’ve got a better idea.” I said smiling as I stood up reaching for his sweater. “Each tutor session we get all the work done and it’s to my expectations, we can have sex.”

 “That sounds like a bribe.” He smirked looking at me.

 “And a little bribery never hurt anyone. But I mean if you aren’t interested…” I trailed off.

 “Oh I’m interested alright. Get ready for a new and improved Calum Hood.” He flashed a cheeky grin at me and we both fell into a fit of giggles. 

First Date !Joshua

First Date !Hansol

  • This kid is a man with a plan I’m telling you. Do you want to know what perfection looks like? Hong Jisoo that’s what it looks like. 
  • You two meet at a cafe where you were playing your guitar and singing and you just KNOW joshua had to get up on that. 
  • But he was there with Jeonghan, Mingyu, Hoshi and The8  so he couldnt go up to you immediately or else 12 boys teasing him oh god no thank you. 
  • So he cleverly waits until you guys leave and then say something like “hey I forgot my wallet inside let me go grab it quickly wait here.” then goes in and makes his move. 
  • You’re putting your guitar back in its case when he walks up to the little plateau of a performance area and asks if you need helping pack up your things. 
  • At first your like “uM NO I CAN HELP MYSE-holy cheesecurls im looking at an angel.” and then you’re all. “maybe a little help would be nice.”
  • As he helps you he explains that he is a musician a well and he was curious as to when You’d be performing here next. 
  • “Friday, same time.”
  • “Great, so i’ll pick you up after that then?” (well played jisoo)
  • At first youre all ‘excuse me-’ but that faCE. so instead you grin and are all “yeah, its a date.”
  • When Joshua gets back to the others theyre all up on his case.
  • “that girl was pretty cute huh?”
  • “guys I was getting my wallet.”
  • “you didnt bring your wallet. Mingyu and Hoshi split it remember?”
  • “…..shoot.”
  • “So whens the date?”
  • “friday.”
  • “Oh dang you actually have a date with her, go you.”
  • When Friday came he was scared he was going to be late because he had 12 boys bugging him about his date. 
  • But he got there just as you were starting your first song. He got some coffee and watched your entire performance. 
  • then after he helps you pack up and he carries your guitar case as you two walk to the nearest park. 
  • you two sit on a bench and he asks to play your guitar and you say yes because if this boy can sing then yES YOU WANNA HEAR HIM.
  • oh his voice
  • can u keep it
  • he keeps stealing glance at you while he is singing and then you start harmonizing and its just ugh so pretty
  • People start gathering around to watch because this is a magical moment that everyone wants to experience. 
  • after you guys finish the song there are applause and you both freakout because people were listening ????
  • then this little girl yells out “KISS!” after and the little crowd starts laughing. 
  • you start freaking out and the mother gets really embarrassed and starts apologizing but then you felt a pair of warm lips against your cheek. 
  • that is one happy little girl lemme tell you. 
  • “Jisoo…I…”
  • “Next Friday? i was wondering if we could do a duet together at the cafe.”
  • “Yeah, that would be n-nice…” your face is really red now. 
  • the people FINALLY leave and your left alone with Jisoo as he walks you back to the cafe. 
  • he wanted to do more but that little peck on the cheek had been a good ender so he let you go home and freak out (because you were)
  • When he got home the boys were all waiting but he just went upstairs to his room
  • then he realized he still had your guitar.
  • oops
  • another excuse to see you.
  • no wallet needed this time. 
Author Interview - W000ly

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Time for another interview! I got to catch up with the amazing @w000ly today! She’s got so much going on but she was kind enough to humor me. Let’s see what she has to say, shall we?

Wooly! How are you?

I’m good! Stressed and tired because I’m in the midst of my finals, but it’ll all be over soon!

Finals. 😬 Something I left behind yeeears ago. So tell me - what drew you into the Everlark fandom?

Well. I had a few friends who had read THG and kept teasing me for being so much like Katniss. Out of spite I decided to never read the books… until one day I did, and it was the start of a whole new chapter in my life. The ending in particular resonated with me. There was a lot I was struggling with, and writing Everlark was a way for me to understand it, and work through it. I came to the fandom to find other people like me.

I love your spite! I would do the same. In what ways do your friends think you’re like Katniss? 

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(If any of you would like to share this….I WOULD LOVE YOU. It would be amazing to have Tay see this before Friday!!! Thanks!!!) 

Miss taylorswift my mom surprised me last week when she told me that we are taking a Road Trip to come and see you in Baton Rough Louisiana on Friday the 22nd. We leave tomorrow morning and I cannot believe I see you in 2 DAYS. You have been my role model since 2006, and have helped me through all my health issues this year. To celebrate me getting better we are COMING TO SEE YOU!!! 

I will be in Section: D, Row: 4, Seats 23 and 24 (Just in case you wanted to know ;)) I have a gift for you and I’m hoping I can give it to your mama or Taylor Nation!! 

I love you and I will see you Friday, good luck at tonight’s show, and I hope everyone who is going has a blast.  tree-paine

I Declare an RvB Angst War

It’s time!!!

What is an angst war, you ask?

It’s a time for fandom fic authors and artists to open themselves up to prompts of the most soul crushing kind and attempt to deliver on it within one week’s time (in this case, next Friday – 4 March – at midnight EST) before all readers submit to me their Top 2 choices for winners.

How does one join this fest of hurt? Well there’s some simple rules:

The base rules: reblog this and your followers as well as other participants, submit prompts to your ask. Then you fill those that you want. Whoever has the best story by Friday wins. What do you win? Bragging rights.

To keep track of the War, you can also check out my blog in particular, as I’ll be reblogging all submissions with the tag “#RvB Angst War” as well as keeping a master list I’ll update at the end of every day

Here are some additional rules:

1. When reblogging, make sure to add what kind of prompts you won’t take (such as shipping prompts or ones that contain some triggers)

2. You can send as many prompts to as many participants as you want, even if you are not participating. And if you are participating you can fill as many or as few prompts as you want. And there are no “penalties” for getting sidetracked (this is all about dishing out inspiration! Even if it’s not 100% what’s expected, you were at least inspired and that’s commendable)

3. I’ll reblog all entries I find, and tag them “RvB Angst War”.  So tumblr savior that if you want. All participants, tag your fics with that as well so I can find them if I don’t follow you. All triggers will be marked as well

4. Next Friday (4th), the contest is over. At that point, [Edit] I will be posting a link to a polling/survey site where you will be able to pick your choices for winners. Honor code most likely will be in effect so please don’t vote for yourself! Everyone (participant or not) is welcome to vote; just make sure you read everything you can (if there’s something in the fic that triggers you, we’ll understand if you skip it though).

5. You do not need to be a participant in order to vote.

6. Have fun!