but in this case i'll make the exception

things i have learned about this alligator lizard

she’s remarkably chill for an alligator lizard. like she doesn’t want to be my friend, but she doesn’t mind being watched

she doesn’t understand water bowls and will only drink from her humid hide

not diurnal.  she won’t bask under her UVB light except at dawn and dusk

will fucking eat ANYTHING

not interested in climbing branches unless they’re placed slightly out of her reach in which case she will do anything she can to reach them

Low key we should mimic the ancient Egyptians and make our own Library of Alexandria, except this time we use our technology to both secure it, back it up, and make it accessible in case the world ever goes through an apocalypse-like event; that way, even if humans come close to extinction, we will still have all of the knowledge we knew before the collapse of society.

Oh, and we prob wouldn’t burn it down either