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(Headcanon that Otabek has a really cute bed hair when he wakes up çlksdjhfgjkdlmsf)


Peter Capaldi being an absolute cinnamon roll and thanking each individual person involved with his happy birthday video! (x)

Thank you to everybody in the world who was kind enough to think about me and send me best wishes on my birthday! Unfortunately,  I can’t get around everybody, and say thank you personally because otherwise there’d be no time left to make Doctor Who, which is what we’re in the middle of doing at the moment. But in the meantime…

Being a lone pet

Being a pet without an owner can sometimes make it hard to feel like a “real pet”; trust me, I know. I was a solo pet for quite a long time. But there are some things you can do to make yourself still feel like the pet you are:

  • wear a collar. just because you are not owned, doesn’t mean you cannot wear a collar. if you are a single pet, by choice or by nature, you can still proudly wear a collar of your choice to prove your pet identity and sense of self.
  • set a schedule for yourself. lots of owners like to give their pets vague or strict schedules to adhere to, to keep them productive throughout the day. just because you’re on your own, doesn’t mean a schedule won’t benefit you; in fact, it’s a very healthy habit to get into.
  • give yourself treats, when you earn it. when a pet does something good, owners will typically reward them for their positive efforts. feel free to reward yourself when you finish an assignment, finish your chores, or accomplish a goal you’ve been working toward.
  • go into pet space. give yourself time to be a pet; chase a ball, paw at a mouse, run through the woods. you are a pet and you should make time for yourself to act like one.
  • remember you are valid. so many pets feel as though they are not valid just because the do not have an owner and that is absolutely not true. every pet, no matter their species, owner status, or anything else is any less of a pet than the next. you are a pet, never let anyone take that from you.

there are many other ways to deal with being a pet without an owner (feel free to add your own) but the key is to remember that just because you are on your own, you are not any less of a pet. do what makes you feel like your species (dog, cat, pony, etc.), do what makes you happy. there is nothing that makes you any less of a pet than one that has an owner. your perfect owner will come along someday, just be patient and remember to take care of yourself in the meantime. and message me if you ever need advice or a have any questions.

RFA reacting to MC who is a big Killing Stalking fan


° you were re-reading Killing Stalking while sitting infront of the TV

° as captivating as the Story is, you didn´t recognize Yoosung enterd the house

° it was the chapter where Yoon Bum got hung up at the ceiling

° your entire Focus of Attention was on your Screen and  so you sqeaked in suprise as you heard Yoosung speak up

° “Hey Babe, what´re you reading?”

° oh shit, he saw

° “Ehh, just some new manwah” (^^ゞ

° please look away, please look away, please look away

° “Oh god why is he hanging from the ceiling? Isn´t his friend going to help him??”

° inside of you was the battle of telling him the truth or leaving him in his sweet, naive thoughts

° while you were in thoughts you didn´t notice him, now interested in how it might turn out, swiping to the next page

° there he met the holy glowing d*ck of Sangwoo

° “ What is he doing?! Is her jerk- is he really doing that to the other one hanging??!”

° you had the Feeling there´s a LOT of explaining to do (;´д`)ゞ

° “You see, that´s a Thing now between me and my friends.”

° what a bad lie

° it took almost an hour for you to convince him that you´re not mental unstable

° or have some weird fetish Σ(TωT)

° it takes him a while to accept that you like that kind of stuff but he has to

° nevertheless he is still worried about your mental health from time to time

° poor, uneducated, naive bby XD


° since your computer broke she was nice enough to lend you her private one

° but even with a borrowed PC you just can´t live without your weekly dosis of korean thriller-yaoi  


° but after you got a new/fixed PC you just gave Jaehee her one back without Clearing the browser-history

° which is like the worst mistake a human being can make btw

° so being the super careful office worker she is, she checked the browser history Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

° she was Born to, check browser-histories

° when she saw a link leading to a thing called killing stalking she thought about you having some serious issues


° luckily she decided to talk with you first before calling a therapist ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)

° “Hey MC can we talk for bit ?”

° you were a Little confused, was something wrong with the computer you returned?

° “Sure, what´s up?”

° “You know, I´ve bee looking at the browser history on the other Computer. If you think about harming yourself please talk with me and we´ll find help.”

° by the end of her sentence she started to cry ( ˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ )

° “But there´s nothing wrong with me. How can you think that.”

° you suddenly felt the urgent need to hug her and pat on her head

° “But why are you reading those things then?”

° after a second or two you got a Feeling to know what she´s talking about

° “Are you thinking of Killing Stalking?” ∑(⌒◇⌒;)

° all she could do was nod and continue sobbing

° “But that´s just the name of a manwah I´m currently reading.”

° after you said that she asked a Million questions

° why is it called Killing Stalking

° do the characters have some issues?


° so you show her……aaaaand she´s gone

° jk she just states it isn´t her type of Story and then she never talks about it again

° maybe she´s distusted……. or horrified XD

° but she still has the number of the next therapist on a sticky note inside her calender ∑(O_O;)


° he was at a rehersal so you just sat in the living room and chatted with your friend about the latest chapter of Killing Stalking

° but being the lazy-ass you are you switched to voice messages in the middle of it

° since this is thing you´re very passionate about you don´t notice somebody entering the room

° “Yeah, it was so stupid when he was like let me suck your dick -No you´re too creepy, and now he´s like didn´t you want too suck it? I mean can´t he decide?!”

° Bam!

° you heard a bag drop on the ground and then silence

° you were frozen for afew seconds and then slowly turned around

° only to see a very confused/perplexed Zen

° “Oh, hey. Didn´t know you´re finished early today babe.”

° he´s still at a loss for words and just stands in the hallway

° “What were you talking about?”

° OMG a complete sentence, that must mean he´s back to consciousness

° it then hit you that he must have heard your last message

° “Oh, just this new manwah me and my frind are currently reading. nothing special.”  ( ̄ω ̄;)

° Sure MC, sure 

° “But what for my sake is this about?”

° so you showed him a chapter, and another one, and another one

° by the time you were done explaining he was as white as his rat tail

° “ You sure you don´t need to throw up Zen?”

° “No, I´m alright.”

° he then threw up

° but since it´s fictional he doesn´t mind if you read it

° I mean he as an actor knows some fans are into weird stuff

° nevertheless you are now more conscious of your surroundings while reading those things XD


° he was in a meeting and you were in front of the conference room waiting for him

° beacuse he knew you´ll be bored he gave you his phone to entertain yourself

° your´s was still in the car with Driver kim

° so you thought why not catch up on the latest Killing Stalking chapters when you have the time now

°  but right when you were captivated by the chapter´s climax the door opend and Jumin stepped out

° to his disappointment your attention wasn´t on him but on his phone

° being the sneaky Daddy Person he is he just snatched it away from you

° “MC, please come home with me I think we need to talk about …this

° you felt like one of your worst nightmares just came true

° you were very nervous the whole ride back home and neither of you spoke a word

° by the timeyou entered the penthouse you just knew he would be nagging you nonstop about this

° “So, Jumin what do you want to talk about?”Σ(TωT)

° “Would you care and explain to me just what you were reading on my phone?!”

° to our suprise he was very calm but you somehow felt very arfaid

° “This was just this new manwah I´m reading andthe new chapters are out so I wanted to read them while I waited for you to finish your meeting and-”

° “It´s okay I wasn´t going to scold you, please don´t be afraid”

° It was only then you realized that you sounded very terrified

° “I´m sorry, I just thought you were angry at me.”

° “Why would I be angy at you I was just interested in what you were so fascinated with. But depending on the Images I saw I´d like for you to explain the plot to me.” 

° so you did as asked and when you were at the part where Yoon Bum got hang up by Sangwoo he just told you to stop XD

° “Not that I mind but should you really be reading those Storys?”

° when you told him about your Passion for it he understood that he should just leave it at that

° to your suprise he manages to get you an autograph from Koogi (the creater of Killing Stalking) and it was the best day ever

° and by day I also mean the night ( ° ʖ °) if you know what I mean


° the new chapter was out and since Seven was busy working you decided to change into fangirl-mode and read it

° bad for you Seven observed everything you did while using his wifi

° so when he was on a break he glanced on the tab where youre browser-history was displayed

° “MC why are you reading the new chapter without me?!”

° you were so suprised you almost dropped your phone on the ground

° “Don´t shoch me like that I almost dropped my phone!”

° That´s all you´re worrying about MC?

° but before you realized what he just said you already felt the matress sink in and another persons presence by your side

° “Go back to the beginning I want us to read it together. <3″

° now you were really confused (・_・ヾ

° “You know Killing Stalking?”

° “Of course I know. Who do you think I am?” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° you just kept quiet and both of you read the new capter together

° while reading he was suprisingly concentrated and focused

° you expected him to make bad jokes every 0.07 sec, but he didn´t

° but this moment of peace only lasted till the last page

° “OMG MC did you see that glorious dick just now?”

° “Saeyoung keep you voice down Saeran is next door!”

° guess who opened the door just in that Moment

° he somehow looked a bit disappointed

° maybe he expected to see his brother without pants and looked forward to laugh about him

° as soon as he saw you being alright he left

° your head was as red as Seven´s hair and you kept throwing pillows at him

° in the meantime he just laughed his ass off

° the next time the new chapter was out you made sure to either besomewhere else or locking doors and Windows

° poor Seven ( ≧Д≦)

Dear Lord forgive me, for I have sinned

That´s it for now, maybe I´m going to add Saeran and V but I´m not sure yet       o(^▽^)o

If you enjoyed reading or are a fan /victim of Killing Stalking leave a like or a comment , which wold make me very happy (/^▽^)/

Also if you have a request for a HC don´t hesitate and just ask(。>ω<)。

Loathing [b.b] (6/10)

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catch up here: Loathing Masterpost

Series Title: Loathing (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x female!reader, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: Alternate Universe, minor swearing
Word Count: 1,664
Requested: Yes, by all of you who love this story, which makes me really happy xxx
Short Description: You vent to Natasha and Wanda, trying to figure out what to do about the Bucky situation. In the meantime, Bucky goes to Steve for more advice.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name

After hastily stuffing a shoulder bag with a few clothes and some other necessities, you deserted your bedroom promptly and made your way to the front door of your apartment, disregarding Bucky’s presence wholly; even as he hollered your name after you, struggling to stop you from leaving. You slammed the front door shut, knowing that Bucky would have to explain everything to Steve before snatching your phone and making your way into the elevator of your apartment building. You angrily pushed the ground floor button and waited for the elevator to move as you dialled Natasha’s number.

The phone rang a few times before Natasha’s voice rang into your ear. “Hello?” she answered her phone almost instantaneously, sounding flabbergasted that you had called. “Y/N? How did your date go?” Oh, that. You frowned, reminded that it was Nat that had set you up with Matt, who had discarded you because of Bucky. 

This recognition made you irritated all over again, and soon, you were fuming. “Barnes chased him off,” you told her, which rendered Nat speechless. “Can I stay with you for a while? I really don’t want to be in the same apartment as him for a while.” You added, arriving on the ground floor of your apartment building and exiting it, adjusting the strap of your bag on your shoulder.

“Of course, hon, you’re always welcome.” She promised, before hanging up, letting you get into your car and drive to Nat’s place. 

When she got your call, Natasha had called Wanda over for reinforcements. By the sound of your voice, you would definitely be needing the two of them. After parking outside Nat’s apartment, you grabbed your bag from the backseat of your car and made your way up the granite steps to her apartment. After knocking thrice, Natasha opened the door for you, dressed in a pair of black, ripped skinny jeans and a casual white, cropped t-shirt. “Hey,” she greeted looking at you with an apologetic expression before letting you into her apartment. When you walked into the living room, you spotted Wanda lying sideways on one of Nat’s sofas, looking as if she had been waiting for you to arrive.

“Please explain what happened,” Wanda requested, swinging her legs over the sofa and sitting properly, her brown eyes curious. “Nat filled me in but you barely told her anything on the phone, so there wasn’t much to tell me.”

You sighed, putting your bag down on the floor and taking a seat next to Wanda, Nat choosing the loveseat opposite the both of you. “Barnes… he chased away my date.” You recalled, still a little confused, since so much had happened in such a short amount of time. “I’m not exactly sure how, but I thought that Matt was running late or something, but after a while, I knew he wouldn’t be coming.” You frowned. “Then Barnes started talking about how I was so much better than that guy and that I shouldn’t waste my time and such. And then, he blurted out that the guy seemed like a dickhead.”

Nat sighed in annoyance. “So he accidentally revealed that he had met your date?” you nodded, motioning to Natasha with your hand to confirm her thoughts. “Well, just for the record, Matt is not a dickhead, he’s actually really great.” It was clear that Natasha was conflicted – she didn’t want to pick sides, as Bucky was her friend too – but she certainly seemed annoyed.

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Limerence and Aphrodisiacs (Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 1000+?

Warnings: light smut, drugged drinks, nothing serious yall

Request: In the mood for some love ? Idk why but I’ve been thinking about love potion or aphrodisiacs (… don’t ask) So what would happen If someone “drugs” the reader and the person he/she doesn’t like What would happen before ? In the meantime ? After ? Only you know the answer of the reader’s destiny ! (And which personne they hates) Free to choose which character you love or hate @sorry-but-no-sorry

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration of how lonely we all are (maybe its just me) let’s read some fic!

Your friends, Elizabeth, Peggy, and Angelica Schuyler decided that you all should celebrate Valentine’s Day together this year. February 14 was coming up soon, and although Eliza was courting Alexander, she insisted that the four of you were each other’s’ valentine.

“Eliza, you know how Hamilton is. He’ll beg for you to be his valentine. I bet he’s going to show up with chocolate from around the globe.” Angelica said, tying up her hair. Peggy was helping you put on your corset, looking at Eliza doing her makeup. Eliza snorted, glancing back at her older sister.

“And you think I won’t be able to say no?” She replied, putting on blush. Peggy laughed.

“You could never say no to him. Especially when he sends you all of those letters.” You laughed along with Peggy, and Eliza pouted.

“Y/N, you’re supposed to be backing me up on this.” You shrugged, thanking Peggy for helping you with a smile.

“Sorry Eliza, can’t help you on this one.” You all laughed, and joked around for the rest of the time. You all were to meet the boys at the Early Spring ball. They seemed to have a dance for every occasion possible. Peggy had a huge crush on Laurens, and Angelica tended to talk to Lafayette. She insisted that it was nothing, but the smile on her face and the giggling between them told you three otherwise. You, on the other hand, didn’t really have anyone that you liked. The girls always said that you and Thomas should get together, but that was the opposite of what you wanted.

Thomas Jefferson, the annoying, pompous, self-centered man was someone you were never interested in. In fact, you two hated each other. He called you a self-absorbed, independent and no potential, while you said the exact same thing, but in more vulgar words. Every time the two of you were in the same room, the tension rose, and you couldn’t help but start to argue with him. It was inevitable.

“It’s just sexual tension.” Angelica murmured. Peggy gasped, blushing. You rolled your eyes at her, looking at your wrist watch.

“Or, it’s because he’s a spoiled man. Look at the way he prances around, doesn’t it just make you want to-“ You ended your sentence there, your face getting red from the anger rising in you.

“Jump his bones?” Eliza suggested, getting a small slap from Peggy on the arm.

“You know what I mean, Eliza.” You mumbled. The four of you finished, and walked out to the carriage that was to take you to the ball. Angelica insisted that you tried to work things out with Jefferson, but you shook your head, not wanting anything to do with him.

Once you all arrived, Eliza immediately broke off from the group, running to find her Alexander. Peggy walked away to get some drinks from the refreshments table, and Angelica went with her, leaving you alone. You walked to an empty table and sat down. Parties weren’t really your thing, but the girls always dragged you along for the ride. As you were playing with your fingers, you noticed a familiar purple silhouette approaching you. You sighed at the ridiculous color he was wearing, and turned your head away.

“Ah, so instead of arguing with me, you do not even acknowledge my presence? How rude.” Jefferson drawled, sitting across from you. You sighed, ignoring him. “I thought you said you do not like parties? Why are you here?”

“I came specifically to annoy you, Thomas.” You mumbled, looking at him. He had that same stupid, sly grin on his face. “Why are you even talking to me?” He shrugged, glancing around.

“Madison isn’t here to entertain me, and Burr isn’t the best of company. Not that you are, either, but you’re better than his blabbing mouth.” You snorted, and he frowned, giving you a disgusted look. “You are a very informal woman, Y/N.”

“Says the man who cannot entertain himself, so he comes and talks to me. You know, your presence is shying away potential suitors for me.” This time, Thomas laughed.

“Yes, because every man finds you desirable.”

Before you had a chance to retort, Peggy and Angelica came over, holding drinks in their hands. They offered you and Thomas one, insisting that you both drink together. Jefferson and you glared at each other, but accepted the drinks. Angelica had a mischievous look on her face, and you wondered why. Again, she ran away with her sister before you could ask.

As you two sipped your drinks, Jefferson began glancing down at your chest. You never saw him do this once before, so it was a surprise. But should it be? He was a man, after all. You stared at his face, noticing that he was indeed, quite handsome. His trimmed facial hair to his brown eyes made you want to-

“Would you care to dance with me, Y/N?” Jefferson asked, holding out his hand. Some part of you told you that this was wrong, but you touched his hand with yours, letting him lead you to the dance floor. He bowed once, and you curtsied. The song changed, and you two began dancing with each other.

“I thought you hated me, Jefferson?” You whispered low, letting him guide you along the dance floor. You criticized his dance moves before, but now, it seemed like he was the best you have ever seen. Jefferson chuckled, spinning you around slowly.

“And I thought you wanted to murder me, Y/N. Things change.” He pulled you tightly against him, your breath catching in your throat. His pupils were dilated, dark and unrecognizable. You felt a hard throbbing against your stomach, and you looked at him, your eyes widening. He smirked, pulling you back.

“Jefferson-“ He rushed you off the dance floor, guiding you to a back room. Before you could say more, he slammed the door shut, backing you against it. His eyes looked down hungrily at your lips, before pushing his against yours.

Before tonight, you would have punched him square in the jaw. Before tonight, you would have kicked him in his baby maker. But, you kissed him back, biting his lip softly. He groaned, fumbling with your dress. You guided his hands to your back, helping him pull off the tied ribbons.

“Tell me no if you want me to stop.” He whispered, pressing his lips against your neck. You sighed, tilting your head back.

“Okay…” You replied through gasps. You pulled off his jacket, breaking every button in the process.



The next morning, you woke up in your bed to a throbbing headache. You looked around, noticing that you were in fact, not in your room. And, you glanced down at your body, you were naked. Completely, utterly, naked.

“What the hell…” You mumbled, looking around for your dress. You found it in the corner of the room, torn to pieces. There you found another dress next to it. You immediately pulled it on, covering your body. You were sore, so it took you a minute.

You tried to ignore the thoughts that came to your head, reminding you what happened last night. I mean, it was hard to forget. Ha, hard.

“Y/N, stop. This isn’t funny.” You mumbled to yourself. You noticed Thomas’s clothes not far from yours, as teared and damaged as yours. “What are you going to do now?” You said, fixing your hair in the mirror that you found in the room. It was a complete mess, but you made it look as presentable as possible. Before you left the room, you saw a note on the door, written in what was clearly his writing.

Very interesting time last night. We need to talk, I will wait for you in the dining hall.

-Thomas Jefferson

You sighed, pulling the paper off the door. You reluctantly walked to the dining room, seeing the back of Thomas’s head. You noticed his foot tapping anxiously, and you were surprised. You never thought you would see Thomas nervous before.

Although under the circumstances, it was expected. When you slowly approached him, he heard your footsteps, and turned around quickly. He glanced over you quickly, standing up. He glanced at your body quickly, then looked at you in the eyes, giving you a small smile.

“Y/N, hi.” You tried to look anywhere but at him, wanting to forget what happened last night.

“Thomas, I don’t know what happened with us but…” You started, glancing over at him. His shoulders dropped, and a small part of you felt bad about it. Youactually felt bad about something that had to do with Thomas. “But, I do think that it meant something. Did, it mean something?” You asked, looking at him. He laughed, running his hands through his hair.

“I have been hiding this for a while, Y/N. But, I do, like you. I always liked you. I just, I thought that you hated me, so I pretended to do so as well. I did not want what happened last night to occur that way, I have no idea what came over us, but I do not regret it. I’ll never regret it.” There was a sorrowful look on his face, and he stared at you. There was no hate in his eyes, and you felt happy about that.

Did you really hate him? He was quite annoying, and his personality did make you want to stay away, but maybe there was something more? Maybe, he was not such a bad guy? You looked him over once, and sighed.

“Give me some time, Thomas. Give me some time, and I’ll think about it.” He gave you an encouraging grin, nodding slowly. “In the meantime, try not to be so overbearing?”

He grinned wickedly. “Do not count on it, love.”

My Small Bean

Note: This is my first ever fan fiction, so please don’t expect too much. The prompt is too cute I had to write it. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Pairing: Mare Cal

Word count: 1,926 

“We’re both baristas and sometimes I have trouble reaching for things and I show up to work one day to find a personalized stool with hearts and my name on it I HATE YOU but also thanks”

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Just wanted to say I love your art, it always picks me up after a hard day, especially today. I live in this super country- close minded town, and coming out left me with far fewer friends than before, and your art made me smile again. Just wanted to thank you for the smiles, have a nice day!

!!!!! hey friend! i get what you’re saying, i hope things look brighter for you soon, but in the meantime i really do have your back! im super glad to have a positive effect and i share my art for such a reason alone, so i hope it continues to make you happy! i hope you have an equally nice day, thank you so so much!!! :’)

anonymous asked:

I know these pr will never end, are endless and continue and continue. How do you put up with all that shit together (josh with C and Jennifer with Darreg)? Because a lot of people already left the fandom for that and you're still here.

I’m still here, bitches!

Listen, I started here because I loved Jen and Josh. And I still love Jen and Josh - the couple especially; the individuals make me want to smack them, take their phones away and send them to their rooms so they could think about what they did. 

But the real reason I stay is because I found a group of people who have become my friends. Who laugh with me and get angry with me and we tell each other the little and sometimes not-so-little adversities that come up in our real lives. We make fun of other stupid celebrities and get excited about other movies or TV shows or fan fiction we’ve read. It’s a community and a friendship that makes me happy and makes me laugh. 

So if Jen and Josh come out publicly, great!  If they don’t, that’s too bad. I’ll be fine. We’ll all be fine and we’ll all go on living our lives. In the meantime I laugh with my friends and, believe me, these fauxmances - especially the Spanish one - has provided us with HOURS of hilarity. The harder they try, the funnier it is.  

So yes, the fauxmances are awful and watching people you like sell out for some Hollywood PR /marketing goal is disappointing, but at the end of the day, Jen and Josh isn’t going to impact me that much, but the friendships I’ve made have been an awesome gift.  

Easter Egg Hunt Surprise

Prompt/Summary: this is based on my Tumblr URL, which is my own name.

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Female Hunter)

Warnings: Lots of fluff, if that’s even a warning. Mentions of alcohol, mentions of sex, a bit of angst.

Word Count: 5188

A/N: This is my entry for sleepywinchester’s URL Challenge. Italics are flashbacks.

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My father is dying. A few more weeks, maybe, at most, and he’ll cease to be.

It doesn’t make me sad, for we all knew it was coming, and death will come as a relief at this point–but the helplessness is unbearable. I want you to picture a man who slaved all his life, 6 days a week, having his dreams of touring the world with his wife mercilessly crushed the very second he decided it was finally time to retire and do it. I want you to imagine this proud man now reduced to a pile of bones, forced to trade what remains of his dignity in exchange of medicine to alleviate his pain. I want you to contemplate what kind of torment one must be in order to prefer hearing me repeat “Yes, you’re going to die soon, I promise” as words of comfort rather than “I love you, Dad” or any variant of such theme.

If, like me, you’re overwhelmed by this feeling of unfairness, them remember there is a lesson to be learned: don’t wait for this ideal moment to go after what makes you happy–just go for it, now, while your heart beats wildly with the excitement of it, before you realize your time might have already run out and that all will be left of your plans are regrets.

On my side, of course, it means creating - so fear not if I’m a bit quieter for a while. I’ll program a lot of posts in the queue in the meantime, and I’ll see you all very soon <3

anonymous asked:

Some days I really want to kill myself but I don't do it because I wouldn't want to miss your posts....I know it's stupid.

I am glad I am here then.. because losing you to something like that would make me really sad. 

Looks like I will be posting everyday for the rest of my life. And i will take pleasure in doing so knowing that you are still here enjoying them.

In the meantime I would really love it if you would visit my friends at https://www.imalive.org/

they have some great people over there who are trained in crisis intervention and are standing by waiting to chat with you. All you have to do is click on chat now… you dont even have to call. I promise you its worth it.. and that they would really welcome you and be happy to be there.

similarly.. theres the hopeline at https://www.thehopeline.com/

you can actually call and hear a voice.. or simply online chat as well. and they have some great resources to help you that focus on everything from sexual assault to self harm and more. 

Theres zero reason you should ever feel alone… and please please please dont feel like you are a burden or bother. You are important… to me.. and many others. 

Never give up… and keep giving me a reason to be here. 


doctorstretch  asked:

I fell in love with this ship due to a friend and we both absolutely adore your work, thank you for Talon Tracer and everything else you have done so far :3

Thank you for this message and to your friend for introducing you to this ship! :D I’m really glad you’re enjoying the art and hope you can check out the future updates~

I hear a lot of positive feedback about Talon Tracer in particular, and that makes me happy~ ^^ But my interpretation is just one of the many Talon Tracers that artists and writers have portrayed in this fandom! It’s interesting how each version (whether fic or art) has their own motives/backstory for ending up in Talon. :D As for my Talon!Tracer, I will make more comics and art of her eventually but they will be quite dark - as expected of anyone who works with Talon. ;_;

In the meantime, hope you can enjoy the stories of the Tracers from happier universes. ^^

We begin in Akio Car.  The Sunlit Garden is playing on the radio, which is not a good omen for poor Miki.

Akio, alarmed by Anthy’s fitful gestures toward independence, has decided that she must be attached to another duelist as soon as possible (or so he tells Touga.)  To that end, it’s time to round up the usual suspects, in the usual order, and take them for a ride in his car.

The action proper begins with Kozue clinging to a wall.   She is risking her life to save some baby birds.   She does so successfully, but falls off the building in the process, leading to a sprained ankle and a lot of dudgeon on Miki’s part.   He carries her to their weirdly palatial dorm, where the birdcage from Miki’s fairytale flashback is clogging up the frame.  The Myna has gone missing.

Anthy knows all about how to raise baby chicks, despite never having raised one herself.  Utena notes that Anthy’s unusually articulate, now that we’re on to one of her pet subjects.  This brings to mind the ballroom scene from episode three, and social cues surrounding food preparation, and a number of other little moments, and makes me think that if if I saw a tumblr called autistic-himemiya-anthy I might subscribe to its newsletter.

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Anon: Can you write another happy imagine where hap asked to marry you in his pov and he so nervous but you get kidnapped by the Chinese after Tara’s death 

A/N: Sorry it took so long ._. I really hope, I pictured it alright, since I haven’t caught up to the series until then. 

Warnings: Swearing (come on..), violence, death

Today, everything was different for the Tacoma killer. Sure, he had this idea for quite some time now but it kept slowly growing in the dark. There wasn’t even a specific moment where he made the decision to finally ask you. It more or less developed in a natural way, he didn’t even know existed.
He heard you entering the house in your typical manner. Soon you would gaze upstairs and announce your arrival in your sweet voice.
“Hap, I’m home!“ It made him smile every day.
He prepared himself for going downstairs. Today was the day he would ask you to become his old lady and it made him incredibly nervous. The boys helped him a lot, though Gemma was the one with the good ideas. You would make a trip to the beach, where he rented a boat just for you two. He would ask you when the sun goes down and would give you that expensive ring, which was lying heavy in his pocket.
He took a deep breath and went down. You were pacing through the kitchen, sorting the groceries you just bought. “Hey baby girl!“, he greeted you with a lightly cracking voice but he quickly cleared his throat. You jumped into his arms and he nuzzled your hair.
As you separated again, you would soon ask the other question and he was honestly scared you would find out about his plans.
“How was your day?“, you did as he predicted and returned to your sorting.
He began fumbling with his palms. Damn, when was the last time his hands were sweaty? Back in middle school probably… “Hap?“ You looked up at him with lifted brows. “What’s wrong?“
“Eh…nothing“, he answered and tried to focus. “Just club business. Yours?“
In the meantime you finished putting away the groceries and grabbed a yoghurt. “You can always talk to me about it, you know that?“
Giving you a peck on the head, he went into the living room to grab his keys. “Nah, it’s nothing really. Just the boys making a fuss out of nowhere.“
“Okay. If you need some distraction, tell me.“ Your voice was flirty and Happy leaned back to see your shy smirk. He couldn’t but smile, you were the best thing that ever happened to him.
“My day was really boring, by the way“, you added and swallowed the last spoon.
“Do you want to spice it up?“, he asked and suddenly forgot his nervousness. Giggling, you denied. “I’m on shift now. Gemma needs help in the office, actually, I gotta leave right away.“ So her plan worked out, you weren’t suspecting anything.
He went towards you and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips. “Bye babe. Better not make her wait.“
You laughed again and went out.

He was completely frantic, as him and Tig were driving to the clubhouse. Usually he was one of the best drivers of the mc, he would have never thought that a day might come where he would nearly crash against his brother. Tig shook his head.
When they entered the driveway, he immediately felt a lump in his stomach. Gemma was standing outside, arms crossed and looking towards the street. He must have known it, something has happened.
The men parked their bikes and Happy nearly ran towards her. “Where’s y/n?“
The woman sighed and twisted her mouth. “I sent her to get something about an hour ago.“
Happy shifted his weight. What if something really bad happened? Or, what if she found out and left? “She suspecting something?“
Gemma looked at him in pure disbelieve, making him examine the concrete. “You think I’m bad at this?“ Her voice was harsh and aggressive. She was super touchy since Tara got killed and Hap didn’t want to taste her wrath.
Catching his phone out of his pockets, Gemma’s ringed and she quickly answered. “Jax.“
Happy couldn’t hear anything but her expression told him enough, she froze and averted her gaze. Some shit must be going on. Still, he checked the display but there was nothing, not even a short text from you.
Gemma strolled away and he decided to call you. It was dialing, a little too long for his taste. Then finally it clicked and the voice… wasn’t yours. “You took some time, boy.“

He needed all his self control to not mash his phone in his bare hand.
Gemma and some of the sons came running, but he didn’t really notice. All he saw was red.
“Jax said, the Chinese wanted to talk about…“, Gemma started, but Happy cut her off by pacing to his bike.
“What’s going on?“, Tig asked and went past him.
Happy looked at his friend and clenched his jaw. “Y/n“, was all he could say and Tig luckily understood. “Get on your bikes, SOMETHING’S GONNA BURN“, he shouted, but Hap didn’t see his brothers mounting.
These guys were really thinking they could mess with him, the Tacoma killer? On the fucking day he wanted to propose to you. They ruined that day?
He was driving fast and it took the others a while to catch up to him. They must have simply followed him, though by now they must have noticed where he was heading. The Chinese.
Damn, they would pay for it. They should be praying, that you were unharmed. If something happened to you, he would make them suffer as long as possible.
Jax joined them, when they were really close. He just nodded towards Hap, making clear that he stood behind him. But truth was, he wanted to do it himself, he just didn’t have the opportunity to tell them, but he wanted to kill every single one of them for doing this.
They arrived and all of them shot the few guards. Jax and Chips went ahead, but Happy stopped them. “That’s my job“, he declared and blocked their way.
His president nodded. “You will not do that by yourself, Hap. This was meant for the club, for me.“
Happy was close to losing his shit. “But it’s y/n!“ He gritted his teeth, he didn’t want to waste your precious life on such a stupid argument.
“We cover for you“, Jax gave in, looking down and they went inside.
Happy shot every one that came into sight, his brothers following him. They strove through the building and soon, he saw you. You were sitting on a chair, arms and legs tied up and duct tape on your mouth.
The moment he saw the guy next to you, he decided to deal with him barehanded. It only took him three strokes and he was lying on the floor, covered in blood. Happy cracked his sore knuckles and turned around to you, who just got rid of the tape due to Chips.
“Baby girl“, he whispered while pulling you into a tight hug. You cried against his shoulder. “Hap.“ “Did they hurt ya?“, he asked and you shook your head.
The sons were cleaning up the area in the background, making sure to give you some space.
“I was so scared“, he admitted with a low voice and you both seemed surprised that it was him, who said that.
Separating from his embrace, you smiled up at him. “I knew you would come.“
As he looked into your slightly red eyes that were showing nothing but love, he felt like the luckiest man alive. He didn’t deserve someone like you to trust him like that.
He took all his courage and bent down on one knee, getting the ring out of his pocket. You gasped and covered your mouth with one hand. “You marry me?“, he curtly asked and new tears were flowing down your cheeks, as you nodded.
He put the ring on your finger and met you with a hungry kiss. The other men were cheering loudly, when they saw it.

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Currently everything in my life goes to hell, but I can open your blog, look through your art and laugh and be happy. I love your Witcher art. I love how you draw Geralt, Regis and Dettlaff (And I can't stop imagining the 3 of them together). Love your ideas and your humor. I'm laughing and crying but I'm feeling better. So, thank you so much for sharing your art and ideas.

Aw dude, I’m sorry to hear things aren’t going good for you. I hope your situation improves soon, but in the meantime, I can offer you something that makes me feel better when things go shite in my life.

I think the phrase “this, too, shall pass” rings true. You’ve gotten this far in life, despite what hardships life might’ve thrown your way, and you shall endure again. Sometimes it’s also quite liberating to ask yourself, “does this matter in five years? Ten?” and realize it doesn’t.

All the best to you, Anon, you can do this!