but in the end they got married!

Anal destruction

24m married, I went on a business trip for two weeks. I went to the bar one night and got super drunk, I left the bar late and ended up in a sex store and bought a gerthy 9" black dildo with a suction cup. I rode this cock until I was ozing cum, I never blew a load like that before. I used my cum to lube the BBC up again and stuck it to the wall, I got on all 4’s and rammed my ass balls deep on the cock and just kept fucking it until it fell off and slid slowly out of my ass along with my cum. I felt so used it was amazing I touched my hardened cock and nearly came again, I did this for the rest of the time I was there. I returned to my wife and fucked her with my asshole still sore and gaped. I kept flashing back toe on the floor and I came inside of her so hard and so much she nearly fell over. I never told her how I abused my asshole.

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The boy who once loved me and told me he wanted to marry me left two years ago and I never really got over him but he messaged me last week saying he missed me and I felt nothing I am so relieved that I don't love him anymore. Every time we stopped talking for a while we'd always end up talking and getting back together but not this time!! I feel so happy

This makes me so happy to hear! I’m beyond proud of you :’) I know how hard breakups can be, but you’re healing and doing so much better without him. Better things are coming!


People had told Y/n to take it easy, being told that because she is pregnant that she should take it easy and rest. Instead Y/n ignored their advice and chose to stay active and busy, she loved being pregnant but wished to continue what she loved. Y/n had been with the Ghost Adventure Crew for a few years, helping the guys with research for each location that they were to visit. It had been the first job that she truly loved, being obsessed with the paranormal since a young age; she was thrilled when she learned that she got the position.

Y/n got on well with the guys of Ghost Adventures; she had built a close bond with Jay and Aaron as they reminded her of her older brother who was serving overseas. She also enjoyed Zak’s company, however when they first met they were both in relationships with someone else. It was Y/n who ended her relationship with her boyfriend first; after discovering that the man she hoped to marry one day had been cheating on her. What she had learned was that he had been sleeping with other girls throughout their relationship; one of the girls had been a close friend of hers. The hardest thing that she had to do was kick the man she loved out of her home and end a friendship. Y/n stuck by her decision at dumping her ex, knowing that if anyone cheated on her that she would never take them back. There were no second chances; if you truly loved and respected your partner that you should never sleep with someone else.

Heartbroken and defeated it was the guys that comforted her and made sure that she was okay, even inviting her along to film at a location. They even asked her to be a part of capturing any evidence they found and were all surprised to find how brave she was, Zak had even asked her to venture in the dark basement and still remained cool. Zak could not believe how relaxed Y/n was on location, where most girls would quickly scream and run away. But not Y/n she felt herself drawn to the paranormal and wishing that she would have an experience with a spirit. It was not only Zak that enjoyed Y/n being a part of the crew but the viewers loved her too; social media went crazy and demanded to see more of Y/n on screen. Zak and the guys had seen some of these messages and decided to give Y/n a trail run and allow her to take part of being an investigator.

When Y/n was given the news by Zak she could not hide her excitement, he found himself laughing as he watched her jumping in excitement. The more and more time that he spent with Y/n, the more he found himself drawn to her. Still Zak with in a relationship with another woman which had already beginning to wane, his girlfriend was only interested in Zak for his money and that he was well known. He felt himself becoming used and feeling depressed about the situation, he discovered himself revealing his troubles to Y/n after finishing at a location. He respected her opinion knowing that she would give an honest opinion, too embarrassed to tell Aaron or Billy. After telling her everything that was going on with his girlfriend, Y/n told him if he was not happy and did not like how he was being treated that he should end the relationship. That he was not pleased with how his girlfriend seemed to be using him and that it was making him depressed; she reminded him that he should be in a good place and feeling loved.

After their heart to heart Zak decided to think hard about where he wanted to find himself, he did not want to spend his time with his girlfriend and be miserable. Y/n was right he should be enjoying their relationship and being madly in love, it was then he realised that he did not love his girlfriend and he was falling for Y/n.

He decided to end his relationship with his girlfriend and decided to keep his feelings for Y/n to himself, ensuring that he was ready to involve himself in another relationship. Y/n had just ended a relationship herself and had found it hard getting over her own break up, the last thing that she

needed was Zak messing up her head.

Over the months that past Zak found himself falling hard for Y/n, it did not take Aaron long to realise that Zak had it bad for her. He would tease him whenever Y/n was no longer around, causing Zak to become embarrassed. He would flirt with her more than ever and would do anything to make her smile; he loved nothing more than to hear her laugh. Y/n had no idea of how Zak truly felt until she started to go on dates again after her break up, she decided that it had been long enough to mope and to get out there and meet someone else. Aaron encouraged Zak to speak to Y/n; knowing that if he didn’t speak up then someone else would snatch her up. Zak waited until the others left the Ghost Adventures office, leaving him alone with Y/n and some privacy so that he could speak to her. That night after telling her everything he was surprised that Y/n returned his affections; he could not believe that someone so beautiful would want to be with him. Without anyone knowing they had sex on top of his desk, after starting their relationship no one knew of their tryst in the office.

When Y/n first announced that she was pregnant Zak was thrilled and could not wait to meet his son or daughter. He had insisted that she should take some time off but Y/n chose to ignore him and told the guys that she will until she was ready to pop. She promised Zak that she would remain behind the scenes when she began to find it hard to move, that she would help out Jay and Billy.

During the night Jay and Billy were asked to join the investigation leaving Y/n to monitor audio and visual evidence. They had decided to do an investigation inside an old Mental Asylum, Y/n decided that she had to go after they announced the location. Shortly after the guys had left her to head inside, Y/n began to hear noises coming from behind her. As she pulled of her headset off she began to look behind her and saw no one, she decided to call out in case it was one the guys.

‘Hello? Zak?’

Y/n receives no reply and thinks that she is losing her mind, she tries to focus on the job at hand but her attention is pulled away as she hears footsteps coming behind. At first she thinks it’s one of the guys playing a prank on her, slowly she turns in her chair to tell them to leave her alone. Looking behind her she notices a woman standing staring at her, she appeared to be wearing an old Victorian gown.

‘Wh…who are you?’

The person doesn’t answer her back and continues looking at her with a menacing glare; soon the silence is broken by a menacing scream from the woman before she evaporates in front of her. It is the first time Y/n feels frightened, she is terrified and calls for Zak on the walkie.

‘Zak come in’ Y/n tries hard to keep her hand still, but her hand shakes in fright after a spirit made its presence known.

‘Y/n, are you okay?’

‘Zak you need to come down here right now!’

Suddenly Y/n feels a strange sensation coming from between her legs as she looks down she notices that her waters have broken.

‘Y/n what’s going on?’

‘What’s going on? Well let me see I just saw a ghost and now my waters have broken. So can you get down here and take me to the hospital?’

‘Oh shit’ Zak replies through the walkie ‘I’m coming!’

Zak rushes out of the Asylum with Aaron, Jay and Billy running behind him. As the arrive at the base they find Y/n leaning against the table holding the monitors, as Zak looks her over and notices that she is white as a sheet.

‘Y/n what happened? What did you see?’ Aaron asks her, feeling concerned for his friend.

‘I heard a notice after you guys left, I looked around and saw nothing. I turned back about to check on you guys and I heard footsteps coming behind me, I thought it was one of you coming back. When I didn’t hear one of you speak up, I turned around again and saw a woman standing there, I thought she had trespassed or something until I saw her clothes. It was like an old Victorian dress, she looked terrifying. Then she screamed and disappeared after that’

‘It didn’t hurt you did it?’

‘No Zak I’m fine. I just want to go to the hospital, the baby is coming’

‘Okay let’s get you out of here alright. Can you guys continue on with the investigation?’

‘Yeah sure, be careful on the road’ Aaron adds.

Zak helps Y/n back to the truck and into the front seat, he feels guilty about leaving her alone without him to protect her. After helping inside he runs to the other side and climbs into the driver’s seat, using the Satnav they drive to the nearest hospital, as Zak tries his hardest to get them there safe Y/n contractions start. They are on the road for some time before they finally manage to find the hospital in the small town; being a gentleman that he carries his girlfriend inside the hospital bridal style.

After eight hours of labour and almost crushing Zak’s hand in the process, Y/n gives birth to a bouncing baby boy (y/c/n) weighing at 7 pounds and 5 ounces. The crew visited after finishing packing the kit and having some rest at the motel, leaving Y/n and Zak to bond with their son.

It has come to my attention that most people don’t know this about Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and that’s a goddamn crime against humanity.

Back when they were young and poor they had to share a single person bed for six months. As Pegg put it, they started out sleeping head to feet, but after kicking each other in the face one too many times they started sleeping head to head. It wasn’t long after that that they gave up on being macho “no touchy” dudes and just snuggled up during bedtime. In the morning they “couldn’t tell where one began and the other ended”.

That’s why they’re so cuddly today. They’re so physically close that it worried Frost’s fiance at the time and she asked them to never share a bed again after she got married to Frost. The night before the wedding Frost wasn’t allowed to see her anyway, so Pegg dropped by his house so they could share a bed one last time (Frost since got a divorce though). Pegg’s wife has no objections to any of this. If it’s important to her hubby, who is she to judge.

Pegg recommend all male friends to try sharing a bed. If it turns out you want to fuck each other, great, you’re going to have a lot of fun. If you don’t want to fuck each other, well, then nothing happens anyway.

(Side note: That’s also why there’s so many photos of Edgar Wright cuddling up to various guys. He learned that from Pegg and Frost. They created a cuddle monster that can’t be stopped)

2018 is a lgbtq+ only event:

•Ellen Page got married;

•Elena Alvarez ending homophobia;

•Lesbian Jesus Hayley Kiyoko will release new music;

•Somehow we got to know when Katie McGrath’s birthday is.

Some addictions (thanks for the suggestions):

• Troye Sivan will release new music;

• Deanoru (Karolina and Nico) kissed (on Marvel’s Runaways);

• Demi Lovato kissed a girl on new year’s eve;

• A black lesbian superhero on Black Lightning;

- Flozmin got married

Feel free to continue the list :)

do you ever think about how han and luke got married by leia at the end of a new hope and then han suddenly remembered he was married to lando 

you slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler, you’ve got a lot of guts coming here after what you pulled” is obviously referring to han’s bigamy open ur eyes people

never forget on wgm when taemin and naeun had minho and key over for dinner and it was the first time that naeun met minho and key and they didnt even come in through the door bc they got bored of waiting and climbed in the window instead and just spent the entire time making fun of taemin and eventually they left and taemin and naeun collapsed on the floor in the hallway and started complaining about how exhausting minho and key were and then they went into the living room and key and minho were sitting on their sofa and it turned out they had climbed back in through the window to surprise them and taemin just

never thought id be this obsessed with disney characters. theyve been upping the gay.


Just gotta tell ya before this thing goes on, you gotta realize that the only way out is in a body bag. Now we don’t have to write our vows. “