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Watch Me Babygirl [pt.3]

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Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: slight language

“Thanks for the ride Tae,” you said, giving his arm a squeeze before sliding out of the car.

You walked up your drive and unlocked the door, giving Taehyung a wave before you slipped inside. He always waited until you were in the house to drive away which never failed to make you smile. He was sweet, you had to admit.

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4 May 2017 || ig || May Study Challenge

Day 4: May is AP Exam season! What are your tips for studying for tests?

First of all, happy Star Wars day! May the force be with you during your exams (and in general). 

The Day Before


  • wake up, have a nice breakfast (not too much coffee pls)
  • get dressed!
  • tidy up your study space if necessary
  • get out your notes one last time (only the summaries/final notes if you have any of those)


  • go over your notes once or twice again and check if you have everything memorised
  • go over everything you especially struggled with another time
  • stay hydrated
  • eat light and easily digestible things
  • cut out caffeine after 4pm because you need a good night’s sleep!
  • take breaks :)


  • personally, i don’t study the night before an exam (after 6pm)
  • take a nice bath or shower
  • if you eat dinner, don’t make it too late or too heavy
  • set your alarm and two backup alarms, and if possible tell someone who will be awake at that time to wake you up if all else fails (or to give you a wake-up call)
  • pack your bag with EVERYTHING you need (including water, keys, paper, pens, ID, calculator, bus pass, tissues, tampons/pads if needed)
  • if you want, set out the clothes you want to wear the next day so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning
  • go to bed before midnight, ideally at a time that allows you 7 to 8 hours of sleep

The Day of the Exam

  • manage your time in a way that allows you to be at the exam location half an hour in advance (earlier buses etc)
  • have breakfast!!! don’t skip breakfast, it gives you the energy your brain needs during the exam. if you feel like you can’t eat anything, try just toast or a granola bar or dry cereal or something like that. tea is good as well.
  • don’t drink more caffeine than you usually would. you’ll probably be nervous as it is and caffeine makes you extra hyped
  • go to the toilet before you leave your house
  • if you feel like you would benefit from it, skim your notes one last time (on the bus maybe or during breakfast)
  • if that would just freak you out, read something else (comics, the newspaper, tumblr, whatever really)
  • get encouragement!! have someone tell you that you’ll do fine or wish you good luck. it’ll make you smile and have a more positive attitude. possible people: best friend, parents, siblings, grandparents, and of course tumblr or other social networks.
  • if other people make you even more nervous because they all seem so much better prepared than you (they probs aren’t though), avoid them. listen to music or read something or avoid the exam room itself as long as possible. focus on yourself if you work better that way.
  • if talking to others calms you down, don’t choose the ones with headphones or books to talk to  because they’re probably the ones who want some peace and quiet
  • do your best! :)
Night People

Prompt: “Can i request a smutty scenario with werewolf v in heat?”
Word Count: 5,160
Genre: Smut
Summary: Around this time of year, Taehyung always advises you to stay away from him, but there’s nothing you want more than to see what he’s like when he’s turned.
A/N: So this is a werewolf AU obviously, but I just wanted to mention that there are some “violent” parts when it gets smutty. Also I know it’s hella long and I’m sorry. Please go easy on my gentle soul.

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3 Days

When it was around this time of year, Taehyung always said it was best to stay away from him. Though you had been friends for years, he never wanted you to see that side of him. He said he was too dangerous and that it was best for you to not see him when he wasn’t capable of controlling himself. You understood that he was trying to protect you, but a part of you had always been curious to see what he was like when he turned. You had seen all the movies and read billions of books, but you wanted to see what it was really like. Of course, you respected his decision and tried your best to silence the nagging voice in the back of your mind.

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Witchy Studying Tips

As I’m currently studying for finals, I thought I’d share some of my favorite witchy ways to encourage myself to stay focused and avoid procrastinating while studying. Hopefully something here can help you out too!

Charm something that you will use while studying! This could be a specific pen, mug, or even a piece of jewelry! I do this by holding the object and filling it with energies that will be the most useful to my studying, such as focus, concentration, clear-mindedness, calmness, etc. You can do this with crystals, sigils, or just through channeling your own energy. I find it most effective to charge the object beforehand, and then when it’s time to study you’ll be able quickly boost those helpful energies!

Keep some crystals near you as you work! Here are some of my personal favorites to use while studying…

  • Sodalite: For intellect, logic, understanding, and efficiency. Sodalite also helps with communication, so it’s perfect when preparing for a speech or presentation! 
  • Quartz: For mental clarity and to enhance the properties of the other stones.
  • Tiger’s Eye: For keeping you focused by filtering out distractions, strengthening willpower, and helping you make practical sense of your work. 
  • Turquoise: For relieving stress
  • Citrine: For energy – I consider it my “caffeine crystal!”

Of course, you should use the correspondences and crystals that work best for you, these are just some ideas!  

Light some candles! Again, use the correspondences that work for you, but here’s my method! Because I’m not meditating or focusing on the candle itself, I’ll usually burn a scented candle rather than choosing the most relevant colored candle. The scent I choose will depend on the type of studying I’m doing. For anything requiring more creativity (like writing a paper), I use warmer, comforting scents, such as cinnamon and vanilla, and for more intense studying I’ll burn cool scents such as citrus, morning breeze, or pine. If you prefer to use color correspondences, I’d recommend either blue (wisdom, focus, calm), yellow (intellect, memory), or white (clarity)!

Connect with nature! Fresh air and the sounds of nature are one of the best ways for me to relax, focus, and concentrate on my work. Of course, the most obvious answer is to work outside, but that’s not always the most practical solution. Even just opening a window and getting as much natural light as possible (in daytime, of course) works wonders! If my neighbors are being too loud for this to work, I’ll sometimes pull up a nature sounds playlist on Spotify, or an atmospheric nature video on YouTube.

Try using the Forest app! Okay, I’ll admit this one is definitely not specifically witchy, but I find it very useful so I thought I’d mention it. Basically, it’s a productivity app where you specify an amount of time you want to stay focused, choose a tree species, and then while that tree is growing you can’t use your phone (there’s also a Chrome extension!). The virtual “coins” you earn by staying focused can even be used to plant real trees through Trees for the Future. It’s a super cute, nature-themed way to stay on task, and I think there’s a lot of potential there for other witchy things like setting intentions, meditation, etc. This app does cost money (I think it’s $0.99?), but there is a similar free app called FocusNow, I just personally prefer Forest!

I hope you found at least some of this was helpful, and good luck with your studying! 💕

imagine being hoseok’s maid.

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  • good luck cleaning up all that sunshine dust.
  • hoseok is Old Money and has never worked a day in his life.
  • instead he’s very invested in charities and in the arts and never gets tired of attending balls and events of all sorts.
  • he also hosts a score of his own, so he has a large staff to help him around the house.
  • did i say house? i meant mANSIONS. plural.
  • the most social of all the socialites.
  • it’s no secret that jung hoseok lights up a room and his social affairs are always free of drama and scandal because he’s everyone’s unproblematic fave.
  • such a lovely employer too, he treats everyone fairly and often stops to have a short chat with his domestic helpers, i.e you.
  • everyone always wishing him a good morning/afternoon/evening/night when they pass him, because he’s very polite and often does the same.
  • and he remembers everyone’s birthdays and gives them all a decent bonus for the holidays he’s such a saint.
  • but he also makes The Absolute Worst puns all the fucking time and you’re all obligated to laugh with him rip
  • “you didn’t sweep that room with just a glance, did you?”
  • “haha no, sir.”
  • “another one fights the dust, i see.”
  • “haha yes, sir.”
  • “don’t make mária do the hoovering, she’s slovak.”
  • “haha okay, sir”
  • and if these genuinely crack you up then congratulations you’re already his favourite.
  • if not then you’re kinda really very cute anyway so he doesn’t mind.
  • and maybe one day he has an event to attend and you arrive late with his newly pressed tuxedo and he’s like ????? where were you
  • “sorry i’m late, sir. i over-swept.”
  • and hoseok fucking loses his shit.
  • good job you cleaned the floor earlier that day because he is fucking rolling on it.
  • now you’re definitely his favourite.
  • then he gives you a very straight face and asks “can you tie a bowtie?”
  • and you’re like “no ??????” because of course not how even
  • and he’s like “great! i’ll teach you!”
  • because he can do it just fine, he knows the technique, but he always messes it up on himself and it ends up looking sad and floppy.
  • so you spend about twenty minutes tying hoseok’s bowtie and cracking jokes until you master it, so that you can help him out in the future.
  • and because he really really really likes making you smile.
  • from then on he lets you practice regularly and you get very good at it and he’s like “ah, the student has defeated the master”
  • so you go “thank you, master.”
  • and oH BOY GOES RED AF
  • i mean it shouldn’t be a big deal you call him “sir” all day long but
  • young boys are addressed as “master” by the staff and he gets nostalgic and yet it’s oddly erotic and he’s so flustered help the poor man ????
  • nah you’re probably flustered too.
  • rip the both of you.
  • things are awkward after that.
  • he doesn’t want to make things awkward because he’s your employer and he doesn’t want to like accidentally harass you or anything.
  • but you know how he’s like really invested in the arts ???
  • and he attends every ballet production in the country at least three times.
  • and donates so much money to theatres and operas and dance institutes especially, so they make him a guest of honour at every opening.
  • and he was supposed to attend the season opening at the ballet with someone (there was no one lol) but they cancelled and now he has a plus one but no one to take with him.
  • and he knows you have a birthday coming up (in two months lol) and he’ll pay for the attire if you don’t have anything to wear but he would be honoured of possibly maybe you would want to be his date ???????
  • and rip jung hoseok ??? because  you look amazing in evening wear and will you ever let the poor boy live???? how is he supposed to take his eyes off you long enough to catch the performance omg ????
  • and on the way there in the limo you tie his bowtie and he tells you all about the production you’re seeing and the choreographer which he knows personally and the primary dancer park jimin who he also knows personally and
  • and honestly he’s so passionate and over the moon with joy and it’s a delight to listen to him talk about the thing he loves so much you fall in love with him like ten times on that one limo ride bless.
  • and after the show you’re like wow best date ever ????
  • and you admit to him it’s gonna be weird going back to work for him after all of this because he’s treated you like royalty and tomorrow you’re going back to folding his socks.
  • and he’s like “i mean, not,,,,,,,, necessarily?”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • “you could just,,,,,,, marry me?”
  • and hAHA of coURSE he’s jOKING hahhhha a hah ah
  • but seriously no pressure or anything but he really likes you and would like to keep seeing you,,,,,,, in evening wear.
  • and if you want to keep working for him that’s cool too, but if you don’t then you don’t have to and if you wanna quit and sue him that’s fine he’ll settle out of court and give you a large severance package and he’ll write you the best references and
  • and you just gotta kiss him to shut him up.
  • and then you make out in the back of the limo.
  • imagine hoseok taking you to all the fancy events and showing you off.
  • showering you with gifts and pampering you, it’s A Lot ok.
  • and he’s the loveliest person on earth but he will punch anyone who dares suggest he’s “slumming it” with you no fucking way m8
  • and be warned if you’re attending a ball he’s gonna make you dance all fucking night but it’s okay because he’s a terrific dancer lucky u.
  • and if you want to travel he’ll take you anywhere you wanna go from lavish tropical resorts to the most remote mountain villages.
  • he just loves making you happy :’)
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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its canon that nico is insecure about his feelings and can’t express them the best sometimes. in fact, i think that when he finally felt brave enough to tell will, he wanted it to be as vague as possible, just a very hushed ti amo–and of course, it was in italian.

maybe it was in some of those quiet moments they shared. like right before they dozed off to sleep in the hades cabin or during one of their comforting hugs. maybe he just sighed it one day after a dangerous mission or mouthed it into wills hair when they were just giggling and laying in the strawberry fields.

either way, it was quiet and gentle and so absolutely genuine and will heard it and understood it no matter the way nico said it. and maybe will knew that he’d said it quietly for a reason, and so will said it back, not by words but by holding him closer

Staring is Rude (Jaehyun x Reader)

WAZZZZZUPPPP GUYS! Your gal is back at it again with that smutty smut and with her ultimate bias too! That’s right, more yummy Jaehyun for everyone, and this time it’s a college AU. Hope you like this one, I really had a blast writing it!


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

It all started at the end of the first semester of your sophomore year in college. The glances that were snuck from the corner of the eye, watching from your peripheral vision each other’s movements, the strategic sitting for the best view. It was innocent at first, just simply checking one another out due to curiosity. You barely knew him at all; knew that his name was Jung Jaehyun and he was a first semester junior majoring in music and fine arts with many obnoxiously talented friends. 

You frequented the school’s library on a daily basis, it was your first choice of a study place, plus you liked the peaceful atmosphere. It wasn’t dead silent, the sounds of page turning, chairs scraping, and quiet murmuring was a soothing and natural background for your reading and essay writing. Being at a big school, it wasn’t likely you would ever see the same person twice, it was like being at Disney World, which made people watching one of your favorite pass times. You liked to imagine a life for each person, what they were thinking, what their dreams were, never to see them again except by some miracle. But you saw Jaehyun in the same spot across from you in the library almost every time you went to study, boggling your mind and making you wonder.

At first you didn’t think much of it, he was just another student studying and doing his own thing, and you respected that. That was before you got a good look at his face while he was buried in a textbook, feeling your thighs press together on their own accord.

Damn, he was actually really hot.

He had jet black hair that was perfectly messy, combined with his habit of constantly running his hand through it, well, it was enough to make you hate him a little. Maybe he didn’t know how attractive he was, or maybe he did. Regardless, he became a distraction and you thought things couldn’t get worse until he accidentally caught you checking him out one day. You remember how much your face burned with embarrassment, and how you couldn’t think of nothing else except him throughout winter break. He practically tormented you even when he wasn’t there.

Spring semester came and you began your usual routine at the library again, trying to beat down your hopes of seeing Jaehyun there. You barely knew him and he probably didn’t know who the hell you were, so why think something could come from those few exchanged glances? You were such a hopefulness romantic, this wasn’t some chic flick where everything works out perfectly.

You had almost forgotten about the incident from last semester, when one day, Jaehyun decided to move a whole table closer to you. He sat straight across from you at the next table over, casually setting his books and laptop out as he began his own usual study session. It was almost as if he was reminding you that, yes he existed, and yes, he was very attractive. It bothered you how much just him moving closer made your heart race, it was so annoying. You huffed out loud, surprising yourself as he looked up at you with raised eyebrows. You met eyes, yours growing to the size of dinner plates, as your hand tightened its grip on your pen. He had obviously heard you as he glanced your way, his own hand stilling as he stopped taking notes at the noise.

The eye contact lasted only for a few seconds, but it felt like hours before he pulled his eyes away, a small smile on his petal soft lips.


A smile?

You stared down at your book, not reading the words as your brain tried to process what had just happened. Maybe you had just imagined it, or maybe you should stop being a little bitch and just except the fact that he had just smiled at you. Should you have smiled back? Would that have been creepy? God, this was infuriating.

You stood up and gathered your things, gaining his attention once again as he watched you angrily pack your belongings. Out of the corner of your eye, you caught his amused gaze again and blushed, accidentally fumbling and dropping your pen. And of course, it just so happened to roll in his direction. You wanted to combust in that moment, erase your existence from this plane of reality.

He stood up calmly, bending over easily to scoop up your rogue pen. You’d never heard him say a word before, and the moment his mouth opened, you knew you were fucking screwed.

“Here,” he murmured softly, holding out your pen for you to take in his strong looking hand.

You gulped and took it, your fingertips brushing along the palm of his hand as you stuttered back quietly, “T-thank you.” Just that single touch made you shiver, and you hoped to God he didn’t notice the goosebumps on your arm.

“No problem,” he smiled, endearing little dimples poking out cheekily from the corners of his mouth.
You hadn’t expected him to reply, making you look up at him. His eyes were even more mesmerizing up close, dark pools of black water framed by soft as feathers lashes. He held your gaze for a few moments, looking as if he was contemplating what he wanted to do with you exactly, like you were some new thing he’d never seen before.

You bit your lip at that look and those eyes of his flashed toward your mouth for a moment before you turned away quickly to get your bag, your heart racing a mile a minute. What the hell was that?

You remember walking as fast as your legs could carry you back to your dorm room, slamming the door shut and collapsing on your bed before screaming in your pillow. You wondered what that look in his eyes could have meant, and why it had made you want him to push you down on the nearest table and let him have his way with you.

Of course, that wasn’t the last time Jung Jaehyun would give you that look, in fact, he was far from through with you. It was like he had a personal vendetta against you, wanting to make you as aroused as possible every time you walked into that accursed library. Sure, you could easily find a new place to study, but who was to say you weren’t curious as to where this would all lead? Maybe two could play his little game.

The next few days you tried your best to stay toe to toe with Jaehyun. Every time he would check you out, his eyes roving unashamedly over your body, you would do the same. He’d been surprised at first, his gorgeous eyes widening, making you think you had finally caught him off guard. That was until he smirked the sexiest possible smirk and continued to read his book, looking impressed. You’d secretly flushed with pride, feeling happy that he approved of your tenacity.

Over the next few weeks, things began to escalate, from flirtatious glances to blatant eye fucking, Jaehyun wasn’t holding back anymore. You did the same, feeling bolder than ever before as would stare back at him without shame. You were trying to do your usual studying again, preparing for an essay that was due in a couple of days. While typing, you began to wonder where all of this would lead you and Jaehyun. Was he actually interested in you…?

You shook yourself, trying to focus on your typing again as you glanced up to see Jaehyun reading quietly as per usual. You really needed to worry about your work right now, not just some boy who might or might not want to be something more with you. You bent over to grab a book you needed as a source in the paper from your backpack, only to find that it wasn’t there. Puzzled, you dug around the stacks of paper and notebooks in front of you, unable to find it at all. You furrowed your brow, clearly remembering that you had put it into your bag that morning along with your other books and laptop. If it wasn’t here, then where the hell was it?

Jaehyun noticed all the movement coming from your direction and perked up, watching you quietly as you rifled through your things one last time. You huffed and stood up, walking towards the many bookshelves in search of another copy of the book you were using. You were sure they would have another of the one you needed, it was just a matter of finding it.

Jaehyun watched you disappear into the maze of shelves with a smirk, eyes tracing the sway of your hips as he contemplated just what he wanted to do with you. He slid his finger over the edge of the page he was on, twisting his mouth so that his dimples poked through. He suddenly felt shy, even after all the eye sex and obvious mutual interest, what was he supposed to say? He shook himself, closing his book definitively as he stood up and followed where you had entered the rows of shelves.

You weaved in and out of the bookshelves, fingering through stacks of books and coming up with nothing. You were beginning to get frustrated by the fact that you couldn’t find it anywhere. You slumped against a shelf and let your head tilt back, wondering what the hell you were supposed to do now.

“Looking for this?,” a familiar voice murmured, sending shivers all over your body as you turned toward it. Jaehyun, in all his sex god glory, stood a few feet away, holding out the exact book you needed for your paper.

“Jaehyun,” you whispered, surprised that he was there at all. His name felt foreign on your tongue, but you liked the way it tasted and sounded coming from your lips, and so did he. You took the book from him and gave a bashful look, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he smiled, dimples soft on his cheeks as he mirrored the first conversation you had with him. “I have a question though.”

You were paging through the book absentmindedly, not bothering to look up as you made sure it was the right one, “About what-”

The book flew out of your hand as you were roughly pushed against a wall of books, gasping, “What the fuck are you…?”

“Do you understand how fucking difficult you’ve made things for me?,” Jaehyun murmured, his hips pressing you hard against the shelf as he wedged a thigh between your legs. One hand landed securely on your waist, the other grabbed you but the back of your hair, forcing you to look him in his coal black eyes, “How difficult you make it for me?”

You shook your head, heart racing faster than the speed of light as you swallowed hard, “N-no.” Your chest heaved, causing your breasts to brush against him every time you took a shaky breath.

“Are you sure?,” he pondered, readjusting his hand so your neck was exposed to him. He let his mouth brush lazily over your jugular making you gasp, feeling your pulse with his lips as he continued, “‘Cause all those times you made fucking eyes at me seemed like you knew exactly what you were doing.”

You sucked in your breath, feeling every time he took his own breath his hard abs flex against your stomach. Mind spinning, you tried not to picture how he would look without his shirt on as you mumbled, “You’re right.”

“Can I ask you,” he started, hot breath fanning across your skin. “What were you expecting out of all of this?” He drew away from your neck, looking you dead on with a hard and intense look in his eyes.

You met his gaze, realizing there was no other answer to give than the truth. You’d been denying yourself this whole time, but the truth was that you wanted him. You wanted him so bad that you were willing to fuck him with your eyes for months, but cowardly enough to do that too. You wouldn’t have thought he wanted you back in your wildest daydreams.

“I wanted you,” you whispered, eyes half lidded, “I want you, Jaehyun.”

You expected him to jump your bones right then and there, but Jaehyun was apparently far more patient than you had thought. He smiled, looking relieved for a split second before reverting back into the lusty look he was oh so good at. He leaned in slowly, tilting your head up and placing his lips softly on yours. He teased you with slow movements, caressing more than kissing, making you whine and wrap your arms around his neck to pull him closer.

Jaehyun chuckled, pulling away with a satisfied look, “Didn’t take you to be so impatient, _______. So,” he stepped away from you and placed his hands in his pockets, “Wanna come back to my room?”

You were going to act mad from his teasing, but the way he said your name made you forget quickly, “S-sure.” You mentally shook yourself, trying to take back some of your dignity as you clipped, “You think I’d let you get all up on me without expecting an invitation for more? It’s not a lack of patience, Jaehyun, it’s called common curtesy.”

He was already walking back to gather his things, looking amused, “Didn’t know asking a girl you like to come back to your dorm to fuck is a common curtesy. These are modern times though, maybe I’m too old fashioned.” He smirked in your direction as the two of you packed your bags, making you glance down and smile to yourself.

“…a girl you like…”

You felt giddy, truthfully impatient as you followed Jaehyun across campus to his dorm room. He wasn’t a complete asshole either, he offered his hand for you to hold and you gladly took it, wanting to get a feel for the hands that would be making you moan later.

Twilight had spread over campus like spilled paint, dying the quad and the buildings in a purple hue that made this strange situation seem much more romantic. You thanked Mother Nature for interceding on your behalf as Jaehyun unlocked his dorm, pulling a lanyard jingling with keys from his pant pocket.

You had made idle conversation with him on the way, casual flirting as well, trying to get to know the guy you’d been making eyes at for months before he fucked you. He didn’t seem to mind the calm silences that would naturally happen either, making you like him just a little bit more than you already did.

“So, you don’t have a room mate?,” you asked, rocking back and forth on your heels as you stood behind him, not forgetting to give his backside a good once over with a smirk.

“Nah, he dropped out at the end of last semester,” he replied, finally unlocking the door and pushing it open. “Good guy though, nice and tidy.”

He allowed you to step in first, get a good look at your surroundings before he would pounce on you probably. You were pleasantly surprised by how clean he kept things, nothing gross and smelly like in a typical college boy’s dorm. “Well, Jaehyun,” you smiled, turning around and letting your bag hit the ground. “I’m kinda impressed already.”

He dropped his own bag in a chair, sliding off his jacket and meandering toward you gently, a smile mirroring your own, “Wow, and to think I haven’t even gotten inside you yet.”

You scoffed, but grinned and smacked him playfully as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close, “You’re unbelievable, Jung Jaehyun.” You snaked your own arms around his neck, your fingers playing with his silky hair. It was strange, but it felt like you knew him so well already, despite never having had a full conversation with him until today.

“Am I allowed to take that as a compliment, or am I allowed to kiss you?,” he asked, voice and dimples soft, glancing down at your lips before biting his own.

You were already leaning in, rocking carefully onto tiptoes as you whispered a hair’s breath away from his lips, “Both.”

He was quick to respond, lips coming forward to capture your own rather romanctically, his hands coming up to cup your face gently. You sighed against his mouth, feeling positively radiant as he moved closer to you. You stood up even higher on your toes in order to give more to the kiss, wanting to feel more of him as he parted his lips to allow you entry. You were surprised he let you be dominant, but then again, Jaehyun seemed to be full of them.

Your tongue danced with his, sliding together wetly as you let out a small noise of appreciation from the taste of him. He was like vanilla coffee and sugar cookies, something sweet and then something even sweeter. It was intoxicating and made you allow him to explore your own mouth, taking back control as he walked you backwards toward his bed.

When the back of your legs hit the side of the mattress, he laid you back easily, careful to not break the kiss. He slid a knee between your thighs, taking one of your legs with his strong hands and pulling it up around his hip as he pressed himself down into your heat. You gasped at the new sensation, the thin material of your shorts offering little to no barrier between your core and his rough ripped jeans.

Jaehyun released your lips suddenly, a shining trail of saliva still connecting your lips as he tugged at the bottom of your shirt. He glanced up at you through his lashes, voice like velvet, “Can I…?”

You nodded, helping him lift your shirt off and watching him toss it on the floor. You touched your swollen lips, looking up at where he caged you in as you ran a quick hand through his black hair, “Your turn, right?”

He caught your wrist, pulling you to sit up with him as he dragged your hand up his stomach and chest, taking the shirt with him. His voice seemed to reach an octave deep enough to make you soak your panties, “Only if you help me.”

You moaned, allowing your other hand to come up and pull his shirt over his head carefully. Each inch of skin that was exposed you immediately marked with your lips, pressing wet kiss after wet kiss to his toned abs. You let your hands grab onto his belt, pulling it down so his hips were easier to access with your mouth. You heard him hiss as you grazed your teeth over the prominent outline of his hips, your tongue coming out to soothe the light bruises that began to appear.

You pushed him back, having him stand up off the bed as you kneeled before him like he was your god, wanting nothing more than to worship him and his body. Jaehyun groaned at the sight of you knelt before him, his hands pushing the hair back from your face as you began to work on his belt and pants.

“You look so fucking beautiful like this,” he murmured, eyes half lidded as you pulled his pants down and off his ankles.

You smiled, feeling your face heat up from the praise he was giving you. You remained quiet though as you let your hand gently caress the prominent outline of his member pressed against his grey briefs. Jaehyun sucked in a breath, hips arching forward into your hand at just the slightest touch. You licked your lips upon seeing his erection strain and press against the cotton of his underwear, fingers just itching to wrap around his cock.

Jaehyun’s eyes squeezed shut at your teasing brushes, biting his bottom lip painfully as he pleaded with you, “_______, please…!”

You glanced up at him with a smirk, as you thought of how much you liked seeing him like this, all helpless and dependent on you. Your fingers wrapped around the elastic waist band of his briefs and pulled them down slowly, “Only because you asked so nicely.”

You tugged his underwear past his hips and down his thighs, nearly getting smacked in the face with his cock as it sprung forth from its cage, swollen and red. You took your sweet time to help him out of his underwear completely, his fingers weaving into your tresses as he edged you closer to his member impatiently. You saw how his precum dripped down from the head of his cock to the underside and couldn’t help but run the flat of your tongue from base to tip, making him release a satisfied groan.

You kissed the tip softly, circling it with your tongue as you looked up at him before opening your mouth and sliding him in. His jaw dropped at the sight, eyes clouded with desire as you relaxed your throat and took him all the way to the back of your throat.

“Fuck,” he cursed lowly, letting his head tip back as his hips moved slowly in and out of your mouth.

You were taking it like a champ, your gag reflex practically nonexistent as you encouraged him to go deeper with hands on his hips. He gladly obliged, losing himself in the feeling of your mouth around his cock as he thrust into it shallowly. You hummed at the control he was exuding, his hands tightening around hair as he pulled you to meet his thrusts, face fucking you so well you had to reach down and touch yourself to the feeling.

Jaehyun looked down and saw you unbuttoning your shorts, watching as you slid your hand into your panties and rubbed your clit. He could have come from the sight had he not gotten a hold of himself quickly, making him groan, “Do you like getting fucked in the face, baby girl? Does that make you wet?”

You finally gagged around him for the first time as he thrust in roughly, tears springing to your eyes as you moaned around him again. You quickened the pace on your clit, wrist getting tired as you desperately chased your release, but Jaehyun had other plans.

He pulled out of your mouth carefully, his cock shining with your spit as he picked you up and threw you on his bed again. His hands made quick work of your bra and shorts, only taking a moment to appreciate your black lace panties before he tore them off. You were confused when he laid down on the bed as well, but you assumed he wanted you to ride him, which was fine with you. You straddled him, eager to finally have him fill you up and feel him inside of your heat.

You were surprised though when Jaehyun pulled you farther up his body, a smirk on his lips as he licked them, “Come up here, baby girl.” He helped you straddle him, hands running up and down your thighs as he groaned at the sight of your heat shining with arousal. He looked up at you, pure want in those dark, dark eyes, “I want you to ride my face, sweetheart.”

You choked out an embarrassingly lewd sound when he didn’t wait for an answer and pulled you down to his mouth, flattening his tongue and licking a stripe up your heat, tasting you. You shivered when his wet muscle traced over your clit, eliciting more explicit sounds from your mouth as you let your head fall back and rolled your hips gently into Jaehyun’s mouth.

“Fuck, just like that…,” you whispered hotly in approval, bracing yourself against the headboard of his bed.

He hummed in response, eager to please as he let his tongue bury itself into your core, circling around your walls. Your thighs twitched under his grip and he couldn’t help but smirk against you as he pulled away for a moment, “Does that feel good?”

“Y-yeah,” you nodded eagerly, wanting nothing more than to buck your hips back into his waiting mouth.

“Do you want me to make you come?,” he murmured against your thigh, dragging a tongue soaked with your essence over the skin there before he placed a kiss. “Do you want to come all over my face?”

Your arms shook where they were splayed on the wall, shifting your weight so that his mouth was once again under your core, “Y-yes.”

Jaehyun ran a hand through his soft inky hair, making himself look even more deliciously fucked than before. You could do nothing but stare as his swollen lips already shining with your arousal kissed your most intimate area so sensually you thought you would come right then. You let out another shaky moan, and Jaehyun brought his hands to your ass and squeezed it hard, urging you to rock into him faster.

You couldn’t even make anymore sounds, the overbearing weight of pleasure collapsed on your shoulders as you lost yourself in the feeling of Jaehyun eating you out. He fucked you with his tongue, bringing a hand up to rub your clit just right, making the knot at the bottom of your stomach snap as you finally came. His own eyes fluttered close as he savored your release and taste, groaning as you collapsed down onto your hands and road his tongue until you were satisfied.

“Jaehyun,” you cried out softly, sweat dripping down your neck as you still trembled from your orgasm, having never came so hard just from someone’s mouth.

“Come here and taste yourself,” he commanded, reaching up and pulling you down by the back of your head.

You met lips and took in the strange combination of the taste of yourself and Jaehyun’s own flavor. He pulled away slowly, carefully rolling you over so you were on your back as he hovered over you, “Say the word and I’ll fuck you.”

Instead of answering, you reached up and laced your fingers through his hair, tugging him down towards you. He allowed you to give him a hungry kiss, your back arching so that your breasts brushed against his well muscled chest. Jaehyun grabbed one of your legs and hooked it over his shoulder, pushing your flexibility to the limit as he sunk down against you. You felt the head of his hard cock brush tease your entrance and barely enter you, just sinking past your lower lips.

Your mouth opened as he gave you one last look, a soft smile that reached his eyes and gave you a peek of the boy who was really behind the smirks and taunts, before sliding in. You gasped as he filled you up, all the way to the hilt as he sat up and began to rock into you, balancing expertly on his knees with his hands on your hips. Your back shifted against the sheets of his bed as your own hands reached to pull him back down towards you. You liked having him near, able to see his expressions clearly and feel his hot pants against your cheek. He complied, barely breaking his pace as he began to increase the speed of his thrusts into you.

You let out a sound of surprise when he ran a hand down your thigh and slapped the exposed skin there, the sting it left made your eyes roll to the back of your head. You let your hands wrap around him and reach his back, your fingers digging into the hard muscle that flexed under your touch. Jaehyun’s thrusts were becoming increasingly harder and more frantic, his release not being to far away by the way his bottom lip was stuck between his teeth at the pleasure.

He managed to groan, a hand once again coming down to run at your clit at the same hard pace as his thrusts, “Come around my cock, baby girl. I want to feel you.”

You moaned at his words, and combined with his fingers on your clit and his erratic thrusts you couldn’t help but clench around him again as you came for the second time. You let his name escape your lips again as you bucked your hips to meet his own, “Jaehyun…!”

Jaehyun finally pushed himself as far inside you as he could go, his body stiffening as he released with a groan. You blushed at the feeling of his hot seed coating your inner walls as he continued to roll out his release until he was completely finished. He stayed inside of you, the two of you panting as you waited for each other to recover from your highs. Or maybe so you wouldn’t have to be the first to speak.

Your eyes widened when he cupped your cheek gently as he pulled out, careful in case you were sore. He rolled down beside you, eyes cast to the ceiling as he broke the silence, “That was dumb.”

“What?,” you replied, heart breaking slowly as you thought of all the ways he probably regretted sleeping with you, how you weren’t enough.

“Fucking the girl I like without a condom,” he sighed, turning to face you as he regarded your surprised expression. “Aren’t you angry?” He seemed just as confused as you were, not knowing how to clarify the situation.

You didn’t know what to say, so you just let the word vomit spill forth from your stupid mouth, “I-I mean, to be honest, Jaehyun-.” You blushed, trying to start again as he watched you patiently, “T-to be honest it felt really good. What could one time do anyway, like, I’m on birth control and all but-”
He silenced you with a sudden kiss, a smile that pressed against your mouth and made you return the kiss. He pulled away and looked at you seriously, maybe a little nervous, “I just want to know if you’re okay, ________.”

“I’m okay, better than okay,” you answered, trying to lighten the mood as you turned to face him. You felt bold and let your hand stroke his cheek, tracing his jawline and poking his dimple, “I’m just a bit curious about this whole 'girl I like’ bit.”

For the first time in the months you’ve seen him, Jaehyun blushed, suddenly shy as he looked anywhere but you, “Oh, that. Well, you see, I was kind of hoping these past few weeks that you liked me and I didn’t know how to go about it, but then I fucked it up by fucking you and that is definitely not the first step in a relationship-.” He stopped suddenly with wide eyes as he looked at where you were trying to not die from a fit of laughter, “I’m just going to stop now.”

“No, no,” you giggled, sitting up and laying on top of him. “Please don’t stop, go ahead. If fucking isn’t the first step, then what is?”

He smiled and blushed again, happy to have you close to him as he murmured, “Well, I would have asked her for coffee, or to go to a park where we could talk and get to know one another. Then after a while, maybe have the courage to ask her out-. What’s so funny this time?”

Pouting, he reached up and squeezed your cheeks as you laughed again, “Who would have thought that Jung Jaehyun, the school’s resident flirt and cool guy, would be such a big softie? Where can I get a man like that? Can you tell me where I should look?”

“You won’t have to look far,” he smiled shyly as he twirled a lock of your hair around his finger.

He was too much fun to tease, you couldn’t help yourself, “Wow, do you know someone? Does he live on your hall?”

“You’re a real demon, you know that?,” he groaned, pulling you down into his arms as he rolled his eyes.

“Can I be your little demon then?,” you asked with a smile, kissing the simple that poked out from his cheek as he mirrored your expression.

“Hm, I guess so,” he shrugged nonchalatently before seeing your pouty frown and chuckling, “Of course, _______.”

You cracked a smile at his laugh, a sweet musical sound that made his eyes smile and dimples show. A sight and sound you could definitely get used to.

You had to make one more jab at him, you just couldn’t resist, “So does this mean we can’t eye fuck in the library anymore? The thrill of you being a stranger is gone-”

“You’re literally impossible, you know that,” he groaned, rolling underneath him. “I think I need to teach you another lesson.”

“Ohh, does someone have a little teacher and student role play kink?”

“Oh my god, stop…!”

each zodiac sign’s secret weaknesses

Aries — Anger: The sign quickest to anger, Aries knows this weakness well. They feel it coming and you see it in their body language. Their posture straightens and they learn forward. They try to restrain it, but it’s so difficult for them. They wear their attempts at restraint in their facial expressions. You can see them grind their teeth and furrow their brow when they are trying to control it. It’s difficult because it’s sparked often.  As the cardinal, fire sign of the zodiac, their energy is always pushing forward and their fiery nature is easily sparked. So, anger is truly their weakness. Life always teaches them to try their best to control it because it leads to fights and bitter relationships. But it is a never-ending battle. There are Aries who always try their hardest to restrain it because they are embarrassed by it and prefer not to deal with the ugly consequences. There are also Aries who just let is flow. But even the Aries who try the least to restrain it, know it often gets them into trouble. Fortunately, Aries cycle through anger quickly and have a generally positive attitude… most of the time!

Taurus — Intolerance: Despite Taurus’ goal of using common sense to hold the highest values, they usually fall short on one value - tolerance. They are sure of what they think and they know what they want. If someone disagrees, that person is simply wrong. This scenario reaches the point of ridiculous when Taureans are intolerant of people who are simply obstacles to something they want. When it doesn’t even concern values or ideals, and it simply becomes Taurus’s inability to tolerate anyone disagreeing with their wants and goals, Taurus’s weakness is at its worst. They are blinded to it and they don’t see it until they find someone who pushes back on them hard enough to stop the Taurus and jolt them out their narrow thinking. This Taurus common-sense thinking can be very black and white. Moreover, Taureans can be downright tyrannical in convincing others they are right and others are wrong. Yet, enough resistance from other people or the world usually widens their view and makes them see that there are other ways to see things.

Gemini — Being Curt: ​Sharp words and insensitive comments are Gemini’s weakness. Geminis’ minds are too active for their own good. The constant flow of thoughts and ideas doesn’t give them much time for sensitivity to feelings and consideration for polite behavior. The speed of their thinking doesn’t allow them the time for anything except the most direct, pithy way of stating things so they can move on to their next thought. It isn’t that they intent to be curt. In their minds, they are just being efficient with their own time and with everyone else’s. They honestly find it hard to believe that anyone wants to spend more than time necessary on any particular point or topic for the sake of feelings or politeness. Yet, time after time, they find themselves hurting someone’s feelings because they were too quick and harsh with their words. They see it when it happens, and it frustrates them because they know it’s a weakness of theirs. They don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, they just don’t operate in a way that allows them time to address feelings.

Cancer — Being Vengeful: This trait is normally attributed to Scorpio, but it is definitely Cancer’s secret weakness. When Cancer’s self-defense mechanisms fail and this zodiac sign gets hurt or betrayed, they seek vengeance every time. Cancer is the most emotional sign in the zodiac and they need a way to deal with their feelings and make themselves feel better. Vengeance does this for them. The difference between Scorpio’s vengeance and Cancer’s is in the style, intensity and longevity of the effort. Scorpio is more patient in planning it, less outwardly emotional about it and they will stick to it for the rest of their life if necessary. Cancer’s vengeance is quicker and sloppier. Scorpio has more emotional self-control than Cancer. Scorpio can suppress the emotions so that they don’t interfere with their planning. Cancer has some trouble controlling their emotions so they need to get the revenge quickly so they regain emotional peace.

Leo — Arrogance: Leos easily fall into the trap of believing no one can do things as well as they can do them. Despite Virgo’s reputation for being the perfectionist of the zodiac, Leo is often the one trying to do everything perfectly. That’s great when it comes to their career, but they go too far when they won’t let anyone help them because they think anyone else will ruin it. Leo’s fixed, fiery nature becomes fixated on bringing their ideas into creation and having them come out perfectly, just like they imagine them. They can’t believe anyone else could care as much, or focus as completely on the task at hand as they can. It’s arrogant of them because they truly believe they are more capable than anyone else. Their focus makes them lose of sight of the talents and abilities other people could actually contribute to their projects. Their arrogance goes beyond work ability. It’s an overall tendency of theirs. Leos work hard at creating a great presentation. Their image is important to them, and they take great pride in themselves. It’s their inability to recognize the talents and contributions of others that causes their arrogance. Leos are so busy trying to shine brightly, they blind themselves to the rest of the people in the world who also shine brightly. Fortunately, their need to be honest and authentic usually brings them back to down earth. When their arrogance is brought their attention, they recognize it and do their best to snap out of it. 

Virgo — Being a Schemer: Even your closest Virgo friend doesn’t want to admit how they scheme. They will readily admit to careful planning and thinking through details, but scheming, no way! Scheming implies crafty, evil intentions. Virgos don’t have evil intentions. It’s simply smart to think about the ramifications of every possible course of action before choosing one. It’s smart to consider what will ultimately result in the best outcome for yourself. After all, they are our decisions and we all need to look out for ourselves. These are valid points, but it’s a slippery slope. Virgo’s ability to think through choices and outcomes is so well developed that they end up orchestrating, not only their own life, but the lives of those around them without even realizing it themselves. They are just so good at seeing the details and knowing how things will play out in the end, that they essentially become puppet masters. Like Oz behind the curtain, they keep their thoughts and plans to themselves. But the little comments, advice and warnings they can’t help dishing out to everyone, end up directing the course of events more than they realize. No, it’s not evil. But just like Oz, they’ll have you wondering until the very end.

Libra — Dishonesty: In their never-ending mission to make the world a beautiful, peaceful and just place, Libras too often take the path of least resistance and ending up lying. So often, it just makes things more peaceful and keeps things happy. There are two reasons for this. First, Libra’s tend to live in a world of their own creation where everything is nice and pretty. When something ugly comes around, they prefer to ignore it. Second, they don’t like to address things in a direct, head-on fashion. Rather, they prefer to keep things nice and find a way to address things that avoids ruffling anyone’s feelings or starts any ruckus. So, lying often becomes their course of action. It’s not because they have any evil intentions. In fact, their intention is to just to keep everything nice and peaceful. Of course, they don’t always choose to lie. Sometimes they realize that lying to kick something down the road and bit is only delaying the inevitable. So, there are times when they do choose to hit their problems or their enemies directly. When this happens, all hell breaks loose. They are perfectly capable warriors when they choose to be. So, excuse their tendency to take the easy way and keep the peace with a lie now and then. They are sparing you for your own good!

Scorpio — Being Petty: Letting the little things go is not an option for Scorpios. Losing sight of the little things is how empires collapse. Everything matters and everything is important. Most often, this mentality is fine for Scorpios. However, it can drive everyone around them crazy, and ultimately, it’s a trap Scorpios fall into without realizing it. They are careful people and much of their success in life is due to the care they take in their decisions. Yet, even they sometimes see themselves from the outside looking in, and they catch a glimpse of the pettiness in their lives. It can take them years to move past an issue, which, to everyone around them, seems trivial, unimportant or just dealt with already. Yet until the Scorpio moves past it on their own, they dwell on it. They spend a great deal of time and energy thinking about it because it festers deep within them. If it’s an issues with another person, it can literally drive the other person away because no matter how hard the other person tries to help the Scorpio move past it, they just can’t. Scorpios don’t realize how this seems to other people. It’s definitely a weakness of theirs, and at times, they do realize how it drags them down. Eventually, they always move forward again, but it’s always a struggle.

Sagittarius — Being a Prima Donna: The Sagittarius whose time is more valuable than anyone else’s is a common find. Sagittarians have no desire to sacrifice for success. They don’t believe in suffering in the short-term for long-term gain. That’s Capricorn’s forte. For Sagittarians, it’s all about feeling good as often as possible and setting up a life for themselves that makes things as easy and fun as possible. It’s a perfectly logical outlook. Life should be enjoyed, and it’s not that Sagittarians refuse to work or put in the necessary time and energy to build successful lives. Rather, it’s that they have no tolerance for doing any work or experiencing any more suffering than is absolutely necessary. It’s a fine line that Sagittarians are willing to walk, and again, it’s theoretically logical. In practice, however, Sagittarians often fall into the trap of becoming prima donnas. When they focus on this mentality so intensely that they constantly qualify the true value of anything they do as to whether it’s worthy of their time or not, it can seem like they believe they’re just better than everyone else. It seems like they think their time is more valuable than anyone else’s. In reality, they don’t think this. In fact, they believe it’s every man for himself. It’s each individual’s own responsibility to look out for the value of their time. So, they really don’t think everyone else’s time is less valuable than theirs, but it sure can seem that way!

Capricorn — Fearfulness: Capricorn is quite possibly the most realistic sign. As the universal, earth sign of the zodiac, it has the clearest view of the harsh realities of life. Capricorn doesn’t sugar-coat the world in its own mind and it doesn’t try to do it for the sake of others. It’s this point of view that also gives Capricorn its secret weakness of fearfulness. Knowing and often even dwelling on the negative, harsh realities of life, makes it clear that the world is a dangerous place. There is a lot to fear. Capricorns are prone to panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive behavior, generalized anxiety and depression because they focus on the harsh realities of the world. There are germs everywhere and many of them can kill you. When an airplane crashes, you are likely to die. Yes, something terrible can happen at any minute, but most people don’t dwell on this fact. Capricorns have a tendency to fall into this trap. It’s a weakness of theirs and they suffer with it. It’s difficult for them to move past it because it can be embarrassing and people really don’t want to get dragged down in it because it’s not fun to talk about. Fortunately, it’s that same realistic view that also makes Capricorn fully aware of their fears and give them the understanding that they must be dealt with so they have successful lives.

Aquarius — Being Judgemental: Above all else, Aquarians want to be impartial and level in all of their dealings with people or issues. For the most part, Aquarians are able to do this without much effort at all. As the universal, air sign of the zodiac, they know this is the correct way to behave and think. Yet, they are still human, and although they almost always behave in a level and impartial way, they still have judgmental thoughts. They repress them and try to disregard them before they reach their tongues, but being judgmental is their weakness. It happens no matter how hard they try to avoid it. What’s more, because they aren’t comfortable expressing their judgments, they come off as insensitive and superior when they do. It’s the last thing they want. Yet, trying to uphold the highest moral standards for your own thoughts and behavior and trying to help with rest of the world do the same thing is tough work. Aquarians do their best, but with this world view, they can’t help but see the selfishness and weakness in others and judge it as wrong. This all makes sense, and looking at it this way makes it seem like being judgmental isn’t a secret weakness at all. Afterall, we all do it, but for an Aquarian, being judgmental goes against their own morals and standards. In their quest to be impartial, the last thing they be seen as is judgmental.

Pisces — Being Delusional: Pisces actually prefer to live a fog. When things aren’t completely clear, there’s always room for change, room for error and time to just relax and contemplate. There’s a certain rhyme and reason to this mentality. When we try to make things cut and dry, we limit are choices and our ability to make corrections and changes, which in the end, are beneficial. Yet, this is Pisces weakness because too often, they let it go too far until they become delusional. The delusions can be about how they are treated or how they treat others. Or worst yet, they can be about how they treat themselves. A Pisces can have a delusion about their marriage being healthy, when in reality, they know their spouse is cheating on them or just plain using them. They can have delusions about treating their loved ones fairly, when in reality, they are taking advantage of them. If the delusion is about how they are treating themselves, it can be about not acknowledging how overeating or over-indulging in alcohol is killing them. Or it could be about how they are just allowing themselves to wallow away in self-pity. Whatever forms the delusions take, they are all caused by Pisces unwillingness to face reality. Pisces prefer to float in a pleasant existence that avoids encounters with the harsh ugliness of life. So, they create delusions where everything is pleasant. Often it’s harmless and it simply makes Pisces easy to live with. Other times, it can slowly eat away at relationships or lead to self-destruction. Fortunately, Pisces people usually know when they’ve reach the limit and they need to snap out it before someone gets hurt. They have the ability to see things clearly when they choose to do it.

Good Catch

Good Catch
Ship: Baseball!Jimin | Mascot!Reader
Description: Jimin had a crush on you, the team mascot, for as long as you started working with him, though he was always too shy to confess to you. But maybe the tedious kiss cams can help this batter make a good catch for a change.
Warning: Fluff, Intercourse, Blowjob, Oral, Pretty Fucking Tame Compared to my Other Sin Works
Word Count: 5,229
A/N: OK, so I’ve been dying for Jimin to be in a baseball uniform, and just… what’s cuter than a Baseball player and a Mascot? I wanted something fluffy instead of just straight up sin but I hope you enjoyed the change of this compared to others! I found it sweet.

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Yuri is having a miserable night?

Shower thought: So I was thinking about how in the leaked bonus manga Yuri says he is having a miserable night. At first you would think: “What, why? My boy, you just won gold!” Then it dawned on me that Yuri did not look happy at all standing on that podium with a gold medal around his neck. 

The first panel directly mentions something about “the tears that fall after the free skate, are they from weakness or strength?”. And you have the knowledge that Yuri completely wants to change his exhibition program.

My thought is that Yuri is having such a bad night because he is disappointed in himself. Not only did he fall during his Free Skate, he actually broke down and cried in public once it was over. Given his personality, I think he feels humiliated and embarrassed he did that, because he sees this as a sign of weakness. And the last thing our Ice Tiger wants to be seen as is a fragile, teary ballerina.

That’s why he wants to change his exhibition program into this edge lord glory fest. He was counting on Otabek (the one person he knows to describe him as something strong and masculine for a change) to stick around to possibly vent to or distract him, but then that bastard has to go and be a cool DJ at some club. Of course then Yuri, being the awkward kid not used to having friends, gets clingy towards this one friend he has made. It’s like he has seen in movies that ‘friends are supposed to be there for each other’ and gets even more disappointed for being left behind by someone. Again. (I’m looking at you Victor. Also possibly Yuri’s parents?) 

So of course he deals with this the best way he knows how: Following Otabek to the club, despite being told not to, and guilt tripping the guy into helping him with his program. This would obviously mirror his behavior towards Victor: following him to Hasetsu and demanding him to help him with his short program.

It seems that Otabek got more than what he bargained for when he signed up for this friendship. :’)

#RomanceGate - A Survival Guide

Okay, so I know a lot of people in the Reylo fandom are hurting right now. I have closed my ask box because I was only getting the same questions over and over again, and I felt it a better use of everyone’s time for me to just put together one big post covering what I reckon are people’s main questions.

1. What actually happened?

This was published in a web-only article on Vanity Fair:


A big, central-to-the-plot romance. For all the fan-fiction fantasies of “Reylo” (an imagined union of Daisy Ridley’s Rey and Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren) or “Stormpilot” (the same, for John Boyega’s ex-stormtrooper Finn and Oscar Isaac’s pilot Poe Dameron), Johnson says that The Last Jedi offers “no one-to-one equivalent of the Han-to-Leia, burning, unrequited love. In our story, that’s not a centerpiece.”

And, on cue, all hell broke loose.

2. Oh my God! Does this mean Reylo is dead?!

It means we’re not going to see a full-on romance between Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. It doesn’t, however, mean that we’ve been seeing things or that Rey and Kylo aren’t important to each other’s stories. We have lots of good reasons (in TFA and in external stuff like the Databank) to believe that they are. There’s still a fascinating and compelling dynamic there, and we know that The Last Jedi is going to explore that in more depth. The Vanity Fair quote just means that the dynamic won’t be blooming into a passionate love affair in Rian’s movie.

3. So there’s no romance whatsoever in The Last Jedi?

We don’t know. Rian’s quote simply says that there’s no analogue to Han and Leia’s central love affair, but that doesn’t mean there’s no romance at all. It’s perfectly possible that they will subtlety allude to attraction and tension between Rey and Kylo without that developing into a full-on romance. But again, don’t take that as a promise - it’s a possibility, not an inevitability. 

4. So, does that mean we should pin all our hopes on Episode IX?

I don’t think we should pin our hopes on anything. The best way to enjoy these films is going to be to try and go in with as few expectations as possible, and take them on their own terms. There is, of course, a chance of Reylo becoming romantic in Episode IX, but I would advise against counting on that or believing it’s inevitable. We can’t think that far ahead without seeing The Last Jedi first.

5. What happens to the Reylo fandom?

It should 100% continue. Period. I want to see it flourish and thrive. I want to see people write their stories and create their fanart. I want people to discuss the characters at considerable length and be excited about seeing them again in The Last Jedi. And I really don’t think this news should affect how we engage with fandom at all. I do think it should make us moderate our expectations for what we’ll see in the films, but we absolutely should not let it kill our enjoyment of the characters and their dynamic. 

6. How do you feel about this?

Personally, I’m mostly annoyed because of the response that this news will inspire - it will unleash an onslaught of antis in the Reylo tag, gloating on fanboy enclaves, and outpourings of despair from shippers. All of these reactions are inevitable, and in the case of shippers’ feelings I totally understand the sadness and disappointment. I empathise, because I feel those things too. I’m the first person to admit that I let my imagination run away with me and set my hopes/expectations too high when it comes to Reylo, so the Vanity Fair quote came as something of a reality check for me. I’m a little sad, but I have absolutely no intention of quitting Star Wars or quitting Reylo fandom. I love Star Wars, and the Reylo fandom has been a cornerstone of my experience of it. I love what we create as a community, and my main concern right now is that we remain resilient and continue doing what we do best. Block antis and haters without prejudice. Try to be realistic, but still be enthusiastic and excited about seeing your faves on screen again come December. Most of all, remember that fandom should be fun - focus on the things that you enjoy about Star Wars and Reylo, keep on creating, and remain strong as a community. I’m not going anywhere, and I’m still just as excited for The Last Jedi as I ever was. Bring it on.

Ok but consider this

Marinette confesses her feelings to Adrien, and of course, shoots her down. Because, y'know, Ladybug.

Then Adrien (as Chat) checks in with his friend in hopes of preventing her from being akumatized, attempts to cheer her up. The two get along extremely well, and enjoy each other’s company, thus sparking an uncanny friendship between the two where everybody wins; Mari gets to know Chat outside of work, and Adrien gets to know what Marinette is like when she’s not a bumbling mess!

Now Chat just drops by periodically every other evening to hang out and spend time with Mari, and eventually Marinette accidentally catches Feelings™ for Chat, (and Chat likewise, but he feels super guilty and conflicted about it) and eventually she confesses her feeling to Chat, and of course in a fluster of confusion, Chat turns her down, because, y'know, Ladybug

Chat tries to make her feel better by saying “it’s not you it’s me” and begs her not to get too upset or akumatized, and Mari, being the type of girl she is, pushes her feelings down and agrees, and they split off for the night.

…But, because of Mari’s own insecurities; internalizing everything, and feeling like she’s not good enough, ofc she gets akumatized.

Heartbroken, upset, with no one to blame but herself, she undergoes the role of Madame Misfortune….

And all hell breaks loose.

Headcanons about the Inquisition Members: cooking during a mission

Cassandra: she can’t properly cook a whole meal, but she can roast meat without charring it, and she’s not bad in cutting the vegetables. She has no patient in dosing the ingredients, but she rarely goes wrong. Divine Justinia tought her how to bake. She’s not the greatest baker, but she’s happy when she does it, because the scent of bread remind her her old friend. She also likes making simple sandwiches, mostly with ham and cheese. She counts it as “cooking”. 

Dorian: he has never had to cook before the Inquisition, and he is not very interested in it. But, when they’re outside Skyhold and it’s his turn to feed the companions, he can improvise tasty soups, thanks a little book he has found in the Hinterlands. He doesn’t want to poison them, after all. He likes improvising, however, adding herbs and fresh vegetables, if possible. He toasts the bread too, keeping it warm thanks his magic. Of course, he makes sure to chose the proper wine for every soup.

The Iron Bull: he can cook well, especially meat, but he has a preference for fish. He knows a lot of  types and how to cook them in the best way. He has a thing for spicy food, but knowing that not all his companions share this, he just let the spices’ container where everybody can serve themselves. When he cooks, he’s so quiet and focused that the others are surprised, seeing him tasting carefully little bites of the dish, humming a wordless song.

Solas: he cooks only if no one else offers to do it. He doesn’t seem enjoying it particularly, but he’s always ready to share advices and tales about how he learnt this or that recipe. He puts the food in the plates mixing colors in a very pleasant way, artistic also in this, and even if he just nods politely, seems very pleased when someone asks for a second portion. Even if he doesn’t like tea, he knows how to make different types of it, which can help the others to sleep or soothe the pain after a battle.

Varric: he does know tons of recipes. But cooking is not only about reading instructions. He is amused by his own inhability to cook something decent beside sandwiches and broth. He can’t roast properly the meat, it’s too hard outside and almost raw inside, let alone the fish. He cooks very basic meals, chopping vegetables and giving his friends dried meat, a thing he always makes sure is fully stocked in their camps.

Blackwall: he’s the king of the stew. He loves cooking for the others, chatting with them while the meat is smoking and the special sauce is boiling. He has a thing for sauces and knows quite a lot of recipes. He can cook something tasty even if he has just a handful of ingredients, and he cooks enough to have a second round for everybody. His food is always strong and the portions almost too big.

Cole: he asks to learn how to cook, but it’s difficult for his friends because the young spirit always talks too much with the meal, not paying a great attention to his teachers. He likes helping the others, however, bringing them what they need even before they can realize it. Often, he personalizes what they cook, adding something sweet here, something spicy there, as he knows it makes them happy. If they have a rough mission, he appears with a basket of little pastries. Nobody knows where he picks them, but they’re happy he does.

Sera: she bakes cookies, of course, and they’re not so bad when she focuses enough to avoid to swap sugar with salt. When she has to cook, she grumbles and huffs, throwing ingredients in a pot, the flames too high. Sometimes she burns the meal, other times she just makes toasted bread and butter, with a little honey on it. She prefers hunting the dinner than cooking it.

Vivienne: for her, the necessity of cooking is a novelty, and although she’s not particularly happy about this, she applies strongly to be able to do it at her best. She learns how to make some vegetables soups and how to cook properly meat and fish. She’s not the greatest cook, but the food is always good, even if a bit too light. She uses her magic to keep the hot beverages pleasently warm, when they’re in cold places, whipping personally some cream in them.


Scout Harding: she doesn’t like cooking, not at all, but she never complains. Her mother taught her how to bake and made a decent meal with simple ingredients, and Harding’s roasted ram is pretty famous. Eating mostly dried food, she makes sure to have fresh fruit and vegetables for her and her team at least twice a week  . She always has a couple of raisins biscuits in her satchel. They taste like home.

Cullen: the only time he goes with them on a mission, they tease him about cooking. He surprises them all, making an excellent omelette, with cheese and fresh herbs, and using the leftovers of a previous meal to cook a savory stew. He blushes, explaining Templars taught him, when he was a recruit, and he still remembers some tricks from his mother.

Knight - Captain Rylen: even if he’s an official, Rylen does his part, but his food is basically half - burnt bread or boiled eggs. He once cooks a special soup from Starkhaven, adding enough garlic to scare a demon with his breath. When the Inquisitor senDs proper cooks, it’s a happy day in the Western Approach.

[TRANS] Kai will be starring in a Japanese drama called "Spring Has Arrived"

⇢ “Spring Has Arrived” information

The drama is a remake from an original short story by Kuniko Mukuda, the best Japanese screenwriter. As the writer of this story, Kuniko Mukoda’s works have affected people beyond times and border. They want this lead role to be able to - deliver that emotions, impress watchers beyond words and feel cultural differences. “Spring Has Arrived” is a ‘family’ drama in which the existence of a man changes a family. The role played by Kai is a special role in which his existence in the family is like a spring that will changed the family like a surrounding typhoon. 

The producer of ‘Spring Has Arrived’ says he wanted the character to move people’s hearts without any regards to language and cultural differences, that’s why he offered Kai this role since the producer could not think of anyone else because of Kai’s sensibility, sincere attitude and charisma.

⇢ "Spring Has Arrived” original story line

Naoko is a 31 year old single sales clerk who works in a departmental store in the underclothes section. She is nothing special and constantly lies about her family to people around her. In reality, she lives with parents who works part-time and a sister who is a hikkomori (person who avoids social contact). 

One day, she meets a Korean photographer named Lee Ji Won (Kai) and goes on a date with him. However, he ends up having to take her home because her leg got stuck in the taxi door after their date. Because he ends up taking her home, he meets her family. Naoko thought Ji Won would walk away when he found out how she lied about her family, but instead, he becomes close to her family and even goes on a family trip together later on. From that day on, Naoko and her family drastically changes (in a good way of course).

Later on, Naoko’s mother talks about a possible marriage between the two, but unfortunately, they decide that they were not meant for each other and mutually broke up and go their separate ways. They later meet each other on the streets by accident and happily greet each other. 

⇢ Q&A with Kai

Q: please let us know how you feel about you first Japanese drama experience.

KAI: I was excited and happy to shoot my first Japanese drama. (Unclear sentence) I would like to do my best and deliver good work to all my fans. And I think I can make lots of new friends with Japanese actors and staff.

Q: What are you looking forward to most while shooting in Japan?

KAI: it is my first time shooting in Japan so it will be different than shooting in Korea. It will be my first time staying in Japan so I look forward to experiencing different cultures and food in Japan and making nice memories with everyone in Japan.

Q: Please give a message for your Japanese fans.

KAI: hello it’s EXO’s Kai. I mainly saw you in concerts in Japan, but this time I can meet you through a drama. It’s special to me (?) though I still lack I will work hard and enjoy my shooting in Japan and deliver good work to everyone. Everyone, please look forward to “Spring has Arrived” thank you very much.

translation credit: kimkwon889496, kaaiikim, kimjoninis


If you haven’t realised, I’m obsessed over Iwaoi and in particular, Iwaizumi Hajime. It’s no wonder I procrastinate about them in my math class and in the process came up with way too many headcanons. So this post in particular is about Iwaoi as parents and a married couple on a whole. Be prepared for just the two of them being the best and possibly most embarrassing dads, this may be long but I really had to share it with you other Iwaoi hoes.


  • Iwa will probably be the type of dad that will be so fucking afraid of hurting his baby and will say most likely stuff like “But i don’t want to hurt him/her.” Because you know MOTHERFUCKING MUSCLES. But of course, in reality he is too horribly gentle for someone who has a rather aggressive way of expressing his concern.
  • He will just be in constant awe, always marveling at the baby because he made that little fucker and in his heart he is just screaming “I made this beautiful thing, he’s/she’s a little version of me. I’ll protect him/her with my life.” He’ll wake up every five minutes to check on the kid at night, and when the kid even when the kid gets older and starts having nightmares he’ll let them sleep together with him no matter what the age. [Either that he goes into their room to “protect” them from the monsters and chase it away.]
  • He definitely is the one who takes time away from work to take care of the children if they are ever sick because he is just the BEST FUCKING DAD. He’ll make them some weird stew he learned online and probably pamper them with their favourite movies, shows.
  • Also when he tries to be firm or the least bit strict, he can never scold the kid because he’s probably afraid the kid will cry. In some cases where he does make his kid/kids cry, he’ll definitely apologise.
  • Iwa is the one who cooks for the kids, no one can convince me otherwise. He’ll make pancakes, scrambled eggs, weirdly coloured but extremely good cupcakes and even milkshakes of sorts. Though he used to be athlete himself, he is a huge softie and will treat his children to ice-cream if they do well in a test etc. He says stuff like “That’s my baby girl.” Or “That’s my boy.”. Never forgetting to give them presents as well. [I swear Iwaizumi is the type to give in to the child when they want something because FUCK ME UP THIS MAN IS A ANGEL AND A BLESSING and will 11/10 be the greatest dad.]
  • Do not tell me Iwa doesn’t tie his daughter’s hair or tells his son that it’s okay to cry. He’s never believed in gender roles so teaches the kids it’s okay for a them to like stuff that others deem only acceptable in one specific gender. His daughter ends up liking volleyball and aliens like Oikawa, and their son probably likes bug-catching and makeup.
  • ALSO, he showers them with raspberries to their tummies, does all sort of weird crafts with them to surprise Papa Oikawa when he comes home. MOST IMPORTANTLY, mini headcanon that their kids makes him flower crowns and he wears them and plays dress up with them and just roleplays with them and just fucking becomes the best dad. And when he puts the kid to bed even though he might be tired as fuck from work or just taking care of them, he will still read them bed time stories and give them goodnight kisses and help them check the closet for monsters.
  • If he and Oikawa ever get in a fight, he somehow always apologises to them. And when they ask if he is okay, he tells them yes but the children are mature enough to know he’s not. He would sleep out on the couch or in one of their rooms. Thankfully, their fights don’t last very long and they would know their parents have made up if they find weird pink stuff on Papa Iwa’s neck or if they start kissing again. [They find out later from their good ol’ uncles Makki and Mattsun that those were called hickies.]
  • They have makeup sex. [Don’t fight me on this, I will fight you instead. I know this was supposed to be fluff and family friendly. But two things, this is Iwaoi we’re talking about here, and really? What more do you expect from a girl who procrastinates  about her OTP dying or fucking 24/7.]
  • Oikawa on the other hand is a little more strict. I don’t why, but maybe it’s to contrast with his husband’s big softie side.
  •  He buys their clothes. Don’t even question this. From snazzy bejewelled jumpers with sequins to the most ludicrous of fashion choices, you name it. Oddly, his kids like it, but maybe not so much when they get older. Iwaizumi on the other hand is just like, “Do you want our kid to get bullied.” Or, “If they grow up with your horrible fashion choices I’m divorcing you.” [ He doesn’t mean it of course.
  • Oikawa is the subject of the kids, and his husband’s pranks. Once, [Maybe not.] they definitely replaced his shampoo with dish-soap, poured flour into his hairdryer, drew dicks on his face when he was asleep, and maybe added salt instead of sugar to his coffee. Iwa is sure to record all this somehow and send them to Makki and Mattsun who also has kids of their own. He gets back at Iwa for all of that in bed ;)
  • Iwa dries the kids off after Dada Oikawa gives them a bubble bath, after that, he helps them pick out their sleeping clothes.
  • Oikawa organises all the family vacations, holidays, outings. He makes sure to bring them to places he knows they would have most fun at.
  • He is the embarrassing dad, what do you expect. Don’t tell me this tall little shit didn’t crash his kid’s birthday party with a photo album of all their awkward or embarrassing moments. Also, he says no liquor but when one of them asked, “What’s the best way to look good?” And though they expected some sort of weird beauty regimen, he deadpanned and said, “Chug down alcohol like you life depends on it so you get so drunk you forgot you look bad.” Iwaizumi headbutted him after that and told them clearly not to listen to his advice at all.
  • Both Iwa and Oikawa call their kids cute and sweet stuff like, “Baby girl”, “Little princess”, “Honey”, “Buddy”, “Bud” or really weird and funny ones like “Nugget”, “Badger”, “Toddler-who-ate-my-milkbread”, “Proof of Aliens’ existence”. And maybe once, Oikawa may have accidentally called their kid little motherfucker when Iwa wasn’t at home [In an endearing way.] and the kid just kept repeating it until Papa Iwa does come home and dropkicks the brunette’s ass.
  • Oikawa has a rule of no coming into his and Iwa’s room after 8 unless it’s urgent because he has a lot of pent up energy and needs to burn it somehow. [*cough*]
  • So even though Iwa can be mentally drained after work, he will wait for Oikawa to come home. [Or the other way around] And when they do, the respective other will thank them in their own way. Iwa is a cuddle person while Oikawa tries to get some GOOD-ASS fucking. Iwa always makes a measly attempt to stop him and says it will disturb their kids but they always end up fucking anyway so this is why they have to be extremely quiet and nothing, I mean nothing, turns Oikawa more on than Iwaizumi struggling to keep in his moans, and because he can’t fucking keep in his moans he very seductively bites onto his shirt while Oikawa fucks him good. Too fucking good.
  • One night they were a little loud and one of their kids heard and were like, “Papa, were you and Dada playing wrestling last night?” And while Oikawa is trying his best to convince them it’s the aliens whom have decided to visited but instead got into a fight, Iwaizumi is just like “fuck” and turns too fucking red their kids think he’s sick.
  • Also they did bareback once and as expected, Iwa had to go to the washroom too many times. This left their kids very confused and they started concluding that he was pregnant with another sibling. [They did not understand the difference between mothers and fathers yet.]
  • The kids sleep in their room on Fridays and they lay there on their really big bed and watch movies, have tickle fights, eat popcorn, tell them stories, roleplay [Not in a kinky way I swear.] Or even normal and fluffy family cuddling. The two kids sleep in the middle and the two dads each on one end, they usually take out extra blankets because Oikawa always hogs the blanket.
  • Iwa always wakes up the first to make breakfast for them, with not only exceptionally good execution, but lots of love as well :D
Every type's ''Bitch Slap''


In response to the ExFP’s laying the smackdown when they’ve been offended. Which I totally agree with. Whenever I disagree with my ESFP or ENFP friend on a issue that’s close to them, I get greeted with a prompt ’‘F*CK OFF!!’’ response…..nothing less. Tertiary Te is brutal.

It’s even worse with IxFPs. They have Dominant Fi and Inferior Te so the second you’re not on the same page as them, they might write you off forever without a second thought. 

Now that we have covered them however, I find that Tertiary Ti is even more brutal. Piss off an IxFJ and they will throw their Fe away and let Ti tell you exactly how they feel and when that happens, hell hath no fury like a scorn IxFJ. They will mouth off to you in ways you never imagined were possible. 

Luckily, IxTJs are much more forgiving. Through their Te, they understand emotional outbursts. i.e “I was way out of line and they corrected me”. That being said, mess with an IxTJ long enough and you are DONE! Ni/Si can only take so much abusive behavior before Fi takes over and calls it quits. And when that happens, you best believe you are in the garbage bin forever. Te is very confident that it can go on through life without you. 

Then there’s ExFJs. Dominant Fe of course is known to be an easily offended function and it is. But is it also a very forgiving function. However, cross an ExFJ and next thing you know, they are egging your house and deflating all your tires because Fe-Ni/Si has been betrayed, therefore lower Se/Ne-Ti cranks up and wants to punish you in the worst (albeit irrational) kinda way. 

ExTPs have Teritiary Fe. Though they won’t admit it, they love to be validated. Call them out on their BS and expect a whole world of hurt. Their rebuttal is bound to be very hurtful and spoken out of a place of truth (Ti). ExTPs love to think of themselves as very generous and for the most part, they actually are. So when this is not reciprocated to them, all hell breaks loose. Se and Ne knows how to make your life a living hell, so beware. 

That leaves us with ExTJs and IxTPs. They have “feeling” as their inferior function so of course they are the four types least likely to take anything personally, right? Think again. Immature ExTJs will become very self-righteous about your behavior, telling you the many ways as to how you are wrong. Meanwhile IxTPs willl probably throw tamper tantrums on how you are disrespecting them. While in most cases they are speaking out of inferior functions, you still should ask yourself if they’re not making a good point. They are Dominant thinkers after all, so respect their analysis. 

the best thing about s2 is that it’s that point in the arc where they each Know what they feel, and even though they don’t know for sure what the other feels, they see just enough if it to think it’s a little bit Possible, so all of their interactions are tinged with hope, just toeing the edge of flirting, as they try to feel each other out and slowly find their way together

Pink Suit


Y’all … the Today Show outfit ruined me. This one is a little different (don’t let the NSFW scare you, it’s no where near true smut) and I had fun with it. Let me know what you think!

You could feel the energy outside as soon as you took your spot near the stage – the fans around you were buzzing with excitement. Screams of “I love you” and “HARRY!!!” echoed in your ears as you watched him take the stage. He was trying to hide the smirk on his face as he came toward the mic, but he was too excited.

He’d been talking about this performance for days. Harry was an adrenaline junky and lived for performing. He’d come home, talking nonstop at late hours of the night, going on and on about how this and that happened – you knew that this was where he belonged. The break he took from the band was good, but it was even better now that his entrance back into the music world was exploding.

You couldn’t take your eyes off of him as he stood above everyone else – the pink of his suit glowing in the morning sun. It was a good color on him, bold even, but you would have expected nothing less from him.

It was a few nights ago that you’d helped him pick out this suit. There were many options, ranging from simple button-ups with his famous black Skinnies to full-on printed suits like the one he’d worn for SNL. Harry looked good in everything he put on, you thought, but he was still searching for the perfect one. 

“Love, what do you think?” he asked, coming around the corner from your closet. You were laying on the bed, scrolling through your phone while he changed. He stood, eyes focused on your reaction. He turned toward the full-length mirror, still waiting for your opinion, and pursed his lips in concentration. You could tell he adored the suit, but wanted a second thought.

It was something you loved about him; he was confident and sure, but was always humble enough to take others’ opinions into consideration.

“I think it looks incredible,” you started, “It’s so … you.”

He laughed, turning back to you, “Me?”

“Well, you know, you’re not scared of fashion,” you said nervously, “I didn’t mean it like it–,”

He laughed, interrupting your nervous chatter, “I know, m’just checkin’.”

Blushing, you smiled, “I really do like this one, babe.”

He met your smile and looked into your eyes for a quick moment, and then ducked in for a kiss. It would have been an innocent and sweet one, had he not held it out for more than a few seconds, but this was left on your lips with a trace of want. He’d of taken it farther had it not been for the new suit he was sporting. It took you by surprise, and by the time your brain registered what was happening, it was gone and he was walking off to change back into comfortable clothes. He walked away too quickly to be sure, but you could have sworn he was smirking on his way back to the closet.

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Tips to SLAY your AP History Essays

When I was in class, my teacher gave us a couple of lists of tips. Here are the ones that I found useful:
1. Take a position and STICK TO IT.

Remember that you need to argue a point in your essay. Nothing is neutral, EVER. It’s fine to note what the opposite argument to the point you’re making might be. However, only do this is you are confident that the way you combat this argument will strengthen your stance.

2. Make your references as specific as possible, but make sure they’re factual.

Facts strengthen essays. It shows you know what you’re talking about! However, if you’re not sure about a piece of information in terms of accuracy, leave it out. Don’t harm your credibility.

3. Answer the ENTRIE question in your thesis.

The best way I did this was to underline each part of the question, number each part, then cross that number off once I had successfully addressed in my thesis. Then, of course, you just need to facts and analysis to back it up.

4. Use past tense and third person consistently.
History has happened, it’s done. Keeping a clear tense will make your essay cleaner. Same situation with using ONLY third person. For as much as your opinion matters in a DBQ, no using “I” to talk about your opinion, nor using “you” to appeal to your reader. You need to do that through third person only.

5. For DBQ’s, use the rule of “Three groups of three”
You are required to show your argument from three different points of PERSIA. Let’s say, worst case scenario, you fail to analyze one of your documents correctly. If you only have two documents in a group, and one is wrong, you’re left with one correct document, and one is not a group. You have then lost major points on your essay. However, if you have three documents in a group, and one is wrong, you still are safe with a group of two!

6. Know how to answer the prompt.
I present to you the great page of instruction definitions! Refer to this when you’re not sure how to answer what your prompt is asking of you 

 **Note “SPRITE” is just another version of PERSIA