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strangers. | (M)

Don’t talk to strangers. You might fall in love.

Words: 5K

Genre: CEO!Jimin, Dom!Jimin, Smut, Fluff, Hints BDSM.

A/N: Surprise~! Happy Birthday Jiminnie (and happy belated birthday to @jiminniemouse! I hope you like your extremely late birthday present!)  I know this is a day late but this is my first smut ever and I spent a large amount of time cleansing my soul while writing this. I would like to thank @amazon-bookworm all the hours she spent drilling the do’s and dont’s of smut I literally wouldn’t have been able to write this without you!. I would also like to thank @creamsicklesz for editing this and surviving my horrible sentence structure and grammatical errors. Thank you also to @ihearteyesmilesss, @jungee, @we-go-hard-in-the-coffeehouse, @ktaehyngs, and of course the lovely birthday girl @dailydoseofdia for motivating my to write this! Please have mercy on my smut writing abilities this is my first time (/).(\) 

Reminder: all the writing from @chokemejimin is being moved to @the95liner

Okay no more delays, enjoy! 

The first day I saw him, I was running late. As I ran through the train doors just as they were about to close, he was perched comfortable against the opposite closed door. I leaned against the walls of the train compartment, my breathing embarrassingly heavy. His eyes briefly left the book in his hand and flashed towards me, the disruptor of a perfectly silent train during his early morning commute. His gaze lingered on my face for few seconds, making my cheeks heat up, before he turned back to his book.

As I steadied my breathing, I took the chance to gaze at the man. Needless to stay, he was handsome. No, not handsome, beautiful. A dark grey suit hugged his frame paired with a simple black shirt and a silky black tie. His grey hair combed away from his face with just a few strands falling on his forehead. His eyes were downcasted, trailing on his book. 

His tongue darted out habitually licking his lips; he sensually pulled his lower lip in between his teeth. Suddenly, his gaze flashed towards me, the darkness his of irises boring into me. His appearance might be that of an angel, but his gaze was purely sin.

I calmly looked away from him and gazed out the window. Maybe if I hadn’t looked away, I would’ve noticed the beautiful smile his lips had curved into. Maybe if I hadn’t looked away I would’ve noticed his silent glances. Maybe if I hadn’t looked away I would’ve noticed that he hadn’t turned a single page in his novel since I had gotten on the train.

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Sheith Fic Rec

I figured that I wanted to contribute to the fandom in some way and I read a lot of fics, so why not make a rec list? I included the summary for each fic, plus some commentary from me in italics. I hope the authors don’t mind that I linked them, at least the ones I know of. Thank you so much for contributing to this wonderful ship, it wouldn’t be as great as it is now without you. Feel free to talk to me about sheith anytime, I’d love to make more friends.

One-Shots (Canon-verse)

the whole town’s sleeping by astrainclinant (T) 18k 

Of inevitability and stars.

Alternatively, how Keith and Shiro come together.

Basically what I’d consider a classic Sheith fic, and a must read for any Sheith fan. I will never have the words to describe how I feel when I read this.

the fear of falling by amillionsmiles/ @amillionsmiles (G) 4k

Keith can pull off a downward spiral. It’s the kind of maneuver he does in his sleep.

Keith character study, with implied Sheith. Different attempt at Keith’s backstory.

 ‘til you set fire to my atmosphere by amillionsmiles/ @amillionsmiles (T) 2k 

And it’s like the first punch Keith ever landed on him: quick and glancing, right at the ribs, out of left field and yet simultaneously a long time coming.

Pining Shiro, because Pining Shiro is everything.

the body remembers (what the mind forgets) by ShirosRedKnight (SweetFanfics)/ @shirosredknight (E) 10k

Shiro’s fingers slide up to touch his skin, warm points of contact that make Keith shiver. “It’s just a year,“ Shiro reassures him quietly, "I’ll be back before you know it. It’ll be like the time you were studying to come here.”

His lips twitch up, trying to be supportive but it’s hard. Keith knows its the right thing to do, to be happy for Shiro. But it’s hard when he’s imagining a space without Shiro in it. Loneliness is already creeping up his torso, curling around his heart and lungs and choking the happy pride he feels for Shiro.

He already misses Shiro so terribly.

tldr: Keith and Shiro were together pre-canon but then Shiro went on his mission and came back with no memories of his time with Keith. How does one even begin to deal with the love of your life forgetting you?

That Shiro forgetting Keith and their relationship AU we all need. The feelings in this were A+.

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Cole’s interview for Boys by Girls Magazine, part 2

(part 1)
Sorry for every mistake and typo! 

Where are you at now?

I’m still very much figuring it out. I think ‘Riverdale’ is still a liminal space for me. I never assumed I would go back to entertainment, and I didn’t think I’d be doing TV if I did, but it’s a Golden age for television right now. I mean, if Anthony Hopkins is on a TV show, you know you’re in the right place. My brother and I had played it smart enough throughout our college careers with our finances, that we were in a place where the reason for us to be acting wouldn’t be money. That we could be the patrons of our own agency and curate a collectin that we wanted to see, and I’m still figuring out how I can do that and still be a working actor. I think the greatest dilemma for any artist is between commercialism and passion artistry. In saying that, to be an actor means to be a working actor - and to be a working actor often means not being in full control of the narratives you fit into. Although it’t different for me now, because I’ve gone through college, and backed up my understanding of acting and entertainment wish a wide dialogue of other disciplines. I can approach this form now through a much different lens.

I think people have an understanding of my brother and I now that we have it all figured out. I get asked a lot about 'Riverdale’ and whether I helped the other young actors on the show get through this and that. I couldn’t imagine me going around and being like, “Hey listen to me, I’ve done this before, okay. Trust me.” The truth is - it’s brand new. Every new project is an experience that I haven’t lived before, this character is very different from the last one, and this experience is different than the previous. The industry has changed dramatically during the five years I was away, so to think that I can bring any realm of experience into this brand new game…

How do you go from arrogant little Cole to an empathetic artist? It seems like two different worlds to me. How do you get from one to the other? Is that just from within or were there circumstances around you that triggered that as well?

The circumstances of the arrogance were that my brother and I were the primary bread earners in our family. We were running a ship, completely inexperienced, and as children we were unqualified for the role. I think the shame in recognising how much the industry had shaped that arrogance and how close I was to a stereotypical and cliched narrative of a young actor - along with a desire for uniqueness, that’s not only bred within US society, but certainly encouraged amongst identical twins - the more I dissolved myself into these cliches of young male stardom, the more I felt ashamed of them. I realised it wasn’t an accurate reflection of myself. It was also so expected. I went to university and had the ability to understand why I was acting the way I was. My brother and I took a step away and saw both edges of the sword of young success and considered the aspects of it that we liked and disliked - it gave us an ability to feel proud of certain parts, while ashamed of others. We desired certain aspects of the industry again, and I know I wanted to serve as a good role model. I had interpreted the pursuit of education as one of those areas that were so unexpected of young actors and also very respectable as a choice, that it seemed like the most logical next step for me. But I hated myself for a long, long time - probably from the age of 13 to 20.

That’s a long time. Why did you hate yourself?

I was really disappointed in my station, and part of arrogance is a disgust of self - I think part of child stardom is also a disgust of self. I hated myself, because I had an image of myself that was different from what everyone else thought. It’s the child stardom issue, which a lot of people lose themselves to. It’s the same thing my brother and I could have lost ourselves to, and that many of our peers deal with in complicated ways. When you’re so young and given even a modicum of success, you’re constantly being reassured of the longevity of it, so when you come to see its inherently fickle nature, you start to blame yourself tremendously. Mixed with your own self-identity and coming to terms with a version of yourself that’s different from that of the public, I think it’s a petri dish of self-loathing. What I was experiencing was in no way different than what my brother was experiencing or what any of the other kids I knew were experiencing, but we came out of it. We questioned it.

With the success of 'Riverdale’, how has this impacted you?

The fanaticism has changed. The nature of social media and the validation that comes from it has changed the way people interact with individuals who are sold as public commodities.

And also, social media now puts you back in power.

That’s been great, but the nature of fanaticism has in my experience been different. People are much quicker to grab, touch and expect. Perhaps this is because people are much ore exposed to me now as a human being and the work I’m doing through social media. When people come up to me they feel like they know me to a much greater degree, and it eliminates their caution in crossing a line with questioning or understanding what should in my opinion be a shared human experience regardless of profession. I have an enormous respect for my fans, because they’ve been there for me when I wasn’t working, and since I was a child - and for the greater part of my career, they’ve treated me with more respect, caring and understanding than I frankly believe I deserve. I think I understand, to a much greater degree, that this kind of fanaticism is something you really need to take good care of. The success of the show is wonderful and validating. Shamefully enough, it has been validating, because I’d like to say I’m more independent and I don’t do it for the feeling of validation. The truth is that when you leave a character with real humal emotion and people take to it and resonate with it, that’s a good feeling as an actor, because it means that it’s working. If people are asking how much of this is you, that’s when you know you’ve played your part right. I have appreciated the success so much, because I know what it was like when I wasn’t acting and I wasn’t receiving that kind of resonance - I know what it looks like without it and now I know what it looks like with it. I’ve always very much enjoyed acting when I’m actually playing the part and working, and I’ve always had a profound disagreement with the other aspects of the industry, which is the appearances and the keeping up of these sort of more fanciful, more masturbatory sides to the industry.

We talked about your joy of escaping into nature. Is this still important for you?

Yes, I call it escapism, and I think it affects every part of my life. My love of thrusting myself into a more reduced lanscape or social experience, was caused by me being paranoid about feeling watched as a child. I’m now starting to feel that again with a renewed kind of fervour, and for those reasons, something like meditation, a passion or something you can lose yourself to for a few moments, is really fundamental to ground yourself and stay present within the industry.

Do you meditate?

A little bit. I’d love to meditate more often. I think one of the keys to acting is your ability to stay present within that space for an extended period of time, and the nature of meditation is the construction of a presentness that becomes your currency as someone who is playing a role, so meditation is one of the greatest tools in the box when it comes to acting.

I can recommend a two-day silent retreat at a Buddhist monastery. I recently attended one for the first time.

Oh, awesome, that’s great. If I had some time here in Vancouver I would be doing that. Growing ip in the States we have a really complicated relationshp with silence, and silence is one of those things that I’ve had a very hard time with. It wasn’t until I had worked overseas in France that I had come to a definition of silence that wasn’t necessarily awkward. I was doing archaeology over there and we would have dinner in silence every night and simply be left to our own thoughts. As an actor, silence is a place where you can build the most character development and details, so as an actor it also becomes the currency.

This brings me to the next question, which is about noise. I think there is so much of it in today’s society. Talk to me about noise, Cole.

When I think of noise, I think of white noise - something that sometimes dissolves your rain of thought, which can be a dangerous thing. When we’re left alone to our devices and forced to think in silence, and we’re subjected to our own voice in blaring volumes - we learn the most about ourselves. I find myself turning to social media and noise when I don’t want to think. Whilst the meditation that can come from that noise can be good, we have to balance it with experiences in which we’re subjected to out own voice of thoughts. Again, it goes back to escapism for me. When I go into the woods or I sit in the prairie - it becomes a space that allows me to think. This really has been my therapy for years. Every time you dissolve yourself into a more serene landscape, you reflect in some small or great way, which is why I think it’s so important.

Since we last talked to you, your Instagram has more than doubled, giving you even more of a powerful voice.

Yes, but to be honest, social media is very illusionary to me. I use my Instagram as a gallery space, but I don’t take social media too seriously. For me, to get all heady about follower counts or use it as an accurate form of currency or validation of self is a slippery slope. I think only a small percentage of those people are actually engaging, listening and watching the content.

anonymous asked:

On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely do you think is the possibility of Sheith being canon? - Sincerely, a very distraught Sheith shipper who doesn't know whether she should trust the overwhelming staff support for Sheith as something more or just bait.

oh i think theres a good chance actually! i wouldnt believe that if not for 1 korrasami and 2 the staff already voicing that lgbt representation is something important to them that they’d like to add. sheith has a lot of backing from staff, both the writers and vas. and its nice to see that, even with some fans demanding that staff stop “withholding information” and outright writing callout posts about even the showrunner and episode directors for supporting shieth, that they haven’t stopped. there seems to be this general sentiment that the staff owes those kinds of fans something when?? its the writers’ story not theirs? and im glad they’ve made it clear that they aren’t willing to compromise decisions they’ve already made in the writing to suit what’s popular (see: “space mom” allura). 

so anyway: what’s done is done. and from what we have, i think season 2 basically establishes two potential love interests for keith: Shiro and allura. both are kinda unpopular with a lot of the fandom, but based on character interactions so far theyre the two that make the most sense to me. so anyway, i think that sheith has just as good a shot as kallura, which fans are already recognizing as something possibly romantic. There’s a bunch of parallels in their interactions i really like: 

  • shiro and allura are both represented as opposite sides of the scale in reaction to keith’s galra reveal. or, on a scale of allura to shiro, how well do you handle keith being galra after youve gotten close to him?
  • they both hug keith goodbye in this private moment to see him off before a dangerous mission. these scenes also both relate to keith being galra—shiro showing his support immediately after bom, and allura apologizing for her (quite understandable) reaction
  • both ships have an episode where they’re separated from the team and get a lot of one on one character development—see arc of traujeer  and across the universe/blade of marmora 
  • keith is the one who reassures both shiro and allura that the team needs them–who would open wormholes? and Nothing is gonna happen 

so anyway, in terms of which pairing i think is most likely, its either of those two, and id be happy with either ;;    but some other things shieth has going for it: 

  • its the ship i can most easily see being lgbt representation 
  • they already have an established backstory, one that we havent even explored yet, and we know whatever happened it was monumental enough that keith says shiro literally changed his life 
  • shiro is the person keith most desperately wants to see. out of everyone, lying there dying on the floor, the person he wants is shiro. whether you see it as platonic or romantic, its obvious that 1 keith loves him and 2 shiro is the most important person in his life. he doesnt even stay for his dad, but he does chase after the fake shiro
  • seems like theyre fated to keep getting separated and then reuniting, i dunno that seems pretty fairytale to me 
  • keith’s intro scene being his rescue of shiro. right when we first meet keith, we automatically associate him with shiro 
  • shiro wants keith to pilot black, and they already both share a mental link with her 
  • keith’s first and last lines right now are both “Shiro”
  • shiro seeing keith’s hallucinations in bom is, to me, the most deeply interpersonal, intimate scene in the entire series. its one thing to talk to another character about your feelings, but its another to be right there with them in their head. shiro saw a part of him that i dont think anyone else ever will 
  • i talked about this in my hug post a bit but while keith kinda represents this galra side of shiro (he’s the right arm of voltron and shiro’s right arm is also galra) it seems like shiro represents keith’s humanity. keith is humanized by his compassion and vulnerability with shiro. shiro is basically shown to be the one thing tying keith to earth–his family was gone, and he really had no other friends. he was lost without the garrison. after shiro was taken he had nothing left. he’s one of the only paladins who never expresses being homesick. Whatever good memories he had of earth, im guessing shiro was a big part of them. and shiro is the one there when keith finds out he’s galra, is the first one to reassure him. 
  • they mirror each other in a lot of their scenes 
  • seems to get a lot of staff support 

anyway i think it has a pretty fair shot, but that’s just my take on it. as for queer baiting in general, im already seeing people talk about that, but like…we’re 24 or so episodes into a 78 confirmed episode series. major ships aren’t gonna be cannon for a while now, so i think its best to wait a little and give some more time for relationships to develop. korrasami wasnt even a thing until the very end. and while i dont think that will be the case here, i think we just need to give it a little more time. id like to believe theyre sincere about lgbt representation, and would rather them take their time to develop it properly than get something just thrown together and feel like my identity was just reduced to a stereotype 

Victor has always been a fascinating character for me. And I’ve been thinking a lot about why I find his character so interesting. So in honor of @viktorweek (and specifically prompt 2 ‘Past’ and prompt 4 ‘Family/Friends’), here are some thoughts on my favorite romantic sadsack. 

Perhaps one reason I love Victor as a character is because when I started watching the show I expected something very different from what we got. In the first episode, we as the audience are introduced to Victor Nikiforov, top athlete and celebrity. This Victor is cool, calm, collected. This Victor throws a flirtatious wink at his fans and melts hearts worldwide. This Victor only smiles when he’s on the ice, receiving adulation for his prowess, and is quiet and contemplative in interviews and in his home.

And then of course, we meet the real Victor, the one who danced drunkenly with a stranger and then moved into his house after watching a fateful internet video. The real Victor is absolutely ridiculous. He’s a hedonist. He loves good food, good alcohol, and being comfortable. He lounges about in a loose robe and immediately buys a sofa to fit in his tiny guest room. He relaxes in a hot spring every night and waxes poetic about the beauty of the ocean. And he is unabashedly, overwhelmingly enthusiastic about his interests. He’s delighted by so many things, he loves to be a tourist and enjoy new sights and places. He revels in the drama of competition and approaches every challenge in as over-the-top manner as possible. He thinks about the people he knows in terms of grandiose metaphors and fairy tales.

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Thor and Loki in Ragnarok, A Rambling ‘Review’

This isn’t a review as much as it’s me rambling about Thor and Loki and their relationship in Ragnarok. If you’re anything like me then their interactions make up a huge part of your investment in these movies and, as such, I wanted to write this to give my perspective on Ragnarok.

I’ve tried to keep it relatively spoiler free but obviously I’m giving details about how the movie made me feel so if you choose to read this you’ll definitely get some clues about the direction things take.

Originally posted by rosshiddleston

I have to say…I’m so in awe of and in love with how the brothers’ relationship was handled in this movie.

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anonymous asked:

kylo killed his father in cold blood, how do you see him realistically making reparations for that in the film?

Well, I think you’re looking at a fictional story too literally if you believe these actions are one-to-one related to the real world. They are terrible - for SURE! Kylo Ren, as he is now, is a dumbass and a jerk. No arguments there. But those of us who like his character see a potential for masterful storytelling here. Obviously if this were the real world… I’d be terrified of someone like Kylo. But we are talking about a SPACE OPERA here… not your next-door neighbor.

I think one thing anti-Kylo people do is look at these stories through a real world lens… but that’ just bad story and character analysis. You’re not looking at his characterization as a DEVICE for the plot - and ultimately for the core morals and lessons involved in that overarching plot.

Fairy tales and particularly Star Wars are not tales about perfect people who make all the right choices. It’s about people making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes, to ultimately do the right thing IN THE END. It’s about the central messages and themes we take away from it all. Characters serve a specific purpose - to make us learn things and see things anew. You better bet Kylo has that purpose.

And of course, there is even precedent in the Star Wars universe teaches us that anyone can be saved. Just look at the actions of Darth Vader. His actions were at least - and not limited to -

-turning on the Jedi Order and becoming a literal Sith Lord

-killing dozens and dozens of children in cold blood (far more chilling than two old dudes if you ask me)

-accusing his pregnant wife of cheating with his best friend

-accusing his pregnant wife of being a traitor and committing treason

-Force choking his pregnant wife

-killing his pregnant wife

-trying to kill his best friend, who was his father figure

-mass genocide on a grand, galaxy-wide scale

-kidnapping and torturing his daughter

-killing his own father figure and former best friend - Obi-wan

-kidnapping and torturing his daughter’s boyfriend

-freezing his daughter’s boyfriend in carbonite

-kidnapping and cutting off his son’s hand

-trying to manipulate his son to join the Dark Side

-kidnapping his son and taking him to the most evil man to have ever lived in the galaxy - the Emperor

That’s not even everything but I’m tired already. Vader was busy y’all. Yet Vader was redeemed in the end - through the love of his son.

But beyond that, in the context of Star Wars, Kylo Ren’s actions are bad - but they’re not irredeemable bad. I’m not excusing anything he’s done, and I think his character HAS to suffer dearly for it. And I think he will, in many intimate and personal ways.

But, I gotta say, you’re looking at his action out of context. We have seen much more vicious, unrepenting characters in SW, and that Kylo is already showing guilt and shame is a pretty big tip off he’s headed for redemption. And, also, I think this action - being dramatic and horrific as it was - has to MEAN something, in the greater story. More than just, “KYLO IS EEEEEVIIIIL MWAHAHAHA!!!”

First, if you’re a Han Solo fan, you should want his death to mean something - and that’s was Harrison Ford wanted all along too.

But Han’s death is meaningless if he couldn’t actually save his son - like he went there to do. If Ben Solo doesn’t come back, Han died for nothing.

I think Ben Solo - for the sake of the story - had to kill his father to realize that Snoke is lying to him and manipulating him. JJ himself has confirmed that Kylo didn’t want to kill his father but thought he had to. We don’t know why that is yet… but, he thought it was the only way to further whatever cause (which we the audience have not entirely been made aware of yet - keep that in mind) he is trying to accomplish.

The thing is: JJ confirms it didn’t actually help him get further to the Dark Side. Can you imagine how that’s going to play out in his character?? How his trust with Snoke will be shaken? How his interactions with Rey will inform his character arc from here on out?

Why y’all think he failed his fight so poorly against Rey? You think he’s that bad of a Force user that he can lose to a total n00b?? Nah, he was grief-stricken and horrified at what he’d done - Adam’s excellent acting skills should tell that story, even without JJ’s commentary.

NOT SAYING that makes it ok - but in the CONTEXT of a fictional universe, showing your bad guy grief stricken over a terrible act he’s just committed is a huge sign he is not a big bad. It’s a huge sign he’s going to change.

Kylo realized he fucked up, and Snoke is a liar. Now, he will probably stay in denial for a little bit, but eventually he’ll have to come to terms with this. And I think he’s probably going to want to go after Snoke with a passionate vengence - and ultimately help Rey do that.

And that brings me to the next point. SPOILERS FOR AFTERMATH AND BLOODLINE BELOW.

We know from the Aftermath series that Ben Solo had been manipulated, groomed, and preyed upon by Snoke since he was a FETUS. Now, I want you to imagine that. A FETUS is being touched by the Dark Side IN THE WOMB from this terrible dark energy - which Leia confirms is Snoke in TFA. Again, Kylo is responsible for his decisions, but to say that he cannot learn and grow past a lifetime of abuse and manipulation, that he cannot escape that no matter what he tries to do if he learns his lesson… y’all that is some fucked up thinking, not gonna lie.

Finally, and this is the most important part:



We are led to believe he thinks what he is doing is ultimately RIGHT and GOOD.

Again - not excusing his behavior - but if we are to understand Ben Solo, I think we have to understand that he thinks his actions are necessary to save the galaxy. Something has happened to convince him that what he’s doing is the only way.

If you thought killing your father would save the galaxy… wouldn’t you do it? I’m sorry, but I probably would if I thought it would save BILLIONS OR TRILLIONS of people. I would hate myself - as Kylo Ren presumably does. But I would probably do it.

Remember, it’s a war, and even in the real world, family on opposite sides of war kill each other. It’s sad and tragic… but it is even a part of our world. There’s no excuse that can make up for what Kylo did… but I do hope it forces him to stop doing the wrong things and realize his way is NOT going to save people, like he may think he is doing.

And, not only that, but

Han himself knew the sacrifice he was potentially making.

As a father, he wanted to make that sacrifice, no matter the risks. I, for one, don’t want to see his sacrifice go in vain. I’d like to see it be Ben’s turning point back toward the light.

Also, we know from Bloodline that when the New Republic learned of  Leia and Luke being Vader’s children, they went after Leia. She even faced an assassination attempt and openly worries what could happen to Luke and Ben - that someone might go after them.

We don’t know what happened to turn Ben Solo to the Dark Side. We are all assuming he found out about Vader and went batshit crazy and killed a bunch of younglings a la Anakin 2.0.

But we don’t actually KNOW that. Wait for the story! Until we know everything, we are shooting in the dark to assassinate a character we know nothing about!

We also know Rian Johnson helped Claudia Gray write certain aspects of Bloodline - that he gave suggestions to plot points to help inform the audience in preparation for TLJ!

My speculation, based on what I read in Bloodline,  is that someone in the New Republic didn’t like that Vader’s son and grandson were playing around with the Force and targeted them - possibly trying to destroy anything and everything Jedi-related, including people.

A betrayal like this from the New Republic to Ben would be everything - it means his home, his family who lied to him for years, his justice system - ALL OF IT - cannot be trusted.

It would explain why Luke went into hiding, too. Luke is a pacifist who would rather walk away than confront an entire government. Even if the government as a whole didn’t do anything, it’s possible individuals in the New Republic would based on such shocking news. I imagine a significant amount of people would be terrified of Vader’s offspring and descendants furthering their legacy in the Force.

Regardless of speculation, we don’t know Ben Solo’s story yet. Wait for the story, see what happens. And, sure, if by the end of it, Kylo Ren is still running around with clenched fists and ramming his sword into every old man and console that comes along his path…

Sure, then we can say, “that guy is an irredeemable asshole!!!”

But, I for one, think they’re going to build a pretty epic story and the big “twist” for TLJ will be something that changes our opinion of Ben and his actions entirely - to the point that he will be redeemable and sympathetic.

The fact is, I think even most anti-Kylo people will be able to accept his character if he starts making good decisions and gets a well told back story. Let’s trust the almighty Lucasfilm gods to give us a great story that challenges our expectations and assumptions - which THEY ALWAYS do! And I also think Rey is going to be integral to that change and they will NEED each other to figure it all out.

Just Smile || Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

Word Count: 1.2k

Genre: Angst

“Just play for the cameras, Y/N.”

“Seriously Namjoon, why don’t we just tell them it’s over. It was a mutual breakup and we’re both going to be happy for each other.”

“The companies want us together, so until they give the word, we’re going to be together.”

“You have to be kidding me. How do you put up with this? This is the first time we’ve talked in months and you’re going to pretend like it was nothing.”

“There’s a lot I’d do to save my job and make sure that my group is successful, and if this is one of them, I am willing to sacrifice myself to make sure they get to continue performing.”

“And what about me? What about my career? How do I keep living like this?”

“Just smile like the rest of us.”

It was the work, the schedules. At least that’s what you told yourselves. You didn’t want to admit that there was a sense of obligation now, and that you could really care less about seeing each other anymore. You woke up everyday just to convince yourself that there was something about this that could still work. Something that the two of you were still fighting for.

He felt the same way, and even though he never said it directly, you could hear it in his voice when he hung up the phone late at night, or the way he pulled away from you when you arrived at the same award shows.

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Headcanon Post - Roman (Prince) and Dad (Morality) are Autistic

Probably going to receive hate for this. Whatever though.

I have recently became a Fander (or a fan of Thomas Sanders) and I love, love, love the Sander Sides! This post will focus on Roman (or Princey) and Dad (or Morality) and will be about them being autistic.

This is just my headcanon. Below the cut, I have listed traits of autism. Those in italics apply to Roman/Prince, those in bold apply to Dad/Morality and those in both apply to both. It’s based on both what I’ve analysed from videos and from my own personal headcanons.

(They said it was cool to tag ‘em so @incorrectprinxietyquotes! Lookie here!)

(And yes, I totally imagine Logan and Anx doing whatever they can to support them. Logan would totally learn as much as he can about autism and Anx would just get them all the weighted blankets and comfort items.)

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On the subject of Jellal’s arc

I’ve seen some Jellal commentary lately that’s kinda raised my eyebrows. There’s several points I want to make here and to avoid a tangental rant I’m going to address the biggest three issues I have.

  • Redemption. What does this mean in Fairy Tail as a manga and what does it mean for Jellal specifically?
  • Jellal vs. Siegrain. Is this a versus or are they both pieces of the same whole?
  • Moving forward. Where can Jellal go from here?

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Brett Dalton Opens Up On Grant Ward’s Agents of SHIELD Return

CBR: As far as you were concerned, once Hive was blown up in space, did that conclude your time on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?” Or did the producers indicate you could somehow be back for more?

Brett Dalton: As far as I knew, that was the end of my time on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” There’s always that open-door policy, but they’ve had that open-door policy for every one of our fallen agents — and it’s never quite come true. Deathlok, for instance. He never really died, but his storyline wasn’t picked up. The same with B.J. Britt; he died, and he was a fan favorite. There was always a hint of, “Well, you never know.” I’ve heard the line before, so I was like, “Sure, somewhere down the line. In comic books, no one ever really dies, but this may be something I am never going to see. Maybe in Season 5, I will be coming back.” So there was always a small hint, but I wasn’t sure it was actually going to play out.

When I got the call, it was very exciting news. However, I was working on my winter body and I didn’t know I had to don the jacket again. Honestly, scene one, day one, it was a shirtless scene. I had so many Christmas cookies, it was sheer panic. I basically starved myself and holed myself up in the gym for 10 days.

In terms of storytelling and Grant Ward, what does this Framework curveball allow the writers to explore?

At the end of the day, it’s their chance to hit the reset button on everyone’s storyline. It’s a cool opportunity to be part of it because I wasn’t ready to give up Grant Ward. Hive was OK. That was fun to get the chance to play another character within a network TV show, where I was already playing a character. It was a very cool opportunity for an actor. But, as a person and someone who also watches the show, I really liked Grant Ward’s storyline and wanted to see it continue.

What is so cool is, it’s like in the comic books where you have this alternate universe. It’s kind of Coulson, but it’s also not Coulson. He seems to be a teacher now and not affiliated with any spy organization. It’s kind of May – actually, it’s pretty close. She’s in a Hydra building instead of a S.H.I.E.L.D. building. Mack picking up a child’s bike – you see with all these people that they are those characters, but it’s a “What If” episode. It’s so cool because it’s a chance to explore all the fan theories and fan fiction. This is the place where all those things could be a possibility and for it to exist within the context of our show.

Paint a picture of the Framework and Hydra’s presence in it.

That speaks to a larger point about this new reality. Hydra won. We’re doing what that show “The Man in the High Castle” is doing. It’s an alternative history that affects the present and the future. It explores that idea of, Hydra won and it’s normal to see Hydra propaganda or Hydra-sponsored TV and news networks. It doesn’t have the stink on it anymore. For better or for worse, it’s kind of the norm.

One of Hydra’s posters hypes “Vigilance Against Inhumans. Safety for Humanity.” In what ways does Daisy/Skye’s super-human bloodline cause conflict with Ward in this reality?

It’s all a series of “who knows what and when?” That’s where the conflict really lies. You are right; the camera does zoom in on Skye and Ward seemingly in a happy relationship. But does Ward know her Inhuman status? Does Skye know her Inhuman status, because she’s waking up in this reality? Does that Skye, who woke up yesterday, know she is an Inhuman? All of those things are coming into play. That’s the real drama. As an organization, Hydra is against the Inhumans. Whether Ward knows – or is okay with it – these are all question marks. The answer to all of them is, “Maybe.”

Ward always gets into at least one major physical altercation per season. What can viewers expect to see in terms of action?

That is a good question. I will say this: I get to do something that I’ve been asking the producers to do for four years, and they finally gave it to me. You’ll get to see that when we come back in that first episode that brings us back into this world.

How many episodes are you slated for?

I’m in the Framework, so any, or every time they’re in the Framework, I’ll be there as well.

How much contact does Ward have with his other former teammates besides Daisy?

There’s a lot of interaction. What this does is, it’s a chance to interact in probably the most interesting ways. As I said, it’s kind of like hitting the reset button. I’ve shared scenes with people I would never have shared scenes with if Ward was still alive in the real world. It’s really cool. The other question is whether people in the Framework know they are in the Framework. It’s like we’re in the Matrix. Who has taken the red pill, and who has taken the blue pill? And knowing something doesn’t mean you believe it, either. That’s another interesting thing that plays out.

After being absent for the first half of Season 4, what’s it like returning to set and having the team back together?

It was fantastic. When they called me, it was like, “You had me at hello.” I love being on set, whatever particular story we are telling that week. I love the family we have there, and I think it translates. We have some rich chemistry that we get for free because of that. We still hang out. Here we are in the fourth season, hopefully, fingers crossed, a fifth season, and we’re all still super-good friends. We’re all really excited when we get to work together, and are still patting each other on the back. “That was great. That was the best take.” We’re still encouraging each other and keeping the ball in the air. And we’re a well-oiled machine at this point.

It’s great, too, because I’ve had a bit of a break. I’m coming in at this great time. In Season 1, 2 and 3, you would come back after a restful break and be like, “Oh, my God. We still have so much to shoot.” I got to come in with, “Hey guys. How are you doing?” It was this puppy energy. Hopefully, I injected a little energy into everything. It was just so fun to be back on set.

[source: CBR]

Alright I’m writing this post before I wimp out on this decision that I need to make. I’m going to try to explain with some thoughtful honesty about where I’m potentially going to be heading with my main blog. But because I have the habit of being… verbose… I’m putting my TL;DR at the top:

  1. I am opening my ask box even though I still have dozens of analysis prompts saved from before I closed the ask box. It’s because I’m tired of not chatting with people in this amazing fandom. I love interacting!
  2. I can no longer consistently analyze prompts. This means I cannot guarantee I will give a thorough analysis if I receive an analysis prompt. I will have to start giving answers like “I don’t know,” “I don’t remember,” or something based more on my gut than thorough research. If a topic really intrigues me, I might give a classic Haddock thorough response. But I can no longer guarantee long, consistent asks. I will, regardless, still respond to every ask I get!
  3. I am so thankful for the experiences I have had with the HTTYD fandom and I would not trade my time on tumblr with you guys for anything. Seriously, you’ve all been amazing. I never would have expected to have such journeys, find such laughter, or make such friends as I have with all of you. Here’s to more fun times to come!

So now… the long version… 

I do encourage people to read it.

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A fic about: Meeting Van McCann as a fan of Catfish, and telling him all the things he needs to know. 

The hotel had put a barricade around the entrance. Maybe it was because of how many people showed up to meet Catfish the night before, but maybe it was because there were a lot of bands staying there for the festival. Either way, it was clear the crowd that had formed were all there to meet Van and his band. Bob had come out first, and people were in love with his softness, and his unassuming joy whenever someone genuinely wanted to meet him. Everyone did genuinely want to meet him though; so he was all smiles. Next, a drunk Bondy fell through the door. Benji followed close by, holding him up for the entire time. People wanted to feel the red velvet shirt, and get Snapchat filtered selfies with Benji. Once they left, it was quiet. Minutes turned into two hours, and people left, sure Van wouldn’t make an appearance.

There were only a handful of people left standing when Larry popped his head out, then signalled at someone inside. Van strolled out and walked directly to you. You looked at him and everything you expected the moment to be crashed and burned in the wake of seeing him in person. You had anticipated crying and forgetting your own name; lost for words and shaky. However, as he looked at you and tilted his head to the side, you knew what you needed him to know.

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Kierarktina: An analysis

Because this keeps bothering me somehow, I decided to make a post about it, specifically about my 3 theories on how this love triangle could possibly turn out in the 3rd book. Spoilers for Lord of Shadows.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming review

Spider-Man has not had the best luck in the past ten years. First came Spider-Man 3, which is a messy, corny, but still watchable movie. Then came The Amazing Spider-Man, which was a bland reboot that had a few good points but wasn’t too impressive. Then that movie was followed up by easily one of the worst superhero films ever made, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a trainwreck of a film that repeated and enhanced every flaw of the third Raimi film. As you can guess, people were concerned Homecoming would fuck up, even though this was a joint effort between Sony and Marvel. Considering some of Sony’s recent films, it’s understandable one might be worried their shitty decisions might affect this movie, especially when they handled Spidey poorly three films in a row.

So how did they do? REALLY FUCKING WELL. This is, hands down, the best Spider-Man movie yet made; sorry Spider-Man 2, you’ve been dethroned, if only by a slim margin. This movie manages to do almost everything right in rebooting someone who has already been rebooted once, and though it does have some issues here and there, for the most part this is one of the most enjoyable and fun superhero films in a while.

The story concerns Peter and his obsessive desire to be seen as worthy to Tony Stark, so that he can achieve his dream of being an Avenger. Things get complicated since he has to juggle school and superheroics, and now he’s finding out that street thugs are getting powerful alien weapons somehow, this ‘somehow’ coming in the form of a group of former city contractors displaced by Stark’s Damage Control business lead by the disgruntled Adrian Toomes, or as comic fans may know him, the Vulture. The big question is: can Peter balance his superhero and school life, defeat Vulture, and impress Stark all at once? Or is this one challenge not even Spider-Man can handle?

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*Jumps back into Star Wars Feelings mode* OKAY, SO I WAS RANTING ON TWITTER, which is much of my life these days, about Finn in TFA, which is all I ever want to do really.

One thing that reeeeeally bugs me is the assumption from both Finn’s detractors and even a lot of fans that he has or needs a “redemption arc”. I absolutely don’t agree that either narratively or from an in-universe perspective that what Finn goes through in TFA counts as redemption, for the simple reason that Finn has nothing villainous to be redeemed from.

When we see Finn in his introduction, the first thing we learn about him- literally the absolute first thing- is that he is a stormtrooper who on his very first mission is unable to kill innocents. Not even just unwilling, but seemingly unable. His defining moment is that he is not like the other stormtroopers there, who he is contrasted with in a lot of ways- visually with the bloodied helment, in terms of his body language, in his actions, even in how the camera focuses on him and humanises him. So Finn’s story is not framed from the outset as one of “the bad stormtrooper has a change of heart and goes to redeem himself”. It is, instead, that Finn is ‘not like’ the other stormtroopers, who are killing without question.

The question asked of Finn isn’t so much “can you redeem yourself from being a stormtrooper?” but instead “if you can’t be a stormtrooper, what can you be?”. That’s not a redemptive narrative so much as it’s a flat-out heroic one. Finn has no deaths to atone for or terrible deeds haunting him so much as he has to deal with the consequences of immediately jumping ship and going off to be a good person. He is, from the outset, liked and trusted by Poe, not judged for his being a stormtrooper so much as praised for running off to escape them. Finn might gain a lot of bravery and willingness to act and fight over the course of TFA, but he doesn’t have to earn his basic moral stripes; they’re shown to us the audience very early on.

There’s not really any point where Finn isn’t shown to be a fundamentally decent, kind young man with a likeable personality and the ability to make strong emotional connections! He’s just a hero on his hero’s journey, really, with an interesting twist in that for a long time the stormtroopers were entirely faceless and dehumanised in the movies, and he injects a sense of real people into that image.

So: Finn is not, even in the sense of what happened in-universe before the events of TFA, any kind of “redeemed antagonist”. He’s the guy who was groomed to act as the antagonist who didn’t want to and escaped before he was made to fulfill that role.

This ties in a lot to how I see people treat his relationship (narratively, not in the sense of character interactions) with the role Kylo Ren plays in the film. They’re almost mirror opposites of each other if you squint hard enough, in that Finn escaped that antagonistic role despite being forced into it while Kylo Ren chose and continues to choose it despite an explicit “pull to the light” and it not coming “naturally” to him. Kylo Ren is, of course, the actual antagonist of the movie, and a villain besides; he fits both roles unambiguously. Like, I am all for many interpretations of media, but I firmly believe they need to be textually plausible, and I can see no textually plausible reading of Kylo Ren as anything but the antagonistic villain.

My point is, it kind of frustrates me when I see people try and support Finn’s arc and presence in TFA with the idea that “Finn is everything Kylo Ren is, but better!”, because it misrepresents and even sells Finn short, IMO. They have totally different roles in the narrative, totally different arcs, and Finn’s arc and characterization are more than able to stand on their own without that comparison being made. He doesn’t need to be shoehorned into that role to make him seem “better”, he just IS a perfectly great and engaging character.

Likewise, I also disagree with the idea that from a storytelling perspective there is anything about liking the idea of a Kylo Ren redemption arc that *inherently* shifts focus from Finn onto Kylo Ren, or that Finn’s arc can automatically hit the notes narratively that a Kylo Ren redemption would? Finn is a protagonist as well as a lead. He is by default a far more 'important’ lead than Kylo Ren, because he is an audience perspective character and, well, a good guy in films primarily about the power of the good guys to overcome. Because Kylo Ren occupies that totally distinct narrative space, rather than it being one shared by the two characters, it’s not a matter of allocating resources from Finn’s story towards Kylo Ren’s, it’s just… a totally different set of narrative resources altogether.

(That’s not to say this doesn’t happen in *fanon*, mind you. It does; I’ve seen Kylo Ren get used as basically an outrageously OOC replacement Finn a million times over in fic, it’s ridiculous. But it is not actually an inherent demand of the actual, honest to god canon of the movies themselves, IMO.)

Again, for me this argument is actually not about Kylo Ren so much as Finn, and not selling his story short. Assuming it’s impossible to have a Kylo Ren redemption story (and I’m thinking less what fanfic tends to indulge in and more like… RotJ style Vader stuff here, ftr) without shafting Finn basically ignores what Finn’s real role in the story is, IMO.

And I care about that A LOT AS YOU CAN SEE, did you know Finn is my fave, anyway the point is FINN IS AWESOME AND HEROIC AND I LOVE HIM!!! ok, thanks.