but in small group debates

Esoteric Research Group.

Hello everyone! I’m putting together a small group of dedicated witches for research and debates! We will be doing weekly research topics, where we will all do some research and then compile and analyse it so that we can make sure it’s factual and that we can all access it!

My hope is that we will get a medium size group of witches from all backgrounds, so that we can do larger and longer research topics in small groups! If you are interested please message me and let me know a bit of background about you!

A Message From @ZankieMoments

As we get closer to having Zach and Frankie re-enter the world I have something I want to put out to the Zankie fandom.

Please be careful sharing the @Zankiemoments twitter and YouTube account with them. I run both accounts, and a small group of fans and I collected the time stamps. We’ve been debating if they should be shared or not since early July when we started the project. When Zach was evicted we decided to start the twitter account. Then we started the YouTube account. And now it’s a full archiving project.

When I made the account I also made some very important decisions that I have stuck to: I NEVER hashtag Zach’s name; and I NEVER @ ranceypants or frankiejgrande or their families. Jill knows about the account. Drew follows it. Ariana, Joan and Zach have had other people include them in tweets, probably Frankie too (I’m not sure). But the account itself will not be actively trying to get their attention. And I sincerely ask the fan community to do the same. If Zach wants to see these videos I’m sure he will. I’m sure Frankie will actively seek them out as well. But forcing them on Zach and Frankie is just plain wrong.

The only exception might be that video of Derrick twisting Frankie. I really do want Zach to watch that one. But I feel even that is a selfish desire on my part.

Just as we all want to respect Zach’s sexuality we should also respect his wishes to find out, or not, about the videos. We don’t know if he is going to want to relive this summer or not. Please don’t force it on him. We may be watching them on TV, but they are real people with real emotions as we all know too well having watched them for months. If you love them as much as I know you do, please respect them.

Thank you. And thank you for all of the kindness you’ve shown in your tweets to the Zankiemoments account, you’re all fantastic, really.

move away from a feminism of scale

good things cannot exist at the level of movements

consciousness can be elevated but not individual health and safety

instead of debating different kinds of governments, study small group dynamics

because that’s the only thing you will ever get

there are no movements, only people and people who use the idea of movements like a weapon, like beating someone to death with a cast iron figurine of the moon