but in season one he was amazing okay


Okay, fine..this? I wasn’t mugged. Alright, I was trying to help Guardian and I… If he showed up two seconds later, I would have-


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

Why 6x05 is probably one of the best episodes

Okay, so I just watched Teen Wolf 6x05 AND HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AWESOME!

My thoughts and speculations: 

- supernatural can go through parrallel universe barriers, that’s awesome


- The radio talk between Scott, Lydia and Stiles. And it was so amazing because he didn’t say much, but he wanted, needed Lydia to remember what he said. (REMEMBER I LOVE YOU OMGGGGG) They talked to Stiles, they had conctact with him. This is the most progress we’ve made since season 6 aired. 

- No pack 2.0, thank you very much. I would scream if they wasted time on “How to catch a ghost rider for Dummies” But they didn’t, so yes!

- The wall scene though… I wonder if she felt his presence in some way, like his room, but what she didn’t know is that he was really there, sort of. Thank you Teen Wolf for showing their connection. 

- Claudia is so fucking suspicious. BEHEAD HER. 

- It’s interesting to see how if you get taken, you just think you got there by cab or something. Not only you get forgotten, but you also don’t remember being taken by something supernatural. (unless you know about the Wild Hunt, or have someone to tell you, like Stiles and Peter) 

- I do wonder what Peter meant with “It’s you. It had to be you.” Like what does that mean? If Peter thought it was “just” a train station, then shouldn’t he just be like, oh, coincidence, let’s ignore the boy. 

- Peter and the keys… he does care :) 


- When Peter got back, and Malia said his name, Scott began remembering. Their last battle in s4, when Peter was the alpha in s1, and so on. So… when do they start remembering (actual memories) Stiles? They have a relic, the Jeep and, kinda, that baseball bat the sheriff stubbed his toe on. When 2.0 decoded the library card, they started remembering te boy. But our actual pack has a relic but it’s more vague. 

- I wonder how Lydia realised that the Jeep was important (more important than the human brain which was probably an innuendo to the Nazi Werewolf with his pea obsession)

- No Nazi Werewolf… for this episode it’s good but I am interested though. Not sure if he comes back in 6x06 since he wasn’t in the promo.  

- I also wonder why that boy in the train/waste station was the only one that cared enough to find a way out. That knew something was wrong. Did he also began researching because someone from him was about to be taken and found out about the Hunt but then also got erased? 

- I loved the scene when the boy just died and Peter confronted Stiles. That he isn’t “special” or “extraordinary” and that no one will remember nor find him. He’s stuck. Usually Teen Wolf doesn’t go that deep on an emotional level, but know they did and it’s probably the best scene between Stiles and Peter from the whole franshise. 

- Why did the ghost riders let Peter be free? They could’ve easily pushed him of. Or used their lasso. Maybe they don’t care and it’s just their job to take them, but not to… let’s say babysit. 

- I like the special effects. Everything’s better than s1. 

- Human keys can go through supernatural barriers without melting or whatever. So relics can also pass through universes. Interesting.

- Did the boy wanted to die? Like Gwen? 

- I was so into the biology lesson that I was almost sad when the scene ended (geeking out, sorry lol)

- But… what did 2.0 actually do this episode? Where they on the hunt or like “lol nevermind I’d rather play lacrosse, baiiii.” (I know that’s not gonna be it but IMAGINE please) 

- And, are they still walking in slow motion? (I’m sorry but that was the cringiest thing ever shown on Teen Wolf. Use slow motion for special scenes, like 5x16 because that looked amazing.) 

- Personal note: I almost watched this episode before my exam Biology but then I thought: “Good grades or… emotionally unstable and bad grade… yeah, I’ll watch it later.”

- Peter though… burned… again. Like he was just recovered! (Can you imagine their sophomore year was two years ago? Six seasons in three school years. No wonder everyone is traumatised.)  

- I found it quite interesting that Malia called Peter her father, because in 5x01 she defined herself as a Tate, not a Hale. Peter was Malia’s biological father, birthgiver, so to speak. But he was never her “father”, on an emotional level. Maybe I look to deep into this but I liked that. Perhaps this season we will focus more on Malia and her relationships, since her mother tried to kill her numerous times last season. 

- My pudding was gone by the first minute. 

- The people Lydia saw were also the people Stiles spoke to… perhaps those people have a connection to Claudia? Maybe that doctor was the one helping Claudia with the birth of Stiles and the old lady a family member of Claudia. You could say “BUT HOW DOES STILES NOT KNOW HER?” Maybe he doesn’t remember her since Claudia died when he was 9 so they probably didn’t see her family anymore + you can just sometimes never meet a part of someone’s family if it’s so big. I haven’t met everyone of mine, so… 

- The timeline in the train station differs from the one in the actual world. Supposedly, Stiles was there for only six hours, whilst the pack was already searching for him or a week or two, maybe longer. Either the man was wrong and Stiles had been sitting there for dead or the time is different. 

- There is a radio connected with both worlds… hmm… 

- Next episode they’ll meet a fellow banshee is a ghost town, where the Wild Hunt previously passed. That means everyone will be taken, so there are no particular people that get taken, you just have to be lucky not to be the first. 

- I think if there are no seats left in the train station, they will die(?) Because eventually it’s full. And what do you do when your garbage bin is full? You empty it. 

- Why are only Lydia, Malia and Scott hearing Peter howling? Or better, why are Scott and Malia the only one coming after it. There is more supernatural in Beacon Hills. 

- But then again, I’d rather not see 2.0. 

- No new information about Stiles’ real name, dammit. Peter threw his licence out of his wallet though, so maybe Stiles will pick it up and we’ll see the name?

That’s a wrap! Get excited for 6x06 people!

Shadowhunters Season 2 spoilers
  • Alec, standing on that one platform: Hello, as the current head of the institute I'd like to say: I fucking love my boyfriend Magnus Bane, he's over there being beautiful and amazing and wow.... how did I, a pile of socks, get to be around an actual angel? like wow...... I love my boyfriend.... I love Magnus Bane the High Warlock of Brooklyn...
Christmas with Peter Maximoff Would Include...

A/N: Finals are over, tis the season for writing and food and all things good! I hope you all are doing amazing I missed being on this blog!

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Christmas With Peter Maximoff Would Include…

-A simple christmas, just you and Peter, maybe his mom, okay probably his mom, he does live in her basement

-Each of you picking out a simple gift for one another

-Peter promising you he didn’t steal his, saying he actually bought it

-You doubting this, but greatly appreciating the attempt nevertheless 

-Dancing around his basement to Christmas music

-Eating wayyy too many Twinkies 

-You dragging Peter outside for the first snow fall, probably standing barefoot in his driveway catching snowflakes on your tongue, him trying to pull you inside out of the cold, but eventually he gives you his jacket to keep you warm when you insist on staying out a little longer 

-Him decorating the tree in seconds with his speed, mostly because he can’t help it, but still letting you hang the last ornament 

-Spending Christmas eve eating dinner with Peter and his mom and the two of falling asleep to Christmas movies after

-Peter shaking you awake Christmas morning, excited and energetic as always, probably wearing a Santa hat on top his silver hair

Because I’ve made one for Lucaya, one for Bamon and dozens for Sterek, I think it’s about time I make one for Marrish too.

Let me start off my saying that this pairing consist of two amazing characters who I love very much.

Lydia Martin. Absolutely gorgeous, incredibly smart, sassy, slightly intimidating and her ass looks glorious in jeans. Lydia’s been one of my faves since season one, okay? This season, she has admittedly been slacking but the strawberry blonde queen still deserves all the love a man can give her, which is obviously where Jordan Parrish steps in.

My unproblematic son, has literally done nothing wrong ever but he still somehow gets the most hate in the fandom, but let me not go there.

Like these two are practically perfect for one another. Let me list a few reasons why:

1. They are not only connected romantically but they are also connected by death. (Which, if you ask me, is more badass than them being “emotional tethers,” but no shade, no shade.)

I mean we’ve got a hellhound

…and a banshee.

I mean, I really don’t think it gets cooler than that. This literally needs no explanation.

2. Parrish helped Lydia become stronger physically and helped her unlock a new ability.

We all know Lydia Martin was always a strong-minded character, and for all we know, she could probably throw a punch or two even before Parrish, but after training with Parrish, Lydia learned to defend herself in ways she couldn’t before. This indirectly helped her learn how to fight using the vibrations from  her screams.

Jordan played a major role in Lydia’s physical/supernatural growth. He assisted her in the strengths he knew she secretly had, kept faith and eventually, it paid off.

3. The way he looks at her like she’s not simply a star, or the moon, but the entire galaxy.

My heart. If any guy looked at me like that ever I would melt.

4. Okay, but Parrish was afraid of himself when he first discovered he was a hellhound. The guy wanted nothing to do with himself because of it, but he actually allowed himself to transform into his supernatural self to save Lydia.

(I couldn’t find another gif, but creds to whoever made this.)


Parrish saved Lydia. I repeat, Parrish saved Lydia, Lydia “Stiles saved me” Martin be damned, because Stiles wasn’t the one who set himself on fire and dragged you out of Eichen, boo. JORDAN PARRISH DID THAT.

5. The scene that literally snatched my fangirl soul straight from my body and handed it over to Marrish.

If anyone is gonna try to sit there and tell me that Lydia Martin isn’t lowkey into Parrish… well whatever, because I’m not even gonna try to argue with someone as delusional or in-denial as that.

Lydia Martin was blushing, okay? This is a rare occurrence and Lydia Martin doesn’t just blush when she isn’t into someone.

And that little smile, the total heart eyes before she just drops her head because “oh my god, don’t let him see you blush, Lydia. Don’t let him know he has that affect on you. DO. NOT. DO. IT.”

Or maybe I’m reading too into things but, meh, doubt it.

6. Just… Marrish.

They had such great development, and they were still developing.

They were healthy.

Parrish treated her like a good man would. He respected her and her space, believed in her and protected her. He was great to her.

Lydia was always herself around him, trusted him and believed that he was this special and kind guy even when he thought he was a monster. She was there even when he didn’t want her to be because he was afraid of hurting her.

Parrish helped Lydia expand supernaturally and Lydia helped Parrish understand that what he did was simply his duty and that didn’t change the fact that he really is a soft and appreciable person.

Along the way they grew a bond and it was one of the most unique bonds I’ve ever seen on Teen Wolf because of what they first connected over, how they compared an contrasted, and how they grew to become this wonderful pair.

I don’t care about hot and steamy Marrish car or shower sex. I would be perfectly pleased with these two just sitting next to each other and chatting because they have that.

They have that kind of fire that I wouldn’t feel even if Parrish dragged me to the deepest pits of hell.

Sam said Lucifer is on them even though this is clearly on Cas.
Sam said NO and it was brave and powerful and amazing.
Then Cas says yes, whatever, stupid move.
And it’s on THEM? Instead of just Cas???
Sam was not the only one involved with starting the apocalypse, hell, he didn’t even know what killing Lilith would do (Cas did), and he still got solely blamed for it for years after.
And now it’s not Castiel’s fault?
I know that Sam has the kindest, most beautiful heart, and he wouldn’t want to blame someone.
But I wish someone has said something that no, it’s not on all of them. Sam has said NO after being emotionally and physically abused AGAIN by his tormentor.
It’s just, it’s not on all of them. And it makes me sad that Sam has said it.
I wish there was someone to lift Sam up or stand up for him. Or if he could do it himself. But he’s such a selfless, loving, kind, broken doll I don’t think it can happen.
All he cares about is other people and it should be amazing but it’s mostly sad.

Htgawm winter finale

Okay I feel like i am the only one who thinks so, but I loved it. Don’t get me wrong - it’s sad and it’s emotional as heck but i think this was amazing.
The writers did not “lie” to us with the flashforward of Wes earlier in the season - it served dramatic purposes and tbh i think it’s awesome when a show makes me think i understand everything but then it surprises me.
And it makes the most sense for Wes to die - his story is told, we know his background and he has been the center of attention most of the time throughout all the seasons. Also his death would clearly impact all the others the most - apart from Annalise maybe.
Tbh i would’ve found it disappointing if it had been Frank or Nate under the sheet - because they were not as important to the K5.
Ofc Wes did not deserve to die, but that’s the whole point here, isn’t it?
That you got Frank, the murderer who wants to kill himself, who several other characters want dead - but Wes, young, sweet cinnamon roll Wes is the one who ends up dying. Because that’s what this show has been all about since the start: Terrible things happen to good people and murderers get to walk free

Among seasons pass, among fallen leaves

Haikyuu!!, Fukurodani VBC & Bokuto, G, 2700w. AO3.

It’s almost Bokuto’s birthday and everyone in Fukurodani volleyball club only has one thing in mind.

Happy birthday, Bokuto ♡! A collaboration with the amazing @paraplyen​ who did the wonderful art!

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I’m Yours

Summary:  Post Season 1, everyone is okay, but they come back one by one, or in Lance and Hunk’s case, in a pair. Shiro and Keith get split up and Keith is the last one to make it back and hugs the life out of Lance when he finally makes it back.

Word Count: 3536

Notes: Ok, if you don’t know, the song is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. And the scene comes from a piece of art by @thesearchingastronaut and seriously, give them a follow, their art is amazing guys! Leave a comment and some kudos and I’ll love you forever, hope all of you enjoyed!

On AO3

Honestly, everything could fall apart right now and Lance wouldn’t care. They were all alive and just…everything was okay. Shiro was still with them, Pidge was no longer alone, and he had just spent another month alone with Hunk while they found their way back. And Keith?


Lance found himself grinning ear-to-ear thinking about the hug that Keith crushed him in as soon as he exited his lion. Like, it was a long time ago that Lance came to terms with his feelings for Keith (even with the mullet) and okay, this was a mature decision for him, but he decided to wait for Keith. That month with Hunk turned into some kind of confession, a month long confession.

Hunk wouldn’t leave him alone about how Lance, who challenged Keith to damn near everything, had an irrevocable crush on the guy. Hello? Did anyone see the way Shiro was upset about Allura? Lance couldn’t take it anymore.

But when Keith came running at him nearly squeezed the life out of him, Lance melted. He hugged Keith back with just as much force, Keith had only held on more.

“It’s good to have you back, Keith,” Lance muttered.

“I…I thought I lost you guys forever…” Keith’s hands were clawing at his shirt. Lance and Hunk were the second pair to make it back to the castle, right after Pidge. Both Pidge and Hunk came up with a pretty ingenious way on how to find the castle again, Lance was lucky to be with Hunk, or else he would still be flying around searching.

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Okay but imagine Bokuto, Kuroo, Kenma and Akaashi watching what just happened on tv

They all got together to cheer on Karasuno at one of their houses

Kenma complains that Kuroo dragged him along and spends the beginning sitting in the corner playing games on his handheld and acting like he doesn’t care, but he keeps dying cause his eyes are more on the tv screen than his console. By the end of the second set his console is abandoned and his stomach tightens every time Hinata goes to spike

Bokuto and Kuroo yell every time Karasuno scores. Akaashi tells them they’re going to get noise complaints. They get so excited when they see how into the game Tsukishima is. Bo yells about how he wants to play them again

Kuroo feels such a swell of pride watching how much Tsukishima’s blocks have improved

When Tsukishima makes the final block to take the set, Bokuto and Kuroo go NUTS and almost miss Tsukki actually celebrating but THEY SEE IT



Akaashi sits quietly watching Kuroo and Bokuto cheer and hype each other up about Tuskishima celebrating, and he smiles to himself thinking about what Bokuto said to Tsukki back at training camp

“I guess you’re hooked now, Tsukishima”

The One Where He Finds Out (Draco)

holy noodles so im rewatching the tv show Friends and i just watched the episode (spoiler lol) where Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time so dingdingding heres a Draco imagine lololol im so hyped. 
If you haven’t seen the episode its season 2 episide 7 and it happens towards the end its so amazing im crying okay read the imagine now ily bye 

* * *

It was a known fact that Draco had liked you ever since first year. You had only found out a few months ago and since then he was always on your mind and you had to keep convincing yourself that you didn’t like him. However, over the holidays you had come to terms with it

‘Come on.’ Pansy had said as you two sat in your pajamas on your bedroom floor. ‘Just give it a go. I mean you two are already so close! Everything will be just like normal except now you can kiss him.’ She smiled. You looked at the floor and nodded slowly, ‘Maybe you’re right.’ 
‘Of course I’m right!’ Pansy smiled reassuringly. ‘I know you both better than anyone else. You two are perfect for each other.’ 

On the first day of school you stood at Kings Cross with Pansy and waited excitedly with Pansy. You were nervous as hell but all you wanted to do was tell Draco that you felt the same way. Soon enough you spotted his white-blonde hair in the distance and you looked to Pansy. ‘Go for it.’ She smiled, before squeezing you hand. You grinned, breathing out, and started to walk towards him. As Draco was quite tall, you could see him above everybody else. You saw him look down, smiling and talking - to his mother you assumed. I’ll need to take him aside, You thought to yourself, Confessing my love to a boy in front of his mother isn’t ideal romantic, you smiled to yourself. As you got closer, and in between a few people you saw that the person he was talking to wasn’t his mother. Although the girl he was with had blonde hair, it didn’t have the black streaks that Narcissa Malfoy portrayed. Your smile slowly dispatched from your face as the the crowd dispersed and you saw the girl Draco was walking with was Daphne Greengrass, a girl in your year and in Slytherin. The smile was completely gone by the time you saw Draco hand-in-hand with the girl. ‘Oh god.’ You whispered to yourself. You immediately turned around, to go back to Pansy, your face red and your heart beating a mile a minute. ‘Y/n!’ You heard him call your name. You spun around, a wide, fake grin across your face. ‘Draco!’ You cried, ‘I totally didn’t see you! How are you?’ You smiled. Draco smiled also, ‘I’m really good!’ You looked to Daphne, ‘Hi Daphne.’ You said. Although you were smiling you couldn’t be more broken and embarrassed. ‘Hi y/n!’ She said sweetly. 
‘Um, Pansy is waiting for me, actually. So I’ll see you guys on the train yeah?’ You said, feeling yourself well up. 
‘Alright! Bye.’ Draco said as he and his girlfriend walked off towards the Hogwarts Express. 

Ever since then you had tried and managed to keep things normal, apart from the fact that all you could think about was Draco and his smile and his eyes and his laugh…

‘You just need closure.’ Pansy said to you one Saturday night. 
‘How do I get closure, Pansy? It’s not like I can just go to Hogsmeade and ask Madame Rosmerta for one large closure.’ You sighed, putting your hands in your head. ‘Okay,’ Pansy laughed, ‘Madame Rosmerta can’t give you closure but she can give you this.’ Pansy pulled out a bottle of Firewhisky from inside her robes, grinning. 

You awoke the next day with a pounding headache, the empty bottle of firewhisky laying at the end of your four poster bed, as well as a sleeping Pansy. Your rubbed your head, ‘Dammit Pansy.’ You sighed. You got up and rolled her under the covers of your bed just as Draco walked in. He smirked, ‘I see you two had a little fun last night. Y/n, I didn’t know you were into girls.’ He winked. ‘Ha Ha.’ You rolled your eyes. Draco laughed, 
‘Daph and I are about to go to the Quidditch pitch for a date.’ Draco sang happily, ‘But I just wanted to check that you two were okay.’ He said, raising his eyebrows at Pansy. ‘We’re fine.’ You said, a little put out at the mention of Daphne. You suddenly looked at Draco, cocking your head to the side. 
‘What?’ He asked. 
‘I don’t know.’ You said, ‘I just feel like I had a dream about you, but I don’t remember.’ You said slowly, thinking hard. 
‘Okay.’ Draco laughed. You sat back down on your bed, 
‘Did we talk last night?’ You asked. Draco shook his head,
‘No but you two were so loud the whole castle heard you yelling, so I put a silencing charm around your dorm.’ Draco said casually. ‘If you want I can take it off.’ 
‘It’s probably better on.’ You smiled. Draco laughed nodding, 
‘That’s true. Anyway I’ll see you later. Oh, I have to grab my jumper quickly,’ He added, ‘It’s freezing outside.’
As Draco left the room you remembered. 
‘Oh god.’ You whispered. You ran out of the room and down the hallway, just missing Draco as he entered his dorm. ‘Draco!’ You yelled. You finally reached the end of the corridor and burst through his door. ‘Draco!’ You cried again, almost breaking the door as you flung through it to find him standing by his draws, a slightly ripped piece of parchment in his hands.  ‘Did you write me a letter last night?’ He grinned, as he began to read the paper. ‘Draco put that down!’ You screamed. You ran over to him and jumped on his back, almost tackling him to the ground as you yanked the letter from out of his hands. You both fell onto Draco’s bed which was conveniently in the way of you crashing to the floor, both breathing heavily at the commotion that you just caused. 
‘You’re over me?’ Draco said. You closed your eyes, jumping off of him and standing up, ‘Oh god.’ You whispered into your hands that were clasped over your mouth, ‘Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.’ You repeated over and over, covering your face. ‘You’re over me?’ He said again. 
‘When were-when were you…under…me?’ Draco stuttered. 
‘Draco.’ you whispered. 
‘Do you…did you have feelings for me?’ He asked. You nodded. ‘Oh my god. Oh my god!’ He said, ‘I can’t um, I can’t deal with this right now.’ He said, very stressed. ‘I’m sorry.’ You said. He nodded, his eyes wide, 
‘Yep okay. Um, I have to go because Daphne is-is waiting. Okay.’ He said, shutting the door behind him. 

That night you sat alone in your dorm, looking through the pictures of a book you had no interest in when the door opened. ‘Hi.’ You looked up to see Draco standing there. ‘Hey.’ You said softly. 
‘We-uh-didn’t end up having our date.’ He said, sitting on Pansy’s bed. 
‘Oh, why not?’ You asked. 
‘She had homework to do, and anyway I was a bit out of it.’ He said. 
‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ You said, unsure of what else to say. 
‘No, it’s not “interesting”.’ Draco said, starting to get mad, ‘You had no right to tell me you had feelings for me!’ He cried.
‘What?’ You said, standing up. 
‘I was doing great with Daphne before I found out about you!’ 
‘Hey, I was doing great before I found out about you!’ You yelled back, ‘You think it’s easy for me to see you with Daphne?’ 
‘Well then you should have said something before I started dating Daphne!’ He yelled. 
‘I didn’t know then!’ You cried. ‘And how come you never said anything to me?’ 
‘There was never a good time!’ 
‘Right, because, you only had-what-five years! And we only hung out ever single day!’ 
‘Not every day!’ Draco said, running out of ways to defend himself, ‘And it’s not like I didn’t try! But things got in the way!’ 
‘Do you even have a point?’ 
‘The point is, I don’t need this right now! Okay? It’s too late. I’m with someone else and I’m happy. This ship has sailed!’ 
‘What so you’re just going to suppress your feeling or something?’ You shouted. 
‘I’ve gotten pretty good at doing that!’ Draco shouted back, leaving you silent. 
‘Alright fine.’ You said lowly, ‘You go ahead and do that, alright Draco? Cos I don’t need your stupid ship!’ 
‘Fine!’ Draco yelled before storming out the room and slamming the door behind him. ‘And you know what?’ You yelled as loud as you could, ‘Now I got closure!’ You screamed. You sat back down on your bed, in tears, ‘Stupid fucking silencing charm!’ You cried, sobbing into your hands. You sat in the quiet for a few seconds, the only sound in the room was your heavy breathing as you sat with your head in your hands. 
knock knock. You heard knuckles on the back of the door. You stood up and went to it, opening it to find Draco. His face was expressionless but you could see the pain in his eyes, as he could yours. You blinked and breathed out. Draco stepped in and didn’t stop as he went straight for your lips. You caught him and your hands shot up to his face as you kissed him back, and you felt his hands on your back and your foreheads touched as you kissed passionately. 

It was amazing how the seasons changed; one minute things were painted in reds, and oranges. Now things were coated in a thick blanket of white. Yuriy preferred this time of year, it was cold and calming. Once again he found himself wondering the streets of Japan, glancing threw the windows of different shops with half interest. He didn’t need anything, and he really wasn’t out to feed. If anything he was just looking for an escape. Him and his team didn’t actually indulge in the holidays but it didn’t mean they didn’t take advantage of the excuse to get loud and party. Yuriy waited till there was an opening and slipped away for some fresh air, leaving his teammates to drink and enjoy themselves.


Once Upon a Time Star Colin O'Donoghue Dishes on the Season 4 Finale, Captain Hook, and Leather Pants

Colin O'Donoghue is finally used to wearing leather pants and eyeliner all the time on his ABC hit Once Upon a Time. The Irish actor plays a rock-and-roll version of Captain Hook on the fairytale drama, and told Us Weekly that it’s a part he never thought he’d play – with an incredibly interesting wardrobe to boot.

“I was surprised that they cast me, to be honest,” the actor said with a laugh while calling from his home in Ireland to discuss the season 4 finale. “I never expected to be playing Captain Hook. [One would] traditionally think of Captain Hook as being quite significantly older than that.”

Another thing he never would’ve expected? Being totally okay with the costume. “I never thought that I’d get used to wearing leather pants – or eyeliner,” he confessed. “It’s sort of amazing how you get used to it!”

Once Upon a Time, which was just renewed by ABC for a fifth season, finishes with an epic two-hour episode on Sunday, May 10. The season 4 finale is packed with plenty of power shifts – and a little romance, too.

“The lines between the heroes and the villains sort of get blurred a little bit and things kind of get flipped on the head; the heroes are villains and the villains become the heroes,” he revealed. “It’s complicated, especially when it comes to Emma.”

Hook’s role of late has been keeping his girlfriend, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) grounded in reality – “which is kind of difficult to deal with because her parents are lying to her and all that’s gone on,” O'Donoghue admitted – and he said that will continue in the finale.

“They’re not really going to make an easy time of it, Hook and Emma,” the actor spilled. “Just when they think they’re going to have time for themselves, something happens. Always something happens in Storybrooke! Hook, he really wants to try and make [the relationship] work so he’s going to do whatever it takes to make that happen!”

-Us Weekly

To my fellow Rallison fans:

Come here, my sweet babies.

I know you’re pissed. I know you’re sad. I know you’re hurt. But it’ll all be okay, I promise. He did amazing work this season and absolutely no one can say otherwise. Allison’s choreo was on point, and they nailed it every single week. They deserved the win, but so did Rumer and Val. So let’s not dwell on the negatives, but focus on the positives. Regardless of who had what advantage or disadvantage, they both did great work and earned every compliment in the book. And that’s something to celebrate.

It’s gonna be okay. I promise. 

"You pulled a Dean Winchester"

This line stuck out at me after all the talk after last episode where Charlie reminded Dean of his own name. Interpretations on how useful that advice was or not aside, I’m remembering one of the things from the pre-season PR they were saying about how Dean needed to learn to be a hero again.

The most striking thing about the amazing performance Dylan Everett put in was that he not only nailed acting as Dean, but he nailed acting as a Dean we haven’t seen for a while: normal, non-Marked Dean. Practically a folkloric hero himself in comparison to Dean still clawing himself out of the worst descent arc we’ve ever seen. Okay the bit with helping the lady with her dropped keys was excessive to show what a sweetie pie he was, but it drove home the point: I was getting a lot of early seasons Dean vibes off him as they returned to the house and he bravely went in alone to save the girl. 

So of course from the halfway point in the episode where Dean shows his bare arm and he and Sam grudgingly admit that staying 14 is a hell of an alternative to having the Mark, I was having a quiet meltdown over what would have to happen to make Dean take it back. Further meltdowns ensued when they very clearly and loudly laid out that it would be 100% Dean’s choice to adult himself up again: emphasising the element of choice in the matter.

But in the end it was a non-choice for Dean. He had to save everyone, as Sam says in that bit I stole the title quote from, and Dean did. What I find fascinating is that to save everyone, he willingly and without hesitation made the choice to become an adult again - and to take the Mark back on with about as much thought as he gave the matter the first time around before he knew the terms and conditions for the Mark. Because it wasn’t just about needing the sheer strength that being an adult again brought. It was about needing that darkness and the viciousness to pull it off: de-aged Dean didn’t have it in himself to do what he did, beyond the lack of physical size.

I think basically as soon as we heard the words Hansel and Gretel we knew there was going to be an oven, and once we saw the oven like, come on. There’s one way only that goes. And the witch happily talked about devouring countless children, so it’s not like this was a hard decision. Still, the framing of Dean overwhelming her and shoving her in is a pure dark!Dean expression on par with the face he pulled while stabbing Gadreel, and the execution of the kill was massively violent and terrifying to watch - his rage face and the brutality of the action was overwhelming enough to know that all the traces of sweetness that hung around de-aged Dean were gone again.

In the end then it was about Dean tapping into and using that darkness - and making the choice that it would be the best thing to save everyone at a massive cost to himself - which saved the day. Him stuffing the hexbag in the witch’s mouth before he burned her was as much sealing himself into his own self as it was about trapping the other de-aged kid into her new life. (He really didn’t have to do that… But her accepting her fate and finding things to embrace in being young again mirrors Dean possibly accepting his own life and what that all means for him.)

Considering something else Charlie said at the end of last episode, I wonder if this is an example of Dean finding some sort of balance: understanding that the rage and murder that lives inside him is a tool he can and will utilise if it means helping others - that utilising it is a very Dean Winchester thing to do which, as a kid without the Mark, he wasn’t whole enough to pull off. This episode showed that there was still the capacity for Dean to be like he was when he was young - that pure hero kid still lurks somewhere inside him, not exactly like light!Charlie but still innocent in his own way - but I found it a weirdly positive use of the darkness that lives in Dean now. We still want to find our way back to a Dean more like young!Dean, but this is a facet of him which can’t be removed entirely as it neuters his ability to save people.

One more point on the tickbox of speculation that Dean is never truly going to get rid of the influence of the Mark, but that there’s a balance he can find… And that that is still somehow inherently Dean, all the bad bundled up together with it.