but in season one he was amazing okay


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

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what do you like about allurance?

boi here’s a list:

  • their relationship developed from one based on something very one-sided to one based on mutual respect and admiration
  • I feel like all of lance’s strongest moments this season involved allura in one way or another. How he gave up blue, how he realized he has to pilot red, how he stopped keith from getting them all killed because he wanted to go back for allura, how he told her he won’t let alfor down just!! these were all amazing lance moments and allura played a roll in most 
  • lance (and hunk too to be fair) was actively trying to make allura comfortable as part of the team  and making sure she was okay in blue. You could see he really wanted her to join the team and be happy as a part of it
  • when lance let out his insecurities in front of allura, she immediately told him WHY he was important to the team. Like despite her annoyance at him in the past she didn’t hesitate to take him by the shoulder, look him in the eye and told him exactly why he was chosen as a paladin and why the team needed him
  • also just “If I had to lose blue to someone, I’m glad it was you” was the most beautiful shit I have ever heard ok 
Stranger Things 2 SPOILERS AHEAD

We asked for Hopper to be Elevens dad, and we got it.
We asked for Jancy to finally get together, and we got it.
We asked to meet one of the other numbered lab hostage kids, and we got it.
We asked for a snow ball, and we got it.
We asked for a heartwarming adorable Mileven reunion, and we got it.
We asked for Steve Harrington: Adventures in Babysitting, and we even got that!
We didn’t even ask for some crazy drunk conspiracy theorist to annoy Jancy into hooking up, but honestly I couldn’t have asked for it any differently!
And plus that breakfast scene ‘Pullout’?!
I have loved every minute of season two, and now I am back to being empty, and waiting for season 3.
I should have spread this season out better. I have no self control.

Coincidences (Steve Rogers x Short!Reader)

Hello, readers, this is my first one-shot so please go easy on me. I’m actually contemplating if to make this a multi-part but we’ll see how this goes>.< And Enjoy!

Pairing: Steve x Short!Reader

Summary: Pre-CACW. You start off the day with people teasing you about the one thing you can’t control, your height. Then just when you thought your day couldn’t get worse it gets…better? You start seeing the same cute guy everywhere you go and you start to wonder if it is just a coincidence or fate.

Word Count:1,768

Warnings: A handful of swears.

(Y/N) – Your name

(L/N) – Last name

(s/c) – Skin colour

(B/F/N) – Best friend name

(F/R) – Favourite restaurant

(f/f) - Favourite food

“Hey, watch where you’re going!”

“Sorry I didn’t see you there…and still, don’t,” the stranger smirks at his own retort before going on his merry way. Probably to a business meeting with CEO’s and shite based on the way his snazzy Kenneth Cole suit made him reek sophistication, it’s always these types that feel to need to be pompous jerks to everyone else. I mean, I know that my 5’2 frame isn’t helping to lessen the insults but still, you shouldn’t be so mean to someone you don’t even know. But then again, when you’re out here on these crowded streets of New York during lunch hour, who’s being nice? I’m lost in my thoughts when,

“Oomph!” my face meets stone and I violently get pushed, my bum becoming best friends with the floor. Oh wait, that’s not stone, it’s someone’s chest which is covered by a navy blue V-neck…someone’s rock-hard and muscular chest. I inwardly drool as I look up towards his face which now makes me want to melt. His baby blue eyes grant him just enough softness to complement his killer jawline and blonde hair, and not to mention the worry that he held in them which makes me smile. And let us not forget those perfectly sculpted lips which urge me to just crash-

“Sorry ma’am, I didn’t see you there.” Alright, fantasy over.

“Don’t worry, most people don’t,” I shrug away his hand that he oh so generously set out for me with my own (s/c) colored hand and raise myself up from the ground, dusting whatever specs of gravel landed on my Levi blue jeans and a cream-colored blouse.

“Pardon me, ma’am, I meant no disrespect. I was on my,” he seems to pause as if remembering something, “iPhone and wasn’t looking at where I was going.”

“If you say so…,” I sigh, “well I guess no harm was done so enjoy the rest of your day.” I begin to walk towards my intended destination only to hear a faint “wait” from behind me causing my body to instinctually turn in his general direction, only to see him jogging towards me.

“I didn’t get your name, I’m Steve Rogers at you service ma’am.” He puts out his right hand and I hesitantly, but eventually shake it with my own, seeing how my (s/c) hand fit in his pale one.

“It’s not like you need it…but mine’s (Y/N) (L/N), and there is no need to be so formal either.” My phone suddenly rings shifting my attention to the screen which vibrates with impatient texts from my friend. “And I have to run. Nice to meet you I suppose?” and I trot off before he could say anything in reply.


“What took you so long? Look I know that love-making is a slow and sensual process but that shite is for the night alright, quickies are a morning thing for a reason. Oh wait I know, you were busy untying those goddam ropes with friggin’ origami knots, I already told you those kinks are-”

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“Panic Attacks” Finn Wolfhard (part 2)

Plot - Y/N struggles with panic attacks. Finn is the only one who knows

Pairing - Finn Wolfhard x Reader

“Are you nervous?” Finn asked me, his voice just a little louder than a whisper. We were in a van, heading to our first interview. “Yeah, a lot actually.” I whispered back. “It’ll be okay Y/N, you’re good at interviews.” He replied, a smirk on his face, as he quickly hugged me.

“Aw shit. I forgot my fake teeth.” we heard Gaten swear from the front seat. “Welp, back to being toothless for you.” Caleb laughed, all of us joining in. “Shut up.” Gaten laughed as well. “Jeez Caleb don’t be so rude!” Millie giggled. Light hearted banter continued from there on. I stayed quiet, too caught up in my thoughts. The only thing that was keeping me from completely freaking out was Finn. More specifically, his tight grip on my hand. I focused on his fingers intertwined with mine, and the way he was rubbing circles on my hand with his thumb.

“Y/N’s being awfully quiet.” Gaten stated, taking me out of my thoughts. “You doing okay?” he asked. “Yeah im fine, im just tired, Noah and I had to get up at 2am.” I replied, slightly smiling. “Yeah, it was shit, and I forgot to pack my carry on so I was late to picking her up.” Noah added. I squeezed Finn’s hand, feeling my nerves bubbling up again. He squeezed back, reassuring me that it was going to be fine.

We got to a set, a couch and a few chairs were on the left side and a single chair was on the right. We all took a seat, Finn making sure I was right next to him. We were on the couch in front, along with Millie, while Noah, Caleb and Gaten sat on the chairs in the back. The blonde interview came in and shaked all of our hands. Then the interview started.

The lady asked us a few questions, I didn’t answer any. My anxiety started to bubble up. Before a second thought I took Finn’s hand in mine, forgetting we were on camera. “You doing okay?” he whispered. “Ish.” I replied.

“Okay, if you were to use one word to describe season 2, what word would you choose?” The interviewer asked. “Different.” Millie responded. “Dangerous.” Caleb smiled. “Intense.” Finn answered. “Amazing.” Noah beamed. “Romantic” Gaten replied, wiggling his eyebrows. “Fun.” I mumbled a bit. Oh shit, could they hear me? “I’m sorry Y/N, I couldnt hear your answer.” The blonde lady said. Fuck, they couldn’t hear me. “I said fun, sorry.” I repeated, lowering my head, embarrassed. Thankfully, the interview was almost over.

“I’m so fucking stupid.” I kept mumbling to myself in the hallway. We were taking a quick bathroom break before the next interview, which was a whiles away. “Why are you stupid?” I heard Finn ask, as he sat next to me. “I just embarrassed myself, because I couldn’t say the word ‘fun’.” I snapped. “Hey, it’s okay, don’t worry about it. That interviewer was old, and probably has bad hearing, that’s all.” He reassured me, taking my hand in his once again. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, thanks.” I responded.

“Oh my god! Are you two dating?!” I heard Gaten shout, pointing at us holding hands. “Gaten, shut up, we’re not dating, no.” Finn replied, letting go of my hand. I felt my heart sink a bit. “Then why were you two holding hands?” He asked, a confused look on his face as he sat down next to me. “Uh, we, uh..” Finn stuttered. “We were comparing hand sizes.” I interjected. “What? Why?” Gaten chuckled. “Because I have really small hands.” I answered, putting my hand up and gesturing Finn to put his on mine. “See?” I said. “Holy shit! What the hell?” Gaten laughed, taking my hand and putting his up to it. “Wow! That’s so weird.” he laughed once again.

“Comparing hand sizes?” Finn whispered/laughed once we got back into the car. “It was all that I could think of! And he believed it.” I giggled back. “Yeah, true.” Finn mumbled. “I like how small your hands are.” He commented after a few seconds of silence. “Okay, uh, thanks?” I slightly chuckled, a little confused. “I mean, it fits with mine quite nicely. It’s the perfect size for my hand.” He explained, making me blush.

“Hey, hand me the aux cord.” I heard Noah say to David. He played ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ by The Clash. “My god Noah.” Caleb shook his head. “C’mon, we love this song!” Noah laughed, singing along. Eventually all of us were singing with him.

The last interview was fine, nothing embarrassing happened which was good. Finn held my hand during it as well. “Hey, Y/N?” Finn asked, once we got back to the hotel room. “Yeah?” I replied. “How come you don’t want the others to know you have anxiety and get panic attacks?” He asked, making me stop what I was doing. “Because I don’t want them to know.” I answered, turning around to face him. “That’s not an answer and you know it. You won’t even tell your mom, the only reason I know is because you had one in front of me once.” He remarked. “Yeah and you never should’ve found out. It’s not something to go out and tell everyone all casual like ‘hey everybody! I suffer from this dumb mental illness called anxiety!’ it’s just hard to talk about, even with you.” I almost shouted. I could feel myself getting angry. “I’m not saying it’s something easy to talk about. It’s just, like you said, you are suffering. Maybe if you told someone like Millie or Noah as well-” “Finn, no. you are the only one who needs to know.” I interjected. “Ill tell them if and when im ready. But right now, it’s too much. Im taking a shower.” I mumbled, leaving the room and going into the bathroom.

After my shower, I had calmed down alot. “Hey Finn, I’m sorry I got mad.” I said, walking out of the bathroom. “It’s okay, i understand why. Want to watch a movie?” He asked “the T.V has netflix.” He added. “Sure, what are we watching?” I responded, taking a seat on his bed instead of mine.

I didn’t get much sleep. It was 3:30 and I was sat up in my bed, Finn soundly sleeping in the bed next to me. My mind was wandering again. I was thinking about our argument. ‘I shouldn’t have yelled’  I thought. ‘He’s probably so mad’ ‘I probably just ruined our friendship’ I kept thinking. The thought of losing Finn as a friend was enough for me to start silently crying. ‘He hates me.’ I kept repeating. Not being able to stop myself, I started pacing. The feeling of my heavy chest came back. Slowly it became heavier and heavier, until I couldn’t handle it. “FUCK!” I yelled, kicking the wall next to me, my crying became louder, I couldn’t breath. I fell to the ground. “Y/N? Are you okay?” I heard Finn question, his voice lower than normal, since he just woken up. “Oh god.” He mumbled, turning on the light and rushing over to me. “Y/N. Y/N, it’s okay i’m here now.” He whispered, rubbing my back. “I’m so sorry.” I cried, turning to hug him. “For what, sweetheart?” he asked, hugging me back. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.” I sobbed, my tears wetting his shirt. “Its okay, im not mad.” He whispered, helping me to my feet. “Let’s get back in bed, okay?” He asked. I slowly nodded in response as he brought me to his bed. I got on one side and he quicking got in on the other. Without another word, he pulled me closer to him, his arm around my waist and his other hand playing with my hair. I rested my head on his chest, my breathing still uneven and little tears still falling. I focused on his heartbeat, to distract myself.

Around half an hour later, I still couldn’t sleep. “Finn?” I whispered, moving my head so I could see him. “Finn, I cant sleep, im sorry.” I mumbled. I watched as his eyes slowly fluttered open. “Understandable.” He answered, making me laugh a bit. “Want to stay up and talk for a little?” He asked, moving a bit so we were sitting up. “Yeah.” I replied.

We talked about random shit until he asked a more serious question. “Y/N? Did you think I was mad at you because you yelled? Is that why you had the panic attack?” He asked, looking me in the eyes. “I thought I ruined our friendship, I thought I had lost you.” I admitted, ashamed. “Baby, I would never leave you. I’m here to stay, you’re my best friend.” He spoke, I could hear how sincere he was. “That’s what they all say.” I mumbled, rolling my eyes. “Y/N, look at me.” He demanded. I did, he rested his hand on my cheek. “I’m here to stay.” He repeated, before softly kissing my lips. “Finn.” I mumbled, a stupid grin plastered on both of our faces. “Y/N” He mumbled before connecting our lips again.



TOP5 Sexiest PRODUCE101 Trainees – #1

Some guys out there try so hard to act sexy – and there are men that don’t really need to try. We fall for those who have natural sex appeal. No specific looks, skills or personality required – just pure sexual presence.

While most younger girls prefer the pretty and cute trainees of Produce 101 Season 2, us women look for something more sensual – more exciting. We are going for those guys who make our blood boil, our mouth drool and our panties drop. 

Oh, yes! Sex appeal can be so thrilling and dangerous for our dirty minds. But you know what is most fatal for our ovaries? – A guy that appears all sweet and cheery, and then suddenly transforms into the worst sex god you have ever seen.

#1 – KANG DANIEL // 강다니엘

Originally posted by nctaetrash

Produce 101 Season 2 just started – and the MMO gossip squad was the talk of the town. You cannot watch the first episode without noticing this bunch of five adorable trainees.

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Especially two of them left a lasting impression. While Yoon Jisung provided everyone with good laughs, Kang Daniel gained a lot of attention because of his charming smile, pink hair and bromancy behavior. BUT WE WERE ALL FOOLED!

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This Produce 101 trainee is much more than just a sweet and fluffy bunny with the cutest smile ever. This guy is a fucking monster that is able to destroy female bodies only with his seductive expression.

Originally posted by dsoulxxx

Let’s be honest – until episode 3 no one knew that Daniel was a hot beast in disguise. Yes, he always appeared manly thanks to his broad shoulders and mature visuals. But with his super cute personality and his adorable smiling face, who could have guessed that this fucker is the worst seducer of them all?

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Sorry, Sorry team 2 – also known as Justice League team – was full of insanely hot boys. Come on! I’ve already mentioned three of them on this list. This group appeared on stage, and ruined my uterus in an instant.

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Although Seongwoo performed as center, it was Daniel who got most of my attention. How can he look so freaking good in a suit? I wasn’t prepared for this. What is this kind of magic?

Originally posted by p-eachdaniel

I’m thinking about suing Mnet. My mind and body stopped working properly after Team Justic League’s performance. Thanks, Mnet!

But yes… this was the moment I have realized: Fuck. That’s my bias.

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As if the last performance wasn’t brutal enough, Daniel formed along with five other extremely popular trainees the Get Ugly team and ruined my life AGAIN.

From being all sensual and classy in Super Junior’s Sorry, Sorry to acting all playful and hot in Jason Derulo’s Get Ugly. Why are you doing this to me, Mnet?

Originally posted by leejanhae

I’m usually not that kind of girl that goes crazy when a male idol lifts his shirt to show his abs. But holy shit – why does this work so well with Daniel’s performance? It doesn’t look forced or desperate like on most idols or trainees. 

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Yes, Daniel stood out a lot during the Get Ugly performance – mostly because of his b-boying – which suits him so so well – and his perfect facial expression.

Originally posted by hwangminyeo

All the mature and sensual vibes from Sorry, Sorry suddenly turned into sexy and playful charisma in Get Ugly. With such a variety of hotness – how can not fall for him?

But it wasn’t the Sorry, Sorry nor the Get Ugly performance that made me completely lose my shit.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I’m a 28-year-old woman that shouldn’t start screaming like a ridiculous fan girl in here teens, right? So what’s happening? There are only three male idols that are able to make me go full nuts – and all of them are much older than Daniel. (By the way, if you’re interested who those idols are, let me know.)

Originally posted by kangdanielx

But then Open Up happened – and I was completely done with my life. To quote produced101: Daniel didn’t suit the concept – He WAS the concept of the song. And the funny thing is, Daniel had to join this team as a punishment for his (in my opinion) ridiculous SNS scandal.

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Good job, Mnet! Is this karma? Then this sexy motherfucker hit first place after his team’s seductive show. Not only for the concept evaluation challenge – he even ranked first during last week’s elimination episode as well.

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But guys, you know what bothers me? I want to hear him rap properly. He was always singing during all those episodes – which was honestly good. Besides his amazing dance skills, his voice sounds beautiful. But… I mean… come on! He’s actually a rapper – so let him rap! Well, I have a thing for rappers. If he suddenly turns into a badass rap god, I can die in piece, okay?

I just want to say that Kang Daniel is besides the other four extremely hot trainees I’ve mentioned, the sexiest of all Produce 101 candidates. He’s the one that makes girls break out in sweat. He’s the one that forces ladies’ blood to boil. And he’s the one that should win Produce 101 Season 2′s center position on Friday.

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South Park S21 ep.4

Franchise Prequel

  • AHHH! I’m so glad that Jimmy was able to tell his backstory at the beginning. I forgot how amazing Jimmy is! After season 19, his character grew on me. Fastpass is everything.
  • As always, the boys look adorable in their costumes :’)
  • OKAY BUT DID ANYONE SEE THAT SMALL SMILE STAN AND KYLE GAVE ONE ANOTHER?! It makes me so happy that they’re actually interacting with each other again. I will say that for every episode because it has become frequent.
  • Toolshed <3
  • SUPER CRAIG! I smiled when he appeared on screen. That was my daily dose of Craig Tucker for the day.
  • I love Professor Chaos, I’m actually looking forward to seeing how he contributes to FBW.
  • Chaos’ headquarters is a Circuit City, oh god I’m done.
  • “Pooping in little girl’s mouths…”
  • Mark FUCKING Zuckerberg. His voice was actually starting to give me a headache for some reason haha. I noticed that his lips didn’t match what he was speaking. Oddly enough, it reminded me of Internet Explorer because of how much it lags.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is a penis.
  • Butters looks so adorable in a suit ahhh.
  • Okay I laugh every time Heidi shows up now. Although Cartman is a complete dick towards her, I just find it funny how he reacts when she shows up. HEIDI DON’T LISTEN TO HIM, YOU’RE GREAT, SWEETIE!
  • I was sad that Mysterion didn’t talk as much this episode. I mean I know he talked more at the end but ugh I just love Mysterion so much and he needs more dialogue, you can never have too much Mysterion.
  • Token, just Token. Tupperware will forever be valid.
  • I died when Stephen took Butters to Russia to see Putin, holy shit.
  • I didn’t expect them to take the actual E3 trailer and put it in the episode. I mean hey, I didn’t care since it fit perfectly. I was questioning when they would split anyway.

That’s all the highlights that stuck out to me most! I would have written more but I need sleep. I will continue this little “series” of me writing what I thought of each episode in Season 21. They’re still going strong and I’m happy!


Reveling in Richonne

#62: The Cat (7x10)

The cat. The cat. The cat. 🐱 Whoever sat in that writers room and thought to put this in this episode I have to tell them; Thank you one thousand times! It was amazing. In every way. 👏🏽👏🏽

And the fact that this was done in 7x10 when in 6x10 Richonne was officially born. 😭 Too much good stuff! It was like an anniversary gift and I’m so here for it. 🙌🏾

So before this solid gold moment, I love the shot we get of Rick and Michonne when some of the Trash Trio remind them that they want guns soon.

Like one; last time we saw R&M they were standing in different areas, but of course now they’re side by side once again. Two; it reminded me of a similar shot of them in the Kingdom…

These shots are great cuz first; the king and queen vibes are everything. And second; it really makes R&M feel like partners and a package deal. They are going into any new territory as a unit and they always mirror each other without even realizing it. 

And it’s subtle but you can see Rick look over to Michonne as the trash people walk away and I feel like he’s low key acknowledging how odd these trash folk are. 😂

And then, the next time we see these two, they are standing extra close to each other near that car as the rest of TF load stuff up. I love the way R&M are standing and facing each other in this shot. Like you can tell that their focus is only on each other in this moment.

And Michonne is really sounding like a wife when she says, “Once we get you stitched up, we’ll go right back out and find the guns, right?” Like I love that she says “we” and that she just automatically knows that they’re going to go get these guns together.

I always did wonder how it ended up that Rick and Michonne would be the only two who went on the gun run, but I feel like it’s in this moment where they both knew they wanted to do the run with just the two of them lol. 😋

And I love that she says, “right?” because neither of them ever command the other, they always speak in a way where they allow the other to co-sign and for it to be a joint decision.

And Rick says, “That’s right.” Again, I love how they always verbally validate each other. And you can literally hear the contentment in his voice. Like Homeboy is just in the best mood rn. ☺️

And then Michonne asks “Do you have any idea where?” and Rick says again with so much contentment and optimism “No, but that’s never stopped us before.”

First; The “us”. He means the two of them. Like Rick is so over the moon about the fact that he and Michonne are such a power couple and I love how hopeful he’s feeling. We really haven’t seen Rick be this hopeful in a minute and of course it’s Michonne who has gotten him to this point.

And I love that they are already standing so close, but Rick steps even closer when he says this cuz he really wants her to know by “us” he means the two of them lol.

And then the smile Michonne has when he says this is so sweet cuz you know she loves his hopefulness and his belief in them, cuz she believes in them too. Plus, you can tell she low key thinks his cheery mood is the cutest thing. 😋

And then Rosita tries it when she attitudinally tells them it’s time to go. I was like, “Rosita, girl…

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And I’m glad that they didn’t listen to her and just hop in the car, cuz then we wouldn’t have got another one of my top ten Richonne moments. 😍

Rick says “Hold on” and then he hustles over to somewhere. I love that you see him hustle over cuz it doesn’t matter how injured he is, Homeboy is going to accomplish this goal. And he walks over to this cat sculpture…

Originally posted by godlaughingwhilstyoumakeplans

He takes it and then walks/limps right back over to Michonne and she laughs and says, “Why are you…” I love this response from her cuz I love the playful aspect of their relationship. 

And you can tell she’s so amused and charmed by him before she even knows what he’s up to. And he really knows how to make her smile.

He hands her the cat and it legit looks like he’s handing her roses or something. Like all of a sudden this cat from the trash place looks like the sweetest gift possible. 😊

And then he says, “Because we won” And, again, you know he’s talking about the two of them. And I feel like he’s happier about the “we” than the “won” lol. Like he’s glad they won but what really has him smiling is that they won together.

Then, because Rick stays one-upping himself, he goes on to reveal that he didn’t just get this because they won. He tells her, “And to replace the one you lost”. And it was at this moment that Rick won the Husband Of The Year award. 👏🏽👏🏽😋

Y’all! 🙉 This moment was amazing and gorgeous and precious and sentimental and it made me so happy. 

I’m proud to say that the literal second he walked over to hand her that cat, before I even heard Rick confirm this, I told my family “I’m pretty sure this has to do with that cat statue Michonne got in season three.” I hadn’t re-watched “Clear” in ages but that cat moment was still stored in my memory, so I was not late to this party lol. 👌🏽

And when he said, “to replace the one you lost” I was done. 😭 Perfection. Okay, can I break down the reasons I love this?

One; The fact that this man remembered that rainbow cat from season three. He is the realest of the ones! 🙌🏾

It’s actually so impressive that he remembered that cat from all that time ago lol. The fact that he remembered that rainbow cat is so amazing cuz think about all they’ve been through since then. You’d think a rainbow cat wouldn’t stay on his radar. But that cat had to do with her so of course it stays on his radar.

And think about where R&M were at in their relationship when she got that cat. She was still pretty much a stranger and she wasn’t even with Rick when she got it. But, even then, he took note of it cuz he’s been taking note of her since day one. ☝🏽☺️

I love it too cuz I know so many people caught the Richonne bug and started shipping them during “Clear” and so for y’all to receive confirmation that, even in the beginning of their relationship, Rick was really paying attention to Michonne in a deeper way, had to be so validating.

I love knowing that the rainbow cat was something stored in his memory and him alluding to it here reminds us that these are still those season three characters. Y’all, their journey is everything.

And knowing this, there is now no denying that their moment near the car in “Clear” was 110% flirting. 💯 (I just realized how much that “Clear” moment near the trunk parallels when R&M are near the trunk of this car in 7x10 🙌🏾)

This cat moment also made me wonder; at what point did Rick notice the Trash Land cat? Like, amidst all this craziness with Jadis, there was still room in Rick’s mind to notice that cat and think, “Michonne likes that type of stuff. I’m going to get it for her.” 😋 Like it’s now proven that Michonne pretty much owns 90% of Rick’s mind. 😂

Two; I love that Rick stays getting stuff for his wife. And how sweet is this man to celebrate their win by getting a gift for his woman? Like he legit has so much gratitude and appreciation for her. Also, he loves courting her and I’m so here for that traditional romantic side of him.

It’s cool cuz in the tenth episode of season six, Rick got Michonne mints and that helped lead to their romantic relationship, and now in the tenth episode of season seven he’s getting her a cat which will help lead to their honeymoon lol. 😊

Three; I love the way Michonne holds this cat like it’s a teddy bear that he won for her at idk a carnival or something 😉. And it’s sweet that he stays looking right at her this whole time and she has the most genuine smile because of him. I repeat; Sis is smitten. 😊 

Like Michonne’s not just a warrior, she’s a woman, and I love that Rick makes her feel like one. 👌🏽

Four; Rick and Michonne have given off husband and wife vibes a lot in this series and in this moment they were so extremely married. But also their scenes in this episode also felt so youthful and fun and it was like they were simultaneously giving boyfriend/girlfriend vibes.

This scene is also so amazing cuz this is Rick “Nothing to Play With” Grimes being all cute and getting a gift for his wife like this trash heap is Pottery Barn. 😋

Five; Rick saying “To replace the one you lost” is so very sweet and Rick has truly replaced so many things she’s lost. Like phrasing it this way really hits home how much Michonne has gained in her relationship with Rick. They both have enhanced each other’s lives so much.

Six; I absolutely adore that Rick pursues Michonne even though he has her completely. He cares to give her every good thing he can cuz these two don’t just need each other, they truly want each other and they want to make each other smile whenever they get the chance. ☺️

I love that Rick just proudly smiles and walks away, after handing the cat to her, knowing full well what he just did. 😋 Like this was Rick’s “Kiss of Life” moment in a way, cuz he got to do something that sweeps her off her feet, the same way she did for him in 7x5.

And then he goes to the car and says “All right, let’s go” cuz he’s accomplished the most important thing of the day; making his wife happy 👌🏽, so now they can officially leave.

Michonne so deserves someone who will love her and do these little things to court her and make her smile and I’m glad Rick is so good at doing this. As he walks away Michonne just seems subtly stunned that he would remember that about her and she’s so happy.

And he’s so happy to have been able to give her a gift that was meaningful and to reveal to her that he’s been paying attention to her for a long time now. 

Like I feel like he knows that, in this moment, he’s happily ratting himself out and letting her know she’s had a special place in his heart for the longest. 😊

I love that this last moment of their 7x10 storyline was a beautiful callback and a very loving Richonne moment. Like this was such a perfect button for their “anniversary” episode. And the fact that they’ve only fallen more in love since canon is so wonderful.

What this scene confirms is that Michonne is always and has always been on Rick’s mind. It’s just pure facts at this point. 😂👌🏽

And it also illustrates that they are both equally good at captivating each other. Like it’s a talent they both possess lol. 😋

I knew that every Richonne moment in 7x10 was trying to give us clear insight of where R&M’s state of minds were so that, the next time we see them, we’d know without a doubt that these two are more head over heels than ever.

And with everything that went down between them in 7x10 I was like okay this is totally gearing up for the love fest that’s about to go down in just two weeks.

All the Richonne moments in 7x10 were solid gold and nearly took me out, so I knew I would never be ready for what comes next. 🙈😋

7x10 was just the prequel, y'all. And they tried to prepare us with these cute scenes in Trash Land but let’s be real, when you’re trash; nothing could prepare us for the greatness that would become the illustrious “7x12”. 🤗🎉


Okay so like I understood like 15% of what was spoken, my French really sucks and is limited. BUT, THIS EPISODE WAS SO INTENSE. The best one yet, I think?

MAX IS A GENIUS. I always knew but it was nice to see

THAT FIST BUMP. The Robot’s name is Marcov btw. CUTE.


Marinette, you sly girl



Okay but that sequence of Ladybug and later her and Chat Noir running/jumping on the rooftops was so pretty and good. WOW. THE QUALITY IN THIS SEASON IS AMAZING.

OH WOW. So Robostus was the closest one to actually get the Miraculous. AND THEN HE FOUGHT HAWKMOTH?



Chat bridal-carrying Max was also a nice touch



AH FINALLY THE TALK ABOUT SUPREME POWER WHEN THE LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR MIRACULOUS ARE TOGETHER. I think Fu said something about granting a wish of the person who wields that power, but that it comes at a cost because it has to balanced? Not 100% sure on that, better to wait for subs… But would that mean that if Gabe got the Miraculous of Ladybug and Chat, and wish for Mama Agreste, he would, like, disappear…? BECAUSE I’M ODDLY FINE WITH THAT.  

can i just take a minute to rant about this nancy thing, because it's really annoying me?

look, i have a lot of issues with a lot of characters this season. many of their actions bugged me in visceral ways, and i can admit that freely. lucas should never have told max anything about what went on the previous year– he endangered her life just to impress her. and don’t even get me started on dustin hiding a creature that COULD’VE EATEN HIS MOTHER ALIVE. if it had been any other character, i would’ve been FUMING at the stupidity.

but those two get a pass from us because they’re young, or because lucas’s crush is cute, or because dustin is charming and funny. but nancy, who, need i remind you, pretty much SINGLE-HANDEDLY brought down the lab that has been the MAIN ANTAGONIST on this show for the entirety of its two seasons (something even HOPPER hasn’t been able to do) in a quest to help out the parents of her VERY DEAR FRIEND, who are struggling both emotionally and financially under the uncertainty of their daughter’s fate– but nancy, SHE gets demonized because… basically because she hurt steve? that’s it?

look, i LOVED steve this season. he’s had such an amazing character arc through the show, and he certainly didn’t deserve that. i do believe nancy cheated on him, and that’s never okay. in fact, it SUCKS. i wish they had done it a different way. but can we not minimize her entire arc this season to just this one bad decision? especially not because you love steve now and are ticked off that that decision hurt your tv boyfriend.

it’s incredibly reductive and completely ignores everything she was going through, the fact that she and steve were dealing with their grief and fear in diametrically opposite ways that were not conducive to a happy relationship, and sometimes that just happens in life. it’s not a justification, but just like with lucas and dustin, it’s important emotional detail that informs why these characters do the things they do. they’re not in a vacuum.

i, too, hope the cheating gets addressed and that she has the opportunity to genuinely apologize to him at some point in the future when there’s no impending doom on the horizon because steve really DID deserve better, but from that to nancy suddenly being the worst character ever? give me a freaking break.

sparklebubbleblonde  asked:

What are Jackie and hydes best quotes, romance wise?

Mmmm… Okay, so Hyde isn’t a man of words, so some of these quotes make sense with the context of his actions. And also, this is a sitcom that made fun of everything, and most romantic shit went to Donna and Eric. But here we go:

  • “Steven is perfect!”, Jackie defending Hyde from his father in season 7.
  • “She’s my chick.”, “See? I told you he wouldn’t ditch me. I’m his chick!”, Hyde and Jackie in season 7 while in a double date with Kitty and Red.
  • “I know I love Steven… Because he’s smart. And deep. And when we have conversations, he makes me think. Which used to give me a headache, but now I really like“, Jackie talking about Hyde in season 5.
  • “I know that you are mad at me, so go ahead and yell” “You are beautiful”, Hyde sees Jackie in a wedding dress in season 6. Please note that this is a guy who is supposed to not be able to commit for shit and spend the whole episode mad at her for liking the idea of one day getting married, until he sees her in a wedding dress.
  • “But what if I never find anybody else?” “No, but you will, man. You’ll find somebody great.” Hyde comforting Jackie in season 2.
  • Which is amazing when she says this about Kelso: “Michael took me for granted, too, and then I found someone better”. And he tells Kelso, too: “[About Jackie breaking up with Kelso] After a while, she found someone better: me”. Or something around the lines, I don’t remember that good.
  • “Steven, how can you said that? Okay, fine, you know what? Maybe I do have feelings for Michael. But what I am supposed to do? He was my first boyfriend! And you know what? You’re gonna have to learn to deal with it. And If you can’t, and you’re gonna have to break up with me because of that, then I can’t stop you, but I think it’s a real waste, because I love you”, Jackie to Hyde in season 5.
  • “[After giving her his favorite Led Zeppeling shirt] Yeah, that’s my favorite. You are with me now, so I wanted you to have it.” Hyde to Jackie in season 5.
  • “You’re probably sitting there, thinking: ‘I’m on this date with this girl who really, really likes me’ and she’s so beautiful, that– you’re wondering, ‘How can I open up to her when everyone I have ever loved have abandoned me? Am I even worthy of love?’ Well, you are, Steven. You are.” Jackie to Hyde in season 3.
  • “I’ve never felt this way about a girl before. And I’m sorry, but I wanna be with her”, Hyde to Kelso about Jackie in season 5.
  • “Steven has my heart”, Jackie talking about Hyde (to Kelso lmao) from season 5.


I decided to rant bc I guess Plec’s constant promotion of toxic and unhealthy characters and inability to treat any of the good ones justly has especially gotten to me today, so here we go. First and foremost, the show likes to constantly brush over the fact that Kai was abused and isolated by his whole family, and from moment one, tried to demonize a character who started off good. Think about it, we got flashbacks of Damon, Klaus, Silas, and Katherine, to see why they had become the way they were, but did we ever get that for Kai? No. The only flashback we get is Kai coming after his siblings, NEVER ONCE giving us insight into how they treated him like shit for eighteen years because of an ability he had no control over. That constant abandonment very obviously had an effect on Kai’s mental health, another thing tvd ignored. Kai was mentally ill, he was 100% not okay after having grown up in isolation, and that was only made worse when he was put in the prison world. Kai literally just wanted to do the merge and leave his horrible family, but them having 0 trust in him and continuing to demonize him made him spiral. My favorite Kai scene is actually the one the show fucking deleted when it was the only one that told us about how his past affected him. Kai goes to Jo and basically breaks down and admits that all he ever wanted was to be loved and normal, that everyone got that except him, that he was the way he was because of his family and he hated it, and that vital scene got taken out of the show. After that, he got put in a prison world for eighteen years, which must’ve caused severe trauma, and I know for a fact would one hundred percent make me go insane for sure. And once again, we always see Bonnie suffering and alone in the prison world, wanting to literally die, and that was only a couple months, but did we EVER see scenes of Kai alone in there for EIGHTEEN YEARS? NO. But we do know that he said he tried killing himself multiple times, he literally didn’t even want to live anymore in the first place. Then, introduce Bonnie Bennet. I could’ve seen past all the things I’ve said before, if not for the absolute bullshit logic of Bonnie x Kai’s relationship. Bonnie had forgiven Damon, a mass murderer, someone who killed Jeremy, raped her best friend, murdered a pregnant woman, forced Elena to turn her emotions off, and countless other things, BUT NOT KAI. Not to mention the fact that Kai was on their side, he never wanted trouble bc he just wanted to go home, but bonnie is the one who killed him. She sent an axe flying through his chest when she decided he was useless to them, even though he was the one who’d given them the key to going home. That first action, killing Kai and further proving to him that he was worthless, is what started the whole chain of shit that could’ve been prevented if they’d just forgiven and forgot. Even having said everything so far, I STILL could’ve been okay, but the worst decision by far made in this entire season was destroying Kai’s redemption arc. By this point in the season, Kai was completely on their side, trying to right all his wrongs, saving Bonnie from the prison world, and no longer pursuing his family. He’d done the merge, which was all he’d wanted, and had wished Jo a long and healthy life before leaving her alone. And unlike the other villains of the show, he was the only one with this amazing redemption arc, and the show had so much potential with his character at this point, but what did they do? Put him in another prison world. It’s that, that I will never forgive. Kai Parker literally only needed one person to care even a little bit about him. ONE. And you mean to tell me that after he tried so hard to be good, NOBODY FELT REMORSE, NOT ONE PERSON!? That they were all okay with leaving him to die?! After forgiving Damon, Enzo, and even Katherine, for their past? BULLSHIT. If Bonnie had known Kai was the one who saved her while he was actually dying, which the show conveniently forgot to mention to her, I’m sure she wouldn’t have done that to him, but of course nobody mentioned that to her. And then when Kai came back to kill Jo at the wedding, you mean to tell me that the merge bond and all his kindness and empathy just magically vanished, the fuck?! Not to mention the fact that he was the most clever villain on that whole show, and had vampire hearing, but you mean to tell me he didn’t hear Damon coming and couldn’t stop him!? And just because that all wasn’t enough, they brought back his character in season eight just so that they could put him in another prison world, because killing him once was not enough they had to do the thing that hurt him most. When Kai came back, he tried to run from Mystic Falls as soon as possible, he wanted nothing to do with them, he could’ve been free, but Damon dragged him back. And that coupled with the fact that Bonnie was able to bring Elena back when the whole plot had revolved around the fact that Kai had made it so they’d both die if she tried, was just the icing on top of the cake. Julie tried to make us hate him, tried demonizing someone who’d been abused and mentally ill, and then shit all over his redemption arc, but nothing they did will convince me that he was not the best thing to ever happen to that show, and that not only did he save s6, but instantly sent s7 back to the show’s trash self. And Kai Parker deserved better.

i love steve harrington’s character development and i think it deserves more praise

yes yes, this is something everyone talks about, but trust me. it took me so long to convince my mom and the people i talked with about stranger things that steve harrington was not just some dumb douche character that saved his friends by coincidence and would fall back on his own development as soon as nancy left him for jonathan. back before s2 was really hyped up, it was difficult when you liked steve more than jonathan because everyone thought steve was the worst!! they all flocked to jonathan’s character because he was relatable and you could tell he had something with nancy and everyone was rooting for the caring older brother who was socially awkward.

i love jonathan, do not get me wrong, but he has character traits that i see in myself that come with isolation. so trust me. i’m not doing this to bash on a character, i just want to explain some of the reasons why jonathan has more depth than just sensitivity. firstly, jonathan byers is completely isolated, and this has led him to have a skewed view of everyone who isn’t as isolated as him. when you are so far removed from your typical high school life, of course you’re gonna see the faults in it- he’s so self conscious that his brain tries to put others down just to make him feel less lonely. an important scene for this is when he and nancy are fighting in the woods- he says “i thought you were different”. the implications of this are that he liked her because she wasn’t high school-y and boring teenage girl-y.

when you start to get to know someone, you can see them as more of a person and less of a conforming hive mind, which is kind of what he sees a lot of people as. especially the way he said that she wasn’t herself at the party just because he fell in love with the idea of a girl who /would/ feel uncomfortable at a party. of course it took nancy a while to get used to parties and that sort of stuff, but from what i saw, she was enjoying herself!! she was having fun but jonathan couldn’t see that because he didn’t expect her to have fun. it’s something very typical of people who don’t feel like they fit in to imagine people that they want to get close to as not feeling like they fit in. jonathan hasn’t had much character development because his character has been pretty good from the start, save for the thing i talked about, which is important but nothing something his character is based off of. a healthy dislike for large groups of meddling teens is fine.

the reason i included this part about jonathan is because i wanted to contrast steve with this. jonathan went through a lot as a kid, and it made him stronger, but lonelier. steve, on the other hand, was probably a stupid kid with a fragile ego who surrounded himself with friends just to realize that he felt even more alone with people around. rich and dumb and an asshole. the seemingly best life to live. but steve harrington’s character goes deeper than that.

he started off as someone we all kinda disliked. there wasn’t much reason for it, but he probably reminded us of some dummy we knew in real life that was “popular” and liked girls and thought he was “all that”. pushy asshole boyfriend, an understandable target for hatred. then he showed us that he cared more about his parents’ opinions than barb. then he broke jonathan’s camera- something expensive and prized at the time and difficult to replace. this was when people started to really rag on him. and then he further proved himself by letting his friends spray point rude shit about nancy and jonathan, and though he wasn’t the culprit, he let it happen and he seemed to be okay with it. he spent most of the season being annoying and rude and then flat-out like a bully.

so this is where steve shines!! he started off as a hated character and, despite amazing character development, ended up as a mostly disliked character. he gets in the way of one of the main couples, he’s an asshole, he’s a douche, he did mean shit, he paled in comparison to the other two in the “teens” trifecta. but his character development, especially among the teens, is unparalleled. first off, the duffer brothers commented on his character a bit, saying he was originally meant to be an antagonist but joe’s portrayal of him changed their minds (thank you so much joe). they also say that steve comes from a background where he was never a priority- a kid whose parents ignored him and treated him poorly. sure, sure, this isn’t an excuse, but it explains a lot about his character.

ysee, when i first watched st, i kept thinking ‘what is steve doing in that friend group with those assholes?’ because he seemed so… awkward?? like the way he talked and carried himself seemed very unlike the charismatic characters we usually know as the douchey popular kids. he just didn’t fit in. i think steve was raised by cold, unloving parents that led to him trying to be someone like them- having fun when he can by just hanging around and being a general douche to people, never opening up to anyone. and then, see, he meets nancy. this smart, nice, kinda outsider girl, and finally he has something that makes him happy. i wanted to save this for later, but the time when he calls his friends out for being jealous or something “because she’s not miserable like you”? i think a lot of people overlooked that when it really tells us about steve’s character. these are the kids he’s hung out with throughout high school. these are the kids he probably ended up hanging out with in a time where he felt his worst. these kids probably helped him in a time when he was miserable. he’s been miserable. but nancy, she brought him out of that, and i think that’s why he was so affected by seeing her with jonathan. i think he finally had someone he opened up to, or was going to open up to, found someone who made him happy, and then he saw that and realised that he had put his trust in someone who would just let him down again.

and the parents thing is shown in the conversation with nancy about barb. he was a complete douche during this exchange, but there was a reason for it. barb was missing, but she was also a level-headed teenage girl, so if someone told me someone like that was missing, i would have assumed that they were fine and just probably ran off or played hooky. like i know that’s dumb but if i had stupid parents who never paid me any mind and were probably not exactly nice to me, i think my brain would jump to that. but, still, dick move steve.

breaking jonathan’s camera. okay. heavy thing. yes, DICK MOVE, STEVE, but not without reason. done in a terrible, terrible, awful way that would make me dislike anyone, but not without reason. if i found pics like that of my girlfriend taken by the notorious “weird kid”, i’d be super angry. not angry enough to break a rare commodity, an EXPENSIVE commodity, but enough to do something. everyone hated steve after this.

the graffiti….. the dickest steve move in the series. yes, he didn’t do it, but he followed his friends around as they did it and allowed them to do it. even if the one person you began to trust breaks your heart, that’s still an absurd and awful thing to do. but it also brings one of the most important scenes. i mean, yea, steve and jonathan fought, steve ran away from punishment and left jonathan to be punished, like the awful spoiled boy he is, but the scene at the gas station where they get him like a cola or something to put on his wounds?? that’s an important scene. of course i already mentioned the most important part (the “miserable” part), but the fact that he calls them out?? the only people who seemed to have stuck by him for all these years. he’s finally had enough of being this thing he doesn’t want to be, and he yells at them and drives away (run away like you always do).

steve is a coward. steve is an asshole. steve is a douchebag. steve is a man-child. but steve also had a rough childhood. he also had difficulty opening up. he also spent a lot of his life as a miserable, dull, asshole.

he went to jonathan’s house in the middle of the night to apologise to him. he went out of his way to go to JONATHAN’S HOUSE FIRST!! he wanted to redeem himself to other people besides nancy, so don’t you dare pull the ‘he did it all for her’ card. even after they told him to run, to leave, he came back. it’s so much harder to run away from danger, turn around, and run right back into it than it is to stay and fight. it takes courage. steve broke away from being a coward who always runs away (run away like you always do) to a man trying to become someone better. he’s trying his best to be someone he’s always wanted to be. it’s such a shame he gets put down as the token asshole. remember, he’s not trying to flaunt either. he probably paid for most of that camera, but nancy gave it to jonathan and said it was only from her anyways. he doesn’t care that he doesn’t know it was from him as well, because that’s not the important thing. he wants to redeem himself TO HIMSELF. he wants to be a better person because it’s making him happier, and i feel like dating nancy was a bit of a gateway to that, but not as like a… not like he tried to better himself for her, but more like she showed him that he /can/ become better.

i love steve harrington and in the new previews he’s hanging out with the kids and everyone is like “he was a good guy after all!!” but i am here as his #1 fan to show you guys that it has, in fact, been like that for a minute.

Just a few thoughts on the finale and the April/Jackson/Maggie sitch.

Just a forewarning this is me being honest about April so you might want to turn around now if you don’t want to read any critique.

I’m just having a really hard time with the whole poor April mantra like she isn’t at fault that she and Jackson aren’t together. The very last scene before Jackson served her divorce papers, he tells her she never apologizes or takes responsibility. As we saw when after she returned from Jordan, the second time mind you, she did nothing but justify her actions and refused to own the pain she caused him. We needed space. I was called. I was dying. Such awesome techniques. Etc etc etc. expected him to just get over it. Always about her, never giving him a thought, or any empathy or compassion, what it must’ve felt like when his wife and best friend packed her bags and checked out on him. Never asked how he was. For an entire year. Kept postponing her return. Then after he tells her he needs her now, she threw it all away for *12 more weeks*. 12 more weeks on the battlefield was more important than her marriage. After he had already given her an entire year.

She comes back. Refuses to apologize in any sort of genuine, heartfelt way. This has been acknowledged multiple times on screen and off so I’m not going to debate it if she apologized. She expected him to get with her program without even feeling terrible she hurt him deeply. She acted like the injured party. How dare YOU bring up divorce? You big quitter. Like are you kidding me April? How hard is it to say I am so sorry I hurt you. I am so sorry I left you and didn’t seem to care. I know now that is not what marriage is. That is literally all the man wanted. He even took her to therapy to try to psychologize an apology out of her. It didn’t work. She was a justifying brick wall who wouldn’t acknowledge her actions were wrong.

Jackson clearly still loves her. He is all but begging her to own it and apologize. But she refuses and they get divorced. And then… April seemed perfectly fine. Jackson even says as much. She seemed better than fine. And quite frankly I don’t recall one time she looked devastated to be losing her man, the paper signing scene was the most I’ve seen in years. That has actually been my entire problem with Japril for over two seasons. April hasn’t seemed really all that bothered she lost her husband. Certainly not enough to finally give him the apology he deserves. Harriet is born. Jackson moves them in. April joins tinder, booty call America. Goes on a date in his face. Tells him how amazing it is. Doesn’t seem any closer to owning her crap.

Then. Montana.

April gets a front row seat why Jackson is not okay with someone bailing on him, “happy without him” and “didn’t even miss him.”

Ding ding ding. Who does that sound like? April who left him, seemed perfectly happy to be away from him for a year and a half, and didn’t even miss him. And also wanted him to pretend like everything was fine, much like his father did.

April sees this. You’d think maybe this will inspire her to set the record straight. I wasn’t happy without you. I did miss you so much. I’m so sorry I made you feel otherwise. Obviously that has not happened. I did appreciate the fact she acknowledged HE never bailed and has been taking care of them.

So here we are. 2 years later. And literally all that has stood between the two is her taking responsibility, apologizing and understanding what marriage is. Ben even tells Jackson in 12x23..

“When she does apologize I’ll haul my ass back to our bed where it belongs. She’s the love of my life. You understand, you got April.”

“April and I are divorced.”

“It’s a waiting game. Stay strong, you’ll get there.”

(Here I must ask how long must the man wait for a damn apology?)

So clearly it still has not taken place. April is still of the mindset that he just “doesn’t want her” and Jackson has written off an apology and can’t be with someone who doesn’t respect and honor him enough to apologize when they’ve hurt him and say they won’t do it again. I mean who would? It’s not like he’s asking for a miracle people. Jesus.

So, yeah, I’m not feeling so bad for April when all that’s standing in her way is her own self.

To paraphrase Sarah Drew.

“I think that the hurt from April going to Jordan runs deep. And she’s never fully owned that or apologized for it. I don’t know what it would take to atone for it.”

“My biggest wish is that she would apologize.”

Just so we are clear that I’m not making it up that she has still yet to apologize. Two. Years. Later.

On to Jaggie.

It’s not going to happen. There’s been zero romantic interest on either side. Jackson called her his family. Shonda likes Kelly and Maggie too much to make Maggie fall in love with a guy whose still hung up on his ex. Living with her. Raising a baby with her. Talk about baggage. They are siblings. However it was a pretty genius move on Shonda’s part. April doesn’t know Jackson/Maggie think of eachother as siblings. Her imagination is working overtime because she thinks “he doesn’t want her” meanwhile he’s not getting out of his lane without her owning/apologizing and letting him know she gets it now. Why she hurt him so much and why she can’t do it again. He’s not going to let himself be vulnerable to her until that happens. Classic Japril misunderstanding. What else is new? The voice over in 16 says..

We lose our words. When the stakes are too high. We’re scared of saying too much or not enough. When the only wrong thing to say is nothing at all.

The stakes are high. Jackson tried until he was blue in the face to get her to apologize and own it only to get “what pisses you off Jackson? That I got what I needed or that what I needed wasn’t you” so he’s not going there again. He got the message loud and clear.

Meanwhile April he thinks he just doesn’t want her, lost cause, he must have feelings for Maggie. I want to shake her and say JUST FUCKING APOLOGIZE AND TELL THE MAN YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT MARRIAGE IS.

But I digress. April is seeing things. Jackson doesn’t have feelings for Maggie other than that of a brother. And I feel pretty confident Maggie doesn’t have any for him either. April is paranoid because he’s not showing her interest (no apology no Jackson) so she’s letting her mind play tricks on her.

We should all be thankful Shonda didn’t bring a real love interest on for Jackson and instead April is literally jealous of his sister. To me it’s a good thing if she sees she could lose him for real inspiring her to finally cough it up. The only thing he’s been waiting for. I am so sorry. I was wrong. I did miss you. I wasn’t happy without you. I won’t ever leave you again.

I think the whole thing is going to play for laughs and Japril are still endgame. That much is obvious. And I think Shonda is getting a huge kick out of having everyone and I do mean everyone think Jaggie is happening. Not happening, folks. Just my thoughts. My opinions. Like it or leave it ✌🏽️❤️

Miles Luna is an AMAZING voice actor.

Okay, lemme say something here for a hot second. 

So, in the season finale, the scene in the pizza restaurant hit me hard for one very specific reason: the tone of David’s voice. While he’s apologizing to Max and telling him that he shouldn’t have to pretend everything is okay when it isn’t, I couldn’t help but notice the softness and vulnerability in his tone. Now usually, David talks in a very animated and bright way typical of a cartoon character. This is the reason why when we think of David, we think of a man who is almost unfailingly cheerful and optimistic. We’ve seen a big shift in the main attributes of his character before, but even in comparison to his dejected tone in the season 1 finale, this was much more distinct and apparent for me. The gentleness and understanding way he spoke to Max just sounded so extremely…human. For a long moment, it was easy to see that David has been hurt, he has failed, he has tried again and again regardless of whether or not he is rewarded, he has made mistakes and struggled to rectify them. It gave me genuine chills to hear him this way, and it just added to the raw emotion of the moment. 

I love that Camp Camp is a show capable of pulling something like this off, so much more that Miles Luna can express it so well using just the cadence of his voice. I so adore the way they can make the words spoken mean so much more just by changing the character’s tone. 

Okay can we just talk about Casey for a moment

Can I just say that Casey was fucking incredible in this episode. I mean goddamn did you see how on point his emotions and everything were? I really really hope Casey’s role just gets bigger and we get more Kevin centric episodes bc this was amazing.

Also I had no idea that Moose and Kevin were so close? I always assumed that that time at the lake was a one time thing (somewhat interrupted by Jason’s dead body showing up) but apparently they’re friends? Or at least close enough for Moose to tell Kevin that he’s crazy about Midge (again, I really hope we get more Moose and Midge this season). Idk I just loved it and thought it was brilliant.

And honestly, this episode gave Kevin a whole new layer with the peak into his past (thanks to Cheryl) and seeing the side of him that wasn’t completely hilarious one liners. Also idk I saw it as a way for Casey to finally establish himself as a legit main cast character. I know he’s always been portrayed that way but lbr in the first season, Kevin was like an addition to the core four. But this episode just wow. I think I especially liked how it still worked great even though there were only two scenes with the actual core four and that meant that Kevin didn’t seem detached from the action like he usually does.

So I would just like to thank Casey Cott for his amazing performance and for the final scene with Kevin and his dad bc that was beautiful :’) it was honestly such a sweet and gentle scene and I loved this.

Anyway, this is kinda my petition for more Kevin centric episodes bc Casey shines in the spotlight. I loved it. Casey Cott is a gift that’s all. Thanks for reading :p

college jungkook

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  • first things first
  • i wanna start a seventeen au blog? because my faves??
  • and then everyone will only request like wonwoo and vernon and joshua and jihoon
  • okay anyway
  • jeongguk
  • my son jeongguk
  • he’s like i’m a pretty intelligent kid,,, i should go to college
  • definitely wanna avoid stuff with english because gross that’s such a weird language like what’s up with this i before e that has more exceptions than words that follow the rule??
  • and idioms wth
  • definitely don’t wanna do something with math better to avoid at all costs actually
  • probably wanna avoid something that has a lot of hard complicated formulas too
  • tbh jeongguk is really thinking art but then people tell him he’s gonna starve on the street because people nowadays don’t value culture and aesthetics and put money before everything
  • so jeongguk is like well the only valid option would obviously be
  • biochemical engineering
  • that’s right my dudes
  • and his parents are like dude wth that’s like combining all the things you specifically said you don’t wanna do in the future but when jeongguk gets his mind set on something, well damn he gets his mind set on something and now jeongguk can think of nothing better to do then biochemical engineering
  • he’s like wow i cannot wait to *googles what biochemical engineering majors actually do*
  • and his family is so so concerned but they’re like whatever we will let him live his dreams tbh,,,
  • honestly i can see ouran au in the near future…
  • but anyway!!
  • jeongguk is like um yikes well community college does not have my major so it’s probably a good idea to apply for some universities
  • tbh jeongguk doesn’t even mean to apply for an american school, he thinks the school that he’s looking at is an international school in korea?? but no no no it’s a school off in the grand old USA, and he doesn’t seem to get that fact
  • so boy done applies there, not realizing what the heck he’s signed up for
  • surprise, guess what school ends up giving him the most money
  • that’s right, the american one does
  • and that’s when jeongguk realizes that the school is in america because wait just one minute here that picture on this email most definitely looks like the statue of liberty
  • i could really see jeongguk doing college in new york because wow!! he is such a lively and fun-loving, confident kid and new york city is my favorite place in the world i’ve been there twice so i can say that in all confidence
  • but like also it has so much to do so his thirst for adventure and fun would never be quenched and he would always have something to do?
  • from like going to the famous museums or shopping downtown or all those wild food trucks?? and also like broadway my love omg
  • and so for this au he goes to american school in new york!! his parents are so willing to send him over tbh because new york is rad and in this au he has like an aunt and uncle over there who live like three hours away or something so his family know that he always has someone to count on if he ever needs someone\
  • he also has another person to count on,,,
  • his roommate,,,
  • park jimin,,,
  • it is to be noted that this isn’t in relation to the other college au’s because i am so inconsistent :)
  • anyway jeongguk flies over and he’s like wow college i am in love except he gets lost on the way to his dorm tbh and he probably ends up knocking on the wrong dorm door and he walks in on seokjin,,, standing there shirtless,,, taking selfies
  • and jeongguk is liKE OMG HI THERE UM YIKES GOTTA BLAST
  • and jin is pretty chill he gets all red but he’s like “um,,, you aren’t taehyung?”
  • “no i’m jeon jeongguk, i thought this was my room but i guess nOT”
  • and jin is like mom mode activated and he’s like hold lemme get a shirt on and then i can help you find your actual dorm there child
  • jeongguk gets all pouty and he crosses his arms over his chest like i am not a child i am an adult okay
  • but nah jeongguk is still a baby
  • anyway jin is like oh you’re roommates with jimin, that’s awesome, he’s such a sweetheart he’s in wellness walking club with me and we have acapella and cooking clubs together, and also-
  • jin is interrupted because jimin comes to the door and his eyes are all red and puffy and he sniffles “oh you’re here seokjin.”
  • and jin is like !!!
  • and jeongguk is like ???
  • jimin is all upset because he thought his roommate wasn’t gonna show up and he was gonna be alone the entire year and when he sees that jeongguk is his roommate he like tackles him and he’s smiling and jeongguk is screaming that he’s being attacked
  • but him and jimin are actually really close and they love each other very much and they spend nights talking about their crushes and sneaking taehyung into their room and talking about life back home and their families
  • jeongguk probably gets into a lot of clubs he seems like someone who would spread himself thin trying to do everything
  • he would definitely be in anime club
  • there is no doubt about it and everyone there worships him because he’s hot as hell and they probably try to make him get up and cosplay as something dumb like sasuke or something
  • can he be ritsu kassanoda too yikes
  • yes he can it’s my au
  • okay besides weeb club he would be in the wellness walking club which will now make an appearance in every single au i write
  • also ends up joining the soccer team okay and he plays goalie and damn he’s amazing he pitches shut out after shut out and his coach is like man how’d you get so good at this?? what kind of prodigy school did you go to?
  • and jeongguk just smirks like “dancing”
  • he would be on the dance team with hoseok and jimin too when it’s the “off season” for soccer (but when is there actually an off season)
  • goes to meditation club but nobody knows about this one tbh because like wow yes he’s a genius and yes he’s an amazing soccer player
  • but damn his major is hard and he does so much on top of school that he totally wears himself out but he doesn’t know how to say no to people or put himself and his health first sometimes
  • he’s not very good at sharing his feelings either so everyone always thinks he’s confident, smiling jeongguk when in reality he’s struggling to keep it together
  • and that my friends, is where you come in
  • you and jeongguk have art history together right?
  • you have this little baby crush on jeongguk right because who wouldn’t, he’s absolutely stunning?
  • but he has little everyone fawning over him and you’re like there is no way that he would notice me in a class this size, with people like that ogling over him? like what the heck
  • okay but class is ending and you need to talk to your professor really quick so you’re in no rush to pack up your bags
  • you kinda notice jeongguk taking his time too? but you’re like maybe he needs something too
  • but then there’s this loud thud and you spin around and jeongguk is on the floor, totally unconscious
  • you scream a bit and run over to him and you kneel on the ground and you shake him gently but boy is gone, he is completely passed out
  • your professor is calling someone to come and collect him or something??
  • you keep shaking him and calling his name and you’re like omg please be okay please be okay
  • the professor is like the phone isn’t working i’m gonna run and get someone please wait here with him
  • and he rushes out the door
  • you keep shaking jeongguk and you’re so stressed out but luckily for you he seems to be coming to his senses
  • yah, he’s definitely stirring and you can hear his breathing start to pick up
  • you help him up and you put his head on your lap so that he’s more comfortable and stuff
  • idk i’ve never passed out, only like for a few seconds so
  • but anyway his eyelids flutter open and maybe he wasn’t as knocked out at you thought he was?
  • he looks up at you and he smiles so softly and you can tell that he’s very confused and still out of it and you’re not even sure he’s actually awake?? and like mentally conscious??
  • “oh my god are you okay”
  • he nods and he closes his eyes again but he seems more aware and like awake??
  • “i forgot to eat” he mumbles and he exhales real slow
  • when the paramedics come, jimin is in tow
  • and yes, he confirms that now that he thinks about it, jeongguk hadn’t been eating, he was so busy with schoolwork and extracurriculars
  • poor jimin blames himself and jeongguk weakly tells him that he’s perfect and fine and did nothing wrong
  • they leave with jeongguk right?
  • jimin turns to you and he gives you a tight hug and you’re like !!!
  • “you saved my best friend oh my god thank you so much”
  • he gives you his number so he can update you about jeongguk and keep you posted about everything
  • jimin does just that tbh and he’s always like here is a picture of me and jeongguk snuggling in bed, because he needs more protection
  • here’s another picture, but this time i am spoon feeding jeongguk with jin, see him in the background
  • here’s a picture of yoongi using jeongguk as a human mattress!!
  • you feel like you get to know all of them through the updates and everything and it’s super sweet!!
  • one day, you’re chilling in the library, and someone comes and sits across from you and you’re like lmao stranger danger
  • you look up and there is none other than the jeon jeongguk
  • he has a breathe right strip on his nose and his hair is tucked back under a beanie and he’s wearing a flannel and doc martens and it’s a nice look
  • you get all blushy and you’re like wowow hi there!!
  • he smiles that bunny smile and you’re melting because is he even real probably not yikes
  • he has something in his hand and he hands it over to you and it’s this little plastic bag and inside are these totally misshapen cookies?
  • “seokjin helped me make ‘em. they taste better than they look, i swear they do”
  • you’re all !! because that’s so sweet you hope they aren’t poisoned lmao yikes
  • so you take them and he kinda gets all shy “yah thanks fo real though”
  • man i had a college au and yoongi took lots of pictures of jeongguk and i’m getting flashbacks’
  • “oh, thanks for putting up with jimin too, he can be so extra sometimes”
  • somewhere in the distance jimin feels a sudden pang in his chest
  • “well i wasn’t gonna let you die out,,, on the floor,,,”
  • and he laughs and you’ve never heard a more angelic sound before and suddenly things seem okay
  • after that you and jeongguk are close
  • buds even
  • usually when you guys hang it’s in the bangtan group setting though because he’s not one for one on one relationships, not this early in the game
  • he thrives off other people and the attention that people give him?
  • he loves the group setting, because let’s face it, jeongguk stands out
  • looks, personality, talent, he’s above average
  • he likes being in the group because it obviously sets him apart and he wants that
  • because he’s been into you low key for a while too
  • like every lecture he would shamelessly check you out and he’s so happy that you’re so thorough with your notes?
  • like he knew about you, you’re so cute and wonderful and such a sweetheart and he believes it’s fate that brought you together that day even if the circumstances were kinda !!
  • so now you two have each other in the same friend group and jeongguk could ask for nothing better
  • because yes he wants to date you and kiss your face all over but he also needs the time to get to know you better
  • but he never misses an opportunity to do things with you
  • he always invites you to his games and you probably wear his jacket to everyone and he’s like internally dying on the field because wow you guys look like an official couple he’s in love!
  • he would probably take you to broadway like save up a lot of money and give you tickets for your birthday or something??
  • and you two see wicked and you look so couply that old people just look on you and smile happily
  • tbh at the end of defying gravity he ends up sobbing his eyes out and he goes on this rant about how elphaba isn’t even the evil one, she’s just misunderstood by society and he’s having a fit and the only way you can get him to calm down is by hugging him tight and stroking his hair and whispering to him
  • what a hot mess
  • he always loves taking you to the art museums!!
  • i think jeongguk would really be into modern art because he loves loves loves seeing what the younger generation can do, and the things that set us all apart from our parents and grandparents and everything
  • but he also loves all the ancient classics and he’s especially fascinated by greek sculptures??
  • he always brings his sketchbooks to the museums and draws everything he sees
  • and then he would turn to you and be like well this is great and all but “you’re the real artwork here”
  • he would wink and smirk at you and you would roll your eyes because flirt alert
  • that rhymed lmao good one ally
  • he loves taking you shopping too and he’s like well time to spend all my money,,, on things i don’t need,,,
  • he’s such a shoe person you cannot convince me otherwise
  • he gets you matching doc martens and hoseok is like smh you two are so in love
  • he loves trying to impress you with all this hardcore engineering stuff and you’re like wow buddy, maybe if i was, idk, smart, this would make more sense
  • “i’m gonna genetically engineer my dog to speak”
  • “i’m gonna report you to the government”
  • tbh he’s such a child
  • he drags you to anime club and he’s like well i guess we gotta cosplay now,,, cosplay a cute couple cosplay,,, even though we aren’t dating because i’m afraid of forming attachments to people,,,
  • im not saying tamaharu
  • but im saying tamaharu
  • tbh it’s been like four years? three years? since i actually watched anime like idk who anyone is
  • but he would also love bringing you out to the soccer field and like no matter what level you are in the sport he’s like practice with me
  • and he would get all heart eyes when you kick the ball and he saves the goals
  • and whenever you would score on him he would start laughing and then chase you around and when he caught you he would pick you up and spin you around
  • also forces you to come to the gym
  • tbh it’s mostly so he can sit there and bench like two twenty and impress you
  • you always make sure he doesn’t spread himself too thin
  • like one time
  • jeongguk joined a club he’s not really into but he’s way too sweet to say no, right?
  • it’s like something really ugh like maybe cross country
  • and he kinda stops showing up because he’s exhausted and he doesn’t have time and he can barely get himself to eat let alone get up and go running
  • they keep texting him and the poor baby cannot say no so he’s sitting on your bed, crying as he’s pulling on running shoes
  • and you’re heart is breaking because jeongguk always puts others first and he always puts on this happy face and nobody really knows that things get to him
  • so you grab the phone and you call that number
  • “look here you carton of rotten milk, jeongguk has politely told you at least a million times that right now isn’t a good time for him? can you not respect that? i know your little team might fall to piece without him, but he’s gonna break into a million if he doesn’t get a break anytime soon. please leave him alone or else all hell will break loose, thank you!”
  • after that, nobody pushes jeongguk to do things he’s not up to
  • and after that, you, jimin, seokjin, and yoongi all get matching jackets that say “jeongguk protection squad” on the back and you all have different colors and they have flowers on them and they’re really cute!!
  • okay but like you and jeongguk flirt with each other like nobody’s business
  • and you’re like wow maybe one of us should confess,,,
  • jeongguk is like lmao nOPE
  • because yes he really really really likes you but i don’t see him as someone really eager to form romantic relationships just because wow those require a lot of work and i think jeongguk would be scared that maybe he would end up doing all the work in the sense he loves more than the other person
  • like what if he’s willing to love unconditionally, and you’re not?
  • he doesn’t want heartbreak, oh no, not at the college level
  • he’s gotta focus on his job and his future and yes he wants you to be a part of his future, but no he doesn’t want to have his future crashing down because he loved too much
  • but boy makes a dumb mistake
  • there’s an on campus art show!!
  • and remember how i said jeongguk draws everything he sees
  • well jeongguk draws you, a lot
  • like whenever you two are chilling or studying, down at the museum, waiting for one of jin’s swim matches to start
  • and there’s one drawing he’s really fond of in particular?
  • and it’s titled my love right
  • it’s a water color piece of you and it’s from this one day he took you to see the stars out in this little grotto near the edge of town
  • and as you stared on at the constellations in awe, he sketched you lovingly and-
  • that’s what he chooses to enter and there’s lot of stars in the background in dark hues but your face and clothes and hair, they’re all in warm colors, like reds and pinks and oranges and yellows? just to make it different and to have this neat contrast going on
  • but your eyes, he makes them the same colors as the stars and they look like they have stars in them, but why wouldn’t they? that’s how jeongguk views you anyhow
  • boy totally forgets that you of all people, would maybe show up to the art show!
  • jeongguk hangs low the night of the art show because he’s humble and gets so sheepish when dealing with compliments, because he has a lot of stuff up
  • but that piece, it’s in the front of the room in a large frame and it’s like really showcased
  • taehyung and jimin know all about it right,,,
  • so they call you up and they’re like you wanna go to the art show with us? yoongi has some pictures in there, and i heard they have free cake
  • you’re like lmao why wouldn’t i go,,,
  • so you do go
  • and you’re browsing all the art and you’re blown away by it all
  • one of yoongi’s pictures captioned “young love” sends a chill down your spine though because that’s a picture of you and jeongguk’s matching shoes sprawled out across your dorm floor along with art history notes and energy bar wrappers
  • as you meander through the exhibits, jimin and taehyung get more and more giddy and excited and you kinda- are you five or something
  • but they will not tell you what they’re so excited about and you’re like okay i see how things are gonna be
  • you huff and wander off by yourself because wow they’re being kinda suspicious and yoongi’s picture is still kinda got you in a weird mood
  • you wanna text jeongguk about it
  • so you pull out your phone and you go to text him but then someone tugs on your sleeve
  • it’s a girl, you think like maybe the grade under you?
  • she kinda stands there silently, staring at you and you get all embarrassed like maybe she has the wrong person?
  • but then she asks “hey, are you the one in the big painting up there?”
  • your brows furrow because okay what big painting, this night is getting weirder and weirder so you ask what she means and she takes you by the wrist and drags you over to the painting
  • and low and behold, it is you
  • you cover your mouth with your hands and just stare at it because it’s so much to take in
  • between the way it look slike aesthetically to how accurate it is to like, the actual like, message behind the painting?
  • tbh you probably tear up and you just can’t even think straight because this is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
  • you’re like what do i do, what do i do
  • you don’t even need to think much about it after that like you just grab your things and you race out of there
  • jeongguk is eating ice cream and playing pokemon on his DS
  • you’re out of breath and you kinda jam your key in the door and you rush in
  • jeongguk is startled to see you because he thought you were with jimin and taehyung the entire night?
  • but nah, here you are, up in his room, looking like a total hot mess
  • “hey, what’s up with you?’
  • and you’re like just be normal, just be normal
  • “jeon jeongguk i’m in love with you too”
  • yes, nailed it
  • jeongguk chokes on his ice cream and you’re like omG
  • but he starts laughing soon after “i think i need cpr”
  • “and im being serious, come over here and kiss me”
  • and then you two kiss all mushy and he’s really clumsy and it’s really sloppy but you like it because he pulls you down on the bed with him and runs his hands through your hair
  • you two spend the rest of the night cuddling and he names his pokemon after you and tbh he gets a little too overboard with the affection and when jimin comes back he walks in and jeongguk peppering your face with kisses
  • he tells jin and jin promptly calls jeongguk to give him the relationship safety one oh one talk
  • he makes jeongguk put it on speaker so you can hear it tbh
  • cutest couple ever
  • like he shows you at least twenty seven sketchbooks filled with drawings of you
  • okay but imagine like they win a big soccer game and they hoist goalie jeongguk up on their shoulders all cute
  • and he wriggles to get down and he runs over and pulls you into a long dramatic kiss instead
  • all his teammates get the big cooler and dump it over the two of you
  • tells you that he will genetically alter your kids so that they all look like him and you’re like who said i wanna have kids with your coconut head self
  • besides you’ll be in jail before that happens
  • say he’s gonna try to genetically alter himself that he can grow a few more inches and you just say you’re leaving the dorm to take a nap with yoongi or something and he gets SO offended
  • he gets a jacket that has your name and then protection squad on it tbh and you two always match
  • you always make sure that he is healthy and he always makes sure that you are protected
  • probably does squats with you on his back like he did with yoongi
  • and loves you unconditionally tbh the end

I’m stupidly happy about this -

- because I wrote this exact scene in my hiatus fic a few weeks ago. Yay for charcterization!

With a roar or rage, he finally raises his gun out and shoots - he was aiming for the heart, but Sam pushed his arm aside at the last moment - they both watch as Jack frowns down at the bullet hole in his stomach (there is no blood), and fuck, there it is - the skin knitting together, the wound disappearing as if it’d never been there in the first place.

Dean hadn’t expected anything different, but it’s still a blow of sorts.

He hopes it hurt, at the very least, but then it doesn’t seem likely.

Fuck, the world is one unfair and messed-up place.

“Okay, that’s it,” Sam says, taking Dean’s gun from his unresponsive hand. “Dean, for fuck’s sake. And Jack - please, don’t do that. We only want to talk to you, okay?”

“He started it,” Dean mutters, feeling about four and unable to help it.

[amazing gif by @margarittet; gifset on the similarities between Jack and Cas here]

Okay, I never write posts, but this deserved it

Can I just say, how awesome is the work of the animators in Voltron??? I mean, just by the way Keith used his blade in one of the first scenes I could recognize him, he was masked and he hadn’t talk, but just by how he moved and attacked I could see it was him, and that’s just??? So amazing??! They made those movements so characteristic of Keith and ahh, I just love it so much