but in need of a happy ending

Before anyone asks me: No! I’m actually not worried at all about Luke being at the top of Rian’s “shit list.”

I’m actually optimistic now. Very optimistic. Rian wanting to put Luke through some difficult trials shows me that they’re giving him a solid character treatment by giving him obstacles to overcome. Luke needing to overcome these obstacles means he has a clear arc. Luke having a clear arc means he has purpose to his character. Luke with purpose going through his arc means that at some point, Luke will overcome his obstacles and emerge victorious. Meaning Luke probably gets some sort of happy ending. 

So yeah, I’m rubbing my hands together. This is gonna be goooood!

Pond Life

Prompt: Kiss
Pairing: Destiel
Tags/Warnings: Five and one, homophobic language, ponds, fluff, happy ending, near drowning, hurt/comfort
Summary: Five times Dean and Castiel don’t quite get to kiss and the one time they do.
Word Count: 3,620 


ONE – eight years old

Castiel had moved into the blue house across the road four years ago and they’d become fast friends ever since. It was after a time when Dean needed all the friends he could get. Dean didn’t talk to Castiel for months after meeting Castiel but eventually with a lot of help and encouragement from his dad, Dean began to say hello.

They spent all their time together after that and if people thought it was weird, they didn’t care.

One of their friends had asked why they didn’t have a girlfriend, but they had each other – what would they need a girlfriend for? Girls were gross and they had cooties! Plus, everyone’s girlfriends last the best part of a day before they were ditched.

Dean met Cas down by the pond behind Castiel’s house like they always did after school. Dean liked that they were still short enough that their toes didn’t get wet when they sat on the edge of the jetty. They weren’t supposed to be on the jetty in case one of them fell in, but Dean could swim a whole fifty meters unaided so he deemed that good enough.

“Hey, Cas!”

“Hello, Dean.” Castiel turned and he smiled as Dean sat down beside him. But his smile soon turned and Dean frowned.

“What’s the matter, Cas?” Dean asked, nudging Castiel’s elbow with his own.

“Do you think it’s nice to kiss someone?” Castiel asked.

“I dunno. Sammy’s kisses are all wet and gooey. It’s gross!”

“My dad gave me these pictures of my mommy.” Castiel explained sullenly. He handed three pictures over to Dean who flicked through them. One of them was from just last year with Castiel and his mom together at the beach.

“Is this the one you’re on about?” Dean asked, holding up the photo of Cas’ parents kissing as a very young Castiel grinned at the camera.

“Uh huh… do you think it’s nice?”

“My dad says boys should kiss the girls he likes… like your mommy and dad.”

“You can kiss boys you like too!” Cas exclaimed.

“You can?”

Dean handed back the photos and Cas returned them to the small backpack he’d taken with him.

“We should try it,” Cas said.

“Okay, you’re my best friend, Cas, so that works, right?”

“Uh huh.” They turned to face each other, awkwardly wondering how this even worked and if, perhaps, something magical would happen. It always did in the fairy tales they were told.

Just as they got themselves sorted their names were hollered by Cas’ dad. He came closer and took each of them by the hand, taking them away from the edge of the pond.

“I’ve told you boys several times to keep away from the edge of the pond. Castiel – you cannot swim okay.”

“I can!” Dean piped up helpfully.

“Dean… it doesn’t work like that. Yes, you can swim, but you couldn’t get Castiel out of the water. Both me and your dad have told you this. I think it’s best you go home and explain what’s happened.”

Both the boys sighed quietly and Dean kicked the dirt before heading back to his house, only stopping once to turn around and wave goodbye to Cas.

TWO – sixteen years old

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So JRed is doing some theatre later on this year (good for her!) which hopefully means another break from Holby so she can return. So either CRuss will have a suuuper long break and they’ll come back together, with JRed’s absence written as her going to have an extended holiday with Serena at the end of her sabbatical. Or CRuss will return and the first dramatic!plot for Serena on her return will be trying to navigate the hospital again without Bernie who has been drafted back into service (which seems likely - they’ve started adding more Bernie military references into the script again, and heightened security in Britain is meaning that the military could theoretically need Bernie to train recruits or something). As long as she comes back I’ll be happy.

Champagne (John Laurens x Reader)

Summary: Reader goes to the mascaraed ball with her husband.

Warnings: Abuse, drinking, swearing.

Word Count: 2041

A/N: First thing I want to say if i do not in any way condole abuse, I myself have been in abusive relationships and it took me a long time to get out, if anyone at all needs to talk I’m always here. Also THIS IS NOT A HAPPY ENDING. I left it like this because A) I had no idea how else to end it and B) because I may write more. I hope someone enjoys it….

A heavy sigh left your trembling lips as your hand grazed the black and blue bruise surrounding your eye as you looked in the mirror of your vanity, with a hiss you flinched when the pain flooded your head, you glanced down at the powdered foundation sitting in front of you. Gently tapping the brush your applied it carefully to your black eye.

After the last few strokes of the brush you set it down and stared at the mask sitting neatly on the vanity. Your scullery maid Natalie tied your hair up loosely, she picked up the navy blue mask with crystal accents.

You usually hated any sort of events but the yearly mascaraed ball would bring a happy distraction this time.

As Natalie finished tying the mask, she undid your hair to hide the silk ribbon and the bruise on your shoulder.

You stayed sitting for a while, staring blankly at the mirror in front of you, the mask covered a well bit of the bruise and the make up covered almost the rest, a rock sat at the pit of your stomach as you thought of the other fresh and old bruises littering your body.

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Me at literally any TV series

oh yes finally all the conflict is solved, the music sounds really nice and happy nothing could go wrong. Oh wait the music changed, hang on what, what???? Nononononono this cannot be happening this cannot. Don’t you dare end episode dont you f*ckng dare, ah whyyyyyyyyy

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I have anxiety like Taylor and I always have the need to have everything in control under my circunstances. I kinda understand how Taylor freaks out when people know about her secret and she's one of the highest celebrities. Poor Taylor

You know she has a lot to worry about.

1989 is a hard act to follow.. and performing live is gonna be difficult after Monday night for any artist especially with young fans.

If you are here presumably you believe Tay is gay and with Karlie. Having a strong steady relationship must help so much. Karlie is calm. He parents are strong. I hope Andrea is well.

But if Tay is worried about ever coming out - it didn’t show towards the end of last year.

She doesn’t need to do Toe. I so hope that fades to nothing and was just to distract from KP - he’s already 1000x more famous! So his movie company will be happy and have got their money’s worth!


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Well the episode 21/22 synopsis did say that fish, oswald, and ed are working together so Im not entirely sure if the trade is gonna be so ed can kill him or maybe oswald just got arrested or something. Idk it's hard to tell but the synopsis did say they would be buds again by episode 21.

Aaah yeah I mean look at the ep20 promo pic! :O I ofc wish for the trade to be Ed wants Oswald because BAE and not death. At the same time it would be such a final ep thing to have them fight until the very end. But yes we also have that pic were we think it’s Fish standing in front of Os & Ed! Maybe that is after this hunting?? AAH I DON’T KNOOW BUT I LOVE TO THEORY. What we know is it will be AMAZING anyhow. Ugh I just hope it will end GOOD and not like 3x14 sniff. We need some chill now tbh, happy murder babies <3


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I trusted you man, your klance space cowboy adventures series is killing me and its just so good man. I am a mess now I just want to know if they'll be ok?

:D I’ve given you hugs already, but here, have some more! *yet more hugs* :D

Honestly, I’m a big believer in the whole “earn your happy ending” — in other words, for all that I love my angst, for all that I have some weird need to make my favourite characters suffer, I am working towards something happy … Or at least sort of happy. 

Sometimes you can’t make it all rainbows and sunshine — it would feel disingenuous to give Lance and Keith a pure, uncomplicated cheerful end, all tied up neatly with a bow, considering all they’ve been through, and have still to work through … It would cheapen their suffering and their character growth, I think.

Ah, didn’t mean to talk so much here: short answer is that they will be okay, for a given value of “okay” … They just gotta get through a lot of stuff first ;) Many thanks, dear :D

Better Than Okay - Anogete - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 9/20
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Darcy Lewis
Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Darcy Lewis, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Pepper Potts
Additional Tags: Angst with a Happy Ending, Suicidal Thoughts, Romance, Bucky Barnes Needs a Hug, Masturbation, Foot Fetish

Bucky is yanked out of cryostasis in the midst of an international incident and needs a place to lay low. Darcy happens to have a rental in the middle of nowhere with an extra bedroom. Grudgingly, he agrees to stay with her, but doesn’t realize how much that will change his life. Or that he’ll end up falling in love. Character-driven fic in which Bucky learns how to heal and live again.

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do you ever regret being in the supercorp fandom? like i love it, but it's such a toxic mess. also, i know you write supercorp fanfic as well, does that change your feelings on it? like knowing that being associated with this fandom will probably carry on. (like you're not toxic, but supercorp is kinda known for being toxic- does that make any sense? )

well, what it comes down to at the end of the day is what makes you happy. i watch supergirl because it makes me happy. i follow katie mcgrath because she makes me happy. the people i follow on here, and that i communicate with, make me happy. i stay out of ALL fandom drama, i block what i need to block to ensure my dash stays positive. life is hectic and crazy enough and tumblr (and supergirl/katie mcgrath) are my happy places… i refuse to let them get soiled.

that being said, no, i’m not worried about my work being associated with a toxic fandom. i write because katie’s performance as lena has inspired me - she motivates me to write, she gave me back the passion that i was lacking, and for that, i will always share my work and ride my wave of creativity for as long as i can. the work i make is heartfelt, and genuine, and i’m so proud of it. i don’t write simply for “ships” or “OTPs”– yes, i write supercorp, but it goes beyond that, if it makes sense. i write for more reasons than a fandom and i just try my best to reflect that wherever possible. my name won’t ever be associated with a negative comment, or bullying, or harassment, and that’s all i can ever ask when it comes to fandom wars, you know? my work stands alone as something entirely different, and that’s how it should be. so anon, if you also write (or create art, or anything else) because you’re motivated by this show, keep it up. do it for you. not for anyone or anything else. <3 

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Regarding Jack being good or bad, do you think that he will start out "bad" and maybe show traits of Lucifer - like, he'll kill innocent people (maybe not that far, but you get the point) - and as the season progresses he "turns good" (I like the idea of Cas being like a mentor/showing him the good in the world as he has the same feelings as Lucifer about humanity) - this is just my thought though, probably won't happen, just something I'd like to see

This is exactly my most logical headcanon right now.

Jack needs to choose what he becomes, who he is. This is a fact of the show, he won’t be born one way or another, he needs free will in the end.

He also is entering a time in the narrative where something big and good needs to happen to close off Hell (back to pre season 2 status quo) in order for the boys to have their “happy ending” which I believe we are heading towards. It just kind of fits that it would be him.

Also it is a circular narrative if he is the one to kill / end Lucifer, being his son and his “tool”, it is not just a parallel to the whole show’s narrative of free will and choosing your destiny, but also of rejection of blood, rejection of a negative parental figure and embracing the good and the found family.

It also is a metaphor and parallel for Sam, whose arc is due to be focused on  now after season 12 was so Dean focused.

It is also fitting for Cas’s arc as he has said before, he tried to teach his family free will before and he said it was like trying to teach poetry to fish… his Humanity arc would be entirely linked to helping Jack see the good in it and himself teaching him free will, it’s also linked to Dean/Cas with the whole “righteous” thing being banded around regarding teaching Jack how to be good and just…

It all just FITS.

However let’s see, I don’t know how long they will drag out the show. If season 13 is the end then I would say I am 95% sure this is how it will go down, but if it does go on for longer then perhaps they will not use this as they will use a different story for the same purpose in the end and Jack will be a ‘filler’ big bad… but this just fits so nicely it is definitely my main head canon at this moment, it just depends where the limit is on how long they go on for…. maybe…

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JK ;) 

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Any advices on how to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with someone whose still trying to get there life together ??

you just need to support your partner in everything they do and help them to go through hard times. believe me, bad things will end and they will be so  thankful for anything to you! remember that relationship is about supporting each other at first

My Mind 2

Title: my mind 2 (dean x reader)

Warning: angst, a little cussing, (in the future) a tiny bit of smut.

Notes: I will be posting the other part of this very soon, I just wanted to end this one because it was getting a little long. Sorry for the angst there will be a lot more happiness in the next part. (Which I will be posting tomorrow or the day after)

Summary: while on a hunt dean gets a spell cast on him….

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily


Deans pov:

(y/n) was laying on the bed with her eyes shut peacefully. Dean sat on the chair across the room, his brother walked out of the bathroom, “I’m gonna go to the library Dean, we need to talk later ok?”. Sam walked out of the motel shutting the door with a slam, quickly dean turned his head to see if it woke you. You were still fast asleep, he sighed and looked back down at his beer. Dean pulled the bottle up and stared at the bottom of the bottle before taking a swig. A few boring minutes went by silently, dean stood from his chair and headed to the bathroom.

A little while later he came out and walked to the chair across the room again. He looked over and saw you had woken up, “hey, your up”. “Oh my god look at that, I am” you said sarcastically making him smirk at you. You grabbed your duffle bag and walked into the bathroom with crazy hair. You came out in an unbuttoned red flannel, Your hair was a little curly at the bottom but otherwise looked better from before you walked into the bathroom, dean made eye contact as you walked to the chair across from him before sitting down at the book you were reading before you feel asleep.

“Should I turn the radio on or should I ask him first? I don’t want to bother him”.

He put his beer down and turned the radio on without looking up from the book in front of him, he turned on the rock Channel and turned it up. This made you chuckle aloud, “you read my mind, I was gonna turn the rock channel on, too”. He nodded his head turning the page of his book creating an awkward silence.

You looked at him for a second before staring down at the page you had left the book open too a few hours ago when you decided to take a nap.

“I can tell Sam is worried about him, he said something about a spell the witch could have casted on him. I hope that’s what he’s doing right now. I kind of feel bad about going behind deans back like this”.

He pursed his lips. Behind his back, you guys were trying to help him without letting him know your going to help him. That’s sabotage, what if he didn’t want to be helped. He looked up again with a small glare but as soon as you lifted your eyes to meet his he flipped it to a small smile until you looked away again. Ugh, those two never told him anything, maybe it would help him to be able to read minds.


You looked down to your book again. Chills washed over you, gosh you hated it when he gave you that look, what a jerk, how could he just sit there looking like that and smile at you like that when he should know that it hurts your heart when he does it. You hated yourself for loving him but there was absolutely no way to stop it from happening. You cursed him for being so perfect and from the corner of your eye you saw him lift his head quickly. You looked up at him and saw his quick face of shock disappear into a calm somber expression but you could see just the tiniest bit of heat rising to his face before he looked down to the book again.

This only worried you more.


You held the phone close to your ear and looked at the door to the motel room, you sat on the edge of baby’s hood. “Have you found anything?” You asked into the phone worriedly your foot tapped with anxiousness. “I’m looking as fast as I can y/n you need to calm down”, you stopped tapping and stood up. You walked over towards the small playground that sat empty in front of your western style motel room, when you saw dean open the door and start walking towards you.

“Dean is practically reading our thoughts and you expect me to be calm, hurry up, he’s coming over to me so I have to go, bye”. You spoke quickly before hanging up and walking towards dean who was practically sprinting towards you. “Geez, who are you talking to for that long?”, you scoffed and sat down on the curb by the playground. “I was talking to Kevin, he was just giving me some information about the last murder”. He nodded and sat down next to you.

You tried so hard not to think about how close he had been sitting to you but it obviously was the first thing to pop into your head. You couldn’t contain the heat rising to your cheeks knowing that he probably knew what you were thinking about.

He cleared his throat and looked up at the grey sky and the last bit of sun going behind the hill far out and then down to your leather jacket and then looked down to the wood chips that filled the small playground. “So….uh… what did Sam say about the spell thing”, you looked at him in shock and your blood ran cold. “Umm…. what are you-” dean laughed and looked down at you. “I can read minds and you expect me not to know what’s going on. What did he say?”. You just looked to your feet, he’s probably read all the things you have thought about him.

“He’s looking but he hasn’t found anything yet, he said it might take a while and he will call me when he finds anything.” You just looked down and refused to make any kind of eye contact with him. Just thinking about how he probably knew all the stuff you thought about him made some dirty things rise to the top of your thoughts, your cursed yourself mentally and turned just the slightest bit to avoid letting dean see the heat in your face.

All you could do was ask, you cleared your throat and tried to think of the words to put together. “So… you Can read minds?”, he scoffed and looked down at the side of your face. “Yeah, I can” his brooding voice plus the heart breaking words sent shivers to your bones, he knew and your knew that. For sure he had seen all the lengths your imagination had gone when thinking about him. You wouldn’t be Surprised if he hated you know or didn’t want to be around you.

You sighed a little too loud and stood up, “I’m going to go… inside, I’m sorry”. You didn’t know if you were apologizing for leaving him in the cold or for making him see all that stuff and learn your feelings when there was a big possibility that he saw you as a sister. You could feel the tears gathering around the brims of your eyes and a painful lump rose to your throats making it difficult to swallow the anxiety of it all.


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I agree with everything you said. I'm very concerned about the path this whole plot is taking. Lena needing help and not getting it, Kara saying Mon-Ew made her happy (I was like... Bitch, when?) What infuriated me the most tho was Alex not hugging her at the end. They're fucking up the Danvers sisters, mom. I don't understand why they're making them drift apart like that. They're the most important relationship on the show and yet they don't want Alex to be the shoulder that Kara cries on.

I don’t like the way they left supercorp end the season, I knew the brunch together was going to be the last peaceful moment, but that scene with Clark and Lillian left a bittersweet taste in my mouth. Also they pushed that scene between Monel and Kara so hard, I felt bad for her because melissa did a great job but yeah that’s it, I felt really nothing for him. And you’re right, that Alex and Kara scene should have ended with a hug, it’s true that some people like to be left alone when they’re sad, but Kara has always been a touchy person, I want to believe that she craved some physical contact but the writers have done such a poor job with them. We haven’t gotten significant scenes of them since Alex’s coming out, thing I noticed even more after re-watching some eps of s1 days ago, it’s almost as if the bond they had isnt even there which is really sad. I really hope they’ll fix this shit in s3.

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I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now. We have been through hell and back together...but we always manage to get through it. We moved in together just under a year ago and since then we have lost a lot of our spark. Even sex seems like a chore sometimes. We bicker endlessly and end up parenting each other more often than not. I dont want to lose him but I have no clue what to do to fix this problem. Thank you for reading, dear <3

Honestly hun, if you want my real ass opinion on this- leave him. Leave the relationship. I know commitment is important and the bond you’ve created with him from going through ups and downs has become such an important thing to you.. but time is no reason to stick with someone who doesn’t make you happy anymore. You don’t need any more reasons to leave. Obviously talk to him about allt his first if you still wanna work things out but if your relationship has become so toxic that you aren’t happy anymore- it’s okay to walk away from it. I love you so so much and you only ever deserve the very best honey. Please promise me that you won’t have sex with him unless you REALLY do want to, too? Okay? Because having sex just to please the other person is such a chore and fucking sucks balls. I love you! Message me if you wanna, I’ll always listen if nothing else.



This is still very much a work in progress- i need to sctually shade it… I usually dont post WIPS on here but i just wanted to get SOMETHING done for 2D’s birthday before the day officially ended (I have an hour left until its over)

SO yeah have this thing whatever it is


Thoughts on the Flash season 3 finale:

-Iris is a queen

-My poor little speedsters deserve happiness

-They ALL deserve happiness (Caitlin come back soon!!)

-Candice Patton is an AMAZING actress

-Cisco everything’s gonna work out

-I love Cynthia

-Is there a way to google how to fight the Speed Force?

- Iris West-Allen deserves all the love and to have her happy ending

-Did I mention that Iris was perfect and I need to see her in a wedding dress getting married to the love of her life Bartholomew Henry Allen

p.s. Speed Force it’s time to step up, me and you are gonna fight