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Royalty AU - Crown Princess Marinette of the Dupain-Cheng Twin Kingdoms

(other classmates coming soon)

Types of Girlfriends

Aries: Plays hard to get. Fun not serious. Insults you a lot, but does it out of love. Will gush about you to other people not to your face

Taurus: Giggles and gets embarrassed a lot. Shy. Wants to hold you and make sure you’re okay. Random texts telling you they love you

Gemini: Is more responsible to you than they are for themselves. Shows they love you through action not always words. Wants to tell you a million things but scared

Cancer: Makes sure you’re safe. Tries to make you laugh. Happy. Random mood swings. Needs encouragement to not be so reserved

Leo: Clingy. Isn’t afraid to be super weird around you. Doesn’t give a fuck about what others think about your relationship. Random touchiness

Virgo: Needy. Doesn’t like PDA. Tells you about everything. Calls you dumb but loves you to the ends of the world. Lots of hugs

Libra: Very reserved. Very low-key about the relationship but will be there for you to the moon and back. Will hold you while you cry. Takes you on random trips

Scorpio: Plays hard to get until they realize how bullshit the game is when you’re in a relationship. Ride or die. Will punch someone in the face if you insult their s/o

Sagittarius: Shares their music playlist with you. Expects a balance between space and communication. Lowkey about relationship. Chill dates (eating ice cream by the street, naps)

Capricorn: Knows what they want but scared to do anything. Clingy but doesn’t show it. Doesn’t like others to be clingy. Playful punches

Aquarius: “I’m a queen treat me like it”. Wants constant affection. Will mother you. Loves taking you places

Pisces: Wants the best doesn’t expect any less. Isn’t clingy but wants lots of love. You’re their best friend and lover

Types of Girlfriends

Aries: Plays hard to get. Fun not serious. Insults you a lot, but does it out of love. Will gush about you to other people not to your face

Taurus: Giggles and gets embarrassed a lot. Shy. Wants to hold you and make sure you’re okay. Random texts telling you they love you

Gemini: Is more responsible to you than they are for themselves. Shows they love you through action not always words. Wants to tell you a million things but scared

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AU where Lena doesn't know that Kara's Supergirl. Lex sends an assassin after Kara because Lena's close to her, and Lena glimpses the man with a gun. Without a second thought Lena throws herself in front of her only friend. Kara can only watch as Lena bleeds out, knowing that Lena didn't need to do that; that she'd have been safe, it was just a normal bullet. And that if she'd just told Lena who she was, trusted her just a little bit more... Fun thought!

‘Fun thought’: And then she flies her quickly to the nearest hospital revealing to lena that she’s supergirl, once there Lena is looked after right away and Kara is allowed to go see her after a few hours of waiting, Lena being hurt also made kara realize her feelings for her so she confesses her loveright away and lena (of course) returns her feelings HAPPY END

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... I don't think you understand what I'm trying to tell you here... Glitchtale season 1 sure Chara died but it ended with a happy ending. we didn't know what would happen in season 2 and Sans died, which was a big shock to us... (I think I understand why Undertale 2 was cancled by toby.) Most of the season 2 gets messed up, and sometimes you need to give up on season 2 for a real good story! Now I'm sayin you should give up Yugo, I'm rootin for ya, I'm just telling you what happened so far.


Alright ^-^

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In October of 2016 you said you were updating in just a few days for "Stars are guiding me back!" February of 2017 is almost over and we've heard nothing from you. Post the unedited and then repost when you fix it. For god's ake just put something out already. In an ideal world you would have access to pre2010 MS Word and let style + grammar editor give you a rough proof read to hurry up the process. Do you need a new beta? I can do that.

i really dont appreciate the accusatory nature of this ask. i know ive taken a while, and i know people are waiting, but im not happy with the ending that is currently written. it’s not that it has bad grammar or spelling mistakes, it’s the storyline. the current conclusion just doesnt make narrative sense and is not cohesive. i feel strongly about not publishing anything that im not happy with, and not publishing anything that’s quality is significantly different from the rest of the fic, which i was generally pretty happy with. obviously as a writer, critical, but on the most part, knowing it was my best. what’s written now is not my best and i know it can be better, and that’s why i havent posted it

i do intend to work on it, and a few days ago was thinking that my dream scenario is on the night of the bachelor finale this season (i was like “omg it’d be so cute to post after after the final rose” but because of time zones that’d be like 3 in the morning so thats not happening but you get the idea) but i am abroad right now. i want to work on the fic, but i have other things going on like homework, preparing applications for my summer and senior year of college, and fuck, just exploring my city and europe in general and soaking in this opportunity. so while i think that’d be cute, i also have plans for two trips in the next two weekends, and my friend is coming to visit me and see london so i probably wont have time. and i dont feel guilty about that, because i. am. abroad. 

i’m sorry you’ve been waiting, i’m sorry to all my readers (or people who wanted to read and were waiting until it was finished) because i know it’s been a while and i know ive broken a lot of promises, but i feel strongly about not posting until im genuinely happy with what i’ve written, and i just need some time to get there. 

thank you.

I just wanted you guys to know something: I have depression and anxiety, and it really sucks. I know what it’s like to freak out over little things. I nearly threw up today when Trevor had trouble (he’s fine now), and I once had a near panic attack because my printer wouldn’t work. I don’t personally have anyone to talk to about it, and I know how hard it is to reach out to people you know. If any of you need to just talk, but are too afraid, worried, or embarrassed to reach out to family or friends, please talk to me. Now, I’m not exactly great at giving advice, but I will listen. Please, please don’t just bottle it up and soldier on. It makes it so much worse and you’ll end up on the floor sobbing your guts out, or worse. Please talk to me. I’m happy to listen to you. I want to listen to you. I understand.

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Hiya! Not sure if you're still working on Rough Trade, but were you planning on ending it on a sad note? I read all your old prompts and it seemed like Henri was working his way back into Eames' life... Anyway, love your story loads and loads! Hope you're doing well!

Hi! Here is the thing about me, I am kind of a huge marshmallow. I’m aware that I put my characters through a lot… but there will always be closure and, most likely, a happy ending. Like I was just reading an adorable Jyn/Cassian Rogue One AU, and I looked at the sequels, and… it ends with them breaking up!! What rude person would go through all the trouble of setting them up together only for them to end up with some kind of irreconcilable differences?! Look, I read and write fic to get away from stupid reality. I do not need stupid realism in my fics. (Aside from which, everyone who’s seen Rogue One surely knows that Jyn and Cassian complete each other and would never break up. IT’S TRUE IF I SAY IT IS)

This ask made me think about Henri, and why I know he is not the right guy for Eames and why I think Eames knows that too. He tends to look back at their relationship with rose-coloured glasses. And I mean, they WERE happy. But I have always felt, for sure, they wouldn’t have been happy in the long-term. The thing about Henri, I think, is that he’s just a liar. He wouldn’t think of himself as one. He’s more of a liar by omission. I know I mentioned, at some point in The Bridge, was that the one thing that really annoyed Eames about him was that he would always do whatever’s easiest. It was easier not to tell Eames he cheated, so he didn’t. And the more I think about Henri, the more I think that his life plans didn’t actually line up with Eames’. He wanted easy and Eames didn’t. Eames wanted career moves and kids and complicated things. I don’t think Henri wanted those things. Eames might have been able to drag him along into those things, but it wouldn’t be by choice. I suspect he just hoped Eames would come around and decide they were already happy the way they were. So whenever Eames talked about their future, Henri would gently deflect him, or just nod along.

Don’t let this reflect badly on Eames; they did exist quite happily so long as there was no pressure on Henri to change anything. Henri is ultimately a kind person and was probably a very good boyfriend, cheating aside. But he’s a liar and he doesn’t like change. (Ironically, Eames leaving him is probably what spurred Henri to finally start changing.) Also, I don’t think Eames will ever truly be able to forgive him for the heartache he caused.

Arthur is also a good boyfriend when he (finally) is not overworked. And Eames now knows the importance of clear and open communication in a relationship (see Sib’s fic!). He knows better than to go back to Henri. So Rough Trade will NOT ever end on a sad note, should I ever produce more drabbles. I hope that’s a good answer. :)

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Was that Rhodey snippet on purpose. Imagining Steve being jealous. I need my CN fix.

Just on purpose in the sense that I wanted in this chapter to sort of give some explanation as to how he and Tony end up as the friends that we see in the flash-forward, when Rhodey finds him in Afghanistan.  While, unfortunately, that relationship pretty much develops “off screen” for purposes of this story, Steve isn’t jealous of Rhodey.  He’s happy Tony has someone, and these two dorks are so ridiculously in love with each other, Steve has zero to worry about.  


“I’ve had a really lovely night with you tonight, Elliott, I’m disappointed the night is coming to an end…”  Said Kinleigh 

“Me too, I really enjoy your company. We still have a little bit of time before you need to be home, perhaps we could head off now and take a bit of a stroll around the park on the way home?”

“That sounds like a perfect Idea” replied Kinleigh 

“I’ll just get the bill and we can get going.” said Elliott 

“Are you sure, I’m happy to pay” Said Kinleigh “or at least chip in, this is an expensive place, I feel….”  

Elliott cut her off with a smile “Don’t be silly, I asked you here.. It’s my treat.” 

*It seems Kinleigh can’t go on a date without running in to her family.. Thats her Aunty Lexi and Uncle Curtis at the table behind Elliott.

Currently working on a Swan Prince!Victuuri AU, and it’s not going so well so have a feathery Victor instead :’3c He’s so pretty, but so hard to draw….

this anime is killing me in more ways than one

literally every character this season: how does it feel to be on the sidelines, victor? how is it to watch your long-time rivals perform from the audience? how do you feel about having your records broken? 

victor: could you take a picture of yuri and me with my phone?????


TFA valentines for everyone you love…EVERYONE


‘Cause past is past but not in my heart.

I’ve been through this before; then it broke my heart.