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I had like… The realest dream..

I was watching Pitch Perfect 3 and they didn’t give us Bechloe. So I moved to L.A.. I was writing a script of two friends who meet at college, the one girl gets a boyfriend, the other is hopelessly and to no avail in love with her friend. Or so it seems. After 3 years, Girl A breaks up with her boyfriend and Girl B is like super happy. And towards the end of the movie, the feels between the two get more and more intense until they kiss and live happily ever after. Under the excuse of me needing actresses who portray this on screen love with a chemistry you can’t just get, I casted Britt and Anna. When the day came where we shot the kissing scene I told Britt and Anna to put everything they’ve got and what they think is good into that scene. Needless to say, everybody was moved after we shot the scene. When the trailer dropped and the date of the movie release was coming closer, I was dropping more and more subtle hints that this movie was for the Bechloe fans, and on the day it aired I just tweeted “This movie was created out of spite. This one’s for you, Bechloe fans.”

I should really do it if Bechloe isn’t canon lmao

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I'm trying to write a story for class. But I want it to be sunshine and happiness, because everybody else keeps writing about murfer, abuse, cannibalism and all that jazz. Only problem is, I need a happy, fun conflict and can't think of one! I'm no good at happiness and sunshine.

Fun conflicts can include simple, every day disturbances! Such as:

  • Something is missing.
  • An activity goes wrong, but things work out fine in the end!
  • Something was forgotten.
  • Things are running late.
  • I got hurt, but it’s only a minor inconvenience.

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IM OKAY GUYS, I AM JUST VERY GOOD AT ANGST!!! (okay yesterday was a really bad day but still) i like mystery thriller, but what if once its all wrapped up, Len is in the precinct waiting for his next case and Barry, his Barry, walks in with a smile on his face and it goes silent, Len walks up to him and Barry looks at him and whispers "You're not my Lenny" - Scarlet

Scarlet, wtf.

Screw law school, you should write horror movies. Psychological thrillers. I’m reminded of “the monster at the end of this book” except that’s a cute sesame street thing (and then Supernatural episode title) and you’re more… devastating.

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I think the conversation between Hook and Regina is what has me thinking they’ve again ruined Emma’s happy ending - “r: why’d you lie to Henry? H: it’s what emma wanted R: if he knew what really happened he’d drop everything and come back - emma wants him to get on w/ his life R: well I think it’s wrong. H: it’s not your decision, we need to respect Emma’s wishes.” There’s obviously something that’s happened??? And now Adam’s hinted at it by saying Emma’s absence is explained?

So let me get this straight.

You think the writers went so far out of their way to ensure Emma’s happy ending and the Captain Swan happy beginning that they concocted this ridiculous Wish Hook plot, reinvented all the rules of the massively unpopular WishVerse and really put their reboot in jeopardy because it’s all so silly, only to ruin it later on with a plot point they can’t follow up on since Jennifer Morrison has made her last appearance?


No, seriously, you really believe that?

You know what would have been easier than making Colin’s character a different version of Hook? It would have been a lot easier for them to destroy Captain Swan. It would have been a lot easier for Hook to be the real Hook and have him separated from Emma. Or it would have been easiest just to kill Emma.

But they didn’t do any of that. They found a way to preserve Captain Swan and their happy ending. They risked losing viewers who would be satisfied and tune out in order to do justice to the story they’ve already told.  I think that the overwrought dialogue early in 7.02 was just to build suspense in that episode (very heavy-handed Jane and Jerome) about what happened to Emma and what her secret was. Once Emma appeared she was completely convincing to me as happy and pregnant.  As far as Adam, I think he is merely referring to why the Storybrooke folks weren’t caught up in the curse, and my guess is the answer is simply that Storybrooke wasn’t affected by it. By saying there is info to come, he’s hoping he’s giving you a reason to keep watching.

However, if you are this bound and determined to borrow trouble then I doubt any of this will permeate your bubble of pessimism, but can I please ask you to stop bringing this to other people’s inboxes? This fandom deserves to enjoy this moment without someone like you trying to ruin it.

  • Michael: Luciel... Is everything r-ready?
  • Luciel: Aaaalmost. Now we just have to wait for Father to come home. But there is one thing I need you to help me with.
  • Michael: O-oh?
  • -Later-
  • Michael: L-let me sit on Dad's l-lap please?
  • Mika: Of course, Michael.
  • Michael: Ouch... D-do I have something in m-my eye?
  • Mika: What? Let me see.
  • Michael: *eyes glows*
  • Mika: *passes out*
  • Michael: 0v0
  • Luciel: Dude! It worked! That's a freaking amazing skill, little brother!
  • Michael: W-why did me and Nii-san do this?
  • Luciel: Dad is Father's present, right! We'll put him in a box and surprise him! It'll be soooo fun!
  • Michael: Should me and Nii-san n-not have told Dad first?
  • Luciel: ...
  • Luciel: Naaah, it's fine.~
Seventeen reaction to their s/o being diagnosed with a serious illness

Thank you so much for requesting @ameaniyo !! Hope you like it. I’m not very sure I did a good job on this request, maybe it’s because I don’t have a lot of experience with angsty situations or maybe it’s because I mostly see the boys happy, but anyhow, I’m sorry if it really sucks ahhh. I ended up making this serious illness life threatening as well. ~Admin Summer


After hearing about their illness he would put his whole life on hold to be with his s/o. He would accompany them to all the doctors visits, be there for all the bad days, be their chauffeur, personal shopper, cook, anything they needed. His life would go up in flames but he wouldn’t let it show, it is most important to him that his s/o is at peace.


Jeonghan would spoil his s/o. After getting the news he would make sure that his s/o had everything they ever wanted, he wouldn’t let money be an object. Every time he visits he would bring gifts and tons of love to try to distract from the awful situation at hand. He would make his s/o as comfortable as possible if that means bathing them when they can’t do it themselves, massaging their shoulders to relieve some stress, or even just brushing through their hair he would try to make your life as happy and stress free as he could.


He would serve as an anchor for his s/o. No doubt his s/o would be in a world of worry and a state of constant anxiety but Jisoo would be the calm man in a storm. He would quiet his s/o down and tell them everything happens for a reason and that together they will come out of this fine. He would want to make his s/o feel relaxed and help them to find refuge in him from their hectic world.


He would try to be lighten the mood with his cheesy jokes because he doesn’t know how to react to something so serious and heart breaking to him. His relationship with his s/o would be a goofy and happy one where they don’t focus too much on the bad things and celebrate the good. He would try to ignore the illness but would soon figure out his s/o needed him to be serious for them so he whip right into shape and uncover a new side of Jun his s/o had never seen.


He would be extra extra affectionate. He would send meaningful and heartfelt texts every morning and even write letters. He would bulk up on the skinship so his s/o knew he was all in wasn’t planning on leaving them alone during this tough period.


He would become very quiet. His s/o was his source of excitement and happiness and felt like the world was all right as they were happy and healthy and loving him. Seeing his s/o sick, depressed, and worried made him a little depressed. Even though he became quiet he would still always be there for his s/o. He would always be silently by their side.


He would try to find medication, procedures, and doctors that could help his s/o. He would try to find a way to heal them quickly and sufficiently. He would research everything he could. He would come to his s/o excitingly with the information that he stayed up gathering the night before. and talk them through all their options so that they wouldn’t know he was really trying to help them out and show his dedication.


He wouldn’t leave his s/o’s side. His super poetic side would come out and he would say the most beautiful and encouraging things to encourage and cheer them up. He would become more clingy, always needing to show his love and commitment.


Cooks meals upon meals for his s/o. He stockpiles there fridge with his food. Since he’s used to doing chores around the dorm he’d go over to his s/o’s house and do all the things that needs to be done so they could rest well. He’d try and take them on special outings because he’s nervous they won’t be around forever.


He was always smiling around his s/o until the day he heard the news. His mood darkened and became more solemn as he realized how serious their condition was. He would try to be happy for his s/o, but the thought of living without them made his heart break.


He would act the exact same, he wouldn’t let this news affect the way he acted around his s/o. He would be bubbly and light hearted as always. When he is left alone the situation hits him hard and he cries in secret never letting his s/o see him in that position.


He’s a baby so he’d be terribly shocked and probably try to man up and hold back his tears. He would fail and end up with his head in his s/o’s lap. He would cherish every moment with them and never let a moment go to waste.


His personality would stiffen at the news. He’s probably act more down and be easier to anger. He would be frustrated and mad that this happened to his s/o. He would still be loving to them but he’d take this really roughly.

p.s. sorry there are no gifs :((( I couldn’t get them to load.

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Grindeldore as a ship is quite tragic. Do you think there is any parallel universe where they could have been happy? Would they have been happy 'ruling' together? Would Gellert ever consent to be a teacher with Albus? How do you envison their alternate happy ending? What needed to occur differently? Could it ever happen or are they really horrible for one another and it would never work in any circumstances? If so could you describe their perfect partner? What did each need the other to be?

I think that this is a really vague question. Like, sure, any character or ship could have ended up differently in a parallel universe, but it would fundamentally change the characters.

Personally, I don’t see how they could have ended up together. The thing is that they were not horrible for oneianother as much as they were horrible for those around them. Gellert would not have compromised his plans, but he would do anything to have Albus with him, including hurting the people Albus loved. On the other hand, Albus would either have to turn his back on Gellert, as he did, or to compromise his anti-muggle-torture policy and go off the rails. The only plausible version of them being together would be if the Dumbledore had met the post-Nurmengard version of Grindelwald. 

I am one of those fans who are satisfied with the ship as it is to be honest. I think that Gellert realising his mistakes and dying refusing to help Voldemort while trying to prevent Dumbledore’s grave from being desecrated is the happiest ending they could get.

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happy headcanon: damien LOVES jazz and was often found in his frequent guest room dancing, william always seemed to happen upon him and would then very quickly be pulled into the room to dance with damien. fast forward and wilford finds damien's favorite old record and being curious he plays it, this summons dark very quickly and then they just end up dancing. the end.


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Ayato with a pony tail

If TG ends without us ever seeing this, I AM GONNA FLIP. Ishida, please. 

Things we really need to see more

  • Ayato with ponytail 
  • Ayato with short hair 
  • Ayato with slicked back hair (like the formal kind and not the chapter 90+ kind) 
  • Ayato in a white suit (a proper panel) 
  • Shirtless Ayato 
  • Ayato in Anteiku/:re uniform
  • Ayato with bunny ears 
  • Blushing Ayato 
  • Smiling Ayato
  • Crying Ayato
  • Happy Ayato
  • Ayato 

Devlin: I just wanted to warn you. I still care about-

Elie: My cab’s here Dev. And I don’t need your brand of care. It’s why I left Pharmatics and the Valley. You can’t control everything. You can’t control me.

D: I only ever wanted us to be happy. And for us to have-

E: And you didn’t listen when I told you NO! End of conversation. My cab is here. 

D: But-

E: Bye

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We need to let Colin know we don't want any version of hook paired up with anyone. Just have this versions happy ending be his daughter like Jefferson. Him being paired up means a lot of people stop watching.

Hon, Colin isn’t a writer.  I don’t think it does any good letting him know anything like that, he has absolutely no control over the narrative and no say in the direction they are going. it’s best to stick to the stuff he does control, (ie acting choices, what it was like to film certain things, stories on set, what he was thinking when filming particular moments etc)   

Sorry! Again some sweet, sweet Sackson fluff … because … It must out off my mind, it’s Sackson and I need it!

Chicago, autumn 1900

Leaves were falling, were blown away by the wind; and the sun gave the last power for this beautiful autumn day.

Connor Judge walked up and down, stopped from time to time, frowned and shook his head.

This was the adequate behaviour for one who was impatiently waiting.

He knew that from his father. He had done the same at the time when the baby was delivered.

Connor also knew that one must rush into the room of happening at a certain point, but he had no idea when it was the right time to do this.

He sighed and glanced to his mother. “Mama, this waiting makes me weak. I need another biscuit to strengthen me”, he said in a serious tone.

Susan, sitting on a bench, the second child on her lap, nodded as permission for her son.

Connor didn’t hesitate. He went to the carriage beside the bench, rummage in the bag that was mounted on and finally found a biscuit. It was the last one. He put it out of the bag in the most discrete way, but he wasn’t lucky. The toddler realised the treasure of her brother and started grabbing after it.

Connor turned around. “It’s mine!” he said. “It’s not for babies.” The girl turned up her mouth, the eyed filled with tears and she began to cry.

Susan sighed. “Share it!”



His mother’s voice clearly insisted and did not condone any resistance. So, the boy broke the sweet in two pieces and handed grimly one of it to his sister who immediately was calm again. Then, he sat down beside is mother.

Susan wiped the tears and the snot off her daughter’s face.

For a short moment, she had a fresh looking child, before new snot ran out of the nose and slobber, mixed with biscuit crumbles, came out of the mouth.

Then, she looked down to Connor. The boy held the biscuit piece between his dirty little fingers, chewed silently. Crumbles spread on his plaid cotton shirt around the chocolate speck that remembered on the ice cream he had a few minutes ago.

‘It’s amazing! You can’t keep them clean and full. There’s always space for specks and food’, thought Susan, smiled and was thankful for the minute of distraction.

The door of the building on the opposite side of the street was still closed, silence, no movement, nobody around.

He had told them the approximate time when they should come to collect him, but this was over since nearly half an hour.  

Susan was nervous, even more when she saw somebody leaving the building.  

It was him.

He doesn’t look good.

Jackson’s head and shoulders hung down. He trotted slowly down the stairs, seemed to be exhausted.  

“Oh no”, whispered Susan. “He didn’t make it.”

Connor sprung off the bench, run to his father and took him by his hand. “Never mind, daddy’ he said comfortingly and guided him to the rest of the waiting family.

When he was close enough, Susan stroked his cheeks.  “Next time,” she said in the most optimistic way she could, but Jackson shook his head.

“No darlin’. It’s over.”

He didn’t look up, avoided to face her gaze.

“All these men in there … much younger than me … more educated … more intelligent.”

“Sush!” interrupted his wife. “I don’t want to hear that. You’re clever and smart and have more experience than all of these greenhorns. … If it shouldn’t be this time then it will be next time. … Furthermore, it is just a stupid piece of paper. It tells nothing about your abilities.”

Jackson declined.

“No. No. You must resign yourself. From now on, you …” - he lifted up his head that she could see his wide grin - “… will sleep with an examined doctor of medicine.”

Susan widened her eyes. “You mean …”

“Yes! I made it.” He laid his free arm around her waist.

“You tricked me”, said Susan in fake anger, but she was filled with happiness and pride. “Well then, Doctor Matthew Judge, let’s see if it is better to kiss a doctor than a quack.”

Connor rolled his eyes and groaned. He knew that hours and hours could pass by if his parents kissed each other … Boring! On the other hand … now, it was the best time to get away with favourable requests and inevitable confessions. So, he said:

“We must urgently buy biscuits and ice cream  … and the vase in the living room is broken.”


@markcherrybaksu aka as my child and the one who always has supplies of memes and trying to make the atmosphere more fun!! i love you hehe 💖 hope you a wonderful day ahead and please dont let your cca and results affect your mood too much :-( if you need anything i’m always a number away so just text me! i love you, hope you’ve been doing well since the school year is ending soon 💜 love from mom

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I don't see a happy ending for jonsa or jonerys. Not at all.

Depends fully on your idea of happy ending. 

People sometimes assume GRRM’s ‘bittersweet ending’ means everyone’s gonna die and it’ll all be miserable, but they’re wrong. These are the same people who think GRRM just loves killing his characters purely for shock value, because he can, because he enjoys making his readers miserable. 
He didn’t wait to write the Red Wedding to the very last minute because he wanted to save the best for last. GRRM doesn’t give his characters shit unless  it serves a purpose/the plot/their character development. 

The idea about what is or is not a happy ending varies. Jonerys being canon at one point during a boat sex scene of 30 sec may be all some shippers need while others need Jon to sit on the Iron throne with Dany, Drogon, Rhaegal and Ghost in his lap…
I, as a jonsa shipper, don’t need/expect them to get married and be forever happy. I will be perfectly happy with alive Jon and Sansa, save and content. I don’t think I’m asking for too much. I’ve always tried to campaign for realistic expectations, and thus far I’ve failed. Which is a shame because some people seem to have forgotten what show they’re watching and they’ll never be satisfied, they’ll end season eight feeling no doubt extremely disappointment. I’m in no way saying you can’t root for happily ever after or are wrong to want it! I mean, in a way I want that too, of course! It’s just that I feel I’ve known how this story is gonna go and end for some years now, and I don’t see it happening and I don’t get why others do. I’m not sure if we even should want it. ASOIAF is better than that. Of course it’s not gonna give us something as lame as a ‘happy ending’!

I personally think Jonsa shippers who think Jon and Sansa will rule Winterfell and have little baby Robb’s and Ned’s with direwolf puppies happily sitting in the Godswood with a pint of Dornish wine are as delusional as the Jonerys shippers who believe Jon and Dany will save the word together, then rule the rightfully theirs Seven Kingdoms and restore all that was stolen from them and their glorious Targaryen dynasty. I mean, yeah sure, looking at it that way, neither Jonsa nor Jonerys will have a happy ending. But then, there are people out there who think Arya will end up Hand of some King/Queen and others who expect Sansa’s storyline to go south, not North so… Maybe I’m interpreting this all wrong. 

In all fairness, I think Jonerys is getting the epic yet problematic and shit-that-was-a-mistake azor-ahai-thingies full blown romance that will end dramatically horribly… and Jonsa is getting the future. Ashara Dayne & Catelyn Stark. 

There’s not gonna be either a happy ending or an unhappy ending. Too many people have died to have a happy ending, and, against popular believe, GRRM is not sadistic enough to not end this story on a satisfying note, which will probably be a promise for the future. A promise of Spring. 

It’s not fair.

So happy beginnig to the Swan Mills family begins with question what’s wrong with Emma?   with their family fallen apart.

Regina doesn’t understand how Emma agreed to let Henry go to another book and after that losts in her thoughts.

That’s how.

a few days earlier:

Emma understands that Henry  wants to leave (or more accurate - Hook told her that)   and wants to talk with him but Hook (that’s our “how”) stops her.

Actually, Hook needs “more” from Emma:

Hook: This isn’t an ending, Emma. There’s more to come.
Emma: But we don’t know for sure. What if I don’t get a second chance?

So, it’s absolutely normal that Henry wants to find his story. It’s normal if he wants to leave his mothers for it. But why is he so upset? Why he sudenly thinks that he isn’t good enough? For whom he isn’t good enough in this story?

Yep, that’s the question.

some time later.

Adult Henry is in trouble and calls  Emma, Regina and Captain Hook for help.

Emma haven’t appeared, and when Henry asks why, Hook lies to him and after that it’s very interesting dialog between Hook and Regina:

Regina: What the hell was that? Why did you just lie to Henry?
Hook: Because that’s what Emma wanted. If he knew what really happened, he’d drop everything and come back. She wants to let him get on with his life.
Regina: Well, I think she’s wrong.
Hook: Well, that’s not your decision. We have to respect Emma’s wishes.

We already know that Emma wanted talk to Henry and didn’t want him to go at the first place.

But maybe she changed her mind and really don’t want to bother Henry now? Nope. Killian wanted it.

And then she openly and in the same time nervously - as it’s not really her thoughts -  tells Henry that she wants fresh start with Hook.

Emma: I mean, neither of us have donethe diapers-and-the-feedings thing. It’s what I missed with you. It just… it took a long time to find each other and find ourselves, and… Now, we both made mistakes,and we both can learn from them, and we both can do something good from the start.

I think you’re remember how the same words about Emma was Snow’s DARKEST secret, and she told them to Emma only under death pressure?

And how Emma wasn’t good enough for Snow until she started to turn into Princess Emma from Snow White’s fairy tale?

Yep, that’s the answer.

After Henry are assured by Emma that she already has a new family, “almost”, Hook take Emma back to the Snow White’s book.

and you know what’s not fair? "Not fair" is being separated from your kid.

Not my words, canon words from the episode.

And if you think that Hook try to separate Emma Swan and her family for some good reasons - for Henry sake or because he cares about Emma - you are wrong.

As usual the reason is himself.

We were introduced to the good part of Killian Jones who  was lost somwhere all this time. He tells us why Hook so fixated on Emma: 

Good Hook: You see, our stories were the same, up to a point. But in my realm, Regina’s curse was never cast, and that’s when our tales parted ways, and that’s…when you found love and happiness. But I found…misery and heartbreak.

Evil Queen casted the curse and the Saviour - Emma Swan - was born. Hook 30 years stayed young then met grown up Emma and fell into the Snow White’s happy ending as Princess Emma’s Prince. And he is who he is - the Pirate without real redemption, liar and alcoholic as long as Emma Swan is with him. As long he plays with loaded dice the Pirate wins.

my only sunshine

Pairing:  Darcy Lewis/Natasha Romanov
For:  @paranoidwino
October 15:  Blood
Rating:  T
Word Count:  1060
Tags:  Alternate Universe - Post-Apocalypse, Alternate Universe - Alien Invasion, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Sick Character, Rescue Missions, Action & Romance, Peril, Happy Ending, Fluffy Ending


The world has ended, but only for some. Aliens have invaded, but the strong and the wily have survived.

But even the strongest and/or the wiliest are no match for a bacterial infection.

Darcy is sick, and Natasha will stop at nothing to make sure her love gets well.

Read a snippet:  

“Necrotizing Fasciitis…flesh-eating bacteria.  She’ll need antibiotics,” Dr. Cho said slowly.

For Natasha, it felt like hours passed between Helen’s diagnosis and the next time someone spoke. And she was thankful for Clint in that moment.  

“So give them to her,” Clint insisted, gazing down at Darcy, laid out prone on the makeshift gurney in the makeshift hospital that was really a Red Cross Bloodmobile.  "Surely we have some left…"  

And here was the big problem.  The one that Natasha simply had to solve.

“Only oral,” Natasha said softly, her hand squeezing Darcy’s.  "She’ll need them intravenously, right, Doctor?“  

Helen nodded once.  A solemn admission.  "I’m afraid our stocks of intravenous antibiotics was wiped out when the generators died last month…”  

Clint exhaled slowly.  "So what does this mean for Darce?“  

"Without them, she’ll succumb to the infection.  Within the week.  I can make her comfortable. But…”  

“There’s still a supply in the Hub,” Natasha said.  "The generators down there won’t ever stop running.“  

"The hub is infested.  Full of those… those octopus creeper things. Tentacle nightmares.  The hub was the first place they hit.”

Natasha shrugged.  "The med units were near the rear entrances.  If I can get in, get some of the antibiotics, then get out with minimal detection, it’d be a piece of cake.“

"I’ll come too,” Clint said immediately.  

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