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Characters: Y/n, Liam, Scott, Lydia, Allison, Kira, Malia, Jackson, Isaac, Stiles, Mason, Jordan

Pairing: Jordan x Y/n hinted

Word count: 2065

Warnings: Nothing. A few random swears. Fluffy brother stuff

Summary: Liam’s older brother shocks the pack by showing up, reminiscing and discovering secrets

A/N: Could you do a teen wolf one where your Liam’s older brother and a professional lacrosse player and you get time off so he goes to see Liam and sees him practicing and Scott and Stiles are big fans of him and get autographs and pictures and stiles acts really nice to Liam like hand round his shoulders and stuff like that and Liam brother kinds of embarrasses him by all his old nicknames

Ok, so i didnt follow everything the request said. But i still like it

Also read my series The Beginning Of The End- Part 1 link. other parts found in the masterlist below


The boys were out on the field for lacrosse practice. Scott, Isaac, Stiles, Liam and Jackson. Everyone else was sat on the stands, Mason, Kira and Allison watching, while Lydia helped Malia with her math, the poor were coyote having absolutely no clue what x’s and y’s were doing in math when they belonged in English.

Liam was in the goal, blocking the shots while everyone else attempted to score. Of course, Liam was stopping almost all attempts, except for Scott’s, Isaac’s and Jackson’s, the werewolves using just a small amount of their supernatural strength.

“Whoooo, go Scott” cheered Kira, proud of her boyfriend, while Allison and Mason cheered.

“Come on Dunbar, step it up. You’re supposed to block them, not be scared!” Coach shouted.

After a few rounds, Coach swapped out Liam for Greenberg, making sure the entire team put extra force in their throws.

Once Liam was up, everyone knew he would score, not having to use his werewolf powers at all.

“Woohoo, go Chappie” a voice said. The team looked up as did the pack members sat on the bleachers to see a man clapping.

“Who is that?” Lydia said, looking at the slightly older dude, handsome and very well built she could tell.

“OH MY GOD, Y/N Y/L/N!!” coach suddenly shouted, running over to the man as did the team members, all of them except Liam wanting to get a look at the man they idolised.

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Down and Dirty

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Pairing: Tye Dillinger x Reader

Rating: M…

Warning: Slight smutty smut smut. (Don’t judge me if it’s bad… first time EVER writing it!! Also, there’s not much of it so… yeah but hey! I still gave it a try!! It was shit but worth it!!) 

Also… the title was inspired by Little Mix’s song ‘Down and Dirty’ and that song is THE SHIT SON! Okay… I’m normal…

ENJOY!!! Please enjoy it…. Or don’t, I don’t mind! :)

Also, before I forget… I’d like to tag @hardcorewwetrash and @randyortonstattoos  just to get their opinions of this! Would mean the world to me!! 

Okay.. now enjoy it!! 

It had been a long night of driving around a different city for a new NXT show. It was a good thing that you weren’t driving, otherwise you would’ve most likely caused a crash with the amount of times that your eyes were closing. Luckily for you, you’re best friend, the Perfect 10 as he calls himself, had offered to drive you both to the hotel that you were staying at. Usually, there’d be a tour bus to take you and the rest of the roster to the hotel, but that would mean associating with people that you’re not really in the mood to talk to.

Just as you were about to fall asleep, you felt the car come to a stop and a small tap on your shoulder. You slowly lift your head up and turn your gaze over towards Tye, who was already looking your way. “Wake up sleepy head. We’re here.” Tye smiled at you sweetly. His smile was that contagious that despite your sleepy state, you couldn’t help but smile.

I was already awake, almost about to fall asleep.” You let out a small chuckle as you sat up properly in your seat, stretching out your arms. You let out a small yawn and unbuckle your seat belt, ready to get out of the car. But before you knew it, you’re door had already opened. You turned to look at Tye, who had a smirk on his face. Oh how that smirk drove you crazy sometimes. 

Tye had moved to the side to allow you out of the car. You couldn’t help but smile wide at how cute and gentleman like he’s being. “M’lady.” He said just before you stepped out of the car. You did a little curtsey and giggled a little. It was kinda odd seeing him act like this. He never really used to do any of this kind of stuff. But you liked it so you ain’t gonna complain.

You had walked around to the trunk of the car and opened the door, wanting to grab your bags. Though, Tye had already seemed to have swept his way by your side and grabbed your bags for you. He placed them down gently on the ground in front of you and soon looked at you, smiling sweetly once again. He always had such a nice smile. “Thanks for that Tye, but I could’ve gotten those for myself.” You say, placing your hands on your hips and raising your eyebrows. Tye just simply replied with a slight grin and a shrug of the shoulders.

I know that but… you’re really tired. It’s the least that I could do for you Y/N.” You couldn’t help but give him another bright smile. He really knows how to make you smile just by doing the simplest of things.

By the time that you and Tye had reached the hotel, you had ran straight for the bed and dug your face into the really soft feeling and very puffy pillow. It had relaxed you that much that it had caused you to go right to sleep.

As you had done that, Tye was standing by the doorway just watching you -in a non creepy stalker-ish kinda way-. He always loved the way you slept. He always thought that you looked like an angel, even if your hair was a complete and utter mess. He still thought that you were the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. Without all your make-up, wearing tshirts and sweatpants. He just loved everything about you. Tye has always wanted to admit his feelings to you but he always managed to chicken out and think of a different topic to talk about. 

And you, well… you did the same. I guess you just wanted to wait and see if he would admit something first. You always thought that he actually would say something, but he would always just randomly and constantly change the topic of the conversation. At times though, he does seem a little nervous around you. But that could be just a figment of your imagination.

After your little 3-4 hour ‘nap’, you had enough energy to get out of bed and search for something to eat. Your feet had touched the carpet covered floor and led you out towards the kitchen where there would hopefully be some food in the fridge. If not then it’s a midnight drive to the nearest McDonalds. 

Just as you were about to open up the fridge, you felt a small tap on your shoulder that had almost made you jump out of your pants… if that was even possible. You turned around and punched a laughing Tye in the arm and constantly hitting his chest, lightly of course. 

What the hell is wrong with you Dillinger?! You don’t sneak up on somebody like that you dick!” 

Come on Y/N! Have a little fun!” Tye stepped forward and took your hands in his and started dancing around really, really weirdly.

A little fun?” You look around the room and spot a clock that had been hanging above the TV. You could see the time and boy were you surprised to see what time it was. “Who has fun at 3 in the fucking morning!” Despite what was going on, your mood had changed from serious to a very happy and smiling stage.

Tye had gently placed his hands on your shoulders, and slowly moved them down towards your waist which had somehow caused a shiver down your spine. But before you could do anything in return, Tye had wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you onto his shoulder, taking you straight towards the couch. He placed you down gently so that you sat down on your butt. He slowly moved away from you, smiling softly at you and chuckling at your very confused look. “You stay there. I’m gonna get us some food.” You go to protest but he cuts you off. “You still need to catch up on a little bit of sleep, I can tell. Let me guess… chicken nuggets from McDonalds?” Oh how he knew you so well.

Yes please.” You reply just above a whisper. He walks back over to you and places a small and gentle kiss on your forehead, causing your face to turn really red. Good thing that the lighting was really dark.

I’ll be right back.” He turns around and heads for the door, putting his shoes on and taking the keys from the table beside the door and left the room. As soon as he left, it felt really lonely. It always felt lonely when Tye wasn’t by your side. But, at times it was a slight good thing. It allowed you to do your own ‘business.’

Your mind kept racing back to the kiss that Tye had placed on your forehead. Your mind going elsewhere and wishing that his lips had been placed somewhere else. You bit down on your lip, moving your hands down slowly to your lower region. Just the thought of Tye walking in on you at any second, drove you even more crazy. But, because you didn’t want that to happen… yet, you got up from the couch and speed walked towards your bed, closing the bedroom door behind you. You jumped onto the bed, about to take off your clothes, until the sound of Tye’s voice had filled the living room. Boy was he loud. 

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” You mumbled quietly, letting out a small groan.

Y/N! I’m back!” Tye yelled, getting closer to your bedroom. You quickly got of your bed, ignoring the wetness down below. You opened the door and ran straight towards the kitchen, seeing a familiar McDonalds bag. You looked inside and licked your lips as you grabbed the box that contained the chicken nuggets. 

“Did you get sauce Tye? I can’t eat my nuggets without sauce!” 

There should be some in the bottom of the bag.” Tye stood next to you, taking the bag and looked through it. He went through the bag and pulled out 2 packets of Sweet and Sour sauce. He placed the bag down back onto the table and handed you the sauces with a sweet smile on his face. You took them from him and leant on your tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. 

Thank you Tye. Don’t know what I’d do without you.” You smile widely and take your food to the living room, plopping down onto the couch and reached for the TV remote. You turned it on and ‘Deadpool’ had just started playing so you left it where it was. 

Tye was literally the sweetest person that you have ever met in your life. Besides Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins of course. But, they aren’t your best friend. More like brothers. Who knows where you would be without Tye. He got you into NXT. He helped you train for your first ever NXT Women’s Championship match against Bayley back in July 2015. He basically helped you win the NXT Women’s Championship. 

You had started to develop feelings for him around your 6th month of being there. No matter how many times you told yourself that you didn’t have feelings for him, you knew that they were most certainly there.

You had felt the couch dip down a little which had brought you out of your little own world. You looked over at Tye who was just sitting back on the couch with his own nuggets sitting on his stomach. He looked over at you and smiled, causing you to quickly turn back towards the TV and a bright blush to appear on your face. You could hear him let out a chuckle, and at that a small smile appeared on your lips.

You know, I could never get sick of watching Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds was the perfect choice for it.” As you and Tye had finished your food, you were all cuddled up against him, watching the rest of Deadpool. And talking through it.

You think Ryan Reynolds is the perfect choice for everything.” Tye lets out sarcastically. Even though you couldn’t see it, you knew that he was smirking a little bit. He knew about your slight obsession with Ryan Reynolds. But I mean hey, Ryan Reynolds is just so freakin perfect it’s not funny. Ain’t nobody a better actor than Ryan Reynolds. Okay… maybe Chris Evans, Chris Pratt or Chris Hemsworth… or Channing Tatum… You get the point.

I do not!” You say, your voice getting higher as you spoke with mock offence.

It was then when you looked up at Tye to see him already staring at you. Though, he didn’t look away like he usually would. It was like, he was in a trance or something. You stared into his brown eyes and got lost in them immediately. You had always found his eyes to be the most attractive thing about him. That and his smile… and abs. Tye had his arms securely wrapped around your waist and lifted you onto his lap, causing another bright ass red blush to appear on your cheeks. He brought up one of his hands to cup one side of your face, the pad of his thumb gently rubbing your soft skin. You lean into his touch, closing your eyes slightly as you melt under his touch. 

You know Y/N,” You slowly open up your eyes and look back into his, only to see that look of love and lust in them. You bit down on your bottom lip, nervously awaiting to hear what Tye has to say. “I know that you may not feel the same but… ever since I laid my eyes on you the first day you walked through those NXT doors, I instantly fell in love with you. You just… just stood out to me. At that moment, it felt like it was only me and you in the room, even though we didn’t know each other.” Tye let out a nervous chuckle as he started playing with your hair, keeping his gaze away from yours. “I just knew then, that I had to have you to myself. But, you made friends with Sami and Seth and well… I was fine with Sami but Seth… didn’t really know what to think of that.” Soon enough, Tye’s eyes were glued to yours and his hands moved down towards your hips, his fingertips playing with the hem of your t-shirt. 

You had to hold in a moan at the feeling of his fingertips touching your skin. Your face was as red as a tomato now after hearing his confession. Your eyes never once left his as you slowly moved your hands up and down his chest, stopping them at his shoulders. You slowly lean in, a small smile sneaking its way to your lips. “Sounds like you were jealous.” You whisper, biting down on your lip. You lean in towards his ear, gently nibbling on it. “You don’t need to be jealous Tye. I’ve been feeling the same way.” You lean back so that you can look into his eyes. One of your hands had found its way towards his face. You copied his movements from earlier, gently using the pad of your thumb to rub small circles onto his soft skin. “I’ve always had my eyes set on the ‘Perfect 10’.”

Before you even knew it, Tye’s lips had connected with yours. At first it was soft and romantic, but it had soon turned into a hot, rough, teeth clattering kiss. And it honestly drove you hella crazy. Your fingers had found their way into his hair and clutching tightly onto his shirt, whereas Tye’s hands had managed to find their way to your ass, giving it a cheeky squeeze. Before anything else got heated, you both had pulled away from each other, desperately trying to catch your breaths. You had your legs wrapped securely around Tye’s waist as he soon picked you up and traveled towards the bedroom, gently placing you down onto the soft mattress. 

This was happening. This was actually happening. Just the thought of it gave you major butterflies in the pit of your stomach. On the outside, you were calm, but on the inside you were freaking the fuck out. 

You had moved yourself up further on the bed, keeping a tight grip on Tye’s shirt. He smirked as he moved up further, keeping his body on top of yours. Once he was close enough, you wrapped your arms around his neck, allowing your fingers to play with his hair and soon enough, his lips were on yours for the second time that night and most certainly not the last. His hands moved up and down your sides slowly, sending shivers down your spine. The kiss was hot. Both of your tongues fighting for dominance as you slowly move your hands to the hem of his t-shirt, tugging on it a little. Tye smirked into the kiss, instantly getting the hint. He reluctantly pulled away, his smirk still planted on his lips as he took off his shirt and threw it across the room to only God knows where. 

In an instant, his lips where on your neck, instantly finding your sweet spot, causing you to let out a loud moan. He pulled away and looked into your eyes, and the look he had in those eyes of his had you soaked. “Already found your sweet spot. I must know better than I thought.” He bit down on his lip as he looked at you, his hands slowly finding their way under your t-shirt and onto your stomach. The feeling caused even more shivers to run down your spine and goosebumps to appear. You sit up, taking off your shirt and throwing it in the opposite direction where his went, placing your hands around his neck and crashing your lips back onto his. His lips were like a drug to you. You just simply couldn’t get enough of his kisses. 

You moved to straddle his lap and you could feel his bulge poking your stomach. Another moan had slipped from your lips as you slowly grinded against his crotch, his hands having a tight hold on your hips, stopping you from continuing your antics. Soon enough, your bra was off along with the rest of your clothing as Tye had pushed you back down onto the mattress, his hands and eyes roaming all over your body. “So, so beautiful. I don’t think I could ever get over this view.”

Tye’s lips had found their way to your neck, leaving small wet and bruised kissed along your fragile skin. His lips slowly moved from your neck, to your jaw and soon towards your chest as his hands gently squeezed your breasts, a small moan leaving your lips as your hands gripping tightly onto his hair, your eyes watching his every movement. You bit down on your lip as his eyes flicked up to yours. He sent you a wink causing another small moan to leave past your lips. His lips slowly trail down towards your hips, and eventually towards your soaked pussy. But before he done anything, he looked up at you, basically begging for your permission before continuing. He opened his mouth to say something but you cut him off by bring his face up to yours, your lips crashing against his once again in a very hot kiss.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time Dillinger. I don’t think I can wait any longer..” You mumbled against his lips, your eyes looking deeply into his  brown ones, watching as they got darker and darker with lust. Just hearing you so those words drove him even more crazy. He leaned back, his hands trailing down your legs, getting off the bed and stood up, slowly taking off the rest of his clothing. You leaned on your elbows, your eyes widening as you look and admire his naked body. He was larger than you expected, but just all the more fun, right?! 

All of the times where you had been pleasuring yourself and imagining that it was Tye instead of your fingers or toys, have been leading up to this moment. You never thought that it would actually happen, but watching Tye undressing himself and you, made it all too real. 

Without even controlling yourself, you crawled to the end of the bed, closer towards Tye and sit up on your knees, placing your hands on his chest. You lean into him, your lips hovering over his ear. “I don’t think I can wait any longer.” You trailed your hands down his chest and ever so slowly, towards his member, which caused him to grip onto your wrist. 

You looked up at him, confused until you felt his hot breath against your neck. “No teasing tonight sweetheart. I’m gonna show you what You’ve been missing out on.” His hands grabbed both of your wrists, placing them around his neck, and grabbed your legs as he wrapped them around his waist, allowing him to wrap his muscular arms around your waist and lift you off of the bed. It’s when you felt the cold feeling of the wall that you knew what was coming. And just the thought of it made you even more soaked. You bit down on your lip, your hands already digging into his shoulders. Tye looked up at you, his hands keeping a tight hold on your hips as he asked “You ready? If you want me to stop I will.” 

“Tye… I’ve been wanting this for a while, like I said before. Now… hurry up. You’re ruining the moment.” You say, starting to get a little impatient as you thrust your hips towards him a little. Tye couldn’t help himself but to chuckle at how impatient your being. 

“You’re too much, you know that?” Tye says as a smirk was planted on his lips. 

Just as he had placed his soft lips onto your neck, he entered you, filling yo up immediately. You were sure by how loud your one moan was, everyone that was on your floor could hear you. The grip that you had on his shoulders had tightened even more as he slowly started thrusting into you. You moved your hips along with his, creating a magical rhythm. The feeling of his teeth biting down on your skin caused you to arch your back, allowing him to wrap his arm around you and hold you close to him. Your nails dug into his skin, deep, which only made his hips move faster and a little harder. 

You couldn’t control the moans that came spitting out of your mouth as he kept up the pace, your back constantly hitting the wall. Tye stopped for a little bit, holding onto you tightly as he threw you -but not literally- onto the bed, only to be on top of you in a matter of seconds and back inside you. 

“Fuck! Oh god… Don’t s-stop. Shit!” You rolled your head back into the pillows, your hands moving away from his shoulders to gripping tightly onto the bed sheets.

“Don’t plan on it darlin’” You watched him closely, biting down on your lip as you admire his features. The pleasure getting to much for him, making him shut his eyes tight and his mouth to be open with loud moans and a few groans leaving past his lips. Just hearing the sounds coming from him, drove you even crazier, bringing you even closer to the edge. 

You wrap your legs around Tye’s waist, giving him a better position to hit you in all the right spots. And boy did it work. Both your moans had filled the room, getting louder and louder with each movement and with each time, both of you felt yourselves getting closer to the brink of letting go.

You felt yourself clenching around Tye, causing your eyes to shut your eyes tightly, trying to hold back, wanting the moment to last forever. “You can let go Y/N. Don’t hold back beautiful.” That was all you needed to hear as you completely let go of your release, practically screaming out Tye’s name. Your release was all Tye needed to let himself go, digging his head in the crook of your neck and moaning out your name, the grip he ad on your hips tightening as he dug his nails into your skin, no doubt leaving a mark.

Tye collapsed on top of your chest, both of you breathing heavily, catching your breath. Your hands wrapped loosely around his neck, your fingers gently playing with his hair. You felt his soft lips leaving small, gentle, loving kisses along your shoulder, causing a wide and happy smile to show upon your lips. Tye pulled out of you slowly, a small whimper coming from your lips as Tye chuckles softly and rolls to the side and lay next to you, pulling you to him. One arm was still wrapped around his neck -most likely to fall asleep soon- and the other around his chest. Your index finger traced small shapes along his bare chest.

“Well… that was definitely worth the wait.” Tye says softly, his eyes fixed on you as he watches you tracing random shapes on his chest. He couldn’t help but genuinely smile as he did. Never did Tye think that he would actually end up with you, being officially his. You looked up at him, your palm resting against his chest and your chin resting on top of your hand. 

“That it most certainly was.” You smiled widely, leaning in and place a small and gentle kiss on the tip of his nose, causing him to scrunch up his face a little. You let out a small giggle as he did so, finding it adorable.

Tye ran his fingers through your hair, the feeling causing you to close your eyes just a little bit. Now that you and Tye had slept together, you knew now that his touch will always drive you crazy, giving you the usual goosebumps along your arms and butterflies in the pit of your stomach.

“Y/N,” You looked up at Tye, his eyes already fixed on yours. “I just wanted to say that I love you. Like a lot. A-and I really need you in my life.” You placed one of your hands on the side of his face, him immediately melting into your touch as your thumb strokes his cheek a little. 

“If this is your way of asking me to be your girlfriend… then yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.” You watched as Tye’s big brown eyes had lit up along with a wide smile, his arms wrapping around your waist, pulling you even closer into his warm body. 

Tye placed a kiss along your jaw, cheek and your lips. The kiss filled with love and passion. Tye pulled away from the kiss with that same smile on his lips. He moved a strand of your hair out of your eyes and tucked it behind your ear. 

It was then, when Tye’s sweet and loving smile had turned into a mischievous smirk that you knew he was up to something. “What do you say that we have a round 2 in the shower?” 

Somewhat of a cliffhanger!!! Please tell me what you guys think!! Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoyed it!!

Just Sayin Hook! – The Ultimate ONE-SIDED Romance…

Hook wasn’t happy when Emma said she was thinking of leaving town. What is he going to do to ensure that that doesn’t happen?

Kitsis: He is getting fed up because it’s like the entire world cannot resist my charms, why is one person I fall in love with so resistant to me. He is becoming frustrated because he has declared that he will win her heart and she has declared it’s going to be very hard. They are going to be put in a lot of danger this week and we’ll see if romance can even rear its head…. But I’d be depressed if it didn’t.

-The Hollywood Reporter 5/8/14

Ok I read this recent interview from The Hollywood Reporter (as of 5/8/14) with A&E and the OUAT season 3 finale (among many of their other recent interviews), and let me tell you. I am NOT OK, especially regarding the BOLD part. A&E’s idea of Emma’s ultimate romance just rubs me the wrong way. It’s proving a point that many have been saying about Hook and his arrogant views, which is refusing to believe that a woman would or could really say NO to him, albeit in denial on the possibility of a woman’s refusal and tries to push himself constantly at her until he “wins her heart.” A&E’s statement right there just reinforces that it was never really about Emma or her choice. It seems like her choice is being null and void by how Hook can eventually win her like some sort of trophy if he plays the game and tries hard enough. Once again it just reiterates that CS has always been about Hook’s needs and motive rather than it being about two consensual parties with the same reciprocating feelings towards one another.

As Jasmine said it best:

Reminder, this was made for 8 year olds

When have we had concrete “fact” that Emma Swan had any interest in a relationship Hook? The ambiguity is annoyingly played up, even till this day, right up to 3x20 “Kansas” episode. A full season and a half of back and forth (well…more back then forth for Emma) and in all instances Hook’s feelings for her is not enough to put him in the forefront of her mind. Maybe I missed the memo, but if she was in denial with her feelings, it should’ve been made clearer.

People say it’s been planned from the get-go. Let’s backtrack here and see where any of these hints are laid out.

  • 1. Their “Dallance”

During the episode Tallahassee. The first pseudo Hook and Emma “flirtation” was when Emma fell into Hook’s arms…or did she? Turns out she was pulling him back from stepping on a trip wire which would have trapped them both in a cage if they weren’t careful. Emma immediately squirmed uncomfortably in Hook’s so called “embrace” and promptly pushed him away from her.

Totally yells potential True Love when a girl is looking uncomfortable and desperately trying to get away from a man’s grasp. Yep!

Ok so season 2 had some lukewarm interactions between Emma and Hook since after all they were enemies at the time.

How about season 3?

To be fair there were some moments between Emma and Hook:

Like when she smiled at him right before she was about to leave.

But then again that smiles didn’t come back when he unceremoniously woke her dream life in New York…

How about when Emma was joking around with Hook and using magic?

But then again, it was really just her excitement at figuring out how to use magic…

Ok, what about when Hook said “Never thought I see a smile.”

But again she was smiling at her family and because she got her baby brother back.

Did Emma Swan ever have a genuine nice-to-see-you-I-don’t-need-you-to-babysit-for-me look on her face that was only towards Hook?


This is going to be tough…

  • 2. From Villain to uh….Let me think on that…

Hook begins to try and get Emma open up, which is sweet of him, bonding over their shared grief over loosing Nealfire. He even gave her Nealfire sword in memory of him.

But the only weird thing that stuck out in my mind was “Didn’t he almost tried to kill them all yesterday? And didn’t we just learn the fact that Hook sold off Nealfire to Pan, just an episode ago” **Scratching my head here.**

You would think Hook’s previous crimes would be called into question and dealt with since he jumped from his rampaging 300 year revenge for Milah to going the high road and having an eye on Emma in less than 24 hours flat.

I kept waiting for the issue to come up. Perhaps have Hook even acknowledge them and let Emma hear the full story of his past and try to relate. But after 20 episodes…

*Tumbleweeds Rolling…*

To this day Emma still doesn’t seem to have a clue about Hook’s true connection with Milah, Rumple and Neal, or his horrible betrayal to Neal when he was younger. Ultimately it makes her oblivious to the connection Hook has with the father of her child and her child’s grandmother thus taking away her choice to make an informed decision on Hook. Also taking away her opportunity to accept him or not accept him as he is. I’m not saying that Hook should give Emma a laundry list of bad things he’s done but when his bad deeds involves history with her child’s father, grandmother, and grandfather that also unintentionally links with Henry and herself. That’s a BIG DEAL.

All I kept wondering is if he was ever going to:

In fact Hook hasn’t really done much acknowledging on any of his past mishaps, saved for Ariel and even then it was still only the half-truth. We all know Emma is big on secrets and trust. It should be an important factor for Hook to work on since she was quiet pissed at him for secretly taking Henry away and keeping his cursed lips a secret. If she’s pissed at him for this then you can bet, realistically, she would be pissed at him for all the half-truths he’s been telling her.

  • 3. How about the big moment: THE KISS

Now the problem I have with the Hook and Emma kiss is because it all started with that scene right there ^^^^. Being coerced into a kiss. Doesn’t matter if it was meant as a joke. It was still a form of coercion, during a period when Emma was emotionally distraught.

Looking at scenes of Emma’s past suitors, every one of them was initiated by HER, without any form of coercion or sadness, and reciprocated willingly by the other party.

Hell even when she kissed Walsh she had a semblance of a smile on her face. Mind you, Graham and Walsh were post “Neal-hurt-abandonment issues” So I hardly think Emma’s wall are so tough that it’s made of steel. She has the capability to open up to love if she wants to.

What the audience got from her kiss with Hook…

Sheer boredom. Not exactly the face that is surprised, happy, or even elated. In fact Emma said it herself “It was a one time thing” Ultimately comparing it to her many one-night stand type dalliances. Hardly sounds like the kiss of finding her True Love sadly…

  • 4. Hook’s cursed lips…

I don’t really need to explain why Hook’s curse lips was anything but romantic. Yet the writers seems to throw it out there so that we can see them lip lock again indefinitely. What we got out of that whole situation is more confirmation that Emma wasn’t secretly thinking of kissing Hook again anytime soon. Which pretty much translates to a “NO” on her end.

  • Final Thoughts

If the creators want Hook and Emma to end up together that’s fine. I’d be cool with that. After all I ship Jamie and Brianne on Game of Thrones (where Jamie is 100x worse than Hook but has 1000x better redemption story) but the way they’ve built Emma/Hook up just leaves a befuddled mess of the situation. With Hook’s sudden flip to the side of good while remaining unapologetic to pretty much everything he’s done and Emma’s constant push backs towards him even to this day, it confuses the general audience because they played up a little TOO much of the ambiguity. If it was planned from the get-go, couldn’t we get a stronger confirmation of Emma’s interest that doesn’t need to be combed through with a magnifying glass?

If they take the “Emma falls for Killian within 2 episodes” road, the whole pacing of their “romance” will just feel sudden and tacked on because of the lack of foundation built on Emma’s care towards Hook and only Hook that isn’t forced upon by the baddie, coerced into, or just a distraction from pain in some way. We got way more of Emma’s uninterested looks on her face then not which just leaves Hook looking like the creepy stalker that’s too dense to take a hint.

The Simple Breakdown:

What the creators are trying to push Hook as, right now:

What the creators actually ended up representing Hook as, after a season and a half of inconsistent writing:

And the BA CSers and Hook apologist that can’t see past the handsome

And Non-CSers trying to put Hooks actions into context when watching the show

And finally the reaction of BA CSers when Non-CSers try to call out on Hook’s bullshit

The foundation of the Hook and Emma romance isn’t exactly a strong one. Because of the lack of care from Emma on one side and the lack of honesty from Hook on the other, while giving way to the chase and not taking the hint of the lack of interest. Even though Hook helped Emma, Emma doesn’t owe Hook anything but a Thanks, not even a kiss. Because helping someone should be because you truly want to and not because you think that’s what Emma wants and would ultimately repay you by reciprocating whatever feelings Hook has if he did so many good deeds for her.

It just sends a bad message all around.

I really have to question if this is the ultimate True Love we’ve been waiting for? I shudder if it is…

Just Saying Hook!

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