but in every other aspect they look a great deal alike

shut up & dance

sakura just wanted to eat in peace, unfortunately the founders won’t let her

Sakura sighed, rotating her shoulders. It had been a long, long day.

“Sakura!” a voice called.

And it was about to get a lot longer.

Sakura turned, casting Hashirama an irritated look. “Yes?” she inquired.

“Let’s grab some dinner, I’m sure you’re starving,” he stated, tucking her hand in the crook of his elbow as he led her away.

It’d been two years since Sasuke’s genjutsu had somehow thrown her back to the past. Two years of catching herself calling out to Ino whenever she saw odd plants and looking for Sai when there was a beautiful sunset. Two years of dealing with nosey annoyances.

Like Hashirama.

Her stomach growled on cue, but Sakura refused to feel embarrassed. She’d just completed a double shift and hadn’t eaten since the night before.

Hashirama laughed. “Let’s go see what the Akimichi have prepared tonight, shall we?”

Sakura shrugged in acquiesce and the duo left the makeshift hospital. Despite her exhaustion, she felt proud of the progress she’d made with the Konoha hospital. As the only competent medic in Konoha, Sakura was in charge of every aspect of the hospital, from creating the medicine to training the staff. They were improving in leaps and bounds and the citizens of Konoha remained in awe of her.

Hashirama glanced at her out of the corner of his eye a couple of times. Sakura smirked. Subtly was not Hashirama’s strong suit.

“Yes?” she inquired sweetly, eyebrow raised.

He flushed, not an uncommon sight when around Sakura. She always managed to unbalance him. Ever since she showed up at the gates, covered in blood and demanding to speak with Tsunade, she continued to surprise him. “Are you ready for the upcoming celebration?”

Sakura grinned. “It’ll be nice to celebrate the founding of this village. Have we decided on a name yet?”

Hashirama grinned. “Madara’s come up with a great name. He’ll reveal it at the ceremony.”

Sakura hummed noncommittedly. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this universe was Uchiha Madara. Her first encounter with him had been beyond humiliating. She’d broken through the gates of Konoha, looking rougher than ever, caught sight of Madara, and decked him across the face, screaming something about Tsunade. In her defense, Sakura had been functioning with both blood and sleep deprivation.

Uchiha Madara had also been their main enemy in the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

In any case, apologies were made and Sakura found that this world’s Madara was an incredibly thoughtful individual. He hid it behind his stoicism and intimidating aura but he was a sweetheart to the core. She’d found dango on her makeshift desk in the hospital on days when she was running double or triple shifts. Madara was the only one who knew about her favorite sweet. It made her wonder if Sasuke had cast her into an alternate universe completely, instead of just the past.

“Sakura?” Hashirama asked anxiously.

Sakura started. “Sorry, I was drifting. What were you saying?”

His flush spread to his neck as Sakura watched in fascination. “I was wondering if you’d join me at—“

“Sakura,” a voice greeted, interrupting Hashirama.

Sakura turned, breaking her grip on Hashirama. “Tobirama,” she greeted warily. Sakura liked the philosophical conversations and debates they sometimes had but Hashirama and Tobirama together tended to be…interesting. “How are you?”

His red eyes warmed minutely. “I am well, thank you for asking. Are you going to dinner?”

Sakura nodded, valiantly ignoring the glares the brothers were trading.

Hashirama smiled tightly. “Why don’t you join us Tobirama? We’d love to have you there.”

Tobirama smiled slightly in return. “I would be honored.”

Sakura shook her head slightly as they started down the street again, smiling at civilians and ninja alike who greeted her. Tobirama and Hashirama flanked her. Thankfully, it wasn’t an uncommon sight for the men to traverse the village with her or the rumor mill would have imploded. For some reason, the villagers considered Sakura a central figure to the village and her interactions with the major clan leaders seemed a part of that.

They approached the patchwork building that housed the most phenomenal cooks in all of Konoha. It was bustling with activity as was the norm. Sakura greeted the familiar patrons and any former patients that she recognized as Tobirama and Hashirama commandeered a table for them in the corner.

“The usual Sakura?” Kimiko asked, brown eyes twinkling with good humor. Sakura had been on good terms with the Akimichi ever since she’d healed the clan leader’s daughter of pneumonia.

“Of course, thank you. If I could get three orders?” she asked.

“Make that four.”

Sakura turned, barely resisting the urge to groan when she caught sight of Madara smirking down at her.

“Coming right up,” Kimiko said, bustling back into the kitchen, a sly grin on her face.

Sakura should have expected it, honestly. They always found a way to corner her every day. Sometimes it was Tobirama volunteering to teach her a specialized jutsu. Other times, it was Hashirama “stumbling” upon her while she was out training. Madara approached her sometimes asking for her medical opinion on the Sharingan. Generally each of them managed to coerce her into a spar once or twice a week. The really crazy ones were when the four of them sparred together.

They had to travel a distance from the village to prevent long-term destruction.

Sakura made her way back to the table, Madara at her side, feeling that doom looming over her.

This wouldn’t end well.

Tobirama and Hashirama stopped glaring at each other to stare daggers at Madara who merely smirked triumphantly as he took a seat near Sakura.

“So, as I was saying earlier Sakura…” Hashirama began.

“You know, Sakura I wanted to ask…” Tobirama said at the same time.

Madara interrupted, “Sakura, would you do me the honor…”

The men all broke off, glaring at one another. Sakura, beyond confused and exhausted at this point, smiled when Kimiko approached.

“Here’s your soup,” she said, watching Sakura sympathetically. “I brought you two bowls because I can see you’re famished.” Kimiko winked. “On the house.”

“Thanks so much!” Sakura replied, digging into the first bowl with enthusiasm.

The others began to eat as well, discussing politics and paperwork as Sakura slowly began to feel more like a human being. They’d been having some problems with other villages, ones that had been established for a longer period of time. A lot of shinobi were coming into the hospital after being ambushed. Madara was pushing for a show of strength while Hashirama was hoping for peace overtures among the villages. Tobirama wanted to hold off and study the other villages some more before making a decision.

Sakura ignored their chatter and focused on her food, thanking the gods above that they were distracted from whatever was making them competitive earlier.

“S-Sakura?” came the tentative call.

Sakura turned, smiling when she saw Itama, Hashirama and Tobirama’s youngest brother. She’d healed him as a gesture of good faith following her impromptu attack on Madara. It had been the start of the founders’ intrigue with her. Itama was a sweet and gentle kid, probably five or six years younger than she was. She enjoyed talking to him. He was the only sane Senju in her opinion.

“Yes, Itama?” she asked politely.

“W-would you…could I escort you to the celebration of the village’s founding?” he asked, looking up at her shyly through his eyelashes.

Sakura smiled gently. “Of course, Itama!” she enthused. “I would love to join you!”

Sakura frowned, realizing that the conversation at the table had petered off. She turned, recognizing the dark looks on the founders’ faces. She groaned.

It was going to be a long night.

My email to Amazon regarding Sense8

If you’re anything like me you’re not ready to give up yet, one of the routes we have left is contacting other companies and asking them to consider a licensing deal with Netflix, all the ways to contact them are listed at theglobalcluster.tumblr.com/companies 

I personally think the best way to get anything out of this is by not spamming them and sending personal emails pointing out our different views on the issue, but a friend suggested i posted my email publicly anyway to help anyone who might a little bit lost in the ‘what to say’ department 

without further ado, my long ass email to netflix, for your inspiration: 

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25. If Calum Hood Was Your Boyfriend

A/N: I am always so amazed that people actually read what I write and enjoy it. Thank you so much. 

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Types of antis post you will find in any given tags

Have you ever wondered what kind of anti you are dealing with? Here’s a handy guide to properly identify these fantastic creatures and where to find them.

  • The Trendy Anti: Has no idea what the media related to the tag is about, but everyone is talking about it and their mothers’ friends say their cousins hate it so they want in. They will post stuff like “omg just blocked a person with a XYZ icon/url lol if you like it you should die bc ur shit LOL.” They often have a cartoonish character as icon, and post lots of hipster photosets. You know they are trendy because their anti posts only have a single sentence and more often than not, not a single note on them because none of their followers have any idea why they are talking about something they hate.
  • The Grinch Anti: They say they hate the media, but every single time you go into the tag, half the posts are from them. Scrolls through the tag looking for people to fight with. Sometimes they will send a mildly hateful message to someone, but often don’t follow up on them when they realize they will gain nothing out of it.

Originally posted by ineverknewgreyandneverwill

  • The Misinformed Anti: Someone told them the related media was about a certain topic when it is about an entirely different thing. Either they are not aware of that mistake, or are too embarrassed to acknowledge the mistake.
  • The Self-Inflicted Anti: They found the media/topic once and actually liked it, and either they found out the people around them think it’s problematic, or they feel conflicted with themselves for liking it to the point of feeling guilty about it. So they will pretend to hate it, while secretly liking it, and will go to great lengths to cover up any trace of their interest. You can spot them by their lonesome posts on the topic tag which often goes like “i want to apologize because i just liked/reblogged a post without seeing it was about XYZ, but just deleted/unliked it. i am not [insert long list of negative adjectives used by other antis to describe the people who like said piece of media/topic]! that’s fucked up”.
  • The Hypocritical Anti: Whatever you like is wrong, but if you find out they happen to adore a piece of media that is disturbingly similar to the one you love and point out the similarities, they will fluff up with anger and tell you they are not alike at all and that you are delusional and disgusting for even thinking about that, since the media they like is a form of art and the one you like is only a piece of trash.
  • The Snobbish Anti: They like the media, but unlike you, they like it for the right reasons. No, they don’t ship the characters, they don’t like the yuri/yaoi/whatever aspect of it, that would be such a stupid/uncool/immature reason to like something. This type of anti is as annoying as a self-proclaimed king, since they believe that the only “proper” way to like a particular piece of media is to do it the way they do. If you like it for any other reason, they consider you as childish at least, and subhuman at most. The problem with this type is that their sense of self-rightfulness can sometimes grow to the point they evolve into the next type, and that is dangerous.
  • The Militant Fanatic Anti: They pretend they hate the media a lot more than they actually do. It’s not about the content. It’s not about the people. It’s about being right. This type of anti might have had bad experiences in the past (or ones that continue to this day irl) which skewed their perception of self-value and validation. They feel powerless against their rl offenders, and they take the protection of internet’s “anonymity” as a way of letting out their frustration on people who cannot protect themselves. Their mentality is the same as any of the kinds of fanatics you hear about in the news, the ones that break families, destroy communities, erode countries. This is the most dangerous type of anti, since it’s the one that stalks, bullies, offends and hurts. They dehumanize the person liking the media, by considering them not up to their own standards for what can be considered human, the same way they have been dehumanized by abusers irl. Remember that being abused is no excuse for psychopathic behavior, so keep in mind what they do is illegal in several countries and if you are being attacked by one of these, don’t engage in conversation, just report them.

So, here’s my take on the types I’ve found. Feel free to message me with ideas or suggestions for more types. And as a fun fact, I am not tagging this post, so it won’t appear in any particular tag.

You Matter to Me

Summary: Phil’s tired of living in everyone else’s shadow.

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3465 

A/N: This took an eternity and a day to write omg. So anyway I kind of based this off of mine and my best friend’s relationship so I’m like really passionate about this and worked really on it so I hope you like it. Enjoy! xx

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I Love to Hate You

TITLE: I Love To Hate You


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and you dislike each other, but you are forced into an arranged marriage and as time goes by, it barely gets better. It seems to be a marriage that will hardly be amiable but certain events causes Loki to be the husband you never thought he could be.


The funeral was a lavish affair; Eoin had been well respected among his own realm and others for his care for his people. Diplomats and royalty came from the Nine Realms while the people of Vanaheim lowered their work tools for three days and stood along the streets, their heads bowed as his body was brought to the royal tomb on the mountain near the city to be laid to rest.

Loki’s family rushed to their close allies sides for the affair, Frigga assisting Tatiana, who understandably felt lost without her husband, Odin and Thor assisted in keeping Mikhail in line, if just for the funeral itself, while Loki simply remained dutifully by Alexandra’s side.

Since her snapping at him about her getting rest, she had not spoken to him; she ignored him completely, as though he was not there. When his family came to give her their condolences, she was polite and spoke a little with them all, but not with Loki.

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♡ Blogpost of the day - I want to love myself, but HOW?

When I joined tumblr and started to lose weight, I had no idea that something like self-love exists. I thought I am only worth something if I get thin again, and I am more than happy that I learned that this is total bullshit. Learning to love yourself is not easy at all. For me it was like learning a new language, you have to educate yourself and you have to feel your brain with positive things, you have to practise and then you’ll notice that you get better :) I recieve many asks where people tell me that they want to learn how to love themselves but they have no idea where to start. I can only speak about my experiences and I wanted to share a few things that were really important and helped a lot.

1. Stop saying negative things about yourself

We’re so used to this behavior, we do it countless times during the day. “I am such an idiot. Wow, I look fat in that dress. Oh my god, I am such a loser.” Stop it. Turn these thoughts around! Even if you feel like you screwed up, you can say “Okay this time I fucked it up, but I am only human. It happened, I can’t make it undone, I’ll learn from that mistake and do it better next time.” Each and every time the hateful voice inside your head shows up, say something nice about yourself. In the beginning it’ll feel weird, but you’ll get used to it and talking in a bad way about yourself will become the hard part.

2. Be your own best friend

Would you tell your best friend he/she’s fat? Would you tell her/him that she/he’s a failure? Would you tell her she should starve or cut? Would you tell your best friend all these things you’re telling yourself each and every day? No. You’d be there for her/him, love and support her/him. You are the only person you’ll spend the rest of your life with for sure. You are the only person you can count on for sure. You are the only person you have to please. So instead of being your worst enemy and hardest critic be kind with yourself. 

3.Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparison is the killer of happiness and confidence.If we’d use all the energy we waste on focusing on others and comparing ourselves to other people, for ourselves, we’d be so much happier. No matter how much you workout or how healthy you eat, no matter how often you change the colour of your hair, no matter what you do or think or say, you’ll never be this girl from the fitspo picture. You’ll never be like your co-worker or your friend etc. And that’s a good thing! Because you are YOU! So focus on becoming the most authentic self you can be instead of comparing yourself to others. If you see a girl eating pizza and think “She’s thinner than I am and she can eat pizza. That sucks.”, you forget that maybe she has her own struggles. You never know which fight the other person is fighting, so focus on yourself! My friend’s boyfriend told her, after she participated in a 5k and was sad about being slower than her co-workers, “Darling, in your OWN race you are always the winner!” and he is right! It’s YOUR life, you have to be happy, so don’t focus on others, because it’s pointless!

4. Feed your brain with positive stuff

Our brain can be reprogrammed and it starts to believe the things we constantly feed it with. So decide to feed your brain with positive stuff! Read positive books and articles, unfollow blogs that seem triggering for you and follow those blogs that make you feel good about yourself instead. Print positive quotes and put them on your fridge. Watch uplifting videos on youtube. Tell yourself that you are amazing, even if you feel weird in the beginning.

5. Be brave enough to be yourself

You’re not living on this earth to please others. Not your parents, not your friends, not your enemies, not your boss, not your boyfriend or girlfriend or your crush. The only person you have to please is YOU. So be brave enough to figure out what makes you happy. Imagine yourself on a lonely island. No wifi, no phone, no media, no adds, no friends. Who’d you be? What would you be interested in? What would you eat? What would you look like? What would you do all day? What is YOUR passion? Stop being embarrassed about your taste in music or clothes, stop being shy about your opinion, stop being insecure about your dreams and goals and wishes. We can’t be happy and mentally healthy, if we constantly try to be something we’re not. I lost “friends” once I started to do what I want and to say what I think, but I don’t need people in my life who don’t accept me for who I am and it’s the same with you.

6. Be aware of the fact that your inner child still exists

When I struggle with depression and my ED, I often get angry at myself for not dealing with the situation better. And then I remind myself how I’d talk to 5 year old Anna. I wouldn’t tell her to finally get over it, to stop being such a loser, to stop acting weird when it comes to food. I would be there for her and comfort her and try my best to make her feel better. Try to imagine your 5 year old self and take care of how you talk to her/him.

7. Challenge yourself, but set realistic goals

I have this constant inner battle: Am I just lazy or do I need a break? Am I making excuses or is this just not what I want? Sometimes we have to do push ourselves to achieve something and afterwards we can be super proud, because we never thought that we’re able to do this. But often we set ourselves unrealistic goals. With this behavior there is no way not to be disappointed. Babysteps towards our goals are better than wanting to much and giving up straight away.

8. Take selfies/pictures of your body and share them

Selfies are amazing! Everyone who says they’re not is a negative person and has no idea about life ;) What’s better than the ability to take a picture of yourself that you like and share it with others? It’s a great way to express ourselves, it doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s a confidence booster.

9. Find something you’re passionate about and do it as much as possible

Do you know this situation: A friend is talking about the soccer game from last weekend or about the concert or the new recipe she tried and the eyes of this person are sparkling and you can feel how excited the person is? Passion is something that makes us feel good and I personally think it’s one of the most attractive things we can do. You’ll be able to connect with people that are alike and you’ll have deep, meaningfull convercations instead of this small talk crap. And I promise you’ll be able to accept yourself more if you do more things you love :)

10. Spread love, be kind and be greatful

I think it’s absolutely amazing that we are able to make others happy. If you see a friend and you like her new haircut, tell her! If you notice something nice about another person, say it! Spreading love is for free and this world is full of hate, so let’s fight back! I instantly feel better if I am able to make another person happy. Be kind with others and with yourself! Try to avoid talking bad about yourself and others. When I stopped to criticize others all the time, I became less judicial with myself. We are so used to thoughts like: “Oh my god look at her outfit. Ew, her hair looks weird. Oh my god, look, he’s such a nerd.” Each and every person is special and beautiful, unique in their own way, and who am I to judge? Of course it’s okay to have a certain taste, and of yourse we don’t have to fall in love with each and every person. But we should ACCEPT every person and their “otherness”.  

For now the last aspect on my list is being greatful. If you realize how blessed you are that you can workout because you have a working body and a working brain and you have two legs and two arms and a healthy heart, if you realize how blessed you are that you can eat what you want whenever you want, that you have the chance to nourish your body, if you can focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have, you’ll feel how blessed you are. This will make it easier to accept and love who you are. We have this one life, and it’s short. We should not waste one more day with being in war with ourselves. <3

Tame [Klaine] PG-13 Pt. 1

Klaine AU featuring the same world that the Glee verse is currently set in - with a couple important changes.  Namely, dragons.  How to Train Your Dragon crossover.
~2,200 words
Also available on ffnet and AO3.

“Well, now that you’ve been informally introduced, I felt like a quieter introduction would be appropriate,” Blaine said, hobbling backwards a handful of steps before whistling.

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