but in character as jean ralphio

Reasons why Parks and Rec deserved an Emmy

- Set in small-town Indiana, still manages to have 40% of it’s ensemble cast be POC, and not one of them is a token either

- 40% of the cast are women. ¾ are POC. All of them are badasses. 

- Every single fucking episode is funny. Seriously. 

- Perd fucking Hapley. I can’t even explain, you just have to watch 

- Pawnee citizens holy hell 

- The flawless political commentary behind the Langman’s and the Male Men 

- The scene in Comeback Kid where Get On Your Feet is playing and they’re all struggling to walk on ice 

- Chris Traeger and his mental illness. They worked it in so that it was comedic, but if it glorified anything, it was asking for help and accepting it. 

- Okay just Chris in general 

- Gary Jerry Larry Terry Gary Gergich Gengurch Gergich 

- Donna, the character who is exactly who she needs to be throughout her life. She acknowledges the need to change her behavior occasionally, but it doesn’t dent her confidence one bit. 

- Ann Meredith Perkins, you beautiful sun-ray nurse. The best friend everyone needs. Quirky and grounded and intelligent. 



- Everything Tom Haverford has ever said 

- Ben fucking Wyatt. I can’t even elaborate without crying and combusting. Much better nerd than any weasel from The Big Bang Theory. Feminist. Best Husband Ever. 


- Cones of Dunshire and Requiem for a Tuesday 


- April Blart, Mall Cop 

- April’s character development *heart eyes* 

- Andy and April’s love 

- Mouse Rat and hits like The Pit, Catch Your Dream, and - 5000 CANDLES IN THE WIND 


- Bert Macklin, FBI 

- Johnny and Johnathan Karate 

- Andy Dwyer, secret genius 

- Ron Swanson, the manliest man to ever man, owner of the world’s best character development, hater of Canada and vegans, beautiful beautiful man 

- Duke fucking Silver 

- I dig your groovy tunes man

- Ben and Leslie’s healthy, realistic, and beautiful relationship 

- Benslie proposal 

- Benslie wedding 

- Ben’s triplets freakout 

- the BOX 

- Amy Poehler plays the most amazing woman to ever grace any screen. Leslie Knope, a socially inept but selfless woman who dedicates her life to public service, her family, and her friends. Deeply flawed main character that wasn’t made lovable by her unfortunate but relatable love of sugar and hatred of vegetables, but instead by her love for others and thoughtfulness and work ethic and optimism. Food habits aside, her character flaws were acknowledged by the writers, her loved ones, and her. No one is an enabler for Leslie Knope’s bad behavior. When she does something shitty, she gets called on it and apologizes. But at the end of the day, hard work and positivity make a difference, and she achieves her dreams. 

- Positivity. The people on this show like each other. They believe in and support each other. They apologize when they’re wrong. They forgive when they’ve been wronged. They go out of their way to make lives better. And it is still funny.

Bloopers Masterpost


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Characters / Actors

Leslie Knope - Amy Poehler

Ron Swanson - Nick Offerman

Tom Haverford - Aziz Ansari

Ann Perkins - Rashida Jones

April Ludgate - Aubrey Plaza

Andy Dwyer - Chris Pratt

Ben Wyatt - Adam Scott

Chris Traeger - Rob Lowe

Garry Gergich - Jim O'Heir

Donna Meagle - Retta

Mark Brendanawicz - Paul Schneider

Craig Middlebrooks -  Billy Eichner

Jean-Ralphio SapersteinBen Schwartz

The Crew

Minor Characters





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Alright friends, this is my last post on this blog (for now at least)

Takeaways from my time here:

- you all are the loveliest fandom there ever was
- this fandom hands down has THE best artists and writers
- there are more compassionate and kind people in this space than there are trolls and that shines through so much
- the creativity in general is just… astounding. Truly.

The legacies I hope to leave behind:

- Maybe it’s my ego talking but let it be remembered that I started Sin Night
- “Tarquin always knows”
- The legendary Jean-Ralphio as Rhys post… I beg of you friends, never let that die
- The Renan Pacheco as Cassian fancast
- The Illyrian boyband post that never seemed to end
- And of course we can’t forget the Daddy Gavriel choking kink… you’re welcome

My blog will remain up even though I’m departing, so here are the main tags I’ve organized my content in for you guys to peruse:

- “my writing”
- “prompt writing”
- “sin night” (you also have subcategories in Sin Night with characters and ships, but also “Tarquin always knows,” “oh look another threesome,” “have an orgy,” “daddy gavriel,” and “commander cassian.” Sin Night tags are the most organized and there’s a LOT of them. Enjoy.)
- “fuckyeahazriel replies”
- “discussion time”
- “get some moe wisdom”
- “to read again” (some of my favorite fanfiction)
- “saved” (some of my favorite fanart)

Parting words:

To my 1,343 followers, you all are so very lovely. I’ve enjoyed every moment here and have been genuinely moved at the consistent support you guys have shown of my content.

It’s my hope that every one of you finds your own Rhys, Feyre, Mor, Rowan, Aelin, Azriel, Cassian, Lucien, Manon, Dorian, or WHOEVER it is that will support you and uplift you and help you realize your true strength.

But beyond that, I hope that you yourself become that hero you relate to so much. Every character we love in this fandom has suffered pain and so have you. And just like them, you can overcome. You can grow stronger. You can see your own astounding beauty. You can help uplift others in the process.

So keep creating, keep working hard, keep dreaming, and keep being. And love relentlessly all the while.

You are all so lovely and I will miss you. But always remember I am rooting for you, friend.

And who knows. Perhaps I’ll pop by again on May 2nd. 😉.

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the signs as "parks and rec" characters
  • Aries: Ben Wyatt
  • Taurus: Jerry Gergich
  • Gemini: Bobby Newport
  • Cancer: Ann Perkins
  • Leo: Donna Meagle
  • Virgo: Craig Middlebrooks
  • Libra: Leslie Knope
  • Scorpio: April Ludgate-Dwyer
  • Sagittarius: Ron Swanson
  • Capricorn: Tom Haverford
  • Aquarius: Jean-Ralphio Saperstein
  • Pisces: Chris Traeger
Signs as Park and Recreation Characters

Aries- Craig Middlebrooks

Taurus- Ron Swanson 

Gemini- Jerry Gergich

Cancer- Andy Dwyer

Leo- Donna Meagle

Virgo- Ben Wyatt

Libra- Tom Haverford

Scorpio- April Ludgate

Sagittarius- Chris Traeger

Capricorn- Leslie Knope

Aquarius- Ann Perkins

Pisces- Jean Ralphio 

So thus far these are the legacies I've made for myself in this fandom

-Sin Night™ (truly my greatest work)

-Gavriel’s choking kink (you’re welcome)

-The “Tarquin always knows” tag

-Tarquin the King of Threesomes™

-Taking pictures of and with strangers in real life who resemble our favorite characters (again, you’re welcome)

-The official fancast of Renan Pacheco as Cassian

-That giant Rhys, Cassian, and Azriel in a boyband post that seemed to never end

and we absolutely CANNOT forget….

-The “Jean-Ralphio as Rhys” post (literally the funniest thing I’ve done on this website)

I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed of my impacts…

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do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and ask yourself what would life be like if there was a parks and rec and the office crossover

the signs as parks and rec characters
  • aries: andy dwyer
  • taurus: ron swanson
  • gemini: jean-ralphio/mona-lisa saperstein
  • cancer: chris traeger
  • leo: donna meagle
  • virgo: ben wyatt
  • libra: tom haverford/ann perkins
  • scorpio: tammy 1 & 2
  • sagittarius: craig middlebrooks
  • capricorn: leslie knope
  • aquarius: april ludgate/justin anderson
  • pisces: jerry gergich/mark brendanawicz
which parks and rec character are you?
  • Aries: Ron Swanson
  • Taurus: Donna Meagle
  • Gemini: Tom Haverford
  • Cancer: Jerry Gergich
  • Leo: Chris Traeger
  • Virgo: Perd Hapley
  • Libra: Ann Perkins
  • Scorpio: April Ludgate
  • Sagittarius: Leslie Knope
  • Capricorn: Ben Wyatt
  • Aquarius: Jean-Ralphio
  • Pisces: Andy Dwyer