but in case i'm not

Easy mornings with Tom would include...

- waking up and feeling someone in bed next to you

- Which shouldn’t be happening

- Tom is in a completely different country filming

- You slowly reaching for your phone to call Tom

- The strangers phone goes off with the same Spider-Man ringtone as Tom’s

- Knowing no one else is lame enough to have that ringtone

- Smacking Tom because fuck him for scaring you

- Leaving while he’s groggily trying to figure out why he got smacked

- Tom wrapping his arms around your waist as you pour some water

- Stay hydrated kids

- He’s clingy as hell cause he misses you

- Grabbing your ass and promising to never
leave again because he couldn’t be away from that anymore

- Making him keep it in his pants because this was a sleep in Sunday and he woke you up too soon

- Movie marathon

- This time it’s y'all’s favorite movies from your childhood

- Making him watch the Care Bears movie

- It’s called journey to joke-a-lot fuckin watch it it’s good

- Him making you watch some obscure British movie

- He can quote every word

- It’s adorable

- Postmating the most expensive food you can find cause Tom is home

- And y'all are too comfy wrapped up in each other to actually go to dinner

- Trading meals cause you like each others food more than you like your own

- Little kisses

- Little kisses everywhere

- Eventually convincing each other to sleep in your bed rather than the couch

- Not even being able to walk back to the bedroom cause Tom has his arms locked around your body and his head on your shoulder

- Tom not letting you sleep that night either

- Calling in sick to work the next morning so y'all can do the same thing again the next day

- Minus all the smacking

Taeyeon’s been so happy and healthy for so long. What she experienced in Jakarta was a personal trauma that would impact anyone’s mental health. I’m worried this will set her back, we are well aware that she struggles with mental stability. I really hope this has nothing to do with the contract negotiations. SM can’t be THIS evil that they’d endanger her life just to prove a point.

@ travis justin clint and especially griffin mcelroy: thank you deeply and sincerely from the bottom of my gay heart for an incredible emotional finale, also please buy me a gatorade or something i need to replenish the water and electrolytes that i lost crying my own bodyweight in tears

Yet Another Sad Ship Song™
me and my questionable guitar-playing skills
Yet Another Sad Ship Song™

had a family friends typa get-together tonight, and our parents
forced us all to perform. this is my little bit, and ofc, i opted to
sing something sad and shippy…but no one needs to know that.

the last few seconds got kinda cut off. my
apologies in advance, if you decide to listen!!

shout-out to my little sister for recording.

anti-chase replied to your post: @jumpingjacktrash I would def. draw art for ur…

I think they meant like, there are apps that come with posable models for people and animals


I have never heard of such a thing.  Well now I look like a true muggins, goodness gracious.

wakimaki  asked:

Heyo! Now that you're 21(?) I've been meaning to ask you: HOW HARD HAVE YOU BEEN HITTIN' THE BOTTLE?

NOT AT ALL, I actually haven’t had a single drink since my birthday;; I mean eventually I might have one since I can legally crack open a cold one with the boys.

My dad got me this bottle of wine so I dunno maybe?? He said I can just keep it if I want……. And I mean the gift sounds weird until I tell you he literally works at a winery and he says the wine is as old as I am so that’s neato~