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Forest Fires-Lauren Aquilina // he was almost in love. she was almost good for him

Warren Worthington iii x Reader

A/N: Idk the audio post format was just too much for me it was really unaesthetically pleasing oh well. I’ve linked the song etc, and feedback on this drabble thing would be great also @kurtwxgners have some Warren

“Since when are you moving?” Warren’s voice isn’t loud, but it cuts through the silence nonetheless, the words leaving ripples of tension in their wake. You shrug lightly, the slight gesture heavy with feigned nonchalance, trying to maintain the façade of neutrality, but the atmosphere has shifted, the quiet of his apartment becoming oppressive rather than tranquil. You feel his eyes tracking your movements carefully but you can’t quite meet his gaze.

“Since a while back. I told you I was going.”

“You didn’t say it was permanent. I thought it was just a visit, or whatever.”  The tension in the room is mounting as a note of hurt creeps into his tone. You still can’t meet his gaze.

“I guess I didn’t think you’d care this much. It’s not that far away. I’ll still show up now and then,” you say, keeping your voice as uninvested as possible, trying desperately not to think about the last time you saw him. A memory flashes across your mind, rendering you momentarily speechless. A cool night, full of volatile possibility. The warmth of his arm around your shoulders. Wry smiles and awkward excuses. You had been fairly certain that you were more invested in whatever almost-relationship had existed between the two of you. You’re less sure of it now, but you’ve made your decision. It’s too late to stay. It’s too late for him. “You’ll barely notice I’m gone.” It’s hard not to let any resentment colour your voice, but you think you manage it. You turn away, looking for a way to leave the conversation without causing any further damage, but you feel his hand on your shoulder, tugging you insistently around to face him, and his stricken expression is enough to make you tense up, anticipating some kind of confrontation.

“But why? Why’re you going?” He presses, the grip on your shoulder tightening slightly as if to accentuate his point. You cast a helpless glance around the room then back to him, meeting his stare evenly.

“I’m not doing anything here. I never meant to stay this long,” your voice is gentle, even as an unfamiliar light sparks in his gaze. “Warren, there’s nothing here for me.”

“What about me?” The question is barely more than a whisper, his eyes intense and unreadable as they burn into yours. His hand slips down a fraction, his thumb brushing across your clavicle to rest over your pulse, feeling the steady thrum of your heartbeat, so much calmer than the ragged tempo of his own, beating wildly in his chest as he takes in your resolute, almost serene expression, the underlying hint of a question-or a challenge-in your unwavering gaze. “I’m here.”

“So ask me to stay.” Warren recoils almost imperceptibly at your words, but doesn’t look away. You take a steadying breath, reaching blindly for any kind of courage to continue, because you’ve already started, so you might as well keep going. “I might, you know. If you asked,” you say, softly, eyes still locked on his, waiting for a reaction. The silence and the stillness stretches on for an eternity, and you give him a sad little smile. “But you won’t,” you continue, one of your hands creeping up to wrap gently around his wrist, your thumb brushing over his knuckles. “It’s okay, I’m not-I-” you break off, and for the first time in the exchange, you look away briefly. “I know you, Warren. I know what you’re like. It’s okay.” You sound like you’re trying to reassure him-to comfort him, and it feels all wrong, because he can’t quite articulate the exact manner of the tension between the two of you, but he can tell something’s hurting you and he can tell he has something to do with him, and he still can’t bring himself to say anything. He just gazes impassively at you, dissatisfaction blatantly stamped across his face as you sigh lightly, slowly pulling his hand from your shoulder and letting it fall to his side as you step away from him. “Take care of yourself, okay?” you say softly, giving him one last inscrutable smile before walking to the door, closing it quietly behind you and leaving him to try and make sense of all the ways in which this is his fault.

You’ve heard of the ask memes.

You’ve seen the tidal wave of tag memes take over your dash.



AudioAugust is a series of ask prompts coming out This August! Everyone is welcome to share in the festivities! It’s multifandom with a wide variety of posts, so there will be something for everyone out there.

Just look at the daily post at #getheard or @polyrhythmically and make your own response in an audio format. It’s as simple as that. You can post it on Tumblr, Soundcloud, Youtube, or whatever else is your speed. Just don’t forget to tag it here as #getheard!

Have fun jamming out all month!

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Promo art is by @sarasanddollar

“Doctor Who belongs to all of us. Everyone made Doctor Who.” —Peter Capaldi

We’ve seen Whovians express themselves through art, design, cosplay, and song; talk about their favorite Doctors, companions, and monsters; list the merits of the minisodes and argue the accuracy of the audios. We’ve melted into puddles of cosmic joy as we watched Whovians befriend each other both online and off, and we’ve enjoyed every second of admiring this fantastic fandom for all that it makes, does, and is.

For today's #NewToWho week post, let’s all talk about what being a Whovian means to us. Whatever ideas and images the word “Whovian” brings to mind, whether it’s your connection to the community, the appreciation for each other’s creativity, the obsession with continuity, anything at all, we want to hear it. Make a post in whatever format you’d like (photo, text post, audio, video, anything!) tag it with #NewToWho and we’ll be reblogging posts all day in celebration of the best fandom in all of space and time. 

ruess being homoerotic in the hotel room?

(apologies if there are any mistakes; i sometimes have difficulty interpreting audio tracks)


nate: so you can, right? [high-pitched, coaxingly] right? [even higher-pitched] right?
toco: sure, buddy.
nate: shhhhhh… good. good. [groaning and turning over] all right. i’m turning over. you’re gonna give my back some love.
toco: nuh-uh.
nate: [indignantly] what?!

[bandmates laughing softly]

nate: [muffled] you’re being a dick to me.
toco: all right, turn over.
nate: all right. just a little bit of love. it’ll put me to sleep and we’ll never talk about this again.

[soft chuckling]

nate: you’re making me erect.

[others burst into laughter]

toco: jeeesus!
nate: [high-pitched, voice breaking] what’s going on?!

[others snickering]

nate: [speaking normally] what happened? [chuckling] did i say something i shouldn’t have said? it’s just pillow talk, man.


nate: toco.
toco: what?
nate: what do you say, tomorrow?
toco: [confused] what?
nate: means!
sam (overlapping): what?
toco (overlapping): what about tomorrow?
nate: means, dude. tomorrow, me and you?
sam: nah.
nate: same bed?
sam: nah, i’m cool with toke.
toco: we’re in love.
nate: what can toke give you that i can’t? i’ll le—i’ll put your hand on my ballsack!
toco (overlapping): [chuckling] a decent—
muzz (overlapping):
he can give him satisfaction.
toco (overlapping): yeah, that’s what i was about to say. [laughing] a decent-sized penis. [continues laughing]
muzz: how about six inches of space and not being all up in his shit?
nate: dude, i’ve—i’ve got a moderate-sized penis.
muzz: all i’ve ever heard.
toco: mediocre, at best. [chuckling]
nate: listen, i like to—to not give myself a lot of credit… hoping that it grows because of that.
muzz: listen, buddy, i don’t think you’re gonna have any last-minute growth spurts at twenty-two.
nate: nah, it’ll still grow.
toco: he’s gonna get a pump.
muzz: three plus inches.
nate: dude, i’m gonna do one of—take one of those male enhancement things.
toco: those don’t really make you bigger, they just make you last.
nate: oh. well, i don’t need that help. [confidently] what’s uuuup. [speaking normally] hey, muzz. muzz. scratch my back a little bit. i won’t talk about erections anymore.


nate: [desperately] will you please just touch my back for [inaudible] —

[others burst into laughter]

nate: please? please? [moans in relief]


nate: dude, you could be gentle like i was with you?
muzz: you were pretty rough, it sounded like to me.
nate: no… i just got ahead of myself.

We all know that One Direction fans come from around the world and have many different backgrounds… But how well do we know each other’s cultures, and how we express and experience them in our everyday lives?

As anounced in May during World Day for Cultural Diversity, today we - World Almighty and TMHFN/Rainbow Direction - are proud to be launching an initiative for the duration of Ramadan:

                                       the 1 THING CAMPAIGN!

Share *one thing* about your culture(s): a saying, a dish, a place, a celebration, a belief…anything that you find important, special, or would like to share!

Posts can be in any format - text, photo, audio, video, mixed media - and you are of course welcome to submit more than one.

Tag your posts with #worldalmighty and #1thing or submit them (anonymously if you wish) to worldalmighty.tumblr.com where all submissions will be posted and reblogged.


During all of Ramadan (18 June - 18 July).

Please remember to tag #nsfr if the content is not safe for Ramadan (for example: food).

We hope that this will be a fun way to get to know each other better, and help to show the amazing group of people that make up our global fandom :)

If you would like to give us a hand with 1Thing as a volunteer, let us know - and please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions!

To all who observe: Ramadan Mubarak!


these is what i imagine it would sound like if you tried to play a mummy like a clarinet.

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For the anon in your inbox -- another way to listen to all the music on someone's blog is to use trntbl! You just go to trntbl.me, and enter the URL of the blog you want, and it shows you all the audio posts they've ever reblogged in a playlist format. :)

I didnt know that omg. Thank you!!