but in all the videos where he looked extra good he was wearing black clothing so

Ya know what I want?

I want for the Paladins to a “spring cleaning” in the Castle and the Lions and that they find all sort of stuff, especially from the paladins before them that once piloted their lions.

I want Lance to find a small heavy box filled with small squares that resemble photos and in all of them a young happy ex-Blue Paladin is smiling bright and big at the camera. I want him to go through all the photos of their adventures where they are on with blue paladin armor along with the rest team and photos of the planets and people they saved. I want him to be motivated of that and push himself to do as good as his senior Paladin did; to help, save and care.

I want Hunk to find video clips of the old paladin of his lion where he’s almost video blogging and he’s narrating the adventures. The videos start as a formal report but then slowly turn into a journal and Hunk is mesmerized by the story telling. The stories become more personal as the videos go on and then, in one of them, there’s a second tiny person besides the old yellow paladin, cradled in his arms and Hunk gasps out when Alfor whispers Allura’s name as he stares fondly at the small Altean baby.

I want Pidge to find all kind of dry plants and flowers in one of her lion’s compartments and for her to being curious enough to look their meaning and components, to see if they were related to the nature back in Olkari, but turns out they are just harmless simple silly plants/leaves/flowers/petals from different planets. I want her to find the old Green Paladin notebook with the characteristics of each plant and it’s enough for Pidge to search and wonder why they were so important to the past paladin. I want her to feel this soothing calm breeze inside her as she learns more and more about nature and feels a better connection with her Lion.

I want Keith to find sketches. I want him to find sketches of aliens, planets, explosions, Red, all the lions together, Voltron itself, the castle. I want him to see through the old red Paladin’s eyes and see their reality, to see the calling and good and belonging they had and wishing he could be part of that. I want him to pick up that extra empty journal he finds, covered in dust and falling blank pages, and start doing his own sketches, making up his mind and starts portraying his home, his team, his family he has found and creating his own path slowly.

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Yoongi Scenario: Spoiled Baby.

Request: Hi girls😊 I want to request a scenario of our min yoongi where y/n is jealous after she sees a mv of bts where yoongi is rapping to a girl and when yoongi goes to visit her and ask for her opinion they have a little fight? Fluff ending please

Genre: Romance.

You were waiting in front of your laptop, seeing the youtube page and the hour, refreshing and wondering when would the music video be out. Remembering you could actually watch it on your TV you went for that, the bigger the screen the better, as any other Army you were waiting for the new BTS music video to be out and you couldn’t wait. Yoongi had been looking so extra hot lately you knew that music video was going to be fire.

You giggled to yourself thinking about it, Yoongi was so handsome, you didn’t go around telling him all the time but you loved your boyfriend to pieces and for you he was the most attractive man there was.
The music video started and you squealed clapping watching the Big Hit intro and it came, this concept you were loving so much, for this one they had gone for a bad boy image mixed with the classiness of wealthy powerful men and each of them were pulling it off perfectly.

Yoongi was wearing all black which was the look that was as godly as it was sinful, you were afraid the stylists were going to go crazy with he clothes but they had stuck with these clothes and you were sending your appreciation to them and all holly beings.

The music was amazing as well, hype and a bit dark and the song had the right amount of sexiness, so much they even include a girl.
You nodded watching her, they had chosen well, she was really pretty and was dressed sexy but not trashy, it was all good until the scene changed to an alley in which was only her and Yoongi.

It was Yoongi solo part and as expected he was putting to work all his tongue technology that if it was true turned you on, you didn’t enjoy seeing so close to another girl. The way he rapped to her was insinuating, the way his body leaned to hers like demonstrating interest and sexual desire, the attraction between them making the scene and the rap be more intense, it got you distracted from the mv itself as something inside of you was shot. A sensation that started in your stomach and brain and then you felt everywhere, you wanted that girl out of the picture and Yoongi as far away from her as possible. It was stupid since you knew this was just the mv, acting, but then you couldn’t help it, seeing him with another girl was hard. And then you frowned, Yoongi was a terrible actor, could it be that some of this attraction was real?

The music video ended, it had been good but all you could think was of that scene and the hours of filming, they practicing.

-I’ll watch again- you mumbled to your self seeing the video again which only made you angrier. Yoongi hadn’t mentioned this little detail with the girl, why was he hiding it?

You frowned and watched your phone, the last thing he had said was that they were going to be at the company doing the live pre show, then they would watch the video and film reaction and do some practice of the choreography. Then he was supposed to come to your apartment to have a rather late dinner together.

You inhaled sharply telling yourself to calm down and wait, instead of starting to recriminate over the phone like you wanted to do. But you knew it was best to do it in person, you wanted to see his face when you brought the issue over, Yoongi had some explaining to do.

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Miniminter Smut: LA Love

Summary: Could you do an imagine about Y/N and Simon meeting in LA when he’s on holiday with the rest of the boys and they just click get chatting and they go out together like to the beach and shopping and stuff and end up kissing and you stay the night (just cuddling not smut if your not comfortable with it lol) and the boys tease in the morning about it but they’re happy for you both- idk I thought it would be cute thanks!!💗

Warnings: Pure FILTH, Daddy Kink, swearing.. I think that’s it?

Requested: Yep by a lovely anon (check summary)

Rating: 17+ (smut & swearing)

A/N: Hey, this is my first smut! It is pure filth! I will happily do more if people want it! Please be aware I have never done anything sexual in  my life so this may be complete and utter bollocks so… yeah lol! I’m sorry this took so long as well! Anyways, I hope you enjoy! :) <3 (sorry it’s long). Y/FD = Your Favourite Drink Y/D/J = Your Dream Job Y/B/S = Your Birth Stone (Anymore you don’t understand, hmu)

~Beth <3


It was your first ever official outing. Well, ever since your “boyfriend” left you last week for that stupid, mysterious girl in the club. You should. No, you need to forget about him. Today was your day! You’ve been invited to go to meet one of your old-school friends for a coffee. So, that’s what you should do! Go for a coffee and enjoy yourself! You sat up and walked to the bathroom to have a shower, in fact, you’ve got plenty of time – checking your phone, why not have a bath?

You ran the bathtub with your favourite scent and at a nice, warm, soothing temperature. You dipped your toe in cautiously - it was perfect. You stepped in, holding onto the sides, making sure you wouldn’t slip and laid down on the throne of bubbles.

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Three Bears || Part 1

Request from Anonymous: Hello. I love your Tumblr! May I request a mini-series where you and are taking care of your three children (2 girls, 1 son) in Superman Returns (a korean television series). Could you also add a part where Jay wants another boy to make it equal , may be a lil smut. Thank you. 

A/N: Yes, this is will be a mini series and yes, there will be smut (not in this part tho) but only suggestive. I know the Superman Returns series focuses on the father but I wrote this series the opposite way. 

Let me know what you think please!


“Are you sure you’re okay with doing this?” 

“Yeah, I’m definitely sure. It’ll be good for your work, I guess”.

“Hun, this isn’t about my work. Think about what you’re agreeing to do. Are you willing to have cameras set up around the house and being filmed for 48 hours straight?” 

Jay and yourself had just got out of a meeting together and it was to discuss an appearance on Superman Returns for 2 episodes. This was the third meeting and the managers told the both of you what to be expecting and the format of the show. You were genuinely excited but Jay was still a bit hesitant. 

“It’s fine, Jay. Try and be a fun dad and I want to do this. So let’s do it!”

“Remember the last time you told me that,” Jay reminded you with a smirk across his face. 

You knew instantly what he meant by that because the last time you suggested Jay to ‘live in the moment’, you ended up with baby number 3 - your son. 

“This will be great chance to show the world a snippet into our daily life and what are so you worried about? You won’t even be there during filming. They told us the dates and you’ll be with Dok2 anyway”.

Jay slowed down to park the car on the side of the road. He took off his hands of the steering wheel and turned to face you. 

“Think carefully about it, hun. The whole world will be watching and the kids..what about them? How do you think they will react to this? And isn’t it too early for them to be expose to the limelight?” 

You let out a sigh and held his hands. 

“Babe, the kids have been exposed to the limelight every since they were born. Do you not remember when our eldest was born? The paps had cameras on us for the first month and the fans they wouldn’t let us go without snapping a photo. But the situation changed ever since we had our second daughter and our little boy. The media, paps and fans respect over privacy now,” you reassured him.

“What if they do something and the world holds onto it?” Jay asked. 

“Like what?”

“Like-like umm saying something and the media takes it the wrong way? You know how they do that. Take something and putting it in the wrong context”. 

You looked at Jay and knew what he was talking about. He was relaying on some past experiences. 

“We still get a say in what goes into the final production hun, and why are so worry about that? Our kids are so well-behaved. They aren’t gonna say anything that will offend anyone” you said, “Well unless they hang around Duck or Sik-K”.

Jay snorted at your last sentence.

“Okay. If you think it’s alright with the kids then I trust you”. 

“I’ve already mentioned it to them and all of them are very excited. Our daughters have probably thought of their outfits already,” you told Jay. 

“Just like someone, I know,” Jay grinned at you. 

“I hope by someone you mean you. Now can we go and pick up our children. I miss them,” you said, seeing as they were staying at their grandparents house. 

“Sure,” Jay agreed as he started the car, “I hope our son doesn’t try to lure PJ and Oscar into his backpack again”. 

DAY 1 



You faintly hear your second daughter’s soft voice in your ear. 


She lightly tug you on your shoulders and you couldn’t pretend to squeeze in an extra few minutes sleep anymore. You open your eyes and your daughter’s tiny silhouette cover the morning sun rays. 

You rub your eyes and focus your vision on her round face and a smile came across her face when she saw that you were awake. 

“Morning princess,” you greet her with a warm smile. 

You sit up from the bed to give your second daughter a big kiss. Instead of attempting to greet you a good morning, your daughter wraps her tiny arms around you neck. 

“Is your sister and brother awake yet?” 

Your 5 year old daughter manage to break away from you and shrug her shoulders then proceeds to sit down on your lap so that you could cuddle her. As you watch your daughter play with your hands, the bedroom door swings open. Standing in the doorway was your 7 years old daughter. You look at her and smile at the bird nest on her head. 

“Good morning beautiful,” you greet her. 

As your eldest daughter make her way to the bed, you hear tiny footsteps running in the hallway. You eye the doorway to see when your 2 years old son would come into view. Within seconds, your son was in view and he immediately jump into the bed. Your 5 year old squirm and begins to air hit your son but he pushes her tiny hands away with his also tiny hands. Your 5 year old gets up from your lap and went to sit next to her sister. Taking an opportunity to sit in your lap, your son immediately jumps into you. 

You take a closer look at your son and realise his pyjama top’s buttons were done incorrectly. 

“This is your Baba’s doing”.

You unbutton the pajamas top and start to button it up properly this time. 

“Where is Baba?” your eldest daughter questions, as she play with her younger sister’s hair. 

“Baba is at work and he will be back tomorrow night”.

You button the last button on your son’s pyjamas and you feel a rumble in your stomach. 

“Let’s go brush our teeth and I’ll make us some breakfast, okay?”

“Eomma, what are we doing today?”

“Can we please go somewhere?”

Every morning your two girls would ask you these two questions because they cannot stand being at home all day whereas your son is the total opposite. He dislikes wearing anything but his bear onesie or his pyjamas. He may look like a mini Jay but his personality was nothing like Jay’s. He’s more like you. You always prefer to stay indoors and just chill. 

“Why don’t we have breakfast first and see what we can do today. Okay? Go brush your teeth and wait for me at the kitchen”. 

Your two girls jump off the bed and went to their shared bathroom. You pick up your little boy and head to the bathroom. You put him down on the toilet seat while you freshen up and once you were done, you brush his teeth and fix his hair for him.

“I can’t believe I let your Baba talk me into allow you to grow your hair. When he’s back, I’m taking you to the hairdresser and fix this”.

When you walk out of the bedroom with your boy by your side, you see your two little girls sitting at on the kitchen bench chairs quietly. Too quiet. You walk over to see what they are doing and see that the girls are watching a video on Youtube. It is one of those un-boxing toy videos and the one they are watching is an un-boxing of Shopkins. You lift your son up and place him on the chair next to eldest daughter. His eyes instantly glue to the iPad screen. 

You walk over to kitchen and start to prepare breakfast. Today you are going to make some chocolate and plain pancakes. Once you took out the bowls, milk, eggs, flour and cocoa powder, your eldest immediately sprung up from the iPad and hop off the chair.

“Will you be lending me hand today?”

“Yes but can I please have ice-cream with my pancakes?”

“Me too! I want ice-cream too!” you second daughter exclaims. 

“Only if you two promise me that you will not pull each other’s hair when you get change later,” you bribe your daughters seeing as they have the tendency to fight over what clothes or shoes they wear. 


“Eomma! I can’t find my blue jacket,” your eldest says as she walks into your bedroom. 

You look at her chosen outfit and today she’s wearing black jeans with Loco’s yellow official t-shirt for Bleached. 

“Yes I have. I remember putting it in your closest but check your sister’s. I may have put it in there by accident,” you tell her as you attempt to fix your son’s hair again. 

Your comment earns a gentle but still loud enough stomp from your daughter. She now has her crossed across her chest and also shoot a glare at you. Just as you were about to ask her why the sudden change of attitude, your second daughter stands at the doorway. She was wearing a red polka dress and she even put on some white stockings. You smile at how different the way your two daughters dressed.

“Eomma!” your eldest yells at you. 

“What’s wrong, boss?” 

Your eldest daughter points to her sister. 

“She stole my jacket!” 

“No I didn’t! It was in my closest so it’s mine,” you second daughter argues.

“Eomma!” your eldest whines loudly. 

You let out a huff and think back to the bribe this morning. It did not work at all.

"You two are always trying to make me mad on purpose and don’t you remember, both of you promised me that you’ll behave”.

“But Eomma that’s my jacket!” your eldest yells. “Give it back,” she demands, tugging the jacket sleeves.

Your second daughter push her away and the force of it made your eldest’s self hit the doorway. You continue to stay with your son because you know how dramatic you eldest can be. Just like Jay, you thought.

“Eomma..!” you eldest cries out, rubbing her shoulders.

“She started it! This is my jacket and I want to to wear it today,” your second daughter says while stomping her little feet.

“Okay,” you sigh as you got up from the bed. “Firstly, how’s your shoulders? I hope your sister didn’t bruise you,” you ask your eldest.

She wipe her fake tears and give you an okay nod.

“Secondly, you have a better jacket in your closet that will suit with your outfit so I suggest you go pick another one,” you tell your eldest, “Thirdly, and this is for you princess,” you turn your attention to your second daughter, “This is your sister’s jacket so you must ask her if you can borrow it”.

You second daughter shakes her head in disapproval.

“Okay then. We’re not going out today. Go change back into your pyjamas,” you say, as you sit back down of the floor. You son also joins you by carefully sitting down beside you.

“Eomma.. I saw this in my closest so it’s mine now,” you second daughter continues to whine.

“Fine you can have it! I don’t want it anymore,” your eldest says angrily as she push her sister and walks off.


After getting dress yourself, you look over to your son and see that he is playing with Jay’s old toys. Well in this case, it belongs to your son now and it is the Incredible Hulk figure. Your son is still in his pyjamas so you went to the drawers and pick his outfit. You pull out a white t-shirt, navy blue pants, Cha Cha’s official bomber jacket and a pair of socks that Dok2 had given him for his previous birthday. 

As you walk out into the living space you see your two girls sitting in front of the t.v watching some sort of cartoon. You can see the blue jacket that both of them were fighting about earlier on the floor. Looking at your second daughter, you see that she is wearing another jacket. 

“Why is this on the floor?” you ask the girls as you pick the jacket up from the floor. 

“I don’t like it anymore,” she says without taking her eyes off the t.v. 

“So whose closest should I put this back in?” you question your two almost-like zombie girls. 

There was silence from both of them so you hung the jacket onto the nearby chair. If they were to fight between the jacket again Jay can deal with it. 

“Okay, so Baba left us a list of suggested activities that we can do,” you say, sitting down on the opposite sofa. The girls’ eyes were glue to the t.v and they didn’t hear you. However, your little boy came running to you and squeeze himself between your legs. 

“At least you listen to me, right?” you whisper to him, picking him up and letting him sit on your lap. 

“Girls!” you say a little louder.

Frustrated you reach for the remote and put it on mute. 


“Is that the only word you know this morning,” you pout at your eldest, “Okay, now what do you want to do today? Baba wrote on here uhh park, zoo, visit the office, movies, ice-skating, shopping..” your trail off. Reading the list you realise Jay didn’t come up with these ideas himself. It felt like something Gray would say. 

“I want to go to visit Baba at his office,” your second daughter tells you. 

“Can we please go to Baba’s office?” your eldest daughter adds. 

“Baba is not at his office. He’s working with Uncle Dok2 today and tomorrow. Why don’t we go to his office and see who’s there, okay?” you decide for them. 

This suggestion earns an approval nod from the girls while your son was busy playing with the piece of paper. You get up and start to pack all the necessary things into a bag then got the boy’s pram out of the wardrobe. 

Once you were ready to go out the door, you receive a message from Jay:

How’s it going, hun? Miss me? ;) 

You shake your head at his message and begin to type your reply:

You don’t need to worry babe. I’ve got everything under control. We’re about to head to your office. 

You hit send and also snap a photo of your three little bears for Jay to see. 

“You three ready to go?” you ask, putting your phone in your handbag. 

“Yes Eomma,” you eldest reply as she puts on her backpack. 

You look down into the pram and see that your son was playing with his Hulk toy happily. 

“Eomma, I need to get something from my room first,” your second daughter says while rushing off. 

A few minutes she came back with a small book in her hand and she quickly stuffs it into her backpack. You raise an eyebrow at her but she simply smile at you. There is something behind that innocent smile - something mischievous. But you brush it away. 

“Okay, let’s go to Baba’s office to annoy your aunties and uncles”.

Read Parts:  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, End

Custom Vans (Sincerely Three Headcannon)

Author’s Note: Inspired by this video

Basically how the boys act to you getting them custom vans with either a picture of you two or a picture of you on them. If any of y’all want Zoe and Alana shoot me an ask bc I wanted to include them but it was getting kind of long!

Evan Handsome:

  • okay so it’s like your sixth month anniversary and you wanted to surprise evan with something special and unique
  • you’ve already gotten him so many little potted trees and succulents so you didn’t want to be predictable
  • he’s had the same pair of grey nikes since freshmen year and they’re starting to get holes in them and poor evan doesn’t want to ask heidi for a new pair so you have the perfect gift idea
  • so its your anniversary and he already gave you your gift (a beautiful little bracelet w the day y’all got together) so you hand over this sparkly baby blue gift bag and he’s confused because when you usually give him new plants they just have a bow on them
  • he opens the bag and theres a cloth bag inside and he’s still bewildered but opens up the bag and pulls out one shoe
  • he immediately starts tearing up and you get a little worried thinking he doesn’t like them but then he tackles you in a hug and you can hear him kind of ugly cry(but you love it)
  • he’s smiling as he gives you a big ol smoochy and tiny little kisses on your face and your grin couldn’t be bigger as he tried on the pair of shoes with a picture of you sitting in front of the tree in your backyard(that connor took)
  • he walks into school with them all happy because even if you aren’t with him in his classes and stuff you will always be with him
  • he likes to rest his head on his hand when sitting at his desk in classes and just stare at his shoes because your smile calms him down
  • he’s been caught just walking with his head down staring at the shoes and may or may have not walked into an open locker once(or three times lol)
  • one time heidi caught him sleeping w the shoes by his head and she took a few pictures and sent to you because awww
  • another time some dirt got on your pretty face from him being outside and he literally ran back into the house to grab a wipey to clean it off
  • he just loves those shoes okay

Jared Coolman:

  • okay so you were on twitter and you saw a video of a boyfriend giving his girlfriend a pair of vans with a picture of them on it and as soon as you finished the video you were on the vans store already ordering a pair
  • you had to wait around 3 weeks for the shoes to come in so you were more anxious then usual and jared took total notice
  • because you were acting weird he began second guessing himself and immediately thought you were going to break up with him
  • he was more quiet the past couple of weeks and when you got home and the pair was there, you grabbed your phone and called jared telling him to come over 
  • the whole time he was driving to your house he was thinking of ways to talk you out of breaking up with him because he was 100000% sure that’s why you wanted him to come over
  • so you, bouncing with excitement open the door to a pretty reserved jared who’s on the brink of crying because he loves you so so so much
  • you don’t even notice that he’s on the verge of tears while you lead him to sit on the couch going to get the bag containing the shoes
  • “Please don’t break up with me!-” “Surprise!” He shouts out while you shove the bag onto his lap
  • “break up with you?” your heart shatters actually looking at jared since he got here. what was he talking about?
  • “what is this I thought you were going to break up with me” he’s honestly so confused as to why you put a cloth bag filled with what felt like potatoes in it on his lap
  • “open it you nerd” you’re honestly still trying to comprehend what the hell is going on but your excitement over the gift kind of masks the confusion you feel
  • he opens up the bag and empties it out so both of the shoes fall on his legs. you hear him let out a soft laugh and before you know it his lips are on yours. the kiss may or may not have turned into a makeout session bc like I said he loves you so so so much
  • “what did you mean break up with you?” you asked after he said thank you for the millionth time while he was doing a little dance in his new shoes with a gorgeous selfie of the two of you from one of your first couple of dates. he looks sheepish and kind of lets out a nervous laugh
  • okay so honestly this boy would wear the death out of these shoes and tbh when the picture started to peel off after so much wear and tear he bought another pair with the same picture because he loved them so much
  • whenever someone is talking to you at like your locker or something he goes up and sticks his foot in between the two of you so a shoe is on display before saying some dumb shoe pun like “so sorry for interrupting but Y/N did you know that I’m your sole mate ha ha get it?” 
  • he got you a matching pair because he’s that kind of boyfriend
  • he will literally do anything to bring up the shoes into any conversation no matter who he’s talking to (ie his doctor, the guy working behind the counter at mcdonalds, some little old lady on the bus, etc)
  • his friends tease him about the shoes but he shoots back shit like
  • “still wearing those beat up converse zoe? maybe you should get someone who loves you enough to get you a pair of shoes with them on it” cue eyeroll and shoving from the girl
  • he probs gets a pair of them w a bridal picture of you and him(pre wedding photoshoot) on it and wears them at your wedding lets be real
  • he likes knowing that a part of you is always near him no matter what bc again he loves you so so so much 
  • you never let him live down the fact that he thought you were gonna break up w him but he just smiles and kisses you bc love
  • almost loves the shoes as much as you(jk but really)

Connor Milky:

  • like evan, connor has been wearing the same pair of shoes since 9th grade. his black combat boots were on their last breath and the sole of the shoe was coming off to the point where you could see the toes of his socks sometimes
  • you knew connor was looking for a new pair of combat boots online since he got his at the thrift store four years ago. you helped him look and none of the shoes were apparently good enough
  • so you thought maybe connor just needs a new style of shoes. you thought about converse but you knew that he didn’t like them from his obvious distaste of anything zoe wears
  • so you were looking on the vans website and found out that they did custom pairs of the shoes and being the extra girlfriend that you were you ordered a pair with one of the pictures cynthia took of the two of you kissing on new years
  • you also ordered an all black pair bc aesthetic
  • the day they finally came in you drove your car all the way to connors as fast as legally possible not necessarily knowing how he was going to react but still pretty excited to show him
  • larry opened the door with a smile and told you connor was up in his room and had been all day so with a thank you you ran up stairs clutching the fabric bag going two stairs at a time
  • “hey Y/N what are you doing here?” “I have a present for you. I know this is a little different but I hope you like them.” so with that being said you shoved the bag into his hands sitting across from him biting your lip
  • he could tell you were pretty nervous to be giving him what was in the bag so he gave you a reassuring grin knowing that whatever you gave him he would love.
  • you looked down at your hands not sure what he was going to say so you were surprised when you heard a sniff. lifting your head connor was looking at the shoes with tears in his eyes
  • “if you don’t like them that’s okay I bought you a pair of black ones too” Connor wrapped his arms around you squeezing you tight
  • “I love them and I love you, so much” he whispered into your ear before ending the hug and wiping the tears that started to fall down his cheeks. you were so happy that connor loved him that you jumped into his lap pulling him tight hugging him into your chest
  • okay so you gave them to him on saturday and he had worn the shoes the whole weekend but you weren’t sure if he would wear them to school because he still kind of got bullied after y’all got together, not as much but still every once in a while
  • so to your surprise when you were at your locker talking to alana grabbing books and stuff you see connor approaching wearing the familiar print of shoes. you closed your locked and gave him a big kiss grinning from ear to ear 
  • he was a little embarrassed at first with everyone at school looking at his feet in shock but he got over it when he saw how happy it made you 
  • jared likes to tease him about the shoes all the time but finally backed off after connor had enough and told him “my shoes get more action than you kleinman so shut the hell up”
  • whenever you two go on dates whether they be casual or fancy connor always wears the shoes to show that you’re his
  • literally loves them so much because when he’s having one of his bad days he just looks at his feet and is instantly reminded of what he is living for
  • if any boy or girl flirts with you connor goes up to you two and tells them to look at his shoes and go away
  • pretty sure he wore them to prom and then asked cynthia for money so he could buy a matching pair for you guys(with your prom picture) for graduation
  • he had found the perfect pair of all black combat boots but hasn’t touched them since getting the vans you gave him
  • loves them and you so much :’)

anonymous asked:

hi omg i love your minhyun scenarios so much!! cld u do one where you're both idols dating secretly but the public finds out and ships it? make it long please😘😘😘😘tyty

hi, thank you kind anon!! haha I tried making it long, and i’m sorry about the long wait! This will be in the same setting as the WGM!AU, so please read that if you haven’t yet! Enjoy!!!! xx

Originally posted by panwink

  • soooo Minhyun and you have been dating secretly ever since the WGM break up 
  • But one day you get a casting call to be the 2nd female lead in an upcoming drama
  • you’re really excited and you tell Minhyun about it
  • and he’s like wait, is this for this drama??
  • and you’re like yeah! wait how did you know?
  • And he’s like, I was going to tell you tonight but I got cast as the 2nd male lead!
  • and you’re both like omg
  • you’re going to be working together
  • what’s great is that even the public are like omfg my faves from wgm are going to be reunited on this drama
  • and everyone’s so excited because it’s been a couple of years since youve publicly interacted
  • and you know everyone kinda goes crazy when former wgm couples even so much as walk past each other or make eye contact
  • so the fact you’re both going to be acting together as a couple is a big deal

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Hey guys! So because I just got my dress and my wedding date is slowly creeping up i thought i was in a perfect mood to write a fic about you and Tom deciding to get married! I really hope you guys like this! btw this is in the same timeline as the puppy parents (:

You and Tom had been together for a good 2 years and things were great, they were wonderful even, you were puppy parents to two gorgeous little babes, so then why did it feel like there was something missing?

Tom had stopped bringing up the concept of marriage, he knew that your parent’s were divorced and marriage seemed to spoil things for a lot of people you knew that just made the idea of marriage so off-putting. However now that you and Tom were doing so well and he was around full-time, it made the idea of marriage something you really wanted and could see not ruining your life, but making it fantastic, even perfect. So now you were here shopping for a ring for Tom because fuck it, you were going to propose to him, he was a perfect man and he needed to know he was loved too. 

“So what do you think? Is he a bling man?” The pushy jeweler asked from over the counter, trying to push you towards the expensive rings.

“Um, no not really” You smiled polietly “He really is minimalistic with his jewellery ya know?” The lady looked back at you with obvious displeasure, her happy persona now gone.

“Well” she nodded, forcing a smile to her face, “I hope you find what you are looking for,” before moving to a new couple who had come through the door. “Hello! How are you two? My oh my what a beautiful dress!” 

You quietly slipped out of the jewellery store defeated, you could try texting Harrison for his help but could he really keep a secret? After two more failed attempts to find a ring you said fuck it and asked him to meet you at the mall. 

Harrison met you at the food court, offering to buy you a soft pretzel as an excuse to have one himself, so the two of you now sat in the crowded food court with pretzels in hand.

“So I need your help finding something for Tom,” You smiled, looking down at your starbucks coffee. 

“Oh?” harrison chomped down on his extra large pretzel, “Like what? You know him as well as I do,” He smiled at you, pretzel bits on the corner of his mouth. 

“No, this is different, I need to get him a ring,” You begged that Harrison would get what you were trying to say.

“I don’t really think Tom wears rings-” He stopped, mouth dropping open, “OH!” He quickly wiped away the bits of pretzel from his face “Like marriage?? Like you wanna propose to him??”

“Yeah,” You sat back rubbing your arm, “I know he wants to and I want to but I want to do this for him ya know?” thinking about Tom really made your heart beat hard in your chest. “I love him a lot ya know, I really want to make him feel super special.”

“Okay, so what’re we doing here?” He stood up, grabbing your hand and pulling you to your feet, “We have a ring to buy!”

A good two weeks had passed and with Harrison’s help you had found the perfect ring and even tricked Tom into giving up his size. Now Harrison had Tom away for the day so you could set up the bedroom. It was cheesy yes, but you had really thought this through and if all went right, you and Tom would be walking down the isle in no time.


The house was dark when Tom got home from a relaxed day of playing video games with Harrison. 

“My love?” Tom called out, opening the fridge to grab a beer, a large note on the case ‘Come upstairs (; I have a surprise for you’. Tom was not one to pass up the opportunity to see you in less clothes or none at all so he ditched the beer and ran upstairs, falling on the bottom step, The stairwell was dark only fairy lights lighting the way to the bedroom where a sweet fragrance ran up his nose. “Oh i do like the look of this,” He quickly adjusted his t-shirt, fluffed up his hair and opened the door to a candle lit bedroom, printed photos of the two of you around the floor, the letters you wrote to each other on display on the bedside table and a message written in red lipstick. Tom quickly moved to the mirror and read out-loud “Will, you, marry, me,?” Tom read the last word with a pause, a silouhette now coming behind him. 

“So what do you say?” You asked, wrapped in a silk robe with your hair in loose waves, a black box in your hand.

“Is this for real Darling?” Tom turned to you, taking you in and becoming breathless when the box opened and sleek black ring with a blue line wrapping the edges.

“If you’ll have me,” You let out in a breath, looking up at his dimly lit face.

“Yes,” He moved quickly, taking your face in his hands and kissing you passionately, “I thought marriage wasn’t for you?”

“You’re for me,” 

“I love you,” Tom slipped on the ring before grabbing you by the waist and taking you to the bed, 

“Tom, my robe! It’s gonna fall off!” You laughed as he laid you onto the bed and laid himself on the bed beside you.

“Would that be such a bad thing?” He laughed, pulling you in and undoing the loose knot, revealing the loose tank top and panties you were wearing. 

“I guess not, you are going to by my husband,” You laughed, taking his face in your hands.

“Mm, I do like the sound of that,” Kissing your beautiful face. 

Wild Bunny on Clouds [5] (M)

A silly birthday drabble for Jungkook’s birthday!

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut (and crack maybe?).

Warnings: Costume, orgasm denial, rough sex

Word count: 2,552 words

A/N: I had this dream and wrote it way back in May. I think it must have been all the Jungkook requests that made me read a lot of Jungkook fics and pay him extra attention in videos as I want to imagine him when I write that led to this dream.

“Happy Birthday Jeon Jungkook,

Happy Birthday Jeon Jungkook,

Happy Birthday Jeon Jungkook,

May you have a good year~”

Jungkook leaned against the frame of his bedroom door, looking at me with half amusement, half exasperation. “It’s already September, there’s not much of the year left. Why are you singing a birthday song in ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ tune?”

I giggled and shrugged. “I just felt like it.”

He hummed thoughtfully, then cleared his throat. His expression had turned darker, his brown eyes blown almost black with lust. “And why are you wearing that?”

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You Have A Pet Tarantula

Jin: You rolled your eyes for what seemed like the thousandth time. You had decided to have a nice day to yourself & go out & have a little fun. It’s not like you didn’t want to be around your boyfriend Jin, it’s just you didn’t want him to feel like you were smothering him whenever he is home from a hard day at work, so you went out & had a good time with yourself. No friends, no family members, just you. Normally, you’d just wander around the streets & take random photos of buildings or flowers, gaining inspiration from many things, being that you were a painter. Everything seemed like art to you, so you had a habit of taking your camera everywhere with you. While you were on your little adventure you happen to stop by a pet store. Curious, you went inside & looked around, an eight-legged creature seeming to stare at you with its beady eyes. You smiled & thought to make a pet out of it before snapping many pictures of it. Once you got home with your friend in a small cage, you proudly go into the living room to show it to your boyfriend. He immediately freaked out about the spider, causing you to roll your eyes, but once he calmed down he wouldn’t stop insulting the black & brown arachnid. Literally, he kept calling it “ugly” saying he was the “man of the house” & that no one, even a pet spider was as “handsome” as him. He wagged his finger in-front of the cage containing the spider, scolding it. “Jin, are you serious right now? Leave Jin Jr. alone.” You frown, propping your feet into the coffee table. “No! He thinks he runs this place, but he doesn’t. I do. Look at him! He’s glaring at me with those beady eyes. You wanna have a staring contest, I bet I’d win-“ you cut him off. “Seriously Jin!” You groaned knowing it was going to be a long day of Jin whining.

Yoongi: You were so excited to finally get back home from work. You couldn’t wait to see your two favorite men, one being your boyfriend & the other being your pet spider. You had gotten him a week after Yoongi went on tour with the rest of BTS. He was sort of your replacement since your boyfriend was gone for over two months, but now he’s back. He had no idea you had a pet spider, who you named Spider Man (original right? Haha…no). Yoongi wasn’t afraid of things like spiders, but he wasn’t particularly fond of them, hence why you didn’t tell him as a surprise. He texted you earlier saying he’d be out with the guys but promised to come home as soon as he could. You were now standing in-front of your home, a bright smile on your face. You suddenly hear a loud yell & crash come from behind the door. Scared, you hurriedly open the door, rushing to see where the noise came from. Coming from one of the bedrooms, you run in to see your boyfriend with a broom in hand as a blood stain & left over legs hung onto the wall. Your mouth dropped. “Yoongi what happened?!” You yell praying he didn’t do what you think he did. “There was a spider on the wall so I killed that f*cker.” He said pointing the broom at your squished Spider Man on the floor. “OMG he was my pet! You killed Spider Man! You idiot!” You yell, looking at the mess he made. “Why the hell would you have a pet as a spider?” He asked, rolling his eyes and sweeping up Spider Man into a dust pan. You glared at him, silently. He scratched the back of his head. “I’ll just throw him aw-“ he said but you cut him off. “How dare you?! Kill him & then try to dispose of him like he’s trash. We’re having a funeral.” You pout. “Are you serio-“ he sighed deeply. “I’m dead serious. Now grab a shovel. We’re burying him next to all the other pets you’ve ‘accidentally’ killed.” You say as your boyfriend reluctantly follows behind you.

Jung Hoseok: You just knew it was a bad idea to surprise your boyfriend with a pet spider. He’s been feeling a bit down lately working extra hard in the studio & dance practice. Somehow your brain conjured up the bright idea of getting a spider to cheer him up. Unfortunately, you forgot how scary your boyfriend can be, even jumping at the slightest noise or creak of the floor at night when you’re sleeping. He’d literally cling onto you. You were regretting ever getting a spider as a pet as your boyfriend screamed his head off when you showed it to him while he was in the shower. You held it in his hand declaring you had a “surprise” for him that just couldn’t wait. When he pulled back the curtains to see a hairy friend in your hands, he ran so fast out of the door, forgetting he didn’t have on any clothes. He nearly slipped into all the furniture as he ran out of the front door, hollering as loud as his lungs allowed (we all know how loud this guy screams). You couldn’t believe your boyfriend just ran down the street naked & yelling, but even worse you were running after him, towel in hand, probably looking like a pair of idiots.

Namjoon: You had just gotten into work, exhausted from being on your feet all day. All you wanted to do right now was cuddle with your loving boyfriend & play with your pet tarantula named Ryan. You & Namjoon got him last month  maiming he would be your “baby” until you had an actual baby. He was a cool pet, but most would be afraid of him. Whenever the rest of BTS would come over they wouldn’t really go near it, except Jungkook (cause the boy wasn’t afraid of anything). They practically freaked out when you & Joon announced that you were having a new addition to the family, little did they know you were talking about a spider. Joon grew attached to Ryan & would do the oddest things with him such as talking to him about life & philosophy or hating a couple of lyrics with him. It was beyond cute though. You smile as you reminisce as you walk through the front door, not hearing anything downstairs. Curious, you walk upstairs to hear low mumbling. You grin walking into the master bedroom. You weren’t urprised as you found Namjoon, book in hand & Ryan in his lap, going on about The Little Engine That Could, one of the many children books you owned. “Hey my two handsome men.” You tease putting your things aside & lying on the bed next to Joon. “Hi babe, I was just reading a little bedtime story to Ryan. I think he fell asleep though. It’s so cute.” He smiled, planting a loving kiss on your lips as you smile at the little ‘family’ you both had.

Jimin: “Come on Jimin he won’t hurt you!” You groaned trying to get your boyfriend to hold your new pet spider named Butterfly (yes you have a pet spider named after an insect.) He refused to like the hairy arachnid as soon as you introduced it to him. He loved animals but a creepy black spider just wasn’t for him. When you told him you wanted to have a friend for when he would be on tour he assumed you’d both get a dog,  but instead you got an eight-legged little one much to his dislike. “Babe please put that thing away, it’s looking at me weirdly.” He said going upstairs to get ready for bed. “Oh well, he’ll learn to accept you.” You say to Butterfly before putting her in her topless cage. As bedtime arrives, you hop into bed & into the arms of Jimin. The next morning you were awakened out of your beauty sleep to the loud screams of your boyfriend. Rushing to the bathroom, where he was, you see him pointing at his hair where Butterfly had made a home of its’ fluffiness. “Get her! Get heeeeeeeer!” He cried. You giggled before taking her out of his hair. “Now how on earth did you get there? You’re so sneaky already.” You grin as your boyfriend grimaced.

Taehyung: You & your boyfriend walked hand-in-hand, going from shop to shop as you enjoyed a day together. It was one of those rare days where he wasn’t in the studio or dance practice so you both took advantage of the moment & went out to have fun. After visiting various shops, including an ice cream one, your final destination happens to be a pet store. You walk in, every animal catching your eye. You loved animals very much & you felt like a kid in a candy store, oohing & aahing at every pet you saw. You were in the bird aisle playing with a parrot named Pat when your boyfriend shouted your name. Going over to see what he wanted you see him holding a tarantula in his hands, a bright smile on his face. “Baby can we have him pleeeeeeaseeeee?! Please! I’ve always wanted a pet spider! Please! I’ll love you even more if we can have him! Just think of all the little Gucci sweaters I can knit for him! They’d have eight holes for his little eight legs! How cool would that be?!” He pleaded with his big eyes & boxy smile, knowing you’d fall weak to his charm. “First off, you can’t knit. Secondly, spiders can’t wear clothes. Thirdly…..just keep him away from me.” You say frowning at the creature, you were scared of bugs. You had a bad experience as a child with bugs & ever since then you grew afraid of them. Tae nearly jumps out of his skin with joy as you go to the register to purchase the new addition to the Kim family.

Jungkook: “Come on Jungkook! Beat him!” Was the first thing you heard as you walked through the front door, recognizing the voice as one of your good friends, Taehyung or Tae for short. You playfully roll your eyes assuming the boys were having another video game spree.  You walk down the hall leading to the living room. “Seriously guys?” You groaned walking into the living room to see Kookie in deep concentration with his arm propped up, in position to arm wrestle, but he wasn’t challenging one of the boys. He was challenging your pet spider Charlie (yes named after Charlie Puss-I mean Puth). Two days ago you & Jungkook went to the pet store & purchased a tarantula & honestly you were beginning to regret it. He wouldn’t stop picking fights with it. He was such a child claiming he had to prove he was the “man of the house”. “Hey babe, I’m a little busy.” He says before Jimin begin to countdown. “I, 2, 3, goo!” Jungkook then gently grabs one of Charlie’s legs & “pins” it down onto the table. The boys cheer in unison. “As expected ladies & gentlemen the Golden Maknae wins again! He’s just unstoppable!” Namjoon announces into an imaginary mic as you grin at the idiots you call friends.

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New Hat

Trent was leaving the office when he saw the camo style hat laying on the ground. He picked it up and looked around for anyone who might be looking for it. The day had been pretty windy so he had no idea how far it could have blown.

“Maybe you should try it on,” Christine smiled at how silly someone like Trent wearing the hat would be. It was clearly a few sizes too big for him. Besides Trent wasn’t the kind of guy who wore hats. He styled his dark black hair to the right the same way every day. A hat would just mess it up.

However, trying to impress Christine, he tried it on, “how do I look?”

She started laughing and gave him a friendly slap to the arm, “Not too bad. Maybe you are a hat kind of guy.”

“Maybe,” he smiled back. “And maybe we could go get drinks later.”

“Trent…” she said with a pleasant smile. “I don’t want to give you the wrong idea… It’s just I’m not that interested in a relationship right now. You know how hard the business world is. And it could get awkward if there’s a promotion… Or…”

“Nah I get it,” he tried laughing it off. “Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t serious anyway,” They both tried to force the smile as they waved their goodbyes. That was probably going to be the last time he tried asking her out. Obviously she wasn’t interested in him. “Probably cause I’m so god damn skinny,” he wanted to scream. It took him forever to be able to find clothes small enough that fit his scrawny frame. And even then sometimes they looked too big.

“Doesn’t matter,” he scoffed trying to regain his composure. There were plenty of other people out there. He just needed to keep looking. And right now he was just more frustrated that he couldn’t find his car. The parking garage was huge but he could have sworn it was on the fourth floor. He started clicking the unlock button to see the headlights light up. He finally found it. It was right where he always left it. But for some reason it didn’t feel right.

The white muscle car with a long blue stripe across the hood and roof was definitely his car. For some reason he kept thinking it was supposed to be a black company car. He shook his head realizing how stupid that was. He wasn’t given a company car. His dad might have gotten him the job but he didn’t get everything the other guys got. If anything he had to constantly prove that he was just as good as them.

Trent tossed his jacket into the passenger seat. For some reason it was feeling really tight. He always hated wearing the suits to the office. They were so stuffy and uncomfortable. It was like he was constantly pretending to be uptight. He undid his tie and tossed it onto his jacket. Being in his car he was allowed to be more comfortable. Turning the key, he felt his ‘baby’ come to life. The sweet purr of the muscle car filled the vacant parking garage. “Freakin’ sweet,” he whispered to his car. “Always feels good to hear that sound.” It was something his father always said was a wasted expense. But compared to the large cabinet of china plates they had never used, Trent couldn’t see the comparison.

He loosened the buttons on his sleeves and rolled them up as he drove home. Dress shirts were always tight on him. He hated the dress code at work. If the pay wasn’t so good he probably would have quit a long time ago. Not to mention the benefits; a full time gym he had complete access to on the clock. That’s really all he wanted.

“Fuck,” he cursed as the top button popped off his shirt. The pump he got this afternoon felt so good that it didn’t even bother him. The shirt was getting old anyway. His dad had criticized him for getting too big but as long as he came dressed professionally it didn’t matter. “I’ll just use it for later,” he needed another old shirt anyway. Online he’d recently found out how many other guys did that. It wasn’t making him much yet but there was a little market for it.

Trent thought about how happy his dad would be if he was talking about markets. He’d been sent through business school only barely making it out with passing grades. His dad promised him a job. It just wasn’t going to be directly with the clients. Those were for the smart guys. That’s what his dad always said. He hated how Trent refused to study in college. Passing only just barely or because of the amount of money daddy gave them. And that’s not even mentioning the favors he’d given to some of the nerds in his class.

Part of him failed out of spite. He didn’t want to be some pencil pushing nobody who only sat behind a desk all day. He flexed his arm. The fabric around started to rip. “Shit. The guys are going to be pissed if it’s already ripped.” He was thinking about his internet audience. They always appreciated a new video. He quickly set up the camera in the hall and hit record.

“Alright you little fuckers. I got a nice treat for you today. This shirt doesn’t fit me anymore so I expect at least a thousand likes.” His voice boomed as he narrated the video. “Now this shirt used to be one of my favorites when I was a little pussy like you. You see this huge arm?” He slapped the flexed bicep, “Going to rip through any second. Bet you wish you were here. Then you could feel this,” he paused letting the fabric rip around his arm and shoulder. “You want to feel this?” It tore even more. Revealing more skin, “Right?! You want to fuckin’ feel this!” He ripped the rest of the sleeve off with his other hand.

The back of his shirt split open. He turned around and flexed his wide lats. The shirt kept tearing down his back showing off the deep muscles he’d built up over the years. He groaned loudly and acted like he was struggling to remove the shirt. With a loud shout he tore it completely off. “FUCK YEAH!”

“You guys got a little extra today,” he flexed his pecs for the camera. “Got a new hat to celebrate all the new subscribers but I demand at least fifteen hundred likes. Got it?” Trent glared into the camera acting all tough. He stopped the recording. His face softened to a nice smile. “Those guys fucking love this shit.” He put on his XXL shirt and posed for another picture for his online fan base.

‘New hat for new followers. Wanna see more? Pay more,’ he uploaded the file. Sure he would have loved to go out with Christine tonight but keeping his fans happy was just as important.

Moodboards: Fashion icon Eddie Kaspbrak

I love the idea of Eddie being a fashion icon in high school and college so i made some HCs and a moodboard about it

~ Before junior year of high school Eddie just wore the same clothes that he’d been wearing since he was 13.

~ Short gym shorts and a polo shirt, a graphic t-shirt (probably Richie’s), or a boring sweater that his mom forced him to wear.

~ He didn’t really feel the need to change his style because he was comfortable and no one really cared about what he wore.

~ He always admired celebrities and their style, but he always thought that you couldn’t dress like that unless you had a lot of money.

~ But during the summer before Junior year Eddie visited his older cousin in New York City

~ mostly so that he could experience the city before applying to NYU, but also because he and his cousin always had fun together.

~ His cousin showed him around the city and introduced him to some very fashionable people.

~ His cousin and her friends taught Eddie how to look good on a budget and how to get deals on expensive brands.

~ This inspired Eddie to make a complete 360 with his style.

~ Now Eddie’s whole wardrobe was filled with fluffy pastel sweaters from the women’s section of Forever 21( bc they don’t sell fluffy pastel sweaters in the men’s section ), expensive shoes that he got on sale, and way too many fashion jackets.

~ “Why are you wearing a jacket it’s like 90 degrees out” “because I dress better than you” literally Eddie

~ Eddie learned that being a guy he could just wear jeans and a t-shirt and look presentable, but he wanted to take it 8 steps further so he stocked up on different accessories to make his outfits extra af.

~ He’s also an extra ass bitch so he learns to distress and add crystals to his clothes.

~ He buys a pair of white $20 sneakers from Nike and puts Swarovski Crystals all over it. Until it looks like it cost him $5000

~ He wears the shoes every time he goes out at night because the street lights make him sparkle

~ Richie calls him twinkle toes every time he wears them.

~ this boy is extra af

~ He’s got so much Gucci stuff that it doesn’t make sense. Shoes, bags, belts, the lot.

~ How does he afford it? No one knows.

~ He stopped wearing his fanny packs once he got to high school, but now he’s bringing them back because fashion.

~ He usually wears them across his body instead of around his waist.

~ He’s got a white furry one, a black Supreme one that he wears like everyday, a Gucci one bc Gucci, and an Ikea one because he’s #different.

~ He’ll wear those embroidered light wash jeans and look like the most stylish boy in the world.

~ He tries to teach the Loser’s club how to dress extra af on a budget, but the only person who’s really interested is bev bc “Yes, fashion!”

~ from now on Bev and Eddie are shopping buddies. They pick out outfits for each other and send each other style inspiration on Instagram.

~ Two fashion icons. One’s extra af and flaunts it and the other just looks good in anything she puts on.

~ Eddie also may have a YouTube channel where he posts OOTWs (Outfits of the week) videos because a lot of people at school ask him where he gets his clothes from so he just makes videos to help them.

ponkita  asked:

AhhhhhhhhhhHHhhhHHHHHhh! I need more of that Citadel Mage AU!!!!!!! How about Noctis and [y/n] (and maybe Prompto depending on what age you wanna make them) stealing the Regalia keys from Ignis (or straight up hot wiring it lol) and going on a joy ride? Please? /puppy eyes

Not really any key stealing but Iggy is mentioned. You’re sixteen in this. Oh, and the joyride is maybe shorter than you would’ve liked… 

For this AU Noctis stays living in the Citadel and Prom spends the night sometimes. Short, sweet, and nothing but nonsense. Hope you like it anyway!


Words: 2,011

Warnings: Language, Driving Without a License, Learner’s Permits Count, Persuasive Blonds, Bad Flirting, Obvious Teen Crushes, Y’all Are Dead, OOC Regis, AU-ception

Run” Ficlet

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39 - Van’s POV

This fic was requested by @catfish-and-the-pacifier, I hope you like your fic! Thank you for being such a great friend and support and thank you for making a request!! Enjoy, love xxx

Request: Hi can I request a scenario where van and the reader make pasta together and its all cute and fluffy and shit thank you! 😊

Bonus mini request of “Van in a hoodie” has also been added!


“Fuck!” I yelled as I stood on the kitchen bench, frantically fanning the smoke away from the blaring fire detector. The sound was so fuckin’ loud I thought my ears were gonna start bleeding.

It was my first full day home after tour ended, y/n had needed to go off to work early and Larry was hiding out in his bedroom. So, after waking up when y/n left, I took myself out into the kitchen in my old grey trackies and ratty t-shirt to make some tea and toast. I was sat up on the kitchen bench, smoking a ciggie after breakfast and staring out the window into the garden all peaceful when the fuckin’ smoke alarm went off. Didn’t even know we had one of those.  

“You know you can just press the button and it stops, right?” y/n yelled as she walked into the kitchen, hands over her ears and handed me a broom.

“Oh,” I looked up. She was right; there was a black, shiny button in the middle.

I held up the broom and poked the button; the detector shut off immediately and for a second, the quietness of the kitchen was eerie after the screaming alarm.  

“What were you doing?” y/n asked, holding her hand out for me to grab as I jumped down.

“Smokin’,” I grinned.

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Minimum Wage Groot - Groot, Peter Quill, and Gamora - SFW

Characters: Groot (teenager/young adult), Peter, and Gamora. (Implied Peter x Gamora)

Word Count: ~1,500

Request for a Groot fic where the guardians force Groot to get a summer job for his crappy behavior and he lands a job at a Starbucks at Terra. Needless to say, there’s a learning curve for a creature like Groot, but he does his best.

Warnings: none.

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come over and start up a conversation with just me

So… I could swear I did queue this for earlier today yet I can’t see it nowhere??? Can anyone confirm I’m not crazy???

As I said before (maybe) I had one of the shittiest weeks ever but at least I managed to do something with this. Yay me.

ps. when I said this was an AU, I really meant AU. Also: this is still a mess but I still hope you like it.  here’s part 1 in case you missed it/can’t remember what’s about lol 

That’s all, ily.


She could feel them from all over the place; some heavy and lingering and some flittering, quick ones. Was there something on her face? On her clothes? Had she mismatched her outfit? Ámbar frowned before looking down at her white shirt and blue skirt, checking to see if everything was in order, but nothing was out of place. She wasn’t going crazy, she knew that. They were definitely, shamelessly, staring at her.

She huffed, glaring and rolling her eyes at everyone who was looking on her way to one of few the tables available; her mom had borrowed her car that morning without notice, leaving her to take public transportation to the faculty, which made her arguably late for her first class (she was ten minutes early for her teacher to arrive, but she was late to grab one the best seats in the room) and annoyed with the world.

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chubbyfacepanda049  asked:

ok sooo what if the companions found a video holotape of sole's wedding day plus love this

Aww that’s so cute (: Like a video of Nate and Nora from pre-war? Aww of them in their wedding outfits looking all beautiful after pulling out all their hair from the stress of planning it all? D’awwwwwww. I feel like Shaun should see that.

Ada: “Fascinating. According to my collections about standards of pre-war aesthetics, you are indeed a beautiful/handsome human ma’am/sir. I do not think you have ever seen a robot in a wedding dress have you? Jokes,” she chided drily but maybe deep down inside kind of wanted to try one on.

Cait: “What? Shut up. I’m not crying. You’re crying.” She aggressively wiped her eyes with her shoulder to hide the fact that they were getting quite misty. She’s never seen Sole look so damn good before. In fact, she hadn’t seen anything that damn beautiful in her whole life.

Codsworth: *sniffle* “Ohhhhh mum/sir!!! I remember that day. I recorded this holotape, oh you were so lovely and your better half was simply gleaming with love. Oh look at their face, and how much they love you.” Codsworth wailed as he let all the feels grip his emotions. He receipts the wedding vows verbatim along with the tape.

Curie: She puts a hand over her heart and sighs dreamily when she sees Sole come out in their wedding attire. “Oh my love, I never even thought zat I could get married one day but I can think of nothing else but you in your dress/suit again because today my heart has been stolen!”

Danse: He felt a warm tingly feeling in his stomach and felt his face heating up under the collar. So he grabbed Sole and put them in his lap and wrapped his arms around their tummy, squeezing so they couldn’t see his warm face as he spoke. “Sentinel… we are not trained to acknowledge things like… beauty in the the Brotherhood. Simply saying it feels strange on my tongue. But seeing you… if this isn’t beauty then I don’t know what is.”

Deacon: He smiled and looked off to the side. For someone who talks so much, he certainly was silent now. When pressed, he took off his glasses and looked to the side (Sole could never see his face!). Seeing Sole all dressed up reminded him of Brenda briefly and their wedding (although less pre-war). But Agent Whisper should definitely wear that again. For the mission… yeah.. not for him, no definitely not.

Dogmeat: BARK!BARK!BARK! (I better be the ring bearer next time)

Hancock: “Aw shit, I almost forgot you used to be someone else’s before me.” He tipped his hat down over his eyes to mask the confusing melange of jealousy and admiration on his face. Sole was just so goddam good looking, he didn’t wanna see them next to someone else. No way in hell. He grabbed Sole by the waist and pointed to the holotape. “You an’ me… we’re gonna recite vows that are 10 times better than that ya dig? That’s because we’re the two hottest folks in the Commonwealth so we gotta make everyone jealous.”

Longfellow: “Well damn little lass/lassie, I haven’t seen someone in wedding attire since… actually I’ve never seen anyone in wedding attire, haha!“ He kept the holotape even though pretending like he had lost interest because deep down, he did like keeping that little bit to himself.

MacCready: A little confused since he’d never knew what pre-war weddings entailed. All he saw was Sole looking so damn fine in that dress/tux that he could not tear his eyes away from the holotape. “Ohhh boss… Wow.. you- wow. My thoughts are definitely going to be plagued by thoughts of you like this knockout.”

Nick Valentine: *chuckles* “Am I gonna get to see you like this in my arms or are you just yanking my chain, showing me this holotape?” He says suavely as he pulls Sole into him by their waist. Nick had the unique advantage over the others in that he did remember what pre-war weddings were like. Nick jokingly started planning out where they would get catering from, and the perfect napkin color for everything.

Piper: The holotape clicked on and she watched Sole stride out to the alter in their wedding gown/suit. The grainy quality of the holotape didn’t do it justice but the emotion of the event was getting to her. When she heard Sole (in the tape) start reciting their vows, she looked deep into Sole’s eyes instead of at the holotape. She imagined Sole saying those words to her on an alter and she had to wipe a tear from her eyes just thinking about how happy that would make her.

Preston: “You are the most remarkably beautiful/handsome person I’ve ever met, and I’ve met quite a lot of them.” He thought the pre-war wedding was beautiful and got swept away with the emotion. Vowing to recreate as much of it as he physically could, he confiscated the holotape and watched it every night. He tried to teach himself ballroom dancing just from the video and restlessly practiced every night in order to one day take Sole in his arms like so.

Strong: *grumble* “HUMAN CAN’T FIGHT IN TIGHT CLOTHING. HUMAN WILL TEAR SUIT/DRESS IF YOU TRY TO FIGHT IN IT. WEDDING LOOKS BETTER WITH GUNS.” Sole tried to imagine reciting their vows with an AK-47 in their hands and it was awesome.

X6-88: “There are many things about pre-war customs that still elude me. For instance, why was it customary to wear white even though it is the most impractical color? Everyone should wear black.” It kind of annoyed Sole how he was focusing on the benign details rather than the meaning of it. When Sole asked him what he would think if they wore white right in front of him and he grew silent. All Sole got was a sly smirk and an unreadable expression beneath the glasses.


Maxson: He typically tried to repress thoughts about family and relationships simply because they would make him feel emotional and emotionality is  not something soldiers want to see in a leader. So when he felt his face betraying his steely front, he quickly stalked back to his room where no one could see. He pulled out a ring that had been passed down through the Maxson family for generations. He thought it would end with him. But now he knew… it was time.

Glory: Felt a weird pang of jealousy spring up. She knew they were dead but dang she couldn’t help herself. She was watching her Sole tell another wo/man that they loved them! It was hard stuff to bear. So she started teasing. “Y’know I think that dress would look better all ripped up at the bottom. That way you could like like 9 guns. 2 right here…” *points* “and 3 right here.”

Deegan: He didn’t say anything because he didn’t need to. He was a servant and shouldn’t be expressing any desires that could compromise the situation but he couldn’t help himself from twisting the ring Sole gave him around his fingers. This world was too ugly for something so beautiful. He was going to protect them until the day he died. This he was sure of.

Zalfie,Movies And Pictures

Ship: Simon X Reader

Requested? : Yes, by @sidewomanxix

Summary: My turn to request. Could I please have a fluffy AF Simon imagine where y/n & he are spending the weekend in the Zalfie household since Y/n is good mates with Zoe? Zoe & Alfie are out so you’re with Simon just chilling on the couch all snuggled up watching telly & idk, add in some extra cute shit that couples do, thank you!

Warnings: None



Zoe, my best friend since secondary school, and Alfie invited me and Simon to stay at their house for a few days whilst me and Zoe film some videos and catch up a bit as I haven’t seen Zo in a few months.

“Babe, are you ready?” I Ask Simon from the bathroom

“Yeah, you?”


I walk out the bathroom after applying mascara, to see Simon taking a selfie in the mirror, I chuckle to myself, then came up behind him and pecked him on the cheek.

“You look cute” Simon says looking at your clothes, a tight black long sleeved shirt with a burgundy skirt and Old Skool Vans accompanied with a dark red lipstick and rose gold eyeshadow with eyeliner.

“You don’t look too bad either, Minter” I laugh back

“Let’s get going then” Simon looks at you smiling

I walked to Simon’s Range Rover, we would’ve took my Lamborghini Huracán Avio  that I was able to get when I reached 40 Mil on YouTube but that was in repair as someone tried breaking into it, but just cracked the window, and got we obviously brought snacks and drinks, also listened to some great tunes.

After a long 2 and a half hour drive we finally arrived at the zalfie household!

Simon knocks on the door and we patiently wait for a few seconds until Zoe opened to door,pulling me into a hug, a few tears shed from Zo

“I’ve missed you so much” Zoe says

“I’ve missed you too!” I reply

“You alright, mate?” I hear Simon and Alfie talking, I’m happy they get along.

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Street Racer!Jungkook

And last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan line, our beloved golden maknae who’s actually a total softie honestly the fact that he tears up when the other boys cry is just so sweet and innocent like he’s such a bub, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie 

  • This is gonna feature a hint of college/photographer!kook (here)
  • Visuals are up first bc I have a plan for this I’ve been so ready to write this post 
  • Fire!kook was actual fire that was such a good look on him the whole fluffy black hair look is just such a blessing
  • But also blonde!kook is still my favorite and probably always will be bc wow what a loOK
  • For this AU I am gonna go with the fire!kook hair bc that was the first thing I thought of when I thought of this post
  • Okay but tbh the fire mv is pretty much street racer!kook
  • Like the clothing he had on in that video is h i m so we got some legit visuals here
  • The look that he has on in the dance scenes, with the whole white t-shirt jeans and that lil thigh garter thing that we’re just gonna ignore bc rude who asked for that, is day time!kook when he’s at college
  • But then the look that he has on when they’re in that empty pool, the all black with the green camo jacket, that is street racer!kook at night
  • Side note kook with his shirt tucked in is so nice plus the belt is just yES bless whoever styled that look
  • I have this head canon that street racer!kook has a few tattoos here and there like he doesn’t have a sleeve yet or even a half sleeve, he’s only got like ten tattoos so far
  • He’s got a couple on his right arm, one on his left, a few on his sides and back and one on his finger (plus the bantan one)
  • So all of the boys have matching tattoos to represent Bangtan, they all have a lil “B” somewhere on their body (tae has his on the back of his neck, Namjoon and Jin have theirs on their fingers, etc.)
  • Jungkook’s is on the side of his hand
  • It’s pretty much always on display, especially since he’s into photography and his tattoo is on his dominant hand so everyone can see it but he doesn’t really care
  • He’s got zero shame but also nobody outside of the street racing community knows what the B stands for and even if he tells them it stands for Bangtan, they don’t know what that is so he doesn’t have to worry much about his professors catching onto anything
  • And when he’s racing it’s very much so on display and he wears it proudly bc just by seeing that lil tattoo people are lining up to see this shit go down
  • Okay but I have no idea why this came to mind but I got this mental image of like body paint plus street racing like kook having these really pretty designs all over his arms and his neck and face and then when he’s racing, the lights shine off of the paint like idk how practical that is but it just sounds so nice to me
  • So I already know exactly what kookie’s specialty is bc I’ve literally had this planned since the Jin post
  • He does the drifting along with being the second mechanic of the group
  • Whenever any of the boys need any help with their cars, they go to either kook or yoon
  • He and Yoongi are the two people that k n o w cars and head canon that kook meets yoongi when he’s really young so Yoongi just takes him under his wing and shows him everything he knows
  • Just take a second to imagine that, a tiny!kook just wanting to take pictures of yoon’s nice ass car but then gets really interested in it all like how did he do that
  • At first kook is only really interested in the engine of the car but then he sees yoon race and yoon starts taking him to more of the races with him so he can get cooler pictures and that’s when kook is just siGN ME UP
  • He’s super quick to fall in love with drifting Yoongi doesn’t even have time to figure out what he should focus on kook’s already got it figured out
  • I mentioned before in Tae’s post that he does a lot of the windy courses where there are gonna be a shit ton of turns but he only does a bit of drifting and the reason for that is bc Jungkook handles the courses that will require drifting
  • Really sharp turns, small spaces, getting inches away from a curb/wall type of shit, the stuff that makes you hold your breath and pray for the best
  • We’ve all seen how quickly Jungkook can learn to do something, the kid can watch someone do something and then just do it instantly so he would be a super quick learner when it came to racing
  • Yoongi doesn’t even really need to train him too much before he’s ready to start racing
  • You and Jungkook are already dating when he starts racing but he waits to tell you bc he wants to make sure he actually likes it and is gonna continue doing it
  • You know he has a love for cars, you know he hangs around Yoongi a lot and you know that Yoongi does street racing so once Jungkook starts spending Saturday nights with Yoongi, you’re pretty quick to put two and two together
  • Jungkook is super stubborn so you already know that trying to get him out of it won’t work very well, if anything it’s gonna make him want to do it even more
  • It’ll just be like that one time you told him he couldn’t cook so he took five cooking classes and made you a restaurant quality three course meal and was super extra about it he went out and bought those silver trays with the lids so he could be dramatic and lift the lid when he served the food
  • So you figure you might as well just make sure he’s being safe about it and that he takes you with him when he races
  • “I still think is a horrible idea but if it makes you happy, I’ll deal with it”
  • “What if I let you honk the horn at Yoongi, will you be on board with it then?”
  • “The last time you honked at Yoongi, you two ended up meeting in a parking garage at one in the morning to ‘duel it out’ and spent four hours racing bc neither of you wanted to lose”
  • “…is that a no?”
So Wrong, But So Right

A/N: idk i saw this headcannon on @nsfwphannetwork and i really liked it. also sorry if there are some grammatical errors, i annoyingly couldn’t find a beta to read this over. ALSO this is my first attempt at writing smut so don’t judge too harshly.

Description: Dan has a crush on Mr. Lester, the new extremely attractive English teacher.

Triggers: swearing

Pairings: pastel!Dan, punk/teacher!Phil

Words: 4,141 (yikes)

Genre: smut with some fluff

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