but in all seriousness i hope she sees it because she is like

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The best part about shipping WA besides the fact that they are really each other's one true loves and there's no competition that we should take seriously , is that we get like some 5 first kisses , 10 confessions of love over and over again and like 2 proposals 😂

I’d really love to know how Iris would start that conversation because barry would plead by just saying her name but he knows that’s something she would want to say ugh my heart

About her death and taking care of her family? Me too! I think Barry will try to reassure her that she won’t die, but Iris will tell Barry to let her “say this” and he will – and he will probably reassure her again after she says what she needs to say, lol. But that scene will be heartbreaking for all of us, I know it. I am already crying!

Omg!! So excited to see petty Barry 🙈 it’s been a while

I just hope we actually do get to see petty!Barry tonight. 

Damsel In Distress.

Request: Can you do Leo hearing a struggle and seeing a girl surrounded by a gang, and he tried to go to her aid but then feels stupid when she doesn’t need it because she is a total ninja and he’s so impressed but embarrassed at the same time???
Note: LIVINGGGG FOR EMBARRASSED LEO! I really hope you like this!! I wasn’t sure how to end it, so I ended up with this!!! Seriously, I had so much fun writing this one!! ahh please enjoy loves!

Leo’s POV;

His brothers decided to head home, however Leo thought it would be better to stay out a little longer. He needed a break from them, he was growing tired being with his brothers constantly. He loved them with all his heart, however he was sick of the arguments, sick of having his role as leader constantly questioned - making him feel like he wasn’t worthy, then again, maybe he wasn’t - he was then dragged out from his thoughts by yells - 

“Get Off of me!” He heard a female cry out, he didn’t hesitate as he went off in the direction of the yell. Hearing the laughter of a couple of men, he knew immediately they were going to be apart of the purple dragons. It made his stomach turn, anger flared. He never understood why people would pick on the weak. 

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Girly Letters on Twitter
“The next issue of SFX magazine, coming out Wednesday, has thirteen pages dedicated to #DoctorWho”

Now that April is almost upon us, expect a real ramp-up of publicity for Series 10.

Which is great, but I sincerely hope those 13 pages in SFX (and the other articles and reviews that will start showing up especially once the screenings for the first episode begin) aren’t filled with people writing about how crappy Series 9 and Clara Oswald was. Seriously. That’s a legitimate fear I have right now. Not that I expect SFX to do this (I’m looking forward to seeing what those 13 pages include), but it sometimes seems like people are lining up to say “oh Doctor Who is good now” and pile onto S9 and Clara in particular. Treat Series 10 as a fresh start by all means. And I hope people don’t compare Bill to Clara either because that would be unfair to Bill (she shouldn’t be compared to Rose, Martha or the others, either and she’s going to have her own story arc that won’t necessarily end with her becoming immortal). If you don’t like S9, or you hate Clara, then ignore both and move on.

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I have this crazy idea of our peridorito we all know and love meets others peridots with limb enhancers and she escaped a little sigh in her mouth because her´s were throw in the sea, lol. No but seriously I want to see more Peridots like the Famethyst or more lapis lazuli´s or even more interaction with B pearl and Y pearl and others pearls. Like that would be awesome!

Awww, I could imagine that :c  Poor Peridot, I really do hope that she gets her enhancers back one day.

It’d be awesome to see some more Peridots though!  Especially if we get to see an Era-1 Peridot… I have some ideas on what they’d look like, but I’d love to actually see them in the show for myself :D

On the flip-side, I’m now curious as to what an Era-2 Lapis Lazuli would be like…

And yeah - more Pearls please!

Ok you know how sherlock only used brute force when people hurt the people he cares about? (Shoots magnessen for john and mary, throws a guy out the window for hurting mrs hudson, distroying the coffin for molly) well what it on season 5 someone like kidnaps rosie or hurts her or something and he literally just fucking beats the fucker to death. Like they find her and make sure shes ok but as soon as shes ok sherlock literally just beats the literal shit out of the guy. And like john and greg and donovan and all the cops are there but they dont stop him. Then after he’s been interogated and let go because of mycrofts connections, john makes sure to see him alone that night and thanks him, and tells him he never realized how much he cared.

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I don't think they could do an entire season with KF as the main villain, because it would just be the same episode with them trying to bring her back etc... plus she's not that very diabolical. I can't see her wanting to take over the world. Not season villain worthy. I'd prefer her as just an anti-hero, who shows up once in awhile or something idk.

exactly it’s highly unlikely; it would be such a boring ass season if she was dkghdkgj

at this point im really down and hoping that she does become an anti-hero and because its like on and off caitlin&frost, caitlin could come back when she feels a soft spot for the team to help them with pity stuff or to help herself you know? although i don’t want another malcolm situation that was a fucking mess. also my other hope is that she leaves to go on legends imagine that! but in all seriousness they could fully develop her there, because the flash has deadass nothing to do with killerfrost and it works out well because firestorm is also a main.

So, sense8. Still crying a bit.

I’ll try to list my thoughts and favourite moments.

Kala and Wolfgang!!!
The way they look at each other… just…
Their bickering during their separate sex scenes- I know what it’s like to think of someone else… Very relatable.
“You have something good and beautiful hidden inside of you, just as I have something dark and wicked inside of me.” “We’re perfect for each other.”
They’re literally Zutara and it f*cking kills me. 

Sun and Capheus’ friendship. Aang and Toph, kill me again
Sun’s heart eyes whenever she sees Soo-Jin
young Sun and Woojin and “we exist because of sex”
I hope she and Capheus won’t become a couple, I like their friendship much more. 

“Something looks different about you, Capheus…” “New barbershop?” 
Seriously though, I love Toby as Capheus, he fits very naturally. I didn’t notice the difference at all. How must he feel about Silas Kebaka and his mother, though?! serious WTF-moment there

Lito. Oh, Lito. So many feelings here.
Can we all agree that Hernando is just the most perfect man ever? The way he shut that hater down… And his unwavering support. Just… #goals
I love how they showed how much words can hurt. Our generation is often accused of being overly sensitive and easily offended, but that scene with the paparazzi really showed how triggering and hurtful words can be.

Will and Riley in Amsterdam! So funny to see them in Holland- though it must be a fake set, we haven’t had snow and ice in years :(
And there even was some spoken Dutch! Too bad the conversation was about drugs though, we already have such a reputation XD But hearing Riley say “geweldig” (awesome), with a hard g even, made me smile really wide. 

Nomi and Amanita… not much to comment on, really. They didn’t get that much of a storyline, though I do think the shelter they went to is very very cool and shows the importance of safe spaces. 
And Amanita is still the sexiest creature alive next to Lito and Hernando and Kala and Wolfgang and 

Speaking of sexy. I loved the orgy scene, of course, but it did feel like repeating a fan favourite. Like I’d seen it before- not that it’s a bad thing of course! But it felt like they just included it because they thought the audience expected it? It didn’t really add anything to the story the way the first orgy scene did. It also raises the question whether it’s going to be like that every time one of them has sex. That’s going to be a wild ride then.
Same with the Hallelujah scene, that was so similar to the Beethoven concert scene- not that it didn’t sent shivers down my spine and brought tears to my eyes, but still- just something I noticed. shoutout to Leonard Cohen
Anyway, very powerful cinematography all around. 

I just… love this show so much. 

The best pants in the world: “I’m-Not-Going-To-Get-Wet-There-In-Particular©”

A drawing from Sound the Bloopers [9:10] because I swear to god I laughed for days at this and god damn just go watch it it’s absolutely amazin’. Yeah this is the first part of Cim’s (or Eren’s) drawings, since I drew a mini comic for Eva (Levi) (which is on my now deleted blog) a while agoo. I will draw one or two more, hopefully soon but my exams start tomorrow so who knowss

Cim, thank you so much for being completely awesome and just jhfojblwb amazing. You’re seriously just hilarious and a really uplifting person, and yeah I really hope you like this.. I’m gonna try base one of the drawings on Dragon Age or something (*cough Eva suggested that to me cough*). Seriously though, thank you for doing what you do; your vlogs and everything else are a real comfort to people like me who don’t have anyone to turn to, and you’re honestly so inspiring and you give me a kind of hope that things will get better. I’ll keep it short with that and not blab on too much  (*ノ▽ノ)

In other news, guys who haven’t seen, Adventures at Titan High 3 will be a thing so expect a load of shit from me to do with that when it’s out!! 

fic: stop me if you’ve heard this one (2,500 words, mchanzo, NSFW)

wowee, i wrote an overwatch fic! i did this for @queen-schadenfreude, who is like, one of my favorite people ever. she was also kind enough to illustrate the first chapter of this (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - i link to the art on ao3, but HERE IT IS AGAIN, because it’s seriously the best part of any of this.

anyway, the fic itself is… um, well, q was like “i want to read mchanzo being casual friends with benefits except then they catch feelings,” and i started writing it and i’m still writing it, and it’s still not over yet. i went ahead and predicted three chapters, but y’all, it’s anyone’s guess. here’s the first bit, anyway! most of the sex is alluded to in this chapter but it’ll tip over into being explicit by the next, so i just slapped it under that header. cheers!

tagged: friends with benefits, friends to lovers, jesse mccree: tender-hearted hero will be the death of me

“Mmm. And, here, here is the best part of this, Jesse,” Hanzo slurs, afterwards, about oh-two-hundred by Jesse’s estimation. He’s standing around nude in the en suite, and Hanzo looks downright decadent lounging in the wrecked sheets back on the bed, all dark eyes, dark hair that cuts down over one shoulder like spilled ink. His long fingers shift on the flask propped up next to him, and Jesse swears some part of his tattoo ripples with the movement, too eye-catching to have come from the dim ceiling light. Maybe he’s still a little tipsy, but he can’t pretend he’s never seen Hanzo in action before, either.

Admittedly, the thought of magic makes him instinctively itchy - how’re you meant to fight something like that, how do you prepare? - but the idea of going to bed with someone who could destroy him by wishing does something to his spent cock that he doesn’t feel like acknowledging.

(read on ao3!)

Caution: Rant Ahead

After having watched 6x20 I am thoroughly pissed off. Julie fucking Plec played the Stelena fans like a violin. All of these hints, all of the references to Stelena that gave us hope. Guess what they meant? NOTHING. She fucking dragged us along because she could. 

Every little thing we clung to was just filler for her, she doesn’t give a shit that she is not doing the Stelena story justice. Yes I’m aware this a fucking tv show but you know what makes me angry is that she preaches about shit being organic and true to the characters but she wasn’t truthful to her characters at all. Stefan and Elena were supposed to find their way back to each other. 

Was she in so much fucking denial about Nina leaving that she refused to do anything about it all season 6?? I seriously cannot understand this woman. She has taken away the very thing that could have made this show come back full circle in an epic way. We have been waiting for three seasons to see Elena become human again and the moment fell flat. You wanna know why? The person who wanted it for her the most…wasn’t even fucking there. Stefan who fought so hard for her to be human again wasn’t there and I will never fucking forgive Julie Plec for what she has done. 

So if you’re like me, you’re probably still reeling from today’s episode, but hear me out.

You see where she’s been cut? It looks to me like nothing seriously important was hit.

Her chest, which I assume is where her power source is, went completely undamaged. Her head is also fine, so her memories and sense of self are likely still intact as well.

My little theory is, sensing catastrophic damage to her extremities, her processors or whatever is in her head, put her into emergency shut down to try and prevent damage to those systems.

And another thing, we got a glimpse at who is likely Penny’s father. Why would RT introduce him now of all times, when she’s “dead”? I’m gonna hazard a guess and say it’s because he can fix her. I can see no other reason really.

I just hope it happen this season, so we won’t need to wait forever for some closure.

The 100 Ladies Appreciation Week || Day 1: Favorite Ark-Born Lady

Abby Griffin

Where to even start with Abby Griffin. She is passionate, she is flawed, she is so very human. She has gotten a lot of hate recently because of the actions she was forced to carry out while chipped – something she took to save Raven’s life and never would have done voluntarily. A.L.I.E. is to blame for those actions, but I digress. Abby Griffin is the best because she cares with her entire heart and her unwavering love for her daughter keeps her going when she feels all hope is lost. She is fiercely loyal and fights for those she cares about the most. She will always do what is best for her family and her people. Abby Griffin is everything.


Where is Karlie sneaky Kloss? Seriously I thought after London she was going to Paris then I saw all the girls like Lily Doutzen Kendall Gigi Joan… Walking for Balmain but no KK then Derek flew to Paris to sign his Bazaar’s book at Colette and the girls went to see him and support him but no Karlie. Then Élie Saab but no Karlie. Hope she didn’t go away of the fashion world and that she still will do walk because Karlie Kloss and her walk is to die for. If anyone has an answer to explain why didn’t she walk this PFK then say it because I’m really confused.

i haven’t seen inside out, but if you think about it, being one of those little people inside your head must suck balls. like, imagine having to feel your given emotion 24/7, literally ALL THE TIME WITH NO EXCEPTIONS EVER. imagine living in fear. imagine being depressed with no hope of ever getting out of it because it’s your fucking job so you’re not allowed to. imagine being furious all the time and never experiencing happiness. the only one who benefits from this horrible system is that yellow thing. of course she would, she gets to be happy all the time. she also seems to be the leader. of course she would be, the rest of them have probably been driven to madness by their constant, unescapable negative emotions, and she takes advantage of it. she’s actually a sadist. she’s always happy because she’s always seeing all the others suffer. she’s a tiny psychopath.

I hope Emma actually does say the “Dark One out” line (sounds like something she’d say on a walkie to Henry or David, if so?).

I like the idea of everyone biting their nails and expecting scary villain Emma dressed in a crazy outfit, and she shows up totally normal, like, “Hey guys!” 

(And everyone’s walking on eggshells while she just tries to resume her normal duties, like sheriffing and joking about her Dark Oneiness to her very unamused family and getting her lust-slaking on with her hot adorably concerned pirate boyfriend. And she doesn’t get why everyone’s side-eying her all the time and they seriously need to lighten up because ‘seriously? we have more important things to worry about and anyway why doesn’t everyone realize how awesome this is? I’m still the Savior and it’s even better because no one can stop me or hurt anyone because I’m the fucking DARK ONE. I’m unstoppable.’)

(And maybe Killian and David and Snow and Henry can see the light in her eyes burn a little less bright, and maybe she tries to dissuade them from trying to ‘help’ her because she finds herself liking the power a lot little bit. Maybe she can’t see what’s happening. Maybe she can, and she doesn’t care.)

(Because that Emma who begged them to find a way to save her?  The Emma who sacrificed her own soul and her happiness for others?  And who always got hurt, who couldn’t enjoy one day of peace without some witch or ice queen or snow monster from fucking everything up, who was scared (too scared to admit love until it was too late), and weak, and flawed, and troubled? THAT Emma? Oh, baby. That Emma is gone, gone, gone, and good riddance.)

I don’t want to see VILLIAN-DUN-DUN-DUN!Emma. I want to see our Emma struggling and fighting like any human being would against the corruption of the Dark One’s essence. It will make her triumph (with her loved ones’ help) that much more beautiful.

Wouldn't Change a Thing

Request: Hi there :3 I was wondering I could have a Deanx Reader where she’s going to an upcoming family dinner and decideds to drag Dean along because she wants him to meet her big family of like 4 brothers and maybe 2 sisters and so her parents are all suburban and sweet but her siblings keep poking fun at the two of them at dinner and teasing them and at the end of the dinner the reader takes him out and around the neighbourhood to see where she grew up? Thanks,love.

Characters: Dean x Reader

A/N: THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL OF THE FEEDBACK IVE GOTTEN RECENTLY!!! Seriously I love hearing from you guys so thank you so much it means so much!!! So just please let me know what you think about this one and I hope you enjoy!!

You hung up the phone and bit your lip to keep from squealing. Your mom had just called, it was your parents wedding anniversary and to celebrate and quite honestly you couldn’t be more excited. Don’t get you wrong you loved the hunting life but every once in a while it was nice to go back suburbia and just forget about anything. And a dinner with your entire family would do just that, plus you got to see everyone!

Your hands were shaking just thinking about it, you bit down on your lip harder before jumping up slightly and spinning in a circle letting the happiness take over. However, this soon proved to be a mistake as when you turned back around you saw Dean leaning against your door frame with his arms crossed and an amused expression on his face.

“Uh-hi” You stuttered out in shock and embarrassment, you could feel your cheeks heating up but tried to push it back down.

“Whatcha doin?” He asked with a smirk on his face and a smug tone in his voice.

However, instead of putting you off his question only made you more excited “I’m going to go visit my family!” You exclaimed happily.

“Oh cool” Dean said standing up straighter “So-uh-how long do you think you’ll be gone?”

“I don’t know” You shrugged “A few days maybe, but I’m so excited to see everyone.”

“Everyone?” Dean asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah my entire family; mom, dad, and my four brothers and two sisters” You explained as if it was nothing.

“Wait you’re a family of 9?” He asked his eyes widening slightly.

“Yeah” You shrugged not seeing the big deal.

“Oh cool” Dean shrugged his shoulders slumping slightly causing you to be confused, why the sudden change of emotion. That was until it hit you, his only family had been him, his brother, and his dad and here you were throwing your huge family in his face.

“Hey” You said softly placing your hand on his arm in a comforting way, not noticing how Dean tensed up slightly, “you should come with me.”


“Yeah! Come on it will be fun!” You encouraged him “You can meet my family and you can see where I grew up! There’s a diner on the corner that makes amazing pie!”

At this Dean chuckled slightly “Ok but you have to buy me some pie”

You laughed in response “Deal” you said before giving his arm a slight pat and leaving the room missing the way Dean’s eyes followed you out and the soft smile that he wore on his face.


“Ok remember” You said fixing your hair in the mirror “My parents don’t know about hunting so you can’t say anything.”

Dean chuckled “For the thousandth time yes I’ve got it.”

You rolled your eyes before turning to face him “Ready?”

Dean smiled and nodded his head at you before getting out of the car, you soon following.

You had noticed out of the corner of your eye how Dean seemed to look at everything in the neighborhood, as if he were a little kid at a zoo.

You had also noticed his nervousness so you took his hand giving it a small squeeze “Hey I’m right here” You watched as Dean seemed to relax under your touch he gave you a small smile before you dropped his hand walking up to your front door Dean right behind you.

With Dean by your side you gave the door three short knocks hearing the familiar running of footsteps before the door flew open to reveal your two brothers.

“Hey guys!” You smiled as they gave you blank stares in response.

“Mooommm” One of them yelled letting the other one finish their sentence, honestly it was like they were still kids “Y/N’s HERE!!”

They smirked at each other causing you to groan slightly, you knew that look “AND SHE BROUGHT A BOY!!”

You felt your cheeks heat up as you punched one of them “shut up.”

“look she’s blushing.” The other one laughed pointing at your cheeks.

“Boys!” You heard your mother chastise them as she rounded the corner with her apron on. “Leave your sister alone!”

“Mom” You smiled in greeting.

“Oh Y/N it’s been too long.” She grinned opening up her arms wrapping them around you.

“And who’s this handsome fellow here.” She asked as she pulled back from you looking at Dean.

“Mom” You groaned never having felt more embarrassed in your life.

“Look she’s blushing again!” You brothers exclaimed again only causing your cheeks to get redder.

“Dean” Dean introduced himself extending his hand to your mom, thankfully drawing the attention away from you.

“Hi Dean you can call me Y/M/N” Your mom introduced herself with the same smile that seemed to be permanently etched on her face before ushering you and Dean inside.


You all sat gathered around your enormous dining table everyone happily engaged in their own small talk until one of your sisters decided to break it “So Y/N how long have you and Dean been together?”

You felt your eyes widen and you looked at Dean. “No-uh-we’re-uh” You began to stutter out only to be stopped by your father.

“Don’t be so inconsiderate” Your father chastised her.

“Well but” You began only to be further cut off by your brother.

“Wait how is that inconsiderate?”

“Well what if she doesn’t want to answer the question.” Your mother supplied.

“Well how are we supposed to know if we don’t ask?” Another brother piped up as you felt yourself want to shrink down into your chair and disappear.

“Well just look at her.” You sister said staring at you. “She blushes every time we talk about it so it’s obviously a newer relationship.”

“So that means it’s not serious?” You sister asked wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“Y/S/N!” You mother immediately chastised her.

You groaned slightly and wiped your face with your hand, this was proving to be a huge disaster, that was until you felt Dean’s hand on your knee giving it a soft squeeze.

You looked up at Dean to see him already giving you a soft smile which you returned. Unfortunately your brother had caught this exchange “OOOHHHH!” He yelled pointing at you and Dean. “Y/N AND DEAN SITTING IN A TREE” he began singing causing you to drop you’re your forehead on the table.

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G” The rest of your siblings joined in.

“That’s enough!” Your mother yelled above everyone else “Y/N why don’t you and Dean go for a walk, the rest of us will do the dishes” She was responded to by a loud collective groan.

“Quickly” You whispered to Dean grabbing his hand and practically pulling him out of the room.

“Aww look they’re holding hands!” You heard one of your brothers teasingly squeal followed by the familiar thunk of someone smacking him on the back of his head bringing a smile to your face.

As soon as you were out of the door you sighed in relief as Dean burst into laughter.

“Yeah sorry.” You bit your lip “I honestly didn’t think they would be that bad.”

This only caused Dean to laugh harder “Are you kidding? That was awesome!”

You furrowed your eyebrows “Were we just experiencing the same thing ‘cause that was incredibly embarrassing.” You brought your hand up to cover your face.

Dean laughed and brought your hand from your face “You know that was the exact kind of family I dreamed of having as a kid.” He admitted looking back at your house with a sad smile. “A nice normal big one, where everyone loved each other and teased each other. That’s just-that’s what I’ve always wanted.”

“You know I used to hate it.” You admitted as you and Dean began walking down the street “I hated always having four overly protective brothers, and two sisters who were way more popular than me, and living in a boring neighborhood, but looking back on it I wouldn’t change anything in the world”

Dean looked down at you a small soft smile on his face.

“Oh look at that!” You exclaimed pointing at the house on the end of the block “that was the crazy old man who every kid was scared of.” You laughed “I’ve lost so many baseballs in his yard”

Dean laughed “Two things: first I can’t believe that having an old crazy man on the block was actually a thing, I always thought that that was just something on TV. And two how did you lose so many baseballs in his yard? Your house is like a block away?”

You bit your lip to keep from laughing “We used to have contests to see who could break the most windows on his house.” You admitted.

Dean laughed, throwing his head back in laughter. “No way!”

“Yeah” you chuckled “not going to brag but I currently hold the record.”

Dean chuckled and shook his head in response.

“And that street corner is where I broke my arm.” You pointed towards the stop sign.

“And how’d you do that?”

“My brothers dared me to hold onto the back of a car while riding a skateboard. The car hit the curb while turning so I did too and I went flying.”

Dean started laughing again not stopping until he was gasping for breath “Yeah I can see that.”

You rolled your eyes and slapped his arm as the two of you fell into a comfortable silence.

“So, no offense but why would you want to leave this? I mean you seemed pretty happy.

You shrugged “You know like I said I found it boring, the suburban life.” You bit your lip hesitating before continuing “My-uh-best friend came from a family of hunters and she was possessed and then killed, the demon for some reason decided to come after me after that, and the rest is history.”

“Y/N I’m so sorry.”

“Nah don’t be.” You shrugged him off “I wouldn’t change it for the world.” You smiled up at him nudging his shoulder with your own.

Dean smiled before stopping grabbing your hand and spinning you around to face him. He smiled. “thank you for taking me here.”

“No problem”

“No really, thank you.” He repeated “That was honestly the most fun I’ve had in a while, though I don’t think I could do it every day.” He said with a wink before leaning in so that your noses were touching “And for the record” He breathed out causing your breath to hitch in your throat “I wouldn’t change it for the world.” He said before attaching his lips to yours for a soft and gentle kiss

When he pulled back there was a huge grin on his face “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”

“Well then I guess it’s my turn” You smirked before pulling his face down to yours by his shirt collar.

He smiled against your lips. You chuckled and pulled back wrapping your arms around him as he did the same “Now I think you owe me pie.” He whispered.

You pulled back and chuckled “Pie it is then.” You said your smile only growing bigger as Dean took your hand in his.

“Thank you.” He gave one final whisper before kissing the top of your head and wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

Still holding onto hope that when the heroes defeat Hades once and for all, that every soul in that river is freed….especially Milah because I can’t see them ending it that way when she opened up to wanting to make things right with her son.  I will seriously be so angry if they leave it like it is…after everything she has been through, she deserves to be at peace with Baelfire.