but in all fairness i love all of them

  • So the patronus isn’t straight up taught in Hogwarts, as a wise professor once said, it’s a ‘highly advanced spell, well beyond O.W.L level’
  • But you know, this is the marauders, the rebellious little nerds that we all know and love.
  • So James got hold of a book from  the library one day about how to do the patronus and it seemed very cool. Not the whole fighting dementors part, but the distant and simple communication? priceless for a marauder.
  • And so they all stayed up one night trying to learn how to do it.
  • Sirius was actually the first to successfully do the spell. He had spent the last hour lavishly flinging his wand in the air shouting ‘Expecto Patronum!’ to no avail. Them Remus told him he should try to think of a happier memory.
  • He thought of the first time he had called Euphemia Potter ‘mum’. It had been an accident and had really just slipped out. He had been so embarrassed. But none of the Potter’s seemed to have noticed. A few moments later James had turned over to Sirius and said.’Could you pass your brother the salt then?’
  • And Sirius had never felt more part of a family in his life.
  • He was so engrossed in the memory he didn’t even notice the frantic black dog shoot out to his wand and knock Peter onto his backside.
  • Peter was next, he was thinking of the moment when some of the Slytherins had been bullying him earlier one day in first year and he had been crying down by the lake all afternoon, only to have Remus come up and sit behind him, rubbing his back and comforting him. Then Sirius and James had pushed the Slytherins into the Black lake right in front of him. How they had laughed. Real friends.
  • The small rat that scurried out of Peter’s wand that night was the first and last one Peter could ever produce. This was 6th year and soon the war became to much for the young boy.
  • Standing next to a struggling James, Remus was viciously whispering and flicking his wrists over and over again. ‘Expecto Patronum. Expecto Patronum. Expecto f’fucks sake. This is hopeless.’
  • ‘You can do it Moony.’ Sirius smiled.
  • Remus thought about the first time he had kissed the stupid black haired Gryffindor in front of him. Sirius had been stealing something out of one of the cupboards along the school corridors when Remus had caught him on prefect rounds.
  • Looking back on it Remus couldn’t help but laugh at how unsubtle Sirius had been about the whole thing. ‘Oh, we seem to have bumped into each other Moons’ ‘What a coincidence.’ Remus of course had just assumed Sirius was trying to tease him into giving him detention, something Remus would never do, and had ended up getting pretty annoyed and flustered about being this close to Sirius in a small space and omg he could feel the heat of his skin and ah this was too much and he couldn’t stop talking.
  • Until Sirius closed that little gap between them to shut him up.
  • And Remus had never been happier. And he had never looked back.
  • And then a large animal came running out of the end of his wand, and Remus thought to himself.
  • ‘It’s a dog! Sirius and I have the same Patronus!’
  • Only Remus’ was much bigger than Sirius’ dog… and it’s tail was bushier.. and did it just howl?
  • No. This wasn’t fair. Not this. That wasn’t how this was supposed t be. It was meant to be a happy memory. This wasn’t fair, after all this time, the one thing he thought he could share with his boyfriend.. and this was what he gets… another reminder about how imperfect and unworthy and unwanted…
  • And then there was Sirius standing next to him, sliding his arm around his back and kissing him gently on the cheek.
  • ‘I love it.’ He whispered.
  • ‘ ‘s not fair.’ Remus mumbled.
  • ‘Remus look.’ Sirius replied. ‘it’s not that. It’s a wolf. A normal wolf. A loyal and pack having, friendly wolf.’
  • And Sirius was grinning.
  • But Remus just shrugged.
  • James was having the most trouble of them all.
  • Something was wrong, he just couldn’t seem to do it. He kept thinking of happy memories, first time he rode a broom, first time Sirius came to stay, first time he transformed into a stag.
  • And still nothing.
  • Tiny wisps of silver.
  • And then nothing.
  • ‘It’s fine James, we already know what it’s going to be.’
  • ‘I know,’ James replied through gritted teeth. ‘I just want to see it.’
  • And he was so fustrated.
  • And making a crap load of noise about it too.
  • So much noise in fact, that he started to wake the other residents of the Gryffindor tower up from their slumber.
  • And so a very grumpy and tired Lily Evans came storming down the staircase.
  • ‘What in Merlin’s name are you twats doing now!’
  • ‘Ah Evans.’ Sirius grinned. ‘care to join us?’
  • ‘It’s three in the fucking morning Black! I’m supposed to be sleeping, except someone has been screaming for the past half hour about how hard this is and he trying but it’s not working, and I can’t tell if James is finally losing his virginity or doing his homework for once, but what I do know is that it’s stopping me from being able to enjoy the few hours of the day that I don’t have to be around you lot.’
  • A rather deeply embarrassed James pushed past a bent-over-with-laughter Sirius.
  • ‘Actually Lily,’ he said, trying to act suave and like he hand’t just heard the last bit. ‘We are trying to do the patronus charm.’
  • This had peaked Lily’s interest, and although she knew better, she asked. ‘Really? The patronus charm? Wow. A proper one?’
  • ‘Yepp.’ peter chimed in. ‘And we’ve all been able to do it, except for James.’
  • Lily cocked her eyebrow.
  • ‘Oh.’ She smiled. ‘Let me try then.’
  • James, not wanting to be shown up any more by the fiery red head who was hopelessly in love with, quickly butted in. ‘No no. I mean, you can try.. but its really hard and took everyone ages to master and you’ll be up all night trying and-’
  • ‘Potter.’ She replied sternly.
  • It only took her three attempts.
  • And there it was.
  • A beautiful silver shimmering doe burst through the tip of her wand and gracefully ran across the common room, galloping past it occupants before turning and vanishing as Lily dropped her arm. She grinned.
  • ‘See? Not so hard then.’
  • James just stared. Open mouthed. Like the rest of the marauders. Dumb-founded in total and complete shock, until Lily just gave up on them and went back off to bed.
  • James didn’t have any trouble producing a Patronus after that.

I hate that there’s a limit to the Gay™ I can reasonably expect from modern media. Even though there are millions of books, movies, and tv shows with purely straight characters I could never hope for a show with more than a few or, god forbid, only queer characters. It’s like there’s an unspoken rule that I can’t hope for more than one, maybe two non-straight characters or relationships because any more would be ‘unrealistic’ or 'pandering’. Fucking pander to me man, to all the other queer people invested in the worlds you create, because it’s not fair that because there’s a lesbian couple there’s an invisible cap and now I’ll never see a bi main character, or that having a trans side character is “enough activism” and that trans character will never have another friend on the show like them. Why do you have to maroon all your gays in this heterosexual world? Why can’t you let us find each other??

Did I ever mention that I love flower shop AUs?

Welp here’s some soukoku since it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve drawn these dorks. I really felt like painting them them with lots and lots of flowers.

If you are interested some lovely flower shop au fics, be sure to check out: I won’t lie (I knew you belonged here) by mountainlaurels and Fair Enough by hybridempress

deathless ♚ sentence meme
  • You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut, just that fast.
  • You are going to break your promise. I understand.
  • You’re lonely too.
  • It will stop your breath, how cruel I can be.
  • I am a demanding creature. I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable.
  • I am your servant.
  • I crawl at your feet; for before your love, your kisses, I am debased.
  • For you alone I will be weak.
  • I belong here, and you will not deny me.
  • I say these things, and the world listens.
  • I do not tolerate a world emptied of you. I have tried.
  • In the dark, I have pored over the loss of you like pale gold.
  • I will not let her speak because I love her, and when you love someone, you do not make them tell war stories.
  • I moved the earth and the water for you.
  • You will always run away with her.
  • You will always lose her.
  • You will always be a fool.
  • You will always be dead, in a city of ice, snow falling into your ear.
  • You have already done all of this and will do it again.
  • No one should be judged for loving more than they ought, only for loving not enough.
  • We look terrible to you, and severe, and you see our blood flying.
  • What we carry between us is hard-won, and we made it just as we wished it to be, just the color, just the shape.
  • There need never be any rules between us.
  • Let us be greedy together; let us hoard.
  • Do not leave me, swear that you will never leave me.
  • I am selfish. I am cruel. My mate cannot be less than I.
  • Sleep with fists closed and shoot straight.
  • I can’t abide a poor liar.
  • You look like a winter’s night. I could sleep inside the cold of you.
  • Oh, quit that. Blushing is for virgins and Christians.
  • Scold me; deny me. Tell me you want what you want and damn me forever. But don’t leave me.
  • Bad luck relies on absolutely perfect timing.
  • In his own country, Death can be kind.
  • What is the world but a boxing ring where fools and devils put up their fists?
  • Men die. It’s practically what they’re for.
  • I am no one; I am nothing.
  • Nothing in me was not made by you.
  • A revelation is always the end of something. It might even be cause for grief.
  • Just tell yourself a story that’ll satisfy you and pretend he told it.
  • Forever isn’t bright; it isn’t like that. Forever is cold and hard and final.
  • I savor bitterness - it is born of experience. It is the privilege of one who has truly lived.
  • If you want to kill yourself, do not use us as your knife.
  • What did I do wrong? Was I boring? Did I ignore you?
  • Don’t you dare speak to me like that.
  • I have worn nothing but blood and death for years.
  • I have fought all your battles for you, just as you asked me.
  • I have learned not to cry when I strangle a man.
  • I have learned to watch everything die.
  • I am not a little girl anymore, dazzled by your magic. It is my magic, now, too.
  • Are we not devils?
  • No one is now what they were before the war.
  • I have not seen you without your skin on.
  • Close up your head; your brain is getting loose.
  • We obsess. It’s in our nature.
  • I’ve a devil of a habit for being right.
  • In war you must always choose sides.
  • If you try to be a bridge laid down between them, they will tear you in half.
  • We are all dead. All equal. Broken and aimless and believing we are alive.
  • My old bones will follow yours soon enough.
  • It is better to be strong and cruel than to be fair.
  • I will see him with his skin off before I agree to fall in love.
  • After love, no one is what they were before.
  • I have survived, but I have not been spared.
  • In the space of one heartbeat to another I loved you and I was lost to you.
  • Frighten me, make me cry, only come back.
  • It’s not so bad, my darling. Being dead. It’s like being alive, only colder.
  • You’ll think it’s love, while he dines on your heart.
  • You will be so beautiful when you are old.
  • I cannot keep you and I cannot let you go.
  • You will live as you live in any world…with difficulty, and grief.
  • I look at you and it is like my throat being cut.
  • She said you’d come and I swore to eat your heart.
  • I still want to kiss you.
  • My heart is being cut in two. I cannot bear it.
  • What happens to anything beautiful?
  • I have to know, I have to or else you will just rule me until the end of everything because you know and I do not.

So I’m making this post to talk about the good things that BigHit does in this time of lines and screen time feud. BigHit entertainment is one of the best and least restrictive companies I have come to know. Since BTS are their only artists, the amount of freedom and close knit management they get is amazing.

There is no dungeon that the boys can disappear into, and there is constantly new content for the fans. Sure there are some things that happen that we nor the boys like, but then they are dealt with. Yoongi complained about his scalp, and BigHit relented, allowing him to stay dark for the past couple of comebacks.

They also allow the boys to use expensive equipment write and produce their own music to release as non monetized mixtapes or song covers. They even fully funded the MVs given to both Yoongi and Nams for their mixtapes, and that is something they didn’t have to do.

The boys are given the best produced music videos, and are allowed to create cinematic masterpieces with a deepened meaning. They not censored in the types of lyrics that they write, despite how controversial in Korean culture.

Now this may seem trivial to you. All these small things are nothing compared to the injustice that the members face. How dare they give Jungkook all the lines and leave everyone else out in the cold! 2Seok was basically missing this entire comeback!

Ok I hear you, but at the same time, consider the fact that this is the first (and probably the last) time Hoseok gets few *cough cough none cough cough* individual lines in a song. Spring Day was a more vocal based song, so they decided that he should use his vocal talent to back Jungkook rather than add another rap verse. It makes sense to me, and it gives him the opportunity to show his vocal talent on stage if he and Jungkook harmonize live as well.

And then there is Jin. It seems that he always gets the short end of the stick. The amount of individual screen time he got was unfair yes, completely. He is officially a (debatably the) visual of the group, and if anything that should be the place he pops up the most. But at the same time, Not Today was more a dance video, and he and Nams are well, not the best dancers, so they wouldn’t put them in the middle on all the dance shots.

Also look at the I Need U and Run comebacks, the entire story in the music videos clearly revolved around him and his character, something that the fans were quick to point out and appreciate. For those comebacks, he was in the center.

This is still not a justification, but simply a reason for why they might have chosen to edit the video like they did.

Next moving on to his line distribution. He notoriously along with V get the short end of the stick when it comes to lines. And I think it is simply because of the way the industry works.

You know how sometimes Jimin and Jungkook switch lines because Jimin is better at the high notes in the studio, but Jungkook hits them better live? The same thing goes for most line distributions. What voice works the best for the feeling they want to produce? Who can hold the notes the best on stage? Like I said before, Jin is not the best dancer, and their dances are HARD, so most of his time probably goes towards practicing the choreography rather than nailing his vocal stability on stage.

He objectively doesn’t have the best or most stable voice in the group, as often times on live stages he is out of breath by the time his lines do come up, and that is completely understandable. It’s the reason why so many (even the more experienced) artists lip sync to certain performances.

Dancing while singing is hard, and maybe it’s just not for Jin. Maybe, just maybe, he decided himself that his voice was better suited for slower songs with less choreo so that he can really focus on nailing his vocal performance. I mean in the solo he got to produce himself he chose a more soft ballad song rather than a more hard hitting one like Jimin’s because that just suits his voice better, and he knows it.

That’s why he got a lot more lines in “Butterfly” a slower ballad with less complex dancing and softer vocals, right where Jin thrives, but not really the typical image BTS produces musically.

Once again this isn’t a justification, and more a reason why he might get fewer lines. It is true that the line distributions are unfair and I agree with that, but it’s also a question of the industry standards, and the fact that sometimes it might be the best solution to a shitty problem.

I know I’m probably going to get some flack for this one, but it’s just something that needed to be said. Us fans really need to step back and appreciate not only the boys, but the company that helped make them.

Kara and Mon-El fight in pretty much every episode. She creates a list of reasons why they’re not good for each other, and it’s growing. She tells Mon-El to keep what happened between them private because of how new it is, which is completely reasonable, and then ignores her wishes ten seconds later and tells everyone. He did that more than once throughout this episode.

Kara gets angry at im in every episode, and those reasons are pretty legit, only for those reasons to be completely resolved at the end of the episode. I’m having so much difficulty understanding how the writers are doing this so WRONG. They insist he’s a good guy while making him do really shitty things in every single episode, only for him to get away with doing those things every time.

And Kara and Mon-El slept together in the episode immediately after getting together, but somehow couldn’t manage more than two kisses for Kara and James in an entire season. Kara and Mon-El were far more physical with each other in this one episode than Alex and Maggie has been since they got together. I’m pretty sure Winn’s girlfriend had more lines than Maggie. I was actually really surprised she was there at the end of the episode.

He was injected into almost every scene, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled in more screen time than Alex in an episode about the Danvers family reuniting. They were so desperate to make Mon-El the hero in this.

And where the hell is James? Yeah, blah blah blah, I know some people are happy about his disappearance. I don’t care. It makes zero sense that he has been gone for two episodes with absolutely no explanation.

I know I’m ranting here, but this makes no sense. It’s like the show completely changed it’s course after the first season. It’s like all of the stuff they were against doing in the first then became fair game in the second.

I know that the Karamel fandom is really small, but I just don’t understand how anyone ships them. Kara finds a problem with him in every single episode, points it out, and then gets over it at the end. Mon-El almost blatantly ignores her wishes at every turn but as long as he apologizes, or even merely acknowledges it at the end, it’s all good.

How is this cute? How is this attractive? How is this at all empowering to a female audience? How is revolving Kara’s entire season 2 story line around her love interest positive character development? What in the hell happened to this show’s writers?

Because I mistakenly thought that a female lead superhero show wouldn’t work almost exactly like a male lead one. That this one would put out a positive message to women. So far, all it’s shown anyone is that no matter how many doubts you have about someone, as long as they look REALLY sincere in their apology, then just let it go. Kara calls him out on so much of his shit, but it never means anything because she forgets about it later.

I just…I’m so stunned by the depth that the writers have fallen this season. It’s like I’m watching two different shows, and the second show is continously slapping the first one in the face.

And worst of all, that last scene really should have been Kara and Alex. That’s the relationship that has been hit the hardest by this Karamal nonsense. Every single week a new episode airs, and I look forward to the the next one even less…

Writing Prompts

• That’s no longer relevant.
• I’m sorry, I can’t take you seriously.
• There’s a joke or two in there.
• He can’t do that to us.
• I ache all over.
• Let’s wait for them.
• Who did it to you?
• It went to dark places.
• We can’t eat all of them.
• It wasn’t very convincing.
• Who would do that?
• We like the darkness.
• Can we laugh?
• It exhausts me.
• Did it count?
• I was ready to go.
• It’s a tough place.
• Let’s wrap things up.
• We all talk about it.
• Can we kiss you?
• I have so many complains.
• Who actually loves their brothers?
• Let’s discuss the rumors.
• Why did you shift the tone?
• Can we shoot them?
• These people are ridiculous.
• I love product placement.
• Can you explain this?
• They are not scientists.
• Oh, bleep, just bleep the bleeping bleep.
• There was no context.
• You are too mainstream.
• We don’t have wings.
• It made no sense.
• Is it still possible?
• Are you procrastinating?
• We have the cards here.
• Do I get a choice?
• None of it mattered.
• You can’t revise it.
• It’s not fair at all, is it?
• What did they even want?
• Who changed your mind?
• Can we talk about the romance?
• Is that a red herring?
• There are legends.
• Who carried the body out?
• We could have solved the mystery already.
• I was in love with them all.
• They know how to do this.
• It’s raining candy wrappers.
• It was no honor.
• Celebrate them.
• Please, don’t eat me.
• I’ll be performing there.
• Who doesn’t love a good heist?
• I only sell fakes.
• We could work together.
• It lacks realism.
• Isn’t that blackmail?
• He paid me off.
• Do you want to sleep?
• You’ll need to carry him.
• You could make it out alive.
• Let’s not speculate.
• Where can I buy tickets?
• Just pick a side.
• Are you crying?
• I remember you being smarter.
• I have the sun.

As with most Kingdom Hearts games the only two problems I had with KH 0.2 Fragmentary Passage were

1. Could have more Jesse McCartney

2. Could have more Zack Fair

Fake Chats #169
  • Taehyung: socks are annoying. But I love them.
  • Jungkook: how are they annoying?
  • Taehyung: they're not.
  • Jungkook: you just said-
  • Taehyung: I know what I just said, but just because I said doesn't mean I mean it and just because I mean it doesn't mean I said it, except that one is more problematic because then people don't know what I mean.
  • Jungkook: aw, that's cute. You think we usually know what you mean.
  • Taehyung: I will burn all your white t-shirts.
  • Jungkook: I will burn all your evees.
  • Taehyung: you don't play fair.
  • Jungkook: you don't make sense all the time.
  • Taehyung: that's fair.
"That's Not Fair."

Prompt (from Anon): Heey, so first of all I wanna say that I absolutely love the Accident, seriously it’s so amazing and cute, thank you for blessing us with that fic <3 aaand, since you’re up to anything riverdale rn, I thought I’d share this imagine idea I saw a few days ago “your OTP passionately making out, person A starts scratching down person B’s back, which drives them nuts, whining into the kiss that that’s not fair"idk what you think about this but omg I can see a lot of fluff and ahfksmzbka pretty please 

 A/N: first all of thank you so much I’m just happy people are enjoying my work :3 and of course this sounds like such a good fic so here we go! I know there’s a lot of build up to get there but I kinda wanna do a part two? Like/reblog if you want part 2! 

 Fandom: Riverdale Characters: Archie Andrews

Pairing: Archie x Reader (anon didn’t specify so I’m running with this)

Warnings: steamy make out session 

Originally posted by archiesandrews

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 Right after school, your classmate (whom you must add have had a crush on since sixth grade) Archie Andrews met you as you closed your locker. "Well if it isn’t the Riverdale football star himself,” you greeted him with a casual smile. “What brings you here?" 

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Love life tips: Dealing with crushes

So, I hear sometimes people angsting a fair bit about crushes. Fair enough, man, I’ve spent a long time in my day angsting over crushes. I still get crushes - metric tons of them, you have no idea how many people I crush on - but they don’t bother me so much anymore. Here’s my tip:

Stop playing the “imaginary relationship with my crush” games.

You know how when you’re playing sports coaches will always talk about visualization and all that junk? Playing through those scenarios in your mind *has an effect*. It lays down some pathways.

When you spend all that time daydreaming about an imagingary relationship that doesn’t exist, it deepens things, makes them more serious. And when it conflicts with the reality that you *aren’t* dating, that is what, I find, causes the serious pain.

And if you do end up dating them? Then you’ve got the conflict of what you imagined your relationship with them to be like versus what it actually ends up being, and that causes some pain on its own.

I’m not saying suppress the crush. Like, I still think about someone and go “Damn I’m attracted to that person, I really wish they were available/interested/appropriate.” You can think about how awesome your crush is, because let’s be honest - fighting it often is a struggle that just takes up more energy.

Just stop playing the “imaginary relationship” game with people.

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 10

I feel like I say this with every chapter, but Ish and I enjoy this AU so much. It’s helped keep us sane in crazy days of stress and confusion and all sorts of things. Hope you like this chapter!

Catch up on all previous installments on my Master List

Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 4

Things were definitely beginning to change inside her body. She could feel it, even as she watched the changes. Her belly was beginning to really grow now, no longer appearing as if she’d eaten too much. Some mornings she would steal Jamie’s phone before he woke and flip through the photos he had of her belly. There were only a few of them, since they’d found out late, but he kept them in their own folder in his phone.

That was one of the best things about this situation. No matter how she was feeling, how many times she’d thrown up, or how many evenings she fell asleep halfway through her meal, he was happy. He was overjoyed to watch her grow.

She wasn’t getting as sick this month, though it still happened. Jamie was so good about making sure whatever had triggered her sickness didn’t make it onto the grocery list for that week.

He came home, several bags of groceries in his hands and a small bundle of flowers.

“You’re going to spoil me, Jamie Fraser. If you’re not careful, I’ll start expecting flowers every month.”

With a wink and a kiss on her cheek, he went to set the bags down. As he put their groceries away, she set the roses up in the vase where the previous three had been.

“Four roses for four months,” he said, coming up behind her. “Because I love ye more than my own life and I thank ye for carrying my bairn.”

The following day, she went to work as she usually did, armed with a cool water bottle and several frozen washcloths to help keep her cool. She’d had an idea brewing in her mind, but she hadn’t figured out how to execute it yet.

Jamie had done so much for her, given up so many things for her, and steadfastly held true since before she had moved out and back (if she was honest with herself), and she wanted to figure out what she could do for him. He wasn’t a materialistic man, he didn’t need things. She wanted to do something else, take him somewhere closer to home, but still have it feel like a getaway.

There were quite a few options that they could afford that were nearby, but she hadn’t been able to make a concrete decision yet. As she finished her shift, she watched a young family wander through the gardens. The man and woman held hands as they walked, their eyes content as they looked at each other. Their little girl toddled around them, eager to explore everything around her. Both parents looked at their child with such tenderness and fondness that Claire felt tears pricking her eyes.

The whole drive home, the image of the young family played in her mind’s eye. When she walked in the door, she stared around the front room with her mouth open. She wasn’t a messy person by nature, but with her odd cravings at times, she ate food just about everywhere. Jamie never complained about it either, which was comforting. Frank had hated if she’d had a snack somewhere other than the kitchen table.

But the entire apartment, from what she could see, was spotless. The carpet was freshly vacuumed, she could still see the lines in it, and everything had been dusted. When she put her bag down and headed into the kitchen for the extra washcloth Jamie kept frozen for her, she noticed that he’d even mopped and wiped down the counter. The bathroom was also probably wiped down and scrubbed as well, if he’d gone to this much trouble.

He was moving about the kitchen as if some exciting tune was playing that only he could hear. As he did, he hummed something she didn’t recognize. Sometimes when he was in a really good mood, he’d hum or chant something he’d heard growing up in Scotland. Given the cadence she thought this thing he was humming might be along those lines.

A pot sat on the stove, Jamie stirring its contents. She thought she smelled chili powder, but wasn’t sure. He had a few other bowls sitting out on the counter filled with a few different things and she realized what he was making. Meatless taco salad. It was something he’d tried a few weeks back and she’d loved it. None of the things in it had made her sick or given her heartburn.

Watching him swaying to his own music, an overwhelming sense of fondness flooded her and she began weeping.

“Claire?” He turned suddenly, surprised to see her standing behind him and noticed the tears flowing down her cheeks. “Christ! Are ye alright lass?! The bairn?”

Unable to form words, she just stared at his blurry image and wept.

“Is it something in the kitchen bothering ye? I thought it was alright last time and ye liked it so much… If it’s too much I can make something else.”

“No! No don’t do that!” she said, suddenly finding the words. “It’s just… You’re such a good man, Jamie. I know you had training at work today and you still had the time to come home and clean our whole apartment and make dinner. I just… I’m just…”

When the words fled from her mind again, she reached for him and brought his lips down to hers. He was surprised at first, but quickly melted into her embrace and returned it.

“I love you too, mo chridhe,” he whispered when she let him go. “Are ye sure the bairn’s alright?”

“Yes,” she said, spreading her hand over the small swell. “We’re both alright. I was just a little emotional. These goddamned bloody hormones. I’m sorry.”

He shook his head, laughing, and went back to them stove.

“Dinna apologize for that, Sassenach. It comes wi’ the territory of you being wi’ child.”

She smiled. “How long until dinner is ready?”

“Only a few more minutes. Just need to heat the beans and corn back up and throw it all together.”

The idea that had been forming in her mind came suddenly to life and she knew what she needed to do.

“Alright. I just have a few things I need to do on the computer.”

Before she turned away, he took two steps toward her and stole another kiss.

Sitting down at her desk, she opened up her laptop and began researching Lake Mead. It was about an hour from their apartment and would be a perfect thing for them to do. They could get away without really going anywhere and have some time just to themselves. She knew Jamie would love it.

Friday night, she snuggled up to him and began playing with the hairs on his chest.

“Have you any plans this weekend?”

“Ah… No, I dinna think so. Why?”

“What if we went to Lake Mead for the day tomorrow?”

Craning his neck, he looked down at her, brows raised.

“Oh? For the day? We dinna have a boat.”

“No, but we can rent one.”

He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“Aye, I’d like that verra much, Sassenach. Thank ye.”

“Well, this is sort of my way to say thank you actually. You’ve done so much for me since I told you I was pregnant. You’ve taken such good care of me, so I’ve got a whole day planned for us.”

“Have ye now? Been planning this for some time, then?”

She shrugged.

“Not really. It’s been brewing in my head for a while, but it only just fell into place.”

“I look forward to seeing what ye’ve planned for us, then.”

With a smile, she hugged him tightly and relaxed into sleep.

The following morning, she packed a few things into a large bag and they drove out to Lake Mead. They picked up their rental boat and Jamie set out to find a spot of beach just for them. It was hot, but being out on the lake was more fun than she’d expected. She stayed under the awning with him while he drove the boat around.

He looked good out here, dressed only in his swim trunks as he’d shed his shirt as soon as they’d gotten on the boat. She wore the only swimsuit she owned, but had put his shirt on over it.

“It’s a beautiful day,” he said, staring out at the blue water.

“It really is. I was worried it might rain, but it looks like the sky has cleared up.”

“Aye. Thank ye, Sassenach. This is a verra nice thing to do.”

They ate lunch on the beach, laying out on the towels she’d brought with them. It was too hot to be too near each other, but they were comfortable this way.

“We canna make love on a public beach, can we?” he asked some time later.

Claire snorted.

“This corner might be secluded, but it’s not that secluded. See?” she nodded to someone flying by on a jet ski.

He sighed.

“Someday I want to take ye somewhere and make love to ye on a beach.”


“Dinna ken. Something I’ve never done and I suspect ye havena either. Always thought it would be verra romantic to do that.”

She smiled at him.

“You really are a romantic at heart, aren’t you?”

“Aye, maybe I am. Ye said ye had other plans for us today?”

“I do. We’ll need to head back soon so I can get started on our dinner.”

Nodding, he helped her up and gathered her into his arms for a very thorough kiss.

“Then let’s return the boat and head home.”

On the drive back, she dozed off a little. Jamie woke her when they got back to their apartment.

“Can I help ye wi’ the meal?”

“No, you can’t. Go and read or watch TV or something. It’s my turn to appreciate all that you’ve done for me.”

Pursing his lips, he grunted and went to the couch to read. She got to work on a full dinner for him. Pan-seared steaks, his favorite garlic mashed potatoes, and cheesy broccoli. The last time he’d had cheesy broccoli had been over a month before and it had ended with her vomiting in the bathroom. But she knew how much he’d loved it, so she made it for him.

When the meal was all done, she set the table and looked proudly at all she’d done.

“Christ Sassenach, this looks amazing!”

“I hope so. It’s all your favorites.”

“And the cheesy… Claire, ye dinna need to cook things ye canna eat.”

Shaking her head, she motioned to his seat and he took it.

“This is something you like, Jamie. I wanted to do this for you.”

“It isna fair for me to eat it and you to-”

“I made you these bloody cheesy broccoli to say thank you, damn it! Will you not just eat them?!”

He blinked and looked down sheepishly.

“You’re right. I’m sorry, Sassenach. I appreciate that ye made them for me.”

“Good. Now eat up. I have one last thing planned for tonight.”

After they finished, Jamie insisted that she leave the dishes for him to take care of the next day. Reluctantly, she agreed.

“So what are we to do next? Dessert, perhaps?”

The glint in his eye made her giggle a little.

“Maybe later. How are your shoulders?”

He moved them stiffly, as if his shirt didn’t fit him quite right.

“Still sore. But no’ so bad as they were a few days ago. Ye’ve a good touch.”

“Lie down on the bed. Take off your shirt and trousers.”

As he did, she caught the wince he tried to hide. No matter what he did, all of the tension and soreness from his work ended up in his broad shoulders. He lay down on their bed arms folded beneath the pillow she’d moved for him.

“I’m glad we did this today,” she said, running her hands up his back.

He shivered a little, gooseflesh rippling over him

“Aye, me too. It’s always good to get away wi’ you. Helps to get away from the city and the strip. Sometimes I think…”

Squeezing the bottle of oil, which she’d gotten specifically with this in mind, onto his back, she began to work it into his muscles.

“Think what?”

“You’ll think I’m daft.”

“I live with you. I already know you’re daft.”

One blue eye opened a crack to glare at her. She smiled at it and started digging her fingers into his tense back.

“Weel now I’m no’ gonna tell you.”

“Please? I like to hear what you’re thinking.”

A knot in his lower back gave way and he let out a deep sigh.

“Weel… Sometimes I find myself thinking that if the whole world fell away, I would be alright. Because I have you.”

Again, she felt tears in her eyes.

“Oh Jamie, that’s very sweet. I couldn’t think you daft for that.”

“Thank ye, Sassenach.”

Working slowly, she released the knots in his lower back and middle back before reaching his shoulders. His breathing was slow and even, but he wasn’t asleep. She climbed onto the bed and held herself above him to get a better angle.

Putting as much pressure into her hands as she could, she compelled the knots to release. Closing her eyes, she imagined the muscle held beneath his skin. She thought of how they should look, how they should feel, how they should move. Kneading and pressing in the places her hands told her, she continued until she felt the tightness give. Jamie let out a mighty gasp, his body flinching beneath her.

“Oh… Claire that…”

“Did it work?”

“Aye, lass. It worked verra well. I dinna think my shoulders have felt this good in weeks.”

With a pleased smile, she got off the bed.

“Good! That was the whole point of doing this, after all.”

Jamie rolled onto his back, staring up at her. His eyes drooped, but they glittered with desire and mischief.

“Though, now that ye have me thinkin’…”

Claire snorted, already opening the bottle of oil again.

“What? Are you going to tell me your cock has a certain stiffness as well?”

He smirked at her and shook his head.

“It doesna yet. But I think other bits of me could use yer touch.”

As she looked his body over, she thought it would be most enjoyable to start from the bottom and work her way up, skipping sensitive areas. With the majority of his body now covered in oil, she felt her own desire stirring. How could someone be so perfectly formed? In the waning light of the room he looked like a sculpture of a Greek god, in the living flesh.

Her eyes darted down to his crotch and she smiled. Living flesh indeed. Flesh that she needed to feel. Hands back on his chest, she made the mistake of looking up to meet his eyes.

She was drawn to him by some invisible force. He made no move for her and said nothing. Yet he compelled her to bring herself closer. Was it the eyes? Perhaps. But it was also more than that, as if his soul was calling to hers and it was calling back.

Before she even realized how close to him she was, her mouth found his. Both of his arms came around her waist then and pulled her up onto the bed. Feeling his body beneath hers shortened her breath.

At some point, he’d begun to pull her jeans off. Forcing herself to get off him for a moment, she stood and finished what he’d started. Jamie was not one for remaining idle, though. Hopping to his own feet, he pulled her to him and kissed her hard.

His skin was smooth to her hands, oiled as it was. She couldn’t help but smile when his hands found her buttocks, squeezing them excitedly. Then he pushed her panties off before removing his boxers.

“I must have ye now, Claire,” he said, voice strained with his desire.

“Then have me,” she answered.

He brought her back into his arms and began to tug at her shirt. She shied away from him, pulling it back down. His brow furrowed at her, eyes narrowing in question.

“Just leave it.”

“And no’ see your beautiful body in all it’s naked glory? I think not, Sassenach. Off wi’ it.”

Reaching for it again, he had her stomach exposed before she started to pull it back down. For a moment, she thought about insisting, but that would lead to questions. Instead, she lifted her arms so he could take the last bit of covering from her.

He laid her down on their bed, pausing briefly to kiss her stomach. Then he moved back up to kiss her lips.

“Thank ye, Claire, for all you’ve done today. Taking me out for a day on the lake, cooking me a verra fine dinner, even wi’ things ye couldna eat. And then ye tend my body? I’ve never kent a woman like you.”

“I don’t think there’s ever been a woman quite like me before,” she sighed before stroking his face. “Or a man quite like you.”

“I’m glad I found ye.”

She opened her mouth to say something back, but was cut off by his sudden thrust. Whatever she’d done to help relieve the tension in his back and shoulders had clearly made him feel better. He moved with a frenzy she hadn’t felt in some time, like he was making love to her for the first time.

Her legs couldn’t lock around him, constantly slipping off his body from the oil as much as his vigor. She let her head fall back onto the pillow. His lips visited her neck, biting gently. Her back arched off the bed in response, hands clawing at his back uselessly as they slipped and slid against his skin. Lifting her head up, she bit his neck in kind, spurring him to rear up and continue his merciless attack on her body, hands exploring every piece of her as she did the same.

Overwhelmed by the animalistic feelings aroused in him, he pushed on, growling into Claire’s ear, “Ye’re mine, mo nighean donn. Now and forever, yer mine.”

He gripped her hips to hold her body in position while he continued on. The end was coming nearer, her body preparing for that release it needed desperately. Taking a grip on his hair, she pulled him back down to her and bit his shoulder hard to mute her scream. Then he too cried out, his own body bucking against hers.

They lay together for several minutes, neither able to move after the climax faded. Jamie gave her a very sweet kiss before rolling onto his side. She curled up in his arms, observing the bright red mark she’d left him.

“Sorry about that one,” she said quietly, poking it.

He hissed a little.

“Dinna fash. Was worth a little pain to hear ye squeak like that.”

With a contented sigh, she pressed her ear to his chest and let his steady heartbeat sing her to sleep.


The following night, Jamie was nudged awake by his wife. Grunting, he forced his eyes open.

“Are ye alright?” he mumbled. “The bairn?”

“We’re alright. Would you mind… Maybe going and getting us some hot wings?”

“Are ye daft? I dinna even ken what the time is.”

With a heavy sigh, he looked at the clock on her bedside table.

2:31 AM

“Wings? Ye want hot wings? Now?”

She smiled sheepishly.

“Pregnancy cravings?”

“If ye start craving pickles wi’ yer ice cream, I’m moving out,” he said, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. “But if it’s hot wings ye need, it’s hot wings ye’ll get.”

“Thank you, darling.”

“Anything for you.”

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he tried to ignore the clock inside his car. He drove around for nearly half an hour until he found a place that was open and sold hot wings. As he pulled up to the window, his phone buzzed.

Hello darling. Could you maybe pick up some cheesy chips too? Thank you!

The speaker squacked and a woman yawned.

“What can I get you?”

“I’d like an order of hot wings and cheesy chips, please. Thank ye.”

“One order of hot wings and one order of nachos. That’ll be-”

“No, miss. I’m sorry. I mean cheese fries.”

“Hot wings, nachos, and cheese fries. That’ll be…”

Jamie rolled his eyes. He was too tired to argue with the woman at three in the morning.

He tripped several times as he went up the stairs to their apartment, but he kept the food from dropping. She was in bed, wiggling like an excited puppy. Her nose flared when he walked in.

“Did you get nachos too?”

“I forgot to say cheesy fries rather than cheesy chips, so she thought I meant nachos. But I got you proper chips too.”

Laying out a napkin on the bed, she pulled the things out of the bag and began shoveling them into her open mouth, still wiggling happily.

“Why did it take you so long?” she asked, licking hot sauce from her fingers.

“It isna easy to find a place that sells hot wings at three in the morning.”

When she smiled at him, he sighed and wiped the sauce from her chin.

“You’re a good husband.”

His heart leapt, hearing her say that, though he chose to keep that feeling to himself. Instead, he stole a cheesy and slightly spicy kiss from her.

“Here,” she said, setting the nachos out. “Share with me.”

“I wouldna dream of taking a pregnant woman’s late night cravings,” he said with a chuckle.

“Well this pregnant woman is sharing them with you. You went out at three in the morning to get them for me.”

With a nod, he gave in and split the nachos with her. They weren’t bad, he thought. When she finished, he gathered up the wrappings and took them to the kitchen trash.

Despite how tired he was now, the look of satisfaction on her face was worth it. He slid back into bed beside her and held her close. Her breath smelled like all the things she’d just eaten, but he didn’t mind.


After she showered in the morning, she went out to breakfast. Jamie beamed at her and kissed her cheek.

“Morning, Sassenach. Sleep well?”

“Very. Thank you for going out last night.”

“Dinna fash. Glad I got ye what ye needed. Oh! And it’s Monday. Ready for yer weekly photo?”

She was a little surprised he wanted to take it right now. It was usually something he did after he got home in the evenings.

“Oh, um… Sure, I guess.”

Going to the same spot she always stood in, she tentatively lifted her shirt to expose her growing belly. It felt heavier somehow, like a lead weight had settled in her stomach.

“Look at ye! Finally looking verra pregnant. Christ, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”

Verra pregnant.

Those words echoed through her mind all through her classes that day and through her short shift at the gardens. She’d known that she would get bigger, of course, she wasn’t stupid. But she wasn’t sure she liked how she was starting to look now.

She was nursing a mug of tea when Jamie came home.

“Sorry I’m home late,” he said, locking the door behind him.

“It’s alright. I just had some leftovers for dinner.”

“Are ye alright?”

She finished the tea and nodded.

“Yes, we’re both doing just fine.”

As she reached to put her mug in the sink, Jamie made a move to feel her stomach. It was something he’d done regularly since finding out about the baby. But with her newfound discomfort, she shied away from him, backing into the wall.

A hurt expression moved over his face before he stepped back. Unable to meet his eyes, she maneuvered around him to her desk to attempt studying while he ate his own leftovers for dinner. When they went to bed that night, she chose to wear a long night dress. It felt a little old fashioned, but the cut of it hid the new shapes of her body.

Jamie observed her new sleeping outfit with lifted brows, but he didn’t say anything. He only gathered her into his arms and held her as they went to sleep. She let him rest his hands on the bump, the deep-seated awful feeling she had at pulling away from him before tugging at her heart. She knew the coming days and months would bring more changes. All she could hope, for now, was that she’d grow to accept and embrace them.


pairing: yoongi x reader

rating: (m.)

genre: smut

summary: yoongi decides to surprise his girl at graduation

word count: 2402

notes: thank you @notaseoul for editing my shit, ily tysm <3

Dress, check. Heels, check. Gown, check. Cap, check. Lanyards, check. Phone, check. These six items ran through your mind over and over again. The stress of walking was finally catching up to you, but were more than ready for it. You were finally ready to leave four years of memories behind you. All the drama, back stabbing bitches, and shallow people were way beyond you right now.

“Sweetie, come on! We have to leave now,” your mother hollered from the kitchen.

“I’m coming!” And with that you were on your way to the venue.

The drive was only thirty minutes, but it seemed like hours. The one positive upside was that a friend was messaging you on Kakao talk, chatting about what is considered an average height and what not. By the time you arrived it was a quarter till six and your phone was going off like crazy. Praying that it was him, you took a look at it only to see that your friend was being a dirty pervert.

Imagine Yoongi fucking you right after graduation, taking you into one of the private rooms. His cock is buried deep inside of you, hitting a bundle of nerves with every thrust.

You replied to her telling her to stop and that there were people around you, but she didn’t listen to you and went on.

Pulling your hair, the man grunting with every thrust. His hips are starting to lose their pace, stuttering before he comes undone inside of you. The two of you are panting, trying to catch your breaths.

Once again you texted back saying that you couldn’t have such thoughts right now, but once again she continued on.

He pulls out and disposes of the condom. He picks you up, helping you get composed. Finally he kisses your lips and whispers, “congratulations baby, you finally graduated.”

You excused yourself – seeing that the roll was being called – and tried to rid yourself of the mental images of your boyfriend fucking you senseless. Despite your friend’s rushed and not very well detailed messages, the picture still managed to get to your head, making you all hot and heavy. It’s been a while since you and your boyfriend had done anything together, him citing that the final moments of high school are the most important and that he couldn’t have you fucking up (cause he’d rather fuck you up). So, for the past semester the two of you completely ceased any body contact besides holding hands and brief hugs. Countless nights your body would convulse and you came moaning his name, but it just wasn’t the same as having him buried balls deep into you.

“Move forward!” A person yelled, breaking you out of your train of thought. You trudged a few steps up, groaning silently and waiting for the moment this would all be over.

Eventually you made it inside the large civic center, found your seat, and managed to spot your family among the crowd. The rest of the ceremony was a blur and before you knew it there was a blank diploma placed in your hands.

“And now, you may turn your tassel,” your principle announced, and you officially graduated high school. The final proceeding of the night was your school’s alma mater; it was quite a beautiful moment to be honest. You were holding hands with two complete strangers and everyone united as one class of 2016 to sing. Not once in your four years of being trapped in that hell hole did you feel such a strong bond with all 628 students in your class.

Just as quickly the as the whole event started, it ended. Students were shuffling along, desperate to leave the venue and greet their guests. You, on the other hand, were in no particular rush and ended up being one of the last people to leave the hall. You checked to see if you got any messages from your boyfriend, only to be disappointed that there were none. You sighed and hung your head low. Yoongi, your boyfriend of four years, was absent. The one person who you wanted the most in the world to be here sharing this moment with you was busy working. The mint haired man told you in the beginning of April that he might not be able to make it out of his shift at the club if he couldn’t find a suitable replacement his boss approved of. Being a college student, a mad genius producer, and DJ was hard for him. He tried his hardest till the day of your graduation to find someone to cover his shift at the turn tables, but wasn’t able to. You understood his predicament and tried to not hold it against him a single bit, but to say that was entirely true would be a lie.

A pair of cold hands covered your eyes, leaving you completely in the dark. “Yoongi?” You questioned, only to be answered with the deep chuckle that you loved. You peeled his hands off and spun around.

In front of you was the dashing Min Yoongi, clothes dipped in the color black, pulling his face mask down to flash you a gummy smile. You loved it when he dressed well (which was all the time) and took a moment to take it in. He was wearing a black beanie, a plain black shirt with a large pea coat, distressed jeans revealing slivers of fair white skin, and his favorite pair of Doc Martens to wrap it all up. He opened his arms to you and you ran into them, being enveloped in his heat and the smell of his cologne.

“I thought you couldn’t make it,” you said with half your sentence getting muffled by his jacket.

“Surprise baby!” the elder replied pecking your forehead.

“I was honestly so upset when I knew you c-couldn’t make it to my gra-graduation,” you whispered, trying not to cry, but it was too late.

Yoongi pulled you away from his chest and started wiping away your face. “There, there, we can’t have you crying today,” he cooed into your ears, calming you down. “I found someone to cover my shift last week.”

You lightly smacked his chest, “Why didn’t you tell me,” you pressed, but with little effort.

“Because I wanted it to be a surprise. I was there the whole time: from the moment you walked out to the moment it ended, I saw it all. I saw you walk across the stage and everything.” You laughed wiping away the remainder of your tears. No way your boyfriend would miss your graduation for anything in the world.

The elder proceeded to wrap his arms around your waist and brought your foreheads together. You could feel his warm breath against your face and his trembling lips just millimeters away from yours. Closing your eyes, the two of you shared a kiss for the first time in months. Frozen in time, you savored the feeling of his lips against yours, the baby stubble poking into your chin, and his arms tightening around you. The elder pulled away from you and looked deep into your eyes, “shall we take this somewhere else?” You nodded your head, not trusting your voice.

The man took you by your hand and lead you through the hallways before arriving to a door with his name on a sign. He took you inside and locked the door. “Yoongi, why is your name on the door,” you inquired, looking around the room to see boxes upon boxes.

“I have a gig here tomorrow and this where I’m keeping all my equipment.” You hummed in response, taking off you cap and down. You brought your attention back to Yoongi to see that he rid himself of his jacket and face mask. “Come here,” and with two simple words he wrapped you around his finger. The two of you met again, except it was significantly more heated. Your bodies were pressed against each other, the searing kiss involving a lot of tongue and teeth. His hands found their way to your back, slowly pulling down the zipper of your dress while you tugged at his mint tresses. The elder took a step forward and you took a step back, repeating this process until you felt something jabbing your backside.

Pulling away from your lips and slipping off a part of the dress to reveal your exposed shoulders, Yoongi started lightly sucking his way down your jaw line. His hands found their way to your soft supple thighs, kneading upwards at an excruciatingly slow pace. You let out a quiet moan. God, it had been so long since his hands had been on you. Releasing his hair from your grip and rested them on the counter top. “How much time do we have?” He asked, breaking the relative silence.

You spotted a near by clock, “a-about te-ten minutes,” you panted panting at his ministrations.

“Perfect. That’s more than enough,” he smirked while ghosting over your lace clad clit. Yoongi brought his lips right above your right breast and parted his lips a little wider, grabbing a piece of your skin between his teeth. He started to suck on the piece of flesh, gently nibbling every few seconds or so. A drawn out groan escaped your throat in a broken sound, causing the man to pull roughly once more before releasing. He took a look at his creation, seeing a deep crimson blossoming on your chest.

Without wasting any more time, Yoongi pushed your panties to one side, exposing your womanhood to the chilly air of the room. Wetting the tip of his calloused fingers with the juices flowing from your entrance, he began to slowly circle them around your clit, making you chant a slew of yesses. He snaked his other hand underneath your bra, massaging your breast and playing with your sensitive nipple. “Oh my god, I-I’m clo-” you tried to warn him before reaching the end. The feeling of having his rough hands on you sent you over the edge much sooner than he expected.

“Excited aren’t we today,” he teased before bringing your lips together. Making quick work of his pants, the man fished into his back pocket for a packet of foil. Ridding him of the offending material of his boxers, you began to pump his member, toying with the slit to spread his pre-cum. You sped up your motions and the man groaned into your mouth, causing you to giggle into the lip lock.

Yoongi ripped the packet open and detached his lips from you, “will you do the honors?” He cocked his brow in question. Huffing, you took the piece of rubber and rolled it on his member. Flipping your dress up, he removed your panties, throwing them across the room. Lining himself at your entrance, he slowly began to push in.

You gasped at the intrusion, the six months of celibacy making you tight all over again. You latched your arms around his shoulders you and breathed out, “wait, wait, wait,“ before resting your head on his chest. The stretch was starting to burn and he was barely inside of you.

“Shhhh, baby, it’s okay,” he murmured, “we can take as long as you need.” Hearing those words comforted you and made you relax. Once you got used to the feeling, you let him go on, this time burying himself balls deep inside of you.

“God fuck, you feel so amazing,” he grunted, throwing his head back. Again, the elder waited patiently inside of you for you to adjust to him.

Even though it only took you a few seconds to adjust to the size and girth of his member, it felt like minutes for him. You pushed your hips forward with an experimental thrust, letting him know you were ready. Brining your lips together once again and the elder taking ahold of your hips, he pulled almost all the way out before ramming in. A choked whine escaped your lips, the pleasure being somewhat overwhelming. Continuing to rut his hips, Yoongi grunted each time. The sound of skin slapping against each other in combination to with the moans and grunts was music to the mint haired man’s ears.

“Shit, right there, Yoongi,” your voice cracking with one particular thrust. The elder managed to successfully nail your bundle of nerves and kept on doing so with each proceeding movement. Wrapping your legs around him, you brought the two of you closer together. You dug your nails into his back, dully scratching him as your moans got progressively louder.

The heat in your stomach was pooling for the second time this night and it was only a matter of seconds at this point. The elder plunged in once more and that was it.

“Yoongi-” you screamed, curling your toes in your heels, clenching around your boyfriend, and throwing your head back against the mirror. The older man successfully sent you up and over the rainbow, seeing colors in your vision that you’ve never seen before. Your tightening heat around him drove him crazy and, unable to keep a steady pace anymore, his hips began stuttering. Gripping your exposed skin hard enough to leave bruises, Yoongi stopped thrusting and came moaning your name.

The two of you remained silent, taking a few moments to catch your breath before Yoongi pulled out. Disposing of the condom and returning with some tissues, he helped you to your feet and wiped your sweat away. He zipped the back of your dress up and combed his fingers through your hair, attempting to make it look presentable before he adjusted his own bangs and brought his lips to your ear. “Congratulations on graduating baby,” he whispered, making you blush.

“Thanks Yoongi,” you replied giving him a shy smile.

The two of you dressed yourselves again and left the room. Before heading out into the cold, Yoongi put his heavy pea coat around you, mentally thanking himself for wearing two jackets. Once the cool breeze hit your body, you shivered. Then it hit you.

“Yoongi! My panties!” You hissed, totally forgetting to find your underwear in the rush of getting ready.

I’ll get them tomorrow, don’t worry baby,” he laughed, kissing the top of your head. “Just hold on till we get home~” he half sung with his raspy voice.

100 Things [Jason Todd x Reader]

@litbatboys requested: “HI ITS @LitBatboys could you possibly do a Jason X reader where you guys are like on a date at an aquarium or smth and you are able to control water and he never new that but like finds it super cool and it’s one more thing he loves about you and as you walk he lists like 100 things he likes about you? idk it’s just there make it fluff my dude that was a weird prompt I’m soRRY”

A/N: I totally forget everything we discussed about, I’m sorry. It kind of sucks but I was so lost on how to write it XD I hope it’s okay though

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 717

The aquarium was completely deserted, it was only you and Jason, which was perfect. You always complained about how your dates were never ‘private’ because the places you two go to were so crowded and packed with people, but today was different.

“I still can’t believe you got Bruce to rent the entire place for the day.” you mumbled, shaking your head in disbelief.

Jason chuckled, “you better believe it, babygirl. I wanted to make this date as special as possible.”

“You being here already makes it special Jay.” you insisted, turning around and facing him while still walking. “You don’t need to go through all this trouble.”

“I told you.” he said, “I want to.”

“Whatever you say.” you sighed, knowing how stubborn your boyfriend could be. You stared at all the fish and the marine animals swimming in the tank behind the protective glass. They were incredibly beautiful, but you felt slightly sad that they were kept in this enclosure. You knew this aquarium aimed on protecting the marine life but you thought they deserved some freedom.

Walking up to the glass, you placed your hand on it and closed your eyes, focusing on a dolphin you saw earlier. You reached out for it–him, beckoning him to come closer to the glass. Once he was in front of you, you smiled at him and began to ask questions.

Jason watched you with curiosity and interest. At first, your actions puzzled him but after a few minutes it didn’t take a great detective to see what you were doing.

“[F/N], you can… talk to animals?” he asked, shocked. You stopped communicating with the kind dolphin and turned your head to him, smiling slightly.

“Ah… marine animals, actually… I never mentioned that?” You laughed sheepishly.

“No, you didn’t.”

“Guess it slipped my mind.”

Jason watched you continue communicating with the dolphin behind the glass. Soon, other animals approached you and the smile that appeared on your face must be one of the most beautiful things he had ever laid eyes upon.

Everything made sense now. You always told him you would never eat fish, even though you ate every other kind of meat. You loved marine life but you hated going to the aquarium, the exception being if the aquarium acted as protection for endangered species.

He shook his head in disbelief, finding you even more amazing now. He approached you and wrapped his arms around your torso, earning a surprised squeak from you and causing the animals to disperse, hiding behind the rocks and structures in the water.

“Jason!” you exclaimed, “don’t do that.”

“Sorry, you’re just too irresistible.” he chuckled. “I can’t believe you’d hide this from me.”

“I didn’t hide it, I forgot to tell you.” you corrected, pouting as you turned to face him.

“Yeah, sure you did.” He rolled his eyes. “I guess now I have another thing to add to my list.”

You frowned. “What list?”

“A list of 100 things I love about you.” Jason stated, grinning proudly.

You scrunched up your face. “That’s so cheesy.”

“Yeah, but you know you love it.” he claimed, stealing a kiss from you. This time it was you who rolled your eyes. You took his hand and led him through the aquarium, the marine animals inside the tank following you and waving at you as you waved back.

“So, are you going to tell me the other 99 things you love about me?” you inquired casually, you were terribly curious.

“You sure you want to know?”

“If I didn’t, why would I ask?” you scoffed.

Jason laughed at how impatient you were. “Fair point.” He cleared his throat. “Okay, number one; I love the way your eyes sparkle when you talk about something you’re passionate about.”

“Really? That’s so minor.” You cut him off, looking at him skeptically. He gave you a loving smile.

“It’s the little things that make me fall for you even more, cupcake.” he said with genuine love, causing you to blush.

“O-Okay… are all of them like this?” you said shyly, feeling flustered by his answer.

“Pretty much.” he said before continuing to go through his list. God knows how he remembered all of it.

But having Jason be romantic was a little nice for a change.

A:TLA had its flaws, but I think it’s got one of the best examples of “how to deal with the genocidal dictator villain without making your child protagonist kill someone”.

So, right from his very first appearance, it’s clear that Fire Lord Ozai is bad news. If there’s a sliding scale of successful villain character establishments, then “he burnt his son’s face off for speaking out of turn while said son cried and begged for mercy” has gotta be pretty high on the scale, right? The reminder of his cruelty and villainy is present in literally every single episode that Zuko’s in, which is basically all of them, because that reminder happens to be on Zuko’s face.

Come Book Three, and Aang starts to feel conflicted. It’s never questioned that he has to stop Ozai in order for this to end. There is no option of just talking to Ozai. That’s not happening. What Aang is conflicted about is having to kill Ozai. This is the main conflict of the second half of Book Three - can Aang kill? He doesn’t want to, and a good chunk of that comes from his upbringing as a peaceful Air Nomad, as well as his naturally kind and positive personality. Everyone around him agrees that there’s no way for him to spare Ozai and still end this.

Was energybending a slight Deus Ex Machina? Kinda, but the lion turtles were foreshadowed and they didn’t make it easy for him. What matters is that Ozai was still conclusively defeated. He was beaten to within an inch of his life and then had his bending taken away from him, stripping him of his power to harm others. Then he was thrown in a Fire Nation jail and left to rot for his crimes. Ozai gets his and Aang doesn’t have to kill anyone.

I don’t trust SU to do this.

It’s clear that there will have to be a confrontation vs the Diamonds at some point. They are the main villains, after all. It’s also clear that Steven is not going to like the idea of killing them in order to liberate Homeworld, especially after his reaction to the Breaking Point. Which, you know - fair enough. He’s a kind, loving, extremely sensitive fourteen-year-old raised to respect all life and to care about others. That’s totally a believable character conflict, just as it was for Aang.

But I don’t trust the Crewniverse to actually defeat the Diamonds. I strongly suspect at this point that a) the Diamonds will live, and b) they won’t even be defeated in the same way that Ozai was. I have a sneaking suspicion that Steven is going to talk them down and convince them to be better, or something like that. 

This would be a terrible resolution to the conflict between Earth and Homeworld. The Diamonds would essentially get away scot-free. They wouldn’t be punished for the crimes of a) trying to destroy the Earth and all life on it, b) shattering gems for disrespecting them, including threatening to do so to Ruby in a blatant parallel for homophobia, c) literally owning sentient people like they’re objects, d) ruining countless other planets, many of which may have had life on them, e) running a literal human zoo like what the FUCK, f) setting up a tyrannical, unjust social structure that treats living beings like disposable cannon fodder, g) denying an entire species the ability to really form an identity, h) various other offences. 

Like, if the Crewniverse found a way to depower the Diamonds or make them less dangerous without killing them that was actually believable AND punished them for their crimes, then fine, sure, I can respect that, just as I respect how the A:TLA writers dealt with Ozai. But I’m not convinced the Crewniverse are going to do that at this stage.

It’s my birthday so what better occasion for some Captain Cobra Swan silliness?

“You two are absolutely ridiculous.”

Both Henry and Killian tore their attention from the video game currently on their television at the sound of Emma’s voice. The distraction proved to be fatal; neither one of them could regain their rhythm. “Aww, man!” Henry cried when the game ended abruptly. “Thanks a lot, Mom. I had a good streak going, too!”

As she tucked her phone out of sight of her boys, Emma swallowed a chuckle. She was trying her hardest to appear annoyed by her boys’ choice of activity but she was fairly certain her amusement was clear as day on her face. “This is what you play when you play video games?”

“The control devices for Henry’s other game systems are not made for one-handed pirates, love,” Killian reminded her, somewhat out of breath from his previous effort.

“I get that but this?” Emma threw her hand out in the direction of the television. “This is what you decide to play instead?”

Henry shrugged. “You don’t need hands, just feet.”

“Aye. Although,” Killian interrupted, frowning down at Henry, “I’m not entirely sure what this particular activity has to do with dancing. I know how to dance. This is not dancing. It’s simply stepping rapidly.”

Henry considered his point “Maybe that’s where the ‘revolution’ comes from.”

“Well,” Killian huffed, “there are some revolutions that just shouldn’t be fought.”

That finally did it. Emma busted out laughing.

Always happy to make his Swan laugh, Killian smiled at her. “What’s so funny, love? I don’t suppose you’d be willing to try your hand at this activity. Or your feet, I suppose.”

No, she most certainly was not, thank you very much. In answer to Killian’s question, she held up her phone. Henry, who must have just now figured out what she’d been doing before she interrupted them, grinned. “I was just thinking,” Emma replied, “that I now have the fearsome and debonair Captain Hook on video playing Dance Dance Revolution.”

With a teasing grin on his lips, Killian stepped up to her and plucked the phone from her hand. “Turnabout is fair play, love. It’s only right that I get to record you.”

Emma heaved a mock put-upon sigh. “All right, fine, I guess if I have to.” She turned to a grinning Henry. “Is this the one with ‘Forever Sunshine?’”


“All right.” She turned to Killian and smiled. “Watch and learn,” she said, thanking the heavens for the few years of fake memories and the year of real ones in New York of repeatedly playing this exact game with Henry.

When she was done with the song, Killian was suitably impressed.

The three of them ended up spending the next couple of hours playing, taking turns sitting out and only stopping for good when it was time to get dinner going. Who would have thought that one of the best days Emma would have would involve nothing more than her, her boys, and a ridiculous video game?

anonymous asked:

do u have any lin series recs? i love beyond the sunrise and i just want more slow burn series to read

Oh boy, do I? (hint: I have way too many) 

Becca and Cass are AMAZING, prepare yourself for lots of #pain, an a+ characterization, and a slow burn for the books! Lin and reader are childhood best friends and it’s…. Hard to explain without spoilers, but please check this out.

One of the first series I’ve read in this fandom, Taylor gives us a ‘fair’ slow burn, making the relationship between them so so natural it’s crazy. SO. GOOD.

I can’t choose between the two, Sabrina is my wife and if you like Beyond the Sunrise you will love these (she also has many more, all worth checking out). BTH is an amazing series of chronicles between Lin and the reader, that is his assistant. Impact is way… Heavier, and more poetic in a sense, it’s one of my all time favorite peices by Sab. 

Round 2 of Becca in this list because this fic is also between one of the first pieces I’ve read when I started writing. The friends with benefits fic that WE DIDN’T KNOW WE NEEDED. Becca is so so brilliant in this one, Lin and reader’s dynamic is ON POINT. 

Taryn BLOWS ME AWAY with this one. Reader is involved with the making of the Hamiltome and the realtonsip she builds with Lin is so so pure, I also love how she makes the reader an independent woman with personal goals and thrive and… Ugh, I just love this series a lot. 

Look at Ant writing a Lin fic, as you can expect is full of amazing scenes and a dynamic so different from every other fic I’ve ever read for this fandom. Lin and reader hate each other and… Well, you’ll have to see. Prepare for a lot of bickering. #enemiestolovers

OKAY BUT THIS ONE IS AN ADORABLE ONE. Cass turned reader into a resident in a hospital and Lin shows up with a cut in his hand, that’s all I’m giving away from the plot, but it’s an adorable one. Also be aware this one also has some #pain, but it’s so so worth it. 


This one is an Anthony x Reader, but I feel like I should add to this list, since it’s probably on my top 5 series of all time. Olivia turns the Ham cast into a modern version of Peter Pan’s lost boys, and it’s as magical as it sounds. Her writing is stunning, her characterization is so singular in the best way and I love my girl a lot okay. 

Ooh, boy, that’s a lot of recs. All of them are amazing, now go give my friends some love <3

reason i love kakagai #526

we all know kakashis like a Huge Troll who fucks w everyone & avoids expressing emotional sincerity whenever possible (for fair reasons)

and like ppl rarely try/manage to mess w kakashi or push back at all, and just feel bad, so it can feel unbalanced or onesided…but when kakashi pranks or teases gai, he takes it in stride & is inspired to get kakashi back??

and gai messes w kakashi ALL THE TIME… not subtly/sneakily like kakashi might but in his totally sincere yet overpowering gai way (that can even be fun for both of them). it feels like a real back & forth of two goofy equals who slowly become more close and affectionate over time

i love that gai’s not intimidated by kakashi like other ppl, so he gets closer to him than anyone, & the way that his bold honesty manages to bring sincerity out of kakashi really gets me.. I love that they have so much FUN together - esp considering what they’ve gone through

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Hi can u please pleaseee do a Saeran + MC highschool au? Thank you i love your work!

Is it okay if it’s kinda long? T-T


Damn rain. Now he was going to be late for band practice. Saeran slung his guitar case over his shoulder and sprinted to the nearest bus shelter. It won’t be stopping any time soon. He sighed. There was nothing he could do about it now. He wasn’t about to run to the other side of town when it was downright pouring. 

He began kicking pebbles, watching them tumble across the pavement. Just my luck. The principal had called him in for cutting class, his brother had tried to lecture him, and now this. What a miserable day.

Just then, he noticed a shadow touching his. Saeran looked up. A girl?

You were completely soaked. Your dark hair dripped down onto your already rain-spattered uniform, your shoulders quivering slightly from the cold. He blinked. I know her. 

“This is you, isn’t it?” You asked, holding up a wallet with a school ID tucked into the plastic sleeve - his school ID. 

Saeran tore it out of your hands. “Where did you get this?!” He demanded.

“You dropped it,” You replied matter-of-factly, standing beside him and squeezing the excess moisture out of your hair. 

Saeran stared at you for a moment. Now, he had had his fair share of admirers. He didn’t know what it was that made him so appealing, but he had endured those feverish love-letters and heartfelt confessions all the same. Part of him wondered if perhaps this girl was one of them. She can’t be. She’s the class president. 

Still, he couldn’t help himself. Was returning my wallet simply an excuse to talk to me? 

He scoffed. “What? And you came all the way here just to give it to me?”

“Don’t get cocky. We both got caught in the rain. I was already going this way; you just happened to be walking ahead of me.” Your deadpan response embarrassed him.

“What’s the class president doing in this part of town, anyway?!” He blurted. “Where’s that chauffeured car of yours?!”

“I’m surprised you know who I am, Saeran.” She knows me? Wait- of course she does. She saw my ID. 

“Don’t change the subject!”

You bit your lip. “There’s isn’t one. Not today, anyway. I’m here to visit a friend.” You glanced at his guitar case. “And you? What are you here for?”

“None of your business.”

“That’s hardly fair, is it? After I’ve told you my own reason for being here.” You were right, of course. 

For some reason, that seemed to aggravate him further. Saeran chose not to reply. How rude! You thought. 

Silence hung in the air. You peered at him. So this is the boy who never comes to class. You rolled your eyes. The same boy all my friends seem to fawn over. You were having trouble understanding Saeran’s appeal. His permanent scowl was hardly inviting, and his bleached silver-pink hair screamed ‘delinquent’. Was this really the same boy you had heard playing the guitar so beautifully in the music room that one afternoon? 

You shook your head. Stop wondering about him. Your first priority was to find your friend’s apartment - not to talk to Saeran. Earlier, you had debated whether to ask him for help. After talking to him, however… I’d rather break both legs than get help from him. 

The rain continued to pelt down harder than ever. You shivered. It was clear that you wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. We’re both stuck here. 

“Saeran?” you asked, piercing the silence. No response. “Can you really play that?”

She must be talking about my guitar case. He stuck his hands in pockets. “You’re kinda nosy, aren’t you?” 

I am not nosy! You bit the inside of your cheek. Fine, then. 

The way you crossed your arms and turned away from him almost made Saeran want to laugh out loud. What a brat. He glanced at you. Your water-logged Mary Janes, the way your walked as if your spine was held taught by a string, and that dove-grey ribbon in your hair… She definitely isn’t from here. 

What is she doing alone in this place? Doesn’t she know how dangerous it is? 

Now you were fiddling with your phone, stopping occasionally to crane your neck and squint at the surrounding streets. Saeran tilted his head. By any chance…?

“Are you lost?” The words escaped his mouth before he could stop them, sounding gentler than he would have wanted them to. Shut up, Saeran! He wanted to smack himself. 

You looked back at him, simultaneously startled and flustered by the concern in his voice. You managed to compose yourself before betraying any sign of astonishment. “What’s it to you?” You answered bitterly. 

You glared at each other for a moment before diverting your gaze elsewhere, mutually irked.



Once again, silence took hold. The rain still wasn’t stopping. Is this for real? How much longer do I have to be stuck here with Ms. High-and-Mighty?

Saeran sighed. I’m going to regret this. “Yes.” He said. 

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I can play the guitar.” 

You thought for a moment. “Is it you, then? The person who’s always in that old music room?”

She heard me?! “So what if it was?!”

“I knew it! You play very well. It takes quite some skill to get those scales right.” 

“Tch. What would you know about music?”

“My mother is a composer,” You said, beaming. “Sure, she’s more Mozart than Metallica, but I know a good musician when I hear one. And I like how you play.” 

He hadn’t expected that. Not your compliment, and certainly not your smile. Did she win the presidency with that smile alone? “Thanks.” He muttered. 

“Don’t thank me. I was only being honest.” 

Oh, God. Now he was full-on blushing. Saeran tried to snap himself out of it. Stop it! She’s not even confessing to you! She’s just telling you she likes how you play! He was so confounded that he wanted to believe you were playing with him. Though, he knew he was only lying to himself. Her smile was so sweet just now. She couldn’t have been messing with me. 

You pursed your lips, conscious of his gaze. He was boring holes into your skull. You tried to ignore him, but you couldn’t deny that it was making you nervous. What have I done now?! Luckily for Saeran, you couldn’t see the flush of red that had blossomed on his cheeks. Instead you were busy typing away on your phone again, your eyes fixed firmly on the screen. 


You looked up to find Saeran holding a jacket over his head. Huh? “What are you doing?” 

“Just get over here, will you?”

“Get over where?”

He stepped forward and held the jacket over the both of you. “There’s another bus shelter up ahead, closer to the center of town. It’ll be easier to find wherever you’re going from there.”

Your expression shifted from curiosity to defiance once you realised what he was implying. “I’m not lost, okay?!” 

Saeran felt a smile tug at the corner of his lips. “Yeah, yeah. You can thank me after I get you there safely.”