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Things I Wish I Knew Early On

I’m entering my junior year of college and have been creating a list of things I wish I knew earlier than now, like back in middle school or high school. Learn from me with these things, and feel free to add-on whatever you think fits!

  1. Buy Victoria’s Secret underwear and bras. The quality is way better than anything else and definitely worth the money.
  2. Go to the movies by yourself. It may seem weird at first but it really isn’t. Plus you don’t talk anyway. Treat yo self.
  3. Begin saving money early on. Save it all up. Travel with the savings.
  4. Don’t waste all your money on cheap clothes. Don’t solely shop at stores like H&M and Forever 21. Get the latest trends from there and that’s it.
  5. Spend more money for higher quality clothes. Especially for jeans. But don’t buy $200 jeans. $50-$100 is plenty.
  6. Work hard. Get a job. Even if it’s crappy. The experience (and money) is important.
  7. Study hard. Even if it sucks. I regret not trying harder in high school and am pushing myself more now in college (thus this studyblr). Learn all the things.
  8. Simple basic items for clothes look cleaner and are easier. Don’t wear tons of patterns.
  9. Buy yourself a flannel. A good, soft one too. Flannels are amazing.
  10. If someone doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, don’t spend time with them. It’s not worth it.
  11. Don’t keep tons of knick knacks. You don’t need them.
  12. Keep a decorative box and put small memories in them each time you do things. Ticket stubs, wrist bands, fliers. Then when it’s full, go through it and enjoy all the memories. Then, throw them out after and start over.
  13. You don’t owe anyone anything. No explanations. No apologies. (Except maybe your family). When you choose to give them those things, it will mean more because you will actually mean it and want to mend your relationship.
  14. Watch the sunset. It’s fucking beautiful.
  15. If you are not comfortable, don’t do it. Leave the situation.
  16. Learn the balance between school, work, social, and personal lives. Put equal time into all four. Even your personal life.
  17. You are your own best friend and will have your own back, so spend time with yourself. Treat yourself (but not too often) and enjoy your own company.
  18. Talk to yourself. It is good to be able to have a conversation with yourself and think things through fully.
  19. Sometimes you have to be impulsive. It takes just three seconds of spontaneity to get yourself out of your comfort zone. Sometimes this means making new friends or overcoming a fear.
  20. Life will tear you down sometimes. It is okay to cry. But just remember, when you hit rock-bottom, there’s only up from there.

some assorted school studies/doodles that I did over the week :D (other wise known as the “i-forgot-bendy’s-fucking-tail” collection)

Spud helped me realize that bendy would have a *lot* of scars with how much he’s getting into fights. Plus, with how dark toon’s skin can be, scars would probably be really painfully noticable and scar over in a light gray or white. (The scars on his face are supposed to be a little less noticable but it was a little hard to do with pencil)
I also just wanted to show off his forked tongue and teefers :9

Oh shit!!!! My hand slipped !!! Oh no!!! @the-vampire-inside-me

Holy shit man it’s hard having no one to help me. I can’t see where the heck I am and I only had a short time to learn the dance. But I did it!! Here’s psychic fire for 1k, as Garasu No Hanazono is a wip and I seriously can’t do it unless I have a friend with me. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait! I can dance it a lot better without the head, so if you guys want I can post a side-by-side comparison.



Haruhi x Guest

This is the final work in the character x guest post series. - Admin 

Guest:  Hey Haruhi, may I sit here with you?

Haruhi:  *looks up in surprise* Oh, of course!  Sorry!  My books are all over the table, I’ve been studying for that test in Calculus.  Here, let me make some room for you.  

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Guest:  *grabbing textbook* Don’t worry about it, Haruhi.  Here, I could study with you if you wanted… 

Haruhi:  Oh no, I couldn’t possibly make you sit through something so boring!  Besides, I need a study break anyway. You know what they say about “all work and no play.”

Guest:  Wow!  You sure are good at keeping your life balanced!  I wish I were more like that.

Haruhi:  Well I think that the key to success is making the most of every situation.  And don’t worry, from what I see you’re well on your way to success.   

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hate it when you tell people you’re in nursing school and they try to ask you for medical advice. im just now starting my second semester and am not qualified to let you know if you have appendicitis!!!!