but in a different way now

let’s talk about maryse in this scene: 

look at how she looks between magnus and max. she’s obviously using this interaction to judge magnus, but i think it’s in a different way. maryse has only ever seen magnus in a professional kind of context, never in a personal one. i think she understands that magnus is here to stay - which was alec’s goal - and now she wants to assess magnus in this new light. of course her shadowhunter prejudices are all there, but this is primarily a mother trying to get to know who is this person entering their lives. 

and then there’s this look: 

she sees the smile on alec’s face and i can see something changing in her. there’s toughness and also softness in her eyes. she can see that her son is actually happy, and that the man he is falling in love/is in love/loves is sweet and kind. and there is a ghost of a smile on her face as well. it obviously doesn’t solve all the problems, but maybe it’s a start? 

honestly i praise nicola for her acting, it’s so subtle and yet so deep. i hope there’s a chance for a redeeming arc for maryse. 

If you’re not having fun when you’re making art you need to find a new medium ! Honestly I only drew for so long and just felt stressed and anxious when I did bc it wasn’t the best way to express myself … but sculpture opened my eyes and I feel so much stress release when I make work now! So experiment with different media and maybe you can find what really fits you

Well yeah, I think the only way to put it right now, because saying anything more than this puts an undue burden on like timing and Ezra and stuff, but work is being done. Like, LP4 will exist. When that will happen, I cannot say. But, and again this is also true in different configurations, some of which I’m a part of, some of which I’m not, a lot of work is being done. So, if you’re stressed out, not that you should – I really hope you have more personal issues at play that are either good or bad – but if you are for whatever reason stressed out about Vampire Weekend’s fourth record, it’s being worked on.
—  Chris Tomson on Vampire Weekend’s LP4

Y'all need to do more research and make yourself disappear. You can’t run a blog about sugaring or even reblog/like stuff about sugaring and escorting with your information and face plastered all over the damn blog. The same way is sex workers screen men via pics/ phone number/ email. They do the same y'all. You might slip up and send him a pic you have posted on here. He does a quick google image search and now your whole shit is exposed. I know there are posts like this already but I’m saying it again because people don’t seem to understand! There’s a difference between showing yourself/your hustle off and completely exposing your life and identity to the world.

Well That’s Interesting

So…pretty much everything I wanted to happen has happened. Jemma gets to be all woman on fire and rescue Fitz. Seeing her unravel because Fitz is gone was very interesting to watch. The writers have really stepped it up in showing the feelings aspect of their relationship from Jemma’s point of view. And of course, Daisy is still the captain of our ship.

And now we’re in an alternate reality. I don’t think OUR Jemma is dead in that grave, but I don’t like the implication that she will have to dig her way out of her own grave. If she died, the team outside would instantly know it, so I’m positive she’s fine.

Also, in the framework it looks like Fitz has an entirely different job and…a different lover? He reached into that car for a woman, and they concealed her identity on purpose. It could be someone we know or a new character entirely. I think it may be a human version of Aida. If Aida designed it, she may have killed Jemma in HIS reality to insert herself into the framework at his side.

Now THIS is a scenario I can get behind. For once, it’s not Fitz rescuing Jemma it’s the other way around. I wonder how Jemma is going to react to the new Fitz and at the same time his new girlfriend. I can’t wait to watch that scene.

Looks like we’re finally getting that role reversal, and even more than that some serious balancing to the FitzSimmons ship, albeit in computer simulation. I’m behind this 100%.

I think Eris would be as emotionally devastated by Tower Apocalypse as any other member of the Vanguard, but if the Cabal Imperial Fleet or whatever nicked the Moon on the way to the Earth you know she’d be looking up there, picturing thralls swarming like panicked ants, and smiling

I can’t stop thinking about Maryse in the last episode of Shadowhunters. She’s a character that I was hating so so hard, I didn’t understand her at all and I was so angry with her, but then that last scene happened and… magic! Now I feel her in a very different and deep way.

Let me tell you that the acting was so good, the moment when she nods just makes me cry everytime I see it. It breaks me to see the way she admits in front of his kids how her husband is cheating on her, it breaks me to think that she’s been handling this alone and it also breaks me the fact that she’s more worried about her daughter than about her.

Maryse is not the perfect mother and she has been doing some huge mistakes, no one can deny that, but we finally get to see something new about her. I love that Maryse that is also vulnerable, that needs her kids and trusts them. I love the Maryse that accepts her mistakes and that shows us her human part.

I also think a lot about Max, who doesn’t understand at all what’s going on between his parents. I can’t imagine how hard is for him to see them fighting all the time.

So I’m going to be honest with you guys:

I haven’t been a very active member of the hamilton fandom recently because I’m a little tired of the lack of respect and understanding that a lot of fans seem to exhibit. Now, I want to be clear: I’m not pointing fingers, this is by no means aimed at anybody in particular, it’s just an underlying issue that I think we’ve all witnessed at least once. People now-a-days believe that if somebody does/says something that they don’t like, they’re automatically allowed to berate them for it. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. And in a way, they’re right, they are completely allowed to give their opinions. But there’s a MASSIVE difference in giving your opinion…and enforcing your own personal law. 

I don’t believe in fighting fire with fire, because even a child knows that all that does is make an even bigger fire. I believe that people can disagree and still be civil to one another. I believe that all human beings deserve respect on at least the most basic level. I DON’T believe that it’s okay to wish death on anybody, I DON’T believe that a worthy cause gives you the right to be cruel, and I definitely DO NOT believe that hatred of another human is ever justified. Justice and hate are not the same thing, and love does not always imply total agreement. Love can disagree, love can correct, love can support a person without supporting all their decisions.

If I’m going to model my life after a Hamilton, better to be an Eliza than an Alexander. That is my belief.

And if you don’t believe the same thing, if you think I sound stupid for saying this, if you are reading this and going “what an ignorant b****”, then guess what?

You also have that right. And I wish you the best in your life, however you should choose to live it.
Thank you for reading, God bless.

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Is it normal to have certain autistic traits be more pronounced at different times of your life? For instance, i think i was much more sensitive to sensory things when I was younger but I have now learned how to deal with it better/maybe I just don't put myself into situations that make it bad. On the other hand, I've never liked sharing my interests to ppl irl so my interests were less pronounced when I was younger but now thanks to tumblr and the internet i get way more obsessed

Definitely! Like all people, autistics change over time. At some points in our lives certain traits will be more prominent than at other times. Things we once struggled with may no longer be struggles while things that were once easy can become problems. Traits that may have been suppressed or hidden can become much more evident as we grow older and things that used to be very prominent may fade away. We grow and change just like everyone else does, just in our own ways.


RAID (originally redundant array of inexpensive disks, now commonly redundant array of independent disks) is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into a single logical unit for the purposes of data redundancy, performance improvement, or both.

Data is distributed across the drives in one of several ways, referred to as RAID levels, depending on the required level of redundancy and performance. The different schemes, or data distribution layouts, are named by the word RAID followed by a number, for example RAID 0 or RAID 1. Each schema, or RAID level, provides a different balance among the key goals: reliability, availability, performance, and capacity. RAID levels greater than RAID 0 provide protection against unrecoverable sector read errors, as well as against failures of whole physical drives.

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Not a rant but a bit of begging for advice sorry. I was ace before I was raped and I'm still ace now I just know a little more but my most recent partner seemed to be under the impression that I'm ace because I was abused. (We parted ways because of this argument) he claimed that because I didn't know what asexuality was at the time of the abuse I can't have been ace then. I say I was I just didn't have all the relevant info. How can I explain this so that they will understand and let me be?

I’m gonna give you a metaphor to tell him that might help:
You own a strange lump. You don’t know what it is, but you now it’s hard and rough. You try different books and websites to fit it, and you think you might know what it is, but you still don’t know. Then, one day, you drop it and chip a piece off. It suddenly fits the shape of a rock, and you now know it’s a rock. It was a rock before, it remains a rock.
hope it helps, & good luck!

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Diego headcannons?

  • I interpret Diego mostly as Dio’s brother in writing and comparison, because they’re nothing alike, but they show similarities in ways siblings do, or ways people driven with the same ideals from youth would. Like a family.
  • However Dio is the older brother and absolutely smothering, which can make the otherwise cool Diego a bit of a brat.
  • This is weird, but I don’t view Diego as indulgent. At least, not in the same way Dio was. Diego grew up to eight while having a mother and living in poverty, so a lot of his climb on the way up had to be grueling. Even though he’s now renown, he’ll put on indulgence for show but back home he’s gotten used to and attuned to waste not want.
  • Diego 1 and Diego 2 are universally different. Obviously, Diego 2 is crueler, with god-awful intentions and more driven– he’s more Dio-like. Diego 1 is just… weird. Diego 1 has monologues about horse racing in the middle of racing with his rival, like not only he’s obsessively studied horse racing, he needs to announce it to someone he’s racing against RIGHT NOW. Bet you were wondering why I was eating those rocks. Turns head 90 degrees on a dime. He’s still sly and slick but he doesn’t have the composure or self awareness or threateningness of other Dios. He’s like Team Rocket to Dio’s Giovanni.

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I accidentally let slip to the guy I like that I like him and got rejected (which I knew would always happen and thats why I never told him) because he thinks long distance relationships are stupid and not worth it and I feel more hurt by the idea that im not a person worth being with and I hate he made me feel that way and Im honestly just feeling really numb right now and just needed a place to vent im sorry

hey it’s okay!! rejection hurts no matter what the reason is. feel the way that you need to, eat something sweet, watch your favorite tv show. long distance just really isn’t for some people! it doesn’t mean you weren’t worth it. people have different needs, and it’s probably for the best that he knows he couldn’t handle long distance. im sorry this all happened though :{

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Why is it problematic to ship lydia with Parrish?

I’m gonna give you 3 reasons now, i could give more but i’m at school so yep.

Alright so first of all, he’s 7-8 years older than her, she is still a high schooler. He is way too old for her. At her age, that is a huge age difference and they’re clearly at different stages of life. The age difference, and the fact that he’s much more mature and experienced than her (because no matter how mature and ingenious Lydia is, she’s still just a teenager), plus the fact that he’s an officer of the law, creates a huge power imbalance, and makes it so that the chances of those relationships going very bad are much higher. The fact that she’s now 18 and “an adult” doesn’t change that.

Which brings me to my second point: they aged Lydia up in season 4 when the whole Marrish thing began so that the viewers wouldn’t care because “well, she’s technically 18!!!!”, however, if we follow the Teen Wolf timeline closely, we’ll see that she should’ve still been 17 in season 4.

Third point is, their relationship mostly consists of some flirting and of an adult, grown ass man’s sex dreams of a teenager, a high school girl. And sure, you can’t control dreams, I guess, but because of my previous two points, it would be pretty wrong to act on them.

I don’t want to fight with anyone on this though, this is just my opinion. You can ship marrish all you want i don’t care but i still think it’s wrong.

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Hello. I hope this is not a rude question to ask. What is your pronouns? I just want to know how to properly address you while talking. I hope you'll get better soon! Keep on being a fighter. Cheers!

Not rude at all, anon!

I haven’t really decided on ‘official’ pronouns yet or anything, though right now I prefer they/them, and cringe a bit when I hear she/her (but I’m still at a point where I’ll accidentally mis-pronoun myself, so I’m definitely not at a point where I’m like…asking people for something different - though I suspect that will change in the next year or two; er basically if people are still using she/her, that’s okay, just don’t expect it to be that way for the rest of my life lol).

I haven’t identified as a woman for quite some time though. I keep having to list myself as ‘F’ on all the health forms at the moment and it’s like ‘ugh, no, that’s not right.’ But ah well. <3

And thanks so much anon, I will definitely keep being a fighter! Sometimes that’s all I know how to do. :) I hope you’re taking care!

WHAT AOS WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE’S BRETT and SKYEWARD AU. I’m so emo I thought I was free I need a minute. 

Okay, for realz now, I’m so happy for Chloe and Brett working together again - playing the couple that should be. I’ll be just checking out their scenes in the future. In the end, you know it’s just a bait and they will find a way to break us again so, I’ll be there just from a safe distance.    

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I know this sounds really gross but how do you wash a dirty vagina ? I barely practiced intimate hygiene when I was younger and now my vagina has this grey-ish color and looks super dirty, is there a no toxic way to take care of it so it goes back to its original colour?

It may seem odd, but the most hygienic way to care for your vagina is to wash it using water only. Vaginas are naturally one of the cleanest parts of your body, they regulate themselves very well when left mostly to their own devices.

Using any bath product directly on the different parts of your vagina can result in a yeast infection. In fact, incorrect “cleaning” is the most common cause of these truly terrible (and fucking painful) infections.

Cleaning your vagina is simple, but you’ll need to use your hands to help get the water in there. If you’re uncomfortable touching yourself (don’t worry, we’ve all been there) I suggest running a bath with plain water (no bubbles or bathbombs or anything) and allow the water to fully permeate. I clean the lips and clitoris first, and then prop the actual “vagina” open and rinse gently. This may feel weird at first, but it leaves your lady parts smelling fresh and feeling wonderful.

Lots of people like to shower after sex, but this is not a necessity to properly maintain your vagina! Peeing, however, is absolutely necessary to prevent UTIs. I try to pee twice, because I had a UTI once and I never want one again. You essentially pee every five minutes and then begin to pee blood. 🙄Antibiotics are prescribed.

As far as the coloration goes- grey is not an uncommon vagina color. It’s actually one of the more common colors for lighter skin tones. You’re probably talking about your labia or clitoris specifically, these come in all different shades of the rainbow! Pink, brown, grey, all are perfectly healthy. It’s also normal for vaginas to change slightly over time, just like the rest of our bodies. I don’t think this is anything you need to be alarmed about. This color isn’t something you can wash off, it’s part of who you are. Painful sores or weird discharge, however, are something that you should consult with your OBGYN about.

Trust me- your next sexual partner is not going to care about what you look like down there. They’re going to be happy that you’re about to sleep with them. We’re all different, and that’s what makes each new experience special. Feel free to message me directly if you want to talk more ❤

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Hello Sam, I think I read somewhere here that consciousness pervades everything, always wondered if it was out there as well as in here. Would you say that the pervading consciousness finds its way through our human material .. that human concourses is but a reflection/translation of ‘cosmic’ consciousness? Is it the same with love, is love a cosmic vibration or are love and consciousness different aspects of the same? Thanks for you time.

This is a worldview known as panpsychism. Now, whether or not you hold to this view has a great deal to do with your view as to the nature of consciousness. Most philosophers of the mind would define consciousness as “self-awareness”. So, how is a stone self-aware? Some would argue that self-awareness is an evolutionary process starting with “dead” matter and working upward to ourselves as the highest expression of consciousness on today’s Earth. 

In my view, consciousness is a product of life. No living thing does not have it in at least some rudimentary way and no non-living thing possesses it. Matter is merely a skeletal matrix, bones, for hanging the flesh of life. Life is a wave which moves through matter temporarily arranging it into complex forms then moving on to the next pattern. 

Love? Love is also intrinsic to life and increases as intelligence increases in organisms. Love is attraction. It is attraction which allows one organism to care about another. Mother for child. Mate for mate. Love seems to be a kind of purifying force which drives consciousness upward.